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VOL. IV, (Part I.) 



[all KinilTS ItESEUVKI).] 



d/^TT^T V o< 

* liLZ ^ 

f^ 0JAN85 


EncycloptEdio Dictionary. 

- > ■ " -<■ 



•■a«»-«r-r. 'Blot-er-y«, 'glot-ry, 

"Ctot-A-rOtU, o. (Sng. ylKi; -crotu.) Glat- 



* l(loi-9n, M. [Omttox.) 

Sldt'tal. a. [Ens. (rInUi(*); -al.] RcUUng or 
ptfUuilug tu Uu) glottta. 

gUr-te-Uto, «. IPrDia I^t. Olote. Clote » U« 
^Mua BUM of Um Cl|d«, UMl Or. A(«»t (HfAw) 

jritt. : A ntitty of ArlnlHnw (SKf. ifiu. 
Ctfa/A w of BiliiKl.iiitt« (/XiiM). "nKiiiuum 
dacrloed It u occurriDi; in whlto eiy>tU)«. 
nniu oetiJwriruns. or fuiir-si>lril jiynuiiidit or 
ninM. VVNUd oor l\irt GUitgow, oti tho 

Ihjfn y toTtw {gUlin), Um Attic funu of yA^^wK 

A>uii. T Ttie BDatb of ilio wtml-flpe- It 
etmitltuloi ■ iwrrow ijicrtiir* co^enw |iy the 
VpiKtotllt when (>ii«^ holds IiIb brvath or hwrI- 
lovs- it c«>nUitit)tr« by dilstatinn iuii\ ivni- 
lo Um luoduUtlun of tb« vutoo. It 

■• anMilaim Mtled tbc rima olont^ Uut U, 
Um BHon or (diitik of Um gloUiM. 

■g or 

IEm. vIoAtt/vsKl') .' ■^- '<«u^l P<U'tali>iiis 

mlaUnK to glotlolngy. 

*TM* rmr *—■ fclwa . . . mart Mftalnlf oirinl ■ 
Mi* MOW hr g t ^m iite tAmtvfUaa and lOMin^h '— 
^^ *>a^iM. In mfkOt ^MMtMl JAbWH M Ittaid. 
--^^i. It?». p. «. 

• <nw dtiraled to the ■tooy of Uw «ciUK» of 

■*|* lata tfc* Ar^Mi tunUy tha tk» l m n ht*M viQ 
^■•a to fvari** hl> tnliilBi (u* aoMt* Wiim to imH.'— 

^- K, tt^pr* ^Hf»lw 4^ C ^ iii ff . MAA IIRU is M. 

rfH 1B.-M>. •• [Or- VA^iT* tr&Mo) = th« 

6Mf«L| (MMiDy tued lo tlte unw wdm u 
g)d— qlnp (q.T.). ProfwoT Itajroe, however, 
ft vider ftlf^ilIlaiUao, m will b« wwd 


t^ extra/;!. 


sMwa of Ibih— ■■ W •Mdi 

to mm Ifea nwlMl unvU <il \im mlB4 

, vktIfcvMtilNradlii Um«mU<*«( kMWUNia 
Ir «• «■ iMtnuBBDl bI tntannttwukaUMi. 

■M** rf iW viu nv« itM Bfhial— of tGn lulilr 
mpMM, mtt HM HwlfcUMM bB|MBi4 In tarn by thwa 
VPMli >rlM>UrIiitka«*iilaUani« tkandtawnwMM 
■HM «kr WM^ la CMniauaiUTa Hyt^Om atui tfa« 

CMp. /«M i««i. i. m, 
«SlAt, r-t. * C [A vuUnt of OuiAT(q.v.y.] 
iL /«frin«. ; To look nillMi or glix/niy ; to 

* «fc«*« with foDMi (Bitii, Uw fnrr ihoiA 

»lf . t«Ub. HMld. alM fc«tl) tMloM Ika tovt 
>d klMiid olUi MMoklni lip Um ■mautng lu«t: 
r onrtfim Mn ' WhrBW Uili vMitan ln«*«^ 

> (MTTlni wlUi th* «<»M( wM !»- 

B. Trans. : To etore or gue at. 
"Um mom Mltatli bliBMlln upui ■ ttRCt io tM 
dCoMlW «pw bt tMirr anl iib." ~ nu* |Uia). r** 

* gWikt. ■■ [Oij>rT, r.l A milk, luul tentiH>r. 

- Uj tnuDDia WM la lb« pbqaL' — JtUWcilMN I 
CUriMa, IL 1*0. 

gl6T«, (. (A.a. eW: loeL sMA. Proto1>)y 

frt'iii Uotb. ti^ti; Ie*l.iiu( (BnoU^ Uiiif) — th9 
)iallti ut LIk! luiDt), WlUi A ti. Jirvf. iK-J 

1. A coverlDB for the haml. illRrrin^ from 
the iiiitt«n iu hAviOjC & wjanUi eoii>i«rttu()ul 
for Mcli Hnxer. 

-Okalf . t«Ub. HMld. aMra fcath ImIom lb* tovt . 

Fiir. .... . 

2. l/o/iwiibing ; A iiritt<oth tiJecH of wood For 
riilitiing a slieet or folt, ami <';msliiK the iiaji 
!•) mlhon to lb* body whtin WnrkiuK )it llm 
bNttory. T1i« ^ovo ix bold iu tb« jialia of Uia 
kind, Biid tied on Uy a Htrinit. 

S. florlnfT .- A iM<ldod outtig or coverlD({ for 
tlie hands. 

Knbd M ft 
n- M, IIH, (>. IM. 

' H <1) To Mff tSe ffl«it : lb exhibit inaUuil 
enmity nr hoatilily. 

(1) 7*0 tAntv ilnwH (or tak4 vp) tk* ffloim: 
To k1v« (or acuvpt) a ehallvnga to aiiiglu 

(a) T- bm Aand antt glnm vUA mi« .- To he on 
lertdi of tho cloaMt Intfinaoy or frteodstilii. 
" And tiTkto anil nwiEti afcnil «h*t otlMf* imt*. 
A> itlkf woriif aiiii Uhi7 mra hand <iWMb«L'' 

SlOVO-buld, «. A gluvG-daap (q<T.). 

(lovft-claqt, <. 

I. A i«ud |«Ming ovar tke ^xnt at the 
wrist to tm'ure \U 

I. An imtninient with a kook at the eud, 
naed fur buttoning glovm. 

glOTO-flght, *. 

ll"ri»g: A f)URili«tlo contest in which the 
BMta wear b»xine-|{lo\-oe. It U Irait daiignron* 
than pTlse>0|;hUiiK ((i-v.X since the |«dded 
glore breaks the forw of tb« blow. 

" V*n wM« fcilea nostohad for " ir'<*'w ta jl w > 
Ar*M~^^><-Mnd^A«MlMih Jan. M, US^pTui 

glovo-flcliter. s. 

^onnj;: Uiio of tke priDCIfwls coDceread 
III a Rinve-flght (<|.t.) ; a promoter of glore- 

"Pbu hm BM m**m) ta nsklsd ta tL* RtUiam 
t«laK-A(but^ 0* #li »i to« r >^ «r vkacvvw th«r van. 
— Uf rt flirt thw>«t»nl tola."— JBtfUfw, fnU iMMt- 

gloTO-fltfitlng, <. 

Ibxinn: Thf) imietltY of flnliting with ^101- 
In^-gl'ivcfl, as distinguished fmiu |*rtM-llgbUlv 

" Wv bar* Ibiu hntr din^nml nvclM bI (ne»«st«r, 
•I which tbc Ant loo— OBbtlns ud ftoM-JMri^p— 
an okuir problUUd.'— M»ridw £•««•■, Juk Si, 

* glove-money, «■ 

1. Ord. Um. : A gratuity giveo to wrvtnte 
ostensibly to ony tham glavM. 

3, tjrv: An extnontlnary reward given lo 
otttcers of Courts, kc, and monry given by a 
sberur of a couuty In whldi no uSendcrs •mvm 
left fur esecotiDii, to the clerk of aaalie, and 
the Jodgos' offloors. 

' glOTV-BUTar, r. The same as Gloyx- 

l^ere-Btretolier. t. An iDslrument for 
oimuing and Mtrrtthing the fln^^Ts of glo*«i% 
in Older llmt ibcy tiiay the uinre eaaUjr be 
drawn uo the luuid. 

glAve, r.l. lOixfVR, a.] To eorer with or h 
with a glove. 

- k anil f»tM.U«t n»«, wllb Hnta of atoat, 
Htuly<»MUklabMHL^ dhiiJbE«p>. : 1 fTMry /T., L L 

glAv-dr, s. [Eng. irMO; -a*.] oim wbuM 
trade Is to make or sell Rloraa. 

*■ MtMm he soi wmi a omS mend bautf Mks a 

rfaa<«'*lMirlt«kutbT~— MArq^; Mtrrw mUmt^Ll, 

glover'B-atltoti, ». 

■Sitr^. : A ^-ctLlisr Hlitch erajdoyed In sewlttg 
up a nitiiiid. 

glow, ' glove. * glow-en, ' glow-yn, r. i, 

A (. t-^-^- ir'<>*<'rt'« • cu^u. wiUi Ii-cl- giim ; Pan. 

«Iue; Out. ghurijm; iittt. [p'ifh<>a — tii glow; 
W. irtu = t» start) ; Hwr. dial, gin, jjloa =e to 
stan« ; O. B. Ger. nlmijof*. Pn>m the nine 
rnot as glad, gloMt, ifioal, gtmmt giUU, gtiUa; 
fftana. he] 
A. IntnnMtn : 

1. To be lo bealod aa to give ont an faitesM 
or white beat, without Ihuie ; to be ItMait- 

" Mat M putt 'i^m. }ml afl •lOtm InSonm'* 
Wltb rulUnt ttfbt. M iitium i*^ »ttli *n.' 

2, To s[iarkl9, to gleAm. 

"Tb*alretoot hl>«r«lDkUhad 
Thvy giammttm tiMwlwa >al*a aad n<l.* 

tAa-tm. c r, tm. 

5. To born with great IimL 

" ProtM IWr BortHb fl»«» 
Tba aooTcfalDc flr* that In UmIc antntlb Www.' 

>.(d.>vii.' MM; JNAmmoAmm IL 

4. To fi-p| iKAt of tMdy : to be hMted or 
hot ; lo bom. 

Maw with ttMflvv tWl a;o»lr ctlMMifld aH 
Tfcf t rai an *' r*HMpna ■ riMMMM, M 

b. To aaiuine or cxlitl>lt a stmng, bright 
enlnar; Ul be n-d, lirtlUant, or Uiisbed, as 
with anlmaUnn, llf'-, blibihnt, kc 

" tUeh irtMalw BJrinnl ilwll mUUum ami)** liMtov, 
Awl t>lt HalbHla'* l>tii*li lo**«ar«fcN>r 

/MlW JI>(Mlil UL SI. 

6. To feel the hmt of naftal«n ; lo tw nident 
oagvr Iu any iiOAalnn nf thn iiilud. 

" I faol my bnatm ■!«•» MUi vnallaM eiaa.** 

7. TongeorbarnuapualoD; tDbenbe- 
mcDt or hot. 

" !«>*• iIaioIv benu oad laas tMudm: 

bAl, b^ : p^t. jtf^l ; oat. ^n. obom*, ^bln, benpb ; go, £em ; thin, fhls ; iln. a^ ; oxpoct, Xenopb«n. o^lvt* pti = £ 
.tion = eb^EU -Uoo. -slon = abOn; -(ioa, -fion = «hftt^., -doiut, -tloiu, -eloiu — ebCie. -Mo, die, &c. ~ bfl, d^ 


glow— glue 

8. To be anioMted or sptrlted ; to be Hill of 
■pirit or life. 

" And (ovllncii, rooaad tn llli'i Aist Aa.f, 
Wm* In Uie Una. mmI luwitiit tbc lav. 

ami: Marmiam.SL llntrod.) 

* B. Tram. ; To caose to glow ; to make 
nd or glowing. 

" Ob MKfa dd* bar 
Bloiid pretty dimpled hoyi Ilk* Bmllliic Cnpldi. 
With dl*en ouloured fuu. wbtiaa «iud did acnn 
Tv at*m tb» delloM obeeks wliieh tbey did cooL' 
Stakmi*. : AtUomg * ClMpaTrw, U. 1 

glow, * glowe, ». [GlXJW, r.] 

1. A shining or wLite beat without flame: 
Incan descr nca. 

2. Brightnesa of colotir, rednesa ; a roiy 
eoluar, a flash. 

** U ran wlU (M % pafaaat truly pUynd 
Bclvaan tba iMla eiKniileilou of Ira* lona^ 
And tband t/m»o(sc«m»iid pcoud dladaJn, 
Oo haum a UUl«b ui'l I ihall cuttJnct ron.' 

OtakMi,. ; At rou Like It. HI. I. 

3. Vehemence of j«sslon ; he«t of micd ; 
excit«iiient, earneatJiesfi, arduar, 

'Bach a» inipHna that the ilmpla. fmra, and ma- 
Jtatlc dintty ol RailMlle coald nnlU with tlw gltut 
and btutta of a PboIb, or TiatunU ua Vrt«l)y ula- 
laken . '—tl*w iMldt. 

4. Heat of the blood pmdnced by exercise : 
aa, Ue waa all in a glcw aft«r the walk. 

% EUdric glow : 

Elect. : A pale bine Inmlnogtty ippearing at 
the rartn of an electric oondnctor from wliich 
electricity of high teusios Is nolvelesitly 1s8a- 
Ing, even though no other conductor la near. 

7 For the difference between gUno hadfin, 
see Fire. 


Entomaiogjf : 

1. lampyrli nodllnat. A beetle of which 
ttte male Jliea and does not ahlne, while tlie 
female shloes and does not fly. It is ftvm 
the latter hx, therefore, that the name glow- 
worm has been derived. Proliably the phoe- 
Ehorlr^ ligbt, which is intermittent, and cau 
B displayed or withheld at the will of the 
Inaect, ia usrd by the fenule to attract the 
male. It Is displayed at tlie tall of the Insect 
The glow-worm la common in parta of Eng- 
land ; It generaUy, though not exclusively, 
fftquenta moist, for Instance, weed- 
flhoked ditches or the sidee of tiny streamf. 

5. The genwi I^mpyrla (q.v.). 

" Oft baa aka taoglit thrai on hrr 1^ to play 
DaUafalad «tUi tha Matr-warm't hannlcB ray." 
Wat-rfwaarU .- Jtm^Hf WaJh. 

'glOW'-tNUrd, «. [OLOBAStn] 

gltfV-«r. v.U [Dot glurtK = to peep.) To 
■tare ; to gase Intently. 

' MiwkfaanM waa flow*rbȤ awer a* tba sUnr yao- 
dv.'— JmU .- Jkntiftiurt, cb. xxlr. 

gltf9k^-dr, *■ [Olowsb, «.] A broad stare ; an 
Intense gazing. 

gloW-KAs. TT. par., «.,&«. [Glow, w] 
A. A$ pr. jKir. (See the verbX 
B> Atadieetiv: 

1, Hhining with a white hut without flame ; 
Incandescent ; white with heat. 
X. Dright or vivid In colour ; brilliant 
** Till Avtvmn'a Baroer baata and plantMMM dawi 
Dya tbam at laat tn all their ^Toirfiv hoea.' 

rswpar ; Ttncinitim, «. 

S. Red, rosy, or flushed : aa, glowing cheeka. 

4. Ardent ; animated ; full of life, spirit, or 

"Tba lucM aabar et bta flawliM llnaa'— ITitfpalar 
AmactMM <tr Aifnffav. vol. It., eb. L 

5. Hot, heated, fervid. 

flL Full of praise or admiration : ■■, a ghw- 
Inj) description. 
C Ai tHhUantive : 

L A glow ; a white beat ; Ineandeaccnce. 
8. Ardour, zeal, snimation. 

"Tba Invaid jCal i ija at a haart la lOTa* 

itrfdiam: OW<^ Ir. L 
Kldi^-QkC-iy, adv. [Eng. glo^ng; -/y.] In 
a glowing manner ; with great heat or bright- 
nesa ; with beat or paaslon. 

HA^. SlAr. r.f. tGLoWBB.] 

gStf^n** gltfikr, i; [Olowbr, «.1 

SUx-Ib'-Ihi, s. [Name<l after P. B. Olozln, a 

botaiilnt of Culinar In the eighteenth ccntnry, ] 
Bat. : A genus of Oeinemcese, havlnR a bell- 
ahaped comlln, the upper lip tlie shoixer one, 
and two-lo1«d. the lower one thrre-lobed, wlUi 
the middle lobe the largest The spedea are 

from tropl(«l America, and are very orna- 
mental plants, having riclily-coloured leavea, 
as well ns flne white, vlulet, red, or greenish 
yellow flowen, occaaionally varicgatod with 
spots. Paxton enumpntcs twenty-tuur specitia 
as having l>cen intr<Hliiced into Britisii green- 
housea. Several hybrids luive also ariaco. 

■Sloma), r.t.tii. [Icel. ^Man^to expUin ; 
A.8. gUxin = tn explain, to flatter ; Bp. glotar; 
Port gtonar', Fr. glonr,] [Olohk, Glosh.] 
A. TranMitire: 

J. To explain by note or comment ; to glosa. 
" Which Ballqna land thv Frgneb onJiMUy glom 
To be ttaa reain dI fiance.* 

a/uUtp. ; Bmtrf I'., L t 

%. To flatter ; to wheedle. 
1. To comment; to expound. 

" A while be fiand upon the otuaa 
Of CtamrooMy CoTeuant, and Laws." 

aeon : XalUbg. L 1L 
S. To flatter. 

" For he conld well hli glotltv •peeehca frama 
To anoh raine uaea. " Sptm—r: F. Q., IlL vlU. It. 

^OM (2X r.t. [ULOsa.] 

f^ivwb ($, v.i. [Icel. g^otai = a blaze.] To 

"OndewUe, carry np a glo^n' peat, an' k<«nal a 
qnutk o' fin b them batth."-at. Jtatkltm, HI. IST. 

glOM, s. [Gloze, r.] 

1. Flatter)-, wheedling, adulation. 

2. Specious external show. 

"Now to ftaltideallnf ; lay theaafl'itMby.' 

iSftuJtatp. : tion'i Lnbeur'* LatI, W. i. 

* gloiT-ar, * glof '-or, $. [Eng. ghM.e) (1 X v. ; 

1. A gloaser ; a commentator or snnotator. 

"The other Hatter de Pnto a HlrmpDr prothono. 
tary. hi* [Johu Boui^hrtJ prattng glatrr, wrota of tbta 
treaty and roropMldon. — ffatf; amrg r, (an. ■). 

2. A flatterer ; a wheedler. 

" For tome aald, ba waa a Samaritan, that he had 
a drvU within him, a #ra#«r, a drinker, a jiol coin- 

K t\ou.' ~ lattmrr : Sirmont FraarJiud b^ora Minff 

* glttb. c.(. [A variant of Gdlp (q.v.).] To 
gulp down or swallow voracioualy. 

■ Slttb-bdr. I. [Eng. glut, : -er.l A glutton ; 
a gormandizer, 

" That ban slotMM glmibtina.' 

P. Kimmam, t.iTl. 
t^A'-^^ta, t. [Eng., &c. ghtc(0K) ; sufT. -ic] 
Cirjti. : Contained In, deriveil from, or in any 
manner connected with Glucoae (q.v.). 

Slnolo-«eId, •. 

Ckem. : CisUjsO)*. An arid obtained along 
with sar^liaruiiiic acid, by boiling aine sugar 
with dilute sulphuric acid ; by boiling glu- 
cose with baryta water, the precipitate of the 
barium salt of aaccharumlc add is flltercd off, 
and the glnric acid preciiiitatert by means of 
basic lead scctate, and the lead salt decom- 
posed by H58. Glucic acid is a honey-like 
mass easily soluble in alcohol and water ; It Is 
decomposed by boiling with water, or with 
dilute acids into formic, acetic, and aptwln- 
elnic acids. When boiled with strong acioa it 
ia converted into hiiml<> add : some ctiemtsts 
consider this acid to be identical with levn- 
llnic acid (q.v.). 

glft-^'-Bf, «. [Gr. -^vmn (glvkiit) = sweet.] 
Ckern. : Ozlda of berylllum(q.v.). 

Klft-ffal'-lo, a. [Eng., Ac. ghidfitt); -Inlc] 

glft'-^bl-ttlB, a [Or. ykvKvt (triutu*) = 

Chtm.: A metallic elemeut. [Bebtlliux.] 
The salts of gluclnum have a sweet taste, hence 
the name. 

Sl&-o6n'~Io, n. [Eng., &c. (lun^seX n connec- 
tive, and suH'. -fc] 
Ckm. : (For def. aee etym. and rompoandX 

glnoomlo-oold, >. 

Cktm. : C0HinO7. An organic add obtained 
by the oxidation of glucose with chlorine, or 
with bromine. Gluconic acid isaayrnp; its 
alkaline salts are amorphous, and its hatinm 
and calcium salts are crystalline. It is in- 
soluble In strong alcohol, and does not rednee 
Fehl lug's solution. 

glA-oA-san', «. I Eng., Ac. glvmdt), and an- 


Chrm. : C«AinOp. The of glucoae. 
Obtained by ticiiiLing ^lumihtf to 170', GIuco- 
ean ia i-olniirlrss, wiih a fuint, sweet tosle ; it 
Is Hohilile in water and in nli'iitml ; it <t<MM! not 
feniioiit with ycntit. Hy tlif aclioii i>f ililute 
acidti, glucosan In converted into (rlULxtM. 

glft'-OOOe, r. [C,k. yXvKv^ (ijlvkus) = sweet] 
Chfm. : Glucose, j^lyroae, C^Ui^O^. A fei^ 
mcntable snj.-ar, which occurHin two modifica- 
tions, ciiti(.>d Dcxtru-gliicoscof I>.Ktrosi'<.[.v.), 
andI.4rvii-glm'osc.c>r l.evul(tjif (i). v.), according 
as it turns the plane orpnlariznlKnitu tin- right 
or left. A sulutiuit i>rcai]c-f)ii;;'ir wnnnc<l with 
dilute adds, or left in coiiimt with yeast or, is converted into <b-xtnK!C and levu- 
loBo, CiaHaOn + H.jO = C«H,..()a + CclhsOft. 
Tliewe tnodifli'.itions can l»-. popiirated, tlius — 
ten pai-tu of the mixture of Hugar ure dissolved 
in 100 parts of water, and coolt'<l willi Ice ; 
then six imrts of ]>owder<^l cHlciuni hydrate 
arc added, the cnlcium ciimp<iun*l of It-vulose 
is preci]>itnted and sei^intft from the soluble 
calcium <-umiK>und of dextrose by sirring jirea- 
snro, washeil, and decuniposctl l>y curlcmie- 
acid gaa. l,cvulo.-tG ih more sotnhlc in alciihol 
than dextrose. B<>th dcxiniso and li-vulnse in 
<»ntact with yeast undergo viuoiia frniif nta- 
tlnn, and when aildud to a solution of cnpric 
siilphntt', reiidrrcd nlkaline by caustic ix^tash, 

f;ive8adnrk-lilu«8<jltition, which, when Iniili'd, 
s reduced, cuprous oxide being prcL-ipitated 
as a ml powder, 

gl^'-OOHUdo, I. [Eng., Ac. ghicntft) (q.v.); 

ChtTo. : A name given to compoundfi which 
occur iiuttir.illy in jdniits from whi>'li Ihey are 
extmi.-tod bj water, or by alcohol ; tlicy can- 
not be melted witlmut deeonipiiBJtiou, and are 
resolved by boiling with d{iut« acids into a 
saccharine subiitAuec, as glucose, am) nnuther 
sulifttftnce which h^is generally ucutnil pro- 
jierttes. The glnco^ide can Iw ol>tiiiiit<l from 
tlie miuf^oua or alcoholic extract iif the plaut, 
by precipitating the other nuUstnncos by Icod 
sccUit«, treating tlie filtmte with 1I.,»S gas, and 
evajionitiiig the llitrale. Glueosidc'^ari' mostly 
solid and iTysUilliiic substrtnies. They give a 
red colour when lieateil to TO', with a diUile 
solution of gull, and & little con<-cijtnilo-l sut- 

61)1^0 acid. [FBLunooLi'Cine, Gi'kmidgb. 

tHH-odm-VT'-l-^ s. (Gk. ykvKvt (iglukuB} = 
sweet, and aipov (imron) = urine.] 

Pathol. : A form of dJalx-ti'S (q.v.). The 
name has reference to the fact that the urine 
of i>eniou9 afTecttid with this disease contains 

glike, * gl&. * slew. ■ glove, >. [O. Fr. 

glv, from Ixiw Liit. ijluUm, neeun. nf gin* =1 
glue. Allietl to Lat. gluten, gltitinum = glue, 
iroin a verb • gluo = to draw togetlier.J 
L LiteraUy: 

1, A viscous substance made of Iho chlp- 
plngs of hides, horns, and hoofs, which .ire 
washed in litne-watur, boiled, okiuinied, 
strained, eva|>oratcd, cooled in mouMa, cut 
Into slices, and dried iii>on nets. 

" Oreat ctimilnE there li In niaklUK atronit •rlrw, and 
In the (n«t of Joynaig with IL"— /•. i/o(land rung, 
Vk. iTl.. ch. »HiL 

2. Any sticky or vlscoiu substance. 

"For what irtHf or Mineiit lii<liU the i«r<« of bard 
nutter lu atouea niul nietaU tiiyrtlieT."— b. Jfiirr ; /ah 
moruilifg <tf tkr /Inul. Ilk. I , oh. %il. 

* H. Fig. : Any means or causr whiili unites 
or tends to unite bodies ; a source of union ; a 

" The body of prtrnta la coplooa. hrtiiB lulned to- 
gether by the glnf at luutiinl iMiiiy-iil. iukI the lv>iid at 
unity."- Ifarroie : ilf the Pop-- 1 UtipmH ti-g. 

TT (1) ^yfxilt Jl»h-glut, iir tluim"i"l rfvtnt, is 
made of isinglass dlMolved in alroliol. 

(2) Mariiu nlur of sliellac aiid <-aonlclioiic, 
equal iiarta, djsaolvt'd in se|>aiate irortinns of 
naphtha, and then niivctl. 

(3) IginghtM glur, of islnglusti srmked in cold 
wat'-r ; when swelled, put in sj'irits of wine ; 
heated in a bottle jdungnl in a Iwth, with 
powdcrc*! chalk added. 

(4) WalnT>ron/-ylu*, of two ounces of Isin- 
glass l>ol1ed In ft pint of Kkim-milk, until the 
requisite consistence is obtained. 

glno-bollor, IT. 

1. A convenient ap)>aTatU8 for boiling shino 
intj) glue. 

2. One whose business or Inide la to moke 

flUo, ttt, ttam, vaildst, wliAt lAU. fiithor; wo, wH, horo, oamft. hir. thAro; pine. pit. uro. air. mArine; go. p«t, 
or, woro, w^U, work. wbA, oAn; mnto, ettb, oiiro. vnlto, onr. HUow lAU; try. Bfrian. m, m " i; 9y =■ i. qn = kw. 




a. IGLVB-roT-I 

Sine - oommt, i. A cfmcnt to twUt 
Wnrt. [t is nuulc of gllK, 4 JAill ; hlnclc 
FMla, 4 porta ; red ochrv, 1 nirt. Or, glue, 4 
j«rta ; boiled oil, 1 put ; OKldo of Iron, I port. 

Sla«'dlXar. «■ A nuu>hlDtt or tUmmi for 
drvtri^ 4)i->vU of glue. 

glne pJiuit; >. 

/I.W. ,- /'/(K^irm ffna*, • fOooid ■i«-wee«L 

lliw-pott «■ A cut or pot with * oin to 
iKMd th* gloo. which b iiirlt«l bjr the heal of 
tht wator In Um otfter veweL 

look* w Uk« kg<M»«o&'— fc« /oWM 
V Ml Mmmmtr. t. 1 

xWry Vim Mrf 


glA«, ' Blew, ' Blwyn, v.t ft (. (Oldi, &1 
A* rmiuiiffv.' 

X, La. : To J'^ln or unitfl wftb gla«, or other 
tl«v'ii» •iih»t«nT*. 

" HirLr faii*a> u« Hi voo'l of k rwd U^ il«*vMl •* 
Uka back ■•Itb aUuM dB«a«. bH ^*>#d to^ tnt ImI 

I. Tu uDlt« : lojoln rlotclr. 
*TWu wiKte lorvt In tiMHkUn «1l« favU^Bf 
fb«M.- /-Jkur HryU , ^mrU«t rit 

t: To J"it). to fli, li> rivet, t/i atlarb. 

• B. fnrniiw. : T'> boenmfl Ilraiiy or clnaely 
unllfM], fixed, nrttlUcheJ. (rioMumi.' ICiiUrr, 
0-14 -) 

KlAod, • glewod. vn. jar. oro. [Olct!, f 1 
(Id* Uc pr. par., a., t i. tOtnixa.) 

(lft'-«r, >. (KoK- pM')' -"'•I '^"<' *h° ^f 
tbAt which elwa at Cfini-nLs ; oite wliu oc- 
jucuts with gliw. 

gift «f . 'gUw-«]r. * Slaw-la, *gltiw-7, 

^B'T* *■ [Eiff* 0'vt: -V-) ^' tt^ nature of 
piw : raMmMiog glue ; vImoiu, tuuidooi. 

" Aa4 to Um »1 Ik* gMm mmt eowr Umib. Iter 

-iTMHiWt ■ r^MfM. til. 

glA'-a>-B8l «■ fKng. fffxry; -ncM.! The 
qiuiUT or ttata of belnc (luer. 

* gU^Ei ■- [Ktjrm. llo^l>L^ll.] A tdmi ; ft lump. 

"FlaM id mtljt ta rtvao, ud tk* gtigflt i4 ^jw 

K1& liks. clAe -lAff. ' slamge^ pr. ]»r., 

a.. S t. [^ r.I 

J^tM, Am yr. par. >t parilcfji. wf/. : (See 
ti* I'erbV 

CL iff nhtL : The ut nr pnmem of c«Bi«nt- 
Ing nr nnltjns with glue ; tb« let of uuiUDg 
or«tla4Jiiog doscljr and flruilf. 

Hi«»<«j _—» »%!«»* ,, j^ mtohliu) fur 
•mmititc upon bo ftpplled BorfMOt i tliin and 
»%tti ciiAtiag of liquid gliu). 

ghutU-pTMS^ & A oootrfvuicfl t» hold 
■naljr togeuer « Bombar of pnrta which bftru 
bMB ftUaelKd bj* kIos or ccneiiL 

gift lalu'glew lalM.**. [Ens. jKK"); -fM.] 

Bk'Iiij; liir- tulur'- (jf glut ; BllMf, gluttti'ioa. 
It br Uw «nh af t 
kad taplntUh thdr * 

• i «« uM »* Lb. kad taplntUh th 
a ta ntTOnrwwiliJ !■*• « v)*ii 


11 tar «aM« la ta ntronrwwiliJ !■*• « v)*iu« n>iuut- 
«aML*-f. jnrar /■■■ pmiiiiii ^ ■»■ apuc bk. m 

*Slltaa. ri> C8w, diBl. {rtoMHta =: to Btare- 
aottBMM wUli Bw. flMi^p = gluoTDT', Had 
■dS. fffam (c|.v.). (SteC).] (Quiubl) Tn 
lOM iuUmi m gloonjr ; to gjooin. 

gUfaa. * g<"— ■*. a. ft c (Oum, f .1 
iL 'I* ttttf- • Sollni, fawning, gtoooif . 
"Am ifc— lain w4 Ikka na ** with 

J)M«r ' JhiwM,- Jtk to. 

1. Bttltaaoew, ^ManlMM. 
t. ft ftava; • aoUio, ^oomy, or (towning 

'•»»li ik'J fcaiiMy. wIpMtin— ayfuat* 

• clnnu «xt«iior, s^tuna calydna- 

iM. : Tbd «)oo IB Gi.rvB (i-r). 

D» - iBtMrlor, slimuL - oorol - 

glue— glutenua 

gl&-ma'-9i-ofifl {or oMnift u atafiaX ■. 

Hot. : Voaatttftti at giumM natnibllnB tb« 
Rowrr* of gimwM. 

gin -mfl, a, (Km). Imt gtumaiis.'i 

BoL : Of, tMdonciiig to, or eharkctarlxMl liy 
tbc iMHMwiou or • gtotnc ; |i«rt«lning or rr- 
UUng to tbe Oluinttoi (q.r.>. 

CliUB«l-«Ulanoe, m. 
Sot. : The EnctUh nam« (tWni \fj Urnlloj 
to tliM &ltlau''«01uiuftl«s(q.v.), 

glfl-m&'lift *• pi' [Muc or ttm. pi. of 
Mod. lAt flumalu, tmu Clu*. Lat. plomo 

iitot. ; Ttafl Gliimftl AUlMiee. It eovxlau of 
&ado(Rns pnnened of glonnL (0 luhe. | 
liiKll«r pUCead tuxler It Ui« onloni Omniin- 
anne, CypemoMB, DBtrsazUOTR, BoattAccir, 
■ nd BrinesnlaoME. 

kI&IDS, gl&'-lllf,f; [t.«t. gfuma =« hull nr 
htwk. twiwcliilly of com; flubo^to dcprira 
nf bark, tn p^l.) 

tlr<. : 7hi> (ixt«rlor wtrlra nf ttaln mn«ll> 
tatlng tile flower of a gnu. It cottsUts c>r 

LOORTA or OAT. (Av^m mtin.) 

«mply t<T»ctai. TIm imam wu glvon bjr Lin- 
DtruA, ftrtd ftdopted by UndUjr. 

(In^ntt'-la, I. [FkecLdlaln. (hnn iJiL pluma 

Bot.: On« of th« namw cit-oD bjr De 
CftiidoUe iod Dwvkox to two l>ncl« withlu 
til? glaaiM of a gnu ; tbe oUier njioifl being 
p«le. In one of th« bncta tlie midrib qalta 
thft 'hUd« ft Kttte below tbo sprx, and U 
elangatod Into au awn, aiiata, or bvaid, whllat 
tlw other brftpt which fluvs the fruit hu ibi 
bftck to tba rachla, !■ blfld at thi a{>rx, Iiba no 
don»l rein*, and has a rib nn onch olile of tt« 
ifittoxMl adgM. TheM two braoU are aaUtd 
by fJuMBQ* Iba conll* ot Um graaa, hr Jot- 
aiflo the cftlrx, by Robert Bnvwa tbe iiouotk, 
and by Umllvy and oihen Ita paleK. 

glA-m£l'-l9 If, h. [Frm. dinilu. of ytvamlUx, 

whicli agaiu U a dltum. nf tflmno (i^v.).] 

Ik>u : The nam" given by D«raiiit and 
I>e Candolle tn either of two minute colourleaa, 
Bouintlmna ntniiatf, liypr^yiious Bcalea wltbtn 
tiie glutmia of gnuH. Tbny ftr« the nfetarlum 
of Ui)tuDt\». the corolla of HlobnU and Diunor- 
l{i>r th<* nq'iainulft (icalM) of Jiuslflii, Brown, 
Kiid I.iinllry. 

ElA-mif' -er-«a, ■■ fl. (liit 9luma=% gtama ; 
frrv ■ to b«ar, to prwlnre, tu bring fuiib, and 
\m\. f^RU fd.auC .«r.] 
Aof. .* Tbe aanit aa Olchaum {t\.v.\ 

(ift-mlf ir-ofia, a. [I-at g^uma ■= a duoM ; 
/Vra a to Wu, tn tifoduffi, to bring fnriui, and 
Knj. adj. auFf. -cna.] 

Hot. : or or pertaining to tlie Glumlhng ; 
Itcaring gliim'^i. 

* glfim'-mlab, a. [Vng. glttm: -iA.} Dark, 

gloomy, dlDiiinl. 

WlUk fttnamM *AAUtt thacW tMsprwM** Um mta*' 

|Rtig. glum: -y.) Darlc. 

gloomy, dlanuL 

"Rock aa wa l UmI* mar tmnmk. m w* Bxat to b* 
fvMvt. *h«a thm •wUivr ■miaiti darh uut fiwntMa.' 

■ glOm -ndaa. $■ lEng. g^itin; -mm] Tfaf 
iiti&lt£v or i*tat« of being glum ; gloomineM, 

t glik'-aioftft, a. (Eng. fftvwt(t) ; -oiu.| 

Sol, : Having a flllforni r«<i*ptacla. with a 
eommon gluiii« at tlie baac. 

glttmp, I'.f. [OLtm. a.] To look aniky or 
•ullcii ; to abow aullcnneaa in one's utniiuar. 

*glttaip'-f, 0. 

sallen. aiuky. 

[Eag. ftmmp; •](.] Olum, 

Slflnoh. o. k t. [Elym. doabtfUl.] 

A. At ailj. : Tn>wiHrig,gl<MM)iy,snlky, stillm. 

"But vlial* tlia vatvt l<ioklu( tar (l«H klkd a<ai*rA 
aho9t k plikit buM i '—Avtl .- a nitfwiry. ch. la. 

B, At mbtt. : A sullen, aiicry look ; afrowo ; 
a look uf (Uadaln, anger, or ulillkc. 

glfiti p.(. ft (■ [IaI. gliilit, fftultio m to Hwnllnw, 
to gulp down, from the aame root aa guia a 
ihf throat.) 
A> Tniaritiw; 

* I, To Bwallow, to gulp down. 
' i. To twalluw up, to engulf. 

rho«|ti*mT'rM'i4*mtw«vittriWtUiM It, 
Awl np* at wl<l'*l to flar till* ' 

MaJUv. . T9fn^m. L L 
3. To cloy : to fill op b«^'ond siiAli-utncy : to 
iui1«, tn diagnaL 

'- b tlUi rciinlaAK. la «!■( Uw do^ with pnf ~ 
f^i lt»mm-i /liaAaLIM 
A, To tout or delight to aatiety ; to aatiate, 
~ OvfM th/ trm with Vu a4mwi bmwB.' 

aMliki faa^ra * jriwwJH rw . in. 

* i. To tatrtrale. 

" Tlii mMiitnuun. batas alraadr tUtud, aiiiihl not 
ul po«trti>)lr •nonak todlMDln W^H^ 

tL To o^firflll, to load ; to lUl with an ovcr- 
■iil>ply of anytblug. 
B( Inirans. : To feaat, to rat to satiety, 
** Lika Ltliw livnM Uut bar* Ivskitt tama. 
Ab>I jXaOnf atl nitlit long faavMI'^ap In com. 
«4 laaofd laqM with ka«vladvi^ 

HmnaaMi: rrtiMMB. li/BBk 
giftt, a 10 HI. r.I 

I, Ordinarif f^anj^tM^ .* 

1. Tbat uhich la swallowed. 

Thalr ih*Lllah^Hl.^^ JT^Ia*. >. Z.. rt BBt. 

2. rieufy, even to loathing or dlagtuL 

3. Mor« tbaa cnoagb, omnnoeh, a tap«r> 

"An abuiidaiisa tndawl a ghtt. of tteaa talmta 
vblrii nim mtn la cwliiBoea tn toctaUaa loni bf 
Internal tme%\amk.'-MaimftmM ■* aUL »«,. eh. il 

* 4. Anyiluiig which Olla op or obatructa a 

"Tka walaa aana awpgaaa ** yaa* tnm Uia boltw 
a( Um aaa l« tte haadi «? atatnn Ibfoaak asttalM aub- 
tamiMkB oaadalta or Pkanaal^ vaUl Uitr *tr«, br 
aoiua fiut. tlatiML «r. br olkar waana, arratLad In 

A. A wooden wedgv naed aa aqootn, a chock 
in aplittiiig timlicr. or aa a hUenuo to a lever. 

U, TtdMieally: 

1. j4rcA. .' An arohod opening to the aah-pit 
of a kiln. 

"Tba Ur aii la eaa . . . eanalat of mat* nctanntar 
Mek cbMHtan^ «lth an orW«* al tka lap M Mnvtr. 
iim Um tML aad an anhod apolM ta tlia atbSL 
tha arah IMf Uli« oUM Iba ■tet."— a jr. i 

la CmrnHra TWaatal ataMater, pL a. ^ Wa 

% BHMa^itg: A asMll brick or bloch In- 
tiodneed Into a oootM to complete it. 

8, Omwh. ; An ormopply of any commo- 
dity in tlw marfcot ; a atipply beyot»d tlte 
demand . 

4. Natliftit: 

(1) A patch at the centre of tba head of a 
Mil, having Atl eylet for Uie beekei-rDpe. 

(3) A choking, aa by tkrowbig the fall of a 
rope aeruM the MieaTea. 

ghlVbriok, <■ Tbe BBiBe aa Outrr, II. 1 

**Tka tn U rrarvatMl fMn lalllnf oat of tba flia~ 
ImI* t>r lUMuia ul ■ ntnch anu «aU al hrlcklaia 
mihd Uia aiiil trirfa--?. B. ita^naa, la Cmt^ffi 
fWkaiMl Maoatar. |j4. ■.. fi «dB. 

gSft'-UB-tta, *. [OLrriRm.] 

Cl&Uin-Ma. A IGng. rlulnmfte); -ata.} 
rht^. : A aalt of gintamic-aeld (4-t ), 

gl& t&m la, a. rEDg.,ftc. fffufiaiXand tmte, 
an arid roiilJiinlnu Uie radical (NB|).] For 
def , M^ comitound. 

glntemlo-Aold, i. 

CAen. : Glatamic-arid, enildiHtlntBrfr add 

Obtained by boillne vAgetable glnt#n with 
dilute anlptinrlo arid, or caactn with bydro- 

h&X, b6^ : p«f^i, 3tfir] : aat, 90II. ohoros, ohln. iMnph ; go, #em ; thin, tbls ; aln, a^ ; expoot. yenopbon, efist. -lAg. 
-Uon, ■ aion = ab&n : -flon. -flon = ibOB. -«toaa, -Uooa. -«t4iu = ataOa. -bla^ -4i«, &c. -= b«l. dvL 

glutanate— gluttonous 

ehlorie add tnd •unnooi cbloiitta. It !■ Imt 
prMMTwl by ImUiiu tlM glulea wjtli St f** 
Caoi. klr<thol, whlrli oitni'ls tkc luiiriti, «iit| 
beUlnft r^r tu-rntyrrxir hour*, villi an In- 
TMlnl puifl'iivr, oiiv |«n of ttir tuiMn witli 
thn* ptfU of BulpliUfic ftd>t aiwl xlx ikuU 
af mirr ; 11 U thMi nitvrvd, uUmtnl witli 
cblUk, flltMw) and avaponUid la mw-Utinl 
of itji balk ; tti» calriuin »lt U di>rrini)nMt<<l 
by nullo aoiil. tiM eieCM of null- Add U 
tMunv«d br OtrbonAla of Inail, auil llic •'l<.■^M 
or l*l>4.;o, t>r HiH 9U, Mul, Ike UltnU »npo- 
nt«il, lyrMiii en «btllllM Oft. Mid aJlonnnU 
Uk' t-t'itntnir ai-J'l, wbJris cn'*t>Ul*M ovt of 
h'lt waU-r In utndnMlral orvtal*. whi«h tre 
iimrly Inaoliibltt to ilcohol u\>\ hi ft)ii-r, raetl 
with f*rtl*l <l(<CiiinivtflUnD «l 1 W- OIntimic 
aiOd fanoM i-ryibilUM comiwaods vkth act^ 
ud al» fnrm* ulU. Tba larlan aalt fin* 
eli«n»et«ri»Uu i>«>r<<ll« grMp« \tttt Wavdliu. 

CfitwL. : A Malt of glutaolc ac4'l {i|.v.). 

itr; i^. ) Kor il'-t. ic« ooinpouud. 

gtntAIllO-AOld, •. 

C'Ana. : OxnIuUrle ari^l, DnajmiBMtricftl 
tmlnuTpiToUrtarte ariiL 

Ctii«Os or cii(ou) co-oa 



OhtalnM bjr lauuln); tillr'nia gaa lato • aola- 
llnii rif i;liilviiiil(' ni-Jil in nitric arid, or bjr 
ai'tit'tt mi n ili!iiti' lolutlon nfitlutjiiiile ncfd lu 
hyitriirliliihc a-^lil (ly iK>tKa»lnTn ntlrttc, ovarw- 
nitlrutfina water 1«Ui and Blaklajt mil Mith 
•Ibar. U fonmmiaU cryatala. whirb ni'-U at 
rr. Wkn bfltf«d t» IW, Uw anhTdndr la 
Ibrmed. Heated vllk bfdriodir arid i<i l?0'. 
Kliitanto anid ta Tvdtiml U» ti'irmal jiyr^ttar- 
biric- arid. Olnlanir arid f»nni rryjitjilliiiv 
aalta. lalird glulatutm, wtiicb anKinljrallKbll)' 
ii<lu)>ln In cold wal#r. 

•«[<. I 
Ch^m. : A mil of glatu-le acid ii\.v.\ 

gift t&r'-Io, t. |R»x. i;rnlti(miV): r ctfianoct- 
C'jhnk ; Jionaat prrotuUrie add. 

at naraal pm^ltiw enolda CHi'tCBg-cnH 
wttb • ToluM and a ulT of ftiniiift bydr^ 
Ohlorle MtHA, ATapormtinj; on a walrr tath and 
ntncUng wttb ■ImOiiIc alt-nbul; or bj- tmt- 
tat Mbyl aodaMdo-aiyttit« with fthyhe fi l»io> 
twofdoiBlC) and d«comi«al]ic the ranltlng 
•ajrtto Mrt»^«tuiM« wMi AonMiitimtMl af 
cnbolte potkab. Olutsric add ci7 i da l U»M onl 
of watcrltilanretmwnamitnMiiarllntc prisma, 
wbleh nelt at 07&, and dliUl at 304*; It U 
«a«ll7 aotabla In vat«r, aloobot, aad in cthar. 
tt fiinuB cfTvtBlQiH) aalti called slntantna. 

OhitariB anhrdrfde, CsH^Ca, bol>talacd by 
tb« aetlon of aoatyl citlome m tb<i sllvn- aalt, 
or by ilowly b«atjiic the add ai »r to XW. 
II Airtaa Bna immnIIm, wbl«h mdt at M*. lod 
ar» only BlfsbUy aol ab la In cold atbar. 

gli a-Al. 1. [ULW<rtrw(f4.«bl«0;Biis.. 
Ar. «iitr -at] 

Jmft. : I'artetnlnK Ut Cba m«rl«s allad 
glntel. or i(> lli« iHttlork. Tliaa tfaara la a 
^iit'al Artwy iw wfU aa an InAfter and a 
au|wrlor gluteal nmra. 

gl&-Un,a [Ml.] 

Chewt, : As al>NimlnniM aubailanv, nidalsad 
by inhilBg t«>n f«rta nf •Thmt-niMl with right 
mrta of iftlrr, and allowing it to atand for 
natf«n-b<>ar ; U !■ tbao waahnl with wat^, 
and kneaded, tlU all tba itarrh it washed 
away, and the dataa tliua oMalDcd U a Ifna- 
elMU, 7«ll(iirlali-gT«)r, daatio toaaa, which drlM 
tato a hany. ■aal-tmatpvrat niaM« re- 
aaaibUiic Rl«e^ Ohitm b aolabltk la dllatja 
•dda. bat k nmaij taatdnUt lo waiar. U<rtat 

fillt■o patraOea wbea i i naj aed to tba air, nn- 
■a It U aolddj dl1«L Olntis la rarlly 
•olobla in M par oani. alwdwd; tba portluu 
lMi:rlnh)e la abnhnl It oallM TopitaMa fibrin. 
Tka aieeliidle aolatltw NiBtalM madB and 
(latta, ur nvetahia gelaUna ((t.T.> 

(IfltoB broa^, a. Draad eontalnlnit a 
lanp qiiantity «i ^aton. It baa b(wn UiToly 

aied In diabetaa, but trn paopla ai« abia to 
eat It for any latigtji of tinio. 

* glat-ea-ry, * clat-en-ar-l*. «• [Girr- 

* Blat-orno*. * ^Int-crr homo. «■ [K-<^1. 

gtutr = Vn)-ucio<l!i,| lilutUHty. 

glA' U'fta. * gl6'>tfla-fta(i>L g]&-t*-i), »• 

An>iL lil.): Thiwt niuaclca uf tlio bl|t, tlie 
OtuUuM twutMui, tbo irlateu mtrliui. and 11m 
0f nku aunlaui. TIte ttrsl la a very largr nixl 
enartely IkacloiiUled muMOotWhleh inakeatlM 
bnltook prrmibif nt In nan : tta oae ia to ex- 
leud Ike thish. Tbo arnmtd la amaller ; It b 
MTtly oovwwd by the nitaola alitady men- 
Utined, and aeta when one flanda. Tba tbtrd 
ii the anuQart ; It la corcvcd by the second 
oiM, aDd aru as an abductor of the tblfb. 

glA'tla. gla-OBO, (. lEas, 4e. f(»t('M); 

•in, -ia« ) 

C\tm : VrgnVtHe f^vlatine. Obtained along 
vfth miiciii t>y tafutiiiu Klutvii In miai] frag- 
nwiita. with alcohol of W jwr cent., and tfaan 
vttli alrohnl itf 7* |«r CMtt. ; the aloohoUe 
afllDt)oii<i itr iinttod, aad the lulf of the alco- 
hol dlalllled otr. On tailing It <l«i;wMita a 
mlxlara of glutln and mndn. Tli" Jpi-ohU ia 
dlwoWed iu M jxr ivnU nlrnhnl, aii>l nltcred 
tbrotq^ eallno vbiUt lint, and then it^nlatM 
till It 1( old; innel "f the nim-in U |'n-.-l[>!- 
tatv*). th<> Itltt^ntl tl>|(iti| ia pvajkoniTeil In a 
watvr t>alb, and thp;;lutin <lla^nlvi-d In alriOml. 
Olntln iiinUiniuK wnter ia a flnid rrwtnlilitif; 
a yHlow ramlah. Aloolnl*^ alrohol ]in'<*tiii- 
tati^ II aa a anlld yi^Uiiw-wlide Hii1iHt.i »<«. 
which >«» In* driodcivw«Hli>hiirlca«rl ; whrn 
nihtici] dry, glulln l><?rimira* rWtric, Olulln 
it aoluble in alkalis, and In dilute hydrmhli^c 
aohl, and aortic add. Tbe obctalca) ronnnta 
of diitla la not known. Tbe analyitiji ksvp: 
eartinN ft2'7. hydrt^a 7*1, nttroVBO U'O. and 
Bul|diar 0*9 per ccoL 

Cl&-tIS'At«, «l. IIaL gtHti—nu, ra.nar. 

t>r tifntino = i>k<'j>in#nt ; fluUtkin^nU. giwStntt) 
=rgluc.| Tdtwinrntur ouite with ^luc ; togloe. 

Cld-tfn-&'-lioa, *■ ttAi. fluHtatia, ttfin 
{^)iltN<iJK«, pa. ft. of fflytina s to glne, to 
rrriicni. ) Tiki ael or prtMaaa of eaaanttng or 
nnitlii]; with gl'io. 

gl&.tfn JI-tlTe. a. (Kng. gM(mi(t): -fn: 

Vt. afuttm-iH/i lUt ffluti'-oHm.] Having the 
qualrty of cementing; (liiUanua; flaooua. 

glA'-tlM.a. tGLimn.] 

*gt4'-tito4A|b n- fLat j?(vrln<e) = togliM, in 
(fmoDl; naT-taf.l Olatiimua, vbwiil, eeiwent- 

** Laavhw an m^mM* ual *tW(NU ft-i»mi^ klad tt 
awl a|u» lb* ttim.-—0^*f Of It, ' 

il4 tlB'-I-ttm. ■■ fl't. = Rlnt<<n.1 
IM. : Tbe duah uf oartaiu fuujpUa. 

* gin' -tl-Boaa. «- (OLmNoaa.) 

' tfft-Oa-ta'-I-tf. ■ Kla-tlB-oB-l-tts. i. 

Vh. ffMlNftiiW : llji. ffRnaoffdwf; Ital. plu. 
itaaaBo, from \M, dJallaotiu = cluUnooa.) 
The qnallty or rtabs of bdnn glutinooa ; gin- 

glA''tiB--oltfl^ o, (Xat ffurlaaiuj, fmm glu- 
rUwwgliM); Pr. ^luilmnx; Hp., INirt., * 
ttaL irrif (I •(«!>.] 

1, Onl. Ijtng. : VUcmu ; tiadd ; gluey '. 
tenadooa ; haTU([ tbe iioallty of or raaecj bliog 

- AH thM laaaat 


laa Jm I*. 

rWy i 

cnvervd with a etirky exadnUnn. 

gltt -tiB-ottft-BAaa, •. lEng. i^v/f aau ; -iwna.1 
Tbe ouallty or italc tt bdnc glatliHaa ; flo- 
tlncmty; vlaeaoanea. 

"lai— diylfHal wtofcwfcwhwMllirid^lN. 
MfUM U hr >M UtaatLal 14 «Mw. \m\Mm ramty 
MtUuiMMilhalbtaar.'—Jir'" irarti, v«L r_ v M 

glftf -mAa, >■ {Rnit. ifIW, and attra.] A trrm 
need In the Coateoi-boaae for an astra oAcer 
unidoyed wlwn tbera la a gtal of work. 

glfttlk ■■ [Out, a 1 A looU imbw la (Mhrd- 
ahirv fnr tl»a broad • MMd aal {A^gmtn* 

glAt-tlAc, pr- jnr., a, A a, [Qt-VT. 1^1 

A. Jc B. Uj >>r. far. 4 partkip. «(f. : CSot 

thf< verb). 
C. At 'uf'^. : Tlif art nrawaUovlHginadUy, 

or gul|'lu{ •lown fond. 

-iiUinua -J •-Ml' rttA vMkaMah Um badf'— 

gtttt tin, *glot-o-v 'tfUt-oM. *|^a«- 
oan. ' grat-^ifc. ' clat-^ea. * ■ a •!. {o. Fr. 

{fiiifiiu (Ft. •^JiiuiiiuX irDUi tjiL i^t>lu<im. arr-ua. 
of i;Jii/ii TT « h'liittiiii, hnni fivtle •• b) ilwriitir, 
to ){<iU>duwii; Sp. glalOH; Fort ffbda; ItaL 


A. Ai nbitamtltt: 

I, OnJiaary ijinTun^; 

1. One wbo iDduIgm In enUng or drftAlng 
to eiceaa; a gonnaailLur : ooa wbo goisaa 
blBiaetf irlth Ibod. 

S, Que wbo Indulgea tn or la eicar Ibr aay- 
thtnc 111 exmu. 
" o>««<Hu lu mmtm, wMilaa t« dHiniy. 
T^alf tMal h€atU m Iwtaawaly el |i»r' *i ■■■ •» * 

'.IL A oTotdi : au ^tbet of oontenipl and 

- A iMmii. aUda llM aMpOTK Mrtnaie* tfcva Wlar 
tttrtMtaa!* Me rtntmirm^ lt4. 

n. Ttehuiadtg : 

L i^nW. : Tbe popular nana fcr tiM Wol. 
TeKneorWiilTerine(f;«^n/i(aeiM}, aoaralroroua 
niaininal of tbe ktnUy Melklie (Badgen). II 
U a voradoua animal, bat not qaJt« nuvltltic 
tlic itiama of bi>lnK calM a glutinn. Tbe 
caliiinnKM eeeui to have bven Brat drcvlalcd 
by Okoa Maptua, BnlTuo followina In hia 
tniln. Tbe KngUab residenla at UudM»n'a oil II QnlckcbAti'h. or what Oitmhy and 
Kills ajHrll gulcktiatoh, and Uraliain gniiui. 
liaU'li. Ita Icitgtli la fniiu two to 1 hnw ft-vL. 
It nc'^ura lu b^b latltudea bi Sutoim^ Aata. 
and North Aimfflca. lU noUoaa are alow, 
but tl ntitnagee ti) fted on mioa, aauinota, and 
otiicr rodenta, and, wben it mn nbCohi lana, 
on larsor quidnitol» ntivr or dnad. Hwtea 
Bullbn flirmall} <ti-»<-rilMHl It aa a auadraped- 
Tultoro. In North Ainarlm it looVs mit for 
marten-tiapa, act lo oootw-Uon witb tbe far 
trade, oaraftally avoMa per»»iuiUy entcrtag 
then, but. sUwdlng oiiUUIc, palla tbem 
omoder, a«attaring tfia kwa aboai, and reoda 
to pkeaa any luartena tliat may lava hana 
caq^t, but, Inalrad of fating ibrm. bartni 
tbem la the aiiow. lu ftir la of little ralne. 
When caORbt It ctnlla ail iuaiiiijMirtalilf 't« xcb. 
Ita fnut|<nnla iu the anow reaenble tboae vi • 
jroang bear. (Qulo, Wolvbbxbl] 

Sl PaUmmt. : In IS7I Prof. Doyd Iktwktna 
Int'malad tba dlacovvnr of the glutton In Ualt- 
taonan Care, near Oefb, Bt. Aa^tb, In dcpoalU 
"(•rthe pldatoeeDeorqnalBniarragv " {(fvar. 
J*»r. Gm. £ae., uvlll. 406, Ac) It kaa ainee 
bwxi found la the Norfolk Foreat favd (/bid.. 
1X1 Tl. p. #9). 

B. A» a4i. : Portalidns to or rcMinMtng a 
glutton ; gluUonona. iDr§d»m: AaL Lofei, »■) 


A. tnimni. : Tt> ad Uke a glotlM ; to 

gluttonUe; to gomiandlae. 

- Whwaa la Bgraali af a af «»y fc*-' •'a ft * 
Ba rWma. : To iirarini ; U) gloL 

" atummttt atlai*.i »fn> «1 hgawlail aa* 

-gllit-ttef^a. (■nf.flMm;-M.]Uke 

a t;]i>U«ii ; glutlonona. 

- HarlH MOW fna»H thair ttmMtmtA i t i w alii «a 
ban b> Aa«4 tla «IM hMMrilU W Mt«r«.*-aUMa. 

-gllkr-t^ iM,f<. rEng f**"*-;-*--! To 

<jit aa a Klutt'>n ; to eat to aionaa. 
ra«b>aail ilmnii aa moch as wiiiaU ■HtMatl)' * ' 

' at r>*i l«rU»*M I'-JKamM ' 

t*B-tf. • gfait-««ni-UalM »rf'' 

lEng. ir'alfoH ; -ly.} Uke a glutton ; glot- 
tuuoiuuy, rormdoualy. 

"TWt Ikaa Mtlk t«- nrtka and iliiaiitHal*--. 

gllMr-tte-tttt^ - gloc-ca-oa^ «l (Kng. 

irlHllvn; -<HM.| 

1. Olvrn to glntionr or rseMa lu eaUng and 
drinking; bidnlglng tha ipfietltt ta i 

-U toiat .- 

flaJt - BaflM rutmrim. (K. 

S. Charaderiaad by gluttony arc: 

At% flU, Iftro. aaldst. what, f^ tethor; wi, wK h«r«. cma^ bor. th«ra : piao. pit. airo, nr, mariaa; (4, p«t. 
or, woro. wqU, work, wti6, oto; mnto. nth, euro, vaito. ear. ralo* fftll ; ttT> ftfrlAB. ^oo-i. «i|r>&4>" Ikw. 

Kluttonoualy— glyoide 


glttt'-tto-ofti'V, * (lon-ton-oiu-ly, adv. 

Ukv « glulUm ; votactotiMly ; IiimlUIi1>-. 

• Mas.) Tltv •luulltx •"' ■l'^ "f IkIoK KluttiiM- 
ow :glaClimy ; InMtlabJcnipaeJtx. (Lit. Jtfig.) 

" r»Mtr«t^ !»*«»*■ W HI M wiii^lBitotWP*** ted 

' gMt'-tAnrt. *ila ten-fir- le. •. [btg. 

^vUi-h; -ty.] GlaTuity. 

■l&t-Uo J^. * glot on lo, > fflot on jr. 

* glot on jro. ' Blot en y, ' gfot on yo. 

E (O. Vt, giiitenu, f^tTuliin tuc : ft. iM''t"'*nt' \ 
BvoMi In mttag or drinklna ; cicemivo or 
•xtimvinutt lodQlitvnM of uw tppcUla for 
flxid : vntBoHjr ; |oun»iunli/iiig. 

glA'f, A [Oldkv.] 

glj^ -or-fla, iL iiL pb«^ Ac- 0<vo^<'*X Ukd 

rVoi. : Compounds UMloer»<u to aoetaK 
o1iU)h«<I Ity buslingi gtyoarin with ftl(t«i}i]r()ni 
fur Uiltty hnan nt a tcCDpemttm of 170* 
tn )W; 4B »cel;u-Kl7oersl C&HmO^ or 
HgC ^ D 



Be- OH. O-O 
Ofb- O CH». 

Ilf 9~4r-Am'-l0, >. lEoir.. Ac. i;fpvT<4n>, iinil 
amie.\ (Pv* <W. ko etym. Kod coinpound.) 

glyoerainlo-Aold, ■. 

*TW«. : 8rrtii. CjArNO, or CaHrfOIIIxn-' 
CNi'UII. A itiuoMtiMta, tiutontkB, nttittl<>-«><j<l, 
obtalnnl hy hailing ■Ilk wlUt wairr ■ml 
•raponUna Um Bttorvd aolnUon, addinit • 
quutcroflto tctwneot tulpbtiric tcl'l. «ntl 
beOhif fbr twiaty-four brnm ; Uwn It to neo- 
InHiMd with cxeeu of calcium hydntfl. the 
tltrml* U vTBpontod ud ■ Uttl« I»BO« added 
to itMtrtfiiB fL Tjrraahi aad cdditm aul- 
liliafai flnt aBiNnita out on erapontfon. tben 
•trin, bihI Ually k little Irarin. Th" M^r'n 1« 
dlMMrvd In 40 parU 'if cold wnU-r, Hlt'TMl, 
i^ lltnt* a«otiulia>h| by unmntiU, miil tlte 
•Uolan «lt U Uhni daoocapoMd by ouXwa 
dloiMa. II hnm noaucfinlc nyrtaU (U»- 
MlTiBff ll M liirta M vater at iV. It U in- 
•olutdt Id ateotinl and In cUin-. It foma crys- 
tallliw ocnDpuuoda wILfa acida uxl with b«Ma. 

nhm. : t-sH^NOi or CHi(UU)-CEI<OQ>-CH|' 
XH» A haM oMaload bv paaslM ammonia 
M iotn a aolnUon of dlHuahydrlti C|H|"* 
(on>Br^ In atairfBle alcohol. OljroeiBmlae ia 
a iL^tiiJ Miluble In water and In cuwr. 

gl^ '-«r-at«, L (Eng.. Ac flyw^la): -oi*.] 
firm ; A aalt of glyearlc-acld (■(■»-). 

|l^-^ur'-|-^ a. [Of. 7Am(p<(« i^lt'kfror} = 
Jk*. : Sbnaa P*b*i i^ itniaa of gnmrn*, tribe 
FMtur«», hmlQr Bronm. Iko ahnaM an 
rouvvi. Ova Ia MV«a namd. Uw tip a>mt« Or 
otitiMTi. Hnvod ai^etaa owaor tn Brltnln— 
(I) r.'Iynrrte ofWHOi, (S) 0. jtaMatu, <3) O. 
tMHItflM, (4) 0. (tWnit*. (ft) a. wmtumbm*. 
(0) a rifUa, atid (7) 0. loHaKsa. No. 3 la 
amndaM In dll«lkea and vtMiiaiit waten : 
Mo. 1 oai tba aldaa of rt vara, PondK, aad dl tchaa ; 
Vo. 9 la dry mnks asd walU -, tba rvat ooear 
alUMr UB noddy or on aaody aaa afaaraa. 
Dneka and oUirr atituliir liinU cat thalraaeda. 
Tbow of No. 3 am (•••'•I iiixicr the Dane of 
inanru-cnnip aa a l%bl DaLntlooa Ibod <or 
In valid*. 

gtf^'-ir-fa, a. [BBg., AtL plycnlfa); •4e.] 

C(«iaJiied InnrpiwpafadboaiBlyrvriMfil.T.). 

**TlMO>«wta«nifdlBfMM«Ut)iU •• M to r» 

«tn aiB> la laa irtlih WMMhaihal mA--nmm. 

Ctyoarlo-AoU, & 

ffc** ...jHrt' ur.rCH,(OH) ai(on)-coou. 

A tl<)rk i>>m|<. iilfUlnod \ty Ute alow anilon 
cf fiiriiuijf cltrto acid nn glyorin, Um two 
lK|uida hoia^ aepaialal by a Uyer of water ; 
H M aolobla In alcobnl and In wal«r. Wti«o 
boa«d Wtth eottecDUatad moatle poUab, iL 
)I«U« acallo add and lactic add. Wbrn 
raaad wtth caoatla potaah It la decompoaed. 

aootaUt atKl fomuUi of puOwtluts Iwitu 
fornuMl : by the action of oonrvDlmttiil liydrf- 
otllo aeJd It yloUa iodoi*ropiotilc add- By 
tbeaetlun of FCU H ia converted Into dicbloro- 
proploDYl chloride. CHrf:i'CHatOCl. Oly- 
eeric-acM yields crystalline salUealtad glyeer- 
atea. Olymrle-acid haat«I to V&'tor lea boon 
yfelils an aniiydrida wblcii eryatalUw* out of 
water in tUo needlea, whlrb am Uiaolalilo in 
eold aleohoL They daeompoao at SW wttbout 

g]j^9 -«r-ida, I. [Enr. Ac- s'lnrK*'*); •*^-i 

C'lum. : A nasi« giveu to eUiera of tlie trt> 
atoaiio aloohol Klyp.-ml. CjHe'tOllltj. TUry 
have g^nemlly the t»nniiiBtmn -in. Oiw, two, 
or thrpe hydrozyli (OH) can be rei>lao«d hv 
acid nullcUA, Thiu aoatli; add tam» with 
glyix-rlii ntlMin eallMl aeetina. Oue raolM^lo 
of aoetti: arid + <*ne taolecolo of iclyrorol ylolda 
monivanctla + UiO. Tiro uoleciilea of acello 
acid and (ino niolecnle of glywrn] yield dl- 
afvtin + SlljO, and three moteculn vt aocUu 
add and one mc^ecale of glyeerul yield trf- 
aeetiii + .'Ill-O. Qlyoerldea ooeur in the Oit 
of Bntiaals as trl-claarin, C^BsfO-C^HttO)^. 
and tn rwMalile BsmI oIih, as trl-olelD. 
Cjn|,"'(<X;KH»>0)s, *«. Olyceridea air In- 
Boltiblfl In water, aliiflilly acuQMe lit alcohol, 
and mnm aiilnbl« In etoor. QivceridM arp 
mttunilled by hmtUig thorn with alknliea, with 
oilrliiin •^KiiV, or lead oxide, yielding tflj-cTtn 
and Willi of tlie mapeetlTe acid^, (Fat*, 
OilA.1 lilyi-wridea are also dcr-irnprttrd lnti> 
their aolds and glycerlD by dlitllUllon In a 
oiiTTint of ateaoL lue temjwraiiim liNn^; k»pt 
hetweni &H* aad OM* F. HixM cthen of 
fflyoerln and aloohirllo rsdleala are olv 
tainod by hniUiig mono* and dl«hlarhydrtna 
with andlum alouholatea, aa mooo-etLylin, 

CsHa*"< Oil bolUoK at S30'; dl-atbyUn, 


C^,'-\ <K',Hs boUlBg at 191*. By beaUns 

dl-otbyllii with »idiaiu, and ettiyl-iodlda. It la 
voDvertod Into tri-eUiylin, C}Ilo"*^ OCjlIs 

U^llliltC *t lU'. 

tPif^SrAnt gM^'Htr-Saa, a. (Or. >Awm^ 

(j/kAwm), yAi/«w( (s/IhI-vb) = Bw<ret ; -in, 'iw,] 
1, Ckrm. if Cimm. : A triatninii! ainoliol of 
Iho fhtly i<>rliii, inoTw proparlv rall«d clyeend 
tl- V- UiHaOj.. ir C HsCOH O-ClitOUXifl-tO H). 
uly<'''1n waa dUcoverwl lu 1778 by Briiecle, 
who obtalnml It In the premmtlon of lead- 
plMter by mponlfylng lard with oshia of Imd. 
Qlyeorln occtin lo moat nalorat animat and 
vrgetable fliU la cnmlilnatlaa with tatty atibi, 
from which It can be obtained by aaiKioifyliiK 
vtth alhalla. (PmcPinATiOH ur S<.ai>.) It 
la also fbrmed during the alcoholic fermeU' 
tattoa of aonr. Pan glycerin la obtained by 
heating nraval tku in a still, with a enodvo- 
stag appantua, and paaeing ateatn tn email 
lota tmoni^ the molted fht, the tempemtnre 
be|i« kepTbeloir 000* P„ aiHl above 6M* P. : 
the Dtl aeiila er^iatate out In the reeelven 
tnm the glyeeilD and water; the ^yeerin la 
then concentrated by «vai<oraUon. Qlyoerin 
is A t1)lrk, eolniirVea, loodnrona, neutral aymp, 
whit^h biu a rrry sweet lute : it nixea with 
vnter in all proinrtlMis, laaiduble In alcohol 
and la cblraiifomi, but loeolnble In ether. It 
ran bo obtalood by frecariu, to daUqiieaoent 
rbnrahiccTTetala, whioh mellat 17*. Qlyotrln 
ItoUa at aw* ; It la vary hncroeeo(Ao ; heated 
to ISO* It harna with a bluish name. Olyoetln 
diMolvas Iodine and many metallic oxides and 
salta, alto aolta t>t the alkaloids. The ap. gr. 
(ifglvoerin U X-X at IV.compand with water 
at *'. Ulycerin •llttllled with pboeE^ianu 
pentaehbtride, PjCli, yield* amloin. By the 
actioii of a mixture of equal mrta of coatrti- 
tratcd otti Ic add and eulphurie ncLd. It in i-r>ii< 
vertwl lnt« nitroglycerin, CH|0'(NO|-)CH- 
0(NOJ-CH.-0(NOi) (q.v.Ji Qlycertn Is used 
for pttMervtug fbiiu, Ao.: also as a solvent 
tor Tsrioos Balls, and la ptepariM copying- 
Ink : alao as s labrimtnr rar nwenlDery and 
elockwork, and la placed over water In gaa- 
R>ct>*n to prevent ttveslnc, and la qamI for 
flllingHnatrBSeonpaaes. ittaempliiyftlUi tlio 
f'lnn of ttlUwclyeerUi In the piri«ratuvii of 
dvnamlte, and fue mhdng with aoap Lo fumi 
glycerin ecop, wblcli teoda to solten the 
akin. OlyMnn in nOen oaed to adulterate 
wtae, beer, milk, Ac, Its i>fesene« can be 
detected by eYSpnmUng the li'iuid to dryueas 

oil a watcr-lnlli. aod extracting the reiidue 
with bK-iiIiiiI 1 tlHi alcob»Itc iM>1iiU(>n in then 
ev*ii'>ntti:d and caUHli" «<hI» ail'lnl till It is 
alM^hUy alk&Uno ; a little of thta aiilution 
placed on a watch glaas and lowdcivl honx 
adiled, glyeerta. If Hwent, will art free the 
bonde add, whlca gives a chaiai'tcrlatle 
gncn colour when lutrodaccd lutu a ILuug on 
apletlniini wire. 

2. /'All''. .- Oljci-rin U UKn\ In the pn>|iara- 
ti»>u 'jf li'lyctrinunt ocidi osrbviict, L'lycerin uf 
cjirlK-ilir ai:id ; fHfictrlnvin urldi galiict, glyee. 
rin i>f gikllie acid ; OlftrrinvM aciiti tannlct. 
glycerin of tAiinlo anid. In whl'Ji f«iir Cnid 
ounct!!t of Klycenn btv mixed wttlt odd uiiiice 
of the acid ; U'lro^iMttin amyfi, |!lyl^<■Hn of 
Btanib; t/Jycvrinim boracU, gtycerin of borax. 
These oom)-)iitidj are calle«l gtymrtna or sly- 
oerlnea. Olyrerin is ii4t-<l on acoountorita 
phyidcal prK>iwnJes a« an aiUuort to loUoo* la 
skill dbu'iUfs Ui |in-Vf!tit lliff atirtacn faaeooilng 
dry. It ran la* uumI aa a autialitule ftir KDSar 
In the diet of diabelie patleata. It U oftem 
adntterated with gioooae and eaae sopir, 
which can be d«t«ctcid by expelUug the water 
by beat, ami tieatinc with cnlnrofono, which 
di»»ul>es llie tdycerla and leaves Utu toffu aa 
an inaoliililo Tiwl>iiK. 

^f^'-ir-i-mliiAf a. [ULTcraajiieiv.] 
^kf^'ir-iU *• ll^tV'i tte. glyDrr^in), and 

C%e«. : The oiheiDlcal naine for glyeofDo 

Jj SyiUharfs ^ Glyerret .• Afletone. CHs CO 
CHg. Is ennv^ted Into isopnvpyl alei^hol, 
CUiClKOm-CUs, by the actlim of »<>dium 
amu^ni. This u cunvertofl into pronjlDua. 
Cn3:=CH-Cn^ By Iieatbii; il wiUi line 
rbloritle. the propylene Is naaard Intoa o-u- 
oaalralM solntlon of JodOM chlorine ; the 
propylene cfalorliMUde thai produced is «tts- 
pcMed In water, and chlorine gas piuisMi Into 
the Uqtiid tiU the io>llno Bnt |im:lt>iUte<l ti 
rediasolvivl ; the ]>un> rni|'ylene dlchli>ride 
was then beetM with dry Unline chlorine in 
sealed tubee to IW tur eight lioura. the tubas 
being opened mtiur a while tai allow tl>e escape 
of the faydroofalortc acid m, then anln sealed 
Up. and heated to 140* fbr elgbt notm. To 
remove the exoon of lodlna, the eonteats of 
tito UiIbs are mixed wtth water, and chlorine 
MMod Into the liouid Ull Uio whole of the 
luttluf la dlsNolvMl lu the Water aa Iodine 
chlnridc : the iirodnct i» -i; -■-'-' '•-■hi the 
waf-rnnil (IritMl aiidftmetii i An 

Inii'uro tdcblorhj-drin, CII ' '\.>* 

olitaiii»l. wtileh, hosted »•!■• '-o^' ^^ IM', 
ylelda glyccrio. {irnUt* IMeL Clum.) 

gtf^-ir-flf a. (Kng., Ac. |)ljreer<iM] ; -fi a 

Cr, uyn (Auu) = ntattor.] 

Chrm. : CjUs"". The triatonilo radical of 
glycerin aud thp nlvcnridir*. 

glyoeryl-ohlorldo. a. ICsLOKSTDaura.] 
glyceryl -oxldo, ^ 

I K-m. : tilyoftyl eth«r<C)n|V^. Obtained 
hydlsUlllnxglyueriuwithcalcHim rhloridr. It 
isacolimrlebsi^ly liqntd.hoHlti^at Wi'. It inlifta 
with water, aleonol. and ether. Uooleil with 
watcrluaaTKledtubeat 100' (t Uoonverteal Into 
slyivrin: It anitea with Irouinc, fonuliucdl- 
bttiwhyilrin. It Is not attacked by sotDiua 
fmvlgp"' : It la nxliltsMt by chrunle acM 
mixture, yielding formic add and aroUe add. 

Cly-9id'-n-iida«. >. [Kng., Ao. glveUK.^ 

aod umint.] 

am,.. CB,NO. or 0<J!{>tt,NH,- ^ 
taue pfodnced by the aolion of <i]ci>h«>l, noa> 
talnlng one per ceuL of awraouia or dlchlor- 
liydrln. Tba h^dnvhlonite funus hygru- 
aooplc or>-aUU, (^aHySO-HCL 

glj^9 -id«, a. [Bng., Ac. ^yc<«HaX aad (flnAy- 

(,'Asm, : C^HcO], or Oc^j , an aloohul ob- 

toined by dissolving slyeldlo aoetate In ether. 
Sliding caoatie aoda. the a-'Uitloii Wing oiolnl 
wiUi fee, Qtydde la a Uquld boiling at l&r. 
It la aolutde la water, alcohol, and eUier; 
heated with water It b eoaverted tato gly- 
cerin : tiy the aothm of dilate nitric ai^ld II 
la eonvCTled Into Kooo-nltroglyoeria ; It re- 
duoee an ammoniaoal so l n t loa of sUvar salts 
at Drtllaan' temperatum. 

bttl. b^; p^t, J^l; oat. 90U, eboraa. fhln, ben^h; go. i;oin; tbln, fhla; sin, a^ : exp«et. ^enoptaon. e^Elst. pH =ff 
-«taa, -tinn — ah^n. -tlon, -aion = ahiin ; 'flon, f ion = zhua. -tlooa. -dooa. -aiona = ahum, -ble, -^e, ^c. ^ bf 1. dyt 

fctftiv m tar, md 

riA*. mi «Mto nr. UkcOiaiM 

4. |0r. yM4« OrUtW) » ftwa«l, 
t Iks kMIM mU COCU bf ■OM IpedMI 

' !>, m11 but (inn of 

iM>t oTon twining, 

_ _ I azmMnr neeaiM nr 

4i ftftow iMwn. Loekllly, th* 

■tfv Rllatfad bt, l» ouTUvBled In 

tlMdlMfarltobMlit. frontlMMtha 

I • mam MlM ■oorift or nrf. 

m |fc I 1 » ^ lUC ffyHu. >n4 fern. 
pLa^wtK -w-J 

■ fltftoS*Mk«rMMl Miaul*. Hb 

glycidio— glycollio 

■«>iir «ak • Imr W «IIm; Md idiUaa 
r«A «r «toMC Ma to •wy M «•«• of Ml* ; 
b « Iw4«w* viMrilM MM to *ra»], 
IL VMlurf vMk BiU wslcr, 
Mt •# balttw vsUr; It 

H. vfeMk w* •! ur« Md 
M ««afete fa 2mM; vfa* MM wUh 
b^wU m4<«, H to Im ail II I Into Photle 

■«• w M Mwb* jifi««fcdati « f«w drufi* 
irfAMMM «# aMV. llM» • dra* or •tftrng 
MifilCaM^ 4 *•• t* • vMrt «Uv to pro^ 
KB* MwMltaM lOTM Mite wbiefa 

- - * -V«laU*to 

_ j Mlatbm It 

.todELT" • '^*""' 

MMfid by addi, bat iMtond by uumoola ; 
vMfe ifeaaol aod brpoeblmltc of ftiuiiitin it 
tftai a biaatiM noa eoloar. Glyi-oclM 
lirmt cfriiUlUfM oonowmiidB irltb ftcliU. aUo 
adii vtlli IMMS. OljcoclDe buted with 
s fcarrta gItM olTnctbylimliit ; hoato'l 
witb nlptiQrte add sad nwoKaneM dioxide 
0foocUM to decotnpoMd tnto hydmcyanic 
Mid, wator at C0> Qlymclne h«at«(j wtUi 
nltTMM acid to MinvBTlcd lalo glyooLlko ■■cM, 
vMli liberation of nltroKoo. 

gly'-oft-eU, «. [dr. >A><ni« (nfvituj) » swMt, 

and *»\\a (l»fto}» sin*.] IUltcoukk.] 

Clf-o^9y-Am'~l-4be, «. [Eug., &c. pfycD- 

Ch^.: C,H,N,0, or HSC<5g^^^ 

A Iwao nblalnail by bnatln;; tli« bir<lrcvchUinitc 
uf glycncyamltn to IW.totl treating the hydro. 
DliVtrau wttb Ptyonv It cryatall!»» in 
ilrllloMCPiil itUlM, wlilob am very aoluble Id 
walar, having an alkahao renctlua. 

SlT-OO-fT'-^-l^flUw <t [Ea8..lie.^y(»(9iM}; 
aitil (mn^ac) 

UUia. .- OaAOi'tooetyllc add. CiB-NsO^ or 
BN =0fNn,XNI!-CIIsC0 04). Botlwl wllb 
walaranu dilute aulphtidc: add. It ta reiolrod 
iBto oxalio a«-H, {Ttunldlnc, aod t^arbouic acid. 

Clr-0»-drfi-pda«, «. (Eng., &C. tflvaKM), 
and tlrti]*^ ' 

Chat*. : Cs4IIhO]«. Th« itrong rortoatloai 
la peara, produced ny 1hii'k«iifiig and baiO«a- 
Ing of the mil walli. eonaliti or tfaia aubstaooa, 
logBthar with a imall onaatlty of mineral 
Rialter, wbtrli to removsa by dlgeaUng tham 
with dllato aoetlc aAld GlymdnipoM to in- 
aoloble in water, alcohnl, and (•thrr ; bnllvd 
with dllut« nitrtr add it yiel-Li crllulOM and 
otalle add. boiled with dilntn bydrodilorio 
%vM It yielda dnipoaa and glucoat. 

■ly'-«A-Ate. *■ lEng., *c. irfr<<w).- -ffm.] 

rktm. .- C^iflwfiw+^w- Olyoono oomn 
Ib the llTeroftBanHBato, and la mollnam, U 
to a whlt« powder, which dtoaolvc* in water, 
forming an opalaaoent flald, which la four 
Uiuea man dr-xtnirotary tbaa a aolntlon of 
dnrtroM of tba aun* atrwigth. It to Inaolubto 
U alooM i It giraa a red ootoor with Iodine 
•otatlaa. aad doei aot rednea u alkaline 
•DlnUoo of eapcle oiM«, Wbea boUed with 
dilate aiUphnrle or diloto bydniQblorle atJd. 
it to iMivertad Inla ^nooaa. In the lirer of 
ifl ■Bltaal that baa been long deatl tli« gly- 
cogea baa beaa eoci««rt«d Inbu gtoooaa. 

glf-«MC»-ft*e, L [Rng. vlfervra(to); Ktfc] 
Chen ; A aalt of gl jocvmlo'add (q-v.). 

Cly-o6-Mii'-Io. n^ fEns.. ke. p/ru0*<>; -b 1 

F«rt«kiiTn){ Ui iir di^jreil dobi gljreogeu <q.*.)L 

Cl|rooceitle-aald, •. 

Chm. : i:«n,«07. Aji add prndnead by the 
aetlm nf bminiDe and silver oxide, or kU'co- 
gf>n ; tl la a ayrup. Ito aalU are (ryilalllBe, 
aolubto la water and loauluble lu alcohol. 

gly'-«ttl,li rKBg.,Ae.|rrv<XrH>t),and(alooA>Dl.] 



1. Siitg. : Etbeoe glycoJ, CtSaOt nr i 

A dUtntnlo alrohol of tbe glrool Mttoa ; ob- 
talaMi by duuiltng cthaaa dtoeatnu with 
raitaltc [irdaab. Glyenl to a liquid baring a 
•«Nt t>«t«, baaing at IflT* ; aoluble In aloohol 
•nd in walar, ooly allgbUT aolabto In etbar. 
It ia nildlaed by nhrlcadd. rora>)ngglyeo1be 
add. flyoxaltc arid, and uxaIIl- arhL Beated 
to XM* wlib Mild anaU^ ti»u>>i, it yielda 
potaaalam oaatol" ■'«) ">"-> "(r KvdnMvn. 
3KOB + C|H«a.- ■^wiih 

line cklofloe, All' . .\n atom 

of water bdng dill . -.1- I 1^ li foran 

etbetM dldtlnHd-, < gil^lg; by t^ action of 
bydrlodlr artd, HI, a to raducad to ethyl 
Iodide. CyU*!. MuUllle antlnm can replace 
dtlicr ooe or two mtoma of hydr^g^n In the 
hydronrl rMlieato, fiinulDg aodlani elhenate, 
CUsOll ClUONt. 

I , aad dtoodlvB dtolMuto, J 

ClI^Na CBiONt. 

Ulycd dtoaolTCi KBO' aad 0^0n)» 

S. H. ; Dtotomlf? alnobnto of the btiyaartaa, 
of whleh glyrat u itui tint m—M. Tbay 
mar be rngarded aa dcnred from bydro- 
earboaa of ifw Mualla aetlaa, Callto-f » by 
tbe MtbaMtuttoB at two hy^rosyl radCeato. 

(OBy, for two atoaa of bydragan, atlarbed 
to dlmrent carbon atoma; or from oivniK*. 
Cnll^, by the aiion with two hjdn-isyU. 
OlycuU arc ubtalned by conbtnliuE an otoM* 
witli two aluiui of bniinliie, Vtoi ■*■ 8ta m 

I , tad converting tbe dibrooida tat* 

diacutate, by n»eana f>f an aleoboHc eoluWea 
nf poLuwlnin araUtc, and deeonipnclitg tlae 
dla<-«lale by caiiattc |>otsah : atoo oMalaml by 
i»riiliiniu|; an uleflne with liyiHte)ibnu«ia arkf, 
ClOU, and acting on the cUurfaydrln Ihta 

obtalnad by motot allrer oslde, I 4- 

AgOH = AgCl 4-1 . The glyento are 

i-olourlMa. Inodonxu, aeotnl HqoMa, baflag 
aawret biste.andarttutenMdtot«(XMn|M«Dda 
between nionatoink: alcofa<Ma and glycvola. 
They am ftulul<lr iti watrr and alcolM, bot 
only att|}btly ibiliitilA In «lhrr. By the aeCloa 
of bydrociihtric acid tbey af« ooaTartad late 
inonatooilo alcdiuto. 

Kly-«jfl'-i8, a. [Eng.. *r. ffVat; •(£■) De- 
rived trout or peitaintnif tu glycol. 

gl3reoUo-«ttav«. '. r*. 

Chrm. .- The et^hcra of dlatomto alcohol* 
or glycols the bydrnffeo In tbe livtlmyl 
ndloal being replaced liy an add r^iiii-al, a* 

acetate, or nionoeeeUte af ethytone, 
C,n«<g:ggjg. glycol dlieetatc. or dtoaeuta 
of ethylene, or by an alcoliol radloal, aa. 
*^"*^H^"' ^'J^* monodhytol*. and 
<^^*<8^u;- 8^r«>^ dlethytote. 

gly-«6'Ug''BM^ ■. [Prvf giyeo; and lag., 
CO. ritfiuM(q.v.).| 

Chm. ; ^oBtfOii. A yellowiah white snb- 
■tanee, ofaouued by exbaDaliita IIm wood of 
the apraee flr, Ahta enetoci, wltb diluli aeaUa 
add. alcohol, and vtlier. It to deeomMaed 
tw boiling with hydrochloric acid, yicldlag 
glncoao and llgnoee, CifllMH}!. Gl}(yiitgnn*e 
frued with cauatlc |hjIa«Ti yii-ids [■ntaialDiu 
aalta of nxalic and autYlntr adtto, aad pyr\>> 
cat«cliiD, C«U|((Jli>30-X)- 

sly oAl 'U-mide, i. (Eng. rlv»UtfaX ^^ 

onldc.l ' 


CAm. .- CiBiSOs. <v I The unMa 

of glycnlllc add. Obtalnad by baatiiiK arani^ 
alum tartrvnate tUl no more CO| la jpvm at, 
and recryalalluJng fluin water; atoo bf tha 
action of atanonU on ethyl glyeoUate. Olt- 
oolUmMa to aolobto in waur, end allghtly 
■oluNa to alcoboL It melts at 190*. 2^ the 
action of alkaUa or dilute add> It to eonverted 
Into anuuonia and glycollic acid. 

gly-oAMAU, a. (Eng. flfoMlie): 4fa| 
Clum. : A nalt of glycollic add (q.v.X 

gly-oU'-Hl^a, [Eng., Ac flveoL teoaoectlvat 
■if.] Dcdved DOB or pMtaiaiag fa glxoot 
glyo^Uo-fteld, «. 

cAcM. : uiyacetio add, ootaaetio acid, 
CsH«Ob, or I A dtotomlc nonobailo 

Ibttr acU, eoetololog oa alcohol and an add 
MdlcaL Itoceun tn aaDrgru|«a and in the 
tonvaa ttf AmptiaptlM kjrfcmcca. Glyrvllic acid 
can be obtained by the oiMUuen of glyool. 
by the action of nltrto acM oa aleofcoL by 
beating a aolnttoa of onlfe add to 100* far a 
week wtlk gnuitUaled xina, the Qtalla anld 
botaig redoced by tbe aaaeaal lg><draaea, bat 
It to beet obtained by bolUag bi a flaife eoa- 
neolad wltb a coodeaaer n mbrtare of om 
fmti al chlomoetle aM. CHjaoOOH. wttta 
twnaty-firar na>ta ct wairr, aonM boon : tha 
prpdart to t£«« awpofeled on a wnter-bolk. 
Glycnllie add cryiUlUvn oat cf water la 
OMllee, which mdt at W. It to aolnbto la 
aieoliol ami in ether ; by the action of con- 
eoatiated utlrto add it to oildtoed tnio oaalle 

add, I QlyeoUkaddtenaerTvUUbte 

oalU nitod glyeottolea. 

mU» tkU, iKtliar : wa. ir6c, hira, ommal, her, thara ; pina. pit, mr; air. aaaLrtna : go, pM, 
4. aAa; Knta.«ftlih oartt,«ais«.«ar, rftlttr ftUl;tfy. SfTtaa. ■i.fla = «: ay^ft. «a = kw. 


glyooUida— glyptodon 

OCIi, OH- 


glyooUlo-aatiLydirlde. ^ 

wlills powdor, Insolnlile In «|i-'^h<>l, ither. ant] 
CiW «»«lcr ; mhen boilcil with water tt U 
cirttrerlMl into slycotlic tcid. It tnt-IUi nt 
ISir, ioil li obUTn«d by lintliij; Blycollle idil 
tor m totijt time on * vnit«r)uah. , 

riitta ■ F-Uiir- f-niaul liy RpUdng the 
tli'^ (t oriH) srotiji rif glyeiilllr «i;ltl 
ihM nhltmU, u racthfl glycoUitr, 

rV«. : All iiibrdritli* of f{lypolllo ■d'l, 
C^tOx, or ^>S'>0, obUlDttI brhntliks gly- 
onllln icM iMtwera 350' ioSSO*, >1m> by liofttJnjf 
i1r\ i.mIiioIiuii cblxnit'etatff hi llti*-~l3u*. or 
' ' tiie aeiil tn |kO', It Is k |i.iwi|i«r 
.-•iM wnlrr; it melts ftt •JIiO'. 
V 1 Hitb ■luinoDiK It Is Roorerteil 

iutv(jl><<i>lu>iul(lb (4. v.). 

Or. £Ai((Ak:0= matter.) 
CVm. : (Pur def.. wa rTym. «nit oompouud). 

glyoolyl-guanldlii. 1. [Oltcoctahi- 

III nr.,] 

Slyoolyl nroa, *. iHroATToij*.] 

glT~o6' nl-t^i, glr-ottn'-fe, a. [Gr. yAwM- 
i^t»< (if;ti.',!JH*i«), fnjm M» fiivnitor tilyknn.] 

I'r-m.: A iinini^Bivrn ton cfTUuiikln<1<>f vpni« 
In Grr^k au<l l^tin |>N>tr>'. Ui-c>ni|»t«orilirM 
fa«t, N •fHfiiilev, ft cborlnitib, ftnil m |>yrrbk : 
- - I - vj ty - I t> ^y : itr It may !>« nrajinMl aa a 
■IWDilM vkI two lUetyli :--|-uu|-uu. 

Sly oAb-Io, f. [Ultookur.] 

Xty-odfl -^ mlnOk i. IKng., &o., ^tuxm^tX 

««*».r CcHhXO*. Tho >>nit«' nt 
ihlt hmjui la i»)itninwl l>y lH>ilin4 rhitin for 
lulf »ti tiirir wllh c<'i»rtnti»tp<l hyiln>cbIi>rlo 
upM. <>i>f('*^imliti< i-ryxtjilliirft froin alonttol lu 
Bcttllm; It t«>lilc«* 4M][n-lC)io)utlon. 

gly'-«datt, ■. [au)(n»t.] 
■Iy-«4«d«^ M. (OLuoosmR-l 
0jf'~a6-9Snmt ■. [Eng-, Jbc, jrlv(u<r), ■ con- 

rVvi. - CflIIfN|. An oTgmnio has* obtatnM 
br tb« actioa (if ninuiiialA mi yilyoxal. It Ik a 
ouloarlMi rry^tjiIUiifi powder, aiiomt lB»iluhl« 
la «itef : It aiibliiiH-ft in hm'iILm wttbout mck- 
luk dlaaolve* In acM«, and fonu crritallltM! 

■l#-«<if-aril. a IPref. i/lt»; and Or. &»|ii4 
(omO = «mal). I 

£nt. : A gvnof of AiiraiittarMe. ^ymmd 
ett>i/t>fl4t hcAn Erull« of a tlvUduua Snviiur. 

|ly 9yr rb« -Ua. ». {Gitc. iKrvrrM^); 

-*)■*. I 

■. Krotrn biUlIc r»aln, nlitaincd \»y 

Tlitrlii with ililuta lolilii; liitolii- 

--'iluiil-i 1(1 4Iln>)io1 ■lU'laUinlia. It 

iliti r i-A m >-nDreiiim><<liii]lptiuri(>a4;l(l, fom- 

tns * n>t Milutkiti, which cJianjes to {Jitrplg. 

gly-9Jfri1lU^ I. [Or. yXMrvt (0<MKa) = 
aw««'t, tlxl iiifa (rMm) » ■ mot ) 

I, /M..- AfR'nusofgiiif'nionawonBpUtita.CDb- 
tttbq OatricriE. ii iiaa a tubular, 9v«>clert 
ani] tW(»-li|iT<eiI ealyx, and an OTat« mm- 
| wi — mI ono tn ftiar-wwlml pod. (Ut/qfrrktzn 
gtnlrm U aaid u> fumlkb thr Dpanlah fliiauricc. 
|I,iQroaicr.I Tha mot* of G. tdtinala and 
U, ^awivUfira am alU-ged to faava th« aamr 

1. /'fcar*!, : LlqiorlcH^-rwot. Tlic tvrt^t and 
dMMl rTX}t fw iind^ritrotiiiil atrtn nf (Wvt»»TlUjrt 
fta^fn, nitUvabNl in FngUn<l, Mpfieuilly at 
Fon(<-f»a''l, In Voik»htfv. IPonFarr Cakb.) 
II neniF^ in r> II i i>)rtr:il-rinni-li«d pkcra, 
brawn 00 t!. ■l^i yellow within. 

tMtt;h aii<l I 1 tntiHta^iiiotia to 

tti^ nsfr >i aiit«uiir« call's], alu^ asparajfinc, (tarn 
It la hmmI «» a nnwdcr to [mIIk, 
fonn KttmriMvt (lljmrrhUir. tx- 

t7HCt <^rihiiK>rl». which laohtalnrd l>yniamr«- 
lloa and |*aroulallon of tha root, and vt-a|ia- 
nUaa to ■ proT"T fnoslatenca It la a awcvt 

detiiiilMUt. naefUl to r^ere coughlitg and to 
aliendic tlM noeowi Keiiibraiic. IL la otten 
KiTen with powdend teuua. 

gly-fjrr~rliix in, t. [Eng. tfivtyrrkijia) 


Vktm.: CuHaNOi*. A eryiiUlline aub- 
•tance obtalncilTiv tiolliiigthe root of (Tfycirr- 
rfkiM jflabra to uouhol. and avkporating tha 
alcuholk ixtliilioD to drytioM, It la ilecom- 
poKd by bolllDC with dlluts adds IntoglaroM 
ami KlycyrrhclJn. Whea fiupd with caiutlc 
|N>taiCi ii: in rnntcrlf^d Into [lam oxyWnsulo 
add. C«U4-0I1-CUUU.(1— ^>. 

*gVhk, 'glj^nne.*. [lH»h.] a gl«a. (It 

Dcoitra rn*qii«rilly In compoand nanjca of 
places la Ireland, aa QWa duca Lb Ikrollaad, 
" Tbntvh b» «OTilil wA bMl cat tiM IrMk r*t Via did 
■hnt Ihcru ii|> «lUiln thaw imtnw Mauuv aaid ■'■•w 
«id*r UttnoaaWa « [ovL*— JUmurr - atrnw^lrAttU. 

gly-dx -ftl. a DKng., *o. j^wfl .- o^oUcX 
and ii/v/rAydc). J 
C'ih<i<i. : Tlie diatooJc akl«hydc of sIvmI a&d 
of oxalic acid, CiDsOt or I Obtained by 


the padoal oxidation of ethyl-alcohol by 
nltrie add, tli« IJiiuida 1>«fng M-|«raI^l by a 
layer of water. tityoxAl ta a transparrnf, doli- 
qneacvnt, nni"rpli>iu» Miliataiu^ ; it ia oxidtiod 
by dilute nitric arid inU> jjlynxalfe a4'ld. and 
by onot.'eiitntvd uitil>: arUI l>'ti> oxallr add. 
It rvdufiex mi Hiiininiilacjil Miliilinti nl a sjhnr 
Milt, formini; n nx-tnllir nilrt^ir ; I>y tbr action 
of aJkalla It !• converted iniii sl)(nilllc add. 
A very dilute aolntlon of ^lyiixal, when 
warmed with a Utile iKttaaaiiuu C)ai>Mr, 
KCN, tuma a dark red colour. 

gly-Ji»-%-la t c a- [Cng. g^nmU.*^): -oU.] 
CXtm. : A wilt ofglonalk'-acld (q.v.). 

Kly-dx-U'-I«, n (EiiK., hn, fliKwO, and 
toaht:.] tKi>r dt'f. mw i^iupuuiul) 

BljroxaUo-audd, A. 

CVio. : AI1U1 railed glyoxyile-add, C^'B^ 
or pn Jfii . a dyad conipoaad, oostalnlng aa 
aldfiliy-ds Mild an add radical. Obtained al<niE 
with itlynul liy oxidation of cthyl-alrohnl 
with nitric aoJd ; also by houUn^ at 140' nne 
part of dlehluracctlo acid, CliClj-COOH, 
with t«^i parts of water for twenty-four hour«, 
Olr^xflllc add la a thick aynip. which ran be 
crjiatalllBCil oirec HJ804. It i« very aolablc In 
water, attd can b« dlttlllMl In a cumut of 
ateam. It la a monobMlc aold, forming m%- 
tiilllne aalta called ^yoxalatca. Dy oxldlnng 
•gent* It la oon^'eiTed into oxalic add ; 1^ 
luiMvut hvdrT)S«& It is redueed tn glyonllie 
anld. It naa also tlHi [troicrtlea of an aide- 
hydr, n«<Iucinff niiimiinlAfAl aiiIutifin*of Aflrer 
aalta. fornlng a motAlIl'^ ntlrror; alan uci1«>a 
with alkaline biHiilphUes. GlyoxAlic acid, 
when boiled witli exre&a of Unicwater, yidda 
calcium glyci'dlatfl and nidiim oulate. 

gly-<X''% niitt* •■ [E:r<K;. it. ntvamJ: -int.] 
CAni. .I'an^S-.orX^J^y.^ jj Obtained 

by Inatiiig glynxal, kept conl by fu, with a 
afiitht exn-aa <>f anitnonui, (flvcoiitip jiepotataa 
KB n [Hiwdrr, IttP flltercl liqold la boiled with 
milk of liino, BTaiioralcJ to a ijTitp. and ex- 
tra<~te>l with ilrorol, and distilling the elco- 
hotic*riliitir>n. tilyoxalinc cryatallina in white 
Tiritras, which mMt at «C. and bcdl at HA'. 
It U aolublii In wnler, alcohol, an'l In ether. 
It anltea with acids to fonn LT)»lalIlna com- 
gly-dx-^r-lo, a. [OLTOXAMr ) 

Stfph, a. |0r. lAv*.} (?'««3'W), tTwa y^^im 
tj,Vj.A/;>= tficarre-l 

j4r.A- £ Sc^ilpi. : A pcrpcndlcnlar flutlQgor 
ehannolling, used aa aa omamrnt. 

g]y -pha-^ a. [Or. lAwH (^wpM) - ranrlag, 

carved work. J 

1. Bet : A genua nfTHlRQcaa. 

2. Palaent. : A centu of Hncntrona Cmata- 
eeana. Prof. M'liris cinimenilea one apedea 
frv-4tt th« Ltiu and two fmin the Oolite. 

Siypb'-te. a. IGr y\»*t»lk {gtvphtliai, from 

■yAv^ (jjiujiW) = to c*r\*«.I Pdrljiining to 
rarvlng tr iwiiliittira ; of or partaining to a 
glyph or Blypha 

gly-pbl dJ», a. lU. JHixL I^L ^vph(uy, and 
LmI. fciti. [<] ndj, aulT -IdotJ 
tM. : A fauiUy of Uebttna, tribe Idlotba- 


glftiti-lp-tSr-jrir-{-d». f. jJ. [Vod. ut. 

uffjiAirMryr (trriilt. fflypKlpUiyifit), aad iMl. 
feu. |>l. aoj. auS*. -l^c.] 

JEaion. .* A &imlly of Uoths. grotip TIneina. 
The lutaoo baa the bfatt generally aiiioulli - 
the Ubii] paljd variable ; the niaiillary |>alpl 
very abort, tac anterluf wings oUong or aloa- 
gate ; the noiterlor o«iea oval« or liuoeolata ; 
the flight diumuL Tlie larva has sixteen legs 
or |4 ai-odal. It generally mines In ItSTea. 
Tw«nty-ei,iht Britiali ai<cc>ea arc luKiwe.sonw 
uf them very taall. (MalaCoq.) 

glj^h Ip'-tttr-ta, ». [Or. yXu^t (ffhipliU) 

= Bti Alriin-ltr(»n,niid tmfn/i [jdrrus) " wing.) 

Kutom. : The typical genns of the IhmJIy 

OtyphijilerygkUe (q.r.), Tbo aj;<seiaa fly In 

the bright annahloc. 

gly'-phll, >. [Qr yXi^it (ffttipkuy^a ncteh 
wf an arrow, an arrow.) 
fill!. : The typical grntu of the flunilyGly. 

Sljl^li'-^crapli* c'- [OLTPiioonarH, I.] To 

eiifnrsM- by the ayatem orglypbography. 

flj^pta -A-^rapIl, 1^ (Or. ybi^s (jfujOJ)* ■ 
oarring; ypm^m urnjjhUI)^ £0 wtitc, to draw.} 
fa^n. .-Aplat«|irep«f«dbyglypbograpby: 
an Unprtaalou taken from mcli a |>Ut«> 

Cl3hplt-6ff' r^ pher. >. [Eng: ilvpkogratM: 

■fr.) Onn who la akllled ui or practiaea»;ni|.liy. 

Clj^fa-A-gr&pta'-Io. a. tEng. ifivjAoyrapk ; 

-IcJ Uf ur ii-rtiilulug to 817 ldiui;T«l-hy. 

d^b-Sff-r^-phy. a. |Gr.yXi>*4(ff'<(pU)=3 

a carvliijf, ana yi^fcw {grapnu) s li> write, to 
diaw.) A name given ity Ur. Pfdiucr tu hla 
n-llcf tine engrarliig. A thin ground at wax 
la apread Q|hiji the plats ; this la el«hed or 
cut away so aa to give tbe destni in luUgUo. 
The ([round la now covered mth a nim of 
graphite, after which metal la iiradpllated 
iipan tie metal In an rlei^tro-lMtfa, gtvlna a 
ineLalUo plate with thodi^ljini in rtlicf. Tbe 
c^jkper itielt ia bncked with lead and uaed aa 
an ordinary printing lurfoce. 

glil'P'-tto, 0. jtir tAvrrurac {sluj*Ont)x 
parriiig ; yKii^ {j/lttpAS) = to engrave ; ¥t. 

L f>rd. Lunf. : Pertaining or relating to 
eograTtug od preciona atouea 
1 Jffn. : Figured. 

SU^'-tfoa, «. lOLvrrtc, a.] Ttw art of en- 
graving on prvcicma atiinea. 

glfp-tft-t prt/. IGr. fAvwT^ (^ufitat) = lit for 

carving, carved.] Carved or looking as U It 
Var« to. 

Clfp-t&-ori'-aI-d«a^». Tt. [Mod. LaC fflvptiy- 
(Tln^H*}, and Lat. feni. pi. adj. lutT. -Idor.] 

Tfi'rt'An/. ; A family of Crlnnlilea. It has no 
I«niKiiaitii, but Dva launU with six Inter- 
mdiali In narh tntrrradial ipnce. The tilatsa 
are usually omainaBt«d with radtatlag ndgea, 
aa lftbeybadbMac«rv«dlbromaiuet)t,wtiea«e 
the namt. 

Siyp-tA-«ri'-Blifl, a. [Pref. t^vF*<^•, aad Or. 
mfilMm ^trliwn) = a lily.| {Oi.YlTOcaixtD«.] 

ralownJ. .■ The typi'^l genoa of the family 
G4)|<tocriu[4lit (u.v.X Gin^ocrtaut baaalts la 
ntrmeil by Murc-blaonfrnni tbo Ixiwer Hlbiruui 

Slfp tA^p-ter I-al, «. pi. fPref. ^nxt*- ; 

tlr. Airrf^t iiipltrw) =■ With two wliin, 
here = with two Una, and Lat masc. xL am. 
snir. -fai.l 

J^Eit<ronl. ; In the elaaMflcatloo of ProfMser 
Huxley, a family "f fuMit ganoid Biab^, anb- 
ordw Crt»«>iil*r)glJ», There are two domAl 
flua. the ftcaira are (cnlpliired, the Metonl 
(liM acutely I'^jWie, drotltion drnnrn<b>tit. 
There are twoaub-fjnilllea, the one wlthrUom- 
br>idal, and tha other with cycloldal icalea. 
Umbr Uin Utter bunlly Ul tbe genus Uolop- 
tyi.-hliii, aic 

gljhl'-tA-dfiil.'. (Prrf. flfivrtB-. and Or. Movff 

(odova). grhtt. hUt^ (odoMiM)^ a tooth. 1 
Paltrtint.: A hugt (t«*-il ••••rijtusl. fltmlty 

bttL bO : pAk itf9»l ; oatv 9«U. oboms. ^hln. bon^b : go, fc«m ; tbln, tbla ; Bin. Af : oxpoot, ^ov 
'tton. -alon = ahttn: -^on. -sian 3 xbfin. -olona. -tlooa. -oloiu ^ Bbtia. -bl* 


Duypodidn (Annullllos). It wu' eacucd in 
uniuiir. thei« betiig buny plates on tlie head, 
•Dd neirly beXAgoiui Ixtajricatefl un tlie body. 


It tielongs to the Pont-pIIorene of Sontb 
America. luelutUng tlie tail. Gtjuitodaii 
daviptt wu more Uuui atue fwit long. 

(Ifo^-tA- graph, s. [Pref. qlypto-, and Or. 
ypS^ (jrmjiM) = to write, to draw.) An on- 
graving on preciotu stonen or gems. 

Sli^ti(s'-im-plier» l; lEng. glypUymph ; 
-er.J One wnn is skilled in or practises glyp- 
tognphy ; an engraver on precious stones. 

gtfp-t^-gr&pll'-Io, a. [Eng. gtmtoffraph ; 
-ic] 0( or pertaining in g1yi>toK">pny, nr the 
vt of engravbig on gems or precious stones. 

gVp-tSff'-nk-plij^, s. [Pref. glypto-, and Or. 
YfM^i) (grapXi) = a writing, a drawiug,] 

1. The art of engraving on gems or predoui 

2. A descripUon of the art of engraving on 
gems or precious dtooea. 

■Ij^tA-llB'-mtta. s. IPref. ifiT/pto-, and Or. 
Aolfioc (/aimoi) = the tliroat.] 

Palamit. : A genus of Fossil Oanolds, family 
Glyptodipterini, and tlie section or snb-faniily 
of it with rhoniUiidal scales. It haa been 
(band only in the Devonian rocka. 

gthf-t^-aSaur'-i-^m, m. pi. iMod. Ui. gl^p- 

kintirius) (q.v.^ and Lat fbm. pL ai)J. suff. 

Palrmnt : A family of Laeertilla (Lizards). 
The skin had nritamentod oswoiu scalea. It 
la found lu the Tertiary dciKwits. 

■Ifp-tA-dtnr -tta, 9. [Pref. gtypto-, and Or. 
trcvpoc (mKro*), cruvp« (tiura) = a liard.] 

PaUmnl. : The typical genua of the family 
Oln'toMiurfdte Oi-v.). 

|l#p-tA-the'-'Oa, *. [Pref. glvpUi; and Lat. 
fAAn; Or. Aimi ((Aate} = a box, a cheaLJ 

Arch., ih:. ; A box, mom, or building for 
the prvaer^'atiun of Bcul)»ture. 

* gUta'-tir, s. [Clthter.] 

gmS-li'-Uf (3 slleiitX «■ (Named after John 
Oeorgc GiDL-lin, a ccletirated German natural- 
1st, who travvllod to Siberia, and iiubliahed a 
flora of that region.] 

liiiL : A genus of Yerbenace«, tribe TitlcesB. 
Tlie leavfa of IiimUiui pnm/lora render water 
mucilagiUdUH. It may then be employed as a 
ptiaau fur tlie euro of nnlor vrince. {Lindtey.) 

gaMf-ta-itm (g slh-nt). t. [Named after Prof. 
Chtiries Guielin, of Tubingen.] 

Via. .' Artdonrlesa, yellowltih-whtte, green- 
lab-whit<-, or rei Id lull- white, fresh, transiiarent 
to trnnslw^nt brittle inlneml, erj'Btalllzing in 
rtiomlxihctlrons. Uanlness, 4*5; sp. gr., S'M 
U} "i-n. CoiuiKM. : )till<-a, 46-»7 to S3-T1 ; 
alumhia. Ktja to 21-48; lime, s-*(7 to 11'48; 
wxla, 3-10 to 7*29; imtawia, 0*80 to 187; 
water. S-:,H to 29-41. ttarcolite, Ijederevite, 
and Uydnilite are varieties. Found alnv»d at 
lAndrrnslwtg, in the Harz ; at Monteochio, 
llflKglitrv, ami CaMtel, In the Vlnoentlne ; In 
Cypnis : nc-ar Cn|ir> niomidon, In Nova Scotia, 
Ac : at home, near Gli'n.tnn and Portrusli, In 
Antrim ; in Uw iifle of Mugee ; at Talisker, in 
Skye, Ac. (/Ainu.) 

* gnm/o-eibmn, * snaoli-jii, vX [Okash.} 

'gll&p (9 filientX r.(. [Etym. doubtfhl.} To 
gimw, t«i eat. 

" Mum gmnpptd tici« tato snd huidea.'— Jft, tn Eat- 
NwH. p. *«. 

SnA-pUU'-l-to {g silentX >■ pL [Lat gno' 
|iAo/i{»m), and fcm. pi. wU- "utr. -««.] 

boL : A tribe of cnmiiosltc plants, anh-order 
or aeries Tutiullflora!. The flowers are ail 

glyptograph— i^athodon 

tuhnlar, the outer ones very slcn<lor. Genera 
f KPliresented In Britain— Ouapholium, Anten- 
naria, and Filago. 

gZU^pb&'-U-ftm (3 silent), *. [Lai gnapka- 
Hum, gnajthali*iit ; Gr. yve^akiov (giiaphaiion) 
= either the cudweed or the lavender cotton- 

Bot. : Cudweed. The genus of the 
tribe Gnaphulifsc ('I'VA The bends are bl- 
aoxual, the reccj'tacle tfat and naked. Abont 
ItO aiwclea are known. These occur la 

L DeUUt o( riawtn. i. Biofle Flower. 

Britain— (1) Gnapholinm iKUo^Jbum (2) G. 
tylratieumj (3) G. vUfiinoium, and (4) 0. «- 
pinnm. No. 3 is tlie moiit common. No. 1 Is 
confined to tbe south. Tlie others increase in 
frequency towards the north. What was 
once cnlled G. dioieum is now termed AitUH- 
itaria dioica. 

'nar (g oilcnt), 'giiarre, 'knarre, 

*kll1ir, 'kniUT, a L*-"''- O. Dut. knor; 
Dut. Anoi/s a knot ; Dan. knort = a knot, a 
gnarl ; knorUt = knotty, gnarled ; 8w. knorla 
sa curl, a ringlet; Icel. ffHerr= a knot, a. 
knub ; Oer. fcnnrrea =:an excroaoencc, alump; 
knorriij =. gnarled. (i>t«i(.)] 

1. Lit. : A knot in a tree. 

2. Fig. : A tough, tbickset, rough fellow. 

** H« was •buTt«boulil«ed, bule, thlkks ftutrrt.' 
Chaww.- C. T..UI. 

^gOBTt 'gnarr (g silent), v.U [An onomnto- 
jioetlc word.] To snarl, to gruwl, to munnur. 
" Wbra h« 'fWD to raar hia brUUw itroDic, 
And lallT gnar." Bixtutr : K <i.,tT.U. 

'gnare, '. [Etym.doahttbl.] A snare, a trap. 
"Tlim wRitau IWun me tba gmarlt of deetb.'— 

gnarl (g silent), v.t. [A freq. from gnar, v. 

[narl (a 


To snarl, to growl. 

'* WuItm m titarUng which ■b«l] fiuiw tlwin flnt' 
SmJcmp, ! S Benrv Vl., 111. 1. 

gnarl (S silent), s. [A dimin. from gnat, s. 
(l-V.).J A gnor, a knot in wood ; a aiiag. 

gnarled Qr sllentX a. [Bug. gnari, s. ; -td.] 
I. LU. : Full of knots or anags ; knotty, 

" Thon rither with thj- ihitrp Mid ralphuroiu bult, 

Split'at tlM UiiWoliirKblr uid gnnrltd (ink." 

Skaki'ii. : Jtramrt/iir MeiuurB, U. t 
S. Fig. : Cruss-graiucd, peevish, jwrvene. 

gnarl'-j^ (g silent), a. [Eng. gnarl, m. ; -y.) 

Having knots ; gnarled, knotty. 

** Tin l>)r dMTMB Ui« tattgb ftud gmtrlu oak 
Be rived, Marmon: dntotio'i S»Jtiift,l9,±, 

* gnarr* Or allent), e.i. [Omar, v.] 

" gnarr* (y silent), j. [Okar, a.) 

gnar'-rj^ to silent), a. [Eng. gwr, a. ; -if.J 
Knotty, gnarly. 
" Like iiniiw'* gram bloum mi Ixiiiglu all laiuit and 
fnnny, A. C. BKinbHnm: JlkcM. 

gnftah (7 Hilent), T.t. & i. [A moditication of Mid. 
Eng. giuuten = to gnash the teeth,] IGnaiit.] 

A. TmiiB. : To strike together, as the 
teeth ; to ('lash. 

" H* pnoAad bis tMth. hU mbMlU fluh«d wttti flm* 
Ilof4* .' Orianda fitrfotn, bk. ■». 

B, fnfrans. : To grind or clash the teeth 
together, as in rage, desiiair, Ac. ; to rags. 

" The moiutcr fell, And ^ivuAinir with biifa tasks 
Fluaab«d BiilheciiiiiMiu euih." 

gn&ah'-Ug (ff allent). *gnaah-yng*, pr. 

par., ((., & >. (Gnahh, v.] 

A. A B. ^* pr. par. di paHietp. adj. : (Be« 
the verbX 

C. At sutMt. : The act of grinding or clash- 
ing the teeth ttigether, as in rsge, despair, dee. 
" And the children of the krutadonie ihal he cMt* 
oute Intu attcr dArknei : then shAl be weiqng* and 
pduAytW* of teetfai'— 0<6J« |1UU Matt. tUL 

gllftsh''lng-l# (s Bileiit). adv. [Eng. gwiA- 
ing ; -ly.] In a gmuihiug manner; with 
gnashing of teeth. 

* glUWt, * gnasto, «. [AS. gndd = a S|iark ; 
Sw. gnista ; Dan. gnitt ; Icel. gHfitti.] An 
ash ; tbe wick of a candle. 

"AaAj;na«p«MeiuU.~— trycftfi^.- Acilak xzlx. I, 

* gnaat, * gnaUt, * gBa«t-«n. * gnaat-ya, 

v.i. [Hw. knaelni =: to cnish lictwccn tite 
teeth : Iccl. gnastaii = a gnashing : ijnlata = 
to gnash the terth ; gne^a = to cmck ; tier. 
Imastem = to gnotih ; Dut. ktiar»^n. I*rob, a 
mere variant of crcuA (q.v.), (SUn/.)] Togrind 
or gnnsh Uie teeth together, as In ra|^, d«»- 
Biiair, Ac. 

" Thai moMed oorr me with thaln t«Ui*.* 

S. Aif . F»mH*T, Pa. lxkIv. la, 

" gnast-ere. s. [Eng. g>uut, v. ; -e« = -cr.l 

Une who gnashes his teeth ; one who rssea or 

"Onatl^rt. tVtmltor.'—Prvmpl. ran. 

"gnast-Ing, gnalat-lng, 'gnaat-yng, 
* gnast-ynffe, >■ (Eng. gnatl, v. ; -ih;.] 
Ouashiug of the teeth. 

"iTher cadeleamaiifiiw In of totfc.** 

f„rwr Mmt>M,m,Tm 

gn&t (ff Silent), * gnatte. *gimytl,«. lAS. 

gntrt ; ef. Sw. gvxt = a ult.1- 

L OnL Lang. : In the same nenae as II. 1,3. 

" We mnda wiwOhea of iTeaia |nuBr. wlilch w« 

woond Aluut our budlo. to RM|M va Into tba nuine 

Mid fnau ut that countrj."— tf acAliWt .- f'oy^ci, UL WL 

n. TfchaiotUy : 

1. Eatonalogy: 

(1) .Siii<7. : CvUx pivitna and some other 
species of the gentut Ciiicx (q.v.X 

(2) PI. ; The family Culicids (q.T). 

2. .Script. : Tlie rendering of the Grwk word 
Mw(«H^ <A'^(id;w), which seema to )»e correct. 

^ To amin at [an old miMpnnt tnr out] a 
gnat und nralluvj a cunuI (Matt, xxiii. '24, 
Authorised Vcntton). To stmiit out the gnot 
and nrallow the atnut (Iteviseil Vt>n(ii>M) : Al- 
luding to tbe carowitli which the Jews struiiu'il 
amnll itipecta nut of tlie lt<|ni)r tht-y wi-re 
about to drink. To be piinctilioiia abniit 
trifles, and with the grossest inciniHiiiU-iicy 
to allow one's self violatioiiH of moral jirin- 
ciple in matteni of great inumeut. 

t gnat-flower, s. 

But. ; Ophryi apiftra, more commonly calletl 
the Bee-(lower or Bee-orchis. 

gnat-net, ». A nne gauze net to keep off 
giiatiM, niOH<iuitoes, &c. ; a niuMiuito-n)-t. 

" To ouilt tbe antlent cuui>|wlnn, ur gnitl-nrt <•! th« 
.Xsri'ti&ua. Um liitrutonol that axUOoh'-AnwMe ; 
Cgnu' aurden. cb. IL 

* gnat-atralner, s. One who attarliea 
too gre.-it iniiHirtance to littK- iii:itt<>rH, wlille 
no^b-cting othent of grcatur uiumeut (Matt. 
zxiil. U.). 

i gnat-worm, *. 

Ord. iMug. £ Entovi. : Tlie lam of n gnat. 

"He that would behuld a very aaiuuialnib. in^lliiU. 
niAj- iitiaerve It lu tlia fertile aud tiring klrtaka ul 
pwu-iMmu.'— Spowim; £f anlen </ (.jfrit^ cL. iv. 

gtt^-thi'-tef <jg silent), i. pi. [Gr. yM*sc 

(j/nathot), aud SUIT. -HtB, pi. of sufT. -ift.) 
Zool. : The mastieatory organs of Crnstacea. 

gn%-tlu'-tla(j} silent), ». [Gr. Y>-«<'of <|;<iatAa*) 
= tbe jaw, and suff. -itU {Unl.) (<i.v.).] 
i'athol. : Inflammation of Uie jaw. 

gn&th'-A-dAn (g sltentX >. [Or. yMfot 
Cgualhos) = a Jaw, and uiovc (Miuu>), gcnlL 
MttiTot (odotUot) = a tooth.] 

1. OraJtA. : A genus of hinls, adletl also 

Dldunculus (q.v.). 

2, Zool. £ Palit!>int. : Agenusof conL'ltlfvrfiiL« 
mollHrtcD, family Mnctriilte. It is w> ealled 
because one of tbe lateral ttvth f-onu-vtod 
with the hinge has a cortidn ivsemblam-e to a 
Jaw-1>one, Re<^¥nt s|iecleA, one (H-rtoin and 
tliree doubtful ; fossil three, from the Clinik 
onwards. The licst-known recent Kpe<-it'« is 
(JmalkoiUni cttneatiu, which was fonn'-rly eaten 
by the Indians. It ii found with ('yrviut 
eofo/iaeiuu at Uobile, on tbe Qolf of Mexico, 

flUe, ftt, fir*. «aitdat, what. All, fkitber; wi, wM, luire, oamfl, b«r, thAr«; pin*, pit, intr*, air, maHaa; gd. p4C» 
«r, wir*, WfiC WOTk, whl^ ■!■! mnt% ottb^ ears, vatt*, enr, HUa, All; try, Sfrlan. Mkfli=i; *y=&. qn^kw. 

^athonio— gnomometry 


1-14 Or HilcntX tidv. IRne. 
la ■ K^vOo, iwmlUoul, 

wbtch Is Imitt on a ilisU-buU coutotlng 

cliit-ny iifthe Ivi) •iiei'ief. 

* Snft-tbAn'-io, Bii^tlifin'-)[o-fl.a. [Or. 

• « ftill luoiitli. n tui clirvk ; Kojl., Ac. aad. 
■tad(fi.v.)0 KliiLUrHDs, ileocitral. 

* gntt thda'-foal 

ur OatUrUiu uuiiDcr. 

7^HNlJkM)sft Jaw; wnvt (ik>w*). oonlt. troAot 
(ftdo*) « ■ fooi, Aod Ea^acmn.-iUiq.i.X] 
X»>t.: Aiiw-foot— f.<., • fool Di«liD««l litt.> 
■ Jiiw, uora fcnterally mlUiil mulllliM'ilea 
(•t-r ). i^tieh limb* Bxlit la Uio CnulocuL 

cn& thOs-tAou Or aileiit). *. {Or. >w«m 
(,'.... fA<M> = Uui jftw, aiul «Tcv<« {(ti'MA) = 


A--/. : A gMiu ef BOiMtid'l Enlncno, fuuud 
by Pnif. Ow«a In the atomadi u( Un tiger, 
ilif t«ti|«Td, and oUwr F«1U«. 

~n*t' I'nit (ioltW ff rflpol), t, (Eng. jpwl; 
?(..:/.) A litUc Kiifit. 

. r: luku. iiii>r« Wnlj than Ih* rot. 

icstU>tklba*fi»iUliwalBUwir li«t: 

At ^AC* Uwy ilM wllk tuqMMM uf nn.' 

mill inapimr.] A buil wUch Uvtt by catobtOK 

■•nwv danr lkM«»rblribtDb*MtaDwferO)ii,lMt 

wfth UuUtMMn ; OAoiLgmti/a; Ie«l.iwt9>i; 
Dao. marc ; 8w. iriMfa, Tbe ir la a nwra^rr- 
ax«A.R.f»-. Tliaalinpls vcrbappwvlulcvl. 
•0^ ; D«B. iwffr ; Ocr. lUfm >■ to ipav ; 8w. 
Mffasto libbto; Ku^ iki^ a lo taa**, tu 
worrjr. (AnX.)] 
A. TYnsjitiM.' 

1. Tn bii« or oat away liy dja^nu, or by 

It MMMd tW WtlMIMIt M>f« MU(M4 kWU.* 

2. To Iribt in aiEODv, tltwiMlr, iir ni^f*. 

ivt. la 

* X. To «t away by corrosion ; to corrode 

A. To w«ar away by «onUiiiiod biting 

" ti^mtm vtlh mj tMtb B17 boaito MOodM." 

n. Jtff' •' Tn wmmtruc ur wbat away by 
drsrvM ; to wut« awity ; Ui troL 

- Vila i»aa»lM U»l tu><«». vlUdt dU pMW 
Bis bMrt Ik iwUaa «1Ui *ad Bi>Uni! ' 

JlkMiwr r «. tl. rtiLMk 

B, fx(ntui/iw: 

L LU. ; To IMS Um toeUi In blUn« ; to Irita 
Inio anytitf mc w> aa to wear It away by dc^nm. 
" I nl«M aill. Uk» Ua ■■•MHrt, rwM* «inn tb* 
«|M(N that IfaB Ma.*— MAmv ■■ 4/w«d4a. 

L To raoaa a IVvUJnft connunin^, ur waat- 
Iny awiy ^ aa, a ftuuvtmf [niii. 

*S: To beafbded wtthaenntlnuDiH, Mvoni, 
aad waaling jaln : aa, A tooth gnuvj. 

• gaAiwr ^ illviiO, f . (Omaw. v.] a frnawlng ; 
a tntUttg or weariDR awaj. 

** TWfwawafuwuUa, aaJ Um wmI« •« III:* * 

a«W.- wHUmM Of^^ite^rnntand. 
gmklwAiS tOuAX pa. fmr. * n. [Gmaw, v.| 
1. Or>U t.nnf. : |Be« tfco v«rl>|. 
S. ttot. : Kiuaa, harlag tlut tnarKln Irrrgn- 
Urly LootJiad, ai it bitten l>y auiue auluul. 

gakW-ir (gi'^ytnt), i. (Bug. trMv; -#r.1 
1. Onl. Jjiin. : Odo Who or tUt wlilch 
(aa«i or eorrod*. 
S. JEoqI. .- A rodent 

CB4w-lftg(jr tlli^rtt). * gnaw-yng, * gnaw- 

A. At B. -i* Jf. pur. ± fur((cJj>, »•(/• : <SeP 
tbd vnrbX 

L UL ; Tlw act of eiUttg away by dcurm. 

" Br tfwiBWk hy riilrklH at dotM. or iia«hliM a4 
fc ■ ■■ >^ #mWw oI rsOM. It* ntrba mumt «# 
»ri i li III III '-ri r iiiiBir.- IHrmmM T*l: 

1. fig. : A omtlntKHu ur Mvsra pain, or 
tallnic: am nf i-etnnnM. 

-TUla iiiwjiimwihrMi ftwtlMMttet 

MltiM*«h - 

PM UM«.^-r. MWiiiii . mm. m. ■., a. il 

>dtn. or W tmiiM<4 1 


* SB&WB (ir Bileiit). /». j«ir. or a. [Gsaw.] 

* cnede. <l. IA.8. iinnUA.] 

1. mingy ; tncau ; ■|4ulng ; niliwriy. 

"UlTcrn tw WM be navtf ^nmIA' 

Av»Mnr. i,ua 

2, 8i«r1iig : ■itiall tn quantity ; ■rarce. 

" TkUr* aiunor w«x haia ri**'*t* 

* saedo. «^ I. [Gbkhb, a.] To flm ; to rui 
•Jiurt fiff . 


* siM^O'ly. * snode-Uflbe. tuir. [a.8. 

(ra<iA<Jia.| S]>anui;ly ; lucaitly ; atliigily. 

"HtatoidfwUUtkt ladan lila*Uf.'-J««fwnM«ef, 
p. MJ. 

* gnod-jr, n. [BaK. rn<d«, a.; -y] Moan; 
lUugY ; apAring. 

" A ynai^ rlutou vlU) U r«l* *b«kaa.- 

gB«ua ancnl), ■. IOrt. ffxHn, (;ncui. a 
tii-rjitau mtiiiug t«rti) uin-n by gmlirguu, who 
tiare given it warlil-wTje eorrcney.] 

1. .Sfioc. ; A metamorphle roeli, eoDabitiiig 
ofoKnoolue, quarlii. and inlra. It \» akin V' 
mliv achlati wnlch, hnworcr, la dlallncaiatieil 
by having len ortlioclaM aiui niorv niVca. It 
tiaa exactly the wtioR niat«rfaU aa gninlU, but 
b ■trntlUeJ or fulinLcd. BonicUnicH hand sih;- 
rilRi«M arv fuund. In whu-li lainihAtloa in ■<* 
little tiBceable, that tbsy mlglit unu for 
granite. Tbora u« eaaoa aUo tn vrbioh gnciu, 
In position, does not cnnidat nr thin lAtnlnir, 
bot la dindod luto thick be>is. in wlik-h tljc 
nica hMMdy a %\\v.h\ •l-'crw nf parallelism t<> 
tbe plasea or gtraliMcslion. Stitnvtiiiica It Is 
|>rnctTatHl (Wim Ix-lnw liy granitic veins. 
{Ly*H, A*!.) IMVTAM.iHpnif:.) 

2. nra. : A IVimiatlon In which (fiM>l«« (>'n, 
1] pruvidli, but not vxcltuivcly, Uicro b«iiip 
{a«*«nt abo horBblendp-schial ami othrr 
mittaiaorphlR rocka. Thew lattrr are con- 
aUkred ■■ tubordlnate to the goeix- 

^ Fmnimm trnM giutm, Cawmttan gneiMi : 
fJtfit. : Tbe Mine Elven \rf HIr Rodnick 
SIurvhlj>jn to the oldoat BtratiflM nj<>k In 
H>'ol Iniid. It la found In the nnrth-wwrt of 
Uoas^in, and in ^ith^TlainlshlrK, hoildo 
forming th« whoEu of the adJo'"''<K ixlAnd 
of LowIk in tJiP Hcbri4r», It lia« a Htrlko 
ft-nm N.W. to B.E., nwirly Ht rixlit aiigW tn 
thfl inft/iinorj>hio »int\ .if tha nmnjiiAna. 
Th" Ia^wpt Camlirian ami vnrtoiw tDrtniii<>ri'Ur 
riiokji rvst oa it unt-oufuniiably. (^yJ^ Ac.) 

gnoia'-ldo <ji in^nt), a. {G«r. Ac^pKUa; Hng., 

iu: .-iiiff. -ic] 
OtDt. : ConalitlTm of gn«hw. 

■'Tti* nhl fiMlMk- racka nf ^i-ra 8mU&'— ««( In 
Qwir. Jnwr. Utat. AM.. xx*l (TL 

gneia'-«S3d to «il«nt), a. {Qvr., Aa., onrlfi, 

and Or. «U«T(('tIos). form, a|>pearanae.J 

GmI. : Rewmbliiie goite. 

" Tte aMfAmMbto wala^it «< lh* r^w^r RIIutImh 

B«14-)<a«f1nB atmU *11k thaaadatlytDK gM^arairf Hint 

K-l>l>hiM •wlaa.'-ilitMl, In QlMtP. i/Hir. Maf. Ac 

gZieu-wae' (0 silent), a. [Gcr, &c, piwin; 
Eng., Ac. anff .cw (q.v,).] 

G«ot.: Pr<>pprty, aboiiu'llng in gueian; but 
avd alao atinply tV>r giuinic (i|.v.>. 

"TlM KMtanifMtewa r»toaf awt hart aa * ■ii< Roa.- 
< In 9B«r. Aai 

Aatf-, OmL Jbb. XII, p ar. 
KaX-tk-^m (y ailentX 1.^1. [Mod. UL 
^ixtfxin) (({.v-.X ao'l Lat. torn, pi. odj. lalT. Jdiit-flm; an order of Oynnngma, 
with rvKatrilly-brauflied Jointed ataOM aod 
•Implo hfUvFlDMl iMTva, oppodtoind Mitire, 
aomnliiiira vtrry mtnuto and acale-nhaiint ; 
Onwora in natklna, or Itouls ; the malra with a 
ons-Ioaved alyx, transversely silt at the end ; 
ft moDAdelphooa fllaUMlD^ with ooe-o^ed 
■atliBs Dventng In porea ; Koulea, altDBether 
naked or iheltflrad by a fklae oalyx. oonaMing 
of two soalva. (Ach Bnrmnmllnji two 8owi>r«; 
orary, none; ovule with a vtyk-ltke [iit'ci-m. 
Known Kftters, (wo— «it., (lot-tiin^ ami Kyltt- 
dra (q.T.) ; apaofaa, Dttoan, scattervd over tha 

gB0'-tftni(0 itllmtV *• (Cormpteil fVtini Qne- 
mim, till' luunx gtr<.>n tu tha plant In tha is- 
land t>f Trniiitr.l 

ifert r Tb« tyjiifctl 3«nna nf the oHer Otirtao-w 
(q.v.). Tie B|«i;iila are fimrul in Ihn h'ltturt 

paita of India and Ontaua. In Araboyna the 
at«da of* OttftMih (Intvtiin ar? eaten bolted, 
roosted, or fried, nriil Uev grveu leavea, tLoufib 
tiutvlcss. Are UMilaa apiuich. 

'KBlds, 'gnld-an. 'gnyde, r.i. ft (. 

TA.H. cmuian; U. U. Oer. iraito*; H. 0.tier. 
irn^n ; Sw. gtit4ta ; Dan. ff»i4t.] 

A. Treiu. : To break or grind to pleoei ; to 

- Uk. brakM tlM wna M Uw wda and v>Um Um 
■jnia u^' — Amrr^n Kittlt. ^ MO. 

B. 7nf nuiu. .- To b« brvugbl to DOtblog ; to 
be dcctntyed nttrrly. 

"0«UI ail atvWar, but aoluj m>^ l» Ba«bt*~ 

O. Sng. JHkmU., g. lU. 

gni'-^-^t a. [lAt. <^(Mtl<* ^ PcrtainlDg to 
Giilil^ia (it Ciiiilns, a tuwn of Ofcrla.) 

Bot; A grnus of TV.ytnvIarrwi (DspIiiiitil«X 
The known ifviV-B. nl><>ut llfty tn niiinlirr, 
an pretty Iit-Jitti-1IL>- I'lnnui, M>vcml nf wliich 
hsv« boeii IntnKtuccit into ItrillBh green ho iiih<b 
flom the wanner tiarta of Kn»i*rn Africa. 
Gmirliun Iktpkntiiitta la inannfspLured into 
ro|«e In Maoagucar; moat apMiea of the 
genaa^cu. mureorar, bs uaad la oataaautts 

* salt, * gnytt«, *. [Gkat.] 

* gnotf * gxtoO. ». \ Etym. doabtfal ; perhnpa 
ccmiui'twl Willi i;naw (n-V-Xj A ititscr; a 
alif'B}'- 'n'*i fellow. 

" mtlluin thiT wu d«rlllna tm Oimbml* 

gnome (1) (g niUntX ». fPr. ; iirob, fn.nt Or. 

?>*i>M>l (fra/Ini) = Inulli^uce, froiu thn lirllrtf 
Itul Lb«< gnomes could fiinilkh liifunuatiun ua 
to aoomt trvasoiva in the earth.] 

1. Ad imagtlMiy iMiog, a kind r>r apHta, 
Oaomes van mippoaed to the Itoaicnirlitna to 
InliablLihe Inner parla of tin* aartli, n>h1 U> bo 
tile guardiAna of tnlnm, qnarrlm. Aft. 

"Tbr fiunaM or djaoKnu hI tarih, (Wlfht la ■>!•- 
ohlat'-Kpa Bf. Jwlte fa Mn. A. ni mm . 
S. A dwarf; a goblin ; a puraui ef amall or 
alaahapen Bgnre at featiirea, 

gnoBM (31. gno'-me Cr nVn/), t. [Or. v^ufiq 

{fiii't^i) =• ttitt-lllguuiv, a niaxiiM, frDiii y*wp«i 
(jiifinat) s to know.) A maxim, on aphorism, 
a WW, a reRertion. 

**OMaHiM[lala nflug l*TtA)ali4 tci Um ntuilwn atal 
cvonooM pn<4l(B*a4 Dira iihlrh dirlwvth liratik|il« 
Yitwity, what In UiUoar Ijrlaoivlit tu bvilooa oi uctl 
dona.-— />*u*an .' MMm *f Kl^iM^nm. (uir) 

■gndail«d,a. IBrig. 9iunw(l);-rd.l Haunted 
by gill lines. 

" Cni'li tlM baaatad air attd tha ma««e mbM." 

X«M. Laifrfa. II. 

*gno'-iiilo(l). *gad'-mio-9l0>(iralleiit).a. 

XOr. Y'^piKtff (yiM^miliu) — ilrnllnx in nuuJriia 
aent«>oliouN ; Or. y»«a^■| (yaumel ] [Okomf (2). j 
Dealing In nuuJiiia ; aeiitoiiLiitiu; didftnUr; a 
term apiiUf<l tu Qrr-t-k ili>tactic poeta, siirli ns 
Solon, Fsocylidea, Tltoognta, Ac., and to thalr 

"AtUirliMulanwMaatliaaaatgf yaflaeand g nwis 

*cno'-iiiIo(?). gno'-mlo-alC!) (pail^nt). a. 

Totat'hrKtIi; f->r gu<iinoiit<al (-l-v.).] ter- 
taluiujc to B dlnl or the art of dialling. 

VA dial funilaliMl wllk a M^urUa taadla^ raUiar 
tMnan«*dliiai7f«M"»tn'd]aL*— AflVf Warai^T.UT. 

' gnd' BtfO-al-lf (tf sUont). oiii'. [KnR {W*m(- 
oii:-i\i.\ In agnuinlc, dldootlu, or aeuteottuui 


'giio-md-lSir'-Io, ■gnd-mA'UiA' lO'^ 

(iultlnl g KilnntX n. [ur. yna^aAav<«iH (ffJ'i^ 

mobtaikfm), from vMMtoXeTM (jrnAMirfOM^) = to 
apeak In maxInA] (Omohoumt.) Of or per 
fcHnlng to gnoiiKilugy, 

gno-mSl'-A-dt <lnit[al 9 sUentX *. fOr. 
fvi^q (gn6na) = a maxim, kiid x^yint [Sngom) = 
ft word, a dlsooorae : Or. A^yw Ol^Q = to 
ooUmAv to apeak ; Pr. 9%tmoloQU.\ A tieatlae 
m, or eotlaoUoB of, maxlnia or ■enteatlons 
nmeetlona or Bayings ; the knowledge of or 
lltemturv reUttng tu such maxima or Bayinga. 
"Whlrii Kii uT inwaatnll t—lalwlM, wlatal wmm 
h«*i- .li. imilit In UmU athtaal (aaaayto migmmOm 

■ gnS-mfim'-^trj^ (9 sIlMitX ■. [Gr. -yMtftii 

jifiu'tmt) = A nuzlin, and ^itpnr {utrtrnit) = a 
mrivjinrfi.I A dividing or arraying according 
to subject. 

'' W« cw> baiek but Uflttlr «b tha laMmte AntaUr* 
nr ftlclioinalTT m ufiixBad to ffmamm n ttTf. ~Alk^ 
iMaum. Jaly ^ l*^ f. ill. 

feQi. b^: p^t. J6%t; eat. fell, oliom*. ^tiln, benQh; go. ^em; thin, \hi»: sin, of : evpoot, ^onophon. e^lst. ph t. 
-«taa, -tlan ^ ahan. -tton. -alon = nhUa ; -flon. -flan = shun, -oloiu. -tlona. -•looa ^ ahiU. -bio. -dl<). ^c. = bcL d«l. 


snoxnon— go 

gnio^-mihi (g Bllent), i. [I^t., from Or. yiniittv 
fffn^ntSn) = one who knows, ad interpreter ; 
froin Gr. yvitva* (gt'Siiai) = to know.] 

1. Attron. : A rod, style, or [illlar erected 
perpendicularly to the horizon, ft-om whose 
ahsdow the sltitudea, declinations, &c, of the 
■OD and stars may be determined. Such 
■tylea were iu tue in ancient Egypt, in China, 
tod sltnllar contrivances were found at Quito 
by the invading Spaniards. 

" OMnpATlIiK ttW btlaht ot » fmamon or pllkr with 
tlu lanAi of th« HhtltiU tlMdu'.'-X'toit .' Oriflm 
a/ gr^ik atmora, if. it. 

2. Dial : The style or pin, which, by iU 


shadow OQ the dial-plate, shows the hour of 

the day. 

"The sbttJow al Um ilrW In tb* drall vhlch thwr 
Mil th* antmom, ill IimA, at nooMtldP, In tbe equl- 
BMtUll iMf, U 11 Wa mora in iHwUt than halfa the 
gnaman.'~P. Butlamd: niitW. hk/Ki.. oh. IwlL 

3. Qwm. : The figure maile up of the two 
oomplemeDta of a )«nillclograni, together 
with either of the parallelogrsms about the 
diameter. Tlmn In the ]«raIlelogram a a c D, 


tb« two oomplements b f and r d, together 
with the parallelogram r k c r, form the 
gnomon d k o or e u b. In tlie second figure 
one of the parallolc^punifl about the diameter 
has been removed, so aa to form a gnomon, 
t. The Index of the hour-circle of a globe. 

gnft-mifiB'-Xo, CB»-mfiB'-)Co-9l <ir aaent), a. 
[LaL gnomonictu, from Gr. yimiM»uti% (ffnJi- 
moniko$) =i pertaining to a gnomon ; ^ wm- 
fwi^ (t«'x>^) ^ gndtHoniki {ltcJmi) = tbt (art) 
of dulling ; Fr. gnomoniquf.] 

1 . Dial. : Of or pertaining to the art of dial- 

"Oam of thnaa enrtooi mnomomU Inatramnta, tbrt 
■Mw at anoa the ulan ot {lie aoii In tba loillac, bla da- 
WnaUon fnm th« auutor. tba day o( tba imiitlL 
tha knfth uf tba day. tc'-aoyla .- WoHo. v. «a 

S. Ax. : The term apiilied by Uuk to the 
tmbryo when bout at tight anglea. 

KBomoiilo-proJeotloii. ■. The pr<t}ec- 
tion of the lines uf a sphere upon a plane tan- 
gent to the surface of the sphere, the point of 
algbt or the eye twing taken at the centre of 
the sphere. In thU projection sll great circles 
of the aphere are projected into stmiglit lines ; 
all imalt clrclex. whose planea arc |i«ral1el to 
the plane of pmjection, Int) concentric drcW, 
having their common centre at the point of 
contact; and all other smnll clmes into 
allipaes. Onomonir. pn^ection is also caUed 
horolc^ngntphic projection, on aocoout of Its 
uie in dialling. 

SB64lte'^0-«l-iy (a allect), o4r. [Eng. 
fnamonical; -/y.) In a gnomonical manner; 
aoeortling to toe prtnciplea of guoinooio pro- 

gBft-mSn-Ioi^ cno-m&i'-Ieks (0 siientX 
a. pL (OnomicI The art or science of dial- 
Uog, or of constructing diala to show the hoar 
of Uie day. 

** na alaratlona of tba pola, aad tba admntbi^ avii. 
4Iala ot all nrta, cuvivb to maka np an art otUad 

*gB6'-mAn-iat (a atlentX *. [Eng. gnomon: 
•M.J One vene<r In gnomnnics. 

"Tba ana anaUai tha fnomonU to maka aeranta 
dlal^ to kuow aaacUr baw tha tima riin ' jjifj - 

* gaA-min-iU'^-tf Onltlal g silent), a. [Or. 
yumfutf Qfn/imdn,) = a gnomon, and Aoyot (logot) 
s a tnatlse ; a discourse.] A treatise on guo- 
monics or dlalliug. 

gnftph'-ri-^ (g silent), s. [Or. yvoStfiot (gno- 
pluro$), Svo^tpot (flnopktroi) = dark, <lu!iky ; 
yiti^c (jKophos), 6v6^ {dnc^hos) = dArkncas.] 
Enton.: A Renua of moths, bmily LItho- 
aldie. (rnophria rubricnllis is the Black Foot- 
man. The front part of the thorax ia red. the 
rest black, as ia the abdomen, except the four 
or Ave laat segments, which are yellow ; all 
the winga of a dull smoky black. The larva 
feeds ou rarioua liciiena ; the perfect insect 
appean In June. {Stainton.) 

fO&'-lilm silentl, ». [Gr. yvMrtt (ffnSais) = 0) 
an inquiry, a Judgment, eai>ecially of a Judicial 
kind, (2) knowledge, siiec. of the deeper kind ; 
yt'y>'«u<rKa> (gignSiKo), tut, yvutaofiM, (gnoaotnai) 
= to know : from the root gno = to know.) 
What Is considered aa aulence— <.«., knowledge, 
through it may 1>e chiefly a series of hypothe- 
sex ; gnosticism, which profeaavs to restore to 
mankind the lost knowledge of Ood. 

"But tba •DppoalUiin that the AlexanOilan fwwa 
&nt (utTTied that of Palattina la. in our u|>luLnn, qulta 
atnoauiu.'— nalH«l .' MptMtU to t*« B*bnm (IMIk !■■ 

Cnte'-tlo is silent), a. k §. [Gr. ytmvmti^ 
(jptMiko»\ as adj. = good at knowing ; aa 
nibat. = the power or uculty of knowing.] 

A. At adjtctivt : 

' I. Ord. Lang. : Knowing, shrewd, worldly- 

"laaldromreraafNOiftv fallow, aiu) tlaldyonbava 
sot alwaja baaa proIaMlouaL'— ;!leoff .- St. RonaH't 
WwU. ch. V. 

2. Uitt. S Phil. : Of or belonging to the 
belief called gnosticlani (q.T.), or to ita pro- 

** Aeeordiug to aoma tba apoataar tafpired to ma tba 
SnnMr banay ."—£«<» .- Si. I^tif. L IBS. 

B. A$ tubtt. : An adherent of gnoaticlsni 

"Tba mtrm of tba BnnMlet vaa einiiiotuidrd nt 
■nany belanisanauna matailala,'— Z«w4m ; m, FmU, 

" Satfs'-tifo-^-l^ (a silent), <ufit. [Eng., &c. 
IpuutlcCq.v.); -<J, -Tj/.J 
1. After the manner of the gnoatlcs. 
£, Properly, suitably, becomingly. 

" Ha oaa tog'd gnMHeallg anotith, and eait twaire 
yardi of Una with ona haod.'— ^teoW : Sr. Amiui't 
\M. ch. iv. 

SII0a^-tI-^[fDt (salient), a. [Eng.,&c.;noaffe; 


Uiit. £ Phil., iCc. .* A system of philosophy 
profeasedly Christian, devised to solve the 
great questions, auch as the origin of evil, 
which have perplexed the ableat iiiln<lB in 
every age. Gnosticism accepted beliefs lu an 
eternal God of iutlnite power, wiMlom, and 
goodness. The granting of this pottulatf? at 
once brought Ibe gnostic face t«> face with the 
qaestiun, why then did titis Great Being allow 
evil to arise in the univenie, when it was in 
hia power to have prevented it? If he did 
not prevfut it, waa he not to a certahi extent 
n«]tonaible for iU exist^uccT The same diUl- 
colty Iiad rcnturies before created tlie dualiat 
aystem of Zontaatrianlam, which, denying the 
omuijioti'nce uf the one Supivme Being, aa- 
SQme<l t)ie existence of twn, a good and a bad 
one, about equal in power, and in continual 
conflict. This view, derived from Pentia, wiia 
partially adoptctl by some gnnetics, whilst 
others of the sect, or aggregation of secta, 
drew on the later Flatoui8m of Alexandria for 
their inspiration. Tliere wei^ then twoclaa«>s 
of them: tho Syrian, and the Alexandrian cr 
Egjptlau gnutitics. In certain tenets, both 
agreed. Hatter waa et«mal, and from the 
first eaaentially evil ; there was then no by- 
gone time when "the origin of evil" took 
Slace. Nor waa the world created by the 
npreme Being ; it waa framed by an exalted 
spirit, called, in coiittequence, the Demiurge 
(Q.T.), whom many Idenlifled with the God of 
the Jews. He hud shining quulitiea, but waa 
■elfish and arrognnt. lie wished men to wor- 
ahip. not the Hujireme Being, but IiimKelf. 
The former was the purest Light, and per%-Kded 
that boundless siuice which the Greeks called 
wA^pat^M {pUrCma}. He did not remain for 
aver alone, but bmusht into existence two 
holy and happy aplrita of different sexes, 
called iBons, from whose marriagi* came others 
of the same order, till there wata wliolc fandly 
of them In the pleroma. The chief of tlieae 
iEona was JeauK Christ, who waa sent to the 
worid to win it back from the Demiurge to Its 
proper allegiance. Many gnostics held what 
were called Docetic views. (Docctak.] The 
germsof guosticiam existed iu the first century; 

it did nut, however, reach niatnrity till the 
reif^niif Adrian in the Ri-cnnd. uf thp Syrian 
gnoRtics then" were r>atiiriiinu8 of AmW-h, 
Ccnlo, I'arciaii, Luriitn, N^verus, I)li«tea, 
BanieKanes. TittLin, Ate. ; of the Egjplian 
BaHilidex uf Alexainlria, V;ileiitinns, Ac. The 
system had a n'^nl deal dei-ljiu'd liy the third 
centitry, but was n<it extinct till atmut tlie 
sixth. It has Wen diniiutod whether there are 
allu!tiiin.4 to either imHi-ent rir fully devehiiteil 
gnosticism iu the New Testameut. S-inie 
writers pmfess to find them iu nuch pniusages 
as Col. ii. 8 ; 1 Tim. i. 4, vi. 'M ; 2 Tim. ii. 16, 
IT; TitU9 iii. 9; and there appears to be one 
to DoccticiHU) in 1 John i. 1-3. 

"Ta thlBHtmnvr mtvtnre wu addnl uo lncaniid*r- 
ahleixirtliinnfChriitUiiltv. liiti> wlurli aniitirum hnd 
bcfu lmi>ort«d liy I hat fHttier uf hemv aliuub Maaua.* 
~L9win : HI. Paid, il UO. 

*gB0W6, prtt. 0/ V. [Gnaw.] 

gad ig nilent),'*. (Hottentot irnil, gnw = the 
name of the animal ; Fr. ffnou.\ 

Zool, : Catnblrpat Onu, a si<eeieN of antelope. 
The adult male in al»uut b(t. (!iu. long, and 
3ft. lOin. high at the shoulder; hums dark, 
broad, u]Hm tlie aunmiit uf the head, tapering 
out sideways over the eyes, nnd turning up 
into a pointed hook. Legs Iuuk. Tlie face ia 
covered with bkck bristly hitjr, with white 
onea around the eye and on the leg"; on the 
neck is a vcrtii-ul miiue, btaek in the centre 
and white at tlie sides ; a buxhy beard un the 
Dnder-Jaw ; general colour of llie fur deep 
brown, with long white hair on the taiL Fe- 
male smaller ; calves pure white. Itut for the 
horns and the cloven hoofn, the gnu would 
resemble a horoe in ita external form ; its 
gallop also is that of a horse. The gnu lives 
In small herds in the karroos of t^uuthem 
Africa. Wlien nlanned it RingH up its heela 
and capers like a restive horse ; Uieu the herd 


go off in single file, following a leader, with 
amnxing speed. A gnu brought to liay or 
woundo<l turns on Its assailant It is believed 
that the kokoon ia not distinct from tho f;nu. 
" Wb«n tha /fill. Iha ipuellfc and the liarlcbnat 
crate." Thojitat Pringl* ,- A/tir in (At OrMrf. 

KOi *KA. 'Kan. 'KMUte, 'gva. 'gonne. 

v.i. & t. [A.H. ydn. a contrseU'd form of w>- 
I^aii =: to gn ; i-<i(;n. with Diit. gucin ; liTel. 
ganga, gd; Dan. gmtr; Sw. gH ; Guth. ga'jttnH 
(fur gtiiigmt); Ger. ijrhtn ; O. 11. Grr kunOin. 
gaiigan, gdu, gru ; <). Fri«. ydn. IFVnf, which 
is now used as the jkl t. of go. b from the 
verb to i«ntl (q.v.J.J 

A. Intratuitive : 

1, To move, to pntcee<l, to pass; to be in 
motion from any eause or iu any manner ; to 
walk, to travel. 

• 2. To pass, to flow, to mn. 
" That other rrrtra . . . thai jrud^ be EUnofic.* — 
Maunilrrillf. |<. »>4 

3. To move ; not to stjtnd Ktill. 

" Blah let M bo going.'— Jltirihnf i«tL M. 

4. To be movetl by inech:mi)>m. 

" Clock* will f^ MM tliry are act ; but inan, 
Imptlar uiaD '« iicvrr countAnt. ar\*r orrtaln.'' 
Uttrttg : I'enUr fit i f i n il. 11. a, 

6. To walk or move step by step; to pro- 
ceed! alowly flr leisuiely. 

"'And nintt I fnlohluir— 'Thuumottran U> hioa ; 
for thuu liaat *taid an laiig. tliat (Mriitg *UI Kara- aerra 
tha tnm.'-aka^np : Ttrv Otn' liL I. 
& To de|>art ; to leave a pbce ; opposed to 

•■ I will let yoi) go. that ye m-iy larrlflw. only ya 
■ball nolpv very lar airay.".-£iadiu vill a. 

7. To cacniie. 

"TliDotlieua hlRiMlf fell Into the haodt of Doiltliea* 
and Hcnl)i)it«r, whom h4> brHiii(!il with tauvb oaft ia 
lat hliu ya with hli Ufa. '-3 JfoaeufrMi xu. it. 

0Ua. fftt, fir*, ynWrt, wbit, All, fitawr; w*. wftt. liiire, oamfl, her, tuAre; pine, pit, ure, sir, nuurine: ■«. P«a 

* 8. To Ind. to extend, to n»oh. 

"Br . . da4* partem tCovn* tfa« pu, 
r^t «Mi (n l^famute ttt (^vImT^ 

ft. To pua or b« jMiawd rrotu M4 U> >»- 
other i to tM clrciibilvd. 
- HmuAM «t th>U tMWtlL th«y pnM lh« ftam^ 

nay Uuflk, Umv »titf ; tWWlljr Ui«U«w rouad.' 

* 10. To Im Ipn^d, oUtiibuUtl, or diSMml- 

- ri lift Mil w» U f«M turU lAto all itm UBd."-^«r. 
xaUL 1*. 

11. To b* ranted. 

■*Bb lia« fiV* itai poMtoIha wMfar." 

12. To dcput ; to imu Awar. 

- AvajT' ^nd *iU> that h Um vitnl of «wa 

That (Mk at m; MasAtUpjMkd tlaa fed* thr ■«•* ' 
Olayia«. |Jo4<imiil) 

13. or Umr, to pass. 

'•vwUtbai«r.' rnnakv Jf>«tar4M. Ik SN. 

It. To pAU ; to tM l)tMtfd or Ht, 

" WiMitMvr noMlaa U abwr of AtU*. *r hi* klM- 
U «tUi «(• <« Milo. tWTt 
- . , *1«M «<Ul tbual 

Ami of M. M Mt ubMomd 

K(« Mil*>, that .. 
lauUa telaitja.* — 

to ft bf 


lA. To be dlatribated or rvguUtod. 
" L»va aiiwl nuLk* eomnao autto rfUa 

1ft. To nnd the wiy tn ; (o pus In. 
"La*«i*t0mrn harlMf*^' l#r* ^*w*. d, i» 

17. To ftviufltit. to b«Dnt ; to tmtt nno's lite. 
" B« rMTk In caaiiiuir "iVb tht irorkan of tivlqultjr. 

•fla*«fk«tktrtUl«Uk*d«M-*— ^Oi IXiK. I. 

* 18. To prooMd Id wiy eoane of life. 

"Ai»4 Ik* LsrlUa Uukt w« fuM *waf tta Intm in*. 
vbMi lataal vvat mU». *hlch •«Bt aalrmr »*Mr 
trmu warn afWv Ihtir iAaU. U»r ahttll «tmi Imu tkmlz 
iftWKllr.'— <WtM lUr. Irl 

1& To follow Id tcariilns or pwnplc. 
-AurlMmfMM la tha VMf A« Oibi.'-.'B^ IL 
SOv To be goided or rcsoUtod Ui vIiq courae 
of ouudiiot or uUon : to acL 

" y« w to JO by »avU>»t lu — al l w .* I^nt*. 

!L To t±am^ state or oondition fur 'beitsr 

"AB llMa ffoodlr UlB«,«lil«k (WMt aa to Wfaek. to 
W IHhUT M^nwU)! rfl« Mmpartaau << th>>tr lUaa 

tt. To ban racoiine to : to ap^ly utictvlf to. 
"n>ri aiiTiif roo. lurtnt % nalUr *aUn*t atxAhar, 
fBl>b>»Wrura Uia uajoat. Mtd tkat ladnn tbahtluUT 
— ] CVn"(Mu'u *l I- 
EL Tn a^-iflj- ; tu be a|ipUi»Ulc or jwrUuciit. 
S4. To lend tn any act or rvanlL 
*"n«« ba MUM w—an. HltlM, had Ibajr maflad 
U tMola, aa I did. wmld )»v« jaw bbu 
1WUU In kin slU tab*.' 

lt>*Ni^ : At raM Xita /<. Iv. L 
fih To bare a tendency. 

ntr*— 1 dfkt laaaoB «U rau luaawii fa." 

JXrfrfM f nriMH. Mfc. Ir. 
n. To moTB In aay dircotioQ ; to aot. 
*Ilaatar, ba It a am of tvala, aad r<x> a citf«r af 
biUaai U r« rikraU C«bl. f m »■ walaat Iba bilT of 
year faaOMrtum t hm f rnp. - Jfarry idHa. II. a 
77. To ba In patty, accord, or a^reament ; to 
w«k tofatber. 

'TWyalia tham^ai«bad priiMaaotd mrty^ 
Ani laaia UmU tanplaa amvtjr to tka bin. 

Z^radait. I ^nkiMa*!. | 

18. To decline ; to tcod towards death or 

~ Oa la fcf j aiM. aad. tnly. la ay roattt. 
I ntMatf BiMh uuaoOly for iora, 
VwT Mar Uila.- cuar^i ; JI^mW. U. I 
S. To pan away, to ilefuirt ; not to mnala. 
~TfliiiiM|iii Main fiiiiii hiiii* — r«rf#MB«i ta. 
SDi To ba talkad of ; to ba known. 
"tl hM Uw iTMlMt town la Um IkUihI that fan 
■BiOT Uw auna ^ AaMkunaL and la lu arrafal tiUea 
vmnd Willi ■ (avr fawttfal anU"-^ rtlipa .- (M /taly. 

* SI. To be expreaaed In worda. 

-nwUfaaa- ja*taq»: 4* fat ilta ft IL 1 

* IL To liaae ; to be reeelvrd. 

■Qlpilat fbaaM ta anally ttvoppt awl tka mmm 
wMak laiaalni MuiUd ffa a wBort&i ta tu Um nla^ 

* 3B. To ba la dreolatlon ; to be current ; 
to paM frou hand to liand. 

'CUiA aai »aiHi^ Mkaaar Ma* •baut, wban lb* 
•Htu* and vaifblr Uaa tMutM nji.'- r«ff«r. 
SL To ba aacd« apent, or oiwndad. 

'OaaaianigrHiMtfatopay (aa Ihawn,*— /wta 
SB. To extead to ennantuimc-ea 
"tl U ■■« aaa naatar tbat «IUi*t diraeb at tokM 
BMlw ot ttiaa: II flaw • anal war buair to mmmU 
tk«B.'-£MnBW».' /WJm. 

aiL To ban eflbet ; to pradooe effbota ; to 
ban power or nlae. 

'CHaUarbta Ik* abaaiBMik an aaah aMaay n%M 
E kMhav aaa a Mu* Ml tlMMa cnat» aa«ld aovr- 


37. Tn be reckoned, nloed, or rated ; to tw 
of wciiflit. 

"WhUarar apvaan aaaiaat tlialr pwvaillnf vim 
f*M tar noUi\n§.b»Uit althar Mat afnlJad, ur paMtai 

38. To extend In muntog. 

" Hb amnrooa rnp iu mhmt «n na furtfcar Ihaa rlrta* 
OMT ■IUM'.'~/>nHbai : OaM. IPr«(.t 

38. To bit, to raarb, tu extend. 
" Wbraa aeth. torn <rff In; lanpa. tha raranaiia fea 
In inoi*d> cut, to inaka It terUiar yrk,' 

TaU J<tmat, aat. sv. 

40. To cniitrlbut*, to oruuliu«, to oouour, to 
fnim an inuredlonL 
U. To prooeed. to ftire : to tw In any atale. 
" Wilts rlottnt* wa* taaawL and var on twtii. 
AU waaM kA*«ff««M ««U? ifVtoaj r. £.. al TH. 

42. To tall out ; to terminate ; to auoved ; 
to rtanlt. 

** Unaavtr Uia baalnavvoo. ravlUTa madafuill 
Ik t&« toldnaai «f tuur tpatck.' 

JkaAr^ .' iriiu«'( Tal*. UL S. 

43. To be alwat to do ; to be on tbe pnint 
of. (Uied ae an aaxlliary rer)i.> 

"'Wt ta*]) d« H now; aUd iMblal : 'that U not 
(ke try at mao wha an firiiw to «Iil' — Jfac anf na 
IfM «>«,«k, tlU. 

44. To be In order of plaoa or Unu. 
• 4i. To be pregnant. 

■'Tba frwH tka #-m with. 
1 pnr thai It cooJ Ukm andllfo laar flnd-' 

asak^p. . Btmrj, TilU r. L 

46. To bavf anlniation, spirit, life, or ta- 
terest ; aa, A play trocf wi>U. 
17. To beoonie ; to come Into a stata. 

" Tba ■■riuea will a* laad.' 

atMkap. : frvEhM * O-iwIda. tr. H 

48. To be regulated to as to suit. 

"It . . . fn to tbt tuna b( 'T«ft MaUa,"— 
t»tm*a»i^ : WiHftr't rs<«, Ir. 4, 

49. To fall in boahinM ; to beoome bank- 
rti|it : aa, ne wrnl for £10,00a {Commtnial 
Sin HI/.) 

B. TransMvt. {Althoagh ffo api>eanto be, 
atw) luay br, treated aa tnnaltivc In sutb 
tibraaes as to jro ont't way, to go on tmnd, kc. , 
It is really IntranaltiTr-, tbt following pmiioat- 
U'lD being omitted : aa. To fpo o Jountet = to 
gn un ajouniey.l 

H SptcUil phnui* : 

1. To 9t> a btwinn : To ba in no deuutod ; to 
be D^tileeu*] itr d*uj>l««tl. 

S. To ye oboul ; 

(I) Orxtimarji Ijanffua^i 

(a) To take a dronltnua conrae In arcom- 
plithlng anything ; to go in dlfhrctit Ulrectlona, 

<6) To Mt one's self to do anything ; to at- 
tempt; to exert onnelf. 

"Tliar w«a>f alt M baakjr Mul' —Aett ix. ta 

(3) Xnul. : To torn the haad of a ahip ; to 
tack ; tu wear. 

S. TVi po a^nod ; 

(1) To lean ORS*! own country for a loreigti 

(2> To ifo out of doors. 

(3) To bo puUllahed or made pablle; to ba 

4. To gaagaintt : 

(1) To go to attack : to Innde; to ntarcta 

(3) To be In opposition to i to be dlaacrae- 

5. Togo ahfod : 

(1) To go w proeead Id advaae* ; to puab 
(brwsrd or in sdTanee. 
(9) To make rapid progreM. 

6. To i;o artdt : 

(1) La.: Tu witlfdrsw apart from othen. 

" And b« took thaw and —nt atfaU prtv*ttl| Into a 

dtaart rlMt-'-laAf Is. 10. 

(2) Fig. : To go wrong ; to derlata fttiui the 
rigliit : to err. 

" It an* man'avUtfa oaUa, and aoaimH a tnaiiaaa 
^albat kW-Aii wto r t w. U. 

7. TopooatttTt,' 

Haul.: To move astern or backwanli. 

8. Tafoattnf: 

(I) LiL: To wander froiB the rigbt patfa ; to 

(3) Fif. : To wander from tbe pstha of 

8l TojroniBoy; 
0) To depart 
• (a) To die. 


KL To (K> back : 

(1) To wtum. to retire ; to mon back wants. 

(I) Tn recede In valne. price, or eoaillUon. 

11. T« fo badt 9* : To lireak ; not to keep ; 
aa, Ta fo bnek on one'a wiml. 

12. 7b f^ ^efwK]l ; to Intorpoeo ; to isedlata 
between ; to attempt to fveoncUe two parUea. 
(Uaoally In a bad aenae.) 

" I did fa ttttmvH thaa, aa I aUd ; bat mtwa than 
Ibat, ba loMd bar ; for, tnAaoA, ha ta mad lor har.'— 
SItmltMti. ■ Attt WM Vua 9mit Ifrfl. T. A 

' 13;. To po bfyoad : To ch«at, to ontdn, to 

** That no UMB ao hrgomJ aitd dafnnd hia b wi l har ta 
aajr amim '—i |*if inula a« 1«. t, 
14, Tnfobn: 
(1> Tu paaa by or uear to. 
(Z) To pass beyuiid. 

' (S) Tu i«a> eway unnotlMxl or dlamgardad. 
"■* nndi the mora onr eam'* aaMllMl 
WhkA Ma aehy MMa lialaMi yaan,aBi ■nhaaMr 
Aa aha llaad M«.* flUhiv, .- mMw'a ftla. r. L 
*{4)Tocai»6by; tomaetwllh. 

'■n«'> a«fa to r* *r iha vont UmI aoDtawd* with 
aiiadrt(aarrthatl>loonil|ht)r(b«htnL*— I'Atnnwt.' 

16. Togobtl fV board : 

(1) l.U. A SatiL .- To p> or Ul OTerbuaid : 
■a. The iiiaat avnJ fry IA« ooarrf. 

(5) Fig. : To be atlerly loal or ruined. 
UL To ^ down : 

(!) LUtrattn : 

(n) To descend In any matuwr fton a higher 
to a lower plai-«. 
(fe) To set : aa, Tbe sno gou doten. 
i/t) To founder, to sink. 

" Ukt ttalpt tlktl h»*a gwmt daw* al MM, 
Whaa bMTwi oaaall tiu4sUlltr.~ 

M«»f* : li§t* ^ rht ffarrak 
(3> /^araflPFly ; 
* {«) To bll ', to coioe to notldug. 
(b> To be tWRllowed, auMpted, or rvceited ; 
to be admitted, to be acceptable. 

-*KatUl« ■ iMIwla™, Mtlrtat n tmniMtUa, but 
It Mte daM whola vltk hlni lar tnlb mtAHnrnt.'— 
Z'AeraMiw. AMM. 

17. Tejiojbr; 

(1) To go to a dtstanea. 
(1) To have niauh irtlgbt, iffiect, or InSu- 

18. Toyofor: 
<l)ToKo tu t^toh. 

(3) To re|iraa«iit ; to pass fnr. 

(3) To aqpport or be la fkruur of. 

(4) To proceed to attack violently. (>m«r.) 

(6) To retell ; to be sold for ; aa, The boraa 
went fitr ao mnrb. 

19. To ffo far nofJUng: To ba oT BO ValiW, 
weight. Of Inflaeuce. 

20. To ^ forth: 

<1) To taane or depart oat of a place. 

<2) To be publlihed, divulged, or spread. 

tl- To go halret, liiartt, or m\atlA: Tu dlvtda 
eltbar arnily nr ahQrwtae. 

22. Ta (10 hiinl wlfA : To cause great trouble, 
danger, or dlfllculty to «atmpe. 

33. To ID la : Tb proeaed to aoUon ; to laka 
an a>-tlvfl part. 

Ji, Toffola^: 

(1 ) To ba tn farour of ; to attach oneaelf to 
the pursnit or aoitulslUua of ; to practise. 

{3) To enter into competition for. (Be« 
example under titvat-px.) 

£&. Tonniauiulouf.'ToIiftTCperfbctllberly. 
- Ua riMdl #• (a Md atu. and iad paatan.'-^a»a 

IC To 00 fa ro : 

(1) OnJ. Lang. : To enter the presenoe of. 

tS) Scrip. : To bare ecxusl lutereourse with. 

27. To go into : 

(1) To enter apon : aa, Tn ira i»ta a baalneaa. 
(^To enter npoo, to spe^k of, to dlsenasa : 
aa, TV go tniv a nutter, 

28. TogotxTfi: 

Kant, ; To sail with tbe wind crouInK tbe 
direction of the veftsel's <.--^urae In such a 
way tbat tbe aall faola Ita fnll force. 

iSi To go of: 

(1) To depart ; to go away. 

' Th* Uadan kaoloa tbaif* tp«ai 70* toatand, 
r uaQl thay haw yoa timk.' 

aUUpL..' I Bma^ tr. IV. a 


-bQL, b6^; p^t, Jtf^l; oat 90II* chonu. fttln, b«B«li; go. ^m; tlitn. fhis: sin, a^; oxpeot, ^ICcnopIion. e^st. -lAc. 
-^imn^ -tlaMk > atuuu -tton. -«lon->ab&B : -(too, -tlaa » shttOa a-Uo<u» -sletu^ -otoiw a gji&M, -toUp -din. Ac. > b»>. 4#l>a 


go— goal 

(5) To depart; toceaBe: u, Thepalowntto/. 

(3) To die ; to decease. 

" J woold Um MoDda w» mim wtn ml* urlrwl ; 
■oBM miut go at' Aakmp. ; JtattMh, v. 7. 

(4) To eiplode ; to be dlacliu^ed or exploded. 

(6) To be Mill or dispowd of ; to be bought 

(4) To take place ; to be carried out ; to pass 

"Th« vaddlnf Mrnt qf macb m meta b&Iib do."— 
Jfra. tftwJMl.' trtfM 4 OMvUtn, eh. xiT. 

SO. To go on : 

(1) To proceed ; to advance fttrthcr. 

(2) To coiitiuoe ; to proceed ; not to loftve 
off: BB, To go an reading. 

* (3) To make attack. 

(4) To be put on as a garraent, ftc. ; to fit. 
31. To ffo on ail four* with anything: To 
agree exactly. 
82. To 90 on a wind : 
Naut. : To sail to windward. 
S3. To go out : 

(1) To lusoe forth fh>m a place. 

(2) To go u[)on any ex)H^d)tion. 

" Ton iwcd uiit to hkT* prlckMl m»: Uwn an otbcr 
Bwn fitter to fo otU tbui I."— Motop. .- 1 JTmnr /)'., 

(3) To Iwoonie pablio ; to be divulged or 

(4) To be extingalahed ; to become extinct : 
aa, A candle or a lire j/oes mit. 

" Uf* tUcU yoM imlUtby dUpUnraTa." 

(r>) Vnlo. : To proceed regularly to au 
academical degree. 

(6) To leave or vacate offlc« : aa, A ministry 
gon out. 

81. To go over : 

(1) To pau from one aide of to the other ; to 
cross ; to iwss over. 

(a} rran«i(iiw ; 

" I mul uot 70 Mwr Joiduk''— />«M. It. SL ' 
(^) Intrantitirt: 

"lot mr fo OMT wad bm th« fDod kad Uuit !■ 
btyund JordMi."— Ami IIL U 

(2) Tn revolt ; to desert from one side to 
ftnotlier ; to cJiunge sides. 

(3) To read, tn peruse, to study, to view or 
review ; tuitxaiuine. 

"If vr fo artr tbe U<n of CTiriatUnltr. w* •hall 
fladtlut •xcejitlnx >(•« Mitlealan, tbMf eujula tli« 

(4) To think or me<litate over, 

(5) To transreiid, to l)car, to surpass. 

95. To go over to (or join) tht majoritv : To 
die, to deceniK. [UAJonrrv.] 

S6. To go the whoU figure : To go to the 
ItallfHt extent in gaining a point or obtaining 
aa ol>J*^«t. {Amer.) 

37. To ga (he vhott Hog ; To go to the fttllest 
extent ; to be out«nd-out ; to stick at nuthiog. 

38. Tngofhrmigh: 

(1) To pass through any substance. 

(10 To perform thoronxlily ; to accomplish ; 
to Hnish ; to brlug to a (.>uiiipletioii. 

(3) To suffer, to enduro, to undei^, to put 
up with : as, The troubles he haii gont tkrovgK 

(4) To waste; to spend completely; to nui 

(S) To bungle a business. {SeotA.) 

(0) To strip of valuable proiwrty. {Awm: 

99. To go OiTough with : 

(1) To iierform thoroughly ; to bring to a 

" Hb mncb Imrti tha Eul nf Antrim bad not 
■tafllDew •)( lulnil «D>iiigfa tu to Umngh >M aadt mi 
andcrtAklnf.'— riMiwnrfoM.' nrfi War. 

(2> To jwnicvere in to the end. 

"Flndlns )>Tn>c1n •rcrr ^T »tJ* to iw rtr«*wh 
wUh that kLaJ u< life, brn* m d««dnniB lur hU mJu 
aaCor bliuwu tuut«r inlolL'— dMiMir.' Art»M^ 

40. To go tu ground : 

0) lU. <e Uunt. : Said of a fox when he 
aoeeeetls in esraping the hounds by taking 
ntuge In an earth or a hole. 

" hnd hu bnub by folmg U frawwl la • dnria.'— 
FlaU. Jan. tt, itn. 
*(2) fi'ir. : To fall or die In battle ; to be slain. 

" In ■ lAttla vhrn ao many brtora oar eTei_fi> to 
a« 9mWH< iMftnu thr debt to nntnn itMUj/^^HL 
MMtten: Lfam 10 IMa ilaM), ^ tt. 

41. To 00 lo NQiuiU ; To come to nothing ; 
to JUL 

42. To go to vjork : To set to work ; to start 
at any work or pursuit. 

" Bcauua tbli >theUt omi mochaisladlr to work, ha 
will iiot offer Viaillnu Out all the part* of Ibe em. 
hrjaa eould, acourdlnf to ble eiiilloatloD, bo binued 
atatlme."— Senrfajr; aojfU Ltaturtt, 

43. To go under: 
•0) To set 

" Non [■ tb« oimao gvn undnr" Mlaatmdtr, a,BM. 
(2) To be Buhmergeil or mlued ; to perish ; 
to sink (AmericaH.) 
*(3) To die. 

• (4) To undergo. 

44. To go upon : 

* (1) To attack, to go agsiust. 

(2) To take or act upon aaa principle, basis, 
or fuuiidatiou. 

45. To go with : 
(1) To accompany. 

(5) To side or agree with in views or design. 
(:i) To agree with, to Huit. to harmonize. 

46. To ^ ill (or mil) with : Tu moot with ill 
(or good) fortune ; to fare ill (or well). 

47. To go vithovt: To be or remain dcstl- 
bite or unprovided. 

48. To ^ wrong : 

(1) Lit. : To take a wrong way or road ; to 
wantler from tlie road. 

(2) Figaraticdif : 

(a) To go ostmy fVom the paths of virtue. 

(6) To tall in biisineu. 

(c) To fall out unluckily or unfortunately: 
as, Tilings vmt wrvng with hiui. 

(il) To beoome unsound or tainted, aa meat 
frait, &c 

49. Let go : To loose one's hold of; to release. 

"Xe* yo, elnTa, or tbundleat-'^AaJbra;).: X«ir, Iv. e. 
*50. tio to: Come, move. (A j>Iinue of ex- 
hortation ; often ust»l ironlually.) 
tboD «rt R fooluii 1 
u of the*.' 

A«*«p. .- Tmttflh t/lfht. It. L 
gO,M. [Go. ».J 

1. A going on ; act, opeiation, doing, inci- 

" Thli li a pretty 00. la tbla b«j« I an auoaminoii 
pntty im.--iHctou ; Xidutaa JVleUeb#, cb. UU. 

2. A fashion or mode. 

5. A noisy jolUfieation ; a spreo. 

4. A drink of liquor, e8|>ec[iUly of glu ; a 

"Biuniiur wbUluy«)d>wiktar nntll Uw poet were 
both KirtMT-JNdbeiu.- akaltAm it Bot; MaUng » 

0. atamitui ; power of endurance or sti^ng; 
bottom ; spirit. 

"Tbli iiiliihau knoehod all tb« *> oat of blm.'— 
fua, Jaa 98, i£u. 

6. Upirit, Ufo, animation, fire; unflagging 

"An IndlTUnal irlthoat animation, without that 
•■cuttal wblch liiT want of a better teim we odl git U 
la comic oiicm, an Intorloper, a blui, a blmlraUBo."— 
Mra. Nut. It, Ub& 
1 (1) Greats, LittU-go: University slang 
terms for the llual and prulimiuaiy or previous 
examlnutions fur [legreea. 

"The little Kentlsmiui wu snlot In tor Uadasrof: 
aUaa arrat-ffo. allnaOreaU; autlour boru fur I1U Ont 
njunloatinn In lUartt kumiiniaribtu, allaa Ueepun- 
shMW, altaa I.Ut/*^, alia* BnuUla.'— CWAOert OmU: 
rmtaMl Urwn, pL iL, eh. IL 

(2) No go: Of no use ; not to be done ; a 
oomplete fkiilore. 

" I Utt yon. Mre. It U no 'm. I will noTsr tot b«r 
mtrrj.'—nadttrag : JHttmUtmlm, L 4IS. 

gn allitrMfl. a. Chamcterised by progrras, 

energy.aud tin terprise; enterprising, energetic, 

^h-lMtween, i. One who acts aa an 
IntennttUory liutwcen two parties, as agent 
or mediator. (Usually in a btul sense.) 

"Bt«) a* ytra nunc Into me, bw aaaUtan^ or^o- 
•etwpoo. iDuted from me.'— AaJte«p. ; Jferry moet y 
WtMdtor, U.1. 


L Tlie act of passing without notice ; benoe 

■D Intentional omission or failure to notice, 

i. An evasion, a deception. 

"Bxctpt an avifentlM U tiutrvetad bow to adnlt*- 

tNle aiHl ramlih, aiulKlTe yunlbe gv-it npon uoeaaloo, 

be charged wtlh ueflen.'^CMHorf Om 

gO-flftlt, a A small framework without 
a bottom, and running on oaators, for teaching 
lotknts to walk. 

"Tbolacllea now walk aa If tfasyvwo In ^go-earC' 
—Mml4 .• apretittor. No. IM. 

go-IuuTest, Ko-har^rt, >. The fall, 
when the Huuiiner season dei-liiies, or in about 
to Ko away ; inclmliiic tlip time fnim the iu- 
gatncriiig of the crop till the commenwment 
of winter. {Scotch.) 

" Otiier partM of it L«ar a thin gnue, and In the •»- 
Jtarwatt aiul winter ■oaaon in iif a ydluwlih uuluv. — 
—JtaxtfM : Stttct rran»ietiont, ^ to. 

go-ont, a 

Ilytlr, Engin. : A sluice In an emlmnkment 
for allowing water to oscnix' fW>m tidal lamls 
when tlie tide Ia ont ; a g»wt. 

gO-nmuner, >. The latter end of nnmmer, 
towaniB the Iwginuing ofnutunin. (.Smf^h.) 
"The go-iummtr waa UMtL-hlun fair in Hurray, 
wltbont winda, wet, or any aturu.'— flpaldijw .- 

•gd,iw. par. [Go. r.] 

gOAd, * gode. * goade, ». [A.3. gdd ; Icel. 
gaddr.] [Oad.] 

1. Lit. : A poi»t*-d instrument used to 
stimulate oxen to move faster. 

" A pointed goad be bronflit. wltb which he drpw 
From every Uinb theetrEanuof ■iuiiiuinehue.'' 

BtJolf : Orlando furitno, uvll. 

2. Fig.: Anything which unfca or tilfiiiH- 
latcs. In the sixteenth century the word was 
used to designate a horse-cliant^r. 

" Tb^j that ktaiid by and cunycatoh* the chapman 
cither with uut bidding, false [iraLaee, ac., an- callad 
foodw."— ZOUt .' lanOu/nu * Candie-ltgkt, eh. a. 

* goad-groom, s. A carter ; a driver ; a 

goad, v.t. & i. [Goad, a] 

A. Tntatitive: 

It To prick, drive, or urge on with a goad. 

" Thy nuree will bear no locid ; 
And woe to theni tlwt >hear her, 

Altd wue to ttirOi th>t m^uL" 

M'lcaulag : PrajJttcn qf Capgt. stIL 

2. To stimuhtte, tu incite, to instigate, to 
drive forward. 

" He oarefQlly aTolded erery act which cunld aoad 
tboni into upon boiUUty."— JVucaolajr.' ifW. £>•«.. 
eh. KliL 

3. To excite, to arouse, to drive by wonls 
or actions of an irritating or inflammatory 

B. Intrant. : To act as a goad, stimulna, 
or incentive. 

" It waa a gnadlng thought— hi* etrido 
llled baatler duwu tt» mooiitaUi ■Idn." 

Heott: l/idg <)/ Hu laJM, ilL ti. 

goad'-ldnp. •, [Svt.gatlopp.] The gant(.-lr>|<c. 
or gantlet, a mllitnry punishment, in wltteh 
the criminal, running between the mnks, 
receives a huh from »ach man. [Gamtlkt.] 
" Beoaoae I refniwd, tbey tbraatened tn thrjr auger, 
that whoeooTcr gave uie a drink of water ib»nld grt 
the fuoJioufi.'— iTadnHf .' Bi^. I. (Avicnd., ■■. luSt 

goada'-m^n, s. [Eug. {7oo<f,and man.) One 
who ilriwa oxoo witli a gouil ; a gadsman, 

gOid'-Ster, >■ [Eng. goad; anff. -iter.] A 
goudttiujiu or gadsnian. 

" OanilMfT* In cluilcal ooatnme with fillet* ami 
whmtean cnoof b.~— C'arljrla ; /Veitek iUmd. JfL IL, 
bk. 111., o. Til. 

goaf (1), s. [Etym. doubtful.] 

Mtin. : The waste place in a colliery ; the 
refbse that Is left bclilnd when the wurk is 
completed ; the siiace lh>m which the (h»1 
has been removed, and In which the nvif has 
been i>ermitted to fall in ; ahio calloi gi>b. 

" Should the Tentllatluu be defective. Mine u( the 
Ba will he aiti'red Into the open gO'if*. and remain 
Vmxt nntll furctd or drawn out Ity wiine •>( tbe lufln- 
tnoM aboTO menUuned.'— Cki/li«rTC*Mrdian,N<fT. I, 

g0af(3), t. [Gorr(S).] A rick of hay. 

gOaf-flaPt s. A wooden Water to knoek 

the ends or the sheaved, and make the giaf 
more compact 

goaf-ladder, * gofB-laddor, ■. A 

ladder for carrying hay oit tu thu liek. 

goaf-atead, «. A division of a bant In 
which a goof is phtoed. 

• goaf (S). $. CGorr (IX »-] 

•goaf-Iih, 'gof-iah, "gof-flah. *gaor- 

Mil, a. [Ct. t}i>. gofo; Ital. goffo; Fr. gi>fi 
= a fool, a simpleton. ] [Gurr.] 

AI1epl«•^ — .. 

iMCw; rr««hi«.ULUa 

goal ox *g61e, «. [Fr. gaiilf = a i-tle or biff 
rod; O.Fr. waulr; cogn. with Irel. ix>'r = a 
■tiek,asUir; Goth. wuJiu; O. Frts. wi/h.) 

ttto, ftt, liiro, fiBldat, what, All. tetliar ; wo, w«t, tioro, oamfl, hSr, ttiAro ; ^no, pit. uro, ar, marfw ; go. pM, 
or. wora, wflt wS>k.wtiA,atB; mat«ke&b,odr«,9nlt«,onr, r^ rtU; ttv, Sfrlan. n,i» = o;«jsa. qn^kw. 

goal— goatskin 



t, Onfinarj/ tjanffunyt : 
L The wlhDing-pMt In a raoe ; the |)olnt or 
iotkA wt to tioiuui a nee. 

Viwftr TtmlK IS. 
3. ISe BhaI pnrrnM or »liit; Ut« tn>\ it 
wlifcb B imnrm •Jiu*. or lu wlildi a <lc»i|p> i» 
Ainetcrt : Ui« eiHl. 

" P«T a^ ulcM MT k4b n^wU* I 
* X Thf^ sUrUug-putt of a not. 

- An —11 (twta m(M^ tal wbl iMMb a|*M 

n. F«*haU: 

L Th« MMm nnrkod t^ ni«I-iNM<t« anfi B 
rnxM-liar, (4t tknni? tlio n^tiiml |>tllt of llvi- 
IaII In •>r4|i'r Unit & R<tal {:;] nm)- b« yteonnX. 
Ar^OjrOliiK I« Rii^l-y rale*, U)« ImII miMt In 
kfdtul uv€r the cruu-lmr ; acciir<Jlug Ui Aaiw 
el«Uuii nalca, ll nttut go Mmlrr. 

" n* iMdMd vttttM tkutv Twd* «i lA^'-zwu. 


t. TlM art of kleklR(UM> UU through or 
orer U)« itnU-tmut*. 

—IW4. OK. 0. IWL 

■Wd-lCMMT. K In fnottMlt. tlH itUynr 
ta cbu^ of tJiv ddItoo« cf tha go*]. 

ffoal-povt. »■ 111 footlMll, DM or th* 

|>o*U f<irtuiii); tliu guaL 

* softl C>X «- IUaol] 
■« ft, laoai 0). •■] 

^ I lOonn (I). V.1 A hnrt, • wound. 

\yvrbt»: UmImImm, \>. Wi.) 
*KiM'-ISll, a. [Eng. ymr; 4A.\ IMtchM 

■- Th* VM-M LiUiM tb^ writ* In Ibflr hwAi.*- 
«-«■■& i mi. nuirittr. *. 1. 

CMt (1). 'Ka«t» 'gait. *gat, ' KAtc, 
■■ktt, 'gajrt. *Beat, ■goet. ^got. 
'»•«, -nyt. 'gerta, "goet, 'got, 

■got*, ft rAil.e<U.'c««n. irtthl>iiL9>U;a*r. 

SI; IMO. 0x4: iMl. 9ri<.- 0«r. prfM^ fi«<M«; 
Ml. gailm; O. B. Ovr. peU; Lftt. fcoifw.] 

1. Ui.: la ibt NUDo MOM u n. 

*2. riff. : A lecbemm permn ; a Icvbrr. 

*'At4lwNrbaB»nrlUbbi« ... ami 
■4 Uw ta»4«bW 1 kk<* ««) tfc* Imu-lnil itMf at-mX 
lv>M>Ml7 alpitflK* lntrta^--«tUw /ftm^nr. 1 1. 

5 Is t.*hri*tiiif) ut lb* goal la ui emblem of 
lnt«irity, II •nntctinuM occun Id Uit) carving 
ini>lrr nrat nr rb'>ir-«UlU, and U put ttutro Sa 
• narli uf dJabUDoor. 


1. »iagti£arr 

fl) Vtpra kimt, tht dotteatic goat. wtiitll 
■xUlA, Id a villi (tr aenii-wltd atale. Id all tba 
BurD|«aa nwuoUUi raufiiM. It !• gatwrally 
■uppnaad tint It uiar Iw a deaeandaut of Uie 
PuMf of PmlB (Cvm agagmt). Prattmor 
Bofd wwUna eoaahMni that It, «itb varioua 
oOar domaatle aairaala. came Id with the 
MoUtMo ftrmar and b«r<lfiruii, theiv bring 
DO traoa t4 It while the [NiliPHilitlilc liiirtlir 
aiiwtllated tba blghmt t] )nj of tnanhwNl In 
Kurofw. Seml-wil'T go«u arr found on hilli* 
In Brltaitt. Tbeae utow wonibirful annmraa 
of foot aad abMttee of feat when travaraing 
plaoM whan a &U» rt«p wchiM lie fiila]. Th» 
sgalea Igfat furtnualy with «»ch other In the 
rutting tlnie. They bave aa olTmiaive anieU. 

(1> TTw gvniti Capn («].r.>. 

1: Tbi! (kinlly Oafiridas (q.v.X 

■0*t-b«*rdl, *. lOoAVH-Muao.] 

* g««t - bnek, * goot baok, *. A bo- 

* goat-otaaHtor, «. 

Caom. ; " A kind of Imtle." (Suf/nr.) The 
■ttiaa cliaflhr U a|itin>i>iialMl tn tbn sriius 
HaluiotiUia and Uw Ihinitr Maluloulhlita. 
ir««olaMUa<Rblaot«agiM) mihtUiiUU iniy tar the 
■pMlaa balented bjr BaUsy. It b anaflar, 
MfTDwer, aad paler than the Oommoa Oodt- 
cfaaA*r<q.T.> lnthea«««dJUnn orJamlaKm'a 
wWeh baa &o rlnae afflulty to MekikaitlHL 

( gOAt flg. ft 

/(»t. ; Tlic tk^-tKO fu Ita wtld atate. 

goat -fold, >. A fold or eueloMua for 


goat'bonM, ft 

1. AK'^l-ft'td. 
• 2. fiy. : A Im.tlicL 

t goat-mazjorun. *■ 

/Ci(. : The iKuii*- aft DoAT'.H.niiaRD (O-V.) 

t go«t-mllkw, >. 

DmflA. : Tbs bird called Uie goal-tucker 

gOat-BKlth, ft 

EnU-m. : Coi^iu Uynipertta, a loriP^ tnntli 
tvlf>iil.-ing trt til* family y^at^nAm. Tito f<iri« 
wlD){K are iMle brawn, elondod with whrtlffli, 
Ntid marked wttfa niimeroaB ahort. Imgular 
traiMverae wivy black lioea ; hind wlnga rale- 
amoky, wtth aliniUr traiiftvcno dark line*, 


Inil Iru dLitinct ; exponslna <if wliipi tlirt« to 
alwvn Ihire and a half inrliM : Urni rvdiliiil) 
bUck nn tilt* tnck, xldm nf m ilnit yi^llowl«h 
or llivli iiilour; Ii<.-A'1 Ida'.'k ; uiiwll nlTvnithY. 
It la very coijidkii In lb" iw»ini, htil le«» m In 
tliP north. II focda en tbc Wfixi of willows, 
IKijilnn, ami («kii, siinivliinm irrfiirallitg llir 
whhI ill all ilin-i-tlniiL It ia uii'l Lii lie ttirw 
ytwra ill tvar)iii>)f niiilurity. Tlie |»crfecl Ui- 
•cct c>niCN fortli m July. ISlajNlna) 

goat-p«pp«r, >. 

Air. : Cajmiemu /hateomm, « nallr* U Un 

goat- root, ■■ 

Hot.: OiuymU Hairis. 

goat-Btone, •■ For d«t aee axtrmet 

•■ Tkr iUrmr at Ui« ttiim «M «uMaf4 to b* canwl 

1> tha hi-dUs of ■OHM ladHu riaUa Twcltnl Via» 

J— itrl >— U»» fo«t m tmt* — aiPow» ; 'Ihmm itann uv 
Miwily «J— f «a th«tr *ofi» ant dwfc^oliwwi ; Uh) 
bav« aa udoar •( auuk (rWa rvMMd aad h— U il tnr 
Um tettdik la UiMM. Milijllr aa^ *kiltilMmk 
virlaa •«* ■ ■■ b u mJ te vKlifc «lilcli uw* *M« tii 

ntto avtl tSaTir mIm» SMd Mitacim dl«MM^ 
__ ^ltgaa not«»o»p>iJ"— JM A^MaTh.- J.>Mo«l 

gost-raokor, <■ [Qoa-racauEa.] 
goat tree, *. 

goat we»d, >. 

1, GtH. : The g«nita Ciprarta. belonging to 
the Scfopbulariavca;. (/athJoh.) 

S. l^m. : Ctqmiria Mfiom. (Paiton.) 

8. Agnpodlniil (q.T-j, aad aiMviilly jSgn- 
ftMum Padofmria. Tba mwnhbuiM Ui a 
gfwt'a font la in Iha Conn of tlw Uaf. Callml 
alao Ooot-weed, lUabop'a-weod, Aali-wred, 
n«rb^ran), and Wild HaaterworL 

4. Stntodia HuratUifiriia. {Ttiom. nf^ Bat.) 

goat-wlUow, 1. 

fiu(. : SaiU Cvpnmi. It Is tlie badge of the 

goat^baao, ft 

£m. : Uc'Hi/uNi TmgoeliMum. 

gMit%^ tward, goat-beard, i. 


L The nimpoalLe gnniM Tn^p^jKigno, and 
eapadally Trnfopofitm pralenat. li la a etmit 
erool jiUnl, one or two Ibet high, with flesa- 
ooa learaa and heada of yellow Ooweni ; oo- 
enrrtng ta to g h utd. sad mora ■(■rlniity in 
Bootland and iretand. It Is found also on the 
eootJoaat of Buiope and to Weatom ttlberia. 
Ttie not hi eatable. (loaAm, he.) 

t. ^*nm Anmaa. (Pooton.) 

goatV-bwau «. 

/{.<. ; CtuMa SfaOtmU, 

goafa foot, ft 

ito(. : OailU cdjm'iM. 

OU Arm. .' A oouUrlvanoe fnr MtUng a croia* 
bow. It waa at> called beeauae It bore ■obw 
rCMmUattoa to Um ftiot of a giAt. 

"UhrtcW*! thtttaiecrf VUMbaa. tant by aiaaM 
of Ua pn«(V^M( ftww. '— Jf» rr*e t .- inritit HrmwiMi 
ml IL, (1. >rT. 

goafa-boni, goat's homed milk- 
votch. 1. 

Jy?i. : Aflngatvs wEflofnu. 

goat^-leawoa, ■. iaoaTwTRSK.1 

goaf o orlgoBum, i. 

IS-A. : THifiKM trunoriganwrn. {PuxUm.) 

goat'o-ru«, ft 

Bill. : (1) A If nitwiaj giiAyii^mUft (Ltntdoa.) 
(3) The gi:uaa (laUga. (^talftA.) 

geaS^-OMra, J. 

Jb^ : Two plnnla— vlft. the Or*«t GcatV 
tfaoni, Atlntffntiu Tm^unatiWi. aixl tbu Uaiall 
GoAt'i lli'jnt, A. I'oterium, {Loiul-m.) 

goat's-wfaeat. ft 

Bot : Thp gcuim TiagntT'i"" ■ 

goat (2), ft [led. ifBia = a nxul. 1 

1. A uomiw cavern or iulet, lulu whiuh Ute 

2. A aaiall treoiA. 

goat,r.(. IGoAT(S)^ft] To drira lulo a timoh ; 
a l«!nii at golL 

goar-liAak, ■; [Bug. ^oot, and fr«jA.l 

Jk<t. : Cnttela Kieotmini, W Oclinad. It ia 
aa bittar aa quaaala. 

goa too', ft [Bag. iFof ,- dim. aiifT. -er.) A 
beard ao triinroea tlwl a laut nf it luii(t» dtiwn 
fhim tha lower Up or chin, u the tioard of a 

goaf -floll, ft tEng. ffoat, and lUH.] 

hksh^ : Ikilutu mjiTLteiu, a rtih of a brown> 
leli-^'y L\il»ur, ejiotled with blae, or gnonteh. 
lt« Hr-ah is little c«l«emed. Ita apptxtpnata 
luiliitAl is the Heilitemuean, bnt It nae haea 
r>.tuiil ill tJio BritUh aeaa. It is called by 
Varrell the ElirD|iean PUa-fleh. [BAuam, 


goat ff^poV*- nctig. ffoof . and /»!.] A astyr, 
HO called frrxn IImi tact that Um' cljaalc [loeta 
diMcnticd aatyn aa having the Iiiudi|uarten 
ut a goat. 

' aHA bw. # Mt> at; aiff, . 
ni<l^ kUi UM«,aUIUua.MynM wOiMNM.* 

Tmmf* : finwIlM, IK 

goftt-Iiord, * gate herd. * gate-hoyrd. 

* goto bord, ' goot herdo, *. (a 8. \iat 

— a jj'Hit . tuonl '- a brnl, Ac.'-i^ - a knt^xiri 
a UuiU] 
* 1. A herd nr flock of goata. 

S. Ou« wbo fa i^taployed to tend goata. 
Thllk tuM )« rt )< rt> pniad. 
That at* qa nodir banlL^ 

goat' lah, a. IBng. poaf ; -Uh.] 

1. llaactabUng a goat tn fonn ; like a goat 
" Om"* MM tt»m mU ik mtUm danem anaiBd. ' 

r. wtMAmi r^rt** l**-*, *it la. 

2, ReseoibUng a goat In any quality, eapa- 
dally la nnkneaa cc ameU or matfiUneaft 

" (lira yMtrcaaata body ii» to tha amt*ao^ 
OI fM«A ImC- 

JTuMti^w , riryiM Murfgr, 111. L 

* goat'-Ioh-lj^, wie. (FiiK- j/oalUK; -If.) In 

a g>iatUli uianiicr ; Itut/uUy, Iccbcroimly. 

* gfiar lah-BteO, ft ( (^<nfuA ; -r/m ] 
Tbr niulkly oraULe of Uiing guatiab, llial/ul, 
ur Ircbcruiia ; luatfuloeaa. 

goat'-lika, x [Eug. goal, aad Ufes-I Uka a 
g^iflt ; giiaUah. 

goat -akin, ft & a. (Sag. goat, and ■Wn.l 

A< Ai titbd. : Tha akin of a goat, dre^anl, 
Bipeclally ooe aewn islo the ihapa of a t-iiile. 

- nM ftllai ImpaattUM miHk hm ktaim dUlaa i 
Wttk «>1M aaa.aad MM wUh «ato wlbn' 

B. ^> o^. : Made of the akin of a goot. 

bfita, b^: p^t, J^l; oat, 90II, etiuiaa, ^tln, b«B«b; go, £em; thin. fbU: ala, af ; exiMot, ^nophon. o^Ut. ph <= C 
-ttaB > ahfa. -tioB, -lion > riittn ; -floa, -floa ^ ihttn, Hdono, -tloaa, -olons = ah&a. -bio, -die, Ac >= bol, dyL 



goatBuoker — Gk>d 

SMf-sftok-«r, >. [Eng. goat, «nU ndeer.) 
Ornitlioloffff if Ordinary Languagt : 
1. 51110. ; One of the English names of a 
ranurkable migratory bird, Caprimulfpu EMn- 
fonu, which brpetla in Britain in the aammer, 
ud winters chiefly in Africa, The erroneoos 
belief that it nuclta soats seetnB to hare arisen 
unong the goathcms in ancient Greece, who 
called it aiyo9i}\yt^ (aigothillt), from alf (flij:). 

Salt. wv<$f iaigos) = a goat, and fi)Aii (tJoU) >= 
e nipple ; anil the Iwrnana, tUling into the 
same error, denominated it CaprlmuIguB(q,v.X 
S. PL : The aab-fkmily Caprimulgliue, or the 
tuoily Caprlniulgida (q.v.). 

gOAT*. v.i. [OotF.] To took ronnd with a 
otnnge. Inquiring gose ; to stare stapidly. 

" 0«arun. m U l«d wl' bnuluL 
Aad ■ttUDplDi on hli plonKhtnan ■hmnlu.*' 

Burnt- inttrtitm wUA Lard Dt*r. 

SOftTB, *. lOoAVE, v.] A hroad, vacant stare. 

gdlK & [lAt ffob ^ the beak of a hird, a month ; 
Irish gtA = the mouth ; 0. Fr, got> a a gulp, 
softer = to derour greedily.] 
L Ordltutry Languof/t : 

1. A mouth. 

2. A mouthful, a amaU quantity, a little 

3> A moatliful, a single swallow, 
" That IlLUe Uud ha fnv* 
ThraoU tba tvrjn iwaUowwl kI on* fok' 

Aarnr .- Mmtn Attm, L L 

4. Baliva, spittle. 

IL Mill. : The same as Ooor (q.r.). 

SolHUiua* t. pL 

Kaut. : A term for the martingale bark- 

*gttV-bl(t, *KolKet, «gob-«Ua. $. (Fr. 

po6«(, dimin. of 0. Fr. gah = a gulp.] [Oob.] 
L A mouthful, a morsel ; a little quantity or 


" B* imot blm €a th* hilm aa hcth, uut a tabtt 
awmj ■ fau." iSfr Iltrumt r M, tU, 

5. A fragment. 

"Tlwl lokcn Um nUAa ol bnkM gttttU. tnlra 
«teifuU"-V»«ftfb; JTaltamslT.w. 

S. A block of atone. 

*SSV-Mt» v.t. [OoBBET. a.] To iwaUow In 
large moutlifttls ; to gulp down, 

"Down MUM » kite powdarlDtnpoa tlMiB,anda«k 
tan sp both Uvatbw.'-r JMniivft 

* foblMC-ineala. * gobat-mala^ ode. 
Bit by bit ; In little pigments. 

** B> lUw* Hkum iMan to a hkom ot tha tao, and 
thn* htm atUti-m^ali tbareio ; It [a boo oallad 
■oatb.hMnpton."— Mow .' Ttu Uemant (ail &). 

• gtfb^-b«t-iy. ■ fOb-Mt-lletaa, arfv. lEng. 
goVbtt; -ly.) Id little ftagmentx ; In pieces. 
*■ Ula lidar vma Utew* . . . and Itbnw* ont mM- 
IUte.--rrwtea. It. l«a. 

gSb'-blAs. >. [Oob. t. n.] 

iff*. : The refuse thrown bock Into the 
axoavations remaining after the remond of the 
eoal ; pocking with waste rock. 

gVb'-lda, D.t k i. [A fftq. from Fr. z*^ ~ 
to gulp down.] 

A. TnntUivt: 

1. To swallow down baatfly or greedily ; to 
gulp down. 

'"Cb* Utna teo pvadona now to waata, 
Atul ■iipp«T poWrd nil In Iwatc, 
Anln Mnah to caida ib^n run< 

Jto{ft- ZmNai'/awnMl: 

t. To ntt«r like a torkey-cock, 

" Ha ntama to hU fanudo tnlu, dl^tlari hla phiiD- 
■■• MvVBd, atrata about tba yard, and aaMtu out a 
■ote of aaK-aMTobatlun.- — «W&iU(h.- Amtmatti 
JTrntaru : Tk» Titrkrp. 

B. JtUmntUire: 

L To swallow food greedily or hastily. 
X To make a noise in Uie throat, aa a 

" H* MvcT rooata tor tvo aq uM lTa alchta vpoa tba 
«■* tna. and nuvlf vtMfai vlthont nmomi a«sj 
traaa tha Mund hlntaali baa mado.*— Aalff ritarru*, 

* gobbla-cat, s. A greedy Cellow. 

gSb'-ble, a. {OOBBLK, v.] 

1. A noise mode in the Uiroat, as that of the 

"Tba tukar-eoek la aaotbar tnlortsnate falid. 
wfcoaa Btrat and mitbU bava lad It to ba oooatdatad •■ 
VBhlam o( . . . BomblfctoBi.-. UmdtmM' JUm* bn Om 
taawr awtHMla, L n». 
S. A turkey-cock. 

■obU»-«00k. (. A tnrkey-cock. 

gftV-blBT, t. (Eng. gobbKt): -«■.] 

L One who gobbles or swallows food 
gi^edily ; a gourmand, a greedy eater. 
2. A turkey-cock. 

" In the hope thitt tnaor anch ^aUbri m wc hara 
daacrlbod mar fall before tbatr nncrrins bnllata."— 
DaiJjr TtUgrajA, Sapt. », ItSS. 

gXb'-bo, K6m'~1>o^ sttm'-bo^ *. [A West 

Indian word.] 

Bot.: The frait of AbelmoKlita e»cnUntm, 
which, used as an ingredient in soup, imiiarts 
to it a mncitoginous quality. 

gO'bft-Un, a. [See def.] 

Fabric : A term applied to a superior kind 
of French tapestrr, deriving its name from the 
brothers Gobelin, the first mauufacturers. It 
waa ornamented wilh deuigna In colours. 
Under Colbert, the celebrated French miiii9t<T, 
the different tapestry- producing atetieri In 
France were centralised and united with the 
Gobelins', which factory he iuduced the king 
to buy. The factory still continues to main- 
tain its pride of place, producing the tlnest 
tapestry lu the world. 

KOlw^inoikQhe, *. [Fr.,IU. = afly-8wallower.1 
A silly, simple, creduluus person, who will 
swallow or oelieve anything. Tlie name Is 
applied to snch persons because they usually 
listen open-mouthed to any extraordinary 

g6'-Vl'l-Am,t6-m~Si'dm,$.pt. [i^t 

0obl(tu), and fem. pi. a^J. suOf. -fdtr.] 

lehlhy. ; Gobies. A family of Acanthopteri 
Veri. The edges of the operculum are un- 
armed, and its aperture siiiall ; the ventral 
Una, whether luiited or separated, constitute a 
funnel, and are situated on the breast ; the 
pectoral ones are large, all the rays of the 
dorsal and anal flns soft and flexible ; the 
skin is either nuked or armed with Urge finely 
ctenoid scales. Genera represented in Britain : 
Blennlus, Mumnoides, ZoorceH, Auarrhichos, 
Oobius, snd Callionymus. Host of them are 
small fishes, found smong rocks or In tidal 
riveis. They sometimes attach themselves 
by their suckera to the underside of atones. 

Sd'-bl-Ot a. (Lat. 3 a flsh of small value, pro- 
bably t he gudgeon .] [Gobi us. ] 

IMky. : A genus of soft-bodied abdominal 
flshea, family Cyprinidte. Though anciently 

SdMo and goi)ius were the names for the same 
sh, yet now they are made quite distinct 
genera, not akin to each other. Gobiu re- 
sembles Cyprinuii, but the dorsal and anal 
flna are short and destitute of bony rays. 
There la Imt one British species, Gooio fiv.- 
viatUu, the Gudgeon (q.v.). 

0O'-U-tta, ■■ ri<at. gtihiru, coftiiu, and gtMo: 
Or. m^vU QObiai) = the gudgeon. (See def. 
of 0obio.)] 

lehthy. : Ooby. The typical genua of the 
family Goblide (q.v.). Thet have two dorsal 
Una, a scaly body, and a disc made by the 
ventral Qua, which enables them to adhere to 
rocks. Ysnell enumerates six species in 
Britain: (1) Gobiuj niger, the Black-goby, 
IU>ck-goby, or Rock-llah ; (3) G. bipvnctatvt, 
the Ik)Ubly-spotted Ooby ; (8) G. minutut, the 
Freckled or Speckled Ooby ; (4) G, gracUit. 
the Blender Goby ; (fi) G. unipunctaitu, the 
One-Spotted Ouhy ; and (6) G. aibu*, the 
Thlte Gol^. Some build nests, 

Slfb'-Ut; (. [Fr. gobetet = a goblet, dImin. of 
O. Fr. frofot, gobeau = a mazer or great goblet 
Wotgravt), from Low Lat, cupUlns °= a cup, 
dimin. of cupa = a vat ; 3p. cvhileU.] A Urge 
cnpordriuking-vessel witfiout a handle. [Cup.) 
" Drink waa wrrad to cocata In foUtli ot pnrafold.' 
— JVacottlajr : BItL Emg., eh. Ui. 

K»VlMt~€ftiUm, s. pt. 

AruU.: Cells produce*! In certain clrcum- 
Btanoes in tlie mucus of the nostrils. {Quain..) 

(Dblat-shaped. a. 

Bot. : Concave and hemlapherical, a tittle 
contracted at the base, as some Fczlzos. Tha 
■ame as CEATEBiroBM (q.v.). [Lindleg.) 

gStar-Un, ■KOb-bal-llBe, ■. (Fr. gobelin, 
trom Low ZmL gobtlinua, oobaIua = A goblin, 
(kom Or. cd^oAot (fcoboJoa) = s rogue, a sprite, 
a goblin ; Qer. koboid ^ a demon or spirit of 
the mines.] An evil or rolschievona B{>irit or 
qnlte ; an elf, a phantom ; a maliclooa lUry. 
" ' Haipar ! mathlnka U17 iMfla lain,' 
HaUUa Mid, ■ COB soWiH nUao?^ 

* gttb-lia-rj, ». [Eng. gohlin; -ry.] The 
mischievous acts or practices of goblins. 

go'-bft-nat-M, a. [GoDONE.] 

Her. : An epithet applied to a border, pale, 
b«id, or other chaise 
divided into equal part^ 
forming squares, gobbets, 
or chequers. Called also 
Oobone, or Gobony. 

ffo'-bo-nS, go'-bo-nj^. 

o. (GoBBrrn 
Her. : The same aa 

gO-bJr, «. [GOBIl'B.] 

lehtky, : The Euglish name of the genus 

"Kook-mln, * oook-nuui, a. [Etym. doubt- 

Tul.] A sentiiiei, a Imik-out. 

"Tber had a conituit centlnel on tba top of tbdr 
bonan. called ]^vJf^U>.. or In thf E. tonpir, evetman. 
wboliobllgcd to watch (Ur an<l nicbt and at the ap- 
pMach of aur bodr, to aak. Who cornea Uiarot — 
VartlH .- tretttm iMlan^*, p. tia. 

giiok'-rdo, a. [An East Indian word.) 

Bot. : RiuUia longifolia, used in India aa a 

Odd, god. a. [A.S. ; cogn. with Uut. god; 
ImI gudh ; Dan. k Sw. gud ; GoUi. gitth ; Gcr. 
goth. All trom s Teutonic Use, Gutha = God, 
and quite distinct and separate from good, 
which In A.S. Is r6d. In Dan. god. In Dut. goed, 
in O, n. Ger. cuot, in Goth. god. Pmf. Max 
Uiiller says that "tliough it is impossible to 
give a satisfactory etymoli>gy of either God 
or good, it is clear that two words wliich thus 
run parallel in all the dialects without ever 
meeting cannot be traced back to one central 
point God was most likely an old heathen 
name of the deity, and for sucli a name the 
supposed etymological meaning of gotxl would 
befar tiM) modem, too abstract, too Christian." 
(UaxMiilUr: ScUiiceo/ Language, ii. (8th ed.), 
^ 816.] 

1, Ordinary iMnguage : 
L LUeraHy: 

(1) (Of ih£ /)r» God) : The Supreme Being. 
[II. 1, a.j 

" For to ni thera la hot nne OoA, the Fatbw. of whMD 
aca all thti^ga, and w« In him."— I Cur. vlU. «. 

(2) (0/ tht form gixl) : Any superior or 
imaginary being, constituting an objcc^t of 
worship. (In this sense it has a plural.) 

" Far tbonsh then ha that an calird godt, whatbar 
In heavrn c«in aitfth (aa tharaba fori* many, and Ionia 
nanj).'— 1 Cnr, rill, k 

2. Figuralitxly: 

(1) An emperor, king, or sny other pcrwon, 
wielding great and despotic i«owcr. 

" Art thou tha ffod, tha th under of wboae hand 
BoU«d over aU our daaolatad Uuil ( " _ „ 

Vorprr: Churtljf, Ti 

(2) Any person or thing preatly idolized. 

■• How Bhall I apeak thea. or thy P'>wer aAArtm, 
Tbon fod of our hluLatry, the Pma. 

Cowp*r .- Progrtm qT Srrvr. tm. 

IL ReligUma: 

L Ethnic : Whether any Mvage tribes exist 
with no l>eller in any being biglifr than moo, 
Is doubtfiJ. Burton snd Sir John Lubbock 
are of opinion, as was Mr. Darwin, that 
there have l»een, and still are surh tribes ; Dr. 
Tylor, after explaining away some sUeged 
easeo, exjiresses doubt of those remaining. 
Lubbock thus arrang*^ the flmt great stages 
In religious thought : Alluism, undcnitandtng 
by this term, not a denial of the exiatem-c of a 
Deity, liut an almcnce of any definite ideas on 
the suljject. F^liehim, the st-nge in which 
man supitosea be can force the Deity to com- 
ply with his desires. Nature- womhip or 
ToUmum, in which natutol objects, treos, 
lakes, stones, anim.ils, tec, arv wursbii-ped. 
Shamanism, In whli-h tlie siiiierior dpilics are 
far more ii«>werrul thau man, and of a dilTrrent 
nature. Their place of abtidH also Is fur away, 
and accessible only to tibamans. Molalry or 
Anthropnmnrjihiam, in whiih the g<HlH take 
still more completely the nature of nifn, l>eing, 
however, more i)owerful. They are still nine- 
nable to iiersuasion ; tliey aie a jiart of nature, 
and not creatures. They are rcpn-sent^-d by 
images or idols. In the next stage, the Urlty 
la regarded as the author, not merely a part 
of nature. He becomes for the first time a 
really supernatural lieing. The last stage la 
that in which morality is associated wiUi 
TCligton. (Lubbock : Origin t^ C'trfiiaoltoia 
a«0). p. Ufl.) 

ffto, flU, fir*, ^mtdtrt. wluU, fAn, ftUhar; wi, irSt« hinw, aamfl. fair, thAra; vmm, ^t, nra, nr, marine; go, pAt, 
•r, won, wfU; wfck, wbA, ate; mftto. oftb^ ooro, vatu, eftr, riOa, ItaU; trf, Sfrtaa. m,m=ii 9W = iu «ii = kw. 

god— Godfearing 



t. JfttiA : Two l«wtlne ouniw for th« 
SiitTPiiw HrliifT mnUniiul)r or«ur In Um 
Hoor*w fiibk'; the oiie iteiwrtc, Uw oUier 
apcciRc Tbe generic: Urm U Sff (£0t ">* ?^ 
(AouAX tnUt ainsaUr. u»t Cri^ (AaAl>t) 
|tlun]. Tta« tpevillo ow \% rFjTT O't'^^'^^X 
In gipnr>n] wriUrti Jrlinvati (<i.v.). It U nfUw 
fln>t Ibat Oixl U tlt<! k|<pni|>nat« r»i»d«i1na. 
El, KIohIi, sa<l Eloliiui Aigiiifj' Dtlly Ui (jouenu. 
Klolilm Ift loiteli iiion- tnminri^ tli«n Um 
tlnirilnr fornift. An anomilfiu ^mnuitlcal 
Ml'-tin la g«D(?rBll) tiitnilnefil whwrs it oMor*. 
Wblte tt haa Uie |>lurnt rurm, im ttelug the 
|i)unil if HMirrw tnn«i-iillD<> douiia, lliu vrrli, 
nf vrlilrti it i« iii'>iiiln.-itivi< U uiilforiiily nliigiilnr. 
Oilier »nU'r» fimmi In Uiis ■ rer^reiic* Ut tlio 
Trinity in Unity; grammariniii trriii it tlm 

fia^ll of axcflllaucv, aiul aiictia havtt Rii|>)HiMd 
at ttac iiltin) nouo carrin us liwlt to tJin 
tntancf nf |^(■ Fl^lmtw langiuigi* wli)>n ipoly- 
tl»«"iiM ■ i '11'! tlial llip Hinpilar verb 

eat«I' It'n mitniit)i('i*ui dlHi'lacM 

tb«^* ' ' I < tcuilL AitiiiiiK*-tK.-i-]ijttiotA 

ortJttr.* ii-.-.] .1 H.«l in tli«« OM Tfiuiitrnl, 
arc Moat Ulgh (Uan. xlr. 18, ft(^.), MItihtr 

{Noll. Is. S:X Uuly(JrMli. xxlv. 19). Mrrclfiil 
IVnt. Ir SI). God nf [Iea%-«n (Bam v. IS^ Ood 
or lanwl. «Q. (Biod. xxiv. lOX Aiillirtv 
roinorpblfl bnpui|t« neean elilellr. tfaousU 
not cxcltulrfly, \n Uif i>oetlc jwrts nf Uia 
Old TnaLamrnl ('* Clinui. ivt. U, J'sittiii xixlv. 
IX tleut. vlll. s, Pnlin iiii. 4, laa. xl. 
13. IIIL 1. li. 13, Rxocl. SKXil. ^i), but mono- 
UiMlun la enJiMiird in tli« llnit cniiuiuinil- 
Biaul, anr] IdoUtry forliiililrn In tlw aaoond, 
vhlle In iMlab and elMwtivre Wmn ar« uioai 
•utfalng dumnciatioDa nf Uih numafartiire 
>nd woralilii of ImagRi (taa. xl. IS- 34, xlii. 17, 
tllr. 9 W, &«.). In tb« New TMtaiu^iit, Ht, 
Jnba Rivea tlifl ev«r-mciaoniM8 drflnitloo of 
(h» Divine nctare, "Ond la love "(I John Iv. 
I9J. Tht Latin Chnrcli, Uio OrMK Churcb, 
Hi Uw MTonl Proleetant di^iiomiimdont til 
l—entltUyagix In tb<-lrtenetarr^ihliiii{ Owl. 
Saa tbn Apoatlea', Ntoi-oe, mid Atliniuiaian 
Cnvda, the lint nf tlic Tlilrty ulrn- Artti-lrx. 
tlM Caleeblnii of Uie Counrll (if Trent, the 
Cvnfbulon of Faltb <cli. ti.}, and the Shorter 
i>t«cbliuii, qoaatioB 4. [TaBOl.noT, Tru<1tt.| 

1 OJOod: 

Scrip. : A tenn aotnetimea nwd as a eiiper- 
latlre to deaignat^ whatever u n]H>clally ftr^at 
or ailiiilnljle. Tttat the ttve« o/ (-mi are 
««Lira (P«. Ift), and Ihr "H*eT q/Ond" (a 
a r\\et ftilt of WKter tn Ihtt liiink of Ita ImmI or 
channel, if not even infl<>od(P». I it. 9). 

B. At »4s. : or, bnlmiglim tu, or by Ood. 
8m tba Miinjmmda. 

God 'a -mercy, ir^t'rj. Ood bare mcrryl 

God balm. Ood'twlraa. i. A god- 

■ttnha* «»U U Mj^ X kmhnu alh)' 

/.piWMV. U. IIL 

* Kod beta, k. (GooaaTK.| 

COd-Oftk*. a A cake aoit on New Tear'a 

lUy lv« tf.'.lchllrl 

God OOinmimclonod. a, CotnmUaloDed 

" A«ral M D«tk ui M JaJfit 
•toad he. O* »•*«*«« ImMmL* 

Xi»i<K WI ip. «■»■— ^f Mb> larrfe i^^tr. 

*God sUd. *. That wbleb it oOmi to 
God or his terrlce. 

Ood -ctVMi. a. Oireo hy Ood. 
-TkMovM dtfraadad etf tW Mill dam. 
riAaaJ Ue mat l m it tUtmaXU. mi ntfiwl Um 

Mlv Um,- JhMt nivMiaa. I. (Inuod i 

Ood-latoadllftMd, a. OferwlMUmlnicIy 

filled witli tb« idmif LiiHl'a peewnce; an epi- 
tJwl apiilud by NirraUa to Siilnoia. [UntniZ- 

'MB0B «<■* a *«wt*ii/ac«ntai loaa.' But onhrla 
Ikaiuikwnaf itwulsti** wiUdtr. tai» InUiaoimfllrt 
W a^f lti«, i«t<a>in« In Ood M M •TOT-ynwnt 

riMU*r *-« jv. i«H* WMMii ^ wflMif%. 0, in. 
'VSd-klBC, a. 

I. A tkmlHMl. til* olDiiiHnt oT a fnH anil > 

voonn, vr of a bam and s (goddea* or nyrnfih. 

L A ausueli netrdad aa a dMnlty althu- 

to vtrtM of Ilia own elalma or by Ui« ayco- 

pbaney oTUa ooartiers. 

" r a^m n lh> e%.ur., Un ■! PUto )> t ror ^naaA- 
aMB aMWal et Um tb-Mr of Mrb ■ trmtwwt a- 
I trt t t J tv » M— «M )• KMMlxto. lb* »c<A«>w of Um 
fSlBBlaaft '— «r<VAM Jnul« 

oaii a U4 (x«te.i 

ZMerafMrw « i>«#M4 

* ipod-lor*. •■ Ttie knowledge of dlrinl- 
tle* eittier real or hbulons ; mytliolngy. 

"Thu ■* «■ K ttmx cl RiyxU* BOMf wniMctlac 

<<MtoAt />«u«a«ipt» 1*1 MenUMkX L ua. 

God-auui, «. Oofl bvtb Ood and man: 
api'lM to oar Lord. 

GodHQwod, <- Bopreaa, pnMpartty, or 
good fnrtune: a|«cir., a pmapcfatua Journey 
" BMal«w hln ii->t lat« jgw hMim, nttUMr Ud him 

* God tide, JL CbriaUnaa. 

sod tree, 4. 

/(uf ; AVlciitcn4ln)n on/nKfuoncm. 

Ood'a aero, II. [Acar.] A litiriaUgronnH. 
" I Illu tkat w)cl*nl atxon phraM. whlcH nUb 
TIm IhumI fivMMd VMft-^rrw ~ 

God'a Hold, I. A churchyard, a burial- 

Ood'a flower, i. 

li'*. -^'vm Sivrhnt. 

god'a-fbod, «. Ibroi ; J eaat. 
'COd'a-hewa, ■. An almahons«. 

" I E«l (ovadad tut pmn peopl* • fe^AMw.-— r. tfal- 

■od'o-paniqr, * s^^d'a peunie, a. An 


"TlKii John he did blm In nontil draw, 
AmI JUiD ill wnt hMi) ■ yprf'*^p*iH>i< 

^ la a nolo in lor. Peri'y nja ttuit "atlliU 
day, wbi'u «[>itlinitinii U ituule t<i the Vmrn 
and Chaj'ler ol Larliile to acrrpl an rxi-Jwngr 
of ihi! tenant niider one of th«lr lva«M. a I'leee 
of allrnr in jimeiitad by the dcw tciiaut,whlcli 
1b sUII eftUnl A (^•-ftnay.** 

* God'a Sunday, '■ Kaater>day. 

■god, i-.l [«o^, t.] To d.>iry; to exalt; to 
4ivlue lionouni ; M act t'lwapU aa a god. 

" Tlita Urt ltd Bun 
Ij.inl UM kbovo lita mwHUiw ol • Ubar, 

* gttd'-ord, a, [Gonii, G trtxa.] A chanoa*., 

a Urnin. 

' auHbel UtnNvfc f*^r4M and otber KTvlc •mvlM" 
bamrm U imm nffrtt. l,«ia 

* gftd'bert, ■. [Etyn. doubirul.] A hauberk. 

>Gdd'-bdto,i. CKag.<^«t."<lM«(qv.).] 
0/if f,av.' An rrcleaiaatloal flna or penalty 
p»U] fur uiiiniM cuniiaitted apaliut Out]. 

*fM'-^pt, >. rBtyni. of aenond element 

d.*al>triil.l Acndfotber. (l/of(fl«AM.) 

(Ad'-^hUd, 1 [fi^iTE yorf. "id '^■^, Indicating 
tbe »plhliml reUili>ii lietw^fn thetwix] Oce 
for wh'>ni a ix-i-aoii ntands epuiift(.>r at baptlaiu ; 
a giidaou ur ginlila ugttLer. 
" VvU (eclMa I 

' Bod-onadO, 0. [A.8. yodanid] 
t. or Ihu nation (>r Ood. 

- Jmu c:rUt iB lib faMnmrnit UndL' 

OTMiiXlfH, MM- 

2. Holy, raligknii. 

"8«B4n bin MMO aa»BM #arf<itiMi* BMa,' 

£ur*"t«<. L ua. 

gM'-dAagh'ter (ok silent) i. [E»g. pod. 

and datigkter (q.r.Vj A feuuuo fbr whom odq 
atanda aiionaor at baittLuu. 

"TM do h*aw to Uia ittiaflB UlM vh Ua y«(- 
AiHi^ln.*— ilakn-, Mmmrg I. (Mk lial>. 

-gtfd'-dOdD. a. [AS. gUddmi: O. H. Ger. 
gmaUiiL] Good deeda, kradneaa, mercy. 

"To Uionhl Oolil of lit! (iwM and ui hU ya<d»d».'- 

gSd'-dtMk 'god'dea, 'god-dnoai. i. 

[Eng. pod; -tat.) 

I. A female god ; a heathen dal^ of tha 
female aex. 

3. A woman of pre-eminent qnalitiei or 

" A vDBtan I t u tewwe 1 bat I will peara. 
Tlxra Mnc a#«4daM. I foivwitniwt tbas* 
H>«liMb .- Umt't Lii»OH*'« IM(. Ir. a 

gttd'-dSaa-lika, a. [Bag.«DdilaM; -iUc*.) Ra- 
acTDMliig a giMiiteaa. 

" (Dm'* MBlalMd tor ti<e traUt : aad onlaivML 

Mon «BM«aM» ibu wiMika, Midi MMalla * 
~ * - cyMWiM. tiL a 

*g6d-dtea-«lltp, Ik lEog. pedtraw .- -tHi^J 
Tbe rmuk, atBte, or oonolUon of a goddaaa. 
' AriMM'drt ttnn not la Part* >n llila ivImT 

Or U MM* Awily UmI AjmIiI m bI or. 
tnalHhr parM«(|«Mew*WKwlMii llH 
Bahe* tlwa (kr •*■) vaaovUbad Lnrt cd Warl' 
Mgnm ai*M« Mar^id. It IL 

*KM'-d4t,«. [Etym. douUruI.1 A goblet. 
" A *vj4im fvdffiN or tauluwil.*— /1^««. 

* gAd -di-kill, <. (Eiig.^,-dliuiii.auff.4:in.] 
A littl'- K'"l 

(I.,-, kliiil««ad«Ui«.'-<MrM: AnHmtm i^w" 

'gttd'-diaa.r.l. lEiig. 9od; -1m.) To deUy. 

" And blr*. la««A. fMt«d lUi*katb 

Ua ra ewdiirtiMI ••■f Uaea.' 
Wunvr .iMMf CtVtWA t*. iK.. ch. tU« 

*gM-^t, filar:!. I A oonlrMl. vS OoA wd ^ 
[dod kunwa.] An («lh ; by God. 

" »a4dM I 7 -Ik wttta Um §nm*-' 'iMdA »a 
'godo.i. A «. [Ooot>.l 

* goda-lea, n. IJIid. Eng. oodr = good, or 
U<><-u, and bf = leaa.] Without tuuDajr or 

*godo~ ley -bade, a. (Vid. Evg. rabir » 
gooOiy i •Me^booii.i OoodiMaa, goodUncaa. 

*g«-dte'-49t a. ITr. ffwfmdoo, garfnwbirt; 
Low Lat. irowiiutflf«itu, from Plem. ffoedtt = 

?ix.-l. aud dac ^ day. 8o called t>emuae Iba 
leitilah aoldiers virtually aald Ilia miipU of 
pnrting, "OooU day," to tbe enemy, wbrn hy 
Uem^ Ihia wramiii agniiiat tlicm ttiey t^mi- 

Glii-.l Ihem todrjArt. l/.iUri-,)] A r-.^le*!* 
vinx n Bplku at iU eud, uaed In the ,Uilr- 
tr. iitli century. 

'goda-naoB, t. [QooDMna.1 
gM-ftt-|hor, *cod-ftk-der, >. [A.». jod- 

fiater: IceL ^dJUbdlr; 8w. A UatL ^(Ubder; 
Oer. fffiwUe'-,! 

L Or«f iMary /.oii^iMtge : 

I. Ut. : III the uiue senio w I(. 

' 2. J^iV'i^o^iw'v ■' 

(U One who gives a nane to any tMnon or 

" Tktm MrtJtll fw(niA«vi ef iManoi'i HgiAM, 
TtiAV al*a a naiB* ts •rarr And lUar.* 

«t«a«pL . Im^i tm*^r§ um. 1. L 

(2) All oldjiwularnaina fbr a Juryman. 

n, Eeclaalol. t CK. ftUL : Tho appellaUnn. 
derlvoi) from Anglo-Saxon, for one of tlia 
aponaora who take rowa upon HiamaelTofl 
wliPD they bHng an infant tn be Lapliuid. 
Their Arat a[>|tnlnttnest Is altrlbulcd to 
liyginuB, a Roman bubop, al>nat t.D. IM, 
bia oWect being l*> provide ao?ne aeonrity for 
Um CbriaUao uprtarlug of the child If the 
pafeala were cut off Iti a perai^titlon tlien in 
vrogreaa. Sotoa, however, think thnt the 
Jewa had aponaorr In counexion with the cir- 
CDiiii^iaion nf children ; otliera that their tn> 
tmdnetlon Into the Chorrh amae ttnm tha 
leKial'tiun of the Roman i-h-il ri>de. In BIS 
tbi> O'lunrll o( MetJ pmhibitMl parciila fmni 
Botiiiij aa apuuniira for their chiUlmi. Tba 
Council of Tmnt. In l&iS. limited the umnber 
of apoiMora to one or two. The Churcb of 
Ensland rmjulrea two gO)1Cathera for n male 
and oDe for a famale child. In tbe Ronun 
Cbnreh nKmaon oontraet a aplrltual relitlon- 
ablp witu tha tnfent for whom they pledge 
themaelvea, and with Ita parcota. ao tliat a 
dirlirtent impediment exiata, by which uo one 
of the partlra confirmed can contract matrt- 
inony with any other one. The aanie Impedl- 
nifiil iM^r^un viliea a|>niianni oinclata at enn- 
flmiAliiui, but in very maay plaoaa tfaa parson 
to lie eonBmtnl has no apaDaors. 

* gM'-ftt-fbir. r t. [GoitrjtTnaa, «.) To act 
aa godfatlter to ; to take under one'a foaterlng 

-TlM eotMitavhkh have hod the faftne of oe* 
balBf fatValKfrtd by th» Bawd id Tnda, hn*« *■*« 
«a«tUMiiaU<M)*«hauna~— Jhirt*. o» tSa a t cam^mi- 

i'-flk-tber-1<ao, a. |Sng. godfiUUr ; Jut. | 

* g6d fa ther ahip, a. [Xni- po^rfkar; 

•tkip.\ Tiie poaiUon, oondltioa, or KM* ot a 


GM'^ter-SEftg, a. {Eng Cnd. and fiaring.] 
Having a TeverentUl and loving fpeliiig lo- 
warda Ood ; railgioua. 

"TiMt adbv.i«Mhd& and thdfi^Hm^ 4itM>.<wla( 

■tlchaaMaaOliaJ henMlhUaiMaQqiMnkbJaanuT.* 


bCtai W}: podt, SS^li oat, ^ell. oboma, ^hln, benoh; go. ^m; thin, ^bls; aln, of ; expeot, S^nophoa, a^at. ing. 
-ttoa 3 aban. -ttoa, -olon = abAn ; -(Ion, -floa = abftn. -tlona, -oloaa, -olona » abtka. -ble, -die, Ac = bfl, dfL 


godMght— goer 

'sodmcht, *Bod-mh^ 'nd-^Biit; 

^■od ftirllt, a. IA.9. r-i^/HU, go^/fTlU. 
" Ihiu Ml t«o Ml |w4Mk( mMk.'— a Jt AHtdlM. 

* god Mstat^httdflL • |0d«-Ciist-l'h«d, 

qwUlu or ttibi of bclag giNUioailtig ; tbe A»r 
lit OmI. 

" (M liidM sad a( «i»WHvHtoA* 

' SOd-fOl (U * god fUUa. •!. (OooDnTUl 

-S6d'-fftl(3).'g6d fOU.*!. lEns. pKl,miid 

0«d -bted (IX ' God- bod, * Ood-hado (1). 
a. (Eog. rinoC; gbnf: O. B. U«r. GoUuit; 
U. U. tier. OottAtU; DaL 0«tt«(rf.l 

1. Tbfl qoaUljr or lUU of balsg Ood ; Ood- 
•hip, <Uvlal(y ; dirine lutara or «MBnca. 
'• TWtir uw an fcwl Uw feMWU, ■Oi an prttaid. 
VkOh MwlMil B«lr In Mjwtla* IkM, 

SL Tba Bnpmu Dclly ; Qod. 


"1%* Iwpwia) thna* 
Bsai tat Mir ftnu mU «iuk* 

r. £., vtL IN. 
& A god or fDddeM ; ft ddtj iu iianou ; • 
- IMu . . . Itan mlgbl nrt- and. Bnaa Um* hi^fel, 
run »Md mnmt. tM'tB4hm4 «T«rtMh 
H'ttylln« tMttmt,^-' 

ir«nlnMra - toMnt««. Uc. It. 

* Kdd litad 13X 'cod-bod* (SX •. [Mid. 
Ens. 9mf = Kood : -Xml: U.H.G< 

- Ihn Ulun a«« tbl •wMa«A ' JMt» /m^ itt. 

■add* hood. 1. (Etiy. Cm/; .hood.] Hm 
kUUi <it i|iuility nf Uud ; iUvU)« lulon or 
vaacDCC ; godboad, godablp. 

■ OM'-IU. -Ctod lold, rf^r. [A e/intr. c.f 
r.;otf ylatd ( « nqulta) 0'*>t>)-J A iihnuc uaal 
Id (tivtaff UiuikB. 

■ttd'-ltaL*flOd-l«M,fl.ft«. (A.&ffmf?nii: 

lael fidikmm ,- 8w. gwfifa.! 

A. AuM.: Aeksowladfliiff do Gol, arlth- 
ovtMnaaofdutrloOod; Inpwai, athclsUcsal, 

- bwl In mmbw to ttaljoJ** ««* 
BAidlkiM.'^ JHIto* A L, •! A^ 

BL <iJ wM. : A godlMi |«rBni) : one with- 
out tMue of dntr or ranrnncc to Uod. 

"HmhsI vhMv Uitf 0«d batk 4«ill Um MdMt 

Comp, Jfya. : Tb« tenth month «f tb« J»> 
pancM jnr, •o-iBU«d bccwiw Ihan llw leMcr 
dlvtaltiM wore eooMtnA Id lie alm-nt ftvm 
tbflir tflDtpIca, tor Um pwr i w a uT fvynuc l-b« 
•nuual tuxuft doB to tiiB nmUal JMui. 

SSa'>lfa»-ljK oihL nbia.fadb«;-ly] In a 
l[>Nll<m< Impbtta, or InwicrtBt ounner ; witb* 
tixit frar of or nvonnr* lowirds Qod. 

gftd-Hw nlM^ »■ TBiv.0«IU»; .WH.] Tbe 
qtwUtr nr stale of being godl«e*, Imploiu ur 

tttd-'iim, a. (Vas. oorf, and f a> ] 

1. Ukfl a god; havtag the qtiaUtlaa of a 
god ; dlrlne. 

citijdoyM for Uiat which appertains ti a SQpc- 
rior IriufC in >liatinrlic>n fntm that wblch (a 
bttinan. Aa ihrin< u i>|it<ue«l to human, ho ta 
k«tixnt/v to eailblj ; tbe DIrUu Being dljitiii- 
gutolive lb« CirnUir ttom ail other beinga ; l>ut 
a AmMnIy Iriiig denotes tbo Rii|{eb Or hihnlH- 
taiita of AasnrM, In dUtlnetlnn ftnm aanlil]r 
baingi or tbe luliaUtauti of MrUi." (firabb: 

' rid'-IPKO-TlMM, '■ fKng. nxfiOe; -mm.] 
ThtiiiuoliljruraUleuf biiiniigiMlilui;godUoeaa. 

• CM'-liko-wifO, odflL [Siig.9i)dUfa;-wte.] 

In agoUiktfmaDMr. 

B^d -U-l#. god ly-ljro, niip. fBng. vkNh ; 

-I'y.] Ill a gixllj uuaii«r; ri^fbteoiuljr, rul- 

" A «w«aliMi r"«iBt nun. wbA Uead MtfMf* Imh *1Ui 
«i & tail (jrUc'-ctUHiM.- Aw« 0«^ ' 


6d -U-bShl *ffodd-U 

. *. [Kr.B. 

or «tat« nf Iwlnu 

gtidljr; pletr: a reUkioai" oiMMrvauw of th« 

commaiida uf Dtxl. nii<l n carofUt perfunuajioe 

of ail Uie duUi-M prritrnlM'^l by rtllgfun. 

"Bl««ln'. villi wril dliMfBbUd iMH . . , 

cvnqwr .- J>4p^ an. 

' sSd'-ling. *. IBng. 1^ ; iliin. auf. -/(a^.I 

A lillle tfod or dnty : a iwttj or piiny d*ity. 

"UaUlbvjAUMit'itMdFljwr Do ii«l Imt hlio. 

U* *iKUa not bait tba tM<d Uiat itoli ftaay 

Twftof kUeoMMi iMlU.' 

MtM^itrr ; r>nr*N ifartjM-. UL L 

(Sd'-lj^. o. Jfcoifr. [Ens- ffwf; -ly.] 
A. ^< w4r«cfti«: 

L Of prrmitt : Oodfarlog, ploui ; nrrncB- 
tial tuwarda Ood, aiMl oluenriuie uf Hi* lawa ; 
reUgioiu, rtghteoiu, upilgUL 

-nwty. U-l Im- Uw ptU^ nun onHth. lor tk> 
UU>I«r Ull »uma^ U>* idtlUnai <^ tMO.*-/^ xU. I. 
^ The name applied to tbeniMlvca liy the 
PartuninntATy part}* In the eirll war of tbe 
•evculveiiUi centuiT'. 

2. Of ihinifi ; Influeneod by a nwHitM 
lovo uf Uinl ; roiifurwod tu Q<id'a omuaasda ; 
ujiri({bt, rlgbteoua, rfliglooa. 

" Tbkt pa mar banantr U«« • joJIy, rifhtamm, uiJ 
•oh«r 1U«.~— float ^ tbawMH /V*gw ; Omtrat <rM»- 

* B, Jjorfv. ; In a g'>llj', plooa, and god- 

fcarinic uiiuiiirr; ftmUilj, |<t»(wly, rsUglanaly. 

" In Ull* Uit, klMMB 1» UuKht Wi BMdanU UmIt 

TloUrli^ MMl bhM it1> IbairoOor to a* ib* nmcbUi 

4IUc)aUr«M4lvlrtivliliipaDdlMnMd.-'W<W. J»- 

^ Crahb tliua tllscrlailnaliM hetweaD tfnUy 
and rtpAlaow : " OoiUliMW, Id the aUlot aenee, 
U tbat oatvard daportmuit wbloh cltaract«r- 
iaea a bcaraolr iMDpor . . . rvAlfow/aeai 
oumprebeada Cartstlin motmllly. In itiatlurtinii 
thHD that of the bMlheo or unbcllevor; a 
ri^JUaoM oiaa doe* rigkl, not only bceaiuc 11, 
b ritfU. bat beeaoM It U agrmalile tu the will 
of lua Maker, and tbe example nt hla He- 
deemor ; rt^hltoumum U therefore U> oodJituM 
w the affect to tbo caiiae," (CraM; Kng. 

*kM If'lUad, ■goodo-lT-hoda. * good- 
ly-boa, •. (Eiig. gf'dlg ; -Jmtd,] 
t, OondncAR. 

•■ JUW (br »niy>MrI foiilr* It «Ma.* 

q^MMP; r.ii., ILULm. 

S, Ooodly appoatanoo. 

" neiMd with that MFmlac w^fMfKU * 

«>»«Mr. /* V..I1LU >k 

g6d m^^ - or, * god-mo-dor, * god- 

mo-dtyr, <. [A.b. nadmatar ; leal. fnU- 
BwWJir : Sw, fwc/mouUr, fwaor ; DM. ^ad- 
iPKMi^r] |<>ot>rATiiicR.) AwoBMB wbn baeoiuH 
■j-oiwT f-T a child la b a p tla m . lOoor^TUcR.] 

gO'-d^i^ OX *- Plalay pnfomff.] A ware- 
biiiiav ur atiMcroom. (Cut fad^o.) 

■ go' ^tf3»B CD. a [Kng. go, r.. Mid down.] 
A tlraDSbL 

* gM'-pboro, «. (Prob. a enrrapt. of Eng. 

yxi, uiil Vr. jihr ^ a father.) A ^xilktfaer. 

" Mr atdal^t^i vM a BabUa «r a Jao* 

<M/aiMHi. rait Wmj^. It- t. 

gtf-droda't <■ IFr. godnn « a mile or ■ pQff.) 

ArrJt. : An InrertM BottBg, beading, or 

calilln^ tuol in rariune omeiDMitacwmanbera. 

gM'-aCnd, «. [tng. tod, aM anuL] Bome- 
thing aaat bjr Ood ; anctaaala andnnlooked- 
lor aoqulatUoo or gilo. 

-lahatthblnrivMfcHil lecWpillMa. la tha mL 

bmw4 oat a tfaiMwl iNr hb».~— .liAraniai. April L, 

Ihaabaaafa4wt ^ .__ 

l^m^f: m, IV. U. t 

& PoMMdag MMA of tbe attrlbatea of God ; 



t, Befltttng or beooning a gnd ; diirfne. 
■*■•« tmt Iba mkghtj mark ba »lebt taata 
« tavioer W aMmklBd. aai vbMi wu a«Bt 
raMlib Ua #a«Uto oMca ara ■Htww.' 

MBtM ; f . A^ L Ua 

4. Of the higbeat exeallaDoe ; prv-amiaantly 

-nawimM-aauMUaaaB'a: tbardnhwriaa 
TaMter, 4<FMtaa arfdiUm, bond uc ti«a.' 

ff-m—- ^tmim^ *U Mi. 

5 Crahb QmadlafrtnlnatM tctweenffodltta; 
diaiiia, and Hanaealir : ** OodlHu \» a mnre a* 
u ria al Ta, Imt Ion comnon term titan dleiac : 
{be fiavwMr i* naad ooly m aa mttlu* of pecn- 
Unr ptalw kriatodlvttoal: tfMw UgowtUy 

fito. fftt. fiiro, omtdot, wliat, faJl, fatber; we, wdt. horo oam^l, her, there; pine, pit, ure, ur, mArime: go. p4^ 
or, vbro, v^i^ work, who, oftn ; mate, cAb, cure, i^to, ear. rdlo, fdU ; try, Sfrlui. lo, (« = o;«y»«. qti» kw. 

* gdd'-aUp,*. lEng. ty.i: tkip] Tlw rank 
(IT rJiAniciflr iif a god ; a dftly ; a dlirlnK^. 

* Ami tba bauvadavpthnvlai ana 
L*iigb ruurgorfiUfla *Mamnm^ 

£. aT a rmm m mfi Mm It Am* 

'gSd'-ofb,*. [A.8. DiMf >Ood:fAsTTiat1v«, 
kin ; ieeL fiMttf taaae.), frMlkeCQa (rem.). ] 
[OoaaiP, «.] One aalri In UmI : one wbo la 
apanrar almig with another. 

" Pa«anaUa lalatwiaBfa. aylbarjMCJrae OMUy ; 
rnaUv U far to 4dm Wtlh Ua #i Otil ■ ^-Ofc 


* gdd-BlVrede, * gtio- 
•yb redo, ». 1 A,», '..••/ - <jij(1 ; n/in 
n.-JiiiiMi] ] |(>'Uli<>nFi]ii[> In (j'xl. 

* gttd'-omltb, I. [Rajf. ^.and mWk(<].T.].] 

1. A amltb who la t god ; a dliine MStlh. 


2. A maker of idols. 

" Oub Ibar tmi «( aivrr aba^ aul alaa 

1 ao^flfti aoald ptuloca nr nttaata J 

- - - -—.^^alla^e^.La* 

• »Im-M to havahb a 

. VbvO.- .AwM |Da41a.) 


gadoAn, ' godo o on , •■ . 

OOn, «. IA.U. jtndntmn ; Bw. fudiom., fwrn : 
Vaa. gufUoH.] A male for wbom One ha* Mood 
BiM>nM>r in baptism. 

"Tb« Klualwatowad hk Ava ■ 

'god spcl. 'goddopoD, *godd4pel,a. 


' god- spel- book, ' godd~opoU-bo^ 
^godd opoU-book, '. (i-'^i 1 1. 1- -IK] 

* god ipoU-or . ' god Bpel loro, *. [Ooa- 


* god ' spel - wrlgbt, ' godd - spoli- 
wribbte, *. |Oo.-i»u-i»iiii.iir.j 

' g6d - w^rd. * god - wmrdo, * g«d- 

wakrdS, fi^. IEdk. O'vi: -mini.j Toward 

" Bnt Uialr haitoa ivaajiMd atyll IkylblMW *"f^ 
wina, and tnwmfCb Ua mmtf aaaltnta.'— J^vMli 
•TaPaM,!. M. 

gdd-win X^ *. [Kamed, In laW, nfte Ux. 
GiKiTft^ tiotlHln, an arvliltecL] 

Bet. : A genua of AjBda, with twalT* aU- 
nena. Oodwialu aiaSM la ten tmt high, two M 
which are ocoiipfeu by tho oUoog, ptnjde 
bood-like (patbe. tt la from KfeangBa, and 
U tbo Urueat Arad kiiown. {TnoM. ttf get.} 

g6d -wit, $, [A.8. v>U = good ; vUU = crM- 


Omilh, : A wailtni; bird, f^faviM avisawrw. 
and tlifl geaita LiUKwn {crtirnillj'. {I.inua*.] 
Tbey undergo a double raooJl, laving red plB> 
tna^ when yonng, and tbm, Mitet raetdtuig, 
bUck wllb a iMoe ot white : on tbe wlap alw 
lea white «iH>t. Tlw female Is larger than Che 
male Tbe Uodwit oceora Id firllafB and the 
rent of Earope, alao la Africa and InAa. It 
rarely breeds in Soidnod. Ita naat la f»f dry 
graas : the eggi flmr.Uglit oil re brown bkrtche^ 
and spottedwlth darker brown. 
"Um tmlmttt^m. aar Ite pmaa baa 
CMU awt pw dtfwaa nr baDT that 

M.Jmmr»: V-naea; /»«bM^aOiMtfrtoi«h 

>gtfd--7Ud,*gttd'-ylild.r'lmaL (Bag. 
god, and vUid.] A pbnne oaed la ntnnUag 
'■ • [Oomu>.) 

god, and 


Bv» >va akMU bad farfyalrf 

a *va abaw 

aa M fai 

• gfah • goon, |W. P»r. [Go, e.I 

* goal, * gOOl. a [A.a. ftetA} Tallow. 
Tba f^lr ami rvrnt/fft, tba hrt—t Itowa.* 

gd'-«r, * go-OTo, *go-«ro, l [Eng. f^ v.; 


1. One wbn or that wblrb rrtm, raaa, walks, 
or morea in any way ; uee uat baa a gait of 
any kind ; eapeclally applied, la ooethuicttae 
with an sdjeenve, to a bene : u, a lut pmr; 
or to a wat<±, as a good goar. 

* S. One who seta aa an tnUrmodiaiT h»- 
tweeo two parttea ; a go-betwaen. 

" SatWiW ooaM hart alU>« td m m ««iO aa Iba 
tartarveataeaOlabMa li t rti i ai II ^ tbiM 0mn ba- 


' A daabia MwtlaL Mat 

goeriua— gold 


' soor-biwlEward, ». One «rbo givrw 
«•)' : <.>uc who iletennnilM. 

Mljibt h« k oom la tfc— Tounr tf ■■«■ : 

WKM. foUuval hII. wontd AnUiaUkU tlMtD ti«« 

Sft-Sr'-l-4a» «■ |Etym. dna^ttful. AfpiMli 
•OtlCWU tlikt it nmy (« rnim Kdr. jrorr La- 
Umm, whirli wrtnl't be ■ IwrlxiniiiA r<oinbhui> 
linn, fttwl McKiuill rrimi (jr. ^or^ot (l^3(Tal) a 
mdantrul. ilUlrcMfnl ] 

f«J(Mft. ,- A gcuus of tiM:tlB«, r«iuily 8t<i>liy- 
llnlOn. Oomtu o/aiu. wlilch in unmetliiiMi 
«»ll««l Um Oevjl'a eotcb-huiw, b uuw Ocypiu 

a. (Enf. ffovlv,' ccoiui«cti>'«, -a/.] I'ortaltilug 
to gMty ; BMglciL 

* & tanlM «l (huvmlt pndk*U>« utto jmMmU 

'& tanJ 


• car-<-ti^. • (d^-c-ti«, «. (fir. T«p^ 

(|OlMa}~ wttflhcnit : vd<ff Uracil -» nugjciui, 
■ ■orowvr; Kr. iMttr.j l&vocktkiii or •rll 
^trlta; nuigte. 

"A iMoaHM . . . TfeMUata. 0«wuim1'. or 0**H* 
■nd (hi Oi^BlL'— 0«*/a . jriw..iim>~jri*'»iu, |k b. 

* coA^ * Kttlt * sojrfl: * gowlt ' Kowebt, 


- Wardto IUm *ttd kUJ ha Ira* ud Ut <nt « 
bMiUa te •**»! la Um iV^'-Jt^rd. Ji« |UM|, ST.. 
^ 111 

Ca^-I8r.v.f. [GAcrrcik] 

'VMTdX *• IPr. pu/' = I11-nuil«, diimsy, 
awkwnnl ; 8p. gafa ; lUL fn/n.] A ctupM 
Inut ; Kit uftf ; « itult ; a blocltn<'Aij. 

*gMr (Z), «■ IImL mK/,- DuL ^(v.l A nUck, 
mnw, irr enek of hAf . 

"B«*M la III* Ubwvritac]El«capi>n^vI«anL'— 
Ac, I* irMri.- ^UUa. ii«*a.,LMK 

*cSr-fSr. v.t (GjirfTCB.] 'hi crimp, platt, or 

But*. M Ur«, frilU. ke. 

-Ml lM*« (B nt It all ttf*rmt ovar m*Iil'— JtUa 


(tfr-fer tl!l& pf-. for-. a., * Jl [Oorr?:*.] 
A. A B> <li jir. par. ^ ^rtUip. adj. : (Sm 
Uie vubk 

<L ^' niM. .■ OnlTiTMl nr onumwiUd (tUit- 
liijt. UKxl Ix frilU, lao^ Ac 

gfif (1); •. fBtyiD. doabtfnL] Th« obJ«>44 ict 
ti|) ■• K mark in pUjrlug at quolU or (<lteh' 

"Dm pMtlM •bukd a ■ ntlUaWaM*^ uwl pttBh Ui« 
WIpMwr to k nutf k. ar aoy ■ ■n<l \m «b<i H D«j«rt 
tM a»w4, has l>>« aiiTM mlvilcc* of t<iMtnf W^ bit 
IM*U at UUt.*— JU«rf«Ba^a JTiWutM. AVMai. ml. 

'CACa. [Wriah. =>art]v)tr,tmpldlt7.1 [Aoou.] 
A11XM7. dealr-, eageraeaa. 

"TMhurayntai* Into ratkaMrMf fMliia, I vukU 
w4 «tar l«r ail th« •«>U.'- Ammw « Tim. . ru 

'nsn, v.(. rPn>l>- ennnwtol with gitg% v> 
7<|.«lO 'T') t>'>o4. to bllndrold. 

'OM «M k» «• Mfr tk* vorM* cr* with Uw 
t.. «tallaaU«w.*-J: fc*?; LmM AwMf, p l.n. 

*9VC-Cl*(l>*CO-flS«.r.{.ftf. [Afroqaont. 
DMS u. A Out gap = a iwd, a allgbt niotkiti ; 
Ir. yi i ^ a = b> DOd at gaaticulala, oagAHikaeh 

. 2ii/r«M. : To atraln at roll tlto «yi» ; to 

" l^mt MMtf Vila OMlr «7w Utkn- and thtUMr."- 
B. IVttaa. .* To roll abont, to Rtnia. 

*Kte'fl0aD;r.L [A ntiaot Of irc44I«(q.v.).} 
TO awalhiw : to ^Ip down. 

" SaalMnte fnlpai <r y n w<* J 4««a.~— Tnqpriaw 

■tfr-«l«* 0- * J" taonot.t <1X V ) 

A> ^«ai4f. : PronUnont, atufog, HiU; aaid 

««k'::A«af X«<7«f fftMCivy .tlvr ^^ 
SL J« MteaaMur .- 

1. A atniMd or itarlac rollin( nT Um eyva. 
* n«* ■■MEda la fcjIWt vb«vwlUi a laaii oalMk 
Wbaa •■ • Mr Ud> M Aim kl* mK**.* 

t.(A); T^baa or gland eaaaa In fW>al nf 

thfl My«a for protacUoa tram 4ust or iiitenae 

3L (Pf.>: Blind! or blinkvra for hnraea that 
am apt to Xiikf tr\\/(\\t, \a prerent Uialr aeeiug 
ottJecU fruiu In:liiiMl. 

Kfl.}: SpecUdca. (^af.) 

* & A s<:^h>-«>'«d poraoo. 

"Do ;• «taj«. #aMlwr* 

XL SMvy* ' InstrntiMtita naed to cure aqidnl- 
Ijitf or diatortioa of tho sj-ml 

goggle -cyft. <. A protalue&t, roUing, m 

atariu^ oyp \ dtntblBintu. 

" 11 Itb* M^loa) kM k gnat MVte.Mfw. Um ImUi 
Utraa lucho tnnv. alxHii tka blciMH wf a tnaa'i 
IkaBh."— AkmH^-' rtii«fc» MB. iwi. 

EORgle-eyed. 'BOKU-tKhad. *go|l*> 
•wo, ' gogyl-eyed, a. Uariug t{*>8Eli^ 

*- Lm th* y^torfirt tUrdlEM* III Wlmrtitor fynU 
at K till an nbbfa aka mhI m buarfnd dloliM 
4>arb>|->ukta*U^^*ifa. A««M fMaWw vTl 

* K^ -Sl«d (Kl*d aa gfldX a. [EJig. 7on^> 

V. ; -<<'.] Unggie, ROKglmg, alArisg. pronilii«>iiL 
't'llrlannl. siUi lone ><Uek hair. »««vr«rf ciw. 
>l<lv owatbaL'— Ar T Atharl: rvardi. ^ U. 

'gSg'-g&Ag. pr, par. or a. [Qoooue, v.] 
GotU{l«, ataruig. proinloeDt. 
■■ ttocb dghbi ha*! Ui«7 that (m with f>W'*V »7^' 
SWwr J rmrfio. bk. U. 

* (ttC'-lSt. a. (Etym. daiibcfal.l A aort of 
potUry jar or aartiieii veaael umkI fur koeplog 
water coul. 

* gOlt «. lOoLF-l 

gO'-iAg. jrr. pir., a.. A a. [60. K] 
A. A* pr. par. : (8eo the varb). 

L Walking or ntorlng In any way. 
2. 1b a atate of active nunagcmenl ; lo 

" Tht bniinan *1U b« bmnUlrmd I4 th« MMipwr 
onon ■Itatiaaut •• ■ f*^ ouscacn.*— AaMir r»l«pra>k, 

C. Ai rvbttanUvt: 

1. Tbe act i>t walking or iDoiinB la any way. 

5. A departure. 

**AimIt«1 tUalta waod^auatflf al, 
why tlMta Ifcaa aonowMt wtk tkoa vart oat vat 
ToBdilna kar#efav. kdw ttek It rtia] U" 

CKM*Mr; l>««M«ihlE. |r. 

8. A waniloring or de|wrtun> from tb<> riglit 

"OOmpan tha Popa'a doctrbu Ut tka wont ef Ood. 

and Ihxv ahalt anda t^t tbcr* haUi bm. and )«t U a 

■HattfabW antirftlM«Mjr.'~ry»d,>U. IFarfeH ]■. lU. 

4. Pnxniiiro: oourae or manner of life; 

oonduct; beUarlour. (UaiiaUy In t)M plnral.) 

'HI* ««■ acam thawajaof laaa. and fc« aocthall 
kUprfiiya~-Vaa>.ulv M. 

fi. A xtate or Uma of pngnaney ; gettaUoo. 
"TtM Uw* of dMtb haa a fv fiMlar laUtaila tban 
that (rf inif Urtk ; nuK wusmo wailuff, aaeardli 
tlMlr TKkaiiliis, aUhta tba iriiaa^a ul a r 
Uiat ta. Ui« twMtUftk |Nrt t4 thalr «a«V- 
CVawH^orta Sacra. 

6. The irtaU or eondltlon of the grotuul or 
conrse 00 whiob a rare ts run. 

"Tbaaka to a MUpM* RVrtfin oT rinlnaci, tha 
fttg •'•• vandaifalljdaan Yir tb« Uma e( jau.'— 
/totff rwapnaM. Hot. b. lata. 

r«nD%1it : 

golBg-lHtfrtl, •• 


1. A barrel oontsinioK a main'prlng. and 
hartng a cog-wlieel on lla |>cri|-)icry whkb 
drlvea the train. U aiiperntidca Uie arraiii^n- 
moiit of chain aitd tatfrn. 

i. A ntcbat-wliH) with pow] and aixing on 
the shart of the ri>*at wlivel, by wKich the 
wnrka are kept limine while the Hor^k it tM>lnf( 
wound np. InTcnt^ by tbe celebrated Cog> 
llati wntonmak^r. Uarriaoo. 

' golng-fbrtb. *. 

I. A dc[»>ituii?, a acttlng oat 

* 2. A liiiiii, a iKinnd. a li»nier. 

" And y'-ntr l»t^kr ■hall lata . . , aud Um yajwy 
fortM ibtnvt iLall be fnai tka Boatii Id Kadaah- 
wm nwa. '— Xumimrt uxIt. •. 

3. An (iiitlet ; a n>patu or pawtage nf exit. 

" ll«rh aall th« •atariiw4n af tk« lioiMa, wllb tvanr 
0oinf/urtA of tb« ^aetttary.'— JkiWll lUr. a. 

goiag-oiit, 1. 

1. A departore or Journeying. 

" Aad Hoaa vroto ttwir MMr>^>>< aoaanlliu bi tlvlr 

JatiiiMf«.''-,Vwntv* umlU. X 

* 1. An extnmia point or limit ; a lonler. 

" And Ibt tmntw atutl fntTh ■ oonii^ . . . aad tk* 
f tt i ^aittot It ikallboatthaaM.*— Jh«9aA#rf ziziv. •. 

going - Wtawal. a. An ananaffmeot in- 
Tcntod by Unyglieiii to keep a clock Ui motion 
while wtndlitg, 

gotngs-on. I. pt. Bebarloor, actions, 
coii'liirL <UL-nem])y in a bad aeiUKi.) 

"Pnttjr Dlaa* U taut U »bara tbnr doat adailt 
w nw i. Klca )il n pi »■ . I dwaatj, Mt. Outdid'— 
a JarvaM : Mn. Mia««Wil. «UL 

gfi'-Ond, ga'-tr*d (tred aa UrAX a, 

[Rng. fioll/v; ■«d.] Affected witli, or aulTenng 
from gi)1tn. 

g^'-tro (tre «3 tir), «. [Pr. gatit*. ttvat 
IM. tftittur = tliP thniat.) 

iUEAoC.: Tbo uina aa BaaamocSLi (q.v.). 
It ariaea from a morbid anlarBement of the 
tliyrold gUnd. analng an imiwttly, bat paln- 
1«M, deformity. It ia more common among 
wutnea Uiau amonfc men, iu tbe iiroportlori ch 
about twelve to oae. II iirrralla obicfly. If 
not eivlulrely, lo tIIIoski ■lloale<I iipiin or 
rloaa to Umutono rooika. rroBi ita oommf»n«u 
lo Derbyabira It la aomiUmaa called Darby- 

g<^-tretta. a. t^. gnt/m*.] (OofTita.1 
1. pHTtalulag to goltro; of Uia nature of 
i. AfTocted aith ur lulhrlag trum ffcritre; 


*go~jon, 'go-jono, 'go-Jmo, >. iGuo- 

□ OUK.J 

* goka. *. [Gawk.] A atopid hllow : a clown. 

* goke, vX (Gosa, «.] To atupeiy. {Btn 

go'-kttm-ite (o aa 9), *. [rrom Ookum fa 

Klnlati'l, wlipr* it octnira.] 

Jlf(M. : A rarfety of Idocrase luimod by Dana 
Veauvtantte. GOkDiultetathflaaiiiaaaLoaoiTi 
and tiaanrrs (q.v.> 

*gdk'-j^. «. [Gawxv.] a foul :aatnptd fellow. 

'go' -14,*. [ItoL, from LaL tnM^ tbo tltr<>aL1 
Arxk. ; A mouliUag, more commonly oalted 

" In a sarntaa Iba Mda, or crautlam &t tka (mqui. 
tk« Mpioff, tbt awdllHana or d«iit«IU, maka a a^Ua 
■hoa.^-JUMtaM: i|We«<*Mr. Vv. tia. 

gO'-lUl-dAllfS. a. tnind.gotoa/fdi.] A native 
artUJvT) luoii. [ A)(iiu>-I>(t/UN. ) 

gold, * gold«, * gooldo. * gOWd, *■ A O. 
(A.S. ifoltt; mvii. With Itvl. fMl; Diit i^iitl ; 
tlw. 4 Dan. gM ; Gcr. gold ; Goth.V*iV/A ; Lat. 
a«niB( ; Or. XP"^ (cAraau); Sanae. Ibiniao ; 
Ruan. aCslo; Zend aaniaa, aw«M||0| all * 

A. Atmibttantim: 

L Ordinary f nagwityt .* 

L Z-frcrallv: 

<1) In the aame aenaa aa n. 3. 

"Tba i^vpatJan lMt»«aa Un auaaUtln atf «iM aud 
■nnr annoally laiaviiad tnto ■ ur oya. aaMnlbm lu 
Mr, Hafgiab'i aecouut, U m» oaa ta lanMrtr-tav aaarlr ; 
ilut la, for mm ««tiiot at fmU tbara ara Impvrtad a 
liiUr Btara ttiaa laantf ta« Miaow o( «Uyir."--Jw*t> ; 
n-cana nf Itttviu, bk. L, ak. alL 
(2) Gold coin. 

(1) Moaey, ricbaa, arnalth. 
" roe na. tka pM e( Vnuwa did not ladaca.- 

aaa>l^ - «««'* r., iL 1. 

f2) Uaod aa a aymbol of aoylhlng very valu- 
able or greatly prlied ; aa, A heari o( 9M, 

(A) A briglit yellow ooloar, Uka that of gold. 

XI TaAntooXty: 

I. Chen. : A triatomic matalUo aloaiitnt, 
aymljol Au ; atomto wriglit. IM ; ap- gr., 
10-20 ; melting point about \H<f. forming a 
Kreen fluid which ruUtUinw at a tiitclier trm- 
peratore. Gold U a iiiHtal of a bright vellow 
colour, and waa (nm|iansl to tbe aun liy Ibe 
aJchrtniata. It la very dnrlile : a grain of it 
can ba dcawn futo a wire SOO f^et long, and 
will gild two mllea of fine ■Uvar wire. It It 
alai) ^'ery malleable ; ooo gimtn can be beaton 
out to covt^r an area of MTS aquare iorhea. 
Thin gold Wf appnara green by tranamiUad 
llsht. The re^i roluur t^ ruby glaaa la due to 
nieUltlc guld In an fxtrane ittate of dlvlaloD. 
Odd dtwa ai)t oxidlxe or tamiah lu the air, 
and la not acte<l upon by oxygen or water 
at any iMnperatnre ; It Is not dlsanlvod by 
anipbarie, oltrle, or hydiochlorte add, bat 
ia dtHolved by aqua raria, a mlitara of 
nftrie and hydrochtorle adda. Gold eryatal- 

bCta, b^ : p^t, 1^1 ; o&t, fell, ohams, 9liln, bonpb ; go, ftem ; tMn, (bis, sin. af ; oxpoot. ^enophon, o^it. ph = L 
-tUn '^ sb^a. -tlon, -alon = sbfta; flon, flon = sbftn. -tiotu, -oloo^ -«loiu = alilU. -bio. -dlo, kM. = bfl, dot 




lizM in cubes, ocUhfdra, and other fonns be- 
longing to a regnUr systtitn. Oold forms two 
ieries of salts, Aurooa aad Auric <Q.v.) : It 
bss been detected In sea water. Gold is ex- 
tnctAd fh)m the qu&rtx ore by polveruing it, 
uid adding mercury containing » amall quso- 
tity of sodTom ; the amalgain Is then heated to 
drfve off the mercury ; auriferous pyrites are 
roasted to drive off Bulphur and arsenic before 
they am treated with the amalgam. Oold can 
be parifled by melting it along with borax In a 
clay crucible, glazed inside with borax, and 
passing chlorine gu through the melted metal 
by means of a tobacco-pi[ie item ; the other 
metals are converted Into chlorides, which 
rise to the sur&ce. When the operation Is 
flnlshe<l, the gold is allowed to cool, and the 
fused chloridcfl poured off. Pure gold is pre- 
pared by dissolvlns the metsi In a mixture of 
nitric and hydrochloric acids : the solution is 
flTaporated to get rid of the nitric acid, then 
diluted with water and filtered ; the gold U 
then precipitated by ferrous sulphate. liAaClx 
•f eFe804 - Ani+Fe9Cls + 2Pe/804)s. Gold 
can be separated from silver by heating It 
with two and a half times its weight of con- 
centrated sulphuric add, sp. gr. I'M, UU no 
more 8O3 is given off. The alloy must not 
contain more than 25 per cent, of sold ; if It 
does it must be melted with silver before the 
tmeiatlon ; the sulphuric acid attorJts the 
iUver and copper, converting them Into sul- 

E hates ; the gold is allowed to settle, and then 
le silver is precipitated by metallic copper 
from the decanted lli^uid. Tlie presence of 
small quantities of tin and antimony in ^Id 
renders it brittle ; they can be removed by 
heating the gold with ten per cent, of oxide of 
copper and a small quantity of borax. Pure 
gold la a very soft mital, therefore it is alloyed 
with sllv«r, which gives it a greenish-yellow 
tint, or with copper, which gives it a yellowish- 
red colour. 

2. Pkarm, : Oold lias been used In medicine 
tar scrofulous diseases ; it appears to act like 
mercnty. Gold terchlnride is very poisonons, 
acting Illie corrosive sublimate. Gold leaf is 
oaed by dentists for stopping teeth. 

5. Mill, : A metal crystallizing Isometrically 
In octahedrons or dodc<>ahedrons, as well as 
acleular, fltiform, reticulated, arborescent, 
and spongiform shapes. There are four varie- 
ties, (I) Ordinary, and (S) Argentiferous Gold or 
Electrum, (3) Falladiom Oold or Porpesite, 
(4) Rhodium Gold. Dana has a Gold Group 
of Hinerala, conUinlng (1) Gold, (2) Silver. 
CDuso.) It Is widely diffuMd. It has been 
found In Cornwall, Devon, Ac, Id England ; 
In North Wales ; In Scotland at Wenlock- 
head. Lead Hills, in Sntherlandshire, ftc ; 
tn Ireland at Wlcklow. Abroad it occurs In 
the Ural Uountatns, In Persia, Jajian, Cali- 
fornia, West Canada, Nova Bcotia, New 
Brunswick, Venezuela, Soothem Africa, Bar 
moa ; In Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand, 
he. Alluvial or drift workings tend to ex- 
haust themselves, and those of the ancient 
world are now little worth. In the early part 
of the nineteenth century, parts of the Ural 
HouQ tains were the most jo^nctlve gold Held 
ofthe world. laSeptember, 1SI7, amagnlflcent 

Kid field was discovered in Calffomla. Sir 
iderick Hnrchlson, who was struck with the 
•Imilsrity of conformation between the Ural 
Mountains and the Blue Hountaina of New 
Holland, which he hapi>fly re-named the 
Aostralian Cordillera, predicted the discovery 
of gold in the latter mountain region ; 
and In 1851 gold was foood in the parts 
pointed out in aoantitiea nneqoalled except In 

Krtions of Colifiimia. Bnca was the almn- 
nce of the precious metal exported fTom 
Victoria and other ports of Australia, that It 
was supposed that tiie rctatlve value of silver 
and gold would be altf-red ; but as Hurchison 
■bowed, there was little reason to believe that 
this resnlt would follow, nor has it done to. 

4. GtoU : It has been found in slate, qnarti- 
Ite, aandatone, limestone, granite, ann Beri>en- 
tloe. In many cases it oc<!ura in veins of 
quartz, but much more acccosibly In drifts, 
which the breaking up of those ouartx veins 
has hel|)ed Ut pn>duce. In the tlnl Moun- 
tains the drift Is Newer Pliocene, having in it 
bones of the mammoth, &c. ; in Califomla It 
b of two diffeTent ages, but l-oth, geologically 
viewed, cnmiiarativrly recent ; when in veins, 
h is more froqut^ntly found in the paleozoic 
than in the secondary or tertiary strata. In 
most cases the veins are near i>lutonic rocka. 

6. HUt, : Oold U menUoned in the Bible as 

early as Gen. ii, 12. The Hebrew word Is 
3^ (aahab), trom ITT] (mAofc) = to ahlne, to 
be brilliant. Aa the names of gold In the 
Aryan languages (Let aurum. Or. xpmm 
(chrum) differ from this, gold may perhaps 
not have been discovered till after the sepa- 
nUon of the Aryan and Semitic races. 

6. Coinagt, Art, tfc. : Oold was first coined 
in England In a.d. 1257. The amount of gold 
that passed through the English mint from 
1568 (accession of Queen Elizabeth) to January 
1, 1840, is 3.553,561 pounds weight, troy. The 
value of gold coined in the reign of George III. 
was £74,601,586. The standard of gold coin- 
age in England is eleven parts of gold with 
one part of alloy. In France, Oermany, and 
the United States, it is nine parts of gold to 
one part of alloy. 

7. arf.-.- (0/ (*e;^>m gold) : 

(1) The Turnsole (Heliotropivm). 

(3) The Cora Marigold (CAryaoHtAemum 

"Bht iprcmf up out of the molds 
Into a flour, wm iuua«d poldt, 
WUeh aUntgovmud of thi Htui«.' 

VoMr, ILSH. 
(S> The Wild Myrtle. 

(4) Caienduia offidnalU. 

& Archery : The exact centre of a target, BO 
called because marked with gold, or of a gold 

"HIm lMdUu«klU tofoFMUU thsRonal dl«- 

trtbntlm bjr Heiuing UtTM jMldi St ooesuL'— /bU 
OeL IT, Itn. 
B. Aia^jBctivt: 

1. Hade of or consisting of gold. 

" In the midj tlope, nasr the iltore. Hit the haod of 
tb« h»r> tiM bMBtltnl gold •nulIlM «er« tonad.'— 
WUtan .- PrtUttorie AmraU «f Heoaamd, IL UL 

2. Pertaining to or connected with gold or 
gold coin. 

'"ntapoldwiOtdrmwti, too, htilped to d«pn«boina 
•acnirltlM.'— Aiiijr TtUfrafA. Nuv. ts, USI. 

gold-Alloy, >. An alloy in which other 
metals are added to gold to confer hardneaa, 
aa in coin, or to cheapen the product, aa in 
some Jewellera' alloys and solden. 

goM-Mnalcmm, a. 

Milt.: A mineral composed of mercnry, 
57*40; gold, 38*30; and silver, 6. It occurs 
In Columbia in white grains sinut the size of 
a pea, and In California in yeliowish-white 
fotir-sided prisma, (iteiut.) 

gold-boatliur. 9. The act or bade of 
beating out gold (or gilding. 

gold-UooklnK. $. Pressure of an en- 
graved or comitooed block upon a book-cover. 
WlUout the leaf It U called blind-blocking. 

gold-oarp, colden-oarp, (. 

/cAl&y. ; The same aa Qou>ri8H (q.T.). 

" gold-oloOked, a. Having the clocks 
of stockings worked in gold. 

gold-cloth, f. Cloth of gold; cloth woven 
of Uireads of gold or interwoven with them. 

0<^ Coast, J. 

Gtog. : A part of the Coast of Ooinea, on 
the west coast uf Africa. 

gold-orsdla, «. 

Uln. : An ap|)aratna need for washing the 
refuse matter away from gold. 

gold-onpp •. 

1. Ord. Lang. : A cnp, or piece of plate, 
made of gold, or silver gilt, given as a prize 
in horse-racing, riOe-ahooting, and other com- 

8. £; Various species of Rsnunculoa ; 
as, R. balocMiiJ, R. acrig, dec. 

gold-onttor, 1. One who prepares gold 
for the use uf otiiera. 

gold-digger, «. A gold miner. 

" Oth*n tlnk a mnMndleuUr ■baft, oud tb«ii pat In 
a 'alJa-drlv^.'MtAii Aii«timliiuifoJ4-(ti0r*r>t«naiL'— 
/•MTH. Mniktv/t. ImOL, K. tli. 

gold-dlgglng. a. 

1. The act or occupation <tf digging for 
grjld ; gold-mining. 

S. {PL): Mr. 0. H. Wathera, mininc en- 
gineer, dividefl the gold-diggings of Ballarat, 
ac in Australia, Into surface workings, whore 
the gold was fcund lying on the surface or 
diffused through the gravelly soil to the depth 

of six or twelve inches and pit ; or hole woi k- 
ings, fi"om three or four to twenty-five or even 
thirty feet deep. In these last deposits tho 
gold was almost always imbedded in a stig 
cUy. {Quar. /our. GtoL &c., Ix. 7«, 77.) 



1. Ord. Ling. : Oold in very fine particlea. 

2. Bot. : A jwpular name for Alyuttm KuatiU. 

gold -embroidered, a. Embroidered 

wlTh gold. 

" And ffo l t tnHro U trtd gannent*. fair ta mf 

Bgren : ChUd4 BartU, IL ST. 

* arald-end, : A broken piece of gold or 

Gold-end man : One who buys old gold cr 
silver ; an itinerant Jeweller. 

^ In Ecatword Hoe, where the expression 
often occura, It is used for a goldsmith's 

Kold-CBTor, a. A mania for digging or 

seeking gold. 

gold-field, *. A district or region where 
gold Is found. 

" Th« nctent of th* 1 
toined.'— Quar. Jour. 6 

mAd, M at pTHNBt I 
:. Hoe.. axT. tu. 

"gold-llnder. s. 

1. One who finds or seeks for gold. 
i. One who cleans out privies or cesspoola. 
" Unbuncbwi It pMMd bctsem hts srUidcnL 
OrithAdbMnhApjir lor^oU-jlHdirrs,'' Smi/t 

gidd-fiower. >. 

Hot. : Ilelickrytum StcBchat, 

gold-fiOX. a. 

Jiin.: Avanturine(q.v.). 

gOld-foU, s. A thin sheet of gold used 
by deutiste and others. 

gold-ftlngo, a. 

EnUm. : A moth, PyralU a>$taH$, family 

gOld-fonuUM, a. A furnace for melting 
or reducing gold. It resembles a bras*- 
furnace, but is usually built above the floor, 
occupyiug one side or more of the shop, and 
appearing like a dwarf wall. Tiie aperture 
for the iiiei and crucible in each fnrriaoe is 
nine to sixteen inches square, and eleven to 
twenty inchea deep. The front edge of the 
wall is horizontal and stands about thirty 
Inchea from tlie fioor, but the top iDclinea 
backward at on angle of about 30*, and a ledge 
holds the tiles which cluse the tops of the 
fumaees. The crucibles are nsoally of black- 

gold-baiiiBier, i. 

1. A kind of hammer nsed by gold-beaten ; 
a goldbeater's hammer. 

2. A popular name for the Tellow-hammer 

* gold-hewen, a. Of a gold or golden 

hoe or colour. 

gOld-lHIlltor, I. One who seeks for gold. 
goM-lBlmld. a. Inlaid with gold. 

- Kbu OUf Bniita than with tha bUds 

Of Eb hOf* WM-«XA, fOllt iNteM.' 

Longftllaw : JTimMm** fUa 

gold-knolM, gold-knoppee, •. pi. 

Bot. : Varioas species of BaauncuJns ; spec., 
B. aerU, R. bvlbonu, Ac 

gold-latten, s. a plate of gold or of 
other metal covered with gold. 

gold-lUy, a. The yellow lily. 

" TbUa the fJO-Mlf blawv." 

TtiKtmrn: Edward MtrriM, tM. 

g^d-lode, >■ 

Mining: Agoldvein. (Dr.T.SttrryHuiU), 

gold-mine, i. 

L Ordinary language: 
Mining : A place where gold in obtained by 
mining ujienitiDns, as illstitiguislied from goltl- 
diggings, where the precious mi^tai is extracted 
by Hluicing or cradling. 

n. Fig. : Any place containing a atoK of 
wealth either actual or mental. 

" If CI awnorr l«hiran laaier rrom tbc dttp 
OoM-mfOH of lhoa(ht-Ui llll th< hlOdcn otK." 

r^HKjmm - Oraam qf /tatr ir •.■•#«, fT4 

fltoe, flU, dire, ^mldat, wliat, All, flither; we, wSt, bere, oam^l, her, ttaire; pine, i^t, ore. ur, marine: gCw P^ 
or. wire, wiflt, werk. wbA^ sAa ; mute, o^b. edre, vnlte. onr, rfile. f^ ; try. Bfrina. n, fle= e ; er = ^ «n » kw. 

jrf'x'i'i. it-- : A lutnp of goM. Oiiv (hiin 
M liiQItuK'- UUloit &bu A pvpltv. 

told-orpleavare, ■■ 

/X .- OiiHrliwi •rUiiu, A erunlfrToni pUnt, 
twu or lliiTH feet liiK)>> luiiicli?-] aU>ti; with 
Binall yvWiivi rtuwcni. It Unri-iuiiiriially funtvH 
In EikKland Kiatxaa Cax, Itaviiig beeu Uui'ortul 
Wttll UlC tMtll. [CAMCLtSA.] 

■oM'Patnt. <■ [GaLn-«Kixt_] 

yv^d-pen. t. A pmi wllfa s KtiM lull 
pomtod with rhodinm or iri-tUini. 

Vold-pbe«aaat, goldoa-phaiMUit, *. 

OmifJL .■ PKxMin'wn pifiat. 1 1 U a guT^eooH 
•peeUiA, wild In lii'liA. 

f«M-I»l»tO. a- VcMulA, diAhfl*, ipootu, 
enj^ he.. tnAd« of gnld. 

nM-prlBtlBC| '• Vork prlnUd with 
gdla-ibB mJoA Um lettora thea oonrad with 
fold-leftf or Dntoli-Di«Ul. 

*S0l4-1Nr«0C (^ •Proof AgAiitft brilwry 
W touptauoo bjr maii«jr. 

pyralpefcnla.- SidaII rqIwh i lach wiatn!, 
HAM Inatflwl vi Atant for mi^ki^tA. *e Tbeir 
cnin|<nAltMin la iilln*. l«t pArta : ftiilphar, 10 
pnrto : me^ml pov.lrr, i i«rU : Umii-titAck, 
1 rarlA : Aowera nf rine Alid gum ArAoio Mcb 
IlAUt; tnskted In UwawocouuuicraAforBtara, 


Bui. : [>ijg'*^uil gnM (CV^mru crUtahu). 

KOld'«lMll, *. rnwdoratl gnid, or |p>ld. 
ImT. (rrt>Dbl u|i with emii-wAWr and aprrad 
en •itirlU. It it QMd oj AittaU, and Is aIao 
allot |{i>ld-[ttiDt, 

gold abmli. •. 

#M. .* Inliamrm rptctfom. 

■Otd-fllMk ^ -A *'''* UMd aA A mrfkee on 
whicli fo Af>itly goldleAf. 01) gvld-Alxe h a 
Rtlxtoni ut UHMmHill or tkt oU aii>1 ochrw- 
poiiad by tba mollor, uid lued In oll-gUdtng. 

fOUl •oUlar, •. a kind of snldrr eotg. 
poMd of gold, 12 puU, Allver 2 paru, and 
oOf^r 4f*rtA. 

goM tall, a. ^M tbe wmpooBd.) 

KXon. : A rantb (flnrtoiirt niir(|[uiX hnifTv 
UfWffilffik So cftllftl tteotiiM til* AiiAl tuft n'n 
Ifc* ahduaMU lA jrvllow. Wliif^a whlt«, the (um 
aata with a lirownUlj-blick ajioC. 

gold-ttnftd. A 

A^L : <.'«p(i:' IrififtiK ■ I<luit iKluiigins Oi 
tk» Ruiunculaoatt. 

■old ttiviM^ 1. doUi itttcrwuren wlUi 
Pojil llirr*!. 

fOld-tOOllBB. « 

AMk-Wml. : Omameati InrirBmMl bjr Uio 
bat tool upon pildleAf Itltl on book-covm. 
CKHtng tht io*ul t't Adhere. In oMitradla- 
ttHOtloa to bllod-tooUoR, wbleh la the Itral- 
■■rtl wltlMNii llM leaf Tliv t{«ld Ib n<cd to 
Urn MrtMM nf Um iMlWr Ity gnUi-uixf. aiiJ 
Un forplw to iriptd off After ttia tool Iiab 
btMi applied. 

cold TMnlah, ■. 

Utinl. : A )r<dlf>w, tnniimratit TamlAh 
ppttwl <rr«r Ailrcr-l«nf to Klve liUtt ftppew^ 

I. Om who wAAbnivayUMnftiaB dirt fkvHD 
faM ore. aa In a en<U«. 

SL An Apiwi^OA or luAlrnmaat fn)|d(i)nl \n 
WMlMng ^Id. 

tTl-i— i*r**Br. • r^ FiAc*>« wh«4Y goM 

flnowl in fnwl b WAAbnl, titc hMvl«r mAt«rtA] 
"paiUW duwu." (Qnar. Jt>ur. Grot. See.. 
XntlL SpC) 

Sotd-wmkliigM, ThanoiaaAQoLD- 
iroBiiA((| v.). (!/■<■>'. ./tmr.OAtrf.&w..} 

g<M HMfcl. 4Pt. Worlta for gQldDilo- 
tn«. (MvdUMw : Sl/mrin. oh. zviil.) 

* gold-worm, *cvUa-wonno. ». A 


" A fo<4*-««nu; ■w «n iiaa.'-<Vrt«l. .inrlttMN*. 

* gold-bwat ftlf u. (Ent;. gold, niul Iwuten.J 
C<i«tc4l With gold; glided. 

gold ~b6at-«r, c fKnft. yold, and bratrr.] 
tMttf'wtvtnti- tnuie or ocntpAUoi) tt Is to timt or 
liAiunwr ont gold Into goldleaf for giUliuji. 

"Thia MUMM Aohhmd. It UdoooMrt toiiNtHin 

r^t^. n»/i«ttii^ ttm. 

SoUn*ettter'»-tUMnmar. t. A bAmmer 
li two BuiiicnIiAt mimdod hcM. tiied lu 
bcnllitg tlie pnrk (if AlttTiiati^ gftUX ril>bon And 
vellum or Et>ldI«Af And iklu. Aa tlio work 
iirr^KivsAW aaialler biunmani an oawd, Um 
r<»x'nit.1mmni«r Is u>ed In rvdnobtR th« iBKOl 
ofifiiM lootte-alxtliofaalnohtbldtneaa. TIm) 
anvil is a stM) blm-k 4 x s tiiehM on tht &eit. 
Tba hAmiiirr fur tlic llretcounw of lieatiut; U 
Ahtnt'liAndlM, Aiid wfi;;}!* nrteen or slKtcen 
poanilA. ThR hatnmo* for tii« next bvaUog 
vrdt{t«» U-a {KMiLds. 

goldbeater's skin. ■. Tho prepared 

roriton«Al meuiUnnc of tbo cwcum of ln« ox. 
It U iMcd to ftepAmt« tliP IftavM of gnld wliile 
tuulerUlo baunior; tlit» ll la RduceU to «• 
trcRie thlnnuiA, and in UiIa atate li oaad u an 
ajipllcaUoit to cotA atH] wmindn. 

■* BUUI II AlMitl «IUj a Autdv •up al foH^mlm'i- 
aHa. whtfli naMm wtU r*ar bM>>w> u<l It will 
titefc tofUwr.'— Jt»r# w r : ffMtawifnr. 

* go1d'-b£dnd« o. lEng. iToId, and ioumi.] 
llound or encircled wltli gold. 

" Thy ulr, 

M4feMft. ' Jr«rArM. Ir. I, 

gold'-fn. 'gUd-ene, *g«M-«ii% 'cnld- 

•ae, a. [A.H. frW<(r'i, f^•ln ffoM ' iPJM : U. 
B.Gor ffuMiA; O. Pri4. j^Wwi,' I>nt. fonW^n ,■ 
Ievl.(rwftlm;8w.0y/fe^, nU«it ; DntLfryWci; 
Ger. ffoldnu GotfitH i« now iiAAilitg out of 
iiv, itn plnrw bring ttnppllml 1*7 tlie mbatanUvc 
i;> ■:•! rvtt<l ai|.liM!tlvely : ai, a poid key, not often 

ih.'w A^^V'i^■l^ kty.] 

1. Made of gM, oontlBtlng of gold. 

- a» nokkad applw b" U>a «»k(H«« <lnr>n : wU 
UikM>aa«wtt>*au>NhaaMlnttlMpaU«« mMaU' 

2. Of tb« or>]<Kir nr liiatre of gold ; f tllow ; 
gleaming or abtnlng Ukn gold. 

'* Uat alfhl Uw BMMi had A fM w Mas 
And ti>«tatit n» ■■im «« Ha t ~ 

£M«tMto»- irrpA qrria JMi 

3. Omainentad, ombraldared, or fnlaiil witli 
■- Tlijr i^4m ooaL* MflfeMp.; lh^aftmrrmt,Wlt. 

* 4. Abounding oriiel) In gold. 

- Tha Uanwd pkU dAclia to tlH jnUm IM.' 

AAata^.- r»wM«4f JfAnn^lr.a 

^ ExooUf nt ; most taIuaUi; ur imulDua. 

" NMtur'a fl4m <rM<U.' 

0. Moat fiiToarabld. 

iMltet aptnlMH bMB All Mrta drMpb." 

AiTt«p.i iha««dk.LT. 

7. McMt fnvainabla or aiupldotu : aa, a 
poli/m nppnrttinltj-. 

* B. Fortnnal*. happy, proAperuaa. 

■■ In KittA'a piMiM days, a kntokl 

r-ifirm nuautiKMuly atUrat. 
r gr4iwwrA.- JtemnrtvN bk. vti 

Cum uti ■ vkr-iK'n* nuautmMuljr atUrad." 

% ObvlottA flompaonda : fMdan-etruhtnd, 
goUtn • kairtA, fMtn-hUttd. gaUn • Mtlmt, 
goUtm-ritidmt. fddtn-^ifttd, ce. 

gOldeBHWe. '. Tlio mrliMit twriod In 
tlio niyth(>h<((iKAl history of alluorstAll itAUtuiA, 
In whicli Ukmm then axtaUng wara aappaaed tn 
IIvA In porfbot Innooanot and tlia sotJovinent 
of CT9ry pkaaorv. and when the Mrtn pro- 
dnoMl All tilings n«ceaaaT7 fl3f Ibelr aupport. 
(SMnrort, or cn,iciyinflnt lu t^e f\il)«'st alinnil- 
anoe, and nil aiiiTnala were at poAi'o wtth esrfa 
oUier. Tlio Ktnpllana bellevdl In aucrcMlrv 
iNinllaanitlnnt and dalngea oorttrrlng at nn- 
certain Interrals. Tbesa ware dealgiiw by Um 
goda to purify tlie «Art1t rn^m inillt. AfVr 
•ach of tb«aa Judgra«nt» man was Again ao 
rrgcneratad as to Ure for a tltnc In a bIaIv <>r 
virttie and liaiipln^aa, after wlilrh d(>i^>ii«niry 
apin istabltsliod Itseir, contloiudly icnlnlii^ 
alr«ngth till tli« n«Kt CAt*»lr.ipliP, HIr CHku. 
Ijvll belleTed that tbo GrrrV and Itoinan 
mftima of the gotdaa and other a^ were of 
Bgyptlin ortgln. 

" Tb» fMam m0* was InA, «haa laaa, t*I dav, 
Ka nil* b«l ba— wnia*' il B««a kA*» : 
' And. «tU> A wUva imi. dM ■»« poiM*.* 

/hirJn I raa enWM At*- 

goldea-avple. i: 

Hot. : CHtki AumHllum. 

golden-bAUs, ».pt. Tilt! three gilt balla 

B<iAiH-iiit«d AA a Hlf^i In thff fri>nt of a pawn* 
brukcr's pUw of tiusluraa Tltry wriv d«rl\vd 
from UMamui of Ix^nilianly, l^ninbAnls bating 
iKeit Ui« fint Imiiken and uiuuv)'<leudcra in 

golden- beetlo, a. 

A'xii'M. ; VnitoUA apeolea of ChrTAOBiela, or 
of thu Iiiirilly CliryitninnlldA!. Tbrv ire so 
nllexl from tfacir mvUlUc lustiv. Tlie oolonr 
Uiuft rcflf'tod Is gcucmlly golden -graen« 
Acarlrl, axutc. nr blua. 

( golden-bng, a 

£iixi<m. : A turtle (CVKefneOa iQitnifwiKlala), 
the Sevi!n-tii>ott«d LadyUrt. 

golden-btUX A. 

Uiji ^ A l-ull baring a Bpldea aeal, Issued 
by tli'' G'Tiiiitii ctDitenir, Charles IV. at tlin 
lili>t cif Nuivnit'PrR til yi^C>, and which 1"'ctni« 
the fiindutUfnU] law "f )hi- cniliirrt nvrr wliirh 
be rnlcrl. OtliT hulU liAitt aUo been called 
(;oldi^ for a ■ttnllar rtaauu. 

goldaa-oarp, t. IOolim:ar».] 

golden-olublxi, *. 

Ji\j. : Till- t^linmntn, Cyflm lofrarnaai. 

golden-elDb, a. 

/t'r. : lir,utt,nn ai{uaHcMm, w tho genus 

Oronimiii itwlf. 

goldon-ereated, a. Having a crest or 
tojKktiot uf i;ijl<l ur <>f A golden colitur. 

(roldm-cTOtef vnti: 

Omits.: JEmaIw crMafM. Abe«ntifulltttl« 
BrlUnh binl, the ap|ier parts o1ire.n««n ; the 
bead orn«in«nt'*d with an oranga-ydlow rrwil, 
bardcrad with Mack, wbenos It has aoUMtimca 
boen called R. auruvvUtua; the lower farts 
yvIlowlah-gr«y. Iji^ngth about S) inches. It 
exists lu tt^KS, ofV-u along with tltnilce and 
crrriHTn. In flrwooda. remaining aU the year 

goldea-erown, *. 

Ikt. : Chi^-aosleniiua. 

goldan-enp, ■. 

Uot. : Tbe aaine as OoUKwr (q.v.). 

golden-eogla. a. 

t'ntith : yl^ttUa ckrvndUoa. [EAai;.B.] 

golden -< 

KiUnm. : A moth, i/yrfnecia afcftfaas, Enudly 


goldon-eye, «. 

t"'::ih.: ClanguU. a genua of Anattda- 
(Duck p.). 

golden - angored, n. Having goldt-n 
flu^pra 111 A DK'iiatUr' aeiwe. 


flam. J/yfA. .- Tlie Iteeni of g-M Uikca ^m 
Ibe rem on wlilrb 
Ptiryxiu was trans- 
pfiTtcd thruupli tlio air 
t't CiilcUin, Alid III iV'^i^t 
of which thfl Argoiiiiula 
aallH amler the letider- 
ship of Jason. 

Y OrAer i>/ Us Ootdem 
ritf<f : 

tin-. : An order of 

khiglithood Instltntcd 

to V.Vt by Plillip lln- 

Ouod. Diike of Biir- 

giindy. In pn>ceiu of 

lime thi> optiralion "f 

hprrdllary dear*nt 

brouicht tho fginiliM iif 

Bpain and Aimtrfa Inin 

the orter, whtcli now Is 

cionmnn to both these JKwrx tnr ma 

roanlries. aOLDCH • rLBWIR. 

goldoa-flower, a. 

m. : Tlir (^nuA Chrysantheniiun. 

golden- Ay. «■ 

£nt"m. : {.liryais. a geniis nf Itrnranptsn., 
pottSRSAMl (if metalllr rrOMted ttxtm 
green, mby tint, Ac. 

kOU b^t p^it. J^f3ki; ent, 9011. ebonu. ^hin. benpta; go, tvmi Uiln, this; sin. as; expeot I^euophon. e^Ut. -Uig. 
-ttoo, -sten = sbftn: -flou. -«len = xhOn. -elens. -tloas. -stons = sbfts, -ble, -die, Ac = btU dfL 


goldenly— goldflnny 

giddan-greaae, •■ A fee, a bribe. 
SoldttB-balr. «. 

BoL ; Chrymeoma Cvwiauna, 

giddan-borda. <. 

Bi*. : The tribe of Mongolian Tartar*, 
wblcb about 1724 establisbed itcelf in SoaUiern 

SnUnn. : The same aa Goldes-buo (q.v.). 

ItoUan-lasend, f. Th,oAurtaUfftndaot 
the middle ages, a work wrltteu by Janiea de 
Votaglne, Archblfibop of Genoa, In the end of 
the ihlrteeDtti century. It is a hagiology or 
oollecUon of lires of sainta, and deacriptioni 
and biatortea of featlviU. A translation of it 
vaa made and printed by Caxton in a.d. 1483. 
Longfellow made a portion of it popular by 
bla poem of the same name. 

Bot.: Hieraeium anrantiaeum, a compoaite 
plant, natunllzed In copsea in the north of 
England and Scotland, haTing eecaped from 
the cottage garden* In which It often occnia. 

ffoldfln-auild, a. 

Iduhy. : CrtnUabriu meiop$; called also the 
OUthead and 

L ^orangtBat. 

golden-inaroftalt*^ a. An old name for 

goldaa-mMui. *. 

L Oni. Lang. : A atata of competence, in 
which one ia neither burdened wltti the carea 
of richea nor dcpreaacd by the neceaaiUea of 

"Wlwra'ar ha ihliMa, oh FortnM, vlM tha wmfc 
And unla nurd falm In tbonMna-nMMit/'' 

A>pa.- ifonil AMin, HI. \e. 

n, Btkia : Thia term appeara to have been 
adopted Into the Ensllati language ttnm 
Horace (Odea II. 10, 6), thousli there the poet 
la apeaking of worldly clrcumitancea [I.] 
rather than of moral dutiea. We find the 
Tirtae of moderation taught in Heaiod (Worki 
4 Da)t$ <ed. PaleyX 69*), and Cooke rendera the 

Similar teadilng may be found in the writlnga 
of Plato and Ariatotle, and the latter layalt 
down in his BtKia (li. 7) that every virtue la a 
mean between two vioei^ Thla teaching crj-a- 
UUiaed into the pithy U^Hv iyav (" not too 
much of anything) of the Qreeka, which 
Cicero appeara to have had In view in De 
OMeiis (1. 35) where he speaka of " that mean 
which aina neither by defect nor exceaa," 
Terence gave the Qreek version a Latin form. 
He quid nimii (AndrUi, t. h Uk and it found 
ezpreaaion in the FvitU d€ atU at Talleyiand. 

SoUfla-mole, «. 

Znol. : Ckryaochloru avmi, one of the TbI- 
pidK (Holes). The haira of the fbr ao dia- 
perse thr light as to iirodnoe metallic reflcc- 
uoua. It occurs In Africa. 

goldm-monaa •*r, t. 

Bot. : A roinpoHlte plant, flieroHtnn PUa- 
ttlla, called in books tlie Common Hoiiae-ear 
Hawkwei^ LHawkwebs, Hieiuciuil] 

^golden-moatbed. a. 

1. El<)nueiit -. a translation of the Gr. xg"^' 
rrofiof {chnaoitomoi), whence the name Chry- 
■ostom. from xf^TOf (cAmaw) ■> gold, and 
ariitM. (stowa) = a mouth. 

2. Huaical, melodious. 

"AeiTo' loTB thkt raoK 
Am from a trampat ^<l*)*-maiiiA«dL~ 
A. C. SwlntwriM : THUram tf LwoMmt, viU. 

goldon-niunber. ■. 

CKrva,.'. A number, ao called flrom being 
marked in 'ancient calendara in letters of gold. 
It indicated the number of any year in the 
cvde of the moon. After every nineteen years 
the various aspects of the moon are within 
an hour the same aa they were when the cycle 
commenced. Thia was known at an early 
period, and the nineteen years' lunar cycle 
waa adopted in July 16, b.o. 433. To find the 

Stden number of any particular year, make 
e accepted time of oor Lord's birth b.o. 4, 
the first year of a cycle ; add one to the year 
for which the golden number is required, and 
divide by twenty ; the quotient will be the 
number of lunar eyclea from Uie birth of 
Christ, and the remainder, if any, will be the 
goldeu number, 

golden~p«rt. t. 

BoU: Gniftola auno. 

goXden-pheaaant, ». 

Omifft. : [GoLO-PUEABUiTl. 

KOldMl-plppln, s. A speclea of apple, 
ao named from iu colour. 

Coldan-roblii. t. 

OrnUA. : The Baltimore Oriole. 

ff«Idai~rod, 9. 

Bot. : (1) Solidaffo virgauna, or the genua 
Solidago ; (2) UontUx Ckryaogonwn ; (3) The 
genua Boaea. 

^ Rayleia Oolden-nd Is an American name 
for Blgelovia ; GoUkn-rod tra, or Trte goldm- 
rod, ia itosea Yervomora. 

golden-rota,*, a roa« of gold, or gilded, 
auppoaed to repreaeut by Ita gold, ita odour, 
and ita balm, the Godhead, the body, and the 
aoul of the Redeemer. It was aent at inter- 
vala by the Pope to aoverelgna auppoaed to 
be more loyal Chan othera to the Holy Bee. 
Among thoee aent were one to Henry VlII., 
Id 1510 ; one to Frederick the Wise of Baxony, 
in 1510, to wean him from friendship with 
Lnther; to Chartea IX. of Franoe, In 1572, 
juat after the "maaaacre of St Bartholomew" ; 
one to the Queen of Spain in 1668 ; and more re- 
cently to Eugenie, while Empreaaof the French. 

Solden-mle, i . 

* 1. Arith. : A rule, ao called on account of 
ita ezoellcnt use In ulthmetic, ami eapecially 
in nrdiiiaiT calculations, by which numbers 
are found in certain proportions — viz., ha\ing 
three numbers glveu to Qnd a fourth number 
In proportion. (Hutton ; Math. IHeL) [Pbo- 
roBTioK, Bdle of Thkee.} 

2. Morals: The rule laid down byJeaualn 
the Bermon on the Mount, and stated by him 
to be the law and the prophets, — i,t., a sum- 
mary of their teaching : "Therefore all things 
whatsoever ye would that men should do to 
you, do ye even ao to them" (Matt vli. 12). 
This rule, almoat axiomatic to a mind of keen 
moral senaitiveneaa, had already been "exam- 
ined and adopted aa a atandard of ethics by 
westerns like Boeratas and eaatema like 
Theng-taen, the diaclple and friend of Con- 
fticius, some centnriea before the birth of 
Christ The latter tells na Toen-kouay asked, 
la there a word in the language which ia (^ 
Itself enough for a guide for our life? The 
wiae man answered, lliere is ; the wonl Chon, 
of which the meaning ia that what we would 
ahould not be done to us let us not do to 
othera." (Contemp. RevUw, April, 1882, p. 683.) 

gtddeB-aamphlre, t. 

Bot. : Inuia crithmoida. 

goldoBHHUlfkmge. *. 

Bot. : The genus Chrysosplenlum. 

*Kolden-«lopt,i. Wearinggotdbnaklna. 
" Boom ihilroftfra-tfo^ Ch«UUa* Marmot 

gcMmk - mlphldo^ a. [Goldem - sul- 


golden-«lxlpllliret»«. [Golden SulphuT^ 
tff Antimony,] 

(Joldett Sulphurtt qfAntlmoHy : 

Chm. : Sulphur Antimonli aumtum. Penta- 
anlpbide of antimony, SbgSs. 

Koiden-«win, s. 

Bntom. : A moth, HtpiaXm \vmu\i, bmily 


gcAdan-toelill. >■ vi- The teeth of her- 
blvoroua animab coated, aa they someUtaea 
are, with a yellow precipitate. (Eoiriicr.) 

KoUlen->tliirtle, a. 

Bot. : (1) Scolymus, (Z) Protm SeaiymuM. 

KOldon-tre — ed, a. Having Ikir or golden- 
coioured tresses ; golaeu-haired ; \Jtg.) aUlDing 
with bright rays. 

" And camad ttia FaMaw- fr wrtrf wwn 
All tlia d>7 loDji U* ooBtaa W rau. 

JHtton.' rntiu.yn^MCXxaTL 

giAdea-tTiunpetar, a 

Or%Hh. : A South American bird, tha Agaml 
(Ptophia crrpftatu), which emlta a deep rougb 
aound, suggesting that of a trumpet {AaaitL] 

Kolden-waqM, t. pi. 

Entom. : One of the popular namea for the 
hymenoptfiroua genus Chryaia, or the bmtlyol' 
which it Is the type. They are not genuine 
waapa, one difTerenoe between the two being 
that the waapa proper have a sting, and the 
"gi)lden waapa' only an orliioaitor. [Cbbt- 


golden-weddlns, «. The lirtieth anni- 
versary of a wedding, which Is usually ob- 
aerved with more tlian ordinarv feativfty. 
The preaenta given to the couple ahould all be 
of gold. 

Kolden-wlnged, a. Earing vinp of 
gold, or of a gold colour. 

golden-T, a 

Entom. : A moth, family Pliu 
goldan-yeUow, a 

BoL, Ac : Pure yellow, duller than lemnn- 
ooloured, and bright. It corresiK>nda to the 
Latin, avrtua or auratut, and to the Greek 
uwTsi (chrvjos); in Lat and Eng. eompoal- 
uon, ehryio: (Lituiley, ^te.) 

' gcUd'-^n-lj^. adv. [Eng. golden: -Iy-1 Splen- 
didly, excellently, deliglitfuUy. 

"Jkonaa tia kaep* «t achool, aai rapcvl iiiati 
foMnJyof U« yratL'-ah tk m p . i At TtM U3kt ALL 

*gdld'-en-IlteB, ■. [Eng. Qoidtn: -MO.} 
The quality or state of being goldcD or golden- 

"It tkrav np IU mtllna acklnit tba «en4Mftil 
neeiuina. b)uaDM•^ gal4nt»*m uf tba skr." — JTn. 
OUftiattt : PrimrMt Path. U. Itt. 

g6ld'-«r, a. [OOLADER.] 

* gOtd-flJl, ' gold-fkglia, a. [AS. goU- 

joA] Golden; gold-coloured. 

•■ Nlu 9cUfah Iwcda.- I«v«ia«t. liL tO. 

gSld' - Anfli. * gold - 0]tvli. • gold- 


L LlttraUy: 

Omitk. : Cardudtt eUgnn*,t well-known 
bird belonging to the ^mily PringillidB, and 
the Bub-funlly Fringiliina. Bill nala horn 
coloured, the tip blMk, the cireumfereaee at 
Its base eriiusou, nape of the neck whit« ; tha 
top of the head, carpal portiooa of the wlag. 
the amaller wing coverts, and part of the aur- 
Ikce of the primariea black ; bacJc and rump 
dusky brown, greater wing coverts, and part 
of the expanse of the otheni, gamboge yellow ; 
under surlkce of the body diillwhite. It feeds 
on the aeeda of thiatles and other planta. It 
ainga very sweetly. Ita nest is neatly built of 
mosa, twigs, roots, &o., and is lined with 
wool. It is situated in bushes, hedgea, or 
ftpple or pear trees in orcbanla. The eggs an 
four or nve, ajwited with purple and brown. 
The bird is found in various parts of Britala, 
and is diffuaed over moat parta of Europe. 
"AaoUSitcia than- 1 aaw, with sBiidr prtda 
of uualad tilunui^ Uiat boiiun] tnm aid* la aldK.' 
Drvdtm: n«mrr* Lm^.VOL 

n. Fig. : A sovereign, so cAltcd fivm ita 
yellow colour. {Slang Diet.) 

gold'-ffbi-nj^* gdld'-tdb-nil^. «. [Eng. gdd. 
and finny. Etyiu. of tinny <l<iubttul. Can It 
have come from tho/nf gutd-Jtitny, prin1«d in 
old characters and mlsmd f *] 

IMky.: CrenUalma noncrgifvi or eomM- 
nu. It la yet lo wish-green, darker on the 
back, with longitudln-tl linea of a deei>er 
colour on the siues, and a black spot on each 
aide near the base of the tAil. Length, three 
or foiu- inches. It la called also tlte Cork- 
wing. (UoLDaorsT.] 

fit*, ttt, fi&ro, fjuldsfe, wbftt, CUl. Iktitar; wo, wtt^ hen, eamfl. Iter, tliAre; ]»me, pit, alire, dr. martae; g«b pM. 
or, win, w*u: worti, whli, eta! mate, tAh, eiin. valte, ear, rfile. All; t>r. Bfrlea. ■.€•»£; 07« A. qn^kw. 


goldfieh— Goliath 


fck/*v .■.....:...., tinr\tt\ta, ft w«Il-)nunni 
fi*)i, « 'torr. I» of a goIdMi-nd 

mlour, ' -arlf \>teok wben jroung. 

!' -^ u AMM^lnxbopeatuinT, 

rn Mi^uul noni Chiua in 
1 iv^iM coQuaon till Bliout 

1 — 1. „ 1 also, thoogh nnly, tbe 

goM or goUton cuy. 

Acf-rf. I A Irrwim. 
*9fild'-ttAM,'BDlde How*,'. [Eng fobl^ 

Ukd JhwM^) A trrAJiir} . 

maatm M .^ mk. 

■eld'-IlL ». ITng. (Wrf; -** » -y.l A lortU 
li«ne Kivvt) to Uie svlilfiuch (((.v.). 

gaild--l-U€lGiw K«ia lo-ldolUK Kold-f- 

.-_.__ ._ itodLJ.1 



[Kojf. 0ibU or guUUt mad 
BM. : Tartoiu plmta, or jiUnt ivnen. 
Bp*dall]r, (I) Uikosfrto or CliryvoonmB, (?) 
AKieinwuM SlodWu, (8) Ka»itiuTMiK« auH- 
timM4, («) gfWBy M fw f«i»*rfalf«iiN. 

ffild'lACt'- [Bag- foU; nff. -iKf.) Asort 

C61d'-lm|b *■ [A comjpi. of poU(n^(f)] 
Ai^. : i.'krymnt^fmmm mfituwi. 

*(ttd-Mh.*f«M-la«b«.a. [Knr r>b';-M.] 

««Niblliif or Ilk* gold. 

■ Al k «al tMi MMt dmwlbt «MMt« ton - 

la ft I ti - Mar rMW. p. 1W. 

SoM* life. >■ [B^f 0tX<( uid bi».1 A fctnil 
oT lftr« made nf mrad win. Iktleowl b«(iVTCn 

two poiuiied tttanOM*, mo a ribbon wblcb 
la tWulMl roaad • ear* of Mk, 

gold'>]A9«d.«. [BBr9<»M.«ivl(0MdL) Om»- 

tMtitvd or faibroidrrol wUb ip>PIUre. 

■414' -ImX «■ IKtia pnU, tod b^f) F1n« 
gnU bMtHi Into two haixa. A nmiHl pcr- 
tmUMK* at itlnr iii4 oopMr li «<1'lt-1 ti> t}i« 
nM Ibr biMrMe. aboot U per mul of kUoj. 
tK» Htgni !■ roIlBd Into a HMmiii b^- rf)vatrd 
BamM* tetWMo roUcn, and Uit* ril>bou hua 
uUdinMa of f^ of u) kneh, ■ miulmce of Ave 
haiidPNl sqiura iHrJtai lu tn mines of gold. 
It U tb«B eot iDto plecw of al>out an tncli 
■qaar*. plaaHl Mween ]>leoM of Roldbeiter's 
ikln Ehvr Ineltaa aqaare. ■imI I«h1«o with a 
pofwWrooa baaiMr on i anrnolh iDKrUc sUh 
mill llM aotd liai Uilnntil arKl eipaoded to 
tbtatwofUM vellum. Each pirw of h'old Is 
tbvn asaln diTtdwl Into f»iir, plnnf>d b«twe«n 
plM«a of lOklbvafr'A Akin aa Iwrnr*. and 
upla bwlan UU U axpftiHU to tha hIm of lh« 

•EtB. A mn wMi ■ (baitji bMtfm rbiiDw. 

oatfl tba fold baa bton Ndacad to iIm nNsa- 
mrf A^p*» at tUnnMC Tb» b anni ai a ^mtj 
Ib usNta nf bMTimaM. [OuLnaaaTca'a-BAJi- 
ma.) An enoca of gold )n th» fnnn of a 
eatw, H UoM In kogtli. brtadlh, mtit t>ii<'k- 
BMt Ma bt »o flstnded ojr the gaUlbeawnt as 
to tonr a lortaoe of more than 14M) wiuars 

fl«ldl«if-elftetroaoop«, «. 

Jiff. Ji/qjJL : An initniitiCDt fnrit<wrtalfitflg. 
bj M«ani of goMteaf, the prf«>n<?« of «iec- 
tricHr In a bodjr. There la a talxilar Rlati 
Aada ataadbif on a melallir fwtt in eoiitaot 
vlth Om greund. In ttut Inbuluro nf ths 
rtlliii!. tlM oeck of wlilcli U i-nai^l vlth inta- 
btiac ranilsh, Xh*n Ata i mrUl rod. termf- 
battax at Hm npfcr rxtrrmitj' In a knob, ami 
boldlBff at tha fnKfir tsui two n«fn>w atrtpa of 
pAiimt. The air tn tba Intertnr U driMi l<y 
qvlddtoi or ehlnrida of faJdom. When th« 
kwb to tanebwl with a bodv obarml with 
poaiUva or Mfatlv* electrlrUr the \r»vm df- 
vtTfa To aawrtain the kind of rln-jrli-lty 
raqalran i man in(rtrnU!i<MM-r«f. Tlii« iti«tni' 
MMillnalao ealltd from lU laveutor Ufiuaetts 

'gWd' Um, a. t^a^foid: -Um} DeaUtate 
of fnU. 

sSld-aiy. (Old -ii#, t. [lEng. piM«n, and 


/cMf. r Tl» Onldxa WnWf {mnUtt^rvi 
llaM}. It to on* of UialWMBealM tba out- 
tad ft!.*.). 

gold'-tfm^lj^, I. [QauirtvHv.l 

^ Jo^ (PoAManir.- (VvMUoilfru ni|X9tri«. 
I(« preralllnK raliiur la nmugv. aniDetlinoa 
wltiigTTcn alnrs. It lua scverw Umu b«4li 
taken tn Untalii. 

sold Bmlth. * sold - Kii«tli, ' (Old - 
Bmlthe, * gold smyth, *■ [.\.S. ^dtmitk; 

u. IJ. Ucr. (HiJiaK^; Out ijVwdinUd: lool. 
9vU»midkr ; Dan. A ttw. gtMmmL) 

\. An aninan who mnuotecturMaitidas in 
gold : a worker In ftold. 

" 1 iwuiubail yinr |>naMMw oal Iba Okala, 
Sat tMlUia clulB knr fUtm%Uh aMD* to Ba' 

* S, A banker ; one who managad Lh« money 
matte ta of u(h«r«. 

" I Mn • fiM t trntlh^ Hid lira lir lrD<IlM tavaiij m 

•a. ir 

■oldBmitti's-aote. s. The name gtvni 
to nn onlor to \mj Uioncf on demand, slnlUr 
to tbfl modem bankcote. laaued by tbe gold- 
flinlthi or banbon of ItomLwd-aUeet. 

-■ol4'-«id«h-rf,«. pSig. fDUmM; -ry.] 

Uoldiinlth'a wxa%. 

"WHirJwIrtry. afl>wwJyin. aiuloribMl.- 

Ch»metr C. f . IM. 

gold'-Bttek. I. (Eng. ffolJ, and Kfat] A 
fonrt offlciol, oo callM] Frotti (be g{lt ntd or 
wjnd boFTM by him wb«n In attendance oo 
the (i>r6n:ljfii on slate uixaalona. 

VOld'-thrfiad. <. [Eng. iTotd, and fArmd.) 
L Ont. Ijing. : A flattwl, allwr-gllt wi», 
wnim>o>l or laid ait a threail nf yvlluw illk by 
twIatlDg MiUi n wberl or bobblni ; alao calleil 
gold-wlni m apunguld. 

£. BU. : CdjiCU Ir^te. a rannncutaounu 
•TfttgTMn, to oallad from ita yallow Qbroua 

Cflld -W^irOk A. [Eng. pofJ. and Wrv. 1 Gold 
n-'liiwd la the fnnu of wln>. <loldwiM, ao 
called, baa uaualljr a core r>f ailvnr, and la 
riude by preiwring a round bar of aiUvr, 

ftlaliiig it Ihjrkl; with gold, and Uien draw* 
[ig It tbmu^ a niiaa of hol«a of ertdnaUy 
decreoalng duitneter. Tbe gold may be ^ uf 
thi; thioliiMaaofthaiUTer at flmt, and aharea 
all Ita matntlnna In tb« drawing, retaining the 
aamo relative tbicknea. 

gold S'-ldokft, f. IQoLIXLIMTCa.1 

g61d^'16ok«d.a. rRDg.fAM|Lradrra):-«(.| 

t)<>klrri-hnln->l ; bat'lng a pfoftialon irf beauti- 
ful auhuni liair. 
** Tlinm tt ttrA lorth. aail m»d* ^ilek tfaajal^raUiiti 

* sel-«t, f. {Pr. gmtUt; Prnv. folrt, a dioiln. 
of O. Pr. pott, fmil* = Lite Ihmat : LaL gnla.) 
[Otrujcr.] Tbe thrnot or gullel, 
"nnrvgWffvirf&iMt luruMvtwhailU Ujmwrjim.' 
M*rtr JrfaM<«, i,m. 

colt * golt * foUr, * gontt, t. [Dnt lw(/= 

a clnl- to Ktrike bftlla wilb ; rogn, with loal. 
lAlfi- = a claptwr of a In-11, a h»lc ; kyifi = a 
dab ; Oer. haw = a dnb, a mai«. ) 

1. A gUDC eitetuirely pland In Seotltnd. 
and of lat« years tatndtuea Into fingtowJ. 
It U played with einb-baaded itlaka ana niy 
banl sinaU MU, on a taiga raoitnoa or down, 
terhnlially called links. In wblrfa amsll SoIm 
have been made at dUtancei of from 104 to 
MO yanU apart, accnnling to the extent of 
Ute ground. The game, which may ha played 
bjr two penoiM, rir l>ir four (two agalnai twn). 
onniliita In driving the liall inUt t^eb of the 
holes In ■urceaiimi lu oa f«w atrukea aa ]hm> 
ailile: the nlde mxklng ihe mund, that la, 
placing his or thfir Init In eafh hole aucr»s> 
alvely In tbe rewoatatrokes. vKinlng the gaina. 
" TlMt tW rnltaU umI yotr ba *tt«rtr «CTlt itrntt. 
*&4 not lo M talt. —AM Ju. il. (tun. e IL 

* 2. A blow, a itmkB. 

*■ six iMuto me hfotf, omI Mb me l-n d«aL 
111 E**« b« ia« Ur hat nodioMi' 
._ _ ^ a. jrMj MwnudTSSLp.SI 

goU-elnb. «. 

I. TVe duh used tn rlayfng goir. Tliera 
ar» varfoiM vtrtt, ac-onnlmg to ihe purimae fur 
whi<-h tliey are liitntiHed : aa, tbe driver, tha 
putter, the epoon, *c. 

8. A eluh nr aawtdatlnn fonnM for the 
pnwtke and (TOiooUon of goinng. 

* nlft, * Conlfe, a. Ilcel. git/: Dnt ffnJv.) 
A mow, atark, 6r heap of hay. mm, Ac. 
" Ootfr nt tnnm A t t h u n ha^ '—I'Tompt fart. 

■«ir-«r. * sowHsr, f. [Bag. 91A/: -o-.j A 
pUysr at golf. 

" Drif iiif tKaIr havt tn» whin or laa, 
Than* an naa gm0^r la W aaeK." 

HmmMB fWni. IL ML 
golf -lAg, f. (Eiig. SOU; 'i»g.\ Tha act or 
science of playing at golf, 

*Mr-C6-tt^ Ik [Or. reAy««a {fkHifallui\ 
bvin AraiHKan **^|'^ ((Tal^nllu); Heb. n)iV: 
(GaiffpliM) = a akuU i^Luke mill. SS), or the 

JIaoe of a aknil (Matt. xxvIL ^^, Hark xv 22, 
ohu rU. 1 7). J A charoel-hotue, 

Od-U-MTd. * gol i-Ar-deU. 'goly-kr- 
dey% a (DoLiAB.) 

CA. HiM. : One of tlie anlbnrs of tbe pnuna 
tMaring tliettanie uf Go11«)(<i.t.), iience geae- 
nilly a writer of satirical pwuy ; a aallrmL 
"Tfc« a*tUir4» lanatna » Uud of iDiwklah tIw|no. 
4M& UMevn>|«a)«na an-J rt*iiit«( llM>«i«lrur«[UH 
TvdUra «r ik* nwTT Mil UccftliiWB lablMiUL'-JTA- 
■Haa ■ XdMM CkriUtmiUg. it. Ma 

Od'-U-*rd-«r-y, ■. (Ootxta.] 

Ch. Hitt. : Tlie ttami> jKlv«n la the aerica of 
■atlrical Latin ttoeiua dlractml againat the 
abuaea of the Reman Chundi la tbe thirteenth 
century. Wright oonildeia than to hare been 
the Immedista pradcoessorf, and tn aonaacnas 
the cauM, of tba Crwfa ^PUn lAe ftoaafcinaa 
and of tha writing;! of wycUOk, and tnna to 
har« coDtribnled to Ihe BcComaUoo. rroin 
a elasalcal standpoint, the nt^Jorlty of thcsi 
are geiwnlty twlaw criticism; from a moral 
point of riew they are vtgorotu and healthy. 
thau|^ in atudylng Lhem nlrwleBntb-centiiry 
nadata niatt bear In mind th* groit Jealousy 
of BoaaaUs erdan wMeh haa in all aeea 
axiitod aaioaat tba aacalar clergy, and uc 
tendency tn mloda aoeleatsatlcal to axaggtrala 
Into grara alna what otdlaary man would ba 
Inclined to onager aa nera peneadlUoaai 
With thia iwe&ca. a few lines ftom tha /aaee- 
rtrc <if Gciitu ogolaaf lAc CiiJerdaiw may tia 
quolol :— 

"Ha slal rnvMnta alttnat aal faNvnnt : 
Fferviuiii inamiptK netant <iaiB buN aanial : 
hui*rviu patinnaa«adlt*v*ruMt 
eiataiiM inaiMlpia iiiat «l a««n|<ar arum." 
Orvaalonally Oollna aeems to have rrUbqatshcd 
bta moral mlaslan. and to have qegen»> 
rated Into a conrlvlaj rhymester : of this atvie 
examples maybe found la Longfelluw'a Uolocn 
Lftfiud fIv.X where Lcdfer, dltgriinod aa a 
friar, Unda admlaakm to the rcfo'ctwry. These 
vemea an malm prodtKbs of tbe late Middle 
Agea. A Maa-kaown efxampla ttom the Gsa- 
;bw<e OoUn rtuia thoa ; — 

** Ntai a in>^ M a ptr ltaa (oarrtai dalor 
Klal MM! avm tairlt nmtar teita mnw 
OiUB la am onwbrl Baoebaa Swulnataf 
la laa Flvaaaa Irrvlt *t tulnnda blur.* 
These poena are rli\-ined.bat now and again 
there ctvn up evidence that the writer was 
capalJe of better things. For cxamnl^, in the 
PmdiaUio GoliiM one meets with tinea like 

** Kt na fnrW eofila 'VItmb deacM annla 
Tbdc »a vtUorlbna ■alljiiTM omnia. 
Cam UMlearvaeUbw tmUvdiMaaia;" 
ami then, by a manrcllooa connpeiiaatioD, a 
daUity djisaic gem : — 

' ei» lapaaui raatlei. «d 4aawaJt ii—li" 
whirfa, by ita brtUianca, almoat oonpcontna 
(or the tawdrlneaa of the setting. 

Od'-U-lA, 1. IPor etym. see def.I 

ffc. ffirt. : The name nuder whirh r^rtain 
anlirical jioemaan ttrcleatafllik-Al anlijn-ta were 

SirMi U) the wurid In tli< iliirtwiilh (■•iilnry. 
lany of tham luiTa been attributed to Walter 
ds Mapea, Uw^ughtboralsUtUegrotUMl for this 
opinion. Wripit roeslden Qollaa to !« a 
caeadonym, "appsrently Oioai fia, and 
having nutbing In rouitnon with Ihe Pmnch 
gaiUard.- (Jjittm Poevu altribitUd (a H'tUUr 
dt Uopti. tu.) Dti Cange, In supj^Kirt o( tli« 
opinttai that Oollaa waa a real peraooage, 
quotea BUveatar Oiraldtu : — 

" rUMltaa qaMaa OaiU* aomlM ... ml ««ltas 
akallai^«Dlaffiil« vt ans«la paa aaaU Mltai^ 4M 
|vML l%»«airfM»a IWnawL Uh l< , m^. tvL 

"Hie balance of teatinumy, howercr. lodinea 
to the view adranred by Wright :— 

" enM-M Uw bartH>i«a rtpnMnlftUve at tba etartoU 
snWr. taa lutnaaiai* Ibrvwh wkloh thalt (ieaa ware 
aattrlMd,''-rr«U J i.i((« Ammw aftrfkfVMtf M raUar 

CH^If-Vth, t. C^lrh. irVf (MmM) = the eela- 
btalMl giant of QAth wii»tn Thivl't alew (1 Sim. 
IV. I-M).] (Pordef. ace cunipauad.) 

soiiA«h-bo«a*, s. 

SMvm.: Abng«lafflaUI«ombMUc.(M{ff/AM 

MtL bO: p4%t, jtf^: omt, fsU, Aovu^ ^la. IWB«h; go. gem: thla. pOmi sla. sf ; •xpeott VaaevhoB. oflit. s»h - t 
-«Ub, -UAH • «h«B. -tliMk. -«l«Hi>aUbi: -fto^ -^ioB-'Atta. -ctoun. -ttoaa. -atona - ilitt*. -bl*. -dloi. *e. > bft, df L 


ff oliathidEB— gone 

jignyiUiLB^ It i»]m«A tnja the went cchm\ f>t 
Africa. Lti IfiOb t, hsImidhh rvrnHcd £3ir| for a 
vlnglc ipfciinicii. (Leiuniidliie Hf). He hBd 
ananvBTOB 14 stW the liiK&t tor £10. 

KO-Uh&Ui -I-d«i» t, pi, [lAU g(iltal}t(ii»), and 
fern. )>].. fe^J- "^^- -'■J^-l 

EntoBLJ- A family of laciflllconi bbetlas. 
Tbe ehin it InrgA, btoad, AUd C07e» the Jkwi, 


go-U'-B-tliiis, gtf-li'-fttfa, I, [r?uflafAuj ll 
Ute LatilUA^il furin f-t Dub. ^iafA {i^.V.)-] 

Emom..- The tfiricftl genua nf tlie f&mlly. 
[ODLiATB-BrBTLK.1 Tho lifloJ Udcaply t^-o- 
lobeO, Uu) K^guiieuta K^iuliliug two hums. 

*«o-11~«ie, •go-ly-on.'ipn-ll-ffln, s. 

lEtjTiu di'ulitful. Prob. from O. Ff, (fink = 

"H«. .. tuttttbcElLlJimrfM.' «t«p, iLiiyL 

gfll'-l^Oll, frft gbtlltnil), I. [OmI. g^OJi^JtlcA = 
rorkcil) A naiiio 0ii|pUi'd to tbe tarsrig^ ud 
to •ercral ■I'CcJej ofl*eUts. 

nttjji}^, thi< iAvtn. {Usbti iti contenipt) 

^BJtU'-flta'iKf, s. [Etymol. of flm.! L-I^Mncnt 
d'Tiuht'nil ; Kaj;. iV<V'-i^ Ap^mrenllj UHlLcarnr 
dtr irithen-.l cnrti i UcRMj aJaJrllillig of litH« 

" Alltbt rattyfthfmrUdinELv^ot ummUnnlinin 

Sittluarm that itpi.t nnt In & iiHldai blaM.~-AadW : 
y^Sif H-UMgnj,!:!. II,. p. Irt. 

^ffO-lM-tiioe, J, [Gciu«n, Oajjochk.) A 

^&-lbahB', *. (Galoth.] An nTfi7'hn«, now 
graemllr diAJd uf TUJciHiUfeil liidl*-mbt(r, 

*Cdlt,f. [Gi.di.T.1 

'■Amfll 'EOmfl, 'CIIBM, ^, [A.'^, pnrna; 
Itrl. Oatni ; O. S, O'I'T"*." <J. II. GiT. ysmat 

"Oftrifluk in« • fill fpd fntn*.' MmMltt, J. 

Ch, TIftt, i ike follo^wera of Pn,n<:rift Oonukf, 
vUn wflii Inirn ftt !nni|{e« nn Janqary 2i\, HAi^, 
and III ]^V4 WHtunt'lHiJTiled PmreMnrnrDiTluitj- 
Bt LoT'l*n, oMiLliilriij m bit c^^llngn* in 
1603 Uio i.t!kt-nit«d AnulrdlniL CIcMnu wm 
itn^ngly CilviwiHct *nd «[ipowd tlie vlew» 
□r h\a aSAiK'likte with much ipaI Vliea Ar- 
■nlnluf, «l>cput » ycnr tfJynj Ills ^doaUi^ pre- 
lko|ite<] A rpliioiwtnnce ID Miff SJUt^R^eJiern], 
ODnuT and hli Tailow^ni fime iiiit no Ntronglf 
OH, tivB iitlirr ttJide tlwL llliiy wure c«l|ed Atill- 
Be ttioitatruatj. Goinnr wu prtMDt at U^a 
SyncnJ of bitft tn ItllS, &dd thrre and eliw- 
whrTiir wmi Kn di»tltii-tly Ui« lejidiir n[ the Cul- 
Tlijlatic ii|[iftnn'Fnln i^f linnliiiiipi, tlint tbc Anil- 
llvinDiietra;iUi wttn oflU-u CAlld OomiirlBtd. 

jninMuA^J All og'iiJit, k TmcUiTj ■ 'COiujJiiv 
]iii>nfrh (.'in'/lii-jdfliujt,) I 

gliBi'-bo, gom-lHxitt <• [GoBBO.] 

Vain« <$), '^ [Qou (1X1 

•i«Hai*(3\ 'B«B(a). ji. riffli- (^rM*lI',* o. rr. 

tier, f/ijvvta ; Q. l>ut. p>oin-] <.'■■!>, attaDtion, 

Mr rrruntbrat, UTU, 

"fonnB (4). 'yommat 4^ IGcm^ «0 

* came {St, r. [Couh (S:^ ■.] The block ekam 
wlilch «ccimiaLBt«« un lh« Axle of « CArt- 

fif-mvi-f^ L iCflmiprf-l Anblcm, Cf. 
Anb. gJinmnuiji ^ m lilcibfluiar; ffAirnu ?; 
nuldinj t ni^n vrilL tli« tjni ghavuat = ui 
tmoruiu r]uq(». Ac, : tilso ffiMU =ft liiiRliLrt ; 
/wnwur «( awW = the flflh moDth of thf 
Anblon yetr.) 
vlitrotL. ,■ A *t*r, csUiid «1*9 fi Caiti* M (wortF, 

■^* fonwf, AoflUf , pT/isiifi', or ^VrmrfX Thifpe it 
Hop pnuknnBht In EngHsti e««rtlT rorT^-Kpond- 
JiifT In the tl:«1j. ]e1 UtT f wUb wtilcii Uv wnni 
CniDm«tidnii. It tnay ti^ ]|irnii>iiLRF«1 i^A Df {f 
or * or lio Iffl UnpTunouiiMJ. Ut^mpr U therv- 
fart tnothet iJ^llIUK Tut kimcr oqrurrftig In 

LeT. xsvif. 19. Ib4. v. 10, EMt. jtlv. ll, 14, 
nnd Hn«i'^ ilL H, ftud omrr fouiid la Exa*!, xvi. 

llS-3ei iUlHIER.I 

go'-nuir (3), A [yamM nfter Its lavttit<u-.J 
Onln.: A fonn nf chnmbpr la oHminoe, 
coii»l>ithR|; of n Gpiblrji] niuToiting of the bonj 
lowAnlti tliQ iuner I'.mL 

gj^m'~er-Il« g&m'-rfilX gua-pbrel* >. A a, 

[Etym. dull lit fUl.J 
A> jt< mbit, : A. fool, n lilooklicAd. 

*' AJUblrl M ilUf u cnr Aujd lUTl Laird ban uiJ 
bif yoiMM^ 4' *Miu."— WW ; ^ii^ /fvk, ck sir. 
B» Jj a(^. ; Fwillsh, Btiij>ld. 

'.K41D-WS;, '- (A cflTttTAGitJoa of {KHlrman o^r 
*ffOIIUD« (IX ■■ [An B,librevLB.t»d fonn at 

* Konuue (iX i. [Gun, «.] 

Chcm., Jte. : Tlie Ukiiiti u L>i-]rtrEae (f^r^). 
Coll>-d ulio Biitish-guui, atiucli-guia, and 
FniLtguFii. (■Sjjiift.) 

" I^SlQ'-IIUr, f. tGAKMER.] 

bott : iiaiiiiid trank t\iii cliii]:>! of tJit> frtiiL) 

J^f. : A yeiins (if Oi:^iiJL^Jir. Tlio l>jtl!«r 
EYIOt Alld !lL-&Ve» of liomj'tiU^ ayiffi**! iji'lln an 
gls-fltiin MalAtiarlnKde«vtiiiii of milk'orwsbfr 
■■aloiiic BtiDiiiBClilc, andanll-vrik'tlc G. ^*jpr- 
tpema mnd 0, Jifitilapila are Utk'&n fdt leiedj- 
cIimI bittena in Dnzil. Ih^i <>ll uf Q. pimi- 
Jiora. U ui«d ill tliat doiintry ta Baltds^ 

gjiim-phl-ft'-rita, J. [Gr. 7«^iaiftf (jTOinpAlfl' 
ru} — ttiutliai'bfl.] 

Path. : Lnrmciii^as of Uje molar or olheT 
te«th lti tliblr fluck^ljs. 

= alHilt, ft! Ill mpFOf (Jcotjim) = frgltij! 

Sr>I. ,* A gtihua of AArlApIulx^tf, tHbe 
Ateitpindm rrnr. TJiri l«avfit nf (7<iMubi- 
011*^111 /ni^ioHiTH, called lii Syrii^ Arjfcl 4r 
An^hMj are iiMil to odiilter&to Kiinn, 

|[5lllpti-59'-Sr-tt«. f. [Or. ^^^iK CromjtAM) 
= « b<iUj ftui Kfpar (Jitrnri) = n Ldrn.] 

P)iV(inj»ir. .' A gfihlu of Cfp1],aliP)KKli, fnmil; 
Ortlii^ccnllili*. T)icn> Hr# iiittny Htiecfm from 
tbf Lowtr l^ilurlmi bo tli^ CaiUinJrcniuK for- 
mi^t t<>ii«. 

t (jiin'-tdi^lite, I. [Gr -y^^ot (ffcmjiluj) =^ 
a ludt, and i^»9ot ('U^oV) & stone. |i 

Pftml, (T fjroL ; Thci Jiahie ^ ven by Dnjuigtitart 
to Fn\i[f\um.enifi rocha of 71:111417 ^&t i^ii^ 
In iiwil£crland NAi^'Ulue. 

gJtm-pllA-ld'-U-AlEl. '. [(!,. Tdfii^of (F^nn- 
fi&njr) = a btj'lt, and Ao^oc {folrutj ^ il}tLi^ lob« 
QfLtiQtU-; (3)a U-guuie.) 

£<](.: A g;vniu of i.pp^li'''n>ceoiii I'lAnEa, 
trilx! Prtdalyrieni l^taiiieiiM tpu^ ftve — i.e.,'nut 
QiLJUKlinl'j ( wo Uuhdlce. Abuut tlilrty qxwiei 
liTH knn^fh.Bll fryiTri AnstrallA, Gamj^<i\tAiiin 
tn^ciniUiiim ia uti'l to b« ]K)i»ui»uiiui Ui slwep. 

lll-A-Ilb'-in^ t, [Or. -yo^i^of ^i}nmi>\n») 
lit, and K^^ik [iuBut) - Uut whlcb bt iiiJiiii, 

Rnt.i A gt-niiA nf OliitotDiic^tD. KdttLiig 
frrutiicntcili tblrty ^jMK-le*. twelve of ¥'bicL 
arcstiiU>Iib;fRini1b Cube' British, i^thp^fyntmn 
Btrkrirli 1b cufiDion In aiirlnif in (>roi 'Vh^ oc- 
rurrihKOAai'isbtQn'Ulie gclatUiuiu auaostM ad- 
bcring lo ntomv. 

■I (I) a UiUliig togptlicr ; (2) sw definition.! 

Artnt. : A iKlnd of artlcut^iUon or ImiiALMiDii 
bj wIiIcIj Ih'.TiiolB nf ti-rth are imtilqntoc] in 
U^efmoQlii-tji. OTiiilii4i>niiAid«TB tlistthiH.ibiitdel 
Qot b« reckunod amuojj LlidarUi^uUtjti^A, 

gfiOt-ptan'-Iia* ^ [Altet^I fit'ta LaL ^T#m- 
/jAiPtto ^ a lilml of amaraijitb, luvlabtj' Awia- 
ranthm iriciilur.] 

^i(. ; Tho tyH*^! E«Tiufl nf Hi* OoTnrl<LT^n«e 
(q.r.)L Tlie aiKCiemce unlird, from tbarutun- 
dlly iiflbdr DQWfni,CVjlw AmemiithM. AlL^mt 
Ti^nrldVie Ven loLroilqiLisl latui Britain, The 
lnwt-knu'Wn La Oirtfiphrma glnbnut. If llii 
Sieaila Of iWifi^rB An* K^itlti'tea Ivfo^rL- tbp^ an 
tiHi far advanced, tbcy will r^t^ibt tbefr wtutj 

for yenm. (l. q/Rdnaffir and G. mvcrv<rjituita 
arc ii*t«t In T^raxil in tHt*niiittent fever. coUc* 
didt-rliicn. &e^ Thi^ir I'oOit io >eiihbaid<j«l a 
sbiiDiilating (onic 

xKm-pliTo'-nft'M, ». pE. pHoii. tat. ir«i^ 

pJirrH^a), mill LaL. f«iii. [-1. adj. aiafT. ■«£.} 
Bot. : A tribe nfAuiflniitluaeK. 

t. Bf4. : Tin Anas f9iin.Aij»^rut •ncirhuK- 
^r. commriu in iht juulbitrD Asiailc iBlaoda. 
% CsiAiA. : TlH .tj.m.B u Goi[im'nfiBK(cL.'v.). 

gdULBtl- lllira, 1. 

Citmm. : TUv. ftbrw of Ihc Gnjnnll, ot Aitfic 
It [tt 'Itrivftl from tbe -leaf-slalki which It 
cuTTuiinils in lilafk, mid VCkt iinpt^ifsir, H \9 
used f'>reunl^', for tbalcliing^iftv^ KI^OIMmI 
aUo Ejtw, 

gifn'-f'KTm, t. [Or. fot^M^ (jFCfkOjTniX jtn 
deft froin'TiSjo' {^"iit) = ttitj kn**, and «7p^ 
(fffffn) —a (iHti^hiiig-) 

Pattial. .' Til* iiinie R^ran by thf old Gn^k 
r.hypit^Un»togo«t !d the knisa, (ruj-f, Tu.n~ 
lur, tt) 

gftn-a'-lllei, «. [An Afrlfrnji Word.] 

till. : Acacia Adantonii. it jLfilda pwd 

'gon, i!.i. [Go, D.1 

* Roila prtl. & pa. par. 

o, ».] 

go-nlin'-^-ttiit, *. [Or. yipo^ (iFowf") =^ "IT- 

Ajirlug, fcoil, ind iyY"'^^ (-ifa^frcitin} ^ a veiMf I ] 

J?fwJ. ; Tb« thklnouB rfcpptai'lc in whii-li tli« 

reproflnctivo buda of ccrtaiJi bydnutoa are 


C%B -dA-^l^ ' £m-dol«, * Eim-da-lo«. f. 

|ltal, ilhiilii. of gtjtuLi — Aintat ; fniin Or. 
Roi"3u (ibt»jnJir) = a iJTmkiui^-vEB^), froin tlie 

1, A Venetian pleasure boot. A ffondola 
nf middle n\t% i% thirty fwt long, finjr feet 
bcajn, and » tuwcd by dno uiau iUti4i>i)i al 

ttie Blern aod U^lng nTi« 04F, Tt bu a wHl- 
ftinii*b^1 rablh anldtiliiiiii, ami Ik lAlhti^l 
black. Tlie ateni nadi ■t*Tn riMi in inlnii-d 
cltivatiinq, Pifi rormer tiding aurtnuunLn] by 
tiia CfcTru, a bright Irou clt-avtr. 

" IMdat FT«r MB ■ EkmifvfB r Pvr fcU 

Vun kfaoolEl not, ]H diKrilw K tud narl!)-: 
TlB m lioii rurHM biwl that'' oiiniU'ijii Ucnt 

'Ckr»*il at Ihfl tiTiiWi, train liuliU; Iml mnipacUj; 
Xiiikrl thy t«a niwm, iEbtIi fftll^ lntnduiiei'. 

It allilM ^i^llf tbc nt^i' Itv^lnc 1>|ULklT. 
JuaOlks a i^fiii eUi't III n •^vir, 
WlHr«iuiaei!ui luuc'dat wbnt ) liO tn^ tTda.* 

AfrrvH . lirrp*. IIl 
S. A ftftt-'boltomcfJ bnfltfLTiamrj'liiaj'wJiw* 
and goixtH. (.Ipifriotir^.) 

3. A raflwar-'platfana Mr, with Iqw or tu> 
aldta. {Afifnain,) 

' gbn'-iA-Vitt I- [A diinln. from sandnta 
fi.v.J] Allttld^mdulil. (JtfwiT.) 

■iD'-d6-U«r« * ffim-da-llfiT. s. [tLai. icron- 

di^i>nr,j A niiiii Tbdt ruwd 0. pill Jola. 

"Hjtr(iw]«tlh'uniiLl. ti|trmlipn|««i toy ifTl. vUU 
titE^i'Kt-M'^, MUm MpUf (iii^l* wr iMt H 14 Iba 
lilCib.) iilu-kLiuilici'oiiJ « ctauiQw UT niTOi-uj.*— X J. 

gono, * gfm. pn. r^r. >& a. i(f>>}, r-l 
A. Aj' jk). |<nr. ; (Sm tlia verbjk 
K. Aini^tivf! 

1. p^jmrifel, ni-vwl, oratartrf away. 

ttte. OLt. fiLTc, omlcUC. what,. falU facber; we. w^t, here. (Amfil, bofT thar«: piuo. ptt^ wira« air, marSaa; gA, s^ 
or, ««rar w^li, woriE. vh&, ft4ii; mnH, oAb. oiire, 9nlt*» vwr. roiB, f&U ; trr. slrlaa. ia»a = *; «y = «. qa- Ilw. 





gone- goniometer 


" A d>i» thM hM till ■»•• bd4 In Um *npo«r, Iimm 
■41 flffB* at iit»i but <*TTMd tnt* Ui* klr. grUhraira 
kilaalMte iw m w«. U inA qulU|M<M.'-^ AMm . IM 

a. Deputed ; lost 


•fMMb !■ OTaaBwl to Uw llvlw^ Bad UopvCwl In 
r thaw tliMt ■•« ta ut w*«BMt 

I, aad U tmulcBt and 

i. RuIbmI, mxlona. 

~ a* utoH know "U* OHM inr nw ilMarliU* tw« cajr 

& AdrBaewl ; forvtrd (n ppjgnoL 
" I kan knovB itaMW «u«4 •l(l>* ia4. wtm ib«r 
hM* d^ Ivs Itf •««• vitli 11. mlv hr MM Ml InW 

IL ilMkrry ; AppUwl hi U UTOW i&itl 

^■oaM^r.f. (Gaiib.] 

* (Ott-Ol. «. rO. F^. ymulle. pM*lf : Prov. 
*i««t, yaiMOa; ItaL ifMtMlbi, flron O. Pr. potif , 
ProT. fMUiItaL gimna, how Ltt. tutu, gumui, 
Om4. fihi. Wet. iptNi s R gowu (i4.v.).J A 
muttls, m clcmk. 

" W«l IWUWt Mk-UMlM CMU OMMril vrd*.' 

SV&-Vp'-tar-yx, ■. (Or. y^oU (genia) ^ ft 
omer. la ib|[I«. or v^t-u isomu) m a kUM, and 
vw^ 0«'w^»') = • wing.) 

BiUtm. .* A fenas of TmttPrflk«, htnlly 
}^|HUonlilM, mib-riunUy PtvHill- \J'm*T'4*TTfit 
rftaMNi In the Brlnalone Bnttfirfl;-. Ila vtliKfl 
hav« in uifalu- ptt^aeUoa (otrm.j. und «ni 
MouloM -eolcarcd. Exponiinn of yrfnffn 
■bnut ti Inekca. It fi'Doramno In ihv »<iutti 
of BnfUDil, bnt <ln«s not pxtvnd U) SfotUnil, 
tot ita cat^riilJIir /podit on thr rntiuium Buek- 
Uhom (AAfimniu ealknrticua) wliirli iIom not 
gnxvUterv. It U relvcty-lookitie. dtf k gnM>n, 
witfa ft pftlB tine on meh M«, {^Inton, he.) 

gu&'t^ltn, goft'-fft nfin. * gof Oi nomi. 
* gon- fa-nonn, ' gon ta. nun. * gon- 
Aur-noim. ' gon fo noun. * goon-fa- 
Bonn. * gOB-lkHnoiuu 'grmtlui nn.<. 

|0. Pr. fuidhnan, fonjtimon ; hV at^nfiihn ; 8|'. 
OMVblcn: ItaL fOfOWAn*. rmmM.ILtiflr. 0uii< 
AN* <- ft tHllle ttBiidjiRl, from m )^ puft'' =: 
Mttle, ftod jbiKs MftO(0«T.JtaAM)'=ftVan&er.l 

AimaniUgRttftclMd totbBnnleof aUn«e. It 
dUlErod fivu a bftnonr La tnla roapcct, that, 
|ft»taa«t at IiHiik sqnare, and fiiateuM tu a tun- 
■ne tar, the trnnnlon, tboujih of tb« uino 
1^01*. wu (ln» in ft fhuoft roajle to tarn Uke 
■ DHMbm ftkip'« TftiM, with two or thnio 
Nlfauim or tftlU. TheotilectoftlMgoalkDou 
VM prfDolpftlljr to TWid« gnut i<enple vif'n 
BBipieooq* to tbelr fbUowvn, and to terrify 
Iha bonaa of llMlr adranartea. 
'•tawdanl* Midf««A(e>M't«Ut *wi andnar 
•tnutlatbaalr.^ jrUMa; A^^r.U*. 

■«fc-%-lte-li8r'* Jb ntfti. Vf^lonim.} A 

■UnMWnl-liaaf«r ; tha ptrnto cttlnnrtal wllli 

Ibt pobUe gimOUuu Id uwdiBval Italian dtiea. 

"Wm art Iha ntatlM, to^ laorUad far by Uw 

ari% U Mi H .A.a.i'Sfc. 

_ _ OX *««ns«, 'BOOBce, il (A.8. 

fft«#3ftfali)g,a|ttMaae,ftprtv]r.| IQajio.j 
1. Oolftg, rootiiiD, 

- 8m4m tntai (WUiffc M bate jwitf* - 

Ur^md^m. /ai£M-twk4fft 

1. A priTf. I jskeft. I bofUB of olDce. 

* JU W aiaa M a aww 
AKUda Iha yU ha liil ttaa^'' 

" la ftatlr frngt to Ijr fm rr^nixk ' 

* gaag-temittr, >. A uittlit uua ; & ckauer 

of [iiti'jt 1.1] i'L-a«iioula. 

*gong bouse. * gonjr-hnae, t. Apnry, 

ftb<<TlA<- if .irtici-. 

* gong- man, * gone man. t, A gong- 

goAg(2).'- IMAlnyo^Kf, y^sigons.] 
■ 1. (8m oitrmrL) 

"tiMra b oaa thai rtrtkaa aa a Mtatl mmg.m a 
voadait laatnuHMit. lMl<4a •rtfj Mrok* M Uo ca'. 
Ihca Uw nnrtn aM««r all at otte* with * awt of a 
hallaai ubIm, UinMWU the IktaaL. and a alaaip on tttm 
AtA with atM but, and UunwdUUlp uloaca Utalr 
Mn^nta tfca wat«. T^ih tha t«ttr aad f - 
altartiaMy ^aat— ■ • 
•Huu vrnplaa 
•Bull tiMaaM 

i Iha roa> 

__ _ m TbiH thaftM* aad Ibi __ __ 

allartwMy Mavat aaah atW. laanot a aooMl tlwt 

~il aad wartata ta IMaa wbfl ar» at a 

Um waUr or ahQar.'— l>wai*»r.' 

rofhar*. T vufi - laa. UW 

2. A muaical iustruincotaaed prlnclpollrln 
thn Ba.«t. It la tjiiuboariRO-iha|ictt, a dine of 
thiu bniDiL- Willi mi iiiilan>fHl finngi> furiiilns a 
rim. TItn metnl canitstanf Hvra^-«*lcbt puts 
Ci»]>|«r. twenty>two parti tin. Tho nronn b 
of flurti pro|K>rt)oni a« to he natumlljr bHttl« 
wbcn ciut, UrmgB an bMbu wttb a [wddM 
druiit-itlck. nii-J iir« u«ed tn th« Eut for 
niaklnij dlKn-iU, and o/ldlng Intvnaity to U» 
claOKnar of martial riiunic. In many boaaea 
In ^itclaixl ff^ngn hnvn irpUrad dinnflr-balla. 
Tha KOBff !>■>■ ii" (lUliuct or appredftble ttota, 
but Kivraout ftaoiiiHlcouiUUnit offtoouiliiiift* 
tkin of hftnuonloa. 

** AmI InwI. aaiU lb* ualfwrad «laana»t 
VtT diataul il<M*ta tnuiMU Iha llutar trntg,* 

3. A Btallonar?' bell wbow tongna !■ aorad 

ri wira or •(ring. CtiDnouly (Ued ■■ ftn 
til or (.'all-bell on atoaoien. 

VonS'gonc. «• A gooK. 

fMUMDiatal, «. n« metol of which gongi 
■re niad& 

g6n'-gtfn-ha. i [A BntiHan word.] 

it'.4. : A kliiU nf bulljr. il«* Gmamlu. luml 
in Bnxil for iDftking t«ft. It ia ft diuretic ami 

gSn-SOr'-fa «. INanod afUr Antony Cabal- 
teni y Uongoni, ftunutly Vk«roy of Nuw 


itot. .' A Siw BflOQi of orehldi. trllie Vandn. 
Thoy hftVB Un(»-ihiped leftvei mora tlutn a 
foot long, and dnnping flower tftcetnea two 
feet. Abnat twolvB spcdu are knows, lliey 
([row on stcma in tropical America. Elfcht 
have beso Introduccid into tirltUb grven- 

sto'-d;fl-He, «. tOr. -wyjniXM (ff»ft«r«fc») = 

lODod, and luff. -Ue (AfU.) (q.T.X) 

Mtn. : A jetlowlalinr yelliiwiib- brown varifity 
of A^ilnifttoliKi. ft'uui nuUlid. 

gdn-^l-^aper'-mS-iB. '. pi. (Or. yoyr^jjn 

(y .ifj-u.^) — r>iiii(l, trvofia (niermuj ^ s«ed, 
and IjlL pL ft!Ui. OidJ. aatf. -ac] 

Hot. : A oollflcUon of rxtte apnTeil Alfpe. 
The aporai are cullooted wlUiuut otUer in & 
Tniiofiai or mtRibranftomm notbar^elL Tho 
iiucleai ia aonoUnwi oorapoand. 

Cfin-4#-l«« <Pt cte-ntt-fi), A lOr. w 


h, A apon of eertaln mnRala. 

S. A nmul, hard, decldnaua body eonnwled 
with the Rprodiiction of certain aea-weeda. 

3. Ons of the enuiDlea conbuccil in tiio 
•bielda of ocrtaln Ushens. 

go - nl - fta'- t«r, *. [Or. ymtt-U (g/iKta)sMi 
aitijlf, and acmr^ (<utfr) = a aUir.] 

i, ;r(w]. ; A genua of Rddnodemui, order 

3. fWionl. : It oame Into existence at leaat 
aa early aa the Jnrmralfi period, 

go'-nI-%-tite,g6-nl-^ti'-tef.*. [Aiirfh>ni 
a Hod. LiL term gtmiatu*. Or. >wn<i {fStia) 
a nn angle, and ftuff. -ir^ (itia), or 1 inay fc« 

euphonic. 1 

PaUwtytUotofff, Ototon, ttr. ; 

1. (0/ thtfirm goolatltea} : A gentu of Am- 
nonltid«. It baa I dUc»ldnl ehell, lolwl 
fluCuree. and the rtphoucht donul. Known 
■pedoa 197, tnaa Man Uj>per Silurian tu the 

2.(0/ (h;<)raij;nQtattle> ; The RriRllah name 
ticanyapaeletcf the K^nua UoulatltceCq.T.). 

S^-Bl-^m-l-dM, Ik 14. (Hod. Ut. 9«i[a- 
UHt$\ ftiul UL tmk. pi, «41. ftuff. -tim,\ 

FnUroKt. : A Bunlljr of Cepliatnpoda. Ur. 
a. Wimdward dOM not weosnlae It, but karai 
(coniatlteft la the AanDonlUUB. 

gd-Bld'-{^ «. A tOr. VM^'&a (g^tdUt). pi. 
of ynriA*o¥ (jftniiiinn) = a ■mall mrr^r or 
aoeie, dlnrin. t4 ywia is^nia) — ft comer, an 

angle- 1 

R't : The green apherinl eella whlrh Rstnt 
In ttte tliallui of lIchenM. ftnd dlnUnirtiiah them 
th>tn ftingala. They ore of Tortoua fbnoa; 
they prodace Moepore*. 

gO'ldd'-f-aL a. IGr. ym^t€M (gSnUta) [Qo- 
tflbit), uiu £ng ftdj. *aff. -oJ,| 
Oof. : or or licIouKing to Oanldla. 

gonldial layer, u. 

Ikil, : A Itiyrr i>r lone of rftrialde ttilckne**, 
onufiUtuted by eoiiidta at the place where the 
ortex and modullft meet iu ibe tballuui of ■ 
lichen. (ThoaU.) 

C6-Bl-tel'-<'t6r, t. (Or. -jaia^ (ftfafa) m a 
oiimtr, nn an^lo, uid t^irgM (a^fnMl) = ft 

M\%. ff VotA : An Initminent formeosnrlng 
■ngln, an4l aiieeWly thtiao uf rr)-«tat*, Ther« 
■re two fomift of Itt tho ctnniuoit and t)ie re- 
Bin iH III goniometer. Tlie fornier won lu- 
ventaa l:r CkraagoatL ita ]>rli»-l)>1a Is Uio 
iDureiiicfiU of ft movable arm Minatitnilng the 
ndliiH nf a RTadnatsd aaniclrcle. It ia beat 
aila[jt«d to ulu tha ftnglea nf a txystal free 
frani the ^Bgoe, tad even then Is nnt very 

Breclae In IU uidlcfttiona. It ii now ruely 
ever need. 

Ttic roflKUog goniometer Is founded on the 
n-flcolintt i^jwer of Ibe ]uill*li I'li the Ratural 

SUnee nr fracture inrfActa i)f miiipniln. In Uie 
gnre a ft la the prineipal cirtrle gradnateil on 
oDd eilge to half wgreM, and difulnl (nrcon- 
T^nioiice into two parta of IfiO' Mtdi : c ia a 
linuM idate acrowed npon and aupixirted t>y 
ll)<3 pilUrd, ftnd mdnated fti a vfmler; / la 
tilt; ojUe of tbo arete n h, and peseea throusli 
tlie upper porta of the two plllara d e, the 
ather andi of wliich an inserted inbonwoodco 
baae ei,- ah ia an axle ciicUneil within /, 
nud tnmtd hy meana of the anuileit circle 1. 
which oom- 
ninnlcfttea ft 
motion to 
aU the ap- 
pftTfttiu on 
the left of 
A, withont ' 
moving Uid 
p r I n 1 pn I 
cinde a hi 
I; b a circle 
t4i whlvb in 
attar- hed 
Ibo axle of 
Ui« priDci- 

uaJ elrcleu 
Whenerer ■ 
cryatftl la 
to be moo- 
■nred, it ia 
fttlaotuid by 
tneana of 

wax to one and of a (lUte of bnift, «, the 
oUier end of the pbite Iwing ulaiwd In n 
allt In the upper fort of the rireular braaa 
etem 0, which panes Ihniiuh the tiitM p. to 
which It la ao ad](i«(4>d aa to allow of being 
niored dlhar ap tir down, or drcuUrly by 
means of the circle q. Tha UIm p la fixed to 
the eurred hr«as plate r, which ta attached, 
but aooa to allow CH inotioa, to another cnrved 

Elate a. by mrana of ■ pin ( : tlie other end of 
tie bUter pUte beloa conBectcd with tlie con- 
coaled ftZle ; 1^ to wbleb a m'^tion la glren by 
tomlng the tuilf drde f. The alem o, whiirh 
may be raised orttepreaeeil at pleasnre, ahoald 
be need to plooe the rn-ata) ja nrarly aa poa- 
slUe on ft line wltli tlie iimrr axle. Let It 
DOW Iw nppoaed thitt the Inatrumeht Is 
plaoad from aiglit to twenty feat tlialant frina 
ft window. Let a blnck line e be drawn an 
the walnaoot between the window and the 
floor, and perfectly |mu«Uo1 with the bori- 
Bttntal hasft of the window. If then tbe eye 
bo pUoed llnoftC close to the cry«tal 1, ft re- 
flection of one of tlie tiers will be aeen on one 
of Ita plonea. AdJtiat it till tt la Mnllel 
with the black line i-, the crraUl u t1>en 
tUTDMl by turning tbe little cirue t, until tbe 
RfleoUun of the aame bar Is seed on the next 


\Sil, b^; j>odt, \6^\\ oat, 9cll, oboms, fhin, ben^h; go, ^cm; thin. |liin; sin. af ; espoot, yonopbon. e^let. -Ug. 
•«tan. -tlan = eli^n. -tlon, - alon = eban ; -(Ion, -ylon = zbun. -elona, -tloiu, -alous = ahtia. -bU, -die. &c = byl. dy L 



EUiM jMrrrnrtly an • line With and uptm ttir 
lack liitfl m B-tlh ne(Wl)i>(i<i tx'ing k^|>t 
•orDril<>, II i* riAXt n(>«-4ful. hj aiKiiat of the 
clrrJ* t. b> turn the |>rlnclpal drcle nntil it Is 
■rratea by Xbv jil<i|> r or Uii> |HlUtr d ; It will 
tb«n bo rountl tbiil 1§0', or tlie pnndp*! 
Gtoel*, colnehlM wttJi 1 on the n>mi«r. If tbn 
olrek k Im tfcrn tarn^ with Uia ajs cIum to 
Uw eryilab till tbe rvBvotion of Uto ubm tnr 
U M«n on tl» a<tJ<ilnlnfl pUtui pnelMtv opan 
th« hUok line r, tli« dlxtaaes Bov«d Djr tb* 
|idiirl|«l Hrrlft will Iniliotte tn dvgneea tbc 
•Mia of Um ctTStAl. Th« nniill envtali of 
bodlM an gDoarally mnre r«|fuUr tMo tbe 
krnr oqm, mad * mr&M af lia put of ui 
Ineh In ImctJi If pnfcet sad l>ffllut wlU b* 
■uOdeDCly Uibb Io be Meontilr mwsored 
brttonflMtlnggooloaiitar. (VT. i^WljM.) 

a. (Eog. f(MUMMlr(y>: -tf, -UtiL] IVrUininK 
to soBtomelrr or sookMneten ; meuunMl tijr 
■ ^MlatD«l«r. 

^^-Hm'-^trft t. [Or ytunA (fflhla) = »n 
magia, sod H^^p** ("wfrn*) = * niMuittrv ; Fr. 
fOKiemilt U,] Tb* *rt or Aclenoe of ntuarhiK 

Kfr-nX-^^'-A-li^ *. [Or. ymna igdnia) = « 
eoiner, an ■»el< ; *nd 4k«^u ( fJtoiU) > * hamy 
awJfi of » nptilfl, in raferenr« to tb« rvcbmgn- 
Ur forfu. ■!«, nnniUr, ainl nrta JnncUon of 
tk* CMMMU ae^lM. (Oirm )] 

Ailantt: A unnni of (nmnil (rncodtlM, 
)>bMd by Sir Riclianl Owen nnd«r Iila aii1- 
onlir Araphiraclla, •ixl dv i'r"fr*«nr lluiloy 
doiibtftdlTUadw that wliirh bo txnaa UMn- 
narbhL na rBmolna r>ii wMrh tlwi gentu «M 
fuuBd«d wan found In IU& In m qoMTj bwu- 
avranm, and Mr R^Wrt Trottar {rtircliaiMHl 
tbain mr Dr. Hnnt^ll. Thar «r« bow In the 
AiUab Huaouin. TIm ai«cMa ia Oo»ioplt,Ju 
cmmbUnM, inn»»tlin«a eallad tb* Swmag* 
CroeodUt. (if«alaU,0«c«mA«:)i 

*goilB«ti: (Ovn.l 

'KOOno, r.(. [Oo, V.) 

' gonn-«ii. * sonn*. pnt. <^fv. iGo.] 

CO nA bias tid I-fin (i4. c6-aA-bl«*- 

Ud I A). <. J'' K*r. Y<r«< (1MW) • that 
vil.i.liiii Us:>'ii<.-fi, ai'tilM. alaoMed, <«. ;and 
diuiut, of jSAmtt^ {bloMoii =a apmnt,] 

XnoL (/*!.) : Special procMaM fh>n) tba liody- 
wall, fit caenoaare, of Hydnrtinia, Dimryne 
aiKl otber Oarrnlda. Tltay ara atropbIM, nr 
oiuUralopad, (<itypJtiia, differing ftam )'K-rfvrt 
onca In bring Oiually daatltubB of a month 
and In havliw abortar tantwilea. Tbay carry 
ibt rrpradactTva racMiteelM or ganophoraa In 
eaitnin taydraaok /nlm*p onils tban Btaiio 

jB nil bBT y l|f»n, >■ (Unl. L«t. p^nom^yx 

(gaoit fmMaiyclf) (Ookocaltx] ; auS. •ini.| 

XddI. : Of ur bvlnnging to a pwocalyx. 

" DhfaHaa waJmpja*. la *bkk Umm la a «aaUal 

MHaa<«tal iwaaaH Mid ■ tnauMiun •t^Xmm at pmr 

a1#rt—eMMj*"-^l-l hiM.- JmC tMk ad. I, p. 11% 

gft-nA-e&'-iyx.*. [Or. m«t(j?oa<»l3 a«hiM. 
andLat.ooiio.'Clr. <aAvt<iiiJia/> =i aonverlD^] 
ZocA. : A li^II-abapnl dW, atUrbwl by thr 
baaatotlM panrnt orn^nUailn tlia Cnrynl'La, 
tba •wlmnlNg^tall In • BMdailfbnii gonophore, 
or lb« aaaia itraetiira In a aoaoi£ore which 
ia not datnrbad. (A'idblaMa.) 

* cim-oC ' Kon-oph, ■- (A oompl. of yoitr- 

of.\ A Uikf, a |>lrk|<ocfcaL 

go bA lA'-bft-an, i. pi [Mod. gomolaHiu\ 
an-l laL fru. pi. a-lj- auff. -m*,! 
/M. ; A lrib« of AaclepladaMS. 

g»-&JU -Vtoftfl, 1. iar.yM^(,}An(n) = anf[l><, 
and AvfiAt ilithim) * a |>>m. Nainad fhitnlhc 
■nf««lar podal 

iW. : Tba lyii(«l gmw nt lb« triba Oono- 
febaa. It eonalata of twlulDg or ahrvltby 
Kortb Aaiariran iilanta, wttb ncftof*, or 
eorymba of gnamlali or dingy pnrpU> flowam. 
About alxty ipadia art ka«wa. wranl bnra 
baM introdDcad Mo Britiab grandioaNn. Tba 
Julea «r OMubbw aHcrvpAyflaa fa aald to ba 
oaed by th« Nertb Amrr4f«n IndiaDato polaon 

gfa' t ■ bora. t6-n6ph-6'ri6M, ■. \0r. 
w«f OPv*^ = aMd, and ^<»^ (fiAoraa) ~ 

gooiometio— good 

1. Btl. : A abort aulk wfajoh baara the atn- 
mena and carpcla in auch jdanu aa Anonads. 

S, ZatJ. : Tba nama giren by Pmf. Allman 
to tha bod or aac coiitauting tlic raprodui.'ilve 
dlniurBta In tlieOirynbla and otber byilmfna. 
It la iisad whathcr tba btida beoonw dctacbed 
or noL 

gO-116^ pl&'-^qjUi. '. pL tODKort.AS.; 

^oot, .- Tht Eitgllab tuma for tbe Couopla- 
dds (<|.T.). 

K^n^pUl'-^ dak a. vL [Mo<l IaI ir>M- 
piitx, ifrnlt. gaiiapiae(ui ; 1m.U Tern. pi. adj. 
autr. -icttc.) 

Zoot. : A bmQy of brsrbyorotu Cnutac«ftn9 
baTtng the oarapaoa eitlier H'luoit) or rliom- 
tioldal. and maui brvadrr tbna It la l'>i>K. 
Milne Bdwanla ploeea It between Ute Ooypo- 
dlana and tbe Or^aobUaoa, 

go'-aA-plAx. <■ [Or. y6n (oonti) = th« knee. 
and fAA( (]d&*) — anyuiing flat.] 

Zool. : Tlifl tTptml eriius of tba fkmily Oo- 
nopUctdv (q.r.). Goiuipiag angulala, or a»g»- 
latvs. Is fDond tn Britaoi. 

go-BJ^P'-tir-f, *■ [dr. yi*v (gmtt) > the 
knee, or VMf la (f/inia) = an angle, and wrtpa 
(.ftfrti), pL of wT«f>^ {pttron)~m fcotbflr, a 

Kiitom. : Tb« tytiical gn:m» of tba family 
Oonopterldar (i.v.ji. Only Britiab ipecioa, 
Gonop(tn tibatri*. 

go-a^Ulr'-t-dn. ■■ r'. (Xo<i. tat ro^nn- 

icr<<i>(q.v.>., and I AC l^tn. pi. ad). aulT. -bto.) 
ffaffvak ; A Ibmilr of rnoUia, RTTHip Noctulna. 
Britlah apeeloa only odc lUusopiKua.] 

gJSB-dr-rbce -^ : (Lat.. from Or. ywi^p^ia 
([;itF4.irrAi.i.>) {i.;ttn): -yoriM (fffimw) = awwl, 
■ad p<M (rAfo) ^ to How. TImi rtymology due* 
not naiiiR tbn dianane urr-uratj-ly. (.Sm def.).] 
fWM. ; A apACfflc diaeaa^, clii«fly afTMling 
tbe aretbra, bat aotnctunes aliio otbor nncuiia 
■urfaeaa, aoeotniMnif^l by knllaniiniiUnn ami 
maco>para1ent dUrl;arKfi ; in tW chronic form 
it la tanned |d«rt, th« dkacbarya tll«n being 
Uilnn»r. aoiufltim«a laMing for months, or 
even yoara. 

CA-aA-afM*, i. fOr.YJMit(9muu)3f>fNpring, 
and, aitd sH^ia (a^iu) = the Uxly.) 

^ooZ, : The panw apidlM by l*n~>r. Allman to 
tbe rapmdaetlva loOfiu of a hydruEoon taken 

gd-a^Uwr-Cai, «. [Or. y6r9% (iroiiOi)= off- 
aprlnit. wed. and Ut. tArca ; (Jr. »i,Kn {tkiki) 
« a br>x or rbcat.1 

Ztot, : The chltinona raoaptarla witliln 
wbhjt the goiiophorea of curtail) hydmana are 
IKoduoed. Tlie Mmc aa OovAxamM (q,.v.). 

go'-nfm, a. <Gr. ffona ~ the knaa.] 

l/rnilh. : The k«'l nr ridge of the lower man- 
dible in thr >>ill<ifa bird. 

go^ ' god, * godo, * goad. * gnod. 

* gUd. gnld. godo. cL, tttti:, (iU<i;j., tt 
I. (A.R. ff.W; t-^i'. with IhiL twrf • Ie«I. 
gtklkr ; [Mu. pod ,- Uotb. pMla ; Hw. gra; G«r. 
^iit; 0. B.Oer. fiut; U. Fria. and O.&. pid.\ 

1. Having and) [AyaiaU qnalftlaa aa ara 
naaf^, proper. eipMtad, or dealivd ; not bad ; 
not ill; wiirlhyof |>ral>a. 

"O'lii ««BT«r* tkiaa ta*l b« had audcaad b*a4tlil 
tt •«■ nry yuarf. ftam t wU L SI. 

8. Pit. proper, ronrenlenl. oaeni. 

'A MllTvnaaf^MUil vlileil Ood br n>M 
CfWlAdavUi lM»/llaalT««itf.' 

iltftm, r. £.. ti. «a 
3L Tit, adapted. UMfUl : eatable <if being 
oaad or employed. (FoIInwikl by fiir.} 

- aU gaalltr. ttet to ywut/'r mhj Uilag. b ariflHUlr 

t. WhoVaoma, [iropar. naefnl. 
-TiM vitarof KUaalaawaatoT thaaathM- watan Id 
UmU. uadU It ««adl«at VMrf <"> tbaatua* and i>rf«- 
almdrtaak nalMMboly.'-AMan J'mL W., | TtT. 

5. Prapar, right. 
~ In aB*«anBant It to fxai to «>a tnan of ««a nak 

t, CoDdndva to bapplneaa. 

7. Kind, benerolect, mereiftal. giaekMii. 

■■ t'lna tlM KMa of Tkr rliM k 

Lai Ih; yiml tiMHl b* lalA' 

jrateM! rvMNL ar'Vtba mx. 

la to a fiMd wao ; nr Maaalaa In aajtig ttpa 
inMB, tote hai» >«ia aadwa n iaa m» liw>>a 

a. FHeodly, Mod, gtBdona. (TuUowod bf 
to or unto.) 
" llta nu vaa mr foatf ••■'a aa'— 1 OhhmI ssv.U 

9. Uoeomiptml, tmdanuged, oslitjwrad, 
wltliout 'lelrrtontlion. 

- Urn ftU> UrtMfld ■■» I<>«ML UMl wmU kaaa 
ruU*l lak«Mk. b«ttuU,tlMt»iaUlwtaM< Ivli* 
•aliaf ■ ■hot* yvar.*— Xm** 

10. Plnuant to tbe laat«, agnraUr. 

■' bt thoa h«Mr, bMMiM It to a»d .■ Md Ika haMT- 

n. rteaaant, agrevalde, adrantagvoan. 

- BthaMlwwanarf— .IhawBliMiaUt \» tn lai Q M C 
to d*aU tc«MW iB OBlty.'— AalBi aaaalU. t. 

12. P>iaa o aa c d of miitnl amdiaeuw or %irtiw> ; 
worthy, oprigfat, Tirtaona, rlgbtcooa, raUftMn^ 

-W» a ami aaaD aoaa wmU ara dia* «adla'— 

«MMMt r. T. 

13. IVaatworthy, gMitdue. 

" Ha to mIUmt a maed trtobnaa aaraaM* VlMtoik 

nui'— jraMMi«v : Vtot av-> ^b. aU. 

14. Hnnonrable, nnlila, dlatlngnlabad { am, 
Ua cotDca of a gixid family. 

15. Not btamiabed ui lmp<aeb«d ; at,9fmi 

- HoTMrar, ba atart h»n » mmI w frt W Iks* 
whlcban*ltkMt'-l rV>n>(^ At T. 

* 16. or credit, rtcb. able to fttUl anpi^ 
tuenla ; aolrent. 


^ OtttynaedoawvUbJbr. aa,HaUgaed>r 
nny auouot. 

17. Cooiiwiilouahle, aoeiaUe, Jovtal. iD«nT. 

- TbDoch h« 414 iMit Onw tba #t«a «rtla«a •» felaa tv 
drlBklai. rtl ba tat walL'-«1a w aJaa. 

18. Worthy: oaed u an addiwaer rvpoct; 
u, ^oett air, irood people. 

19. It la uaad.u an epilbetof aUgbt «(»• 
l^mpt or pity. 

SO; Hearty ; eartiMt, 

-Tha pH>4 will of thi lutkm to Uw onvnl •wr htm 
baoa ataoa bot um math ttrmn tB —q hf ika ammmm 
tJul bate atto«ulHl ll.'-r*MH«- 

21. It»] : aerioua ; gannlna : not Wgnnd. 
-' Ui*a not Id pporf aanaat. ear aa to f lto w la apart 
aaltbat. thaa with aOMr «f a pw* HMh tbM w^r A 
CWaaraaMaaJ^Ua.- JU * ^, f Ja Taa I4b» A 

B. Bnnnd ; not IUm ; not (klladotu ; ««ll- 

-- H* to nnlval ui« to iIm* bdw •Hflt IW fwa^ 
llMMWM* «bleb LaUuw tot pi Am aaHl — Jt r aatow y . 

33. Adequate; weii^ty. 

~ M r NMaua an bath aaad aa4 wri^l|.'-^kakWL . 
rut>4ii# V u# MMia L L 

24. ConnniMMl; attaatad; pravcd. 

£S. l.ega] ; Talld. 

~ It tb.y bMl bcM iMr raralltoa ba ttat lltta aKtow 
tlMt* ntart bara baaa bal OManafakM •««■ itoi^ aO. 
or tba •(FWy fatbtr «< • bnll* bad bM* ■• gumA a 
|irUi««kMt4lB4Ba#Ma>aUbakan9«ll7. aalk^ - 

as. SkaiUI ; ilaxtereaa ; derer ; raady ; 
quick : aa. a goad worfctBan. 

-Art Ibm yiMd at lb«aa ktok^awaf-aatoap.- 
7>^Jth X19U. I. a 

87. Cbcerfhl ; g«y ; of good boart or gfitiL 
-At el fmd aomlMt."- JTatobM tm. tM. 
S& Fruitful ; hrtUa. 

- And oUm {aM4 ] toU as aM4 flRMad, Mt4 i*aaai ^ 
aBdtauafr«llaaliw4nMDU.'-XB4a*tU. a 

9. Abundant, ri<-b. 

- Occd uatuni atakaa lit ahaaf-'-Aafti^ .■ At ^ 

30. Eb^uit; delleata; coortrotia; pallia: 
aa, He U a man of r^cd ImMlliig. 

31. Convrt^graunuatlcnUaocordlaffainriaa: 
aa. That i« not feoii KagUah. 

32. Ontaldetabla ; uatanmU or Illlla, ItMgl 
not rary grvtl. 

- Wa BMT Mi u p— a ftaal mtmj daafMa al TH t Mmtm 
MidHahiB-— iBtbM* aartbtr rarudaa. •» a> Baav ^ 
tbMi mWht fcarf 1» tin aU * aaaJ wHK lUa aahHto- 

S3. Full ; OTOiplete ; tw>t deflefent 
-Oimi WHiaii MMMal Aowa. aii4 raawMf ^aa 
alMll iMa (If* Uri* 7«ar bMo^*— £4di> »i^ k 
31. Tliat may or can !• nMnarwd i mtt ; 
aKtm : an. ffood dabia. 

3&. It U naed thnply to nlaa ar KKnglbn 
the force or nwnalng o( a word : ai^ hi fmt 
fkiih. bi food aootb. 

% Good la largriyMwlla ii iaal l a g oiid l Mio 
taking : aa, poed day. faad awratng. A«. 
B. At ode. : Wall : not ffl. 
C Aw inUrj. : Wall I right 1 DMd bn ummm 
to a rnoaifc or aaggaaMOft. 

•Ar.mamM,0mdi* Aafewk. < M«M. t« « 

ate. tkt. fiu-e. amldat, what, fAU, fkttaer: we. w£t. hero. cAxn^l. her. tjidro : pine, pit, atro. air, 
or. wbro, wyU; work, who, ato ; nnto, eab, eiiro, ipiito, onr, role, flUl : try. SJMao- m, m "•, »f 

mi, v^ 

«ii •kw. 



D. Am flvMaaftw : 

1, AnythfnuwhiehcnntribiitMtobapptneM, 
heneflt, adrtntage, plMsure, or convenience ; 
that which Is right, cnnviiDient, awfbl, tcrvice- 
*)ile, Adv»nbgeoiu, benevolent, Ac. ; uiadvui' 
toge, a benefit. 

Out ol cMir nU M*k tu Mu forth rw^' 

miUm r />. I., L IM. 
S. An nprlgbt, bonoonble, or nllgloiu num. 
" AU tb« vlrtM* Uut Kttand Um fM^' 

Ukalcmf. : JTotry r///.. v. 1 

S. Welfira : prosperity ; advaotaee ; «d- 
Tancement; Interaat. 

" Ho loa iaipoctlM than our immtbI f ad." 

AaU^L .- MidMni III., m. T. 
4. A Talnable pouMafoQ or pleoe of pro- 
perty : worldly poMeasions, as warea, mer- 
rhandlM, commodltiea, rhattela, effecU, &e. 
(Almott always in the plnnJL) 

" All thT foadt KK DMflaoaU.' 

* 5. Ooodnesa, good qoalltiei, virtuou and 
eliaritable deeds. 

- Itall Umm pMtr lit! alull cliMf« tkr ^omL- 

AoJtaV- - JtSfM y iMCMca. M. 

H 0) Crabb thoa discriminates between good 
and ^ywfnen : " Gond and (foodiKM are abstract 
termi, drawn from the same word : the former 
to denote the thing that Is goott, the latter Uie 
Inherent pood proi>erty of a thing. The irood 
ve do It determined by the tendency of the 
action ; bnt our ffoodncx in doing It Is ^ter- 
mined by the motive of oar actions.** 

(2) He thus discriminates between good. 
htnrJU, and advantage : " Good Is an abslraci 
nnlversal term, which in Its nnllmlted sense 
eompreh<>nda everTthlng that can be conceived 
of, as suited In alt Its parts to the end pro- 
posed. In this sense btiujlt and advantaga, as 
well as utility scrrlce, profit, Ac, are all 
mod ffl rations of ^ood. CToorf Igmoatlyemployed 
for some positive and direct ^ooti ; advatUag» 
for an adtxntitUnu and Indirect good : tbe good 
is that which would be good to ul ; Uieadvrm- 
tage is that which is partially good, or good 
only In particular csaea." 

(3) He thos discriminates between gondt, 
t^tUU, fitrxUvn, movabUt, and tgeeU: "In 
the strict s«^nse good* comprehends more than 
famitvrt, Inelndlng not only that which Is 
adaptMl for the domestic purposes of a family, 
but also every thing which is of valae to a 
person : the cbsirs and tables are a part of 
furnitun ; paper*, books, and money, are In- 
clnded among the {Toofts- The term cAati^ls com- 
prehends that species of goodt which Is in a 
special manner seiiaratnl from one's penon 
and house ; a man's cattle, his implements of 
husbandry, the alienable rights woich he has 
in land or buildings, are sll comprehended 
under eXaiteU : hence the propriety of the ez- 
piessjon to seize a man's gooat and duUUU, as 
denoting tbe disposable property which he has 
about his pemnn or at a dlstanoe. ifmuMec 
eomprehends all the other terms In the limited 
application to pmperty, as fitr as it admits of 
wing removed fWwn one place to another. 
KfrrU In a t£nn of neariy as ext«nfllve a signifi- 
cation as gooiU, bat not so extensive an appli- 
cation : whatever a man has that la of any 
•uppofted value, or convertible Into money, is 
entitled his goodM; whatever a man has that 
can effect, prodore. or bring forth money by 
sale. Is entitled his ^eeta." (Crabb: Eng. 

(i) For tbe difference between Dooda and am- 
modify, see CoHHODrrr. 
5 1. Ai good : Equally well. 

" Warn I td h>Ti n«v«r pirtod f*i»m thv alda, 
d» rood b«v« irowa tbm attll a llfaloM rib.' 
MUttm: r.L.,\^ 1.IM. 
2. At good at: Equally; no better than; 
thf ssme as. 

lOf th« 

~ Brlu BiuiT Udim at food lu 

3. For good, far good ami all : Completely ; 
entirely; floally. 

"Tb* good vomui mtw di«d afUr tfak. till ibs 
«UMt«dllArfa<i<aNrfa«.-*-£'JM»v«: /WWm. 

4. ^ood tonth. in jTood looth : In very truth ; 
really; moat assuredly. 

* Thmy Ib UmimItw. fnnf aoetk, u* too too llaht.' 
akaimp. : ¥ardtmnt Y TodM, tL S. 

5. Tn good time : 

(H OriL Lang.: In proper time; oppor- 
tunely ; not too soon or too late. 
(2) itviie : Corrertly. in proper time." 
8;, Good fornotXing : 
01 Aa adj. : Uaeless, wortblesi. 
"A faod-M WBOfcty "Idtow." - aaBnr.- lysMuw, 

% m. 

<2) A$ tuba. : An idle fellow, a vagabond. 
" Uj fktbv ftlwafi Mid I WM hon to ba a «a«d/>r>. 

Mot>Hti0.'~Lwtton: OadolpUn, bk.llL.Gb.Ul. 

7. Good heed : Oreat csre, heed or caution. 

8. To f>« in at gtt into on^t good graea: To 
be In favour with. 

" Rkvlnii eoatrired to ft itU« fha Mad graOM ct tb» 
bnzoiD wUoir.- ~VtdUiu: Pickmiek. cb. sir. 
0, To do one a good turn : To do a kindness 
to one. 

10. Tolwidgood: 

(I) To be valid, firm, or sure : as, This wtnxl 

(S) To remain In force or effect : as. The 
rule Koldx good. 

11. To shf Ix i;ood : 

(1) To repair ; to replace : as, To maJbc ^nod 

(2) To Indemnify; to give sn equivalent for: 
as. To make good any loss. 

(9) To conHrm ; to establish ; to prove ; to 
verify : as, To moJbe good a cltarge. 

"■a^ word mod* f<Md Mid tma' 

(4) To carry out, to perform ; to fulfil ; to 
carry Into effect 

" Of no povar to matt bl* wlihai good.' 

akalMp. .- Ttmrn* tfAOimu. L t 

(5) To carry out safely : aa. To maisx good 
one's escape. 

(0) To supply a deficiency ; to make up a 

" Etmt dlatlnet bains b>a Mtnawbat paoQlUs- to It- 
mU, to mai» fond In onB drcunataiMa wkat It vaute 
lnMioth«r.~— l'S((raiv>.' FaNn. 

CO To maintain ; to secure. 

" OonTanLmt niunban to mn** food tb* ettr* 

»aktp. : CorManut, I 1 

" (8) To prove to be blameless ; to clear. 
" I Mj- food qtwan. 
And wonld br oombat mat* brt Hod.* 

Bkaifp. : WInurt TiOa, XL S 

12. To ttand good: To be firm or valid ; to 

hold good. 

13. To think good: To consider good, ad- 
visable, or expouicnt. 

* KOOd-bodtod. a. Having a good ftgure. 

gf>od - breeding, s. Polite msnnen 
formeii by a giNxl education ; the manners of 
a gentleman. 

" 8o amliMnUj dlatlnfnUliad bv food hamoor aad 
toodbrttdiHgr-Mmtamlar: BiM. ««., ch. Ir. 

good-bye. ^[OOd-by, phr. (A contrac- 
tion of God be vnth pe.) A fonn of salutation 
at parting ; fkrewelL 

* ROOd - eonoelted, a. Veil-devised, 


"rint, a vary axcallant food eotertiod Uilu,'— 
SMmp. : CrmfcrilM. It a 

^ KOOdHwndltlOned, a. Having good 
qnaUttes or symptoms; free ftx)m any 111 

" No ■iirc«on dllftta* an abaeaaa of aaj kind br false. 
tlonib «ban tba iras !■ to«d'rtmdltioit»d.-—akmrp. 

good-eonridetmtlon, j. 

Lnv: (See extrsct.) 

"A food-tvtridrraiton U tbat of blood or natorsl 
aflbrtlon between near nUtlun* ; tb* wtltraetlott 
arcralDK tmm vbtrh, tb* law ntcem* ui uulnlant 
(or whAtcrar baneflt mar mora Imiu one ruatlon t4> 
anuthar.'— SIootittnM ; wmmtittmrt, hk. II., eh. SL 

good-day, s. or inlerj. A form of saluta- 
tion at meeting or parting. 

* good-dOOd, adv. In very deed; in 

tmth : assurmlly. 

"Y«t ffowMMNt. LaoBtaa, I lova ttm" IWaNw - 
WiHtar'i TaU. L 1 

good-o'en, good-e^ea. good-oron- 

buc, I. or interj. A kind wish or salutation 
In tlie evening. 

* gOOd-flu»ed, a. Having a handsome 
ftc«; pretty. 

g<K>d-fkllloW, : A pennn of a good, 
easy nature ; a gentdl, sociable |>erAou. 

* good - follow, v.t. To make a com- 
panion of : to treat or salnt« as a goofl fellow. 
"Lot na ratber ha ditiilkad for not bvinc a haaat 
thAn \m food-foOomod with a hof tor batnf ana.'— 


good-Mllowahlp, a: Sodablenen, oMn- 


" Oh. to tba clnb, tha leaDes of vtvage ]on 
Tba lebuol of euww fai i/rft »—>y ud nolsi.* 
Caiqier : OawtraaHcw, ML 
gOOd-ftoUc, «. pf. A }>opii1ar euphemlatio 
name fur the fairies ; also called good people 
or good neighlK>urs. [Goodham, &.] 

Good rrldi^, I. 

1. Cnlmtlar d EecU». : The comparatively 
modem Eugliab appellation for tbe day of tlw 
Saviour's cruciUxiiin, the appellation "good" 
possibly referring to the beneficial effects which 
Dow from keeping tbe anuiversary ; the Conti- 
nental temi, which Is of great antiquity, being 
Holy Friday. The Anglo-Saxons again deno- 
minated it Long Friday, from the protracted 
religions services which charactcriCM the day. 
The Church of England regards Qood Friday 
as the most sacred day of tbe year, and baa ap- 
propriat* services, for which see the Litunty. 

In Roman Catholic countries this dav Is not 
a holiday of obligation, on which the ulthfltl 
are l>ound to hear mass and to abstain from 
servile works. It is observed as a rigid thst — 
in some of the stricter religious communities a 
single meal of bread and water being all that 
Is allowed— and the church services are sad 
and moumfnl, regard being had to the terrible 
Incidents of tbe cmdHxlon rather than to tha 
benefits which, as tbe Chorch teaches, that 
event has brought to mankind. The altar is 
stripped of ornaments, the sanctuary is hare, 
the sacerdotal vestments are black. Tlifl 
Passion aa recorded by St John la chauted, 
and then followa the Adoration of the Cross, 
which is kissed Orst by the celebnnt and his 
assistants, and In turn by tbe congregation. 
The consecntted species Is brought from the 
reposoir (q.v.X anil the priest receives. [Pek- 
SAHcnriKD.] Ve8]>eralmniediBtely follow. In 
the eveniiig tbe matins and lauds for Holy 
Saturday {fr-KKBRAt] are usually recited In 
public. IHotr-WEEJC] 

2. Law : By R9 and 40 Geo. III., and 7 and 8 
Tict., c. 15, I 3, bllU, Ac, falling dne on Oood 
Friday ahall be paid the day prMcdlng. 

good hninoiir, a. A cheerful pleasant 
temiteror disposition ; a feeling of satlsfiiction. 
"I wna a lorar of mirth, good4utmoiir, and ov«B 
Kimatlniaa of fun. "— 0oM*iiilM .- Mm tgt. L 

good - hnmonrod, a. Of a cbeerfbl 
temiM>r or dlsi>osltiou ; characterized by good 
humour ; nut easily provoked or annoyed. 

good-bninoiirodly, adv. In a good- 
humoured, cheerful manner. 

good-klng-Hjirry, *. 

Bot. : Chenopodivm (Blltum), Bonitt Hnrfcvs. 

good-laok, inUr}. An exdamatloD of 
BurpriM, wonder, or admiration. 

1 iMck here la proliably a corruption of 
Uulykin or lakin, a diminutive from ladf/, as 
applied to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady. 

gOOd-looUng, 1. Of a pleasing coun- 
tenance ; well-fiivoured. 

good-looks, >. pi. Pleasing features. 

good-lnok, s. Fortune, prosperity, suc- 

good-mmimarL i. pi. Puliteness, de- 
corum; propriety of behaviour. 

good - momlug, * good - uorrow, >• 

A kind wlHh or salutation in tbe mnming. 
** Oood.norrnm to tha •nn. Hall, thoa tair boavan I 
W« houM r tba rock, rat um tbaa not lo bardw." 
tffuikMp. : CrmMiiu, UL a, 

good-nmtnro. >. 

' 1. Among the older divines, the amonnt 
of gond of whi<>h man is cs|iable when unaided 
by the grace of God. 

"Oand-Mararv. b«lnt tba Nile* and mnalntnf that 
■hlovrpck which Adam mada. li th< proprr and Imma- 
dlaladli|iaalUuntuhollDaa*L'— •TrrvnairT'aiilop: Im aiiiW 
of tta runrral ^ Mr Qtnrf n^ltaiia. 

2. Natural kindness or mildness of disposi- 

" Tba Mnrf-nAfMrr anil jcranmltr which balongad to 
hU chancter.'-Jraoiu/ay ; am. Kit-, ch. xL 

good-natnrod. o. 

* 1. Naturally disponed to goodness or boll' 
2. Of a mild, kind, and lientgnant temper 

or disposition ; benlgnnnt 

A far. rMd-Hnritrv^, aair frlmd.' 

Votrprr Hvtteo, Mt L L 

b6&,b^; p6iktjArt:«a«9all.oboqnu,9lU»,b«ii«h;go,i«m; tblii. fbla; Rta, af; ozpoot, XoBophoa, oytet pb = C 
-^Aam, -llaaaali#n. -tloB, -<loa = Afta; -(Iob, -floa = shftB. -otoaa, -tiona. -«lflfns = ahtta. -ble, -dl«, fte. =b9l,dtL 


good— goods 

good-nataredly, adv. in a eood-ns- 
ttind niooner ; with good nature or kladDesi. 

gOOd-liatliredlMML «. The quality or 
■tats of being LKOod-naiured ; good-natare, 

Kood-nel|rlilM>iir% t. pi. 

I. A eaphemistic title for the fairies. 
" In the hliidOT-md of hJUTMt on AlltwOlow ami. 
When OUT owod-iwtoAtown doU rlda, If I nad liui' 

Mtmig»mtrii: ngting. 
% Witchea. 

good-night, «. 

L Ordinary LarigMOge . 
1. A liiud wish or uIutatioD at parUng at 

" ' B*vu« Uia plnf-tna'i wlUinwt bntneh I 
Btnran tbe awtnl aTKlalicha !' 
Tbia WM tha paaMUit'a Lut goo-t-nlght.' 

LongfMtt^: Maedtlor. 

* 2. A short poem, probably to be sung as 
a serenade. 

" Bnn ttwr wara Ua fandca otgood-itlthu.' 

n. Bot.: Argyreia bona-nox. 
BOOd-p«ople» t. pi The fUries ; tbe good- 

good-senae, «. A soand and clear an- 
derstanding; good-Judgement, common-senae. 
** Oood-tutm and goo rf — waa mnat ever }oln. 
^ an ia Iminan. h> forirlTa dlrlna.' 

Popa: Aujr an OHriritM, a*. 

good-Bpeed, f. ft ttUerj. Oood-lQck ; 


*gOOd-tasted, a. HavingapleaaaDttaste 
or flaTour. 

" Tbar Ibm bruubt vp a dlah of api^ and they 
wara varr SaotUamed frnii.'— AMyun : Mlgrim't Fr9- 


good-tempwed, a. Having a mild 
temper ; not easily provoked or irritated ; 

gO0d-temp«rodIy, Offr. In a good- 
tempered manner ; with good-temper. 

Oood TvBkTBiiMX, a. A member of a 
■ociety of which the condition of membership 
la a pledge never to make, bay, or sell intoxi- 
cating Uquora, or offer tbem to others aa a 
twverage. It arose In America, in 1S5I, 
whence it spread to this coantry, tb« Rrat 
lodge in England being formed in Birming- 
ham In May, 1868. It has since spread every- 
where throQf;h the coimtt-r and become a 
iocialand political power. The members paaa 
through an initiatory rite, and the organiza- 
tion is somewhat Bimilar to that of Free- 
masonry. In 18T6 a dlimptlon took place on 
the question of allowing negroes to be enrolled 
In the same lodges aa whites. The American 
section has about 4,500 adult members in 
England ; the English section has abont 
90,000 adult and 50,000 Juvenile members. 

Oood TenqilMinii. Oood Tem- 

plary, ». The princijilea Vrnfesaed and ear- 
ned out by the Good Templaia. [Good 

gOOd-Wlfk, a. [OOODWIFB.] 
good-Will, a. [OOODWILI.] 

* good-wiUor. a. One who wtabea well 
to another ; a wvtl-wlsher. 

" Tha aaria Dontlaa wold navlr rlva *u to hia paod- 
wAtvrii Mid tavoiUPcrU."— /■I'UcDtfla .■ Ctph., ppi 4t, tt- 

* gOOd-wmuMi, t. The mtatrvu of a 
bnilly ; a goodwlfe. 

good-wotka, a. pi. 

1. Thtol. : Works the fhilt of fUtb. 

2. Ck. HiM. : There waa a dispute fhnn 1648 
to 1552 between Melanchthon and Nicholas 
Amsdorf, the latter being an enthusiaatio fol- 
lower of Luther, as to tjie necessity of good 
works to salvation. Melanchthon took the 
pnsttive and Amsdorf the negative aidoL (Mo- 
akeim: Ck. Ilitt.. cent xvi,, pL 11, ch. 1., | 29.) 

'good, 'god-on, r.t b i. [A.H. g6(Han; 
O. ll. Ger. gwitjan ; H. U. Oer. g&tUn.\ 

A. TmruUtve: 

1. To moke good ; to turn to good. 

" U> bliTth aoua thaw U twtt. 
And taaa U man nia gedtnn.' 

OratHfuaa, lI,t>L 

2. To manure, to improve. 

" A (ruttf Ql 1(111 nut br nature. Imt by fraea . . . 
Ood hath tAkvn It Inou the laimu duwua, abd 
It.'— Ap. flail: FaM Sermon, Xtn. 

& Intmn*. : To become good ; to tarn to 
what is good. 

" Ood mann . . . MdetiUft aiv and h^betbth.* 

OrmtUittn, a,014. 

t n>9d-^n'-I-n, <. [Named after tbe Bev. Dr. 
Qoodenougb, Bishop of Carllale, and a lover 
of botany.] 

Bot. : The typical genua of the order Goort- 
enlacen (o-v.). They are generally lierbaceoiii 
pUnta witn azilhu-y or terminal yellow flowers. 

g09d-^n-i-«'-9£-IB, a pi. [Mod. Lat. good- 
eni(a), and lAt. feni. pi. adj. stiff, -oeece.! 

Bot. : An order of calyelferal exogena, alli- 
ance Campaiialea. It consists of bvrbaceous 
plants or rarely shnibd without milk, tlie 
hairs of any one present 8lm|ile or glandular. 
Leaves scattered, often lobed, without stipulea. 
Inflorescence terminal, flowers never capitate, 
usually yellow, blue, or pink. Calyx usually 
su|)erior, rarely inferior, in three to Ave divi- 
sions ; corolla monoiKtalous, irregular, with- 
ering after splitting into five pieces. Stamens 
five, distinct style, one simple fruit, a two or 
four-ceiled capsule with many seeds. There 
are twenty-four geneta and 200 known species. 
They are from Anstrelia and the Boutbem 
l^iflc. Some are esculent vegetables. 

g09d-&l'-ir-&df, [Mod.Lfttffooc[eiil(a); 
Eng., &c. pi. auff. ada.] 

Bot. : The name given by Llndley to the 
order Qoodenlacee (q. v. ). 

g09d-&l'-if-d-n, *. vf. rUod. Lat. goodmi(a), 
and lAt fern. pL adj. auff. -ea.] 

Bot. : A tribe of Goodeniaces, having cap- 
anlar friilL 

t g09d'-^n<S^, >. [QooDKNooaa.! 

* go9d'-f &1. 

TKiig. good 

U 'gOd-ftU, "god-ftalltt. a. 

; /u}\f).'\ Kind, gracloua, benevo- 

" Mafso tbana klnf fiwtta mid ffo4/*ta« wotda." 
ZajramaK, U. SM. 

* g09d'-fAl-lJ^. •good-ftU-lyohe, adv 

[Eng. good/ul ; -ly.) In a kind, gracious man* 
ner; Idndly. 

"nia marijn tha TDdaratunda 
fladfuUiMto In hcon hoiide." 

oMov. jn*a«n.,iLW. 
gopdi'-oAn, >. [GoooiNo.) 

gO^'-£Ag (IX a [Bug. good: -ing.} (For 
def., see extract) 

" To to a ponibug la a niatora otaarrad la seranl 
jMula of EngMnd on St. Tbomaa'a Daf. br woman onlv, 
who uh alma, and In ratuia tor tliem arlah ul 

that la food, anch aa a happy New Year, Ac, to tbalr 
bcnafanoTB, aomatlnua praaantlnc tham with aprlfi of 
avargiaana. In aome patta at Sortar xul Kant tba 
enatoin ia tfaua kapt np ; and In othar oonntlaa goading 
la tha word among tha noor for niUacUnjr betora 
Chrlatmaa what umv anabla thein to kaap tba faati- 
vaL~— IMat, 

good'-llll, a. [Eng. good ; -tsh.] Rather good 
than bad ; pretty good ; fair, tolerable, passable. 
"I fatcbad tfoodUh eompaaa amitnd.'— A. D. Black- 
mor»: Lanta Doont, eh. ItuL 

*g09d'-tiSw, KOOd-loa, a. [Eng. good; 
-bw.] I>estltu« ; having no gootis or money. 
" SoatUaa tm to Imb It la uo gama." 

CAoMcar .- C. T., !■,»>. 

go^d'-li-nftn, ' good-U-nenM, "good- 

ly-noMO, *. [Eng. goodly; -nui.] 
1. Kindness, benevolence. 

2. The quality of being goodly ; grace, ele- 
gance, beauty. 

" In boldneaa, anataaaa, fodlhirm, and ml^fa 
Abova tba urliKaa bum of human icaii' 

Fairfax : Uadfrtg ^ Boulogne, ax IDT. 

g09d'-», *god-U, 'god-UolM. »god- 
lyetao. <good-llobe, ^goodo-ljr, *giul»- 
U. * gnd-ololie, * gndft-ly, ». k adp. [A.a 

Si/(o; O. S. gdiUik: O. Fria. ^ai*; 0. H. 
Oer. guottih ; Icet. gidJUtgr.l 

A. At a4}ectire : 

1. Noble, excellent, fine, el^aiii, handsome, 

"Tba goedHgt^ majda . . In al tba town of Ttojm.'' 
Ckauetr: TraHut, II. MO. 

3l Kind, friendly, gracious, benevolent 
"Bra ra ao aoadUek bava ba nnio ma." 

CTancar.- C T., UML 
8. Pleasant, agreeable. 

"Of flowfva perpctoAl, gotdlp to tha ara 
1 bloonunf troui alar." 

Logan : Jfpltod* tf LfHnti, 


4. Pretty large or conaiderable : as, a guodly 

* S. It ii used ironically for fine, noble. 

"'TtaaffDwUveTadlt for yon.'* 
ahakmp. : Mtrrg Wirm qT ITimdttr, tv. 1 

'JL Am adttrb : 

1. Finely, splendidly, nobly, elegantly, ez- 

" With apar and taiget gttiHt wtmyA," 

Uiaaima t Caiariwai Ol 

2. In a friendly manner ; kindly. 

** Ya ban wel and goodlg adrtoad.' 

Chatkc*r: MtiOtM, p. IM. 

3. Happily. 

"And tb«n ahall bartla looa cootlnne long tocltbrr 
fiMillp. in 19IM both putlca dua Ibcji' dntiaa acrnud. 
Inglj^.'— tUdJ ; JTpAaildiM vL 

* good'-U^-hSad. * go9d'-lI-lfcSad, * good- 
^^^hede. ' good^^lhood. -gnde-U- 

hOd, a. [Eng. goo-flu : -Aeod.) Ooodiieaa, 
grace, elegance, giHxiliness. 

" For oner tbit, t« *[nke of goadllhtdo 
Bba paaaath all ttutt I oan uf rada." 

gc»9d'-niJbi, *gado-nuui, a (Eng. food, 

and num.] 

* 1. <A fkmillar appelUtlon of civility ; a 
mstie term of compliment ; gaffer ; frequently 
uaed Ironically. 

" ril lar mr l>*ad to any a oaJiiw m '* bat' 

ShatMp. : Lmw'i lut<mi't La0. L L 

2. A proprietor of land ; a landowner, a 
laird. (Scotch.) 

* 3. Tbe head of a family ; the matter of a 

"And bow In tbraa minntaa thaffoa4m«ia at tha 
bonae bad baan walluwing In a pool at otood at hla own 
door.*— JfacaWdjr ; BiK. Ang., ch. xlU. 

* 4. A gaoler. 

"That toomlnf bafora hia death, Febra&TT IT, th« 
gaodmait ot tba Tolbuoth ounc to blm In blacBambar, 
and U>1il him be m1|htaave hii lila. If ha would atsa 
tha petition.'^ fToannr : Bittorg. It. «3*. 

* 5. Used euphemistically for the deviL 
From the earliest ages there has iK-en a ten- 
dency to treat the varioua pentoniflcations of 
evil with reajiect. Thus the Krinays of Gr^k 
niyttiology liecame the vcftfal Stal ( = vt^ner* 
able godueaaes) of i>opular plirase, and tha 
Eumenides (well-meaning ones) of Iat*r pocta. 
In Jude 9 we read that "Michael the ardi- 
angel, when contending with the devil, he 
disputed about the body of Mosea, dunt not 
bring against him a railing accusation, bat 
aaid, Tbe Lord rebuke thee.'^ As an luatanM 
of tho Burvival of this custom, Moncnre 0. 
Conway {Dfmonology, i. 13) relates a st^try of a 
Hampshire lady who asked a ft-iend of hia if 
ahe made her children bow when they men- 
tioned the devil's name, adding solemnly, " I 
do, I think it's safer." 

goodmnn's-eroft, s. 

Antkmp. : A strip uf ground or comer of a 
field formerly left untilied, in Scotland, in tbe 
belief that uuless some such place were left, 
the Bplrit of evil would damage the crop, 

'' Scotfbmen itlU llTlnc remember tba enrnar of a 
Held belDtf l*'t untilied (ur tha geudma—'^tr^ft.'— 
Tglw I PnmUtw* Cuiimrt, U. Sto. 

go9d'-n&M, " god-noMO, * goda-nao. 
sode-neasa, 'good-neaaa, ^gnd&aa, 
*gnld-naaa, ' gnd-neaa, 1. [a.el gMw«; 

H7 U. Ger. guolttitae.) 

1. The quality of being good morally ; 
virtue, excdleiice of cbumcter. 

"Yon ooold not know, nobody but myaatf coold 
know, btr ito^m*u."—itavaulag : Hut. Mug., cb. ax. 
*2. That which ia good ; right 
" Flae achame and ■cbnwctlnaaae and doo gotdiMmr-' 
—Chaue»r: Mttilrrvi. p. im. 

3. Kindness, uiercifulneaa, benevolence, 

" Foot boiiI. find*, goodnru ba* baan gnat to tbaa : 
Lat navrr day nur night nnhAllownl pa*,.' 

Sf^tUti: : a B'tirg VI.. W 1 

4. The quality or stato of Iteing good, on- 
damaged, or freie from deterioration. 

5. Used as a euphemism for God : aa. Good- 
titu knowB. 

gOfda, «. pi. [Good, ». (4).] 

goods-angina. >■ 

Rnilvny Eng. : A ht^vj engine for drawing 
goods-trains ; a fraight-l'H^miotive. 

gOOda-^hod, a A voveretl <ir inrioard 
abeil or sheltor fur goods at railway atatiuna, 
docks, &c. 

gooda-traln. i. pi. A train cnnslatiog 
of waggons or trucks laden with guoda. 

gOOda-tmck, s. a goods-waggon. 

tlU9t at, fiira, ^mldat, wluit, f&U, fltthor ; wa, wft, hera, eunf X. Star. thAra ; ptna, i^t, nra, nr, marina ; g^k pCt* 
or, wora, w^f, work, wbA, aAn; mnta, eflb, aiira, ^nlta, oar, r&la, fftU; try, Sfrian. m, a = a; ay— &■ qn=ikw. 

goodship— gooseneck 





MOdB-wauea, «. A rallwiy waggon nr 

tmcK ii*n1 In (ttfl lrin4|>orUtko of ifOCMli : 

•(DOd Ship, *SOOd-«0]llp«.i. IKag.good; 

" In aLuui. !•( wbuui. Unrw whau iHOth 


■•yd'Wifta, ffuda-wllk, r. lEbig, food, ud 

1, Tbe wiffl of ;i UukW iTDprtetor or 1«1H ; 

mM<4 [Ami. Mr. WlllUoi Umm4*« and kto*li^«a. 
«M> t«« wwM ««i«.' Jtpa i ^wr. L *■■■ 
S. Tbt inlstnn of « Ihiuhl 

■09d-wIU'. «■ [Eng. i^oocr, andu^] 
L UnflfWiry Ijangua^ : 
L BaavvnlatiM ; ktadly or bronrabht dU- 
poaltinti or fading!. 

n. Ciiwum. : Tlift coAtom of anr tra>l« nr 
htatnAM; Iho itiflii«j)cfl of Um muer nf inr 
tiiMtiiiBi to Mcurv Ui iib aumvMctr the ciutotn 
•IrsMly «xt«titta ; the rigtit or title to kc«p up 
■ad conUuua tbo ImikIeuhm |>utcbued from •■■ 
ool^DC t«OA0t; tbe iBoiMf palil for lucb 
ttght or tUta. 

gaoA'-J^. 'good dlo, * good le, i. Ik. t. 
ling, (fwrf; v-! 
* A> J' oi^- : •Slmi'>l«. Innoty'nt. M\f. 
"■• »••«• ^mtr mhI r>Hi tbiuk tbu Umh 1* bo 
BBBiiliiBaiil 4ln« lor ya«r m«iUU|> I " — <••«<» 4 

L A Um of civility applied to wotnen : 
40CTM^>oti4titg to goodiuui &* Kjipllml to men. 
"OUflM^v BUk« wBi uM uui poor.* 

CwrtfMwrU ttamtf Slate. 

S. 'At iMWl fif a nnl. (^^Hupfana.) 
a. (n.): aweotoieata, botitioiM. 

** JUItwtfolH rmoi UiM ta Um> to aun* «U hr Uia 
fn — »( m>Ub| Ion or ■tu-klM r'aJia^'—il. 

rk. ^L 

■D9A j^OT*-** r. [N>nieilan<rJoIinaoody«r, 
an KuglUb bbUnUt.) 

7W. : A, ^cnviM or orchliU, tribe K<>ottklpir, 
BDd that Mctititi nf tt wbieb baa the aT>i»T 
lote of th« lip Sat, tbe lower one twivloiMHi. 
Dm Up la ttve Itotti tlM taaae of tlio L-olomii 
and aarrale. Contyrm rffwai, a plant with 
ovata> actitik. r«tii<Qtata leavaa and aream- 
wUt* Ikiirpr*, i» f-MiDd la woodt In tba «aat 
of SroUanil at wMl aa in eontlaental Enrope, 
hi Aala, and tii Nurtli Amarina. 

■f-tUlp, a. [Sag. good]/; -akip.] 


**Tba HMfw Aahm lor bar fv^niiin, 

«»(«■. J»*ttrM,pt.L.»IIL 
, rj. (Govaa.) 

••A4r-tt«9> VoHt^oAof. go^d-XAgf, 

a. pi. [OCDQMdt 1 

SMfh^uttd. : Tba metallic cTca boltnl to tbe 
■Aafb-peaA, oa wbleb Um roddar ia bung. In 
■a«b tMra la a hula to T«««iv« a oomapoudcnt 
pintla baltad on tn iba barJc of tin niddor, 
whtcb thU turns from idle to ■Ide, aa on ao 
aila. Tli«7 an gnosnUlr four, Ura, or alx la 

gttle, gOOld, a. A I. (A.g. fcolo.) 

•g»*l, * 

A,JUm4l.(0/l!k4tvnJlnlfi>rm): Tallow. 

"tb— a«'W» >rtfcyiM<— dfwaw." MrKgttr.i^ t. 

B» JaaMAtf. (0/lAaJfmugoal auf guold;. 

fkA. : Variiiua |ilauta, aaOUrnda^i nfieinatU. 

CkrTfaaMtktm»m aryatum, and CWfAa pattatrU. 

golOm,*. [O.Ft.rnif< = tfa« throat ;Utint^.] 
A Imaeb in a aea-wil] or hauk ; a puHBe 
wots bf tba flax and tvAux of tlie tldt, 

SoAm. gboAoi. «• rMahntlU aMir-^VwfL j 
JM, : Oni> of the Habratta uanHm fur Bcanlol 
Wheat (TVUtcwn mtivvn), a gnm colUratal 
io lauta of India. 

pX lOo. a. J 

MtC : Tba Mahtatta naow for Abrtu prtmlty 
rfa* [AMtCt.1 

godr. '. lHlUiiiait.ffur: UahntXA,if»ol.] iUw 
angar. Jtupm nada In India, trooi tlie Jnjre 
of tbe qate<palm. Goor wu pat»u by tb« 
Tbu^i aa tba Initiatory rite, pledging them 
t» tbflir oadkrlotu t>ti;ui>alioa. 

g6or'-»-]»o, gAod' »-kdo, «. [nind. ^oaro- 

UuMi, furaku ; MiitiratlJt ffnwfakAoa. gmtatAm | 
Tbe tiaiDd gtvm iti r>art« of India to balbk 
prejiand of dllliirunl (turedleati, to ba Muokod 
by ibe Datlvea lu a buukab, or pipo. 

gA«r-ro6, gft'-r^ «■ (Ujibrttu foeno, (runt ; 

tianso. i;ani.l AapirltoaJ praceptur aniougtba 

goA-fltta'-dirt *• l^ taotoIof^CAl fnmiation ; 
Kng. (Kwar, and gnnJar.] 

OruUM. : Mtrgut meryaMMr. a uatAt'iHal liinl 
of Uie fautlly Anatldit^ (DuuksX and tbe aub- 
Diiiiily Mergitiic. Tlie mnir la rnrli^ted with,n<ae-c'ol(inr«<l, and white. 
iliMl of tlift bin ilJirk iv4l, tbe feet very clear 
red; tbe frmjlc wliUi3)i-.-iBli, uata, roddiab- 
hrown, whil<>. ^ ; tUt bill fkd«d red, the 
fiNst ycllowiali-rad. 1 1 occurs to Brltala, wliere 
it U lOHiettmea vsilHl the Jack-eaw. It U 
fimnil aUo In tbn mirtliem i«rta of oooti- 
ucctul £uni]Mi and Anwrica. 


L Onlinarv tankage : 

1. l.u. : In tbe aame aenio aa IL 

2. yighmU^tsf: 

(1) A ailly )«rann, a almpltiton. 
(3) A taildi'a amonthlDg and |>niaalDS ln>n, 
ttDm the batuUe belitg like tlte neuk of a gooae. 

* (3) A giuna of chuic4i pUyed on a (*iinl 
diviJt.'d Liitu apunl) coTupartinuiita. nunttMr 
from onp to sixty-twu, and nnungwl in a aiMral 
form round; an oimi central at*"^- H waa 
pliiyMl by two nr ti>nre (mtwum, who morad their 
cuuntt-nt i>v«r tlie iMmiiarlrueuta, aceonllngto 
Chi" imttiltrra whtrb they threw on dieo, Tbe 
HHine WAN il^rlvi^l from tbe Difure of a gooao 
being depleted ou every fourtb and flttb com* 

JNnrttnent tn anooeaaino ; if the throw of the 
Ilea narried tbe omoter of a player on to a 
K'KkM he waa entitled to Move bnranl doable 
iht actual number thrown. 
IL OmdkoJrvv: 

1. StHf : Any bird of the «niu Anaar. Tbe 
duBie»t4c gotr— ia believed to bare deaceaded 
trnm AnvrJ<rruM, ealletl In boolsa tbe Greylag 
gooae. TbeotbcrltriUBbapedeaare.A.Kprfam, 
tbe Beaa-gooaa; A. bradturjiwdua, the Junk- 
footed gooaa ; A. mlbi/nnM, ttw wbite-rrouted 
or Laugbiag gooae ; A, Uuoom't, tbe Bemiclo 
gtiTMe ; A. tormatuM, tlie brcni-gooae: A. 
rvjimut, tJie m-fl-breaatnl gottae :*- 
liacu*. the fCgyptlan ib^ms ; A. pninAaiuu, the 
Bpur-wlngt'd nr lian)i>»^pxMe ; and A. tuna- 
driuru, the Cravat giiuNtt. 

2. PL : AoaerlntR, a lah-fkinily of Anatlda 
(Dodut). The body U Urge and heary, tbe 
neck long, thebewliintall. and the bill eonlcal, 
the wlnga loaa and ]>owerful, the feet aooie' 
wh«t long, wits aniali loea. In aaauner tbey 
Inhabit the pt>lar regiuna, migrating sunthward 
in ftocka on the approaell of winter. Tlie neat, 
which ia of ooarae graaa, and altnated lu 
luataby plaow, li largr ; the loi aavoraL 

% Obriona oampotmda : feoeiAwi, feoee- 

geoafr-Aad-goalings, * . 

Bat : OrekU ir->ri^. 

gooso-oom. *. 

Iht, : Tl)^ HiMth-nuh, Jumem tjuarpomu. 
tt ia ni>t n h'^nnine graaa. (iUkHchm, Ae.) 

gOOStt^UJlg Ofl«h I. 

Jt/in. : Tlic a^te aa OAMOMAfnit {q.v.). 

gooSO-fMWt, f. Mirbaelmaa, 

goottO floflli, $. Tbe uine oa Oooai-SKix 

t gO<MO-mtUMOl, I- 

ZoU. : A barnacle. It la not a genairH) 
maaa(^l, which la a moltuac. but li a craata- 
coui or cnutaceooa fiunlly. 

gOMt ■Irln, a. A peculiar im^neaa of 
the buman akin prodaewl by cold, fur, Ac. 



tortoe Intawtaklta 


goo*»-«tep. «. 

yil. : The act of a lerruit in lialanriitg him. 
ifir <<ti iiiir fi<i>l while nmriag Uh) other liack- 
wanl4 »nii forwanU without taking a ttttft 

gooa«-tajtB7, >. 

Bol. : Polniuia na^rlno. 

% Q) To aiali oufM goote: To do for one. 

(S) A wild gooM thfOM : A ithving after iin- 

go6wi. r.(. [OoiMK, f.) 

1. TubiMi; to ooudcmn by hnalng. (Sltni^.) 
" U* WM sBoafrf Uat nigtal. Im wm mm>< tba ntfbt 

* 2, To iron Uuen elulhea. 

g09y>'-l»or-ry, «. A a. [r3oa«a baa loat r; It 
waa oHgiiiallv j^roUe or grtf, from O. Pr. 
grtAttli, gromlUt groUtU* : Ir. irrvlaakl ; Qnel. 
gnimd = a imoaeberfT : Wei. ffrwyu » a wll*) 
giweebMTy, jroia M. It Qer. A Oar. kr&»: 
VuU kroa ; N*. H. Ow. kwmu - crlep, Cllapod. 
Cr. Boat(>b gnaa. [Skaai < ifaAH.)] 

A. A4 auMaattw: 

1. OnL tMiuf., Bat., An. : Tbe fHilt of JtQm 
OrtMi»lar<a, auo Qw buab Itaelf. Sir JiMpb 
Hooker plaeaa it luuler a flrat aertlon Grouu- 
larU, of tlio genua Bllwa, with tbe rhanicter 
brannhea npliwtoa; leama plaited In bad; 
peduoclea one to thnw Dowered. Tliero are 
two varietle* of the wild gooeeberrv, RVh» 
Oromlatia proper, with the leavea thinning 
above, and tli« IVuil glouilular hairy; and M. 
Uwa cri^i, wrlth the leavea amaller and the 
rli>e ^it gbibroua. It la wild In the hilly 
dulricta In the north of England, ascending 
to nearly 1,V00 feet, claewhere In tub ooontry 
it la an r«cA[>e. It la iadlgeooui alao lo con- 
tinental Rurope, In tbe north uf AMoa, and In 
Ute Uituulaya niountaina. Raaenllally a plant 
of eold olimaiea, the enltiratoil gaoaauarry 
flnuriahea letter lo Hootlaod and the north of 
Engbuid than around Lvodoo. 

^ The Bu-badoea eoooeberry ta Pnwfcfai 
'oeuleafa ; the Dane guose berry, rhgnJitpmbet- 
tnu : tliat of C urutnaiiiU'I, Avtrrfua i <tmm- 
bola ; Umi Indkii Hill ^nfMU-iM<iTy RkiMimn^frha 
li^-etotfoao, auU the 'lablU gooaotMiry Cicsa 
diatidho. (Trms. nf Hot.) 

L Ftff. : A lUly peraon. 

B, A»o4i.: Of, beldBgtng te^ or leMBbUH 
tbf> gooaebwry. 

% (1) 7b play ynoarberry ; To play pronriely ; 
to aocouipeny twu yuung lovora In public, 

(2) To pJay iM goothtrn-if : To {jlay the deuee^ 
to act, to throw everytblug Into ronf^lno. 

gOOMbeny-biuli, «. The aamo aa 
OooasBKnuv (<i v.). 

gooMbevTT - ftwl, a. A oompoand 
nude of gooseiwrrka acalded and puoaded 

with cream. 



"nanauBan>a«to . . mbm ImL auna not, 
■kiaBayin» antf qalaaa cwunt^ aad fWM 

aarhitm . JmfU. ttf. ; Ln§ ^St tiwiWilH 

SOOnlMFTy-'BMltIk '• 

Sintowk. : Tba Uagple-moth, Ahtraat gnm*- 
tarioln. (MAutiB-Min-H, AnnAXAn.) 

* gomo'-«&p, ». [Kng. ^foat*, and cap = LaL 
o)j>uf = Utr u«ad.) A ailly fellow, a almplo- 
tun, A gniiae. 

godM'-f09t, *. [Eng. jpooat; -^/U; fhiin tbe 
ahAi><i of the leavea 1b nme ipeclaa of the 

Butting • 

L The gcnna ChenopodlttB (q.T.), 
t. Aipiilatktu CStnopcda, 

5 Tkt goottfitm triU : 

it^. : The older tnieoopodlaoew. 

goAstt graM, a. [Rng pooaa, and ffrau: tmm 
tlix i-mtimmi itleot that it la a Divotuite food ur 

Uic*ll<'ino f'T gi^ae. J 
BrC t iJ>tJlum jlpnriae, a enmraon BritUb 

EUnt. Ita lAavH, alx or etglit ia a whorl, are 
ltt[ild, Uirlr inatglna, raldnb. and tbe anulea 
or the stem very rougb, with nOexed prioklNi, 
which, If dragnd along the tongnev wilt bring 
bItioiL The Oowefs an white. Called aUo 
Cleave ra or Cllvcrm. 


or wtkt Unav, b a vaad Ibaa atnMf 

■ varr MblKt ia"' 

bSL IM^: p^t, ]^1: oftt. 90U. chorus, fliln, bon^ti: go. gom: tlila, (hla; aln, oa; axp«ot, Xonophon. o^st. -Izig. 
•«lan, -tUtn - Bbon. -tlon, -«toii = mbun : -tlon. -f iOD ~ ih&n. -tlouB, -vioits, -sloiu = shiLa. -bio, -dl«, &c. = bf I. dfL 


gooaeneok— gorge 

goAae'-niek, j; [Eng. goott, ml neck.] 

1. Uavtieal: 

(1) Ad Iron fitted at the end of > yard or 
lioom for Tarioim purposes, 

"ntgoctnuiekuwjatbfprmd oat bj Um MmoDnr.'* 
—Marr^tU : Ptttr Uiaiptt. oh. *t 

(2) A davit 

2. Hydruul. : A noule having a unlverul- 
Joint connection to a tlre-«ngine utand-plpe. 

S. Affric. : A atick used in thatching. 

*go6ae'-pftd-dla, v.t. [Eng. f/oox, and 
paildle] To row iii an awkward, irregular 

to 6m' HHlll. *■ [Bng. gooM, and guill.} One 
of the qutllB or Ui^s winK-reathers of a goou ; 
a {WD made of Huch a ftjatlier. 

• goht'-iar-f, s. [Eng. goose ; -ry.] 

1. A pUce for keeping geeae. 

8. Billine&s, atupidlty like that of a goose. 
"Wbo win toou look throngb uul tbrough . . . tba 
ttnleal goatern ol fuui unit tuiiion islot.'—MUtiM: 
Jpolanfiir AtMcqrMfiu*. 

goAae' -share, <. [Eng. gooie, and Mhart.] _ 
Bot. : (Jalivm Apariiu. 

god— '-t^gwt, I. [Eng. gooie, and (onjnu.] 
Bol. .- A coiopoaite plant, AchUUa Ftannioa, 
wild in Briuln. 

goAM'-wlftg. *. [Eng. goou, and vfn^.] 
L Ord. Lang. : The wing of a gooae uaed as 
A dust-hnuli. 
n. Nautieai: 
L Another name for a stnddlng-«ail. 

2. One of the clews or lower comers of a 
■quare malnaall or fore-aail, when the middle 
part ta furled or tied ap. 

■ote-«j^-cttn'-der, a. [Eng. ^ooat, and 


1. A gander. 

2. A sitly fellow, a limpleton, a goOM. 

*COOt,S. [OOAT.l 

■o'-ptaer (1), a. (Ft. 0aHlVe = ri) a hoDcy- 
ooiub, (2) a wafer, a kind of cake, j 

ZooL : A name given by the early IVnch 
■ettlera in America to various aniinals which 
honeycomb the ground by burrowing In It. 
Id Canada and lUiDois it was given to a grey 
burrowing aqulrrel, SvermophitHi Frankllni, 
west of the MlssiBsippl to S. SiekardMmii, In 
Wisconsin to a striped squlml, and in Hi»- 
■ouri to a hnrrowlng-pouched lat, Gtonp 
imrtaHia. All these aie niamnula ; but In 
Oeorvia the term waa applied to a snake, 
Coluber txniptn, and In Florida to a turtle, 
Tettudo pol]fpUmui. (fioodrieh A Porter.) 

foidwr-lMla, $. 

L Ord. La 110, : The burrow of a gopher. 
[GorHKR (1).] 

n. Fori. : A small bomb>proor In a line of 
llBe-pita. {Ameriean.) 

"ApdnatlmnrtarahsIU] rifl«-plU an so pmtaetlen, 
■ad tL* •uldian bojiDw into Um Mtftfa plaraa knmrD 
a»poplt*r~holm.'—aarpgr't Wmtti/, Aug. t, ItK P-BOL 

■d'-pbar (!X ■. [Heb. y^i (ffopher), tnm th« 
obaohite verb TPJ (gaphnr) = to oover.] For 
def., see etym. and compoond. 

Copher-wood, a 

1. Scrip. : The wcwd of which Noah'sarkwaa 
directs to be made. Various attempts have 
been made to Identify the tree. The most 
probahte vipw ta that it was the cypress ; Lftt. 
eupreHNs; Or. KvwafMraoi (tvparlMot); the 
c, p, r of the lAtln and it.-, p, r of Greek being 
the Hebrew g, pA, r, differently pronooocecL 

- MiJu Um M> ark of f»pJUrHMM^"-0m. vL U. 

S. Bot.: LavaoniaaTba. 

*Ktfp'-lrialk.o. [Cf.IceL 9opi=aTBln person.] 
Troud. iwttlali. 

gSr'-^l. «. [A yepanle-ie word.] 

ZiU'l. : Nrmoriudm goral, an antelope found 
In the Himalaya lununtnfns. It in about the 
aize of the rommon g<iat, haa blark horns 
aboitt four and a half inches long, the general 
colour of the body niouse-giay. 

ffit-m-Tolft B^nr'-^-ml. s. (A Javanese 

lehthy. : Otphromtnui olfiix, a flsh, a native 

of China, but has been introduced into the 
Mauritius, and into remote Cayenne. It is 
about the sise of a turhot, pfAseHses great 
tenacity of life even when ont of the water, 
and la much valued for the table. The female 
Is said to form a rnrity in the aand for the 
reception of her eggs. 

gttr'-bSl-llfid. a. [Eng. gorbfUy; -ed.] Fat, 

" Nero HA not tmk« 
A nobla club-foot iMplInf ; iie'rr niotmct 
WtUi ona Umat^woln, oarhfinrd, or o-uuip-faMckcd' 
BoH4lag: Juronal. Mt x. 

'gor'-bSl-lj^. t. [A. 8. gor = dirt, flttli, and 
Eng. belly.] 

1. A fat belly or paunch. 

"With cmmp thoalilrn, alila, and forMUti.' — 
P. BoUofd : CamdM, p. U. 

2. A bt-bellied iktsou, 

gW^ai f. [Jform.-Pr. gone ; 0. Fr. gorge, from 
IaU gurgt» = a wiiirlpooL] A weir ; a ]>ool 
of water to keep flsh in. 

gor'-oSok, '. [Etym. of Srst element doubt- 
ful, but perhaps A. S. gor <= dirt ; Eng. eoeJb.] 
The moor-cock, red-grouse, or red-^me. 
" 'MoDBt dawTt hllla. when, leaffue* aronnd, 
Dweft but the porcsTt and the ilecr." 

Scolt : BridaJ nf Trtrmain, til. & 

gor'-erow, gore-orow, •. [A.a. gor=dirt, 
fllth, and Eng. crow.] The carrion-crow. 

" It wlU aUo AAt (lalh aiid Intact*, and Ilk« the 

jaTBu will pick out the efCi o( joimg lauibe wh«o 
hut dnippnl, [or which raaenn It wm formerlv dla- 
tlDjcnlahed train the rouk, which loeda BnUTcIy on 

fTtdii aud luwcU. hf the nmtna ut the gor OT fforterom.' 
— Annant : BrttUk laotogt ; Carriaa <?raw. 

gor^Hi'-fS-a, f. pi. [Mod. Ist. gordifm), 
and Lat neut. pi. adj. BUtf. -acea.] 

Zool : Hair-worms : an order of Scolecida, 
consisting of vermifurm or thread-like animals 
with distinct s^xea, having their alimentary 
canal, if present at all, imperfectly developed, 
and tlieir water-vascalar system rudimentary 
or absent. During n portiun of their existence 
they live in the Interior of Insects. 

gtir'-dl-an* a. (Named after Oordiun, a half 
mythic king of Phrygia, fatlier of Midaa.] Of 
or pertaining to Oordius, or tlie knot tied 
bj him : hence, intricate, complicated. 

"Bh« waaap«ftUmihapsol danllnc hsa.* 

Mmta: lamia. L 

gordlan - knot, s. a knot tied by 

Oordius in the rope whfrh bound the yoke of 
his ctiariot to the draughtrtree in such an art- 
ful manner that the enda of the cord could 
not be perceived. So intricate was it that the 
report went abroad that the empire of Asia 
was promisml by the oracle to him who could 
untie it. Alexander the Great, wishing to lo- 
aplre his soldiers with conmge and his enemies 
with the belief that he waa born to conquer 
Asia, cut the knot with his aword, and so 
claimed to have fultilled the oracle. Hence, the 
term gordian-kitot Is used for any apparantly 
Inextricable difficulty or deadlock ; and to cut 
the gordian-knot la equivalent to removing 
or fcoiving a difflculty by bold or unusual 

" WhataMTar tt wm, I mtwt b* fatn to leare tt m a 

Otirdlan-ktiat, which no writer balpa ma to nntia."— 

Bakrr : Ming SEffiAvM (an. UH|l 

V.I. [GoROiAN, a.] To knot or 


"Locks . . . sttnidjTordteHerfnpazidhratdad.' 

S«aO - Ind^ntoH. bk. L 

gOr'-^-ttS, <• (Pl- gOr'-^'l). [GOROtAH.] 

Zool. : The typical genus of the order Gor- 
diaceai (q.v.). It consists of those extra* 
ordinarily thin and long inliabltants of Uie 
water, po|>ularlv believed, at least till recently, 
to be animated horse-hairs, and producible 
\tj the aimule process of putting horse-hairs 
into a pond, ditch, or country well. After a 
time they bore their way into the bodiea of 
Insects. When mature they quit their Insect 
residence and. returning to the liqaid element, 
deposit their egicn In ions chains. When gordil 
are driwl they become hard and brittle, and 
apparently dead, but water returns them to 
their wonted suppleness and vitality. Gordiu* 
aqtiaticuM is Uie Common Hair-worm. 

gore <1X s- [A-B. gor = filth, dirt: cogn. with 
leel. gor = gore, the cud in animiils ; 8w. 
gorr = dirt, matter ; cf. Gr. xoft^A (cAortH) = 
a gut, a cord ; Let A(ra = gut ; Icel. garnir, 
giirn = guta.] 
• I. Dirt, filth. 

** ITora Mid ferr and fall wart 
That waa out rkaet," tgbtauM Obttnnt. 1,171. 

2, Clotted or cmgealed blood ; hlnod which 
haa become inspiasuted after effuaton. 

■* Bnt the bloodr fact 
will be avengad, and th' uthcr'e faith apynmd 
I/we iiD rewwd. thaitfh hen thou eee hln die. 
KulUug lu duet and forv." MiUM : f. £., aL MS. 

• 1 Blood flowing from a wound. 

" Now, waiTloT*, frieve no man ; 
Lo, then the Trujane ! tiathe ytiur awotda In fr^' 
Pnpt: Bamer; JUad st. MSi 

• 4. Filth, Ifiatlisomcncss, wickedness. 

* " with her vDw-irth«lTch werk tn« wlataa wltUniM 
Tha^ere therof uir luiticnued.* 

A'. Eng. AIIU. rotmt; CtawuMM, SdS. 
" 5. A clotte*! inaaa. 

" The; wen In one gort of blood,'— ff. Broele .■ JTmI 
«r qtalttg. i. «. 

" gora-blood, ' goare-blond, a. Gore, 

"Downe atnit ha Ullea, A annonr iMfs wltlt ya«ra- 
ibMtd tmbrtHa.' Pluur. i rirgia : j£nriJm ztL 

giire (2), * galr, *gare, 'goore, «. [A.EL 

giira = a projecting }K)int of land, from gir = 
a siicar; icei. gtiri = a triangular piece ot 
land : getrr = a speur ; O. H. Qer, kero ; M. H. 
Qer. gert = a promontory ; Oer. ^eArc = a 
we<lge, a gusset ; Dut. geer = a gttsaet, a gore.] 

L Ordinary language : 

1. A triangular or wedge-ahaped piece : as— 

(1) A triangular piece sewed Into a dms, 
a sail, Ac, to widen It out at any part ; a 

(2) An angular piece of planking used in 
fitting the skin of a vessel to the frames. 

** (3) A triangnlar or pointed piece of land. 

• 2. Dress. 

" Oarneat under ffara, bOTkne to my nmna.' 

LfTte ft n au. p.n. 
EL Her. : A charge ennsisting of two CDr%'ed 
lines, one from the sinis- 
ter cidef point, the other 
from the iMse middle 
point, ineetiue in an 
acute angle in tfie middle 
of tiie fesse point, 

gora-blll. 1. A name 
given to the mrflsh (((.v.) 
from its long beak or nose. 

gore-atrake, *. a4>ac 

Skip-build. : A atrake 
which terminates before nyiching the stem or 
stern-post Snch strakes are at or near the 
centre of the ship to lessen the spiling of the 

gore (1), v.t. [A.S. (rdr = a spear ; Icel. g$i*: 
U. H. Ger. ger; O. H. Ocr. lUr.] 

1. To pierce, to atab, to i>enetrate with ■ 
pointed inatruinent. 

"O let no iiolile er* pmtana a tear 
. Fur ma, U I be fond with Mowbtar'a epaar.* 
SkaJtttp- ■ AMorrf //.. L \ 

2. To pierce aa with a bom. 

" An 01 that attanpt* to yen tb* attcndaali^"— 
Ccfian: MtUnU rreattm. DU. 1. f L 

■ 3. To wound, to tear, to lacerate. 
"The wllUagredbrtaat, firing thnosh a tbmsa. 
Aaalnat a prickle Mreri nU Muder aide." 

Brownf : Tim MtpDrrj-i Ftf^. Bei L 

■gore (2), r.f. [Gobe(I), »,] To bleed pro- 

gore(3), r.f. [GoBt(2),«.l 

• 1. To break a passage into, aawltb awedgf. 

"And now, thalr mljchUnt quelled, the battle awcrred. 
With many an Inruda ron«t" MiUan : P. L.. rt. ^■ 

2. To cut in a triangular shape ; to pleree 
with a gore. 

gar'-flj^, s. [A.8. goT = dung; Eng. Jig.} A 

spedes of fty. 

gorfee, >. [Fr., ^m Low Lnt. g'^ia « the 

throat, a narrow pass ; Jjit. gurget s anatiysKi 
the throat ; ItAl, i;orpa, goTjia.} 
L Ordinary lAingMogt : 

1. The thmat, the gullet 

** Ha with him olcaed. and, laHnc mltbty hoU 
Uinn hli throte did frlpa Iti* gorfr au bet. 
That wantlns bnath hliu JnwD tnntiaad ha eaM.* 
4ri*n»rr ^ V-. VI. tv. ti 

2. That which is swallowed or K<>rg»«l : 
■wallowed food caused to rise by Q«us«a or 

" And all th« war, mnat like a bniUih bewt. 
He iiiewed tu hta 0or^, that all did him detaaet' 

^H-HMT ■ r «.. L IV. SL 

3L Tlie act of gorging ; a heavy in«>«L 

" The oounnlf r heanth man with lew lals briaa 
cmptle. then be ehal I* ali4eafuralal#mv«.'— ITi.' 
eon.' ArW\f lUtrloritHf, 1^ 111. 


gorge— gormandise 



4. A lurraw |iMge or etilzmDOB; ■ pus 
Iwtmwti hnis. 

" 1 bMd>4 not Iba MMjrlBg IWM : 

I MlMV* tat MWthaTTMMf ■!»««.* 

& IM«iut {SJmXap.: Itamttl^ *. 1.) 
'A. iDtllcsalinn, tamper. 

* Uf fmw li tJUi to nw. ' Ym,' Mhl I, nlkllr. '«i7 

XL r«*«(m//v; 

I. ^rdt : Tb« Mirnwnt wt of the TutoiD 
ftdd Doric m|>lUb hetwn-n l))n ulnjfkl, shuvff 
Uw ibaft of ttw cnliiinii, bdiI ttw lODUlttU ~, 
tbo, ■ caretto or bollow muulkllng. 

5. ftnl. : A Una JalnlDg thn Ixmet ettrami- 
um of ■ work : i»— 

(0 A lliw dnvn bclwMU U)« reu-ciwU of 
tho Uvct of « reiUo. 

<3) A lirvn aeroM tbfi naimw pnrllon ol a 
bMtlon, from Ui« p^iuu of JuacUoa of lU 
fiinki Kith the curUfiik. 

S. JfoKM. ; Annuill ttmriT* at Ihe umlvrsldf 
of* 0O)>lng, (nkvff]) tbffilripftwu ivacfaiDg tlie 
mil : k LhrTML 

4. MnO. .- Tin Ktoov* or Mon of* poUay. 

Two Bah-luniln MipiLntod 

by aiiCeaof louL 

A. Tmm^Uin: 

L Tn flwatlow givcdaj orlo largn mouthnUn. 

' jrubw i-TZ, III iH. 

& To All ap totlM throat, to glat, to utlato. 

I napt I-4- (ante' nMll oi VMir 'U >it. 
Mak* klo* tmraNlt v> •Jtqprlha l>*Ik_- 

8. To fill to OTVfflowlDg, In clat. 
-A- - 

B. /NfmiM. : To totA graadily, to atulfoiM^ 


L OnL lan^. : HaTtng a (OTge. or tbroat ; 

J, t^tt.: Bnpl«l«J ronn-! •^- fi-^t, nn 
when an animal la reprv- 
•cntxl l)eailni a ero«n or 
tlM IUm Toond U»a nf^k. 
It It Mf Wd H ^r^*.i 

irilb a tron. A& 

_ «. (O. Pr. 

poryuit « gur- 
tnm porpfax = a 
igfVrti, tnm r>rm s ttw 
Oimtl Hplcadtd. nuff- 
nUcml, abnwy, gUllvrInK ouIuicd. 

wtUi mteadtd cotonrt, 
naplanMBt, mmpUumttf adorrMd. or gajr. 
iMMBtVMlaMnMdUMla tbiU 

Ib m fwyoBi niaiiacr, apleiHlhUy. magoifl- 
eutlj : with «fao<nr iBacnIfiMaeft 

- giiato mJ wa »htm ft 

/<MflMiM n«niM>«arA«AM 

gor -tffc- ofla-na— . t. (Eng. fftrrpMwj ; -NM*.] 
Tfae ((tiallty ur tuu of Imiu( gofpoiw : ahowy 
or auinpUivM uagnlSoBOCV ; splvnloitr. 

" II i ww ij la •Mrvt wbaton* had t«Mi mtm» b» 
fw* W BttUalf7 mhI rfbM a»4 ^>yiiiiH»M vf 
f»M«l-'-<«a«r CtMTtm It. <Mi. IHtJ 

• forf -^. • !P»f «••• *^ 10- ^- j'^^'^. 

IniB fforyt ■ tha umal ; ItaL paryfrra.) 

L A pivM of attaonr for tb« thnMtt ; a 



S. A kocblef lor Iha orck. 
* Iftat rth« «rth a mX" *«>i Canri Mar Uw (VT n * 

* cor'-Air-te. & irr.. fton pcrpi = tw 


Jink .' Tlic B*ck fit a cbiiIIaI : morv rofu- 
■kmiIt fbe part fonalnit ttia juortlon hatwwu 
Om ahaa aod th<^ MptUL 

«ar-4i^ a. IPr. fOTfM^ (tan r»rvr-Uw 

* 1. Jlim. : A isttal oovfTlac Itor th« throat, 
van br an armad nta, to proCact th« Jbbo. 


ttm Iwlween tlw Iwlmrt an^ the brM«t-pUte : 
also a kind of hmwl-pUt^ like a )i<tirm*K>a. 
Tlie cwuall (q.T.X or tuiual ooverins of chain- 
null, ia aonmlaiai oallod th« fofgat of aiail. 
"Vm hov Ui fMM panabov* Ui jn« 
1^ Wl tta »aM« la wUl daiWT Ci •«•.* 

Am /MMn Cmtfllmm. Ir. t 

• 1 Draa r A kind of niff fonnorJ)' worn by 

•3. ITiV.; Aamall, 
Oraacviil- atiN|iv<I, 
nwUlllo ornamant 
worn oo tba btaaat 
by ofllean on duty. 
Trie gorget waa tba 
taal rvuiiuutof IxxJy 
arninur worn hy tn-. 
fftotrr in EngUnd. 

i. Surftry : 

(1) A llibotomlQ 

(V) A i-aiiiiUt<^ or 
cniH-AVf o»a>lur'ii>r oaM In oparatkia for fis* 
tub - called alau a bluut |[orgeL 

Qor'-sAll, *■ A n. [Ijit. Q>r||CK, Garya, from 
Or riv>" <^Mv9} B tha Ootbud. ftan v*fr^ 
(porpM) - rc»rrtU« lecTltila J 
A. A* ftbttaiUlpt : 

]. L(i. s Or. MvtkoL ; Ona Of thm ftoinatc 
tnniiatcni of tcrrtbla aapMt. Tbejr mtn tbe 
daughutrs of Fhorcira aud C«to, a&d were 
nnmrNl EnrjalA, istbcno, and MeilOHi. thr tiro 
Dnt being iDiitiortal. Thnlr Inlr was «rttwiiinl 
with a«ir]>eiita,(l)Alrbanila w«raof brau, Uiflr 
bodtae coveiva with lapenatnbla aealaa, their 
taaih rvaeniUiiiR tha t4Uika of a wild boar, ami 
tkicir «7«i pnaBHaatna tli« powar of taming all 
on whom Uit^y nxcd tb<ui to atouii By tba 
al'l of Nilitfrrtt tb»y w«t« llftilly ranaaarwl by 
Pnraroa, xnd tlia dnipa of blood wnlcb ftll 
to thn KTnniui frnni Hediiaa'a bead ware 
cbangrd Into aernanta. vbicb have ev*r ainra 
Infoalnl Ihe aauoj dcserta of IJbya. TbafatAd 
vaa plaOdd on w rata of Minerva, aud re- 
taloed Ita power of tumtug tlta beholder Into 

* Bvl tnr* Aowtoaa. P«M^ MaoC tar <haMa 
Uokat hi<k. mm] nM tW 0*rr»>fi UtA iU>M»' 

S. Fig.: AnytlUng Tory tigly or borrtd; a 
woman of rppuUlve uiannera or app«aranoe. 
H, A* tutf. : Llkea Gorgon : t^rrlBc ; ft-arfbl. 

- PkUaa. bgUlM hrtb 
n* Unv •( Um <ta*vM ritlaMln nla.' 

CoMV^r. ><MMn VwtmiMirM (w HaM. 

gorgoB st«iua-«nKln«, >. A form of 

(Ilin't'UOtiii)t ktriiiiicnf^Tnn, iiirvnted aa a 
mruiB of ubviaUiuc Ilia uae of the beam in 
niar1n«-«utiii>ea. It la called tlM"0<iraDn' 
f itgtnr, U*>m baring been Qnl etnployMl In an 
Eugliali goTcmuient ttHanun' of ttiat naina 

Cor-co'-nS-fS, sor-go' nl-^n, n [Lil. 
Ui'Tgcmnti, fiTini hrtrgvK, or 'rorgo— a Gorgon ; 
Or. ropyowtiM CTorpoaWM).] 

1. Of or iwrtalDlnctoaOotfoo; likaaOor- 
goa ; tfrriflp, 

■■ MflHiua. with Oormmmtmn Um*. nanfa 

The ror<i.- jnnM .- r. £., a. ati. 

i. Aa IhiKtgh csined by aQoigon ; petrlfled ; 

Btnuwl vlUt Om f tnlmn tlgiaut Mi %a iw»t«.~ 

MOiom. P.i^^tr. 

fOr-So'-lU'l-^ >■ IOr., rfro^yveMiot 
UiorgvmrKn'i — |M'rlaililng to a Ooigtia ; r^yyw 
(Gorfff) = a Oiirgora.) 

Arth. : Haaka In relief reprewntlng th« Oor- 
fon** or Hwltin'B iMwd ; one of tha irrotrariiiA 
rrpr ea aotattofta of fumis of tfimr which ■«-- 
oa|t|eda ooaaldcnil<t« rank in Lhe t>lullc art 
id th* tirMka. Tbey were us«tl aa key-atoum 
In an an-h. 

Sor-so'-nS-V,!. C^L. ■■ a kind of ooral wltli 

ariglil (nuiework. (raMy.)] 

7W. ; »t*-t»n : Ibn tyi'l'-al gmia of the 
ramtly Oi^rKt>nlil» ((lv.I. Thn aclerobaali U 
bi)my iiid more or Im* arl«itv*t-eiit. Vmu 
ainrJea an doacrlbed by Juhnmui aa Urltlah. 

SOr-gO'-Ill %n.<l. lOOBOOKEAK.) 

' gor g6a I~f^ a. (Eog. tvryon; -teal.] 
The aaiue a> DiiMIOJICan (c^.r.}. 

Sor-g6n -l-d», «. pt. (Ut. pnponfa. and 
km. pi. ad}, noi -Ma.) 

1. XhuL : Bm-ahnba ; ■ Ua^y of Actinotna, 
order Aleynoarla(AtffreidpofyTis*). Thvcfrno- 

■are, which la arboreae«nt, li pmnaDantly 
rootod, aoil has a grooved or fnrmwMl liraiiob- 
lag aclerobaala with derniowlrrltea— i.r., 
Uaaoe aecrvUotia. Tha apccifa nc^MX nmatty 
In Mhallow water tn the wanufr bcas, attaining 
thrir maxtimini In the tmplca B(wl<l««Oor' 
K tii.-i. ibe flimflycMitalnatnegMinaOonlllnra, 
'A Htii'^li the typ« tiContUi«mmbntii»,Uwr«a 
%'nal iif iroinmtura. 

2. rolirxTil. .- Tlie GorijObl-lK have existed 
at leut fTQin Eoooue ami iiciha|« fromOuliUc 

gor c6n iw, p.*. IBng. gor^tm; -iw.) To 
i>etil(y M iliuogb by thv glance of a (Jurgou ; 
to tarn tir akiBA. 

" Wbnw alM «■ MaONlHrf that Ma «i»>tn» 
To ■•• tbt all-<qiC*l4nh<>Md U lm« * 

DmHM : JfWr Bfd^ 9> U. 

gor'-Mn, a. (Ooncocx.) The f«isal« of tin 

gor-D'-lA, ■- nbe nana waa found corrent 
In [mria of Wvauni Africa, when, in tb(> llflti 
century B.C., the CartbaglnUn naricator 
IJantio flatted it on bla exploratory acd 
ooIonUiiig ax|>rditlon. It waa applied, bnw 
ervr, not hi an aiie, bot to a itrgm tribe. 
raemtwr* of which ho invited to Cartbafe, hot 
they coald not bo preralled upon to accom- 
tmny hlra.J 

2Mf. : A ealofaratod aotbiojiofd ape {Trot- 
tadifUt OoriUay, ■enimUly bauand to eowa 
IH-Arar than any KiN<wn noe to man. Umngh 
Mime cooUdid that the affinity of th« gililxtn la 
cloaer. [QiBBUff.l Tlia natnber uf tL-«(h In 
the gorilla, and all Uw old world inonkrya, 
ezoept the lemtin, la tlilrty-two, Uie nania aa 
In niu. Tb« hand has lh(> nini(> bonpt aa la 
man. Proffji»i>r Hml'^y oonaidare Cuvliir^ 
order Quitilcuitmnn (fiiur-baoded) lnaorurata| 
inalntaitilng Ll;at lh» hinder eXtrvinlUeaof all 
the inonk«y« and lemur* arv ffcamed analamt- 
CaUy aa fevt and not handa. Tlir Iwight la 
about Qra fiset, aJmoal tbe aanM aa inan. On 
tha oihor hand, tho greateat ea|tacity of Um 
RorfUa'a bnln la only M cubic lurhra. tba 
Mat iB, aatlnit ftt In tfat leeit capacioua 
bnnian aknll, and \U in the grmlcct. Tbe 
fonnivtable cAidooa, ao oinapM-nona in tba 
■pecliiieni In the Nataral Ulalvry Department 
of the Britiah Mnaetua at Sonth Kenalngton. 
Icok very bratal, but tbey an only Hxual 
characleriatin. being of mora noderaLe ilao In 
thr frnialo. The low fii<ial angle alao, and the 
abuiidaM hair, with tho extraordinary breadth 
of H\e cbMt, (iimitiKh the reaemltUnee. Tin 
UMl-mpiitirtnotl rharartirlBtir ImiiarL* to the 
aiiltiinl rol'HiaiO alimiglh. ivlilnh il ti aaid to 
nae In Ita tuUire haonta agalniit man. It Ut a 
native ot Lower Ouitita and the tntatior of 
equtiMet4aI Allieft. U baa ■ ooaganer In tba 
aaoie region. JVqrtelitt* nietr, tba Chtai- 
]iaoae« (q.v.). 

gor'-lftg nX pr. par.. a.,ka, piona OX ■■ ) 
JLh3, As pr. iMr. d imrtUip. w<f, ,- (Bee 
the verl)X 
C* At nbH. : A prick, a poaotan, 

gor'-Us (Si, pr. par., a., ft ». (Oou (B), v.] 
At -df pe. par. : (Sm the verb). 

B. At etljtfUm : 

Naut. : A terra ap|-ll«1 to a aaH citt gradu- 
ally aloping, •» aa tu ba broader at the olaw 
than at th« earing. 

O. A4 «Hb*ta*r{«t: : That r«rt of the akh-U of a aiil 
wh^ro It icndiullywidena toward* tliabottoat 
or f'jut ; a g< •ring-cloth. 

gorlng-alotli, «■ 

S'tut. ■ Th* aame aa OoRnra (t), C. 

gor -muMl, a. k n. [Fr. ||o«r«ad.] (Oovn- 

A. At nJitt. : A greedy or nvenoua enter ; a 
gitlltaft, a goumiattd. 

** Maur an maOm j anapaJi Mri gtaUMH tf raatMN 
llMt M« uAt ao hr uatvi«.*— £«<ra«L 

B. Aia^J.: OrMdy, glnttflooua, vofmcloua, 

"Th- illlln uK tk«t twM ChriaUa aMK 
Banld BBdtt Ladrla U #i>>r«M«rf «»la«l<i k*l|w* 
l«MlM|r. A r. A, U. BK. 

*gor'-iii^d-«r„ a. (GovutAinm.] 

* gor -mand-if*. «. [O. Pr. foHrwoadte.] 

Uluttoriy. grmdineaa. 

-wiuiUm M>«kliaitir«arhwkt^b««*i 
AW ■kill' IbaM L«efiaM«. Bi*a'» piifmu\uUii awitiad.' 
Jintfiaa - /Vf^NMM. a. t. 

VRL b^: pAt, jAl: oat, 9^1, 
^Cfls, -lUui ■ rtt^n -tton, -oias 

9I1I11, benph; go. &«m; thin, fhio; dn, «f ; •xpoot, V*B«plioa. Oflst. ph - t 
ahtta : -flon, -^en - nbfta. -oloos. ^otta. -mlonm =- altfts. -bla, -die, *c - b^l, d«l« 



gormandism— gossamer 

*Mr'-IIU|lld-tall* i. fEng. gormatui ; -im.] 

gor'Hiifiid-ua, v.i. * t. [QoRHiXDiBx, «.] 
A. Intrant. : To eat greedllr or like a 
f^utton ; to gorge. 

" Wbo on oomlon In * dftrk bob 
Chn aormantUM on llghteil chueooL'* 

Bi> TrOBA ; To swallow anything greeUfly. 
"n* pninnnd itimiMh, mort Uiiui v*t| laneed, 
ChU np Um lurfeit tatalf fforniiiivdfMit' 

Drof/tatt: Hartm'i Wan, vL ta 

gor'-imui-dx-BSr, «. {Eng. froniu»uI{2(e) ; 
-«r.] One who gomiandizes ; ft glutton ; a 
greedy or voracloua eater. 

^Cor-rel-bel-lled, a. [Qorbellibd.] 

gone, 'Ront. *irontta.s. [a.s. gorgt 

= « bramble-btuh, tue origin of wlilch la ud< 

Bot. : One of the namei of the Furze, or 
WUd {Utex mrojKon). i 

"Thrra'inrlthar JobnnrnorhUborM ' 

AmoDf Um foiB or In llu forte,' 

Wora-rortk : IMat Baf , 

gor'-ijF. gon^-^. a. fEng.oor*(e); -v.] Of 
the nature of, resembling, or abounding in 

gor-ter'-l'-at <■ [Named art^^ David Gorter, 
Fictfeuor or Botany at Hardewyck.] 

Bot. : The tyiiiral genua of tlie anb-tribe 
Oorterieie (q.v.). They are herbaceous plants 
from South AfHca. 

gor-ter'-I-<-». «. pl. [Mod. Lat goHeri(a), 
and Idt. fem. pi. adj. sufT. -mk.] 

Sot. : A aab-trlbe of composite plants, tribe 
gOr-^-B^ >■ [Lat. Gnrtj/na, Gfirtyi, Gortgn 
(ttom Or.) s (1) * (^'^y '" ^^* Horea, now In 
rulua ; (2) a city In Crete.] 

Ent^m. : A genus r>f moths, fiimily Apamida. 
Ooriyna Jbivago Is tlie Froetod Orange. 

gSr'-y, •goaf-t. «■ (Eng- f/ort (i), •. ; -jr.] 
L Covered with gore or congealed blood, 

" HoaptUU* beda 
To nat the itoaBMr, or the tnry ehlrf." 

Dirtr : nme% bk. IL 

SL Bloody, deadly, mnrderoos. 

" Tlie uhltpKtlon of onr blood forMdi 
A Mn> «iual>tton 'Iwixt ni twrnlo.' 

AaJkMp^ .• Troam»Cr*mtd», It. >. 

g<»7-d«w, c 

JBof. : fVa/meOa enteaAi, an algal of eimple 

OigaoiEation, common on damn vralln In shaily 
places. It api>ears at flrat In the form of rosy 
gelatinoua i«tvli«n, ultimately benoming eon- 
fluent over a wide ex|>anae, presenting the 
appearance of coagulated venons blood, wlienoe 
Its EnglUb nuno. {Grifflth £ Henfity, &C.) 

*ge«» •. [Ooosc] 

tfite-h^$. [Arab.] 

Jfiu. : An Arabian Ante. There are two 
■orta of the goslm, the one with three lioles in 
the lower extremity, producing fonr aounda 
irtliefa, with their haminnlcs at the fifth, com- 

eete tJie octave. The instrument Is employed 
' guide the voice of a singer. The other 
gMoa Is larger and pierced with six holes. 
witti a double hole at the back, (plainer Jt 

gO0'-ll&Wk. gOB-lwnk, *. [Properly pnme- 
kamk ; from A.H. g)iiilui/Hc, from (pis = a goose, 
and hq/ho = ahawk ; IceL gds-kaukr,] 

OmUV .* AMur palHmharivt. a bird of prey 
found in Britain, Ac It Is brown above, 
white imdementh, barred across with brown, 
with five browner tjands on the tall ; the eye- 
llda whitiah. When immature It has dota 
Inatead of bars. The female is twenty-four 
or twenty-tlve iDches long, the male almost 
one-thinl leaa. It is mre in Britnin, but 
abuudant in parts of the European continent 
It occurs also in the north of Africa, In 
America, in India, he. It can be used, as it 
often is In the Eltwt Indiea, for falconry. It 
nnrauea its prcydirer:t1y, Instead of swooping 
down upon it from above tike a falcon. 

"Th» »»!*»■* WM In hlfta Mbtrai uaonc (alcoaoi.' 
— rnraanf ; Brttltk liMlngg ; Qoahumk. 

ge^-4ll8n->ta. «. [Named ft-nm Ooeben, in 
MasaacbuRCtts, where it occurs.] 
Jfia. ; A variety of beryl. 

(oy'^l^r-ite. >. [From Ooalar, In the Harz, 

where it occurs.] 

ifin, ; An orthorhombic, white, reddish, 
bluish, transparent or translucent, brittle 
mineral, of vitreous lustre and nanaeons taste. 
Hardnes8,2to2-5;,l-0to2-l. Compos.; 
Sulphuric acid, 27*9; oxide of zinc, 2^-2; water, 
43'9. Pound in minee at Holywell, in Wales ; 
at Fabian, tn Sweden, &c. Called also Qal- 
Utienite (q.v.). 

gjff'UAg. *gM-lyns, *g(w-lyiitg. "g**- 

lynge, «. & a. [A.S. g6i=.& goose, and Eug. 

A. At rubttantive : 

1. A young goose ; a goose not yet tbil 

" ni nvTcr 
Bo aoA a fotf (tf to ohey Imrtloct' 

Shak*^. : Coriotatuu, r. t, 

2. A catkin on nut-trees and pines. 

3. An unfledged bird. 

i. A goose, a silly follow, a simpleton. 

B. At adj. : Silly, stupid. 

" BttipriMd %t 4ll th«r nut, the mTftv p«lr . . . 
Dlwovar bos* oktbcdnla. bollt with itoDa.' 

Camper : Pragrtit V Brrvr, tn. 

gte'-piL'godS'Pel, *godds-pel. * goda^ 
peue, ^got-pelle. *. it a. [A.s. <}'--i,i*!i, 

from f/od = God, and spell = asto^, a tjUtui^", 
Icel. guiVupjail = God.story ; O. fi. Utr. pttfj- 
ptL It is nut from A.S. god = good, !il>I ^U, 
tliough this derivation would exactly ogr^tj 
with the Or. evayy^Awv (evanggelic-f s^ ji^ryt 
message, ttom ti {eu) = well, and ayinhiK 
(flnggeiot) — a messenger.] 

A. Aa nibstantivt : 

J, Ordinary Langvxigt : 

1. LUeraUy: 

(1) In the same sense as II. 1. 

(a) In the same sense as II. 2. 

8. Figurativtly : 

(1) Anythiitg wblcb announces good news, 
political, social, peiBoual, or of any other 

(3) Anything accepted as tnhllibly true ; 
aa, Vou must not take the words just for 


(S) Anything constituting a powerful prin- 
ciple of action. 
n. TtehniaUl}/r 

1. Scrip. * Theot. : A term signifying good 
sews, founded originally on certain words 
used by the angel in the annunication of 
the 8a\-ionr'e birth: "Bchnld, I bring you 
good tidings of great Joy " (Luke 11. 10)l It Is 

Snerally held to algiiify salvation through 
e atoning death of Christ. 

-Qo je Into all tha world, mai preach the ro«pd to 
srarr erMtara."— JVotfAfw xti. U. 
Y Some minor Christian sects adopt the 
word Oospel in this sense as part of their 
name. In the Rt^strar-OeneraVs report for 
1883 of registered places of worship, the fol- 
lowing sects figure : (1) Qospel Army Mission, 
(S) QMpel Band, and (S) Gospel Temi<eranc6 
Blue Ribbon Anny, Noa. 1 aod 2 appearing 
for the first time in the list. 

2. Script. Canon, Ac : The fonr canonical 
recorda of our Saviour's life, by St Matthew, 
St Hark, St. Luke, and St John. This signi- 
fication of the word la derived from the first 
one. It Is the historical narrative of that first 
advent of Christ, tlie announcement of which 
waa disclosed by the nngel to be good tidings 
[ii. II The Utfes are not worded the Oospel 
by Matthew, by Mark, &c. ; it is the Oospel 
according to Matthew, according to Hark, Ac. 
This implies that the gospel Is that of Ood 

EI. XV. 16 ; 1 ThcsB. ii. 2, &c.) or of Christ 
k 1. 1 ; Rom. 1. 16, ac.) as related by 
hew, by Mark, kc. In one place, how- 
ever, St Paul says '' my gospel " (1 Tim. il. 8). 
In the New Testament tlic word gospel, «vay 
yiKtov {ruanggeiifin) is used only of communi- 
cations made orally. The earliest known use 
of the term fur writteu accounts of the Sa> 
vionr's life, Is in Jimtio Martyr's first "Apo- 
logy," about A.D. 150. He si>eakB of " Memo- 
ries nf the Apostles, called Gi)Si>elH." Irenfeus, 
Bishop of Lyons f^om 177 to 202, used the 
wonl gospel for the four evangelical narratives 
taken collectively [CaKoy); but he also employs 
It of each of them taken seiArately, and 
tpeaks of their "fourfoldness."' He phwes 
them in the order which now obtains, as do 
Clement of Alexandria, Ori^en, Eusebiiis, and 
the early chnrch generallv. Home invesllgators 
however, think tJiat Harlc's gOKi><.'l comes first 
in time ; that the next was i>t:rhaiis Matthew, 
that Luke was the third, and Jonn certainly 

the last The flriit three are called synoptics, 
because they all look at the events which they 
describe trttm the same point of view ; while 
the stand-point of John la quite dilTerent 
[SYNomc] Though the Ooe|>oU stand In the 
New Testament l>efure the Biiisties, aome of 
the latter undoubtedly preceded them In point 
of time. [JoHM, Lukk, Ua&k, Matthew.] 

3. Liturgy : Tlie part of the gospels pre- 
BCribed in the Prayer-book to l»e re-iu on any 
particular day In Uie Commuuiun scrvjtM. 

B. Am adj. : Of or belonging to the goapel 
In any of the seuses eoumetuted under A. 

^ Obvious compounds : Gotpel-offer, go»pd- 
preiuJuT, goBpel-termon, kc 

'gospel-book, 'godapal-bok, 

« gOddiqrall-bOO, I. The goaiiel. 
" Nusht oa acrrth the gnddtpMhov 
Thatt Joasp waat Ihwrtniie." 

OnPuiiifM. 11M. 

*gOCpttl-gOHip,f. One who is over-zeal- 
OQs In preaching religion to hia neighbours. 

g0«p6l-llglltl, (. pi. 

Eodea. d- Vh. Hitt.: Two liftbted candles 
borne by acolytes who stand facing the deacon 
as be intones the gospel at high mass. 

goopel-alde. t. 

Ecciet. A Ch. Jlist. : The side of tlie church 
corre3]K)nding with the comer or bora of the 
altar at which the gos[>e1 Is read. 

** tlio uolTtea, boarlns their up«n olarstad. and tha 
ttinrlfar. with the luornan, procoedto thefuttpri-fUaot 
the NUtcMujr."— AOct ; Blrrurfia, p. It. 

"gospel-wrlgbt, 'goddspoll- 

Wruillte, 3. Tlie coinjKMer or author uf uue 
ot the gofl|>el8 ; an evaugeliat 

" An «thaT yocUipoUiniUC* WH Mjuraa.* 

'gSs'-pSlfV-t. [OoRrKL,a.] Tolnstnirtinthe 
precepts of the gos|>el ; to fill with sentimeuta 
of religion. 

" An yon lo gonenrd 
To pny tor thla good miu uiil tut him imat, 
Whoae hoavy hand hath buwml you to tlia ktst* 1" 
A*kmp. : Mudmk. UL U 
gSs'-pfil-iU, V.t. [GOSPPUXIZE.] 

• gi(«'-P*Ha-rJ, a. [Eng. gotpfl; -ary.'] Of 
or pertaining to tiie gospel; theological, evan- 

" Let M17 nun lodpt how wf n tbeae MapWIarw tvi»- 
dplca of our ITnliirtwUai ■«!«• vlth the iiTM-tice aiid 
doctrine of tha holy mpMllvt.' — The Cloak in tli 
CWoon (KTB). 

gSir-p^l-lor. " god-QMl-lor, * god»jwl- 
lore, ■ goft-pel-«re, * goo - p«l - lore, 

• g0ft-p«l~lOttr, t. [Eng. go$}<t; -er.] 

• 1. One of the four evangelist*. 

" Hark the gotprllrr mti the gooatll aon of nrtm ta 
1»ptf un."— Wf^ifr : Tk« Pratom^ nf Mark*. 

* 2. One who preaches the gon)>i.'l ; an adhe- 
rent of the Reformed fnitb. In contrailistluc- 
tion from a Roinan Catholic, tlic former, in 
the sixteenth century, giving a prominence to 

E reaching, in which tiiey were not imitated by 
leir opponents. 

" The panwrutlnn waa carritd im anliut the fntpf t 
lart with mnoh fleroaDoa* by tfaoM ol the Riimau pcr- 
■naaloa'-^Xt rvM.' MwotarUU uf A rekt iUk af fraiaer. 
bk. 111., cb. xVL 

3. Tlie priest or deacon who reads the 
gosi>el In tlie Communion een-U'«, 

"The Archblabop of York w»a the eelrbnat. tW 
•platoller beliif the Heiui, umI tlie onap*ll<r the Btab'ip 
ok flydury.'— At/I JfuU Ofuefta. Feb. T, IMt. 

4. A contemptuous term for an evangelical 
preacher. [Uut-oospxllcb.] 

• gdo'-pSl-lxse. 1. [Eng. goipeX ; -iw.] 

L To form or lay down as goapel. 

" The comiiMnd thna totpttlU^ to ui tuth the Kme 
toToa with that irhrmn Em fr-mndeil Uk nl<>u« 
uemoBltr of divorcluc.'— JfJUen.- A>e(. * Btt e tp l limvf 
Mmm. bk. L, ch. vlil. 

5. To convert by preaching the goaiwl to ; 
to evangeliie. 

" In tha meantime ftva ma leave to mtt yoa la nlad 
of what U done Ui tha CorpomttoD Iwhneuf yoo are « 
acmlwr) for irotueUUntf (u they pfamaa it) the nUlrn 
of Newteislan£'-&vle.- H'ort), to]. L. » loa t4f*. 

* gSs'-pSl-l#, «dP. [Bug. goml; 4y.\ Ac- 
cording to tlie teaching of the GoapoL 

* gOOa, * gOOOO. «. [OoRfiE.] 

gSo'-o^-mer. ■ gte'-oa-mero. ' g ooe oo- 
mor. * goo-oo-mor. * goo-oom-mor, 

* goo-oo-myre, * goo-omn-mer. a. & n. 

[Lit. gonat-sMmmer ; vf. Oer. $ommtrJ&tten 
(summer-threads) = gossamer : Out aower- 
aradtn (summer-thrcnds) = gossamer ; Sw. 
tomnurtrid (summer-thread) = gossamer.] 

fiUo, at. fiire, ^midot, wltat, f&U, tetber; we. wit, here, ommfU Har, thire: pine, s^t, niro, «r. nuulne; g« 
or. won. w^lC work, wbft, ntn; mnto, ottb, euro, vnlto, onr. Hkle, All ; Ut> StrUui. M,oe = e: oy = A. qn» 


gossamery —gotnite 

r-#, n. [Ens. ff.iMn«i«ir; -y.l 
; Biuiajr ; unMotMLuillAL 




* i. Tlic floTid^r e"'(>web-Uk« tbrcAda which 
am M^n fl[>aUn>{ in thf^ sJr in calm clear wru- 
Uicr, pajx^iiltj in aiitiiuin. Tliry aui tUv h« 
Mn-ii nu ft clfAT froaty morning on fune- 

iKUbBM, fiTOM, Me. 

' in>4ir itloihhftwU Um boiiaimR^ 
Tkrir liama^a iif MoawMnv ' 

2. A thin, niiny nilk veil or gtusa. 


C&s a^B. gAr-i^a, >. fEtytn. i]t)DUftit.l 

Afiu.'n^.' TItc upper part of >ni«tftlIlQ V4iln, 
l>r--«r-iiLitiK a rvfi ■nd TiTrugittout Kpj'^wwicu, 
l-i'"ltifi-*l l>(' thf •li>ifiiii[~>!hitl'in (If llm iroii 
|<ynt<'K Minl^lnfil ill or 3»>(>K'iJtU<il with llio 
ute . UiD IUAU1& la wlildi a umuUIc ore b im- 

**T>iaw|ta Mortli DvnNil Ubf n>atrtKarr«mn 14 Um 
l«4B|i<Det>p«r<>ni >■ MidAiHd bf oarUela of gvM.'— 

ite-afB-lf' -Ar-ofta, n. [Ei>k- 7<mmii; ■< 
onuweti^-F ; LnL Am = to jiriMlilue, atid luIT. 
•otu.] Prixtudux jT"— t 

Xte-^fb, I. [OnsMr.] 

gSi-aip. * god Bib. ' cod slbbe, *god- 

■rblM. * gOB Bib. * gOB syp, ». iA.K. 

nod V liod, and nti ^ lilu, niiiUnu) [OuMin.) 

1. A BiKiuwr 1q lia|tlLaui ; k. goiUftUivi or 


"TlMjr hai BwU«n Mw»h«di«Bd lh«* B«tli>m 
'feMl rf — »M III lh«{r ehlMKu vcn Hn'MMndl aa «* 
■m'-Mb/mmm.' Aa^^^MiL flMlartloM.) 

* 1 (It.): Hpanaan engaged la CuuUUr talk 
Vlth Racb nlher, 

* 3. <rf.) : Thow who «ii9i«e in trivUl talk, 
vbethor thejr tro ipDitton or ooL 

BU h« «M« U KlM« OhjF* omrl- 

iMiaMtow ' JTmMm*! tvu* 

4. A M«nd ; i nelglibour ; an inlituate «c- 

*■ Ooa mXiMr. . IIMc t«l<« rr«ll*a. 
AJa4 (• bar <«iHj» put Ift BMbMll nv.' 

5. On« who mttt ftlxHit tflttJlBg uid ivpoAt- 
tag talca ; an Idle tattler. 

'■ Tta cmaMB <tet ol fM>CM wiMn tk«r RMrt." 

ilrV^M. tflMd « iM«t*«r. tU. Ml. 

* 6> A Ujipllng, gfWAlplnff wiTinkn. 

"•npvtilMa hut I In a fo—tiit l««L' 

T. Hcrv Uttle ; lille talk ; Iriflli^j or uu- 
feoJidioil runtMur <ir talk. 

"BalMa «'ar Ukaa ellr wltk fanfiv •e«i>aat. aaJ 
•Vila.* r» wy — -■ Jrai4 L Ir. i. 

lifS'^P, r I. 4 C (GoMtM.) 

* A. Tmn*. : To itawl gM»lp or i^iuor to ; 
to cbrtatati. 

" JUaiHlwa tarllM J—. 
rut. MlaJUM UidU «MirtiJit.' 
natHi, JS** WMnat XW^ MraB, L 1. 

B* /Mrsiutrtw: 

t. To talk fki&llitrl]r ; to chat. 

' KaliW omvat Um liaiwa i a»r 
•a U tba iliiiilTaB^ and i»>i»l«ad aad jaw^rt 

SL To ehattar ; to nta about npaatliig tales 
or tHUe-lattlo. 

"TWh UtUa lanlap aod AMouBca vtileh wiat 
kaa aeMM. oMaOTKMnaia, fa«Mv. ead oftqtHtfT.'*— 
■wwng'^iar. Ma. UT. 

*!. Tb nake nierrj, aa at a fhrlalviiliig fewt. 
'With an atf haan. m #aM<^ at tkto (aaaL~ 

JUafcM M . Owaly V Xrrvra, V. 

* I. To iDBkB B eeaatlM* diattorlnf nidaa. 

** rUa far Ifca #wWa# l«MM." 

cSir-fl|p-«r, JL [Eng ff<wff>; -«r.] One who 

Coaal|M ; a KOeelp. 


* g6« ^ -pMd. * go«-«l-|»r*d«. ' god- 
ImdB, »■ IA.8. ^ = Ooil : wxhmidcn = 
laUoB, kftL] 

L Tka ooti4IUoa nf a Roi&ln or apniijior In 
laptiBlP ; RlatioiLihlp Uirtnigh lia{iUani ; apan- 

*Bii*iii I m aoapatanttr. br »n o»»m Uv, laa 
■Mlaar aBtoiljr ; aai4 tha Jnnr. that *a» aoMlp tu 
•It^ W ite BMlMa, nlffcC In fannar ilmm. ha«a 
baaa ahallaafrtiw mi ladlBtoaal.'-aMtaa 

L Intlmacr; eUMflacquaintanra. 

S. OfMalp : [iU« talk ; Uttl«-taltl«. 

posslp ; incllQMl to gooslp : aa, a OMalpy 

"A vrll^rol aaiwltia a wal iJ ii laUaim.'— J l> aw iwa. 

F*K n, i«a 

* gto -s6 mar, >. (Goswuceil] 
gABHi6o'n. gor-Boon, i. [n>. forpM = b 

l->.] A l>..y, a UuJ. (irtaH.) 

ffotaj/mjtimHA. (Pliay.)J 

/M. : A gtuitu of Italf-aM*, tribe lllliUceK. 
Tba karea an geucrally three urDre-tobed; 
aroitud tbo flortrer U an iuv<iluon. (lordalfl at 
tbo l«ae, an*] trriulDal litg at ttie apox la Ihrte 
Itnwil, dpcply ■ cut wiinueiita, Oilyx Hvt- 
tontlipd, cnrolla of (Ivr jwtala, atameiui iiaited 
lulu a column, fmlt a three or nv«><»lki| 
eapaule, eacb o»U when ripe bursting through 
the mltldle and uliiblUug tbv aeeda cdvoIdiiwI 
iu imtloci. Tba aiMsIea cuUlratM to tho 
UnttfM] 8tatca, which fbniiihn ao much 
cott'^n to Laccaatilre, la (7M«y]>fvm barfauknJr, 
of which tbcT« ard two well marked rarMlos, 
tbfl ScB-lalanil L>r L/mE-atapU eaUoa, and Uie 
Upland, Oe<'>rKian, Ikiwed, or Short-staple 
odUon; that of India, Lumly brought Into nae 
daring the Atnertvati olvU war of ItMl to 16U, 
la O. lurbaoMTik. How iitany tnare sjiadea exlat 
haanntbeendotenaimd, tail genns being rery 
variahj«i. A Msnd oil Is made ttam th« aMda. 
wliicb alM>, after having bsen preaasd, hare 
Imrti omkI aa a food for mttle. Hartlua states 
that In Brmzll the yoang Icavea ttMl ae«da of 
Ofmmtvm viUfiititun are used in dyseutery, 
awl swelled la vlXK^ar an applied Co the head 
In beinlcraola. 

*goat, «. IGnner.] 

* gMt'-IAg. «. [Ktyni. dnuhtfktl.l 

It'll. : " All herb." AinRworlh, qaotol by 
JtihnaoB, who calls it Uubla. If so, It lit a 

gtft, prrt. k pa. par. o/v. (Oer, r.1 

*gtft{^ *. (Ital. 9(M»=a kind of bottle; 
ifAt-i =■ a drliiklug-glaaa.] A vat«i-pot, a 

" AfrtAol aiUk I>a haM ta SIL* 

^^ MIm mt M : Mafcaa tf * r««a 

got* OX Bin^ ■- l^i- 9°^ •' ^* Oer. fOf<; 
Uer. f<M€,l 
1, A sluice, a diatn, a gutUr. 

"ftatr. at waUr tcbaUtja. Afmiiflmmi, Miflteilm- 

S. A aluugh, a miry ^dace. 
•got«(2X»- £OoAT.T 

* gOt-«r, a latTTTULj 

GAtb.*. [Lat CoUlsUteGotha.) 

1. LiL : One of an ancient noe bdonglag 
to the TsQtunHL who orlj^nally accnpled a 
KTuit fiorUoD of Caropean and Asiatic RuMla. 
PiliDnr, their king. Mi«dnrt«d a IknIj of Ida 
nation to tfaa ooan of the Euxino, whcn^ It 
aft«rwarda increased Into a nitint-roiis and for- 
midable Jtenple uodnr the luuntta nf VlilgoUls 
and UstroBf^itlia, Uie former ncvii[i)iiig Ibp 
oountriM li) tlia wMt of the l>nlaiier. the 
Utter thoaa to tht «asL Th« Vtalgoiha crossed 
the Danube, pl(n»d«r«d Rome and Italy, and 
fixed thair raaldenoa in Bpain, while their 
kiiidrad. thb Oitmgotlui. took pnipsilon of 
Italy, which they bafcl UU a.i>. 6U. vh«n they 
wvro overthrown hy Narseo, general of Jua- 
Uulan. Prom thia tltne the Outba aa a nation 
tnaka do Ogoiv In history, except Id Uixkin ; 
bat trsMS of tb«ir language, nisnitcra, auil 
arts are still to bo found In every country of 
the Bast. A branch <>f thr< VisiK»lha, settled 
in Mffisla, Uic nx-Blnrn RulgnTla, are ktiown a« 
MagsagiTtha, ami tl>o tranalallun of a gnti itor- 
tkn orUw BiMcby Wulflla, or Uinii.a Chris- 
ifan bfabop, abtmt a.h. S^ fmgnietita only <if 
wUeh haw eouM down to us, is the eariint 
known ipednMn of tha Gothic or Tentonic 
tribe of tMign«i. 

t. Fit.: A barbarian: one dendcnt In or 
utterly wlthoat taste ; a nid>;, Ignomnt ptrwu. 

Sd'IOtam-iMtt ». n^ dit] An IntiabiUnt 
or natlvr o( 6»Uiam, s vII1iiri> In Nottingham- 
shlr^, snid lo lie (-t^lt'brated tor Uie bloiHlen 
mAile by its luliabttanta. 

go-tludu ita, *. (Eng, GtOamt -lla.] 

1. A GollmmiiiL 

2. Atirminp]>lii<d In sport to an Inhabitant of 
New York city, snnietlnieii known as OoUum. 

•«i^-alp-r|. *■«• Blp rM. I. [Eng. 

f"^!'! -^-l Tbaeondltlou ur state of gnaslpa; 
elaa* iBlwiaey. 

gta'-oll^^. «■ (Eng. ff^mtp: -v.] Poll of 

bAl. btf^; p6ht, Jtf^l; cat, 9ell. ehoma. ^hln. b«B9h: go. f^eni; tUn. (hla; bIb, af ; axpoot, Xenopbon. e!|lBt. -Ug. 
-ttui = ali#a. •tloa, -«l«i = BhAii : -fton. -cloa - Bhfln. -vloiu, -Uoos. -«lotw = Afta. -bU. -die. &•-- ~ bal. d*L 

gOf-bfr-^fito, >. [Prom the 8t Oothanl 
Alps, «h«r« 11 ourura.) 
if (a. : Tlw aome aa DmuoioraTc (ti.T.}. 

* goOMleiU (>-<• [CI. letl ffulta.] TonunUe, 
OS Uu9 stomach. 

" aiaa ritlM tilCMBBa to ftthala^" 

r. Ftmmium, a,UT. 

gStb'-Io. * gMi -lok, a. k ». [la\, OofAJcw.] 

A. At 'iJjrcti\t : 

L (fniinftTTf Lanffvagt: 

1. Lit. : Of or perlaliilDgtuthe Golha ; aa, 
OcMe oiatfKns, ie. 

"OMUlutaii hit laboan alBoaf «b»llr lo nJMoo* 
aad liSMxUnr kWortai. balAltiart DaiarJ tamaS tli* 
TwUbmuI lole ilia hlahur <4 a FlMBtaJi rlllMti tfea 
hablU ol OMod. llUt^ la^b. fea. UmI/ ilwallUMa 
Uwlr utnUU, and ttimti nutoaui, vara aU OotUtaml 
l!iuiilMiL"~lrn/|wl^ CWafqVM 4/* C(w*wa«nh.'*al. V. 

SL Fig. : Kude, uncivilised, bwfcarou. 
0( Uakc ami lamafa «'«r Ihr (autaa thn>«i^* 

ftaaMaa * Aimmar, \jn, 

U. A rrk. : An epithet applied to that atyla 
of architaetnn now more praperly t«nued 
Pointed. The tenatook it* rim amongst tba 
Itallana. By It tbov meant to dlstlngulab a 
barbarous frau a cuaaic styla. It Is disUn* 
gniabed by the prrditmlnanno of the polntod 
Ereb, to which all other iMuia ara mad* auh- 
aervlont : the piodomioauoe and proloogatiuiti 
ofrortlcalUnei, the aliaenra of cnltiruits and 
entablatures, and the omaoiaatatkPD in which 
fnmts (if georactiy and fonna of tJie ve^table 
world prevail. It was In the middle of the 
tweinb uentoiy that the poluted arch began 
if> be apjilled in the internal vaulting of 
charohaa ; In the thirteenth ceBtaty tta use 
bad beoonw ^neral. At Ita vary eommeue»- 
ment It qotta rxpelled the nrnnd arrli, and 
111 the C01UIW of the SHme contury II atLdited 
high perfection tn ita own pi>«ulUr style. 
U was suporawhHl by the revival uf claaslc 
ari'blm^tura In the Mxleenth oeotury. but baa 
again aaaarted lla podtlon aa ttaa naldest 
style of 8rei»lte«tupe ever devlaH. The Gothic 
arvhltectiue of Itrltaln in dludml Into thnta 
priudpal gi>«j«Iui— tbo Barly Euglish of the 
ihirtMUtli century, the l>cc<irated of the four- 
teenth, and the PMrpendtcular of the Qlleentb 
and sixteenth Doiitiuiea. [DaoaaancD, U*u.y 
BsoLua, rKaftLTTDrt-iiLAa, roisTicD.] 
" Aial Umtt, Ivtiaatb tha amlbua alaK 
A tomb, oiUi Itatak aculpAwa Ulf ' 

an»fl.- Jf.»m»fa».TLM. 

B> JmbitanHvt: 

I, Ori. Id«f . : The language of the Goths, 
It U^tonga lo the Low Oenuan groap of the 
Ti-Qtonic HfatM^. to whhib beloog Bngllsfa, 
Frlstau, Doteh, Plemlah. and Old auou. II 
la llkP oldest and muat prlmlU\'e of the Teu- 
tonic dialects of whioh anir ramalns ore 
known ; It ira>i ■[mkou by tm oaatani and 
wfJttnni G>^th»l, who nrtiuiilad Uia pmvlnon vi 
Uaoia. It Is closely altiuloEngUahBiMllfuteh. 

n. T»ekniattt^: 

1. JlrcA ; 'I'ha Gothic style of aichlteclure. 
{A. 11.1 

" T>Mi pail*k ebnreh ol Laav>«lh l« al a «uaU 4k- 
taAM Cru*H Uw rUaca. bM a pUlB tanr. aitd tba 
ankltaatnnia sf UwO^Alc irf ik« UiMiof SdwanllV." 

£. Print.: A name xiTeo to a bold-he«d 
t)-|>e. uned for titling and Jobbing work. 

*gttth'-Ifi-^ a. [Bog. 9ot\k; -all "Tke 

same OS tronuo (q.v.). 

' gAth'-l^Iflll, 1^ tEng. GotlUe: -fsM.] 
t. A Oolhtc Idiom or ouaton. 
S. Couformlty to the Qothle ityle of uvhl< 

3. Itiid^noas of monnen; harbarotwnaaa. 
■' .■(Ijthi, porktrtaB, iiliwiwi. aul afaaolata ehsMaia 
oonta i^alii. '— j» aaa gwa 

gfitll'-I-fiBB, r.L [Kng. OalMa: -(31.) To 
make UoLhIc ; to bring back to barboraasnesa. 

-g«Cb-lah,i. |EBg.GaM;-M.1 Pertahihig 
lo or rviM-uiMluc tuD Qotha; Oulhlc; rude; 


goUl'-it« (o as aV a. (Ttaned after th« gnat 
Gomau jxiot <.)<^tnc, nr Goethe, who was 1<om 
In 1749, and diml in 1632.1 

if la. : An orthoTbomhlc, yellowish, rrddlafa, 
or dark-bntwn mlnenl, aomeURia blood-rvd 
by iraiivnilttrtl light. Loatn ImpHfMtlr aila- 
numtloe. tUrdnnsa, Ata&-5;, i-Oioli. 
Compos. ; seaqnioiide of Iron. S3-6 l« Wb ; 
sesfinioxide of manfpinfae, 1} to fl-S ; silkia, to 
4 .1 : snd water, *■* to IIH. Pound atCllfbm, 



lo OloooMlcnhir* : near BoUUadt uid Ijcmt- 
wlUiel, 111 Corn «r«Il; ta duuDjr, Ac CbUmI 
ftlK> Pjrrrhoalilrrite aimI Ont^ittt(q.v.). {Dama.) 
Mr. W. J. Sollu dtaeilltu It Also m ODcorrtitc 
In Ute Rbyrauey iiiiBrry In b6d(lUlc<t*^** <" 
HK-kB lmm«dUtalj telow Uia Rliyionef grit o( 
Stlurlno iipt. OBV CknlUL tQnar. Jaur. OtoL 
&«.. xnr. 506.) 

* SOt-lflh. d- [OOATUV.) 
I^n-a'-nl-a, «. (Nittml AflBr AiiUmayOoiuut, 

AiC; Agenuiiaf RfcammoBM, ommIbUih of 
ertrynwo oUmbvn. (;*iiaftis aamiUffnuU, a 
■T)«M« from the West IimUm utt bull, U 

*seiid.>. (WuAi>.] 

(6ilfte, * Boode, * gowse, «. [Fr. pongt, 

fn,"o lj>>w I<«t, ((.irirt ~ aliliiil of ohbel; op. 
gtUria: TiirL ipcttti.] 

]. lit. : la Ute miu« otdm u U. 8. 

& Fla. .* A «liaU ; ko ImpoalUoo ; ui impo*- 
iDr. (Iiwr.) 

IL r«Aii4aiUy : 

1. BocJMntL : A fInUhtr'a huid-tool for 
bUiMl-uiollH(or glitUufc luvlQS » fhoe which 

X A «h>pad lad^Do-tool naed lor eattiiig 
out lioraA or titill1[| Ibr glo***. cavelapca, or 
other t>tt)«<ta cat to • sh»p* frooi bbcle, 
l^lfaer, or |ikpar. 

SL Voocf-vanic ; A iAImiI with a enrvnl 1>U4« 
ailii|ftril tij inakD • loauflnl tcroovp lii ciiKIng 
nr titruiii^ wootL Thoy aro kL>>wn aa Uti, 
BiiddJe, Bi»l quick ' tlietr curve* WLuu raapqc- 
tivtlr ulitUM, mcdiiiia, and ai.-ute. nofuu^ 
•llalml Ln auly agea in aUiiie, boos, and 

Ronca-Wt* I. A wooilbor:ne tool UMd 
In a hntcv. Ithui[oundedead.sadi]fn>oK 
whirli •<cinUJiiA tite cUl]«. 

goac«'aUpk f. Aa oU-atoaa or bona slip, 
far ahai-iiaiiiDit on Um oouoive aUU oX tna 
9ig9 ot toa foagt, 

ffdikjpa, * gOOC*. r.f. [OouoE,*. Pr. ^aprr.) 
L Lit, : Tn acoop OQt or make a gru<jv« Ui 
witJi a Koii^ca. 

4w« la Ik* ilai at atTtwwL. aad naf dklBC.' 

IL /it/nnCiM^; 

I. To Eorea oat the «/« of with tha thtmlt or 

3. To ctK-at ; to impoae upon. (Atiur.) 

* con - Joer*, * food - ter. * cood - y«ar. 

a trull. I Tli« nnarMl dkacMac. 

" TIm pM^MBn ■hail dav*«f ta«at. ' 

at - 

* cool, I. [Ohoi'l.! 

* cool, * foiil«L * c<nil'«ii. ' C0'Wl«L V.I. 

[Iml. gaitki.\ To Ituwl, to )uwl, to tTjr aioud, 

* B^ -fad, ■- (A.a. gRa>la = yvllow.] A 

flnwcr : iviliajM Ute piwan or noniitaJadalay. 

OoA-lard', a. r^Biuad aft«r Thocaaa Goulard, 
a BuyavQ at Monlpelkr, about a.i>. KM, who 
Aana. .* The nma aa Ooci^BD'a-ixnucT. 

>— tord"! ■ JkiiaiK . a. 

M«r«b : A aattinited aolntloo of haalo k*i 
■wUte. It (■ oaad m a lottoa in causa of In- 

Xmt. *. L 

m, a. CO. Pt. frali; Fr. pwHl* ; UL 
faCo.] nMthraaL 

"VfeaM Mar to ■«• ana IknO, «r amAaf acada, 
Oa»iBl B-llk hiBpMUlMWMMl* MO »r«>.' 

* IVIlte (Ck n [OnoVL-l 

* f««te«, * fowlya, «. [Ooum.) 

* ffoita*, 1. fUowii,] 

Star, a lOalfB.) 

9A«'-r%,a. fTha mud* In aoM of lh« taaiam 
OruUk. : OnMBd pfvma ; Iha IfV^^ fiaom 

gotieh— gout 

of the faaiUjr Oourldtc 'iwm (omwola ta tha 
aUa uf a turiwy. It Is wild In the Baateru 

An:btpclaip>, and la doioeatliAtcd in Jara. 

gdnr -f-ml. * iGoiLutY.j 

gdnrd ax * coord. * soardo. * gowrdo. 

1. [O. r. dualownfc, (nkomir, cov^roitnlr, 
ekooHTtit; Vt. ffOunie, fkoin LaL rarurtula = 
a guard ; pivh ooaaacted with corUi s a 

1. OnJtiwry langvagr : 

L In the aaaaa Moao w IL 

2. A IxitUp or vaaMi for ourylng water, ao 
called from Ita nbapou 

"J liMM kMrtaajMMndf 
A ataoikt of ■nrn.'- Chmtw: C. f., IT.ati. 

XL Ttdmioaltf: 

L flof, .- Cncmrbita fiae ; ahlajild idaiil. with 
taadrtia, laisa fellow fiowen, and oblong ur 
OTat* ft-ult ; a oaUvv of Ailnuhan. bat caltl> 
vated IB many countnaa. It waa Introduced 
into Euglaad In a.d. 1&70. It baa ma into 
many varletiea. Tlie fruit la used aa a cult- 
oary vaict>t*l>la Id aou}i« and at^wa, or mlitfil 
aftor being augarvd luid H|>iocl, with altc^ 
aiiplaa, ta conntiluta jiUQinklu |ii«. Called 
•lao tba INuupkui-iiuui'd or Vuioiiion. 

1 ScHflurt: Hebrew 'ft^ (flv^yaa); Hep- 
toa^nl MoKvmti0a {kolukuntki). Tho Hebr«-w 
wor4 b aj^ttrantly ao mueb akin to Um Qra«k 
word «(>! (ktirQ oaad by Dkwooridoa for the 
caauir-oll plant (JUetmtu tommni*), that the 
"guurd" of Beriptim was probably Uiat 
ar^dna. It ia a eaphorblaoeotia plant, and 
out of Um order Cucurbltaoaa. Vor the wild 
gourd of Uoriiiiiire, aec ^ (2>. 

^ (I) Of thf! fwnuine Cuourbltaccn, the 
Blttar or Colocynth Gourd b CilnUng Cola- 
eyKCAia; the Buttle, Clab.or Tnuuvet Oourd 
la La^naria rvl{Riria, wUoh ao niica In the 
form of Ita fhdt aa t» auoaat In tb« aev«ml 
faidivldaalaaUtbawapMUatlaQaL ThaOooae> 
bmygoard laJUoaiDrainaeUMaAi: thaOtan^ 
MHUil la CWvrMfeiMmialia; Bad aourd and 
Spanish (pvird an popular namM rh- Cnxnr- 
h\ta maiina, the Beth of whltA, whan boilad, 
la Wkit a tender carrot ; the Saake (uurd la 
the jtniius Trichoaanthea, and eape^ly 7". 
taiubnna ; tha Sqnaah goord U CanrMla 
ilfioprpo: and Um Vhlta goord ia BtnmUam 
«r(^nL It U extculTely naad by the nativea 
cf India In thatr conlca. 

(3) Tim irUd Oouni of Scrittitn : Hebrew 
pL n^ OM«MaX and CT;^ rpwfnfaiX It 
la tnm XR]Q (j>a^) * to be apLit or bunt. 
It ia a plant which grew oo t wild Ttae,— !.«., 
wna priN-umbent, and Ibfl tendrils. It iDore- 
OVrr nrodured " dfatli iu tlin pot ;" diaooVET- 
abla in a nioiiient by tlui taata. It waa pro- 
bably elUier the Colocyutfa (Cifra/Iw Cokwvn- 
Ais), or th« Hqulrtiog Cuciunbar (ifoaMnUoa 
SlaiMTium), the one called by Goanaiiia by Its 
andaat name, CvatwiU a^vtiM. 

<S) In Undley'a Natunil S]ptrm of Botanf. 
the order Caeurbttat-es ia called tue OouH 
trihe. alter«d In his Vi^UabU Kingdom to 

gOord-fllialX, I. The abell ta- rtnd of the 
gourd, which Is uaol for dnriking-«apa, Jn. 
" It [tb« wtolua* ol hw«bt>M nlaa^M t— ilaUal 
fmar4*mt. «hM lteraaa*wt luluvMMbthattan* 
M toiUs !• a.^ rtim. a^ aa tai*ala la —Uln 
tbair t1i1—l» aaa olbar Ulao, vHk iBnta nl ttaa 
MOM : aad of a law •oDdin Evab aaa tnadiac* et 
diOMwtil^-— Obo*; rifofM, wL vU Ul UL, (h. a 

COiird-Cc««w ■■ 

but :i:yaanr<aia<hiMr,uinrefrwiaaaUy called 
in Bngliah tha OatebMb trw (().t.). Sea alan 

gourd- won!) a. 

Zaol. : Tb^ aania aa fluke worm (q T.}. Il 
ibAtsta the liver of the aheep. 

' cdBrd, • gord (S). «. (O. Pr. wmrtl A 
kind fit falaa dice, probably ao called from 
being hollowed out. 

-nrfuMtravRriBf .*. . 
■f ralkaBaoiaaarZ'' 

Jbaai. riUMMM ^Mlfd, *. 

gdnrdo (IX «• 9v> f^ * lataa] Th« rnntn- 
Ani'Tii'sa name Ibr Um ooIoubI dollar in tue 
in Uaytl. Cuha, 4«. 

* fonxdo (SX * goard-«r, a. [Etym. doubt- 
Tm.) A tommi. 


gdord'-l-ntaB, r. [Bog. gomrdf ; -Mac] 

Fa t-r. : Thr quality or atata cd bsiait savdr 
ta- awcUad lu Uic Ic^ ; a avaUlng la a bona a 
leg. aflar a Jonraey. 

' fftord'^ttc a. {Wtt- 9M>n< : •<■«•) 
Xorr. : The mom aa Qoobdimbw (q.v.X 

gAiwd'-]r. a. (Eng. gmtrd 0) ; -rl 

fitrr. : avBllad In tha kg*, m a bona alW 
a Jouney. 

gAiu-'I-djn.«.rt. moiLUL 

L«iL fvm. I't. a-lj. Buff. -idtm.] 


OriilA. .- flraund-piaKKM ; a IhaQy of plywaa 
baring eutaln alBnUMi to Ibe uiillnanaiiw 
binla. Tbxy fbed am Uw groond III gocba. 
Tboy ooenr in the boltar parta of both Iba 

Eaaieni and Wnalem faMataphaiea. 

gOnr-i'-OM. s. pL (Hod. Lat. Ac. gotMiai. Bad 
Lat. funi. pi. adj. attlf. -twr.J 
Orwl/A.: A aab- family of Cbhnabfcte 

iPiflDonaX aooiaUaiea aUsvatad into a ftadly 

g6lu''U-4-«. ■. tttumeA afkar Mr. Bobvt 

Oourlla, who gObuvd ptanu ai McMIool] 

All. .' A ganiis of panlllonaoeoiN |4aata 
trlho Sopbonn. Tim i>itlp of the (nUt la naaa 
at Bufid^ A>T«a to Oavoar tweot wlna. 

gftui'-mfiid, * gonr-aoBd. a A ■. IVk.| 

A. As tubibtmHm : 

1. A gnady or j^nttanooa aatrr ; a gli 

S. Ad epicure ; a dainty fhaditr. 

B. A$ a4J. : arcedy, glmioaoin^ 


' g6ar -mu-dar, t. [tng. vDwraaMl; .ar.] 

A gormaniliaar. 

"IW Pwilaaa an tnmx pno^Ma^wa i 
>. MM^t^ rtuUriK » MB. 

CtBM«a>,*-r J 

• g6iijr-nL>>nd Ize, ».■. [OoaNAynxa. il] 
' gonr' m^d. ix«, & (OvsiujitnBi. k.| 

gdnr mot <f BU«stX a. [Fr. » a aoMolMnr 

ill or ju<l(fe of wlnca.1 An epIettN ; a 4llBlv 
feeiler ; a con n o ta aanr la whwa sad aaaM; a 
nuu of keoD palata. 

gonr-not, <■ [Otranwy.] 

gons-ly, (. Au old fonn of harp naed by the 
Slavoniana, wbuaa barda wvn> called ffra^ai, 
the mirtrr which ttag ehaaiad being calW 

*go1is'-trolia,«. [Oov*rT(S).1 Oaatjr. dark. 

wot, Btorray ; aa, a fumttnuM a%ht. 

* g^ftsT't ax g4asft'-i4 o. (!'«' UL fM>. 

Taa; Ital. (Tiuim; Ft. gotf • waalat, daaarLJ 

1. Waate, dwKdata, daaert«L 

"Wild VOa tfcl^ al taal tfcl««ft ■« B]|M.asttli 
<HU«aM^«a*«T'-«Mf-' Ja<H"*^ •*i> as*. 

2. Ohoetly ; pretcrsatoral 
S. GluuUy. 

• gdftat'-f (2X «- tOtwrr-J 

g^t (IX * goato, - gowtib i; IFr. ftatt. 

ftouj Lat gaUd = a drii|i.] 

L OniiuarTi ljM%fMagt : 

1, A drop. 


III hi ya^aW^la— a* 
■■■I <(i. .' M »tt^K tL L 

t. In the aanw aeoae bs II. 
*"rfea #a«N tiias air aaUttaa ••* •• toaaM.- 

3a««v: c. r. i%aa 

IL PaiM.: A dIaeaM wwlaead by cw ac- 
oeaa dt nrlo aeU In tba Nood la the foraD «f 
before ' 

liqnonL tba lait glT^ ilat la . 
goaL" Itlatuatrp'a'oMdbjrtbtwiiHf ^Ml% 
and b tberohn nnch lav oaoiaMa la BwClaat 
than la England, wblaky balng tba --"•*-* 
Intosloaat la the fbnair eoonlrr. Tba v«al 
toe la the part moat f^oenUy a ft et a d. pala 
and iraltaUItty are leading aynn4aina : It may 
becona chronle, and La Terr talnctable to 
tieatawnL Whan It attaefca iBtamal parta II 
la termed Inwilar or rrtrooadaat gstfb aad li 
proportionataly mora daaMoaa. OM ■•■ 
quiraa atrlct regvlaUoa, w|lb abakMrioaaaaaa 
or abaUiwoca ftwn aleoboUe Uqoen. CalcM- 
enia. Ac^ latemaDy, 

And oa ta* Uada a" Ifc' da 

o( nno aoa u uw «oaa la um iotb «f 
» of aoda. It ta osoaUy baredlUnr, la iw 
r« the aoa of thirty, aad faoMaOy anaaa 
I ntoeaam ladiilgwiini la wlaaa or mmH 

BhtOfc dU* ftro, fmldat. wlukt. Call, Ckttier : wa, wAC. hara, oAm^l. hor, tttara : pina, pit, Bir«, air, mariBO : gi. p4t. 
a>« wjro. WflC wwlu wh*.ada; ttatoboft^ soro, tMiita* ow.zvlo. CftU; try, BJhrl^ m ca^o; ay-a. qB = lnK 

gout— gov ernmeni 


wtT*, mch ■• Buxtfin and Biitfa mxtd vaHotw 
U'-n,nti w^U-m, am u»*fiil lu the 1nditui«Dt 
nf tula r>ilti|ilnlt>t. EiceulT« «x«rtlon Ud 
Latlgoe, or luesUl Ulxrur, bav« Umu known 
to pfudnn fui niMT, bui wtimerer It la, u It 
luiMiUy ttj berrdiury, cztnroe preaiutloiiB 
ott^ltl to m Ukpu tu [4s-rctit tte oocomnoe 
or iveumiice of iin atUck. 

gBVt-ctanM, i.p'. 

ftUo/. : Th« Kinic aa CHALK-STOsn <i. v.). 

JW. ;i£fO|wtfliiKjMdbi0r«ria. [G(urwnr.l 

* gO&t (I ifleat) CO, I. [Pr. poO^ rrom L«l. 

Kdo mto taaU.] A tuto ; a rahih ; a liking. 

" LVtBlonM Mr*« tor a 4lfMUM ta nr ■«• Uwt hM 
a 0Mf (mIIm likB •fwUM.'— iTaiMiMnl; Dm /^mmIi. 

*Ktf^-^a,*C0Wfr-oa.r.L [Pr. ^uri^r. from 
TaU ir>(ll«, IWiai mttasa drop.] To clroi> or 

" a — iwi. — «— »!>*. >»*«»"— fraw^- I^T*. 

C6^-X If.Bilff. [Bnc.fvHty.'-'r] Inagoaty 


gfhf-l'VMam, c fCng. ff^vuty; -iuhl] The 

tjiiaitt} or atftta of beiog gouty. 

Cr*dlitpoa«l in ^Dt ; in aoiaa degree alTect^xl 
J goat ; g<Mit r. 

* cAt*-*!!*. * gOWt-US, 1. [a Pr. {TufM, 
fiMmt.] Gouty, 

I ua. 

C^tkf'WOr^ a. (In tbit won] ^nI amRia to 
br a t»mitllrin of Bng. fiocd, •ad tfOft.) Tito 

K^r-f. a. tEeg. fout ; -y.) 

1. SiinVringfmtn ordlaMMd wltb th«gout; 
•nb^rcl to tfa« gout. 

* Xst fltlM Ilk* t4i ibM^ «biM fUto ItMBcIt ■eant 
rain ItMi M ir Uv ••<••">> ihriMty iMnd " 

ftaanast - i»«nri JUrC L C 

2. PVrtalnlnBtotheKout. 

" Tta MttlHCBit at a «nrf« mattal la tfa* •otoCaOM 

3. BwollflD 18 Ibougb vlth fnilt 

" Wlikk BAkM Um rraa* *ko*U Itutiifr and frsw 
kMtV ui4 MKtfp'— A«Hm«i — '- " 

. rhwttmnmtcn. bk. 

I. Swollen out of prororttrtii. 

"niU hvBMiaT In klalnrtUH haUi nude Uia btair itf 
•li«»m hkton' lu ••«>• parHMiw*ljr>BUi>uaatmtt'' 

iL DnQor : u, fswtf land. 

ggB<y-b r o — fclti a. ». 

/^afM. r Brnndiltia ariMnit aa a ccoondiLry 
diMUB duflog tbo progrtM of gouL 

■•Btar-MOflrWtlMM. t. pi. 

falkeU, CknL, iCc : Cmcretiona pomixMnl 
at onU of aod*. oeenrrtnir lu thejolata, tha 
kSAm^tf Ite^ of loinc {>cnotu aSeetod with 

■mtr-kldiMy. 1 

^■f&nf. ; A ktrtrtry raofW-lIy alTHrtwI durlog 
tltt nvpMa of ffoDt. II uiially ihrivala to 
otu-tulfor «n*-ttilnl ol tta oanal %ltm, and ooti- 
isitM atfYotloai of imt« of vhIa. [OotiTT 


fcatar-Baarttia, a. 

ilatk«L .- InltamtBjtlon of a nm-vq In a goat; 
or rhotmatlc aMbjML It (■ bpllm-*d that In 
■ orb a coiialltuUoB It nmy occur IdiuiwUil- 

gnntx Blwnitrt.ii (Sea the eompaond.) 

5 G««liMrawMd fnv; 

A)!. .- An AtutimlUii nam^ W /MnNvVn 
my ftii; ft ITM vltb a bolgvU-out bMid ; 
mtled aJM> lh« DoUle-tive. 

' SOVB, a. lOetrr (f)^] A rick, ataek, or mow 
ijf liay. 

* 80VS, v f. (Oon, «.] To pot hay Into a 
aUek, liek, or mow. 
" la rmtitm at (mttmL t«an ikUlTnllr iMiw. 
■Mk vain lot U lar >9 ltiMI«iain-«* 

nMMT Jiwui r * jfiutiiiU't. 

■Ar'-ini, *K«T'«rBa, '■or-cm-l, 'kot- 
«r»-X. •■ow-aim-yB, r.(. 4c i. ta Fr. 

from Or. KuStprit(kwtr*rno) » lo •t««r a ihl;> ; 
8p. trobriiar ; Pt>rU ^txraar; Ital. gonrnan.) 

A. 7raiwiiii«; 

L Onf {iMu-y tMngnagt : 

* i. To at««r, to nunaga a thip, to pilot. 
"Ilf Ukkad iahHM<u to ««••<■*• ban Mhippn.*— 

fVM^ia. t*. «. 

3. To regulato tbo coiitm or moUoo of ; aa, 
A belm gavtriu a sltil'. 

3. To niaiiogff, to direct, to rrgiilat«. 

■* And (iir Mb cImt all ihinp niAil*. all tlilni* 
Urdanand ^tMTM.* JTUfMt. /•. X. IIL 11*. 

4. To rule aa a chief maglstiate ; lo direct 
and coDtm), ai tb<^ acllons and citmiti'-t of 
aito. by «atab]ia>t«d lawa or arbltrarj- will ; to 
rvgulato by authority. 

" AMu klHltdulJItHtr •>• IcrMrt brotbar OualM, 
Tbat tMhb nrliMa wat y maw i Uui kmd >m «r n a<i 

W«l' JtetiTt M^ Bf tlW rt W. jL **. 

* 5. To ngulate ; to order. 
"Unr<"W'»']M*Miapi«aM nH avarwm ant 

af jwna Wl*— riM«Mr .- iMfa <f Jft^rtawi, p. lU. 

* & To control ; to nwtialn. 
"tbt'aAmiptnU: f f mn tbrr.'—nmJimt^: tmtr.w. ». 

n. Gram. : To cauae tw be In a partlcnlnr 
caM : aa, A rvrb tninaltlvo jpnvmj tb<? noun 
III thfi B(!i:tuaUve ease ; to te<iuire a narticuiar 
citM to follow : aa, A varb pwm* tbo accoaa- 
lire caac, 

1. To* itxi-rriM autliorlty, to admlnlater the 
law ; ti) tn ur set a* gtiven»or or nilfr. 

" Whil* Iba ehlaf mnclatnCa atntrtu MwntUui to 
tt)« la<* IM «aclit to b» obqvf'— jraMMlavT^bt. 

JV># . eh. aL 

2. To malntAin tfa« anpeHority ; to hare the 
coatml, to pnrvnIL 

"TbahaMlof WnlhanvoMriulii onrloxfc* 

SAwtM/i Attbntg 4 CliM^Mlra. II. & 

^ Crabb Ibns dlanHminaiea hrtween lo 
pinvm,tr>rvi<,and to rr^rufuh* "TSe exereSat 
of authority «ut«ra atorv or l(*«fi lnt'> th« algnl- 
Ocjitiiiti i>r Iheao tamiB ; but to ^■ntrn iinpllti 
tb^ vxi^rclM Ukewlae of JiiilRiiifnt and know- 
]c*li{>^. To rviU Ifnpllfm ratlicr tti« unqoallflM 
exarrlM of power, the making the will the 
ruU; a ktug ^m^rfu bit i>eople by nirnna tyt 
wlM lawn aud an upright admlDlHirntioii : a 
dngiot Thitt orer a oaUon uncording to bis 
ari>itnry 'lecUion. ThRao t«ruia are appliad 
eltUer to iierwMU or thlags : |mnwu» goPtm or 
rutt oiben ; or tbey gavrm, rmU, or rtmilaU 
tlilnga. In reganl to periOM, fOMrn la uw^i 
In a good aetue, but nifs la Mniftlnes lakea 
In a luid aeti«e : It la uaturmlly aaooolatod with 
an abiiM of pown-: to favtm la to perfectly 
diMrretMinary. tluit w« speak of ifwrming oor- 
aeivrA; Imt we speak only of rmiln^r oth^rK. 
To gorrrn necpaaarily aupprwea the adaption 
of ^dtciima uiouita ; but TMiina la Rouflitcd tt> 
xo iHoana but etuih aa will ohUln tha end of 
•al^eeU&g the will of one to that of another. 
JtMwItila w A aiieri«« of got<em.i%f alrotily by 
}tnlgnnii\t ; the word la applicable to thlnipi «f 
niiuor momvnt. wbpr« the fon.-* of authority 
la not so requlHlte : one ^rcriu the afliiln of a 
nation, or a large body where gr«at intcreata 
are iiivo|vo>l ; we namlat* the eonoema of an 
InillTldual, or we regvioM In case* whifre good 
order or couvenlence onlT ta conaiilt*"! : vt 
Itkflwifw In n-ijard to oarvefvea, we f rp*m our 
uaaRJoDi, but WB rtgittait our affecUooi." 
(i-nibb: Bng. Synm.) 

* sAv'-ini, •- (O. Pr. emvnw ; Pr. govffr%t ; 

V'yn^ A Ital. ommma; 8p. goMtfnw.] 0«>rem- 

" in* kdMkaprt4h< huMa Ib«o lr1lfeiKita«owpii aud 

* S^-im-^ble, a. IBng. gowtrn ; -ahU.\ 

1. Tliat may or ean be goremed. mled, or 
managed ; uiaoagoaUe, tractable, obedient. 
■- ' (Mf Ihia I Wiwt aehavwMIn' h* UilUIr >ddM : 
■ Iferr ««« w* ffOMfwoMa.' ' J fe a a n to n mu. Ch#., 

«k- T. 

& Pliable, ouutagoablf . 
"T^M* U ael a Bwa totwlla and ftt m rnm llt lAwt 

bi aaOR-aMlvM . (M/W««rrM^clLnllL 

* gttT'-«m-%-bl0-II^H, a. (Bag. goverwahU ; 

■nrw.) Tlie qiMlltj Of ctat* of oewg govern- 
able \ tnrtabillty. 

"ItuiikalT th»l>in«i«iilliMiwiMaot hia rtm^ 
polMt.~~atf>u-^jr ib>iM«. Jan. H uaa, p^ Utt. 

* govera-oUlo. ■ gor-om-All, ' gor- 
em-Ayl, ' soT-«m aylo. «■ [o. It ga- 

nmafi; rr. «iiir«rti4iU. fPMii laL gx^vrfHicv- 
Iwai — a rudder, froui trabern« = to Iteer J 

L A helm, a rudder. 

. " Aud hi ■cUi>»4i *Im«b* lb«4 bm r***^ Mid Wo 

drrnux <^ aUviw* wInAIi^ r*! Ut>l ban U>nia abuuia 
u(klJtU90MnM«.--WyaWk.- Jam-OL 

S. Goreniroeiit, rule, authority, direction, 
maoagriii'Mi l. 

- lU o( hU ^rdln kul llu faujniBlA- 

A^TUtrf F U. II lil U. 

* fEtV- £111-9090, * goT-em-axuioaw l 

[Fr. frouKnaiiM. ] 

]. GovemmKnt, rule, management, dlrvo* 
tloD, rcrgulation. 

** Juoatban took Uw a 
Uai«.'-I JfiMoaMM U. 1 
S. Control, aiaugnniot, nHrtralnt. 

" Vbat; ■hallkUwlhnn'bvkiiepn'Un. 
ViuUr Uaiorly UlialM-*«««<»ri«uiK«t* 

AMhqi. .' 1 'awv 17, i b 

3. Bahavioar, mannm. 

" Naw (chaiU I tallB ro*' U)" fanrraaan iJ Um aawt 
of Uia into diain.'- jfaaiubrillK i>. nt. 

* g^-Jm-OBto, «. iFr. r»wivn><iiiKr<-m-tr- 

Iiar. of ff(>iictrN«r=: to guvem.) A lady who 
laa tlte cJuugo of cliildrcn ; n goveroev, 

" Tb* varjr t>M«ia ol tb« f^wntmnl* tit MM pf year 
naUanMnl bHaMa.'^'JWnMw . U^tm Wt TMa»t, 

gAr-ira-&'-tl<m, * f07-«r-wb-olo6. *. 

|LaL g<>f>frMur><-.| Goverutnent, regulaUon. 

" A«il Utilai M *■< tar tb* ftKammmtI m wl tbaelaek, 
a* lu ftiul Uw aiUtuda, tBandtan, aMl acu* aanlb«r 
Boto aond ■ tmi'-^^kmiuw : Qf (Aa Amr^lmHr. 

g4v-«m-tn, *goii-T«n-eaM. *g«T- 

em tmc ■. [fX Fr. ^oMernmat, from LaL 
gKbcrMtfrtf ; Ital. tfotvraairlML) 

* 1. A Woman lnvL'.<it«d with aathorlly to 
ngtilato, eoDirnl, or direct. 

"Um lAdy NmnarM, imit of flaondwa.'— 

Mall Htmrf till (au. Ul 

S. A ladv wlio liu the eare ami inatruction 
of young rJilldren ; a tutornaa. 

" Piancada MaUitoDMi. UVBim'mai at bla natural 
obUdfWL-' JTaaBMlMV ; MIM. tng^ eh. aL 

* S. Anytlilng which dif«cti, controla, or 
Inatnicta ; an In atnitt ref. 

" NiaI}. croHU* ba ywtff ftytriimt* 
Al»M, arbal hMt May It lanH raJw*,* 

* 4. The wife of th« govvmor of a priaon. 

" Tb* fMfrntM at Um ouaalan hAd, out <4 cwteally. 
fana*Ml barlMlo tka ruaat.~—r\alM>»g : Amtlia.iL 


g^-«m-£M-IAg, ». lErg ^Awra^at; -ing.] 
Tbe pTufeaalua or occ'i1)mUou of a goveru«aa. 
"llicaa ■>(» Uka an 'MwariarMta*,* ba—aw U U 
CantaaL'-A /. rpiiito. aiwla, «b. xxL 

* gAv'-en-tsa-Shlp. a [Rng. govtrntu; 
•*Mp.] The offlea, poa^ or dutlea of a gorer- 


g^-flni'UKi • Bow-eTn-yag«, pr. por,, a., 

ft J. liioVElIS, r.) 

Aa At pr. jw. : (8cc the veiU). 

B. Ai lulj. : Holding the itiprrlority ; harlng 
the oiutrof ; rrnitrollliig, pn;valetit, illrecUng: 
aa, a ^nvrntn^ iiarty, a iroivmin^ wind. 

C. At fuM. : Qov«ni£acul, rule, authority, 

a< bh vtMlMaatrlv AtlM .Iwti,* nt %ha luto hnw h'U 
lUbaf;''— ««n*ara.- r<ri4marf*C*ii-v«l: *uL a.«h. A 

* KAr'-em-UlM, a. [Kng. gnvtm; -taa] 
WlUiout a governor or goveriinieut. 

gAT'-im-mfOt, I. k a. [Fr. mvvvnuBiMl, 
0>iii poarrrnrr = lo govera ; Ital. forcrno- 

A. j<«nli>tiiiUlw.* 
J, ilnf (wiry Langvaga .* 
1. The act of governing; control, direction, 
n^ialion, or udiululiitiatluu of x'Ublic or 
ptT val^ aflAin!. 

"Tba klKlr m min m tml at IbU rouf land.* 

AbabrV' £Klmni III.. Ill 7. 

3. Guldanrxi, regulation, dlrerlion : aa, Fta- 
eepta urve fur the povcr*«wiil of the coudueL 
3L 8elf-ooiitn>l, e<rennm of temper. 
' Datact at atUBMn. want qf tfu i n iPMii*." 

■bdtsip. I A(»t/''.,uLl 
1 Coatrol ; ratialnt ; regulatioD \ modera- 

* JL MtnagMblenett : docility ; obnIieDoe. 

" ■mIi tHrt dnvtvad «( mnil« fmwrmmml. 
a^U attirana tUib Mid •-■aU »wa. lUu daath." 
a>»ltwf .- AtaMM a JmUH. I*. L 

* 6. The {tower of eontrolllDg or rtgulatlDg. 

" Qalts bavuad tlia uu aer m aaiit af nalUwaa." 

ah«feMiL . (V^iMtoa. U. A 

T. Tlie form of potlry In ■ auto : the mode 
or ayateia acoordtng to which the kglitatlve, 
execuUre. aud judicial i<owvr8 are vested and 
exenlaed : b anteoi of lawa and ciutouia : a 
ooMUUlUoa U-v-X 1'bere are uunieroua 

bfil, boy: p6at, J^l; oat, 90II, obortu, fhln. bon^ta; go, gem; tlila. fUa; sin. af : oacpoot. Xonophon, cflst, pb = t 
-ttma > ah^a. -Uon. -don = ahfta; -(ion, -flon - zbflji. -flton% -U«u» -«lon» = alitU. -bio, -dlo, &c. = bf 1, d^L 


go Tsrunieiital — gown. 

. J of jBWiMwL •> oteloavr* demo- 

mmaft 6mptftian, mn am rrk f. oll^rdtf. rt- 
pnhiwlw^ to. (te llMM vscdiu) 

& Tin rt|bt or povTT of tsrernlnc er df 
M11«C tmfnmm (w«er. 

-^- ^E^ . ■ Jtaw, rf- It. «, 
0. An naptiv, ktsfdoa^ cr Mbar alitc ; ■ 
body |Bitltu> wtAw on* vakartty ; & UtnUNy, 
jwurliK^. «r «U«trM <uiA« • (avvrior. 

W, ThaoDOMUarlKidyof pencNHnitnuted 
wllb Um BdntntrtnUaa td tW bwi; the 
'. «f k««t is4 BontgB allklra, and 

iMwaUvito paMta bMlMMol a auu: the 


■taMry : U* «xM.tiiive 

)t lCaBa|[«iinl af tlu UmU cr bod?. 

IL Ofw^ : Tba |«f n«M of am won! U 
diitwinliilnt Um mm of • Meoni) : •■iiMlalljr 
«f nouni. T»rlM. twi |irat>o«IUoM : Um Infla- 
«M of ft vord lu rigpfd I* flOMlnMCloB. 

9L -^i <irf/ ; Of nr ptrtitalns ts • BnvnB- 
ami ; aiii|i|<ir«>J in. ^, ar rw • fovvrnmrnt : 
at, a fpswr-itawnl oAr^, « fOKtmawaf DfllcLftf. 

«{1) Cnhb U«u tUMrtmlMtM M^rea 
MttuwM and aifwuamtffmi: "DnUi tfecM 
lariM iMf lj« •iiii4sri)<l eUher to dMlpiKte 
Uw Ml (if fmwnilnf aiwl nitMtlnUUrimt, ur the 
|l»r»oaft fowmlaf Mid mlMintiimiitf. Jabotb 
■MM Mamuusl kM A mon aictaulra mmii- 
tnf taaa otaUWrnHvn .- Ili« ^MwraMpNl In- 
elvdas ervrjr «xnrHav of aaCbartt]r ; tl>a od- 
miitlttrutl'm lui|4ie« only tiiU »<ii>fi'lf»i (rf 
aitlburiti' wblr.b (Mii»UI« In |>iill|nK (Im- liwa 
or will of ■aotbcr in fnrrr Itpiicr. ali«ti «« 

■pMk tf lb* fMM-MliWSi, U It TMpiTti Ibfl 

fmnuom. It tmpIlM tlf «li'>l« tmlv of 6<m«li- 
Clttadanlhnrtllaa ; *ii'l l>ic 'olmiuialratiam, noly 
tkit fNirt «lili*h |'«u m «uciiUaa Uie iut«D- 
llniM of (tie «iti--l«.'' 

ft) ni tJitw "lUrrlialMt^a b«tw«Mi foa^rm- 
■wnf «»•! ir«njfU<ir(««: ** (?««>ri'«W^I«l InilJlM 
Ipniimllr th* act of f'wtrttitta or axaraatag 
•utborlti> an4«r anr rvnt vbuavor : evajfUa- 
Hm ImpttM anj (««Mt(/««il or tuM Mm of 
gavrrnauni : m may hava ■ Mvraawal with- 
0«t a imm^llmlUm : tre rjinOM bave a AHultlM- 
Hm witbcrut a gvNmMtf." (CniMi: ffn^^ 

Uf iir intrLiitiliix til B f[OYemmcnL 

|6r^4rB or. * sot «ni-oar.L [Pr. ir^p- 

aramr; A|>. fyorrmidrr : Furl fmvrvador; 
lUi. l u nraatoft, fntia UL fwtonHfvr. Inn 
gtUtmo » to alMr.l 
L Ofdiimrf iMHfutif : 

* 1. A ataanman ; a |<llot. 

* WiaaiifcaMiW *• va«ff «aH*r** *M*«wd Um 

S. On* who ta InnatAil with mj-roinA |ioi«<«r 
tv au(b<<rltr U^ ailBrtMi-lor or mt'rr* lh« Uwa 
In a aUti* ; a cblef fiikr : a i-liii<f maitlatnta ; 
th« "Mor r<itt>r Ir a nil<Mi* a^nl eal aa npl*- 
arntNUva itf t)M PkXIxT r^ountrr. 

3, Ona will) rulaa with ilelp^tw] fwwar. 

4, Ona wha haa tlia aaprataa dliaetlas or 

- fW kM« la •• a anal taaa aa4 faaaiwlaa al Iha 
pH^aailja; aai / i t miw •< auak ila^nadtati 

A, Anjrthlntc whMb baa th« r^var orqtialltj 
of nllac dlr*«tl(i|[, nt t«|tiitall<t|t. 

•■Tlw that vvtWl ■■l»4 -hkli ta <Im ni- 

»*»■■■ r *l<^ 

& A I illnr ; a niMUn ; naa wHa haa •'bani* 
of tba adamtlaa of a yo'in« laaa. 

" T» lM«t . , . awkr 4«Vwt uta m f ^nm't aalO tk* 
Mat ac>^aM af (la UMar.--4ralN<M<M Iv. 1. 1. 
7. A lanaon, or nn« nf a BHinbM i>r parvotia. 
to wbora Ktt Minwta4 tl>« iHmrtina and 
BMiMiaiMnt af a bliln*«a.aii InMrfurlnn, A''., 
at. Uw Onrarwor of tho Daak af K'liclAnil, tbr 
Oovanw af hsIOItfflUa Oooirlel PiUotu 

I. A MMlv <r MipMtar ; ■■ «inplorrr. 

Il An aMafiT iwtwm ; • fht>)*r. (Stoftf.) 
^ Al Ural **«n " ^1 " T^nriil OMn vallad 
4IIW »f ihalr pafwnta fathar, than ** forantnr " 
«na Iba farm Mapti>ra>1. now tn cwtain ai> 
tram* faaaa K la " ralUvlnc iiAear.'* 

n. radkaiadlf ; 

U Ob: a deffaa vUeb uglMM Oa jiaa- 

3|a of pa ftwB Iha hoMar t« Um maltM. ad- 
ttlacTt tbfcto b t"— V**i" datKBlMd bv 
Uw rau at wbkk tl li Mad. Ibannaaanta 
Uw naUu dcl««hH> Cba mm «C tta opcnliM 
Uuoacbwbbdi tbapaanUcik [OaAoorsaiKA-l 
t. STw fii»..' AdarlMtiU^ r^nlataa tba 
■dslarioo of Meaai to tba •■dna aooordin^f to 
ibaratcofnotMHi. ThctotentioattlomalaTala 
nalfiitM vdeetty, and aoj aeealeatiaB of apaad 
abofa a glrfla mta AOaaa a valve to ba ravually 
cloMd, dUBlatahiDC tba ana of alaaa (MBi^a : 
eaoitnrtwlae la oaaof flag^M la tbft owed 
of BMtloo of Um aiutaa. iim ibvovrlta mm 
of (ofirmm- liat a palrof faaUa aoapaDdadCroai 
a Tcrtieal abaft, ao aa l« raing oatwafd wban 
the alwft U rulalM. Tba maUr tba opaid 
tba gnmta tba ecnlriftigal mree, sad eooa»- 
qaaoUv tba hrtbar Uw tiUla dafMrt fkooa Uw 
axU of roUUon ; tba btdlBatioa of Iba taOl 
anna b laad^ ^ffartivv la vorking tba vijva. 

fCuvumoF oiit~4MK <. 

Jloaa^faf . .- An autoBuUe nraaMBMt to 
whMh Ibe aocalentloa or rctardatloa of the 
MoUon of tho fovataor, doa to etaangaa of apMd 
of Xhf «iigtDL b nada to oak off tte ataata at 
an «ari)«r at Utar period of tba ttroba of tba 
p'fion, %o tbat wlUi tba Incraaaed boOer-pna- 
aara or Ughtar wotk tbn ataani abaJI ba nt off 
aarllar ta tba atmka. and wban graatv work ia 
Impoaad oo Iba ongloa, or tba atMrn-pfaMan 
t»fjk. tba ataaia-erUndar ahaU racclva Kt«am 
from tba boibtr duHog a laigar propOrtioa of 
tba stroke of tbe fiLitoo. 

goremor-KCBemil, ■ A gnrnrior wbo 

hta utidcf bini ^uNirrlluala or dafitttjr govvr- 
lKT* ; a OrfTnjr : as, Uie ff^rritcrr-anHral of 

goT«ma>^TalT«, a. 

Sttatm^mg. : A valra la aataam-^tpa oparatad 
bjr tba (0 vnrDor to vary tba aiaa erf steam, tijicii- 
lag aceordlDg to tba rata of moving, ami e^^nae- 
qucaUy tba raquiremani of Ibc caulae ; Ui« 
ottfact Mag to naiatalo a unifurfi) nUo. 

Gnaanwr-flwJN ^twr : 

3Unm-*ig.: An arranifcawatofmrtt where- 
by tb« pnaftkm of th'' ^vamor halta, mmlUag 
from tlwlr tale of roirtiim, la mada to aet apac 
tba tadaettoa Tali-« of ui engine. 

The iHMlUon <tr ofloa of a guvcmor. 

1. AgvU. 

S. A foo) ; a itnpld rdlow. 

" Obm^ a Baat* f<<r • fn«l W'kai • AlfllNaaa* Oma I* 
lat * a w Jakm 0*rT»B<l iha «mf. wA U«tx« Wlsbui 
ba«a.*-a^ 0mr^.. i^BL 

gtf^lr'-^B, «. [Gad & Ir. fUjMK - a l-ad, a 

Oower.1 A ilalay ; a pfireiiulal |ilant or flimf>r, 

*- Aad BO* ba-> hmA hi* bll 'Imv tnt. uwI I* m hwti 

aa a Mv >■*««. la >■■■» wlwt r"v boKnar Ulta* In 
^mt."' ata H : O-ag M »fmtnm0, *■ xaxUL 

5 0) ftM j oiwa: 

lU. : Tlia oMnnna daliy ; apfiaranUy df*. 
BointnalatI tnm Iha «««, aa being f^imtly 
la paatonw, aad fad oo by ahMp. 

-kMa ha WMta' lava aiarr. «M«h to rMk Nm 
|iak»aa ' Vjf y m f trntm Uaib ta lb* vary ltik~— 

(1) ffov a agairaa : 

Dot. : Tbla iinina InntodH tha LeontodOli, 
tba Uypocfacrii, aad tb« LYepi*. 

(3) Larfa wAtte-fmaaa : 

dot : Tbt fw-aya. 

"■«»•■( tta p(«r*naw «w«i la «MAa« m4 fivM 
tMOuUlMMUa.a&'-'r'aaM- Mm^/rwm^r^ p. IH 

(4) Iai.^ktf*-ffoii«« : 

fiol : Tba Oloba-floww. 

(5> mtA~ffoman : (8m vxtnrtV 

" tnMtjnmam ■■•tw ata Urc* r*Uia' 
a (talk Adad vHh pttalriaw mf, nm 

wkldi >h«a Aaslatad na tt« ■?«• U hi 

tnabuit hltadawa AU pwakloai |dJm 

«-V.|> lia. 

gA^-«B«d. a. rZog. g^wmm ; -ad.) Conrad 
■ttb tba mountain dalay. 

' Oa yaa f wal lava »b* via mml' 

Ctf^-^-^.gitf^-fB'Ul.o- IBng. ffowf a ; y. ] 
I. Almnndtng witb mouatala dalalaa. 
t. tlavlnga fiilrand pronil«lnfl«n<««nnr« - 

aa, a ^wnnti day, ■ ilay wlilrh baa a Aallrrlng 
a|>|>«aiwaoa, bat allaadad wItb anch drotim* 

*taa<w« aa ar* trnnsnoty ■wttvatowd to laM- 
cai« an aptvoacblag atorm. 

■— I t. a (l^rM-o^btfal.1 A bAuta £l«m 
W tba SabemMD on tbc alara of ttePrnhaf 
Forth, to Um flanry Ptkt of PvumI. Am 
Mxnu, Una. oocaaMBally oaUod tka Bntaa 
nab. liafTiralnlbarartblDabaali^aManBr 
atnot tbe noBth of ftoptamhar. 


ttm »Mmmt^'-r aih« «aMA J«a. •Ml i 

■OVMakBAp* 1. A apasiaa offffM. 

■SaM tanUar ft* i^pviatnaJaaW-'-N, 

ftf^-tfEa, «. (Someb f»w » goUl ; mC. ^| 

/(AcAf. : Tba Sword DnpmH, t^TTT-ajiaar 

S^-ilh. a. [Ehg. foM,- .4dL| FoolU; 

aUly: atnpfaL 



[Cog. fOM^tab.- 
At ftM a ■ | i rf a»ia «r »<a«^aiw aa J haa* 


1. A cut-Viw. 

"Thrr catkoa It f mmtmt aaia»nMl m MmI 
ptaMa'-aarr^.- Ortainvt »> U], 

3L A too] ; M atiit|>letim. 

"■Hantaan r*aaM fw-^' aaM JMBf BM 

% r«A«M/ lA*iMink;Togo«tiafuara 

g*wk'a-«rT*ad, >. A loota anaad; «i 
Ajiril rrrauil. 

fowk-atorm. sowk^-starm, l 

1. LU-i Aatonu cuiiiUtiiu of aavamldava 
of tcmpnluoua wrailipr. brliaTad by taa 
paaaantiy tn tafca yl±i-« K.riiidlrally aboot r 

W^nuiog of April, al Xhr tiln« tbat tbs | 
or cuckoo, riaiu tbta couiitiy. 

2. Fiy. : Tn dmoU an Kiil. nr ijIMllrttn, 
wblob la oaiy of abtrt dniatlDB. 

"TlMt h*lB( diina, ha h«pad thai thaa wm hat • 
rMa.a»ar>a.--«r 0. J T irAMli : Jfciaaarfc fk Ml 

gf9lrk'-it, nmk-tt. fokt. «. [Bag. r**.- 

•«.- -ttl.l Timllah. <ta|>t<l. al]l|-. 

"Ana hKtidntb ■ 
Frwmmtrt UM am fmiMifl tMllsaa t ' 

gtf^l,r.C [Ooiru] To bowl ; tn y««t. 

*- Mar —'•* nMarm/t f a*r«a r l>*f«. 
H-al iklv' Um <l«eUlw «( lh« «t«hl- 

aM-H rt <MWi« a'«aaaai% an 
gtf^O, a. irr. fwii^ . Ui. f Hlo = Iba IbfuaL] 

A linllow batWMB blUa; a ditfU biAMB 

" Trom thMM wa^aaataff br 
UM Euaha lb* h-fk's tk^m allh 
jr. j4«-tHt JAm^ 

gtfV-lee. caw-«-l*«, gaw-*-IL 0nr-»- 

r*a. a. (Iluiil. ^itd . SlabrattM fvaMtva a a 
(x>wbcrd.J A eowhani. {A a^ta-f adf— .) 

gtflM'-UC, * [OoL'Limi.] (.Sa)fcA.) 

glAaL. 'goaaa. a iProbaMyfriMi W«L«va 

K a (town ; ifhato - to atw ; rr. aawa ; teak. 
A Com. ffwi •' IUbk. fOBa ; ct d ft #mi > 
a gown.) 

L Lit.: A long, Ukm 
■[•wit — 
(I) A wotnaa'a drsM or oator | 

** l«t'a aMMaart nanrftai aoaih 
Of arhat h<« ««Ulug ■mT^.B Im.* 

OnpaM JfMH J%iai^ Xr««^ 4 


(S) A lona« wrapiwr worn by | 
doom : a dmaalng^wa. 

(S) Tha ofidal or dlaUactlTa drva won by 
taeuilwra nf oartaln pndbaatona, aa dIvlBllj, 
ni«<lf'-li)f . law, and also by atadenia af ■■!• 
vartltiei, offlriala of a ooait of JiMtloa, 4tt. 

** Ha -4 <M( lor hia «anaUtaU«Ml ta Mi aw M« 
fw.'-J^tt*** « Smif ■ r> f j— I Craaa^ gC L. * *• 

* 4. An ofBcJal oratato draaa. 

p.ala^«*chH^ tMadMA 

BMrfla ■«»*« aa4 Ml * 

ad Ml raa* alatt c« Ch 

IL Fifnralitfli/ : 

1, Tba driM of paaao ; m In tb* tihllo tafc i» 

ell — I M I.—. alU- .._.._. 

■ I II ll J (« (h> *a>Ith ■« |a*«rtv af tha < 

««nw« aawa Awt*^tHm. p*. iL. hh. T.. afc **. 

AM, BM, 0b^. amltfat. wliiU, l&U. fihUier: wo, wM, hora, eun^X her. thoro; pine, plU ur«> air, awriaa: ga^ pJK 
•r. wttra. w»l& work, wh*, ato; mat*, eftkb oar*. vasUi, oar, rnkw AUj try, SJhrlaa. Mbca-e. oy-^qa- k«. 

gown— graoe 


2. One of the laarned profeuioni of taw or 

* 8. Any dress, g«rl>. or coT«ring. 

' H« eoBMi, and in ttw gom of hnmlUtr' 

MuW- - Cbptelamii, IL 1. 
i. The members of tli« Univeniity of Oxfoni, 
u opposed to (own, the citixens or towua- 

** Whm 0OVII m* ftbafnt Town wm mtianthU.'— 
OMUwt Hfdt : rmbtiW Ortm, pt U., eh. 111. 

gow&'a-nuui, gown-nuu, *. [Qomra- 


gtfita, v.t. At. [OowH^ S.1 

A. Tniu.: To pat b gown on ; to dnu In ■ 
gown. (Used only in the p*. par,) 
' R«Mnt of the m«n«f i*m.' 

B> /nlroiu. ; To put oo a gown ; to dress 
oneself In a gown. 

gSinm'-m^nt stf^n'-mfo, ■. [Eng. gowh, 

and nan.] 

L A member of one of the leanied profes- 
■lons ; one whose professional dniss is a gown, 
as a lawTer, a professor or atadent at the 
OBiversities, kc 

"Aloud nmraior ot mnUnt vam from th» apii » . 
MM wbo BUwi Uw hftir' - JTiMiMlAy.' ITW. Jbw., 
Sh. rUL ^ 

2. One devoted to the arts of peace, ]n eon- 
tradistltictiun to a siitdier. 

"AmMIct wbo iKnawH from kl»ttl«, uuIkhwih- 
Man *ba Mwbsd blmaeu tnto a tMtUo wen tne two 
flMecta wblch BHMt itnuinl; eKritod WllUau'e ■uImu." 
—kmeaiJaf: WmL Mitg. eb. irt 

Stfik^-pSn. K^^-pIa, gtfib^-pMs, ■. [Icet. 
flotipii, iruini. = the hollow of the miud ; 6w. 

L Ordinary Lunftvagt : 
L The hollow of the band, when contracted 
bt a semicircular fnrm to rewlve anything. 
Anijriiu, both hands held together lu the form 
of a round vessel. 
8. A bandfliL 

" And noelit BlUnalr k«pU thftlr UUi cftor tb« 
IMMIt of thidr contTiiCt, botfUTixwfOi'p'n. or ellie 
wua Uilagla nudr abona tbejnat maMm that tbiv 
mU.'— MteMfm* ; Drter. AU.. eh. lA 

XL Scot'i Lav : One of the perquisites al- 
lowed to a miUer's servant 

StfV-pia, gtfilr'-plB, v.t. [OowpxK, s.1 To 
lift, or Lade oat, with the hauda spread out 
and 9\Mtxd together. 

Ctfi^-pSa-flAl, %6^'Vlfii-ttl, f. {Eng. 
gcnopen; ~fuU.\ AhaodniL 

ElS^rt, *. [OoTB (IX a] a sluice in a sea-em- 
bsnkment for letting out the land-water when 
the tide la out, and preTentlng the ingress of 

'gO^-aUl, «. [Fr. gnmiiU; Bp. ffroatUa.] A 

* tJU-m^rA, s. [A cormpt of gootdurd.] 
I. One who t«nds geese ; a gooseherd. 
" A pcnon oiled • MMunt— LeL. « tMMhafd. Kttenda 
tha floek.~-l*fH>Miif .' BHI. JMen; n« 0rfl|rf<v 


SL a fool, a aimpleton, a gooae. 

SnUlT-l-On. a. [Seedef.] 

Anat. : Pertaining to Herr de Qraaf, dts- 
eorerer of the follides described In the com- 

grmaflaa-tolllolaa, t. pi. 

Anat. : Small follicles In the human ovary 
eontalniug ova. 

tHib, v.t. k i. [Bw. ffTobba = to grasp.] 
[Gbaptle, Obip, Orifv.] 

A. Traiu. : To seise, dntoh, or grasp sud- 
dmUy or eagerly. 

B. Intmn*. : To make a clutch or grab at. 

■rab-galm. $. The act of thieving by 
anatcbing a purse, Ac., suddenly and running 
away with iC 

SCtta).'- [GaAB,i*.] 

L Ord, Lang. : A sudden grasp, elatch, or 
■eUog of anything. 

8l UacK. : An Instrument for clutching nb- 
Jaeta for the purpose of raising them. The 
tarm li specially applied to devices for wlth- 
dfawing pipes, drills, ream«ni, Ac. from arte- 
du, ou, and other wells which are drilled, 
bond, or drlTQiL 


^avt. : A large East Indian enaster, two- 
masted, witli a prow-stern, and from lAO to 
800 tons' burden. 

tCXtkV-'bir, 1. [Eng. Tmb; -er.] One who 
grabs or seises suddenly or eagerly. [LasDt 


"A tanuit Uxmn. whm Mr. — denounoad m a 
landfroWcr,'— i>altir Ttltfntpk, Get. IT, im 

■grftb'-1fle(lX*snir-l»le, V.t [A frequent. 

of grab (q.v.) ; cf. Dut. grabbtien = to snaU'h ; 

Oct. gniitln = to grab.] [Qbapple, Qbofc] 

To grope, to feel about. 

"And m> [Cato] went forward at adTetitarek tahlna 
■sticam and liieradible nloa, and In much daogw a 
hi* life. TraUifuralt nlifbt In the dark wltboot moon- 
light "—JTorM .' Jtittartk, p. »M. 

"grftb'-ble (2), v.i. [Grovel] To grovel ; 
to lie on the ground prostrate ; to sprawl. 

tn^ 'era*. '• [Fr-. from Ut gratia = 
favour, fhim gratut = dear, pleasing, from the 
saiue root as Or. xwfw (chalr6) = to r^oice ; 
vmpi (ctero) = Joy ; x^< (dutris) = grace, 
nvour ; Eng. ytara,] 
J, Ordinary Language : 

I. Favour, kindnesn, good-will ; disposition 
to oblige. 

** Or aaota, or all may win a lad/a gr^cr.' 

Itnrim: PaiamcH * Areitt, tL SSA 

S. In the same sense as 11. 5. 

" Judjpiant, nmpin In the rtrlfa, 
That 0raM and Satni* bare tu wafe thi^nuh life." 

* 3. Pardon, mercy. 

" wilt Iboa knaal for #r«oi T * 

SSat^nt. : » Btnra Tl„ IL A 

4 A favour conferred ; a kindness. 
" Oertla nJd bo. I n'lll thine olft«d fnu* 
N« to be nude to happy dua lutand," 

ifpiiiMr: /■. V-. IL Tit BA 

5. An allowance ffnnted as a fkvour, not as 
of right: as, To give a person ten minutes' 
graet to keep au appointmeuL 

*& Honourable diatinctioQ ; honour. 
"Dogmea to th«ta and brinf tbom tn.' 

* 7. A privilege. 

** But to raturu and tWw tha chaarfnl akle^ 
Ta law pvat Juidtar Impart* tbUr^in " 

DmJm ; rirffU; .tnttd Ti IM. 

8. That element or cfaaracteriatlc in beha- 
viour, deportment, or language which renders 
it elegant, graceful, or pleasing ; elegance in 
action or language. 

" tn thia oaaa, the ronndnaaa. thia daliea«j of attt 
tada and motion. It la that all tha maglek of mm 
ooaalaU"— AwrU .' On Ota SiMim* * Bmauti/M, | tL 

9. Any excellence which conciliates love or 
makes pleasing tn others ; any eodowmf iit or 
quality which recommends the possessor to 
tae fkvour, liking, respect, or esteem of other 

"ICothlnc eonid be mon natural than that araeet 
Bad aoeompliahment* like hla abonid win a (amale 
heart"— Jracaufoip.- JfW, gnglani, eh. ST. 

10. An embeUisbment, an ornament, a 

II. (f.) A game designed to promote or 
display gnoe of motion. It consists in pass- 
ing a small hoop from one to another by 
means of two short sticks. 

12. An affectation of refinement, dignity, or 

* 13. Virtue, power, quality. 

"O, mlckle la the powerfol frnr» that Ilea 
In planta, berba, itotu*, and tbcix tme qnalltlaA* 
Shaktp. : Ronto i Jiditt, IL A 
14. A form of respect used in addmssing or 
speaking of an archbifihop or a duke ; formerly 
used also of a sorerei;^. 

"Hl^dtandmlshtrklnf, ronr7n>(v.aBd tfaaaerour 
BoUealwrepreacnt, mar " plaaaMl to bow jonrMra.' 

* 15. A blessed disposition of mind ; virtue. 
"U Ton bar* aor pltr. ffrvM. or manDara." 

Hkalimp. : VMmnnur Jfighft Drtam. 11. A 

* 16. Thanks. 

— ff Unoer .- r'U*9f MtHbtHi. p. IM. 

17. A short prayer before or after meat ; a 
blessing asked or thanks returned. 

" Tour loldlera nae him aa the gnut Yore meat* 

_ SKaJutp. ; OorM»tuf, It. T. 

n. Ttx:\n.iaiUy : 

1. Grttk Myth. : One of three sister god. 
dessea, called A^Iaia, Thalia, and EuphrosynA, 
daughters of Jupiter and the ocean nymph 
Enrynomd. In their gift were grace, loveli- 
neas, an<l favnur. By the Greeks tliey were 
known as Charity, and by the Romans as 

2. Law: A faulty, licence, or dispensation ; 
a general or free pardon by Act of Parlia* 
ment ; called also an Act of Grace. 

"Between an Act ^ Qraea oii(lnating with tha 
aoreralgii luul ui Art of Inilamnltr orisluatlns with 
the BitaUa of the Rialm there ant eoiaa reuiaHtable 
dlatluctlun* An Art of Indainnitr paaMa thruSf h all 
Um ataicea tbnmgh wbiuh other lawa paaa, aud may 
dorinf Ita pn^naa, be amended br either Uouaa. As 

Um ataicea tbrungh wbiuh other uwa paaa, aud may 

na Ita pramaa, be amended br either Uouaa. As 

Jrt 4r Oraif la MoaWcd with peL-nUar marka of iv 

naet la laad onlj onoe \tj tbr LonU and onoa \>j the 
Oomnona, aud luuat ba eltlirr ra|ected altafcther or 
aeoeptad aa it itauda.*— JfdaiM/ai>; BUt. Ditg., eh. rr. 

3. Music: A general term for ornamental 
notes or short paaaaxes. Introduced as embel- 
lishments into vucal OF instrumental music, 
not actually esflvntial to its harmony or 
melody. la former times, in vocal music, 
the selection of graces was left hi the Judg- 
ment of the performer to a great extend Imt 
in Instntmeutal music numerous signs have, 
from time to time, been used, explanations of 
whi<^ will be found under their distinctive 
names. In our own time a reaction has taken 

SUce against the absurd embellishments In- 
ulged in by our forefathers, and it has bs- 
come fashionable to sing and play music joat 
aa it la written. This is perliapa to be re- 
gretted, as those who arc rendering music 
should carefnily consider whether the writer 
wished omaioenta to be excluded or omitted 
to write them under a belief that they would 
certainly be introduced in performanoei 
(Slainer i Barrett.) [CADsnA.] 

4. Unit. : An act, vote, or decree of tha 
seuate or goveriilug body. 

" What I mean U In relaUon . 

aaaertora of tha riyht of anpeal tliongu' 

" What I mean U In relaUon to tha/rocw. which tha 
-■ertora of tha rlyht of appeal tlionght tit to piopaaa. 
In otdar to rrfer the deeUlon ol thin point to the arbU 

tnUoDof thaaauata-'-iftinf; Opi»tim<^ »» ICmtimit 

L a mgtr. 

5. Scrip. : The word grace with a religlona 
meaning is used in many senses in Scripture. 
The most distinctive ore— 

0) Unmerited fkvour (Rom. ilL S4. iv. 4). 
It is opix>8rd to debt — i.e.. Is not a payment 
of debt (Rom. ir. 4)— and to works— f.r., it la 
not merited by good works (fNd.). It is called 
the grace of God (Titus 11. W). and the grace 
of Our Lord Jesus Cluist (Acta xv. 1 1 ; 2 Cor. 
xili. 14). By tlie "grace of God" is meant 
hla love for mankind, as evinced by sending 
his Son Into the world to make atonement for 
sin and offer salvation throusli (kith in his 
blood (Kph. xi. 7. S ; Acts xx.). " The grace 
of our Lord Jesus Christ " signiRes his loving 
fkvour as evinced by his undertaking and 
carrying out this mission of mercy (2 Cor. 
vlii. 0). 

(2) The results of such (kvonr ; privilege, 
as of apostleshlp, Ac (Ephes. iii. 6 : 1 Peter 

(3) The transforming infiuence of the Spirit 
of God. (Actsxviii. 21.) 

(4) The results of such Inflnence, splritnal 
and moral character, conduct, and conversa- 
tion and attainments, Ac. (2 Cor. \\i\. 6; 
Col. iv. fl). In thin sense the Christian It 
supposed to have many graces ; as, for in- 
stance, the grace of liberalfty (2 Cor. vilL 7). 

(5) Loving character, benevolence, anavity, 
nrupathy. Used pre-eminently of Jt^us. In 
this sense it is sometimes coupled with truth 
(John 1, 14, 17). 

8L CK. ma. : Such doctrines ss those relat- 
ing to the decrees of God, predestination, 
freewill, and the operations of the Holy Spirit 
on the human comicience, are often called 
the Dorrtrines of Grace. A great contest 
arose on the subjpct In the tlflh century, 
the antagonistic views being those of Felaglua 
and Celestius. who rave much prominence to 
the tenet of man s natural ability to do 
what is rigtit [Pklaoiakism, Sbmipelaoimsh], 
and of Augustine, who, strongtv holding the 
sovereignty of God, the natural depravity of 
man, and the spiritual inability thus resulting, 
attributed the salvation of the Utter solely to 
Divine grace, with little of human co-op^ra. 
Uon. Tne controversy thus commencrd went 
on with intermissions for some ci-nturies. At 
the Reformation Luther held views eMentially 
Aiignstlninn, as did most of the other re- 
formers. Calvin formulated them as one of 
■ his Bve points. [CaLVIHirm.] In the next cen- 
tury the antogonliitic system of Arminianisra 
was also formulated and urged upon the 
church. [Arminians.) It leans in the direc- 
tion of Pelsglanism. but stops considerably 
short of that xyiitcm in ita extreme form. 

1 (1) ■ To *> grace : 

(fl) To embellish, to become well, to set off. 

"Xoomlnc doM tbaairraM.* Mal-agi ; AMUMt UA 

fefila b^; p^t, J^l; mt, 9«U. eboma, flilii. benpb; ffo. ftem; thin, piiu; am, Sf ; •xpaot, yenophon, e^ist. -Uc 
-* — a-tlMi=>Bli«a. -tioB,-«tan = aliliB; -(ton* -fi«n=shfiii. -eioiu. -tloiu, hAou = difts. -Ill*, -die. Ac. = b«l. dfl. 


grace— gracioufiness 

9) To nfloet crtdit npoo. 

. f/r,u.i. 

(a}Law: CDat.C.4 0)1. 

Ih) r&aui. .- Tbn tiwe dnilnt wlileh i11rlo« 
fntM U obulnaltla bjr oim wltn Mekt It la 
jimyar; Uie jivriod daring wbldi proli«U'>n 
«xt*nd*~i.t., dartoB wbleh oo* In in tlili 
world. The fxpremoo "Amy uf Rnee" does 
Dot ix.-ciir Iq Heiiptiire ; It U tt^rded u the 
■■me In taainli)|i[ with day of Mlmllnn to 2 
Cor. r%. 3. >Tkii ta^ln U a inoUtlon r^•t^ 
laa «Hx. H. CT kJan ll«b. tv. 7 »hlcli U ■ 
quoUUoD froiB i"*!!!!! xcv. 7, i. 1>>J of K><>ce 
U the ojiiiOAiU of tbe tUy of vtaLfa, Hoin. 

CoMi.: CO&T, a4(3)]. 

(4) if «M (^ puac ; 

Ti*oL : Hauu ttaroajth which Divla* gntt 
inar bo cxp«t«<l to ot«rat«. (OfUa umkI of 
fttuodAiiM on Chriitlui worthlp.) 

(B) ThFoiu qf ffract : 

Scrip. : A. Dcuimtiv* atmMlon. the IttcnJ 
Bwnlag of Kuldi wonld bo • uirono ttou 
vbieb QoA lUipeiMM Ua laving favour. 

(«) 7* «MU to (A« ttnHU q/' tnee : To i^ 
pratch Ood la prartf (Heb. tv. ICX 

0^ r* 9tt (■<• (or b Im {«) OM't good cneu : 
To beeotBfl(ar be) ia fbrour ur frieailiibrii wiUt 


SIFMa food iTniai : GraoHUlT, gradoulr; 
a abow of williagDeas and jnaaun. 
"Wtel ■IffM ban hMR <WiM *M « Mad from 
w«Bld al iMTbt i«M wlUa iad izm*.'— X|m«(i1«|i - 

((•> iri.-A • bod fraw: Uacraoiowdj, ua- 

5 <1) Cnbb tltiu dlaertnlaatM between 
ffnet and favcmr : " Onat U oerer oied bat in 
ragard to Uu>m who ba*« otfBndad and mad« 
tboiuMlrM llabla to |itinUhu«at ; ftixmur ta 
«aipl(iyed for aotual good. . . . Tba Wra 
Jttrvtir la emptoyed IndUerimlaatcIy with re- 
gard to man or bia IfaJct-r : Lh'Me wbo are In 
power baT« Um greatest opiMrtnaity of Don- 
inrlnn /anun: but all we i«e«lv« at thv 
banda of oar llaker rniut be acknowledged ■■ 

(3) Ha tbiu dJacrimlnatea between oroai and 
cJuttin: *'Oraet it altogellMr oorporw; dhona 
ta altbcr eortnnal or nmtal : tba tnai qoall- 
ftn tba aettoB of tb« body, tha nana la an 
hitwimit quality In tb« body ttiw^ir A lady 
movM, datMva, and walka with f mc^ ; the 
eAnnu ot fa«r wnm arc trqnal to tbooe of Iter 
mlBd." iCrnUi: Sng. Stno».) 

* rnum <1l1«1l, ■ Tbi> dadgnatlon eon- 
nonl^ pvtm to tbe drtak taken tir a cr>ta- 
faay, after the giving at tbaaka at tbe end of 
a meal ; a grae^eap. 

"To tU» viMa ni««M«l, MalMlw CMiMtV* 
«■•■»] tftttl— aan »«*w> tfcx—toiu r-f Ibmgrmtm. 
irlmki ■WhaalMortaaiblM.lllMiinilaM iMrUlila, 

lh«t VbMVW 9*3* UU BW* «M WI4. VW T«WMlM 

Vila a lMWi«r.~— JTacvc/. Jrtlaan, a v. nrfmr. 

ifuif; [GEAce. i.. II. SI. 

cnMe-Btroke, >. A flBUbtng tooeb or 

■tmke ; a roii|>-d»-t[rare. 

"Ta fmi%^ aad ()*■ Uoar—i ^iH la ttatvwr 
l*Mal wHi wt l i ' fc ntaaa Ctt ergiaiil w l ttJ*i| ta 

««pL jriMA^Tftm. 
gra9«. v.L [QaAcs, &) 

L Ordinarg LanfHogt : 

* I. Ta adors, to daoocmte, to aet off, 

Ww-iiwirih : fiiilM bk. vt. 
S: To add graM or dtipilty to ; t>t endow. 
"Witt ■■ny a loefcl tUtitt frne»4.' 
Limtf M im Falw^a raeMa>/>«a. (n«l( 

* 1. To celebrate. 

" Aad ladMd bthS riMMi ft a*^ Uial ba tlwl was 
Lard of UtafM akaoM kanida d«nwlliv tBfr>tiM 
•wa framt aa* i*aad wtia Ite aatlMoatM •! iten 
aailu^U*— lWflftriteaM«a*aL fc 

* 4. To dlgnliy or ralae by an act of Uwmr ; 
to honour. 

**■« mlAt at bU plaaM^ra «Fa« dr 4iMrMa •!»» 
havwaU la*Mri.*-£<— Ura ai((.na i^ um rHr4n 

* 6, To vtall ; to fwaiaa. 

Iaai«i» I jvu r^ nar JM wSo. iil> 

* (L To (fevMir : to nbUge. 

•■ a* rM will #*•<*»• . , «iibnwiia«**iB 

* 7. To aapply with bearenly graoa, 

IL ifttrle: To add graoo-aolet, oadaiuae, 
kc to. 

* frA'^n-tA^ i. (Eng. fracr, and euf^] 

1. A cap or vaaaal la wldcb a bealtb U 
drunk after graoo. 
S. A Lcaltb drunk after graoe. 
" Iha fraMo^ tallava to bU fcrT«f«la'« bcalUt.* 
JClnf .' Art VCWtvrV. CIs 

gra9ed, jm. fiar,, A «. IGnacM, r,] 

A. Ji|)a. par: (Saatbe vflrb> 

B. Ato4jeeHim: 

1. Endowed with graeea ; grac«fal ; ele^ut ; 

' Ha MW thb ■ailliaiei naa a< ifaa nMiwwl an* 
bat p*«wrf aun (W •*« I <BW. bt4iifl ola Biddli ■« 
awd a aeaa > man .'-JMa«y ; A t — M m. 


* L Virtaooa, chaato, bouonrable. 

" Man Ilka a Uwara «• ■ bfviaal. 
TkM a fnoad inlaiwi' Jha*««k ■ (aaf, L I 

irA'f »' Al. o. [Eng. fraet ; -A^IXl 

1. FiJI of or displaying graee orbaaaty fa 
tuna, or ic-tinn ; elrgant ; neat ; handaome. 
" Mr (»T WM bf Bj *Uak aa aUa 
AM graf^ui la iiU riMtlc dnaa" 

irordMMrtA, aiianWf/wAfawa 

S. Elegant, wdl-choaen, becoming. 
"B> tMk UasMt taMHVltblfcaHaaaat 
banL n»Nk aail ta a ■■« vrac^iW v«da r 
taaafca'-Jteenriaw.- Mm. Jtv- dk air. 

5 1. CrabbtlitMdieorlRiliiatea between fr<ia> 
/Mi, eomtty, aad al^onl ; " A gntetfiU llgunt ia 
rendered ao by the doiMXtuwDt oiT Uie body. 
A mnafy flgnrs haa that ta Itaelf widch pleaan 
the cryi. Bagamt i» applicable, like ipnoi/Bt, 
to the moUoB of the body, or like omnciy. lo 
tbe penMtt, and la extended (n Ita neaning 
alio to tbe wonta and «ren to the drasa. A 
persod'a atep U fnugful ; hie air or bis mnve- 
menta are de^nf ; the grmct of aa actkra Uh 
clifeflv la Ite adaptation to the occaaion.' 
(CViib6 : Bug. ^yiun.) 

S. Por tba dllTereoce between gnu^/kl and 
baooaMnff, eee BacoMlNO. 

gra'9e-f4l-lt, <^a. (Bag. fmn^U; -If.) In 
a eimcelid or elmnt taaaner ; elegantly ; with 
gnic«fiilneM ar degaaoe of manner or deport- 

" tiULpa yrafVWfy dUnaad, hmI af all haaa 
lltonlMd «rafT rida^^ Avyar ; rtal; t. IM. 

gtti^'ttl-nim, *■ [Bng. 9*<ao^J,- .ntm.] 
The ijiulity or Hfat« of being gtmcefUJ ; graee ; 
eJefranrf r^ tuanner or dK|>ortnieut ; olgnlty 
wiMi l».iuly 

"1b Uk« toamxitt Um ^ mpta aod aJertwewtta et 
Manl ruUiavf bT, an apt and mmwteaaiOt fbr tba 
Nftillei aad aalaitataiaf tmw InnaHiailiia bjr tba 
r^M^Wwiaa >a4 aJaaaaar W UmIt iiwii^mi' 
V>MMr«<«M. JlMvwla Aaaen. rt. L. I>. U^ I a 

Kr&9«'UaB, 'sraoe lea««^a. [Eng.9raer, 
-//^.l Vi>nl i<r t{<.' or dignity ; corrupt ; de- 
praved ; altondoaad. 
"Jfraw r aMfcaart." OMftar; Ob*« Ajrwaa l*Ui 

t grfc'y-H— tf . irfa- [Eno. f racWur ; -jy.] 
in a gramleaa aiiwoer ; wUboui graoe or 

"Tha Piawk. la Me vtwte Uayn^a. WtbiMt an* 
w««4UMt huh fata aaaa^la lUTaal aflteUKMvbK 
t**, CAllad ■rXipwii JHm » ; a«J llttla mm haUi tba 
RAiiIab : and tliwaf i»a verr *r*Mfaa<(e nar tb«v «■• 

t gra 9» 16as miaa, «. a. [Eng. fraerfeai;. 
-aa«i.J Tbri]iialIlyoratatearbeluggT«oeiiMa. 

gra<r«* or glvea grare. 

grAf-l-l«r-I'»* •■ [lAt.fracif(b)-lliln, 
■Irodcr. and lUfL -ortd.) 

1. JW. : A orniia i^ mae^iMmd Algtt. It 

eontalna ihti Lnnltran and Cayka "moaaaa." 
Called aUo Pluearia (q. v.]i 

i. T.atnm. : Tbe typical gaina of tbe Iknily 
Oracllarildie (q.v.). OmHiarU gffriugtlla Al»- 
eoloura tha taana of the lllae In the middle of 
the aoauBer, and tbe larri of G. tlifmafUa In 
AagnfC and Aeptember roUa tbe leavea of 
willow, ■allow, aad poplar, on Khkh ft feeda. 
Into tbe form of a angar-loaf. (Stunlatt.) 

tf*9-l-Vir'-lA-Am, «. pi. [Mod. LaL graci. 
kiri(a). and Lat. tun. |>1. adj. aufT. -tdtr. Named 
from the gracafni ap^Damnce of tbeae ioaecta.] 
Eaiew. .- A fiunlly of Motba, group Tioeina. 
Tbe anteanw are aa long aa theanlaflorwlaga, 
wtaleb ire elongate, tha poeterf or oaca lanceo- 

lata. Ike ioaaot tvpoaca with Ita bMt asA 
lalted. Larrs, wUh fourtoea Icgn. wtelaf ta 
leavei or ralliog iheiuaetrea ap. lUwb 
•pedes kaoao. Iweuty-eigbU jfiimimtm* > 

' srA9'-]lo, * grAf'-I-lfstt a. tU*- f^*- 
Ub. graeiUattu.} ftleDdar, aiaaU. 

frif -I-Ul^ a. lUL. = thlD. atcodar.l 

Anal.: A alettdor raaarJc of the thlgk. «■•• 
aectliig It Willi ibe tnaak. Called aba tto 

AbdU'Xor gnu-iUa. 

•grat-fn'-I-tj^, a. [Lat. graetlilaa, ttom p«- 

cUit = aleoder.] Sleodenwae, "»■"*— 

-* aadBMl bt IU4k BM« UmO I 

sra'-fitonSi * Btt^-fAiu^ 

' sr&-«lflll«*, a. irr. mciaf. ftvm \j£. 
fjTitiuMxti. fnHB mlie ■■ bvour, gn«e; tSaL 

gnxima; t^ ft Port, ynuiaw.] 

1. Eodowea with grace ; ^rH rtliiMit. 

"B* *Ma|rufMM MMtar.ate«<«eB>. a tairtii 

— «ii>y."-W*o«a « i[. JTM. *v. «h. aUl. 

2. ExhiblUng ot chaiKteriaod by ma^ 
kindnctt, faToor, or filrinllliiiMa ; Ua^ 

*■ Tha MiOha ba pi«« bar 
Wlta a fr*rtM>* tMlwa'* 

ia^tfwaw.- JfairtMaM^ffWk,iin. 

3. Fall of graoe, nrnrey, or bepeve ha ea ; 
■lerciftil, benevuleat, beiwncesl, *«— igr" * 

"AadUi Lord «aa «*«ri*«i ■■>» »e», «■« taC 
eoMiauatoa oa ttwa.'— a «M»i auL n. 
I. Exhibiting or oharaitertaeA bj fnea^ 
moTv, or Ifcoevnleaee ; lyaniflil. 

"Tbacalli^ Abeabaot fta» a WetfciM aliaa. wwa- 
lU Um #r«(i(»«a Mil adOfcrtitliMi t> AMk^M 



■kifcadaaaa a* tka 
•V. le. 

*Sb InastateoflHavenly grace; T fat — <a 

" Kiam an aa laM mlbafpr. tbdh b«w aalbAa 

arMaJ-a* tbaa Ibav •*■ ta liafwi UiaM wl » tiaw kM* 

apprarai tlMlr vfrtaM-'-Saaok . veMv^ It*. 

Ir. a 

*& Acceptable; Hading brour or paa; 

~ U ba f neetoaa ta tka eaoalani ««^ 

* 7. rroeaedlnc (rom, or lamtnood Iv dlvtai 

'& TMidliig to bring Into a atat* ofpaee; 
■a. a ^raeioiM nennon. 

'0. Happy, fortunatt^ proaperaa^ hv«^ 

- grat^an ba Iba tana' 

10. OneafOl, altracUTa, aliynlt eoadf. 

~ y* bM n yraeaei It aa Htaa~ 

vilwbJdilwaLMn neritad. Oadlag*» 

to bia eraaturea la aJftrthig Omh ail 

an opportuBlty to addnaa bla^ bal mtmt 

imaemeat to lay open their waali ta 

5 (1) OmAamt U need aa a nUU oaCh or te- 

- ■vriad' O. H7 fr -mtmat iaal tbtak tf ^ 

w«klur*'aUIUafabvu(.ltr— aV»a. AJNvaraA 
«k IL 

(:{> Cml'b Ihua dkacrinUnatea bif— fo> 
dova. mtm/al arid klad: "fr^oer la ' 
in dnicig gorai tn aa ol{)«ct thai I 
the evntnry ; menir la exerted lawUhhwUlag 

tlie evil wbush tea Lmo neritad. 

only an ( 

eacoungameat to' lay open their waali ta 
him ; tlteir uuworUilaeaa aad ^fabMBi MH 
notnudoloipedliaeBtaoraoaeaatoh&a. Gat 
la wurtifiU to the vtleet of rimatn,, a&A l«te 
as car to tlic onwlleet breath of nfaadaaai; 
In tbe mooieBt vt eaccaUng reamanot ha atofa 
biaam at Ibe voteo eC aopptwaHaa : ha 8B> 

CoUtbeaame eunvy to ho oxt andad ay m^ 
ward! hb oHMmUiic brotbet; 
oompared with Um^ dmn 
to tba atattna of tb* i, 
aji|die<l. (imeujUM la altogrtbo- o n B tB at t* 
■uperiora : Jtiad la ladiacrindBiAeljr mmftimA 
fir luivrioca and eqoala.' (Ontb: M^ 
.Vya^iiv > 

grm -dotu Ij^, 'gru-eloiia U^w. *wr*- 

yrafiour; •fy.] 

L In a gradooa tnanoer ; with fcindnM^ 
BlDibLllty, or MeodluMM. 

- -ntataaTa aiaentait rflBBaay M^ 

Tw eead au «■>«■• g; ; ^^ yg^* 

•2. VlrtDOOaly, bolQy. 

• Ora<aiM<a ta bsor I aM M> taUw.' 
Wahw^fc - Ifaii i»tA> Jl*a«a 

gra -clons-ufiM. ■. [Eiig frMitmi 

I. Th<- (jiullty or atotr nr teifllg 


Ata, flU, fftre, fmidat. what* 1^ tetliBr: wa, w«t, luira, aaufl. har, th4r«: pine. pit. atra. Bar. mariaa: g^ »M, 
ar. vara. wfU, work, trh4. bAii ; unta. efth, mx% ^Bita, «ar. rtla, fftU : try. SjhrUa. m. cb ^ a; «r — 4. qm — InR. 



gmokle— graduate 


hvntinUa. Bwrciful, Ulid, or benignnut ; 
klii'l onulnonuhxi. 

■V UnpnMlMi «a Uma i •«* Uuf pruoMlad (a tkalt 
wntl mttmmm.--^X4>rw^ni cum rw, i. an. 

* % Ttai* qoilttyarBtaM of boLiiguoepUblR ; 

" TiMD II b I «)Ma » rtmw niantat tk^ •■«■ bl«a«l 
l4>rd Ink tb« tniiu of hi* tetr 4»lb. Uw MOfvMUiM 
«( IvU borT hmHBm, Uw yf fcii— *<t>Hp*r»BW.tfci 
ratora of hte (M^im.'— ^ I UHn r.- a»rwB*^ VM. L, 
•V I. 

Thmm ItM konnil iiumIa Ij« tba birtl.] A binl u( 
Ihv genua OnooU (<i.v.), 

«m)r(]ii)][ u> QoluctUbui, tmta Ita ante ffra, 

0rqfl4..-Tbe trplnl nmiaof tli««iiW«iiilly 
OnMviHnie Cfwwia rWi'irfOM, tho Uniok]« or 
MlBO-Wtvl, h fnuad in SaimUra, Java, iikil tb« 
•dJMotDt laUnda. 11 ta bU«k. wwgstml wiih 
«Ut«, the laipi. t>UI, uhI v>tiw flwiinclM be- 
falad UM VT* j«U»w. It oui tw do(u««t(oftt«i1. 
■od ORB bf tauMiht to tii«k ap sotoe wnnla In 
pumC baUfMi. ViaUot eallMl tt £«Jd«M Ja- 

SriUr-^-U'-aa, •■ pf- IMod. UL giWHlo, aixl 
L*t. fcm. iJ. adj. "nlf- -<n<r.] 

Ormttk. : A fiinilly of forvlilw. harlna tmrnA, 
•llghtJf etirmi tiilla, niondH tinctn)«. Ion*; 
nline*. ■ •hnrt Uil. and «l'^Dgatc^ t-^va. FotiikI 
In liiJU ajiil tb« Kutcrn Ifllanla. [Uracvui.; 

f**-}?. grm-^i, a. (Eiic, pn« ; -».l 

1. Endtn-fMl wiih N|ilHtiial gnoB ; nllghnu. 
& Full of Irai-hint! fttMiiit Rnop. 

/%tpM . Mary. Afrtl U tMl. 

m aal«^L| 
XtatM. .■ A cndul (q.v.)i 

aec of frmbUto « ui aaoeot by atepa ; grmAut 
> a tt«f : ftp. fm<<M>MiQit: tUil. gn d an rnt .] 
L OnMnarir Lonfuagt : 
t. A moTing or pr on TW ilj ig )iy degma ; a 
nnitar adruioa «r pn^naalnn rh>tn atep to 

" Tlw Abilaaa tkaNlMa da fw a kind* irf /""n^n 
n»a la aitoiBdtn inaa ralv awlnr piam ul aaUo- 
>lty.'-ffiir;»<pf. rapafaL nL IL. ^ LL. p. M. 

S. A lAap or degrM ta aDjr order, aciiea, or 

- UMiiicnw th* MfH* aafiVTttnlf U>M»h all tb> 
■abwAMtiU r'-vlafl.w*— JMrA* - On fk* AMimm * 

3L Aftaiicecueiik fal oidvr arcnnliuR ia slje. 
qnalitjr. naok, div*** C' ulTaurmwnt, Ac ; 

" U aaak a)i l»a i In aradallM p H 

AUka iM^atlal ta lb' aoMalac vhflla.' 

IL TW*ii(«iny : 

1. jIfC Tb« just arraafEPinnit r>r ailbr>^Iina- 
Ooa of tLc |«i1ji cfany wuik, an as to prtklDoa 
tba b«at cDrci ; a« the fradoXtoi of oolottr bb>1 
tlftrt In pataitjQA to «tiirf depth and retlrf, 
to daOiM disUniwi^ ana to ako«r tbe aUU of 
Ibo atOMopban. 

I. lafte; A ncakir adnnea tnm lUp to 
iriifv •• La aa atiunwDL 

a. JTiule : As aMMiMHfi| or dcaoeiMling by 
a nvnlar ■ae w a rin a of ahorda. 

4. JDUr. : Ao aawndfitf or ilcaModinit in 
tarna. a* towda a cliuax. (Wm* : Aft <if 
glUirfyaa, p. S07.) 

*Br%-4M'-tftaB, P-L [GlutiATios. «.] To farm 
Ty p«(Lalk«i ur wtth fndaUuoa. 

Of or partaliUng to ftimdaUoa ; with gmda- 
Uooa; b7 n^nUr strpa. 

• a alop.J 

* Krad'-^-tor-j^. o. A a. 

▲. ^ (kl^adiw : 

1. Onl. Iah^t- - Prooeeding \ij fntdatlooa o* 
»U^\ giadaUotuL 

kM* ■>■ » ■> «• . eiaaU Um aa h ti aad ■mFiU owtsl 
«W<* raaaiW bavr Wn tb*> brrtUr laxvoad aion 

^ fcwa>< ha. HL. » Ml. 

Xenl. : AdapUl4a te prngnaaira or for- 
SL 4« Mftatvafdw ; 
JrcA..* Blapafton aeloMar (ntoa diurth. 

Srftd-d,9a( vX LtiuACbAjt, i.] To |>Areh or 

' Al brakklMt tfala noralnc. anaag a f aftial n B ol 
otlrrr tbliua, UiaM «*!• i»(-<m]um, laaA* << afbat la 
(MllPd /mitea^ HMaL Ikat la. toaal ■■*&* aI ynOa 
MMnLid trooi th* kvUik muI tnalari ta ai* InatMd 
orMng thnakad aad kUaJrtad.* - Jaratf > fW*-, 

p. I*<L 

Sr&d'-d^B, <■ tOaal. A Ir. grmda:% « parcbad 


L Parf bed t«ra. 

S, Pinrly ground iDQlT, niada of l«af-tobaooo, 
blgii-driod, but (rltlioot fomaBtalioa. 

gr4d«. >. [Fr., rh>cii Ijit pfwlMaM atop; 
Bp. A Ital. pnodo; Port. jrnio.l 
L OrdlMorir fji nj^iutfw : 
1. A drvn-e, iit«ip, or rank toiardarnf dimity, 
cJril, aci-KvlaJdi^su, lalUUry, or otlierwlae. 

'L A ilrp or degraa In any aarlea, quality, 
mnlt, or ojder. 

3, Thf) Ihclinatinn fVon Iba bnrtirmUl of a 
portl<in of n nwl or railroad, [t ia uxpnnarij 
In diftrMw. in feet per mile, or aa a fr>ot In 
anob a dislanc* ; aB| a giada of 3*; or, a grade 
uf 36 Tect prr mitn. 

n. PMol. : The two olaaaaa of eooaonaata 
eallt^t leiniM aukl medl». 

" tflttlal laaoxurta ntala Ika jmil* el mdh wia» 
La tha piuafi and Uw( *«r> otalM aBaBiaaiila ha«t 
a ImJmkt t« aaHao. AnUa t* WadaiL »r Um ai- 
ptaaMi #r«d« ■■■•( ka nndtnUM ika twn alMMa 
<rf tannaa aad a »a *1 « *— a«am« .- Om*|i. OraM, V IW 
^rvwa£<«V-^r«iUM.v<>I.L|Utlk«ka» UL.p>.Ha 

(ra4«, c t [Obadc. ji.| 

1. To nrmnce In order, atepa, or degrera, 
annrdiiig to aW, quality, imnk, adraaettawnt, 

3. To maiV the gT»rlr«, or aseeota amt 
draco nta "C 

S. To rrduc* to or eoBNtruct witb a eertala 
grade o( iiiilliiatliin : aa. To prode a road. 

graded -«oliool, t. A acbooi taught In 
dapartiiiciita by difltrciit iiLaat«r«, In wbleh 
the |Mip4ta paai frocn the lower to tbe bigber 
etaaaoa aa Caey advanee in eduation. 

*-:Tntau« It MMta akafMiartMlA at tba lllaa aeat 
BriMMl tkan tha CMirful aiajr la wbtak It la #ru««tf. 
aa itMt a bcr aaa naTa tiu tqr aaarlV tola Un dlfalti 
df a Ondaa-'-^r J. rfnaiM: Aaoait tiydlM It«»>. 

gnk'd*4jF, 0. ft a<l». [GnAimLT.] (A-or.) 

A. ^< odj. : Decent, proi-^r ; lieoomtng. 

B. Afmtr. : DecenUy. properly, beoomlngly. 

grk'-M-fntt & A 1. t\AL ffr<t^i*»K pr. par. 

of fratiinr = in walk ; |rradiu= a atap.) 

L Ordinary LsKfita^: 

I. Walking, morlng, or advanrlng by ttepa. 

"Amiant (liM* rnn^Hnt auloroat^ that Ima 
vUar b MiadaUr renarfciUa. •Ulrli. balDf but uT 
aa oadlBwy htewi^ dU craap «p a»d da«n aa U M 
kad baM Jitmr- rt/fctw OatfaW hk. tL, ^ W. 

*L Rlatng or fklllns Vy regalar dc^peea of 
InHlnatiott : aa, the ynaflmi utM of a itmhI. 

n. ntr. : A term applied lo tha toftoiaa, 
aa auppoaed to be walking. 

Mr At nhdattHvt : 

1. The rate of aaccnt or deaeent In a laQ- 
wmv or mad ; a inade ; the degree of s\nr* nr 
tncllnaUon of tbe gnmnd over wblcfa a raawny. 
rond. Ac, paaaea ; aa. The tr^^*^* It I in 100; 
that Is, the gmaod riaea one foot Id every 
hnadred foel. 

X. A iKirt of a rrw!, Ac, vhloli alopaa 
U|iwanl nr downward ; a slope. 

grodiant-poct, «. 

Jtallrand finjhnMriiiff ; 

1. A poat placwl by tbe akie of tha tnek, ata 
change of gnule. oarr>'lng a board ilaatM (•> 
the iJ'i|>e, and lodlcaUiig la Bgona tho gmde 
Ju fM>t iwir ioa, or olharwiie. 

S. A iteka ael la tbe gnoBd, aid Barfced 
lo Indicate Uie pr^VT h^tglit of an nnhaDk- 
lapnt or of road nwtal at that puUtU 

gr&'-dlll, gr%~d£'lka, a. fPr. rndin > a at«p. 
fruiit l^at. fntduj.\ 

1. On« of a arrica of aeata rtajng one aboTe 

2. A tootbe<l riiiiel aaed by aonlidiir*. 

grod lAg, pr. jMr., a., A t. lOiiaPB, a.) 

A. ^ B. >l« pr. par. * parHcip. ncU. : (See 

Ut« V-Tt.) 

G. Am nbM. : The act or proeeaa of redaeiag 
to a certain grade or kvel. 

Alwrtf with 
aa aMada, » tnualt, or olber slglitliil Initru- 
Kcnt, by wUdi tbe angle of Inellaauoa of a 
alope may be nwasnrea. or a row of atakea 
drlvau to mark a gtrcn ^adleaL 

gnUUng-plMigli, «. A kind of ploogti 
naed fur braaKlng up aoll or ploBghliig down 
banka. in order lo Ot the earth for Iwing 
acoo|>cd up by tbe aartb-acraper, and Ihertby 

gradlag-Mirftp«r. *. A larve two. 
bandtad ahorel, drawn by boraaa. anil aaed 
■a ao eaKliHKMiop for raialng aon rtmoving 
lonoeivd earth. It la naml la road-maktng, 
■conplng out Italia of oan^ in eertidu alttia- 
Uoiia, &r,, when the anil La eiiita14e awl tlio 
dlalaooe where It la to Ijc deiwaitcd La not loo 
great. [JIoRaa-aaovau) 

grtttf-^-al, a. A •. (Low IM, midnalti. from 
ffmdui -'a itep ; Pr. gradual: Ital. grnJaaU; 
hp. prwdaot.] 

JL At a4i- : Frograaalrtg or adTancing by 
Rei^ nr degraea ; peaalug Irma one atcp or 
BtoK* tn anotlwr by regtlUr gradatlODa wlth- 
oat breaks or alarti ; alow. 

"flawan aad (hair frsit 
Man'* Menthkinmt. ^ btwAm/ ttala aublliDall, 
TDvll^apWtaaaplm' JNUani At.. i. ML 

B. AttiAttamHm: 

' 1. Onl. Lattf. ; A aeriea or orler of atepa. 
** tidcrm Um rnt4wU t«a«u«te tbay aJ an A 
Tba laTamast klwad. and tbna tha mIbi Uopla(*d.' 

S. KnUsUutieal: 

0) A aerriee-biHtk, eootalnlrt^ thr hymna or 
prayen to ba auig by the choir, bo calird 
fhim crrtnln ahort phraace after th» EinnUe 
aui))t In ffrftdilruj (ujoin the atepi of the utar). 

(2) Tliut i^art of tlM oanire of tlie raaai In 
the IkiBum €albolie Cburtb whleh lnune- 
diately follows the Bpletle. and ia luitg aa tba 
daaeot) retunia to tli« atopa fif tbe altar. 

MoUm. d t'A um.: Firtean paaloia, lh»B 
Ph. oxx. to P». exxiiv. tncliislve: ao called 
herauee tliey wera f 'nneriy eltanted (Tom the 
■tepe of the choir, more ra[>?claUy during 
Adront p^>ios of Dehhebs.] 

* gr&d-9-«'-lih a. [Low IaLJ The aanta aa 

iiRAOUAI., D. 8. 

* lp«d-n-«l'-^tf. t. [£ng. ffnufnol; -<K.] 
llie quality or atate of mlug gndoal ; raguutt 
progreaaion or podattoa. 

• WUck afcUa ■•«« aaolfaa mle tha Bdstna «t tk« 
•laMMita. otbcn to ttta frinlmilk^ at atiaattr and 
llahl. Uw7 ha«* lalt mrraJMittun lairuintliria buI 

• - ■iitobt.'-ar - ■ - jr . . 


-Bra MM .- fal^r E t nm r». kfc. »!., ah. a. 

gr^'-9>9l-iy', adv. [Sag. gradual ; -ty ] 
I. Id a Rradiial uiauncr, by degraea ; itep by 
atep, alowly; In regular gmdattona. 

"AlraaAr tha daMcaa ellba aaerlk^aa r»e<fkaOB 
to«BloMUMBBilv«a.~-ifaa«Hlw-' UtM- »w,ck.TL 
• 1 Id degree. 

" Hainan neaon dolh eat amir faduaag, b«t apacl. 
Aaanr. ai>M lawn tha lanuaUa hmmm it taiBt«a.~— 

* grU -V-#l-BKsa, t. rEng. iTTiadueJ ; Htett.] 

Tbe quality or atat« of being gradual ; grada- 

-Tha ffwrfMfMaa «l Ihla aw w aiwrt aad tiM ob. 

aMttlr wblcli anwntpMdilabeflaaUnfB,-— jr.,arwU.- 

MMr <^ CMMr XJfar^wrik p. >a 

* gr&d'-a-fad, ■. [As if from the errondire 

)«rti.-i]'l(i of an Inutginanr Ixiw Let. word 
mrvdwtr. bo la tbe Scoltiah nnWantiliea there 
H a word wtagianmd, from a I^iw IM. rarb 
aiartifrer.) One who baa naaaed all the ex- 
atnlnatioaa for a degree, boi baa oot yet been 

grftd'-9-4M, tX A i. [Low I.At. ifrndvaivt 
^ earn who baa taken a denee : Lat. fmJtit = 
a atep. a dagna : Ital. graauan; 6p. A fort. 
grwttMT ; Vr. frwdaer.) 

A. rraa^f ii« .■ 

I. Ordinary La-niputft : 

1. To mark with dtgreaa or a aea)«. 

" Tba i>laMe wan Harked whan tha apUlt rta«4 al 
tha «a^«rait anld and armlaai hML aad aMHoUar U 
thaaa at—ratjiew ha rntdaMaa Ua IbanMtwwIaiV^— 
Dtrluum: n^tlat-nmliim. bk. i, ak U. leeUU 

2. To mark or arrange with degreea or dlf- 
fereoeea : a«, To fradiKWa pnalaboMBt aecoid- 
tag to tba nat«i« of tba offenea. 

mlLaiid aa lb** mrm rrmdmt 
r-- tffJk»m».1aid.tb.ii. 

bfid, b^; p^itt, ]^1; eat, 9«X1, obonu. flUn. bonoli; go. t«B:<tbln. (bla; ulii. ay; expoot, Xeaophon, o^t. pb =1^ 
■h^a. -ttoB. -don^^aliAa: -(ton. -floa-Bhuii. -aioiu, -tlono. -Alona = ataiis. -Ua, -dla. Ac = b«L dfl. 


graduate —grafting 

S. To oonftr ■ degm DjKin In ■ untv«n(ty ; 
to dlful^ with • drgrve nr •ll|>l()ini. 

*4. To prapsn gmlimlly. 
*A. TDbdghm In effect. 

*"n*tUM«ltoa(MlMnJ tioiUw^BavTTKpOvarfiil 
^>^ IB (ha UdHiii* hi) tsmUk at »ti Uila«u «• 
tkM wt 4Mir. 11 "■ naninJlrt ».■( ■■rvclsBM, utal 
& *Wbl« wrt ol 4yu\ vbu •4*anr* MiJ jn iJ— f . 
UMir Mtlou* viifa mIC^*'— Jb««iw; I'lt^r**' gr t mtn, 
tft. ft, cb. SIL 

* I, Ta nUM to * higVMr jtUoa ia the ■cftbr 
of IMtsU. 

W iMMk tUwl aa •«mU«I la w«l|U Ikai tDM. - 

8. Tu faflnx « AuM t« ■ eertAlD dagiw of 
aonaUtetny. u by •vftpontion. 

1. lb pMS mdoally or by degrra : to 
duutca gnduftUy. 

8. To beooiMc gmdukllynir)dlfl«d : toiihiitif off. 

a. To |imeeed to » ilogree lo a tulrartity ; 
to tBkc « dc^rw. 

" H« «M lim^hl !■ UMir l«r, fta4 —ktt wlun be 
bad yniilHMlia.'- J(MMrf«ir ' Mtm. Miw . eh. kIt. 

Crftd'-VVta. a. fc & [Luw IJtL irnuJwi^iiJ.l 
[Oradkatb, p,\ 

A. vi' a<f. .' AnBOgBd la or pneMdlsf ty 
■tef « or dtgTMa. 

B> ^ nM. : Om wtio hu proowdnl to a 
d'grM In ■ aninnlty ; one who ha been ad- 
utttad to a 4«i[r«e. 

" tiinM *• vlUi a «T«*M«'* MWB. 
MUa ahMU «( all tedwJdMa.^ 

jwktn On ' 

grUd'-n-h-ti^ }^.par.ota. [OKADUAn. t.] 

gradtiat«d-botU*,.*. A bottJ* having 
honannlal irarka Idowa, p r eaa ul , aw eat on lU 
MldB lo IwUMlaqoantlty of ocnlcnta at given 
Wvala. BofDat}flNi Iha atopper i> b'ltlow. kud 
ku fndOMtioM Cor doa« <n certain amnunta. 

mtrndmOitA-^np, *. A mtslleineHniit, nn 
wEoaealdM an markit to 1i)<llrat« qiuotitiM 
at flvao ter«la. If of staia, they an tuually 
tm p waaed la thn ni'mlil ; If nT rarcflain, they 
am iHloted no iba wan> h«fon oorntag. 

CTadiiiit««l gUiM, f. A tiilw with a 
Timt. «D>I Willi li"n»'i:1al niarfci at rarytng 
L«it(hu to lwl)cat« ciQARtlty of ofiotenta. A 


SrM'-l(-«t«-lbto, «. [tag. graduate ; -Alp.] 
Tba slAta or poatuun of a gmdaalc.l 

*tB««ay)anWi Ma «n«lt la an ImIUi «mmm4. 
•an awl a tofilr Mia tfet iMUMrliW aaid atvlaa iif « 

Srftd'9 4Hnff* jn*. fior.. a., ft <. iOBAO- 
I'ATi; r.\ 

t>K verb). 

Ci >(■ nUI. t Th» act of dividing Into d«- 
iriM or parte ; frwluatlun. 

lT«*wtlni ftf m. •; An eocfaa m 
na<diiiie for dlvMing lin«a, kt.. Into vinntc 
regular Intarvala nr dagraaa ; a dirldiiifl-«ai(iiM. 

KMluafKi ,* Yr. frtutualifM ; Sp. frwtaaef** .* 

I. IhituUr iiiugRtalon by aaceeaalos of 

" Tha #t««Mia«Mi irf Ik* tMto W lU mlTM* h 11^ 
rtw ii r — fT WU»>airi>rt*» «f Ifct rtaL. '-#»■» 
L Tb* act of dividing Ms dagraw or parta, 
aa a Mala, aeftiMUa taatrwaakla, ftc. 

at A eciila or aertia of naifca at llnaa on an 
toatniment to IndJaatcdagnea or paru. 

*■ •««•< tkn^ II ta Ml rvvvMa.) «tUi > »Ti.^»Mi i l>ia 
leikt* Um angi* Uinmgh >kkJi tt haa )—« turiMd * 

4. Tlia act or p i uDaaa of lni|ir<>viiig or 
belghteolng In aflletn or |Mnr«r. 

' Of fnnUr rvpwttwrr varto fMaan ti tkAt vbMi 
ha Ml*wf> mmtt-nSmt Ma p»*wiW»w. Ihtu haatad 

a**, «i(4 irfUM ytm^lala j t* (4) ut (Man •« Ifwaw tb* 
loJitay M.<twaa aMJUy laaitmaf naU ImUtmt 
la • •«ll. ' J n ww« - f HilfNr ttimiK 
A. The act of |>rt>n<!«)rnc to a digna tn a 
Uaivvnlty : Iba tahlnic nt a d«ip«a. 
"Th* tomtr 



% Tha anManra of a llauld In Utfi aar- 
fuea to the air. au aa to aonletat* inra|«M«tinB. 

grid' -n-A tor. «. [Eng. fv«d«MUC<): -or.] 

Udc wild itr that whldi gndnaloa ; apci^f.— 
(1) Ad luatrunienl for dirltllng any line, 

right nr eiinnl, Intn equal part* ; a gradua- 

Urg or dlviiling-enginA. 
d) Aa a|)Tiarsiu« fur arrwletaUng ipnnta- 

DeuuB <^VB [(oration by the cspoaurv of aorhoca 

of liiiulilj to a rurT«iit of air. Caed in making 


grA'-dtta, ' [lAt SI aatnp, (him tb« phraae 
fradiu ihI AtrMuntM = a alAii ta Panuuuiua.] 
A dictionary vt vniaody, am aa an aid iti 
vrtltng OrMk or L«lln poetry. 

"UiMl >■ *aTfc a» Moali — inlMawltfciiMt frm*m 

i» oUMtt kwifk-— r. «••»« : r*m ftwN^* aB**»ia in 

pL IL. ch. IV. 

Sr&d-f. 1. tVr.ffndi.) 

llrr. : A term aaed to ar preee ita^ or de- 
gT«ca, uxl t>rie batUoment npou aootbcr : alao 
called tmltlMl eiiibattled or tunbatUed grady. 

* gn»t, i. (Gkatk, i^.] Carrad work.^.'—irrlflifM r*r. V raMk.p M. 

"gmra).*- (Ga*vE.«.l 

'fimf (2), I. IO«r.l The Oeruuui equivalent 
of au carl. 

■grmfa, *■ [Obave, i^) 

* graJ'-«r, * gnt-9r9, ■. [Oratcr.) 

" Craff (IX '. [A.S. gtrifit ; O. a. Ovr. griwo ; 
Dan. irnv; O. Viim. grim ; loeL grUJl.] A 
8t«ward, an overaoar, a giaava 

" r<a- aU thU b« (a priM*] la nothlM bat a MTvani. 

- - - - - lUMbMd.«M<hteaUUaba- 

TMMBV. ar «*4f^ABd tU't UM hi 

>iuatii« ooly tsOiftaL '—#■•«.' 
to*, ifnti 

' grair (2). ' gnflb (I), b. (A.S. trrri->,- O. 
U. U«r. rnite; H. U. Uer. grabt ; Qoih. 

1. A ditdi, tfviicb. (baa, or channeL 

t A grave. 

* graff (3). * gmflto (SX *. |0. Fr. rn^. 

fp*f* ; O. Dnt. gmJU; Low Uit. ffn(^MHMi.] 
(GnATT, >.) A graft. 

"Tte BnttL«oiMthemiboritaabat«««H tb* 

hark* aMd tha *Md:br In A U«M tMljrMn ••■* 
tfbald at Itert lo daava tha atMlM. b«t aam aAar Ui*y 
TutBTBd to ban a bda !«<<• tha raty haavt of Iti* 
■HuJ : and thaa tbMr art hut lkl« Um pitli Jaal la th* 
iBl>t> tlwlMf, bntoiwatMtotMVS'. fa* h« thU kUrf «( 
f rafflni. IwnBlUa It *m tkal Iba aU v<th ■bmtlJ 
rvralir or D»«r luif tBor«,"— f . i lrft i mJ fltni*. \ik, 
nil., ch. kl*. 

' grmtt, * grkflt. ' gniff-«a, * gimff-yB. 

v.t, A i. (O. Ft. grtgtt; O. Dot. SrsiftK.\ 
[Grapt, *.] 
A. TntwUlM.- 
1. Ta graft. 

" T1>« UTMd t» paaat aad |*iiih thatr (djrMa.*- 
gill#i» yMritaK lb. 171. 

% Tu Ctaten, to aCtach, to flx. 
■■ Bo loac iMva I UMaud t» Ur apaMh. 
That triit*A 1« Ike fT»uinl li tuy tewch.* 

JTynuw. Jlb^iaurtfi Claln^ar; At. 

3, To ifflpUnt. 

" Maum i* a rUbt that |kbuilMla hath not fnnM 
bat Ood b*tk «r.(^^4ji>l nviu waa n>««( tb*nMiil» 

■W<«< Uiaaa an ^clMA - WUmm Jr«* «r AAa*- 
ei«i»*p »*. 
Ba /afrtiM. : To graft ; to Inaert grafta. 

graff Hbn <■ 

-a««.] Tbeaci 

* gndr-^. * gnhff-are, •■ |0. Fr. ^ngmr, 

IPVbr.J [GaAfT, c.J 
1. A DOtory, a aarlransr. 
S. AgraftM-. 
"Orylfcf^ arfi n/hw i. fiiaw a ir . *— ft^wp* Tmr*. 

grmffn-tl. *. S*' (lUl., pL of ffniJUo - a 
•cfibbllag, from omMart a to writ* ; T.At. 
jrrapAtwai^a atyfa fur writing; Or. Tpd^w 
(onifAd) n til write.) Rode luaivlptloM and 
dmvlnga of llgurea, fotuul on tha walla of 
Poinpail, and among the CalMomba aad otfacr 
Romao rulna. 

gnbll,i. [GuArr, v.| 

1. m. : A iouU aelon or ihoot of a ferae In- 
•rrtW or grafted la anotber tr«<>. aa the etoek 
whiRh La to sup{H)rt and Doarlih It. Tbe two 
ODile and beivime one, but the fruit \m deter- 
mineil l^ tbn graft. 

- 1^ A\my mamO. tha «va. Md taheartai aai 
WhUb waftr um«a UM9 tha fM(^ aaia uair 
titasL' AreftaM ; MdMMMMt. A. n. 

• aa U).!- (Kng. ffntfO): 
t of a <i)tcli or moat. 

S. Fig. : Any thing laaertcd or tnonr|HaBM 
In a thing lo whirh tt did nut aflgtniUr te- 
loog; an addiUnn. 

-It la tate haitendrr to feMV «U toartw ^M 
ywBH atotta-'-IXwiaaa f . ai JMw^ itmJ 

grmA. 'graft r.i. h i. |o. Pr. gmA- f^ = 

a atyleTir writing with, a aon ft u*UfA ; fr 
pm/f = a gndf or graft ; frum the ibmym f4 the 
cut alip, wUeh reaemhlaa a pelntan pastsl , 
Low Lai. (rmpAMiia* = 0) * ^"naiX etyle; (H 
a graft, or aboot : bat. pm f kitm s a ityla , 
Or. >pa«(M' (ffToiAiwiV ti»^9f1Si a»hi h) ■! - 
« •t)U or |«ucil ; i^ii^at (gre M a ) > to wtaa. 
The oirect fono of the word w 0n^,l 

A* 7Varui/ti«; 

I, DrdiMary lajiruo^ : 

L /.if. •' tn the aiuue aeiue aa IL. 

8. n*. ■- To inaertor Imwcp w fce ta a fea<i 
tn wbieb that which U Inmlad or laeirfntil 
did not originally helo^ ; to joto «r attadi 
on« thing on to another. 
"TlMaaara the Italian mmab, whlA Ibto «tfl >^ 

tL TtAnl9iUg: 

1. Carp. : To attach or Jntti oaa ptoaa of 
tlmtw!! tu another by acarllug. 

2. Ilfub. : To Inaert aa a aclnn or lAool fti 
aaoUiertree: totUagnnorgrsfla b|«b; le 
pTupagate by gnRlng. 

" OU «»b«Mi haM M han^ltel wID «« 
S»jvM fl »< 101— laHah." 

«taa«vii Cbv««aaM,a.I 

3. NmiL .• To ooUy the two aii4a of a nr*> 
itlartiig tha etnnda naa wiUila ik« athar aa 
for >pltcti« and alontag thcH at Iht >«>i 

4. Sur^. : To tfanafilaBi a pdffthw of ate 
to a denuded anrfacc 

B. I'itra**.: Tt> carry ool tJM fwaaw « 
oi>i;rAU'.in ufgraCtiDg. 

-* Ta b«T« mit Lb mater alMtjr, Iha tMf k !■«*■* 
Dot unty uiao yuar ■!— b^ bBl a(i» 4l*v«« bi^ba J 
tsoUti>aa; lorthn »tll >iTfwwinnab—*bni: 
wMraaa If ran /rnn b«t nna «■• l~ 
bHU but lyw-' aWBaa 

■ graft, !»■ jwr. * ■>■ (OHArr, •.] 

tnijiregnalaa with a kIuq. 

- Bar a«* 4iteMd • lib aan «4 ladnn. 

«>«*a w ■' Amw^ux. at t 
grafr-«r, ■. lEoft. jth/» ,■ -er.l 

1. One who grafU; ooa wiM fmp^^m 
pbintfl or ahrnba by gmfkhig. 

"lamlahfWMdtar tk* mMli •< Bs* Ihaa «■ rf 
the not akVlfut and nimnmi U mmftr^ tM ttwa 
»rt*,UMaaMM>at«ll m £a m hU Hfta— fg mamm 
Una br hU ffiVt ihaawM >«M ta •hb* Ik* liMBa 

to ■Mai.--a«ii«« .- ra«ah l iu. 

•1. A tm Own whlefc a acioa a thkaa M 
ba Loaerted la another. 

_ -IhaU a lt« «»«*•(« 

tha aaiptiiBa «f av aab«r> toaaaiL 
On HlMM, ffM U vIM aaa «*^a a^a. 



■Crtiy- jr*w«r. aia 
graft -tAg. pr. par., a.. * jl IOratt, «.| 
A. 1- B. ..^r jff-. par. d j»r*ita^ mf/. i (lai 
tilt verli), 
C. .A* mMoMliai : 

1. Car7>.:AeearfloC(v ettdwiae sttadnMil 
of one timber to another, aa t« attarfilag aai 
extn iDtigth or lalae pUa toaaaabiadydftna 

2. Mmab. ; The act or pr^efa of tnawflHga 
ahoot or acton taken fhiin one tna m i 
tn a Tlgomaa atouk of Ita own or a t_ 
allied ipaelw, ao aa to eaoae th» to i 
and enaUA the giaA todartv* a laisv aapiAy 
of nalrttlva power thas tt «wahl othwwwi aa- 
tain. There are munerwie oi et ho ja of gnrfMag. 
One la gralUnc by appraadi. or li ~ 
when two growTag pbiita are uallal \ 
and aA«r adbeahm (me ia mered bvm I 
alnck and left to grow mi ibe altar; 
kind of adhMion aiHaetlmea lahia P^a* I 
rally In Lreca growliut elena laaMMr. 
uaoAl maibod of gmftug a hr adaai m 
which are applied loibaataafc hr«d 
anrhea, or are laaarted tele attla In I 
eleft-grafkfn^ or into p ar ltar at laaa hp i 
or peg-graiUng. Bnnaifaea aafwal Mai «« 
placed Tn a elrcolar Maaner ravot tha ll^At 
of the bark t£ the itoek, bv tau w it - wa fthif ; 
or the bath of a potttoo </ the etoch to f- 
tDOvcd. aod that of the eeton a boUowwj e«i» 
eo aa to ba appUad ovar II Ute Ihajuta Cf • 
fluto. baooe eaUad Rute-gmftlM. nniUlai^ a 
prmcilaed by the removal ctf a imd floa ^ 
plant, akng with the portkn of tha tort aad 
new wood, an^ applyba It to anntta- fkal. 
In whlca a almllar weand baa been tualA ta 


mia. flU, Ikra. «nMM. whkt. An, fatbar: w«, w«t, hir* «an«l. Mr. thdr«: ptaa, pit, nra. air, nartaa: gib pM> 
M-, wira, w«u; watlu WtA, •<■: mata, oOb, «u«w valta. ear. Ham, flttn : try, Strtaa. •K.v-aiflT-ik. «a* kw. 

graft ling— grain 


whIp-fniftlniE, or t(ntruA<8nniii|t, thm Moek to 
eat uUliiuetr •<:»••, mnJ a »lit or vcrj diutow 
mgpjf lueikian 1b tatdm Id U* onitrv dowa- 
wmnb •cran Um cot mrten, m ttaaUmr d«ep 
locbloci t«iDg iaa4« la Ui* Mton QuiraT<ls » 
t '.-•irTi'jtpon'lm^aaffli, sad ■pmHectlni; Uinirne 
\ttt, i»hi(--b. beinf InMrled ui Um lucuiw) Ui 
the it-xik. ttxj M« tntOD<Ml OloMcljr tos^tber. 
SjillcMimrUaft to peifurtiieil by cuttln« Uir 
■ndt or botfc tn« •lock tiul Uie wtnn wniM at 
floak aa u^ that the obUiiue smltuwa uaetly 

ttt Moh otJxw. and ar« iMttrtx^ Li^ntb^r. In 
•Mldlc-mniiitl Uw ond or tl»« »U'rk 1* rat 
InUi Die tana »t * wttltfo, ainl U>> nuilillp nl 
ttm MJon cut awH]r ■» as Ui tn<t tfxiurllv upon 
ttM VtDCfc. Onfllitg la witallv t«rforiii(«l l>c- 
twaeu 111* woodjr parta of the tilanta, liat 
berlMiBaoM parta may nbo b« unU«d In tbla 
w»y. II is rroulatu tbKt tbi- ktowIr; jiarbi 
be Iwrmcht tolo apfvtalUon— the twn altni- 
m«ns end Uie two Ulwr*. Union wilt only 
lake pUrn where ttw nrlJW |iroiH-aaca »( lili> 
ar* DmIt Merdaed. Tlx- rnfl and stix-k arc 
MMvadtODathar by RtMu^ »r clay, or a mlx- 
torv of b«e^-w«t «ih1 talluw, ot Uy blu of 

3L NamL : Th» tapcrirw of the «n<t of a rnix*. 
aaaaUjr eov«nd by wuvtng yania amuDd It. 

4. Airtr. ; Th« tranii[>lAntliig of a portioB of 
aklQ to a dauudail aurfaea. 

gmft^g-^MjtfL a 

fliuft. ; A kind nfrhlarj tnt kjrfltttng a atodi 
lur Uwi IttwirtkiB of a atiua. 

gra lttn <-lPtU>, t. A knllt* luvins a 
Mvlr for ^|ililtnig a limb ami a wMg»< fur 
oymnlng thocUft fur th« inaartiounf Uw aciuti. 

(imlttBC-aikW, K A tcti»B<MW for cut- 
UBft off atooM fur pAftiBf ; a franlnf^aw. 

■niAbW-to*!, «. A verr alrtHig aiiaJn. 
marh cttrvM acroaa Uie btodt ; dmmI iu <Ugxiii|f 

'Sraft-UA||. t. (Eur. grxtft : tllnla. sail 
-tiMf-l A lilll* or tenoer gmft or advn. 
** n* |M<aar i <BM •*« wm* «rV/iNM akabta " 

art'-llVDk-it«^ a (Namnl after Giaham, a 
Maad ofWnitL) 

Ifte. : A Mliwral, auppoaad to he bwplMat«>l 
wad <iiTnHt«<l iwlndfau ; hardiXM, S : ap. 
v., l-ltl. Fooad In West Vlrgiiita, UUng a 
naam la aaandstona ot ChrlMnlfiennu age. 

' snkU. * ffnitek rX [tiUTa, v.] 
sriOil), 'sraile(l). 'crayl»(lX •. [O.Pr. 

fTMi; nran l»w Uit fnWdit.) Tb» aanM aa 
Oajuwai. (B. 9> 

* Tlw «U r«vM MrvlM-tMab ««• Hltl V fTrmt 
aarfSMd ^«aMti^w An-ata^aflktlad : wf whteh 
Itan ««n4l««n »»d raaarr •ortk, 4o>«pdiiM tntk* 
— — ■"* — ""- " (iMa H aolJiawtukl*. wIomK 

g^^ | ,n., ^ U> 

*gi«acn*snll«(3X*SVAyta(S).i. |O.Fr. 

yraUi; Iron t^t. frarifU « »le>Miv(.| 
L Snail pantotMeranjr kind -, mmiI. grawL 
L Oa* of Uw amalt fvalbcra uf a hawk. 

'SvftaCD. 'SnlU,(3) *fniylA(3).t. [a Fr. 

«>«< r^^T «raaM - a Bui aioJi ; f)^)ni l»w 
UL frarfol^ mMtC] I^»i.»<rlj: apjiltrtl Ui tlif 

1iy 4 a J T4irti aaed at IJi'> Ia>.x Siipi^r, uiM 
•ft hBM baan atot«ii by a acrruit uf PiUt«, 
■Mtf hf bm 10 nab hto fcamU U> Iwf'irtt tho 
■nRnada. afUrwifila giTan f/. .[....i.ii .f Ari- 
nalh^ aa a mertmnai nf < ' '<tltr 

■aad b* jM»|ih to collect > hicfa 

iowwal fittfiiourLartl wlillc liu i . . ■■m. 

"ThU," aahl be (ChmtJ. "to th« lioly diab 
wlwrcln aaw tlie laiuh on St. Rcrtliln'sd^." 
ifoioTn.-ilvru Jrlbufc. bk. xvli..cli. XX.) The 
won! (which to coiuini>uljr ((Ualintnt by the 
adj^'tlv* *"•. ao*"*, «vn, tai-t - bitly) was 
afl'rwaManpi-llcd to thocupua^ attb« Uut 
8iipi>er. Acci-rdlng tn one kriceuil, the Holy 
linill waa hroti^ht by Joseph uif Arliualbaa lu 
Eiiglan*!, wlierv tie aettled at Olaaloiibary 
aliMiit *.D. Its. Finally It waa traiupnrtail tfi 
Imika, wtinv it atlU rmmina. In a.i>. 1101 
tha L'ruHdnv, at tlie eaptuia of Cnuuaa. 
fiiund wluu they believed to ha the rerttable 
U»lj Grail, a dtoh toade of a alDgle iatge 
eitidrald. It la now pmarrwl Ifl the Uathedral 
^f Ban Lorenau, In OeriM«i. Anutticr Icaend 
aaya that the boly Tesael wu brougbt jjoin 
heaven by anpito. and eiitruaUni to tits can 
ofabody ufknlghu,wboga«rdeil and watched 
It Ml the Uvp of a blgh niouDtaln, It waa ln> 
tiatble to any one not perfectly piuv. Tlir' 
aearch. .* queat, fbr the Holy Urnil «flr.r iu 
loM or diMppcaranoe, f<inn»a the niil)>ect of 
nuniervua rotuanrira or poema, anrh tm U»<>w 
of Artliiu acil the Knrglibi of Ute Houtid 

" Ana «b«i taag Aithur viae* 
nil laU* io«uuL and all Dim^ ttmrU bwutia 
CWB toi « MMML miMlT I" bari thvnibi 
Tint on U« Uulf »rAti wuqM aimt nnla.* 

ynUllo, f. [Etyio. doatitfnl; cf. O.Pr. prai'«; 
Fr ffr4U 3 sleniii^T.I A aiu|{ic-c»t (llnorf|i)al, 
hn^'lng nnn riirvM and ooe atnught face. It to 
uat^l by coiiilniwiki.'r*. 

grmln. *gniyn. *gralii. *sroyB,j. TKr. 

ymin ; Imin L*L i;niatim = a gn^u, com; 
ofiga. wltli «m (q.T.).] 

L OniiMiry /^mf^wo^: 

I. A ilDitto «e«it of a plant. ff^rUi-ntarly 
uwmI of Uioae planU Uw aaeda of wlilcli are 
omn] bb l(>o>i For luui.) 

Ub (MMMua aa tw»^w*M «d wbMt hhl tn I**- 

2. Uaod oiUecUvdy. and wtthoot a deltnl- 
live, for rorn in genera, or the fruit of oareal 
pUiita, aa wheat, barley, rye, 4o. Ilk AMuica 
rcatricted to tlie gjmJn of wheat. 

" Par *tnte dn>«(lit twwafdB tka pnaaaU nl^ 
Aad taraeda Indwant <>a t>>« 'laritd prniiC 

^i^ilM.- rtrfti: e**rtui. to. 

3. Tlioae ptonu tbe aeecU of wluch rvuiKtl- 
tute the food ut man ; oaraal plauto, aa wheat, 
barley, oata, Ac. 

"TW MBM OradMM ptalMied torCon aB ellMO- 
frviM tksw thTM Mrtu (a wit, DraaMniu.atnn(Ua 
wid 9Mamtam.-~f. MArarf: i^tataThk. avtUT, 
th. vlL 

4. (PI.): [OaAun}. 

0. Any amaU, hard i>ar1iclp, as of aaiul, 
aogar, Aa 

" 7lM tiMpla ihM* adMMUat tmd u> Mt away 

nwnw o/ wool la Umw dwnniU of akUn IB wblrb 
tb« pniM* uf (vM mnaln.' - CoM^ ' Aatory 4^ (A' 

vi.«ia. 1^ II.. <i>. iiiL I r. 

ft, Htrkoe, uafed for a ninuta portion or 
partkto, the auuOleat t>artlcle or anoanL. 
" Do Ibv IvotUly foadcl vllkar recMBBAd hlis 
ndf» fa 0«d or *tM ucn. or 4*mi to hlma>dL II ha 
li>««* jfnttn «l aHH* In hin. tb«l II b« *•« wllbudl 
th— 11* «U»J- ««n>uM. tut U MT. L 

7. One of tbe coiulituettt jNartlclea Ot a 
boily, aa of a metal, a aintie, Ac. 

a. Tbo Nidy or anhataaee of anytlilnt; oon- 
aMerpd with mpect to the fom or dircuuou 
of tbe conatittKnt Mrtlelea : Uie form or ap- 
peaimneB of the aiiiniw of a body with naiwrt 
Id the qoallty or arrangeioeat of the partwto*. 

' VThat Kor Blda irf U va* cat HBOotb and rotlta. It 
•pfieMwd to iMr* • VMT IotbIt frain. like Uut <i< 
M«»a curloaa akia* waM.*— AJjm i /Wwi frtra, 

«b UL.IU. 

OL Tbo anrancnmuil or dlreotfiw of ihc 
thnm of wood or other BbnHu aubatanee. 

. . UMnwtNatUwvmd . . haT«lMn 

m«i nllM.'— Xmm ' JMetmi ft i u iia ImpU. 

10. Tbe Itudy or nuhMtanoa nt wonl with 
raaped to the armugnnenL, quality, or direc- 
tion of the aosatilnent Qbrea. 

' Btn an lawft nat kxUnI. I«n nl tb* Anltavt, 
IW clawtw, M>a tlw UnMt tlmMr trM* IBM ** Bai 
«rw ifciB ; tbalr iIm. uiolr fr-itn. mud u«mi«ui du- 
MbUUr, miaav tlwai ei fur wir kind of fcvlldJiM "- 
Moa rtr^ r n y ^ty bk. ii . th. tu. 

* 11. A kiu) of tpice i oarrlaiuuni ; graiaa of 

" Ba chnr«tB yvMn and traoolB* 

Cfciiiar. c. r.,Maa. 

* 12. A ared-piarL 

'■ A #F«a> IB SoUa Hut fcdlT aha»* 

* 13. All old name applied t<> aevi-ral inMcia 
of the gaiiui Oooeita, fhiiu Utelr roaud, aeod- 
like fona. 

* 14. A red or soarlet dye, obtaiaed fmm the 
coccua luaeot ; covbtDSul ; a acodctor pur]<le 

■- All in a nha al dwtort pf^ln, 
nowiDa oith iBA)a«t« iMiB.' 

ATiltM : ^t trmMmm. ■. 

* Ul An eaaentUt elfmeat In anything. 

" The oe« halM trBclmbla aed nUld. U>i bIImt auir 
■nd ImmUwI of a MnarWr. Uwr 11**1 but In annalB* 

tuaiord. aa WothitM ilVaA lOfctBtr. Mt IMt BBHad l8 

fntlti. '-tfainnriL 

IL rccAnuuJy.- 

1. D^ng: A firm dye, or ODf applied 
thiirciii(;blT ; tn tlto wool, not in thn web. 

S. t'olntin^: A ityle of palntlitK \a lliilta- 
UoQ of tbe nalaraJ gratoa of wood, nutrble, Ac 

3. VdjrUi ; TIm anit of wHgUt la Uie Eng- 
Itoh tyitetn. In a pound arolrdiipola are 
7,000 grains, hi a pound tioy i,'60 gralna. A 
grain to equal to OMTWiO graaUDoe. 

"lay tar tha artrltnri ■afi>«'i( iwtiM andriiLTIlBfi^ 
and eoaaUar ud (nak ol It fiaiaayl aa fratmt uM 
ot aUtar. utd Ita m nay aa lalluif id laaMlr.' 

-XMde.- imttrtoMr. ifoljmn 
4. SkXnim: Tbe Ixalr lidc of aklna, In contra- 
distitirtioa to the aeab aide. 

Y0> AQninrt tk*^rai»; A^aiiiat the oatnrml 
bias or iacliuatloa. 

" UliBar. tbMifli Math apaBM* toe »FelM. 
TIh iImu baa aarrlnd umi Jana.' 

(2) /a irrala, ' /« irmya* ; 
(u) In a pentuineut oolour. (OiiginuUy 
apiikcu only of red.) 

~ Hnv (Ik- i*4 mn Bnh Bfi la btf «hl»kia, 
Aud tlia fan •no*. ■lUi foodlr Tanaltl aBtyna, 
Uk« vliuMJi d>fl« M fp\«f iMl* 

(t) tniute, natural, real, out tootllioua; 

<c) Oaeply stated ; la aatnra. 

(9) Croiiui/airoiPanM: Borne little n nan tlty 
01 |«riallowedur reutlttcdi a Uttle allowaaoe 

<-!) (irai^ lif Vandite : 

hU~: The Meda of Amemvcm Gntna Para- 
fftof, Tbey an aerld aatda, tu«d to |rtve a 
puneeut taste to aplfftaoua Uqoora. Called 
fitoo OiiiBBa-gTalB*. 

Craln-btll. ■. A bo« or compartment In 
which gTMlii i« aluniHl in a gnuiary or elevator. 

griUn -binder, r. An attarliii«riit to a 
harv'-Kirr for bUidlug a (aval lulo a aUeaf. 

(mtn-brntoCr, a. A machine for ntoati* 
Ing gnuii Tnr frM, til rerirlcr n aaiire dlf^pati liln. 
It ilor* n<tl itrtixi Imt crnabea tlift kenwl, c^m. 
ur uato. It luu two in>n rollers of difTcrant 
diaiuetera, turned by cmneetlnij oog-wlweld 
of Um ioaie atea, an taat a rabUug to added to 
the erusbing action. 

graln-oleMMr. a- 

1. A nuoblne In which wheat, oats, ryn, 
and tatrley arc aepinled ftvm ibeir ehalT, 
duat, aud plecn i^ almw, Ibn rcAutl of tbf 
tbraabibg operation \ a taonbiff or wluuowing 

2. Tbo shoe or etoaaJag portion of a thrash- 
Infr-ma chine, which acto after the thraaheruid 
U>e ■traw-carrbr. 

3. A tuachliM in which gnin to rfdof oockle. 
garlif, Ac, which are ao nearly the alaa and 
weight of tbe grain that tbe afaa of mash and 
at nMiKth of blast of the tsaalag-otlU ar« id- 

4. A nuchine In which ftnln to rubbed, 
brusbe J, aaH<l bJowD to rtinow suiut and dnat. 

grain conveyor, *. [GLEvaroa, II. s, a.] 

grain oradie. *. [Cbadli. B. SO)} 

graln-djunpor, *. A device tor apply- 
In^ «t«Aiu lograiu to scald the braaand tai.'Ui- 
Uta ths ptoccai of docorti^tioD. A jet of 
ateaiu eaterlaa a tube where tbe grain dcaoeods 
a aertoa of InnlMa to a asoal aicthod. 

gTaln-drlar, '. An spparatnaoraiachtna 

Ul viliiuii damp ign\^ to drw, or gram in ordi- 
nary Dondttioo to kiln-dxted to At U for oooaa 

gnda-drin, *. A laaclilne for sowing 

gintii 111 dijtls or rowa. 

gnUn-fork, * A light fork with long, 
curbed Unee. esMl for i<ltclitlig gavala of cot 
grain on to a wagfoa, wbea Uia straw to too 
■hort tor convenient binding. 

btt, b^s p£^ ]^l; eat, (oU. cherua, fbla, baaob; go. ftam; thin, fhta; Bla. af ; ttxpeot, ^enopboa. e^iat. -Vkg, 
<<■ ■ , -Uaa=ah»n. -Uon, -aion^ataan; -lloa. -flan = ibAn. -tioua, -ototu. -aieiui « sbOa. -bio, -tta, &<*•=■ b^l. d^L 


Krain— graith 

sraln Bmoge, J. [tiaAix-TiBTTi.| 

grain- Imllttr. >■ a m«oliliie for UJdnc 
the cortex or ikin from gntn, m&king hallM 
wliv«t. pc«rl larl«y, liomuty, Ac. ; • dMOttl- 

gndB laftt]ior» n 

I. UraMcO li(n>e-bUea. 
Z. Ocat, Mil. ■ud nUicr tWat bUckvd on 
the gnia aide for wiwnea'k >hoeK. He. 

gralll'inotw, >. a tnacfaioa for nvasiir- 

grain -min. >. A mill for grinillng ewm ; 

K gnf'I-Eoill. 

grain-motli, *• 

ilMoM. : Two moth*, th« Urns of wh(«h 
fbad oa fisto. Tbor >ro Tinmt omnMlla ■ii>l 
Akfalij emM^«/i«. Tba perfMt Jiuu^U luvr 
Darr^iw vlu^ of Mtluy luatn, uid with nuu-- 
gltul trin){ca. 

gndn-tmlUk «. 

1. A rake UMKd Id r»kJng Krsio la the ■wmtli 
talM piveU rur Undlni^. 

L A ibIm OMd by ono who Hdm oo tlx- 
naptr In i«Ud( giv«l» from Uia pUIfuna nl 
tko mscliUie. 

grAlu-aaokar. i. A dariot (br loidl&c 

gnkln-aooarar, >. A nuchino fnr rltan- 
log graui , * •iiiiil'tulll; ■ m«chiQ« in wblcLi 
gnlu la ril)bptl ami cliolvd. «xiJ «««DtiuIl) 
•orted luto qiullUtu bjr (fntvitj uul bl«iL 

graln-»or>on, <■ a aluikiiie ^li-vf, or a 
routing eylhidrteu real of wlre-^ K^th In wbicli 
grmiu !■ Mirtttl by quntlty, acconlio^ U> it> 
aUlityto pus throaili thomealiMorUiF siovr. 

grmln - ■oparator. a. A thiuhing- 

grain -ahOTOl. «. A Khovel fnr tuodllTiK 
gntn in wkckson the flc^r of a kiln, granary, 
or warcboiiM, or In tho bold of h vaMd wLer« 
It te in balk. 

grmtn-t— tw, t. A neut fbr wtightag 
null quaaUUei, u lanfilM at mia. The 
«ap ban a knowu okpaelty, m ft eertklo ilbiaot 
fart of a baahel, and the dlriii'>na on tlii^ 
■valo lndi«c« tiw |>-)UiidB wliidi a bualiel u1 
til* gnlu tmtcd wooJd wvigU. 

gnUa-«lB.f. OryitalUm tin or«- MrUllk 
tiu iindtod wftfa elMJTual. Tin re>Iuoed fMiii 
tli« l>>OM gT«iD# of tin itono. [Stiieam-tix. ) 

■grain f2). 'grane. 'grayn. *gr«yn. i. 

1. A linDch of a tm. 
" Jkpo«s «■• 0rmm m knoab* «f id* fnat In* 

1. A atalk M- atdni of n plant. 
" n« ■hM>io»i fcadM tf I «> « 
Ba* town tfean kMonii^ a>vplt la titan ermma,'' 

S. Tbo brascbn of • valloy wh»r« U dlTtdaa 
lotutwo, liip i<Mnlof junc^ire of two rlnrt; 
B brmnch of a rivvr. 

"TliAlbtMMtaDf tWrinrvhWl tmm tatavm lb 

AlUehy »M(«,*rKMtk«noA«f (ka nrir. and Um 
vtbOT to oOlal liw toau IbpuA«< th« wtnK.~—mmu, 
£«M* V/WMh ««. (ia»i pi m. 

4, A tdada. at of a aword or knife. 

" TIm frfH tl of (I Ml lUla &mI af niU* ba««k* 

#■— iw>. n* 

i. A Um, prong, or fork. 

VL (Ft.): Aa troa inatronient with foor or 
miir* lart«d imlnl*, nacd for ttriking auil 
(atchtnji dol jihiuu and otbtr flab. 

* grain (3), ' gralna. * grana, >. (Okojut.] 

gralnia 'grejrna, t.t.h l [QBAnraX ■■) 

A. rniiuidiv: 

L (*td. h*im. : To form Into grmloa, aa 
aug»r, pnwdrr, Aa 

1. Paimi. : To taint or oolimr ao la to gira thi 
•ppMnnea of Uie grBln of wood, ftarfaM, Aa. 

2. rtiM. .- Totaka Um lulr olT; to aoflon and 
ralaa tba grain of : aa, To froin aklaa or iMlhar. 

B. trntramUin: 

L OnUnary Lamfnofi: 

" 1. To ylalrl frnlta : to ta fhiltfnL 

-tlw k^a hapw la vr»«' 

2. To fom gndna ; to aaaama a gnaaJar 

n. Paint. : To liaini or roinat wo'xt, Ron*, 
Ac. an u t<i inve Ui<- api>«anxtoo of tbo gralb 
of wood, Niarlilft, &c. 

'grain C2). * grana, v.i. [Ghoas ] 
graln'-aga (ago u liv a* (Cnfr rrain; 


L .\ <liJt7orduUeaoi) com. 

'S. An anoleot duty In l»ndon, mnsUtlng i>f 
t>i» twrRtlatli fMUt of tlie uJt impuTted hy 

n. Furr. : A lenn amdled to o«rtiiln mangy 
tiimoun on tbe legit of lKinK«. 

gr&lnad. a. [Kng. rmfa a) : ■«'•] 

L OrAinaiTi tjanguagt : 

1. Fiimwd or divided Into gnUtia or iiaaU 

' 2. Koogh, made l«aa noootb ; ahowing the 

*' Thoofh nev Uite frmtnud bn lA tnliw ba bl4 
In M(^«oMiMilu «tnUi * drlalad ajuw, 
Tm katli Kf aJfltlfll IH* uw* dmwoit. ' 

* 3. Dyed deep or In grain ; tngraliwd. 

A> vin B0t Unn U«tr linvt.' 

MntMfk • ir.iml'l, lU, L 

1. PaJDte<l i>r rolouiwl wuii a gr«ln. 
n, Rn/. ; Havlne minute gnnules or tu- 
}«rcW, ai the prtoLi of kuiue pLaiita. 

gralned-leatlier, L TheumeaaGBAm- 

LKJlHiiK Vt-V.)- 

grain-Or. a. {Eng. fnin; .cr.) 
L CrdJtuiry tjangwiga : 

1. Hntt who gnLJna nr paints fn Imitation of 
the ^imin nf wiiod, naarliM, Ac. 

2. Th<* brush luwd In gtBlulng woodi, Ac. 

t. Ai^ inruuou of pfcoon'a dnng for gtrlng 
tl<.-xiitiility to flklna lu ue prooeu of tauuiug. 
Also E-allAd hnte. 

2. A knife iiaed by tanuccB for taking the 
hulT'jir skins. 

* 3. A giBuuy. 

gr&ln'-Ukg. pr. jnr., a.^ A t. [flRAm (IX v.] 
A. & B. At yr. jhi*. d pariidp. adj, : (Brr 
the verli). 
C* lit nhtiaiUiv* : 

* I. On/lftary Latiffnoft ! 

1. A (rm)i of gtBln or com. 

•■ It »e«l*«a ■►••••••r ffmtmt^r* "lOi Bnra*n«lda. 

S. An iBdantatlon or raining. 

i< tli« IMW «4lT«« rtaei^ aiMl inark Uw «!«> of Uh- 
ArtiWr CovMUanuMni. 

IL TadhtikiuUir: 

L /iMfAcr BuniOlicfiirv : 

(1) Tb« pnwMB of rubbing leather with ■ 
bfMud to mlM the grain. The leathrr having! 
tiMin abavrd Ui a tlilrkuHft at thi< Ix-ain, and 
daulwd, is han); np Ui dry aiid u tlieti fuUlcil. 
gntin aide in, and rubliea on llie Sesh aide- 
with a iMMDmel or crlpplar to gin Uie laatbar 
a granular apiwaranc* and render it eupple. 
TiM hid* ia tnen extended and rubbed on tiie 
grain aldcL Thia la U-mted bruisliiK. 

(S) A prorrts for giving truukiuga lo tbe 
aurb«e of Inalher In Tinllaw the wnokled B|>- 
pearanoe of tnorvcoo, bog-eUn, and Mme other 

2. i^inf. ■■ The imitation of the natnral 
grain of wood by meani of tooli. Comlje, 
brtubea. rfdlvn, and the conMr of a folded 
ntg uv a*ed in tutking the rarlcoa pattema. 

3. lilh^. : A fflo>l» of giving a certain bn- 
tare to the Gur i>< a vtotM. One ttune Is kid 
npon anothwr with a nuantity of siftml aanrl 
of a given flneiMBi, ami, by a f-e^nillar owilla- 
Uon and fndnal pri^giMsioo, lli« surfacv i» 
«itt liitt a aet nf 6ua prondneueaa nor* nr 1ms 
derti and diataat, according to the elisiBCier 
of ute work to be placed apoa tAa stoa*. 

gralnlng'board, «. 

Ij^itKrr ill '■ !'/>« ii rr ; 

(1) A Ix«r4 on whlrh Imtherla apnad while 
b(!lnKKralne<I by the cHpfler. 

(2) A btuird with a sarface lmpnL<«eeil or en- 

grwred with a pattern. In tmilsttim et the 
ajitiml grain or aome kind of bwsfarr, and 
ttaed to oostfer tbe aame BptiaUHWC apOB IfaB 
other leather by pwwBia 

gralnUig-maatitna, «, 

1. Paint.: A roller with a pattern anfftaa 
tv|T«senttng the giain <>f wmtd, and laaad lo 
tnuuter tbe pattern in palm to wood. 

S. LtatiUr mannf. .- A ntarhlnr IutIor mllm 
with talaed, iMtnllel, etratgbl, or dlagooal 
tbreids, which Indent tbe gMt or ahecp akMs 
and give the wrinkled appMiBasa to movmob 

gralBlag-toOl, ■. Hand tools r«MnMliig 
roiiibe, fcc., T T luiilalint; in poinUng tbe Uaa 
whluh repTvaent the growCha uf tiniber. 

grain' -iAg QO, a. [Etrn. dooMlttl: cC 

UHAitiri>-<3 (1) ] 

lekiky. : l.neOn» laneaaMMuU. A lab 
found In England lo tbe Kensy and lia tribo- 
tarie* : it wu reoogniaed bf Agaam durtag 
a visit to thIa eonntry aa oeourlng ta aome 
&W1SH lakea. It ia fmm Mt-cn to nuw indua 
loHK, tbe uppnr parU j«le drab, Ungcd with 
biiilab-red, the under i>aru {wle. 

grftlBf U), ■■ pL (ORAta|lX<-l 

I. A iiialdimiiiiif niim snil limiliilila inallaie 
aflor Infusion or drcncUon ; aa iba grates of 
BuUt after ttie woit ti» decanted, 

S. A hNtiojt soliitloo nf tilrda' dang, oaa4 IB 
dcatroylng Uie effect of Unu, and u iiiimiulM 
tbe flexibility of kalber. 

8. Plaosa of ahpot-mcUl. casUroo. or tiaiwd 
iron Uiantod into a numld fitr Uio ptirpeas of 
atiiporUng an soceasciry portiua, Biica aa s 
com. In poaition. 

gralnj (2), ■• pJ. IGbai«(1).s.I 

'graln'-gtafC i. (Eng. gmu, and tf^f ] A 


graln'-f , «. lEng. gmin (i> ; ■».! 

1, Full of gralna or granolar pBrttdaa; 


" It pr«>al*4 OB tU MtfliM Ifca f**m ttn»m rf 

primmral ima.'— tUJaeu«a /bwmeiJatf. Lm£ p. a 

i. KuU ufgmlnor com. 
* gralp, ■ grapa, r.t. A i. iGwirB.] 
■graipd). *grapa(0.«- tGarrc] Ant- 

ture, * KnlSii. 

-AnMit U ■— — Ken y a, sfam mn tmtt^ 

gra^ fin, * grip* {?). (■ [Sw. gr^;OML 

gmpadJt.] A dung-fork. 

"Apnvw,- m r»rfcsi « riitoia' t i ^ kAAi^mm^ 

■graitli, 'grayth, * graytha. • gralibfc 

4J. [Ici-l piridAr.) 

I. Uead]'. willing, pref«r«d. 

" LakM Umu. b* f^fA* M !&* AeaaMfc SK 
1 attaint, direct. 

3. Buneat. 

4. Sutall. attort. 

graltb. ■ grayth, - grajrtha. * gntth, 
'greythek t.i. U<^- trrKOa.! 
1. To make tvady ; to prctara. 
"Bsahk»rrav«ae»i«v«rrtcb«.' Mmmlt». L1K 

5. To dresa. 

S. To drrss fond. 
"Of ocmaa* fmiekitn4 ar malk»mA nMla fliA m 
■•liai. not vbI tiBt euntauUM kt tmm to h» taa^'^ 
C»mlmurl»t Af. «b. XUtvlU. I *t- 

i. To ateep lu a ley of stale urine. 

grUtb. *graytlMi. ■grayttw, s. [ta4. 

ITFfidAl.] Appiiralus, fUriutw*, or eqwijMMal 
geoenlly : as. 

1. Hancm. 

"TltnrfM tmiVmOtwT rnia ttet ikH tai <« tw 
Madr-iosd* Ml •! BaUMA' iPiW- Awl 4f JMa 
MM«ii.c<i. V. 

2. AeeoatremenU IW war. 

3. A niner'a tools. 

4. SDbetBnrc. rtcba, pttrperty. 
0. An aitlrlr u( drvea. 

*- Thsr OMk* (haaM^ b<Ut« B»a athM- feaflL tats* 
the twfcw a >Mfc«d.'-0 ■twsrtM A». Jk. Mtt 

f liMM ^ rator^ M* 

6. Any oompo^tkni luad by 
preparing their work. 

■■ -nn (•kUMB) hMMv IMr Mharla a*<at rf 
f*itWk. Um I* to m^. Hmm {*imwt\ «■*«. aaS mam 

■ta, at, flira, aaldat. •wrhkt, OUl. tet&er : we. wdt. here, oam^l, b6r, t&Ar« : pine, pit, nro, nr. marine t g*. pM« 
or, wore, w^SL wArk, wlA aAn : mnta, oftb, cora, i^ilta, oar, rnle, fOll ; try, Sfrlan. M,e*-a:«y = A. «n = kv. 




7. Wami woler fo wmiixbt up villi toap m 
U> bt 111 bir maUng clol hM. 

& The twfott^ tbresds throagb which the 
warp ratw fn the Inom. 

"T* •MlBfT to tbs *nbM« UM tfmMA M Ull ■."- 

KTA-Uf^f. [QkackulI 

t grtkt'lJB, a- pt. (iMl. = itnts.i 

OmUk. : Dm aaine given by liDnwu kn 
th« order nf WMllug Dlnls now oIImI Onil*- 

IpM-t^tUg'-i^ $. pL {PL ot Lat ffraVotor 

m OtH who piOK <M1 BtHbl.) IGUALt-T-] 

L OraML .* Wwtins llinla ; xn ordrr of 
\Mm ButvclaM CknitatK. lliey have Imitt 
lKg>, a £T«nt pnrtinn of Ihr-m ofVn twro. TbU 
itrurltiiT ••liiilnl'l)- flU Itirm to wad«, and 
tlial wtthoul havirtK lti«ir (eatltPM ««t. Tlvey 
fasra often hmf oadu aad btlla to naoh tb« 
ctwtiMl when wading. TIm tow an (our. tb« 
Blit4 ona vmrtahla brtUi In alM antt pn«iiioii 
Tlicj' bsTO nvUffioularr wnlia, wmtcUmea 

Bowinteg tb* bueof tb« taral. but not tht 
MtHHiTa ««ba of Itve NaUtore* : yet tome uf 
Omb iwIb and dlv« well. Tlwy tnoaUr fro- 
qvant nanh; pUoea, tba Me* at stnanis and 
Mkm an tba aaft-abora, wIktv tbey i>ick up 
wonu and Inaeeta. Tb« order miiy bu 
divided into fonr hihn : MacT«Mla«tyU, CbI- 
trtPDrtna, Lon^rostns, and Pmatrrwtrai ; 
tbef hav I.C.-.. .livNlf.I -Iv, 'Mt-. *\x rtimUin ; 
miUl'. I 1-1 (Snljwii). 

t, /' :>vnt at th« onlrr 

lutn I rrvUf'miu mclu, 

and a y. m UieTvriiary. 

iCrU'-l%-tdr'-I-«l. a. [I^t gr<iUatar z= a 
walker on itUu'; Eng. ad). aalT i<iJ.| Of or 
pcrUliXitg to tba Gr»lI»tor«a, orwai|lnf[-blrdii : 

grU -l^-tur-f-, a. [lAt gnilntfir: fEi]g.a4J. 

•uff. -y] Tba aauie u Okau^tubul (q.v.>. 

BrU'4i0.a. tL»t. 7wW(*)=atUU;Eiig.»dJ 
AUlT. -icj Of or pertaining to the graUc; 

(rtl'-lAoka a. lEIpn. doabtfuL] Tha o&la 

of a ^<rT. 

SrU'lAek. *1. (Oiuu»nT, r) To mstrvr 
Ui« odala (if a dMr. 

*Srtm. 'STKBM, 'SrADUB. *8TOIIl,a. Af. 

(A.A- ran, yn>ai ; O.a, U. H.Uit., 4 I>uL 
fwa; [r«L r*<*^> Dui. frrant; Aw. gramtm; 
O.Fr ffRi»; luLptnto; Ocr. r^Aj 
A. i* od^viiiw : 

L Angry, anrvgvd. (Onm/m*, 7.144.) 
2. Warlilis. {fiawn h (hJnpa*, IL 14.) 
■, J« MiM. : Qrioff anger, aormw, nuUon. 

~ A WWaM MrfMk It WU taTM •) to ar«MV* 

OtMfMr . C. r.. 14.01. 
-ggmtm, fN/. {Or, yMM*B (ffraiBBM) > that 
•tilrh ta written - ypii^ (frajAS) = to wrlt«.) 
▲ aaAi r^neiiUy h*m1 with worda of Orwk 
«llgU to oapnaa fciuvlhing written, aa, e|tf- 
gnm, ebronoumi, vlegram, Ac 

(IX ». [OaA«i«.l 

l<Z>, *. (Etyn. douhtitil.) TtMi (JhMi-pnk 
''WUtrarHtinKM), owd tn tb« Eaat Indiw fur 

Bat : OflMM tm^jConu. 

* grim, * Kratn«, ' gramle, * groino. 
~ KTomlen. ■■ *■ *i > 1A.N. irruMitiit, 
O. H. ijfi. A il.'Ui. i/ftiv^n.] 
A. IVniuftiM: 
]. To r«x. to annoy, to make angry. 

/^f ir»«. ittn. 
B. /n^xiiu. ,- To be angry, vexed, or an- 

" Hi* bMTtf fw iwJ*" x.fl|M*»iH^ iL. m. 
*SrftBk''^-yS, a. (Pr. jpri««0lfv=aeonJtirlrig 
book, {^latgrnvt.) Tbla la only anolliar (ttnu 
of Pr. {rramnuitrf, anil dlil notappoar till tbc 
alxtn-nth century. OranvMtn ainon^ Iha ud- 
educat*!<l atuod for aajr book «f occult •cienise, 
by rMdIuc wlil^Ji It waa auppnaad adepta ooold 
ralBo tliB dflvU.t [Oaaiuua.) Hagic 

" I liot« tlMl tB Mr. SpiU'aDul |w«n kl* kM« n 
kcrulnr «lUbtlaMaddlc4<rttaffT«flMri>tawlM«nb> 
tnattKU.--Mwm . JN«(M Aaj^ * amtk mwttwart 

grani&lli'-Jtf, ■.}>!. [Gamabil] Galtan 
nrni'lihig to lhf> knmi- ; lagH^'^K'*- 

" HI* ■Uoiu fmmniti**, or Uarinn, «( tkUk aru 
da(h.'-.1iuu .' Bmkrl V JVMM*^ ck. lUL 

' grama, a. 4 ■. iorah, a.1 

gra'-mtn-ita. >. (Ut gpoam > gtan, and 
lulT. -Ut iUin.) (q.v.X Kamed from Uia gtaaa- 
gTc«n colour I 

Mi*. : A variety of Cliloropo] found nt M«ii- 
xaiitKU^ in the SlcbeogoUr^. (i>ana.) 

'gr&m-er, a (GRAHMaiLi 

gr^mdr'-f]^, iaiif*. [O.Fr. gniawiim<{ ; Pr. 
ffmmd wiercimmmi thankii.| An fispUiiintinn 
cT|»rMalVB of Uianlu. mingled wilb a loolmtf 
of aorpriaa. 

** 'Oraawmr J'qaatk T^eaa Marvtm" 

tenXI .' Mmrmttm. L Ik 

grttm'-I-ltf« a pf. [PL of Ut fnunrn (gtnlt. 
jtmMinii) = graaa.) 

fiol. .- The Min<! given by Unnrna In 1751 tn 
the fourtvvnlh nf hia natursl onlpm of pltntA. 
JnKai«<a In ITKI! rrUiurd IJir luunn ; Ilohfrt 
bniwn in 161<)»ItiTrd It to Gramlmir. Liiiil- 
Ipy'a name for it ia UrminlDacos {<|-v.>. 

gr4m-lnHb'-f4-fB. gr^mln'-S-iB, *.t^ 

ILat. grantu: geulL gnm\H(i») ^ gnua. and 
fcui. pi. atU. iUa. •ooMf, •«'r.J 

tbit. : GT««t«a. An order nf endogena, at- 
Ibuea Olumalea. It n-tniiiiiU of evrrgrMii 
burba, a fuw of them reai'tiing a great aiao and 
Uviiitt fur many yuan T>)« rliiXDina la Bhfxma 
ur bmbiiuii ; the at«ni,whlrh li oovared wttJi 
a ooat--f oil, la cylindrical, generally flatular, 
cloiDd at the Jolnta, but aomef imna aoUd ; tlM>. 
l««vea arv nam-w ami iiixlividod : tbav are 
altfrrutfl with a eplit-ahcath and a llgBM or 
mciDbranous ciiwnsioo al Uiojanrttaa of livt 
■talk and blade. Tb« flowvra, which ar* fX^n. 
ars Id little aplkea. callad loeuilM. arranged In 
nreinn or iMnlrlea. Klowers ftq-Rwl vt ini- 
liricat«d bracta, theoaler onruiealkd gliuneB, 
tho«« within llieiu [«1«m% aud the innertooet 
nnm acalea. Oluraea, two or five ; (Mlew., two, 
the outer ooe aijaple. the iiuiar rocnpriaed of 
Imo, nnttad by weir eontlauoui manina, 
DMiaUy t«i>keded : ataaMoa RMenilly tnrMs 
rareljr one ; two, fimr. alx, or more anthers, 
Tpraatile ; ovary, atni|>le ; atylrs, Iwo or three, 
dielltict, a\fw rarvly euinblned inloune :BMd, 
oue, aiii>tio[«l : K^^t^^ally iin>llitli)giil«tiablo 
from the incDibniiioiiii pen(-.arp ; alburrKtii 
tarlnait<'>ui«. TIip nnler has a rrinoto ammlv 
to th« Palm* (PalinaiMi), and a cloaer one to 
th« Sedgea fLJiwraoeK). GnaMea occar tn 
alt oouiilrlea and In nearly al) altnntloiu. 
Tbara are iM ^nntra, and about ^..VlO Bp«>c1i>a. 
Tliay oonatltuta about unv-twfiitieth, if uot 
•vea ona-alxt4)en1h, ofall knoirn pUnta. In 
indlvlduala titey tranacMid all othtir uriera, but 
a gfDulne greeMward la more common in teni- 

Eraia enontrtea than tn tlit tTnpl<«, in whli-li 
e gtaaaea paw leaa do^ly togetlMr, baaidca 
faeinif often larger. All the f ereala beking to 
thii ofvler, particular genera and ipaelfla fluttr- 
lahlnt! Witer In one nnnirtry than to auntbar. 
Thiu the net and the bftrUy rnme to gifat 
p"rf«ctliin iTi .Srotlaiid. rye lu the north of 
eoiitibenial Enroiin, whmt iti Englaml, Pranoe. 
Oennaay, Hungary, ami theC'rtmrA; rirv where 
water aboanda. In si^iutlwm Ania; an<1 main 
In North Araenca. Tb* order fumlaheaabon' 
danl fnddi-r fnr cattle aud horaen. Sognr 
exlata In all grvaaM. and la at gmat eennnmie 

^alne In one ; ailex la made trma them, also 
cordage, Ac Sotoo yield a rragnnt oil ; a 
Dimiilc fraction are potannona. The onler 
Oramina^reB la dl\ided by Uiidley luto the 
following thirtMn t«lbea :— 

"Otjwm, niikraw. hnl«^ Http^ Aarmtii 
Jkraatltum. PappopbortaL CailorMa. Ann*^ VaatvoMt. 
divldal nitu t*>< luBillw— nrotuMlK Miil BooibiMlda: 
KariHi, KuUlmllOL aul AjHtffpufuci^l^v.l. 

grftni-I-B«'-94^-«tks (or ooona u ahftaX >■ 

[M<>1. L«t. ^iin1<uin<u<); Eog., Ac. tuff, -mu.) 
Bel.: Of IN* belouKli'K to tl>e order Onml- 
UBoe« 4q.v.); having the diaraclarfaUca nf 

** Sitnnnane aaavTM art aiMa remllwlr •4«irtaJ 
terer m afaaw w i ^tiuila. >«ah ■■ Om BiMili)»«niMW 
an/lfea t>mmiik'~J. WrtpUVH, la CatmUt fMMUMl 
aaweaiBr. pi ■., fl m. 

gny-jnln:-6-0K *. pf. lUnAuiFiArKA] 
gra min-d-^l, gr%-BiB'-«-oA% a. riat 

gramlHtu*. fmni yntnwn — gra&a.] t'ertalnlug 
to or like gnua ; peitaining to tb« tribe of 

TM narl wae a ■i- ju ii n i— i nbaL . . . 

'TIm tne bat! wae a ■i- ju ii n i— i pbal, i 

grftm-ln-I-fi'-li-otta, o. ti^t. graww, 

<Aflnlt. framinuy — graas, /oiium a a lea/, aitd 
ug,. Ac. aolL -9V.] 

BcL : Having hiavaa Uka tbnar oTfiaaaaa,— 
(.a, long, alauoer, [iotnt«d, and ao rtUMd aa to 
tpitt loogltndluaUy. 

grftm I-IliT'-dr-«1ka, 1. (l*L antnfn [gmlt, 
ffr»mf%t*l— grmM*', woro m Ut devour; -una.] 
Uraaa cattng ; nwding or Uvtng Dpoa graaa. 

aaek. tb* (huk 4own. Uw fva 

l>«iuiUUh*>r>biUi>o>tBoaaBiMUMe.'— ^iib||.' 

grAm -ma Idgae, <■ [Gr. vp^fM (gmmma) 
~ that which I* written, a letter, auil Avfoc 
(leyM) B a word.) 
i'Aoaetr. : A wnl TOpreaentol by a logo- 

gmin ; oa U repreaeuteil by \ , tlint In t. 

grftm'-m^r. *gram-alr«b *gram-ar, 
*Krain-«r«, 'graag-BMraw 'gram- 

CT-y, '. * 1. \ii. Pr. pnmain: Ft. gram- 
■iviirr, fmiu Low LaL * fraamaria, thiiu Lat. 
irniiana =Or. ypa'MM (fraaUHlX fK>m -nm^m 
(rnipU) 3 to wntt.1 

JL itaniMaBrir«4 

1. The aclenoe which tiaala of tb« worda of 
wbirh laneuaga ta oompniad. and of the law* 
tiy which It la govtmeo. It hi of two klnda, 
deacrtpUve and oomiianUvtt. Dea<-hplive 
grauiinar olaaalltaa. amnc'^a, ami deti'iiltea 
wurdaaa aeparale parte of ap«ceb. and not«« 
tbechnngea they undetgo under certain cou- 
ditloua. Compantlve gninmar, whl<-h ti baaeil 
on tba atndy «f worla, goes further ; It aaa- 
lyaaa and aooonnta for the chatigea they have 
onderaana, and eateavnura lo tram then back 
to thair origin ; it tbua daab with the growth 
of languaifa. 

" OrviMMr h the art ollrWtBd wall naaklag alas- 
gtmt*.' — Bmm Ji^att i JCtw'tat yrnmmmr. ch. L 

5. A book or work oontalnlng the iirinciplea 
andmlaa forapeakiogaad writing a laDgiiags; 
a trtatlae on the priudplea of languge. 

"AJtrle ffiMpWMd leranl rnin*in«n mat dMUeo- 
ttlm.' —IMdtmUh /*■(»* /.<«>-hM«. <i>. IlL 

3. The art nf apeAliini{ or wrltlti; a Ian- 

Cia with oorrectneaa and pfi<|)rluty accord- 
to aauliliabed mlia. 

4. A oomx^ tuM nf worda In aocorduice 
with the ettablfailiwl nim of langwge; itrcK 
pnely of afiewii. 

-■ fariitm tt ■ >wtat*l» tampm-ft n tii ^ iBiaertwrrnt 
ntlre ihat >v«r na made on wm— i ftr Um adl«»> 
UvM an aenWr. ud ntMnMi aatt faa aanilnaJ to 
tnalu Uinu y ra m w ■ r.'— ft »a«w. 

6. A tiMtiu on tba elaaMnta or prtndplaa 
of any aalaafla or aahlaci ; aa. ■ y r tt a wwi f of 

B. At adj. : Pertaining to oc oontxined tn 
grammar ; aa a yranmar rule. 

gramnuu*- aehool, * gramer - aoola, 

I. A acb<><4 In which Isagaagea, eapeelaUy 
latin and Greek, are grammaticaUy taught 
** TluM k» toaM tnltomaalr Meraptal Uie yoetk 

VIUitrmtiaM\um*fama»fr am mmrmlkruL Mi l l at 
• Mmrji r/., Iv. ]. 

'grftm'-mar, *grKa'-mer. r.i. (Gaaii- 
hak. i.i To diaoonraa aooordlQg to the rolea 
of grammar. 

ll«Ddiapa hOTtaOMi: VU tra im m m - »iUi yon. 
AaA uaka a Ulal bo* I aa riflctln* yna. ' 

a«*MW*. * ftn. - L<MN V Ctint^. U. L 

feftL ^0i ptf^ ]tf%l: cat. 90U. otaoruB, 9M11. benvlt: go, gnm; Utln. (hia. Bin. aa; eirpoot, SFonophon. a^at. pb « C 
^i m m, -ttea - A^a. -Hon. -alon ^ sli&n; ^on. fl«i =■ ah&n. tloa^ -«lotia, -aloiu =■ abfta. -ble, -die, Ao. - b^U d^L 


grazzimariaxi— grand 

gram-mJW -l-^^ ' gnuD-ar-l-an. 
' gnun *r 1 ' on, * grun - or y on. 
* grun KT y on«, * gram nuu- y on, 

•• lU. Tt. framorien; Kr. grammainmi 

1. Ooe wbo !• nrtMl In piiaiiiMr or the 
Mtientw of kiiciucn ; a iihilulugial ; « BLut«r 
of gruuRuir. 

~AuKn| Iha prtMU aha MhaaA tbi mtta «w* 
•OHM RMii ■uiUMtl li> III* l*>f>»d vorVL ■• fraw- 
MiarMMtL ctooMiJaKUl*. bmaMi^hh) •■Ubumw*— 
ATacntav. JTM J^^ oh. «lr. 

2. Uiie wbo writM or tmobaa gnunnwr. 

" CMi«hgB mm M Inio ttet ntaUto br PImmAm 

* grvm-aaiir'-I-^B'lBB. *. [Eng. ir<i'«- 

miruiw , -iM».| Tbe iirUidplw or uatt of 



lln' li-.idifi 'if imiiiiiiJir in t oillfgc , Iln- b-nii 
I>r<iri'M>i( t>r tlntuAiDiy tuu long l*(«u lucd lit 

frAm'-m^ 1£m, n. [Eiig. roMMftr; 4cm.] 
Unlitutc of gnuutuAr ; wiUMinC ■ gnmaiu'. 

*grim'-m^-3ri. '. EOhaiujitkJ 

*CrAni-mfttM.«. lQt.-^H0^tr»(tra»wiala\ 

ti.<>( Y>>«»i^M»i9niMiiia) a ■ loner.) EtonMtiU, 
ret |>Maci])leii, or rwtlauuito, u aTsninniur. 

' TiMM «(4«b hAy«^ wImni Ibjr tau taak lb* grxtn 

■r^n-mftt^-lo-^ a. (Fr. jp^mwuiitUnK from 
IaL framtuuictu = (ninnialirAl, from Ur. 
yftiHtunMoi (jmt mu m t iiim} s knawiiijE ones 
MlMnt ur nKUinenU; ypittftm (^ramwa), p>i>. 
wrfwMT«« (j^ramMoAM) = ■ TtU»r; yp6^ 
^nij<A5) » to wriU-l 
1. or or pertaining to gnmmttr. 

tbuUMM fitf pmI JJ fl i nn — tn nauM ltwn»iuiii* 

£, AeoonUoR to tbs nileo of i^ramiiur ; 
gmmiiuticftUy eonvct. 

"It b fltnalRlrnM UMinUiatMRMCf lb»<*«mi 
Ihin taids la.'— <flMHT. *uL v., UtML >. 

MoltaaJ; -Jy.! In • gnunmatJaftl nuin*r: »c- 

eanllog to Ui* ralM or pr1ncii»l«i of gnuiimir. 

-IW wwwti win grawMffiw ll» tov tfctoaaMtnu 

moUokI; -•«■>.] Tbe c|aiiJ)tj- cir lUtc of beliu 
gnuttiuiticft) or aeconUng h> Lh« nUeo of 


' Pfi-liy-l-«a»-f«r, c [Pnnaed rWrni 
■nf. gwi W M llfconwMliyy wlLhfortnjfff.fnU- 
WiHiy, <«.) A low petty gnramtrUD : « ^nr- 
tandn- to Um koowMfB of gnunar. 

*P«m-mit-l-0&'-tlAB, >. ( UroM- 
iMHd; ; -iHian.] A rule or pniiaHa of 

ffrfm-mAf I ^{fm, t. [Eng. fmamai\c; 
-UM.) A I'liltil ur [iriiicjplii in grsiituiaj. 

" tf w« wbU «>ntat » ■iwiiiaiiii lu, Um *«4 Wm 

lipMMML,'— X««aMw* On*. #■ I r^mr U. m 

* grg»-mir-I-ya», r.l. a f. [Bug. fra»- 

MUlK.- -tJl.l 

Ai 7>>ia«, ; To rfmlrr grunoMttcBl ; Ui irt 
out or vtBHif* in MManlMioa with a bjbImd of 

"IMa WW Um *ht An* attMHil U MatHdr (» 
Htann. ar «D #<^t->M«MM» Ibb luuBMB I Ua Ultk 1. 

-/wS^ irarfMM.- »-««« •»«>«»«« iNoMlI 

B* /titruMJk : To ilUpUy oucV kuowkJgc u( 
gniunwr ; to >ct the gntnniuluL 

"OPww-MfMUiw Mifc"MM»y. Mrf arflUitii* «pn 

* Criim'-Bl^-Illt, H COr. ffMfifiAnffT^f 
{ y na « MMHMfjJ.j A iireUtuilpr tu a kuowloliff 
of jukjuuar, 

~ !(a4 iMatrwMoto ^ tatot^c atato* . . . w bmm 

fp«i n ia«Wii kM« iwMlBtl."— A <l»0aw< tmmm^ 

Krikail''m%-tit«, i. \^t tfUMIM fgnnmat, 
IC-tilt. ypMiuirsC (jrra«uia&M) ■ « wrlttM) 
c^nKtar, a line] 
JUm. : TtM MOM m Tiicimt.iT«{fi.T.). 

griia»«, a^ [Fr., from Or. ydij»ji« (^umiwi) 
• i wrtVaa cttuiclir, a Mm ... a wvlglil 
iiMd br pbyiieluia • « Mra|l*-1 

FTfigiAb A Mmuut^m. PfiyMia, ir, : A FRDCb 
w<-ltU't, vviiilvftU'iiL t» lliil i>f » eublo enitl- 
mctm <^t libtlilnl n4tor U 4' C. It wekgbi 
1M43 gnlii*. Uii the C.U.K. Syitem of 
Units It Ib nmrly rqiul to ^i dynen. 

grwMWt ««nttinotre, «- 

/^^iwtoi .- A mf^aiirp of wi.rk r* tlie C. G. 8. 
System of UniLa. It U ticurly = VifL x l\f 
erit*- Tt U ntlwtr 'itwt than th« l({|nr|t 

cnunm* dflftree, •. 

/'Ay*)Va r A mfAntire of beat. On*" gratnin'* 
dugrw CvnUgnHja li = 4*8 K VP wis = forty- 
twu tulllloo trgt. 

grftm'- Bute, a. (Or. yftattt*^ (gramma) 
IGliAMHiTtTi:], aiiil ftiirr. -llf (,Wtt.)((i.v.>.] 
JUii. .- Tbr iuiiDi: a* VoiMASrTOjtiTt. {'i-*.). 

grfan-mlt-ld -^n, i. W. I Nmi. ut rra«- 

mtr(fi>, ami Lat feio. i^L adj. aulT. -tdjoi.} 

^t. : A aiilt-trlbe of FulyiwdUceou* Ponia 
bavltm iiakwt aori. 

grftm-iai'-tf^ <. [Cr. yp^^fJi brmnw) = 

(he »tr<ilce or a pea, »a outliuo; ftmn tbc 
arran^iDrnt of tM tori.] 

Boi. : The tnAetX rcdu* of tbe mbtrlbr 
GnunmltidflB (q.T.). What waa on** Icrraed 
OfutnmUU Mteninh waa iirxt callM t Wgr wal 
oj/lcituirum, aud liaa now rctomctl to AtpU- 
aivm cittrach, lU uUl Luiumn nainc 

grftm-mdn'-tl ADf, grOud'-mfo-tiiMf. 

grAa -di-mAtt tAln^, >- •■■i. |[V>ni (.'mm 

mtjHt, in 1.1 III ••>:('«, Muri't, iwvr vrbiolt Ltie unif r 
waa tint enubllabed.) 

Ch. HiH. : A Rkotuutlc nrd«r fouttded In *.!>. 
11)7.1, with thf atnctirtii of Po]»eGr<v<.ry VII . 
t^ ^tt-itlirn of Thien, a nobleiniin of Au- 
vrfyov. wbo u wKDctiaiea calliHl Htvplien de 
Harrt. [Elym.] nu rulra aajnlntd iwverty 
•ad obwlienoe : alMlliience frvM uiliual CmkI, 
wbicb waa nut allowed even to Una alck ; 
as alao allatiea, and forbaila ooavanatjou 
with female*. Tb« biy brvtbroa win to 
managa the accuUr alEalra of Um moaaalery 
wliUi! Lbt-ir clorical awociatea davotcil tbeni- 
a>'lvM rxclualrcly to apiritnal miilrnii'latloii. 
Ttie rriiQlaUoi) of tlw ord«j' r<>ituilii»I higli 
during tba eleventh and tweUtb c«Dturi«ai. 
L'lUnutciy, bowcrer, rarlanoe araae txitween 
the Alertcal and biy ontbren, and tbe rljnnr 
of tba ruloa wu nodlllad. both counei U'od- 
itig to Inwrr tlw rrpulaUoo of Uie order Id tbc 
Cbrtatbu world. 

^ Tbe onler cmm IdU> tbe England Id tht 
nlgn »r Heorv I., k.v, llOO to IISO. Ttaey 
MrtaliUabMl tbemRlrea at AbbnTbory, in 
Bbrojiahlre, ai Cnoeewel), in Hfmfcmjabirv, 
and at nmHinonI or Kkkdalo, tii Torlculilrr. 

itfMMn: Ck. HiM., oeuL. xL, ut. iL, cb. il., 

tBrSm-»t-pJtr-^-lotta. «. mr. tfitn^i 

JarawimUrs UMiitR>k«of a ptii),a line; irWraAa*' 
(pfloiAH) B a Iraf, and Eiig.. Ac auff. -<i<m.J 
BiA. : Uaviug linear iialab, 

'grAm' plO. a [O. Pr. jrawkftiU, erampi!it.\ 
A rjalvtiab. 

grftm'pfia, 'gribn'-pftaM, *grAaA'- 

plfl^e. (. [A 4-orru|illiiii of llal. tfraM pM - 
grr^t tl»h, or of Piwt, jrira priw, <if 8]'. grawi 

fa, from Let. arandU ftCtit > a great flab. 
Ucre ta mi anafafloui o^wology Ut Porpotae 
(iiv.i. (Swat)] 

XooL: A i<et>'?^D, PSUmma Orm, eloMlv 
■klu lu (be pi>n>oiar, /*. ocwmnnU. but tnoi-n 
UqfBr,biiBgaoii)ettiif'itV"-<tiv.'>rK-r-ftkoiig Ii 

h« »1*T<^ thirk (H>i»i™l t«vth, a llttip rnwkt^, 
the jHflrrt'.T oo-a fbttrnod tranivenwly. (l 
ta t>lark altovpaud wlill' IwOnn. lllvavora- 
rtoaa animal. It la ffiu»<l iti tiM Xortb At- 

luUe. aieitdiog aiao to tba Britiab aaaa. 
gria,fl. lOuvn.) (AmM.) 

Phitrm.. It. : Uratna. 

* gimiMi molnooMUb *■ pi- 

/'Aorm. : Tbe aeeda of Cnlvn TifHrnm mA 
C. I\twa*a, two eauborbteeaoua IrMa tnm Ibo 
Esat lodiw, tbe oU of wbwb la acrid, a^ 
blbtora tbe afcio. 

*gr9-BA'd«.*grt~aA'-ae(UL lOnBua«.i 

1. A grenade. 

2. A ^luib, a |AiD|dttel, a eatJr«L 

'grftn-v^Ubr. «. |OnataDum.| 
grltn-^Hin -I9, «- Isp 1 

Alt. ; Tarlons RfvrlM of PaaiWam (^Mio* 
Flowf-r), •« J'aMlJlofn fuMlnutfalari^ ftc 

bavitig odlbU tmt* ; &1m> tb^a fhMs tbcM- 

*gl%-Bft'-d« ff). »■ (Let. fra<ior««.l A 
|>wiuFfTaaate. [UnAyATTM.! 

grttn'-^m. $. iQaj>sj>AM.i 


r-#, a. (Lai. fraaan 
; ItaL irraaare; Bp. 

fraaarte. IMn pmmm 

ipraairr; Pr. jrtnigr. Grvmarf aod gw rwir 
are tbas doobbta.) A atotvluxM* or »t>»t- 
lary for grain aflrr it baa been tbraabad ; any 
plarc wuare gntn la alored. 

" Ot JmkmL lb* mu. aad Iba Mfc *UA lar ^ 
BuU mh) utlii* (Mda lu U»U «n*a«r«M. vbiab mtm 
tl>»u U> ftaia* *-»««.- c'lMalwM iaoa. kb. Ul. 
ct> IL 

grAa 4t,«. [Oaiuin.) 

Jim : TbeMinaaaOAkSKT (q.v). 

* grAa'-f ia (1). c [Ohak iil) 

'grAa'-^tel2>.<- (UL irwMtii*-] ApaaM* 


'grfta%ta.a. lUt. imaufMa.! Upvtori; 

oyed in grain. 

- 87 M alii hlr nU la p-mmM TlaM 
.-B&'-ti, *. lOco. ting of IaL : 

TvuU dauiMllla^ Ilk •«• IM I.. . 

Il II II ^iM*«/a« 


r;niuAH twfbto CWm*.' Lfwij^aiH tm 
grta'-%-tiU. '■ [QKOATTTa.] 

* gr%-B4 -tfim. ■- [tat- <yoaiew)| i» a^w»« 
tan afipht) vttli giains : gnu^mm = a C*ta.l A 

gribia.'snunML« ft A |Pr. frwarfo^Ml, 
fbHn Ijii. ftvadu. Crom Uie aaine paat m 
ffAwiM = bMry . 8p. A lul. f >wa< fa .| 
A. ^ adHtftin : 
t OnaK prinri|«l, rhlef. 
" VtHRo lb* #r«iirf loB with *aa(»M «> a*Ma« 

* 2. Welgbty, Inportant. 

1« *mU« ■■^alj aB(JiM*u~ 

3. Comi'lrte, full 
Ti T f 1 I 'IBM iMii- rill iti im^i 
Owtattod Iron bta lil«.' 

i. Great ; flloitlTloiu ; hl^ la dtgnliy, mak, 
or power; ni>I>l". 

- Ckd bklb tbot I*, m^t i» (a«*. Ma Mmb 
of ll/a aud kuvlMlaik i^Mila nal) awii^ Mai I«mw 
IM lb* |M>dlM Manntat at •• » f J * tef^ 

BtM.<^A» I 

5. Splendid, magnMotot. 
- 1 ban •*« at«ar*M. tkat c«)«aMa« «■! wiaaa 
af %(Ma(<«walMatolMwV>. 11 -niiTI iipnili a 
Itf fiwabr, Ibaa Nbaaltef *«ta le^i i id ia~wa k 
tniNKwag 4lal»a^' — Jarfct ; On AateMbaaJ Aw» 
f4/Wl. 111. IL. I 10. 

0. Worthy of ■datlrktloB. Mbl*. lllannBiai 


7. NeUe; mbUaie: lol^ : mnrelvvd cr<s- 
pwaiaa ta aobte ordigpdAed lar^gnay- ai^ a 
gramd eoorapUos, a pfvad Idea. 

S. It la aaed ptinripally In oaai|«Mlllaa la 
dennta aa4*ent or deacrot at iiMiaaaanliiir| 
•a. 9nttdiMtfX aad g raadioa. ffwaMQllMr 
and trmadebUd. *«. ; Hor* rwaow la i 

Mvvwd aarfnattf panata la U^ hafffoMMik 

raroaral «f ■mtET** htihlr. WMlar 
rr^tbMrOMtw.- ^«m r.^LM 

■» jUaaWufiw: 

L IbelMMlnrebkf oroutelaHonrtaor*^ 
tiM : a gnnd-ioaater. 

t. [Oiun>-ru9>o.] 

grSBd-aattOM. t. a pluwfcMa aellnn. 

&io, nt, fiu-Q. mmJdac, what, f&U. faUiar: we, w6t, bbro, oam^l. b«r. tbere; pino, pit. aire, air, DULrtaa; gi^ pM. 
ar. w«r«. wfU; work, wlii^ ate; mate, oftb, ooro, volta, oar, rtola, CttU ; try. Bti*lAn. ia,fla = a;ay-&. \n~ kw. 

grand— grandmother 



Id wtiich thrM faitures tn tH^niMne-l : 0) A 
httttinirr t(i atilkatbfl itlriii|l ; ('^) a linpiwr la 
rlr^alr l]ic bainiiirr, oinl tlirii. rfti!a[>liii; Il>rr6- 
fr->m, U-Mw tlin laitrr limUitUy i" lUl itwny 
from 111* Ntni)^, iiidi-iwiidi-ntly nf tlia i^iaiLiua 
of Utr kt-y ; and <3> a check tii ntcli tlifl 
himiat-r uid piv^eat nbouudlitg. 

■rmad-AaalBB. t. 

lf»yc: A klii'l nr trial Introdiinr'cl in t)i« 
niga r4 llntiry V.. Iij «lilrli xu aocimMl iwdimti 
waa «l[(>««il Uia i>|-tj<iii of trial liy tiatlle '>t 
that 1>y A jury of lita |wen. It wm Hlriilbitieil 
b; 3-14 WlUUm IV., e. 43. } 13. 

Braad-eoaUBABder. grand or o — . *. 

Tim liubut elaa* tti C«irUln urUtrra ii( Iknicitt 
Brand days, * jJ. 

t/tv: C'-ruiii tiaya In tho torma wlttch Km 
■Dinnnly k«|>t In the Inna (>r Onirt bikI 
OiaiMwry— vU., CRmllifinAa Iluy, Ahciimou 
Dav, SC John Il«i>tUt'« U«y, ami AU OninHt' 

Brand diatroM, >. 

Jjiu' : A viit of 'llirtfKU [»ar(| in the mU 
Mlliin of VH'''* iMfarfiV, wlicii H'l n|ii><«ran<v 
bm bvSB tatorc*) antT tli« atU<:ltin«nt. It la 
dln>ctail m tliH aharilT, iiwl cotniiianda Itliii to 
dlatnin Uw dpfetMjaut'a goods um) ckattdi. 
In otd«f lo cooi|<l a|iiMar4»e«. 

graad-dnka. i. 

I. Ord. Lano. : A UUf apptlnl to insinben 
at tina ImDrral hmlly of Ru»U, aivt ftlH» l-t 
IIm MTCmina of eertain Gemmn atal^^, who 
m oonidend U hnUliag a iHialUon Imlwix-ii 
doJn ami kias- Bafom Uw uMlahliahntpnt uf 
tha Italian kliigdnra uridar Victor KiaiiuuiwI, 
In IKl, tliort wia a |p«ii<l-duke (^ Tuacany. 

I- 2. Hovt. : A name for tb« Ragleowl, BMbo 

* sranA-guMT^ ' Bmnde - garde. 
* Brann-garde, i. 

Old Arm, : A plM» of plal*-armonr ub«1 lii 
tti* lAomaiarot aa an extra pn.>t»Ftinn for Ui« 
Mk ahoolder aad breaat. It waa Kmwtd tn 
the bKHt-pliS^aad alloirail llttla or no ro«ii) 
to tSt IcA arm, beliig ooly aa«d oo boncbock 
IB "Jooata of paaM.*^ (^ntrWi.) 

"na «•• ban tha bataiak tha aMciwI hit rr^mi- 
fv*t.tb»UilnWU**t<M«'-irit0 Mtirg r It/, tm.i\ 

grmnd-ivrvr, », A metoberof a grand- 

" MaoT ha4 (nwirtf*t« gfmtdhtnn, raobn. bmI 

ChaKkBWilMK tmu H> U>fteb<ai tfav atefl.'— JV^MK- 

i«r .' Mm. Mtv . «l>- '- 

Brand-Jnry, a 

Itfii'; A jury, cnnalallng oT not Irra tlian 
t«alr« nor more than twenty-Utree duly ((iinll- 
B«d mea, aelerted bytbe aherlir of aaefa county, 
vb^Mft duty li to Inquire into ehnrgM of ortin« 
or lutadunouioar af^liitt oHVudan, and to Ond 
btUa of tiMllotJueBt nr tiin>w Uwm out, aa the 
evtdanaa raqnlrea. |Jubt.) 

'n0 avanJ turt. ta«1ac rima lk*tr fcraiaa, aiw 
MM lafr*ilJ U Ua MUdaa <« tfeair iMnkyW > 
afca^a tnm iltm |«d^ «ho pcial«M arMUMbtnok 
TWy taan wtUdmo ta ivaatm iBdtotiMaK vMali af« 
■Awid (0 Ibaw la Uw BMuaaf tfaa toTanllB. bM «i 
Iba t«U a( «ar yalMlB laawiatar : anj U«r ai« auly 
toaMraaMmaookiUiaUar Ua gMianUlen ; ba tba 
MtBi af aa laJIHwiiit la aailj la Ika aatuta af an 
iHaiiT a* aa f UMfc vkleh U aflanraida la M Wari 
aal MamtaMd: aad tba froad Mv an oaly (c la- 
nlta «n« Hwlr «alM vbattiar Ui*t« ba anaolMit 
MHk •■ ail aana Um mtw u aaavat ll ' ITrtrt 
mmm . ftaaingrifc- IT., ok. la 

grand -jarjrmaa, a. 

Ijjir: A hTsiiil-jiiior. 

* Bnuid-laraaov, •. 

OU /^w .' Tba atcaUi^ of good* abovB th9 
nliM of twain itenoa. 

* Bnwd-laat, a A grnat aawmhly. 

"la laa /T<— < Ji«<i aad i*«n»a aWeUMW at maala- 

SraMI-lad«k «. The priiicf[MU lodffe of 
F^aanaaonaanaDf Oood-TeiDi'lara. It la [irr- 
1 ovar hr tba grand- maatvr, and eninlA 
. _ I of nundauoD or ainiUhoii, and aoU 
MHnIl7Ulbi'enT<min| body of th*> i>r<lrr. 
Tlw oAcar* of grawl-lMKa ara dalagataa from 
llie vailiiaa tnAanur Imlgt*. 

grand momma, a [OiuNDMAiniA.] 

gnittd nuuitor. a. 

1. tin tlUf> ipveii u> the head of thamUitary 
«nlai« of bnlithlbood i aa, Llia Uoapitailerv, 
tlMT>ftt|>Un^ fee 

S. Tlte ho«') r>r the ontert of Faecmaao^ia 

and Uood-TempUra. 

grand-mercl*, ■■ (OuAMcsnr.] 
grand nopbew, «. Tbe grandaoD of a 

grand-nlooo, «■ Tb« graoddausbtar uf 

a iTutluT .■relMUT. 

* grand -panob. a A Bonmuml, a 

" Oar irand-watt^m and MutMU ptrataia'^r. MM- 
Itm4 /•ii>i», tk- Hz-. Ob. It. 

grand-panrtanary, a [PonioiiAar ) 

grand iriaae. a. A harp-abnpvtl piano, 
wliiiMv fiino U oaiiaad by tha varyiiii; tt<i)g1lifi 
of the Blrlnpt, ihfi inei^haDlani l»fliig Inlro- 
dtto«<l In the moat vlfp'-llve luanncr ro^jarlloaa 
at thr djiiicnsloua of tbe inatxiuuont. IFiAKO- 

graad-r«UQf; *. 

Soily. : l,\LT\fRt.ULVO\ 

grand ^olsnlor. : A title Ibmeri) 
givui ut tlib SulUa of Tarkffy. 

* graad-aarjaanty, *. 

Lav : A form ot t«nui« by military aarrloe. 

' Tliaaa <■•(« tka bc1d«Im1 aaaUtka, (rolla. and an«»- 

aaqaMMM ^ Ika lanam fer kalfliiMrTlaai ut vkli:* 

than am Mtaa aUutf aiMBlaa aoab aa Um laaan bj 

am ad m rjaa iHf . jmt mimmnm aMiMm. vbanhj Um 
Unnl vaa botnuC iMtaaa ol a«Tlac Uia kt>« ■MMtallj 
In ttia watik lo doaMaa apvolal heuaurr writta to tlw 
aiaa bi paneoi ; aa to tmrrj hl« taaiaw. hlfi *w*rf, ar 
Ui* Ilka; 9) b >• blakutlar, akamBlaB. aroikaradua, 
at kla oarenalKML'-JlaatMaoM. vvmmml , Mb II, 
fb. a 

grand-ataad. >. The prlurtimt aUnd or 
atruciiiri', im a miw-oniinw-, Ac , fntin wbloh 
a vli^w of a raOG or oilier aix'Ctaitle can hv 

grand -vlalart «■ Tbe prime mintatar of 
the Turkjab Bfupire. [VixiKn.] 

* grand, * grannd* r.L {OaAKn, a.\ To 

luiike grirat. 

"Tu fTdura llu tttttm la aacilWlooa" — &•*«« . 

grAnd-ftdld* *. [Kng. fmnd, and ekild,] 
Tb« orrMi>r1ng nf a aon or dau^ter ; a Krend- 
aon ur grauiMaU^hter. 

" W lUi am* and aadaad dtm- Ita traao toil 
Ana ti^ gwmmdAlUrtiii Idt. t^ ti.H^jA^ 

Ayrf n . JVaH/V"'. U. t. 

grttn'-dMin, 'gnaL-emat»»>. [Kug. ^^w-^. 
and duM.] AgnndBiothcr; aa.old wumau. 
" Kdw BMTTT. »t*aa t ra Unia dfelUrMi ataa 
Toor g ntmitt m * WM wiUi uiai aa ra vt T'Or aalw I' 
Wwrdtmvrrh : AfMitf : ^ftfteWMiMi, Ho. L 

grind' -dangh-ter(9lt>lb>ntx«- [Eng. i^mnd, 

ai»d tiavffUtr.\ Tlw daujfliler of a aon or 

to Um ■aaxnd atiltr of King Haorr U>a Klabta, waa 
poblldj nnwIalaiMl QuaaB-ot f ■w'-""^ "— J^-r-'n 
kHaSSa. llatML) ' 

"dhaatlraflar Um UwIt Jaoa Qiay. f raa Uii^arrr 
... . . _ -:t». .. r ika KHhth. waa 
.._. Oiuan_oT Bu 


grftada, < [B|l] 

Suifar tian, : Tba largnt araporaUag-pan 
of n battery, 

grfta-dM', t- (Bp. fraiuta = a Qohtaman.) A 
ti'-Mi-ijiaii : a i-r«'>n of hU{b rank, lowcr, or 
diKniiy : aiteoif., In Sjiain. a nubleiuan of 
the highast fmnk, wlin Ium tb« privil^e of n- 
loalulng covered In tfao king's jireaenca. 

-Tha pK<«"tn- *t Ula. aouMMad ta a poUttoU 

rtaw *■ daalcnad hf Ika fr itnd mm I* awa tha p>^a. 

aiNl kmp tbMt got at Um mhIl bI MUUb TniirinaM. 

whwb tbr Mui4«a LaiB fMw*d with Uak aalia.'- 

Cnu n«I|p<r«arAav*MBM.|H. 

gz^a dea'-aUp, a. [Knjt prvtufaa .- -«&ifi.| 
The rank, dtgiJty, orertaUi oragranilN. 

" 1 Uilnk tW Qottda da AHaaHn haa ao laM Ifcam 
iila>iwu yriiia»nH>a aiatiad la Ua pawa." Jwiw- 

ittntt . JVolfl, laL la. 

grftnd'-anr (anr ai jrnr). ■. [Pr., rr^m 

pnind • greai.) Tbe <(iiality i-f beii-g grand . 
afdendoar ; magntflrence ; atat^ ; dlipiity ; 
nalneaa of atae : ajilendid or mainitflcent ap- 
peamnoa: elevatlnn of aantlment, langoage, or 
uoogbt ; flubllnilty. 

" nu framdntr aod laaJwtk aba* 
0( taaiUT.' JRUwa P. M.. Iv. lift 

^ Oabb Uiua dlacriinlnat«a bataeeo fran- 
dMur aoA mnffHifictiut : "An axtenalTa aMMm- 
blage of atrikllig qualltioa Itt tbe ezUrtnr 
cooatllutea the eoaiDina afgniflmtlon of Ihaaa 
t<'fma, of whlcb j^ma^ntr ia the genas and 
muiymifietnot tlie Ipeclea. MoffMiJtetnti oanot 
exiat wltboot ffrandtvr, but gniHtfnrf exl«ta 

wttlioiit nnynifltrnet: tite fomieT la dbiUn- 
guiihtil TKim tbe litlfr b<.<th In degree and lo 
applicaiii'D. Wht-ii Applird ti> UteaaineoliJorIa 
they ilitler lu degree; mtmntjlcnut bcdng tha 
bitftir^t di^n^ uf pTuudnr. (Miiuiaiir la »p- 
pliraliln ti> till' vi^rka nt natnro aa well a* ati, 
of niitti) ao wtll na matter: tart/ai/araci ia 
att<>>,'>'thtT tbe oiealttreof art. A stnutuiv, a 
a|iri-tAi'4e, nil enl^TLiiniiiciit, and tlM Uka, 
may bo gmid vt mngnt/otnt : but a aome. a 
proa|N)ot, a conceptiou, and tbe llkr, la ffnind, 
DUttw)tflU(r'<^/l«*a'-'' {firabb: Eng. S^iton.) 

-grftnd-«r-Ity. *gr«nd-inr-|-it. «• 

[Lnt frmiid/*irir>if, (iTiiii ^fmniliM ~ great, and 
(ei'Hat = ase.J litvat age, lubg llfd ; length of 

" Vmt a Irwa arcoimt Itw |<MWot aga li Um world's 
f>»i ml a* « li.."-0(.maW t\tmU»^ tiVMtmim. ek. ir. 

' grftad-er-oOa, «. luc ffnatttamn.} or 

great age ; loiig-ltved. 
" Brand-aa-a, t. |H|>.) Agrandne. 

"Of all Ua f<ra«aa»M taa tod rw<tlVML--.jraMir t 
Aadoad't drsaw. p 10|. 

grdnd'-fk flt^t '- [Kng yrand. and^blker.] 
The father uf a oiittbar ur father : ttta male an- 
oeator noxt above a bUior or uiuthar iu tba 
teals of Mceot. 

* gtttad - if* - lo, a. (LaL ^ninifOI'iu, from 
ffini^u ^ great, atid>bck> * to make] Hnklog 

*grftnd-I-l^. 9.t. [Bn^ pwd: viff -fy 

<i(.v > j Tu make, tJTntu). great, or aidHndUL 

'gr&nd-D'-d-qavaM,'. (nR«NMUN|i-Kirr.l 

Tdi- (|iuilu.y iir alatr of Iwltu* n ' ' 
li)(ty iir iH>iii]>oua Ungiiage; biirabaat. 

*grikad-a-6-4a9at,u. [IJit. ifmxiHtoqu^n* 
(niiti yniNiIia - ^rmt i iaga«a<, |ir. j^r. of 
/o^Mor = toeiinnk.] 

1, Using lofty or pompotu languago: bom* 

8. Dombaatic ; eovBlflUog of lofty or poiup- 
oua Ungnage. 

" r*r IiMldant and atrl* f*1th tlia aaeapUoa or a l»> 
frandfr<f*«irf ailmT^caiiBaaL II lUaib out fairmuaAlj 
Ir^tkaasauaearanU naTal^'— <lMaia«<iH^ Palk », 

*grind-Il'-6-qno<b, «. [Ut. r^n.iUM>- 

•itt,4j fniirt ffma^Us = great ; V-Qtor - to 

Qrftn-dl nito'-talna,r.pL {tiiuMMUKTiAim.) 

* grftnd'-lnoftat '>■ [Lat gramiiutiu. tmm 
ipuhtto <>;trnlL. ^nindlnU) s balLI Kull or 
ouuiiatlii^ iif ball. 

* grftnd'^t-oaa, a. l?r., ftom fmnd = great ; 

Ttil. fmiui loao.] 

I. Qnuid, mbtlmo, Imposing, magnlftoeiit ; 
fUl of grandeur. 

: t(mndil«riiietit ; 

0. JBtat; /Iaa>a4>»,( 
S. Potu[)Mia. bombaatlc ; mlgnrty abowy or 
gnod ; graiuliloqiwul. 

" Worth BBOta tkM tlM rr^mdUm wamalra <rf !«>■ 
Hnrtal italMaiW.'-'WirM' LUk a Tbmat tg ^tU- 
wmmK bk. UL. ak. T., |k »L 

' niBd'I-te'-l-tt,«. IKng. gmfkHa^t); -Ugl 
The qtudtty or atata of bdna grandioae ; buua- 
baatlo ot poutpoua atyla ur laugiuge. 

* grftsd'-I-tj^. '■ \\*t. ^mMiAiU. ttOTbpwAU 
= graaL) Ureatneaa, gmudeur, magnlaoeoce.) 
"Oar poata aiocl la tr—mMl§ aad (radtr, aattMlk' 
tuM aad wrapcjijr, la niiliihiiM aad frnrfn— * 

' Brftad'-lUg; a. [Bog. ^mad; dim. auif 
•Maf.l A patty noble or gmiulea. 

- WMaU ba (aaCi hara ef HJ)»». wind aad alatm. 
rnm tha «i iai p »a ia w M «»*•(•««. " 

Am Jtmtam ftMaok acaaf^^ la jBraa*. 

grftnd -IJ^. ndr. [Rng. {rrtitid ; -/y.] Id a 
gr«n(l niAiiKor, aplendldly, magnllloenUy, ad- 

itilntbly, aublliitoly. 

grftad - mam - BU^ a pRog immif, and 

Miiaiaaa li.Y.) ] A grani1tii<itbiTr(ii.«'.). 

' grftad-oi^-tar'-nfl, a CKng- fraNd. md 

fluutinkof ('i-v.).J Of or |>ertalnliig ii a gnnd- 
muUier or (eniale aacmlor. 

- Ft«>b itoanitk h itTm tiUn la Ua MrwHlaa far 
eDObMt vlUi kla f n.n^aa r irwal avIk'-ZniMae 
CMUm; lwnMa#ai.^B /'wwV. toL U ok. t. 

(^rSad-mSa'-finaf, 1. p(. [OnAyMoimajii.) 
grftad'-mAfh-w, *. (Euk- r^arf. and aw. 

tkrr.\ Tbe mnthiT nf nne'a Iatlj<T nr moUier. 

bAl, b^: pAt. ]tf^l; eat, fell, ohoraa. fhtn, benota; ge, t;am: thla, fbla; ata. af ; eicpoet, ^jCanopbmu e^iat. -ift«. 
•tSoD, -«loa = abfia ; -(Ion, -flon = shOn. -Uona. -«ioaa» -«lotia - abfta. -Ua, -Ala, Ac ^ b^l. df^ 


grao e— graciouBue BS 

(&} To nOcet credit uiran. 

(1) />ay 4^irrsM.' 

(a) Um; f 0*T. C. 4 0)1. 

(A) TlfloL : Th« Umi durtng irtileh dlrtiM 
gnoa b obtft(iwb(a by on* wito Mak* It ia 
{•rayer; tht |*rtod duriiif which jirobati^n 
exti>n<U— C<.. duhns which ooe li In this 
witrld. Tl>r rxprnMitia " day iif graev " <1imi 
not ix-eiir lu :4>rxiptiire ; It U icpirded u Uia 
miM lo tneanJiitt «ilii dajrof MlTatinn in 'J 
Onr. tI. S. •Thla askId U a i|ui>l«Ll(in frnm 
Uk. xlix. B. CY. dm Uab. tv. 7, which ti » 
QUotoUoB ftoM PMiui lev. T, 8. uk) ofviaca 
U Um appoiMa gf tkt day of wtbUi, uom. 

OniM.: [Day, C 4 (3)}. 

(4) J/toM (tT fnic* ; 

Tk«oL : ll«uia tfartngli whleh DIvtaM ^mm 
maj h« exprrXed to o|«nte. <OneB taSd of 
attowLuiM on ChrUtUo wonhip.) 

(5) rArowii/jrniiO*.' 

Strip, : A flcorativ* iiiiMilon, tba ItUnU 
BMftniu of wutoh wcniu be • UUuna from 
wtUeb (Md diipiiUH Ua l«vlng &T(Mir. 

(«) r« OMM ta tiU lAfYMu Q^ fraot : To «p* 
pnioch Ood In pra>er (Ueb. Ir. 19). 

(T) Ta 0tf lute (or l« 1m i») inw's ifMrf graiw .' 
Tr> lM<«onie(«r be) in broiir or rrieudithip with 


(5) ITfiA a food iTRM : GnKwrtilly. RTadoHslT'; 
with « abow of wtllingti^-at ami pt««*ui«. 

"Wlwt Mlflit hava hMn dona Mia ■ mt£ gmta 
VMliIatlutWidM'nk a tad gnaa'-JAHMtar - 
JTM- ijw^ <^ 1*. 

(6) n'Ui « bod frao* : Qngnwioualy, un- 

1 0) Cimbb tku diMrinisAtM batwMn 
frod»Biidjh«mir: "AwtU baw OMd bat Id 
n^Bd to tliow wbs hare oOBadad md made 
thfltnidrt* Ikble Ca paalafaawat ; Amur la 
enphiyed for aetul nod. . . . Tlw Inra 
jbrciir la euiploycd iMlaeriinlBately with it- 
ganl to manor hii Xnkrr; tli<ia« who are In 
powar hare Iha gmabst (i|tiMirliinit]r of con- 
fining /amvn. txit all wc r«o«lire at th^ 
kUMla of ow Maker mial ba ookuowledgod u 

(7) U« tltiudiacriiiiinaiiaibtiw«OBirT«Maiid 
tkftrw: "(Tnaof Is tllosaUnreartionu: dkana 
la clthar oorfional cr raealal : tm mo* auaU- 
fl«a Ute BfCtioa of tba body, the oMrm la an 
tnheraot quality to Uia body itaftlf. A tmly 
tD'TV*, dnncaa, nod walka villi anic* ; the 
ekarwu nf lirr iittsob am eq'iol ta tboaa of be/ 
mind." iCroM,: Kmq. Synoti.) 

* Bmi>«-4Hak. '. Tba dMij^iaMoB eon- 
monly prta to th« drink taken by a mm- 
rany, ■Iter tfao s'^'lS ^ tbaaka at tlut cad of 
• meal ; • gnoe-vap. 

vktb • baniar --AcpaT Mr mmm it., * r. /VQVn-. 

cra«»-not««. *. pi. 

JlTwiT; ItiiiAce. a., 11. 8|. 

grmM^-Uttolf, a. A flnlahing toocb or 

itroke ; a tyxtp-dcyntce. 

- T* ptrtmtl Aod fir* tb* jrr4t>t~Mr u t» to tJMl Tary 

«>•< ITtaMtt.. «1L ITT. 

crs^a, B.I. [Gaacb, a-l 

* t. Tn adom, to ileoonte, to aet off. 
- T»i) h«rdr Mflfea*. dl la Mjltt atOi^ 
AW §rmat* vfU •bLalM ■^iBiina' 

8. To add grmee or dignity t^ ; to m'low. 
-WKhaaMCTaaMla] tIHw «rMM<* 

* J. T" f^U\ntt>. 

- And ladMit (TMt rwM It mi. t)wl bi thai «m 
l^»« ti< Hwnn •htmi4 ban hU dacwdlav la«n tbm 
■«a #iwiaa urf aBM* >tib •»■ taMivMM af awa 
and iiigili " iMitl - ihrwMaa Mi U-. aw. a 

* 4. To dlgoUy or naiaa by aa aet of tkvoor ; 
to booour. 

' tla ailgbl at bli ilwnii prnw ■• <1 m « m wtwn 
ka «mU U «— t." Xm M rt AievM ^ A« furaM. 

* &. To uali : In praiaa. 

* A, To tkToor ; to obUgn. 

■ TlNt "' 

' 7. To aupply with hetvonly fraoa. 

"OnnUiadlMtadUaL'-— «fi JToit. 

n. JfMAo: To add graoa-uotoa, eadaiuBJ. 
kit, to. 

' sr&'fe-ottpi it (£)•<• rw. u>d ««p.] 

1. A cup or vaaasl 1b which a beaJtfa ta 
dniuk aftrr Knux. 
S. A health drunk nflor gnea. 

" TW r-iBii^ faUaw to bb fcwtalMrt bllb.' 

grif*d, pa. par., A n. tORac-a, r.J 
A. ■>!< pA. par.' (Baa tha varb). 

1. Kndowod with gimcea ; gnoaftil ; clagauL ; 

" Ha a*« tbla r-~*' «aa «4 tba wap i ait aW 

bMk «rM«rf nan Qmi >Vi« l<a*, b»ln|«iaalddliatf» 
aitd a BMN aUtaia.*— flkta*.' if^Za. 

* 3, ^Irtaoua, chaato, bononrable. 

" Man Ilka a U*«ni e« ■ bratbal. 
nWB a wrmemt tMlaca* Aaia*^ . bar, L a 

Sri'f •-Al, o. [Eng. fnm ,■ -AAO-1 

1. Full of or dlaplaylng grace or baaaty In 
fvna or tctloo ; elc^aal ; UMt : bandaoma 
" Hy bar «a« b* nr aid*, m dlM 
And arae^/W ta bla rtutk dnat." 

Vrmr^tmmHXi dModufa/arA^Aan 

t. GlefFatit, w^ilt-cboaen, baooinJng. 

"O* Uxik hli»*i UunwWhia>M>aaatllla ttaht 

hantL r»>». ••• i \u & >*<• frartftut wank riwrnwl bb 

taaiaaa.'— iM(nii<.if . ffuf. Af.. <Il Uv. 

Y 1. Cnibbthuadiacrlminataa betw«an fraet- 

fut, moMfir, and cbfoni : " A gntc^l Dgiira ia 

t«iidaf«d M by tM donortJitMiit uf Um IxHly. 

A rwfly flgnra haa thai in itaelf whld) plnaaea 

Dm eye. Mlt*»l it Ai>pliQabl<i. tike graafmi, 

to iba motfoa of tba cody, or Ilka «oawJy, to 

tbc perauB, atid la aatteodwl In Ita neanliu 

alao lo the worda and eren to the dreaa. A 

parsoo'a atep la fnafTuI : bla air or bin move- 

BnataanaHiraM.' the grtct of ao acUoa liea 

chleflT la Ita adaptation to the oooaaton." 

<0«U.- Sm9. ^yaaa.) 

8. For tlia diflbreaea beewaro fneffld and 
bnaMlnf, aaa Biooiliwa. 

gra'^e-flU-l^, ad« lEaf, grae^fitl ; -fy.] In 
a uraeelul or eUcaitt maniMr; alcigaatiy ; with 
gmrefulBeaa or awguuw of maoaar or daport* 


- LkMfa arwV'vdbnMl, Md <( all hvm. 
IUwiMdMafT<dda!^ Cumptr: nut, v. t«a 

Vrmfe-lAl-ntei* <■ IBng. frmeftil; ■nm$.) 
The qoality or atata of being gnuvfnl ; (trar* ; 
alannco at "**yi"^ or dcportmout: dignity 
with beauty. 

"ta Uha aiaMmi ta* >»»»■ and aJ m u w m U et 
Manl PkUaMrpbr. an ayt and M f il m a b U b>r Uw 
aflbatlaa aad tatartitaliic agr InacttMUaa bjr Um 
■w«atfWl— Mid ala^acr ol Itaair iMtiwaidawk'— 

JTaMtf^M.* Ahmmm OaajTM, pL L. t«. la, |& 

era 90-UaB> * sraa«-l«aMw >• ( £<«■ ffraw •' 
■JoA. I Void of ){ncc ur dljinnity ; comipt ; do- 
pHTod ; abandoned. 
■ IfTw^Mihiiri' Cwpar: «a« jrjnNMfc iniL 

t nft'c*-Uw~tf. <"!« I Bag. fTMiMi .- -fr-} 

In a gnoeleaa manuar; witboot gnea or 


-Tb* FMMh. la U* vliala laaya^a. batkaM on* 
wwdUMl bail! hi* am**! la tbabat aynaUa, Htlu) 
twtveOkd mnttitmnliymm 1 and IllUawj* halk (ba 
Rpanlafa ; and tbwatoaa TTTrai n ea ' walaaavtaaf ••• 

i gn:^m-lim-m6m, ■. «■ (Eog. rvMUm;. 

■mtn.] Tba quality or atata of being graeeleaa. 

'■rftf'-ir.a (Bng, fra«(e); -ar.J One who 
gracea or givaa gnioe. 

Srtf ~I liir-l-9. a. (Ut. frocti(la) .. thin, 
alvli'ltf, aud autf. ^uia.) 

U Bal. : A cenni of raw-gporvd Alsie- It 
eoQtaina tba Ouni>«a and Ceylon "ounaea." 
Callad alao Ptocarla (q. v.), 

% Kntam : Tba typi«a] geDtta of the Attnily 
Oraeilanldie (q.T.). Cyoalarla nrimgtila dla- 
eoloun tbm laevte af tba lllae In the nlddta of 
Iba aaanw. aad the larraof G. MigmaitUa In 
Angost and Saptataber roUa the learca of 
wiljow. aollow, and [0|4ar. on whiLb It faada, 
Into Lhf! rnrm of aaugar-Uaif!. (StaiiUati.) 

(rft9-l-ttr-l-l^d«h a.p(. Pfed. Let rwf- 
kri(elai»dULbaLpLaiU.aiiC-aa. Named 
rtom ne gnoaAilappeanuieeaf tboao laaacta.] 
SMbm. : A favlly of UaOut, groap Tineiua. 
The aoUaa* an aa kmg aa Um aatarior wtnga. 
which an doogala, tha poatarfor onea laooco- 

UUi. The Inaaot rnaiaea with Ita head aiiidi 
rabecL I^rvai, with (boriMn ic^ lahiliy k 
Iras-oa or rulluig Uientaelirea up. Brwtah 
a|wd«a known, iw«iiLy.«lgUt. CShifnIwa.) 

lU. ffraeilentiu.] Sleodar, analL 

Cr*9 I lU. «. [lAt = thia. •kodn'.l 

JmU.: A alRQilrr nioarle of tha thigh. e0»- 
Bpr-titiK It wIDi Ue trunk. Called alao tha 
AUIuctur gncllla. 

*gT%'9Q'~l-tf, «. (Let. fmcUUw, from gre- 
eiiii = aletidar.] Sleadanwaa, emaJJneaa. 

«raa(fKaL--«r W. r 

gr&'-cloah, ■ gra-oloii. 

* Sra CJonse, ». [Fr. arocUiu. ti^'m LaU 
ffniiiituj, fnxu jtmtia -= lavoar, gnoe ; ItaL 
tranmo; 8p. 4i Port, (rmrioao-l 

t. Bedowed with grace; wdl - dhpoaad, 
hind. allbUe. 

"Bfl »a»aar t i*iM ■aatar. a tfaatj iDy. a B«i<Ua 
OBoar.-— JtaenMir.' jnK. XtW-. «tL aUL 

Si Exbiblllng or cbanctstad by craoat 
kinduraa, faTonr, or frlendluiaaa : ktod, 

WUb a ftiam (MCwa' 

Ltt^ Mi m -• JtafMwVMi^an. 

S. Pull of graoe, mercy, or beDcvoleoea ; 
memifal, benvvDlaat, beoaftoent, l>enignanL 
" And Um bort wm axMtat aala ia<B. a^ krf 
aeniiaMloa «■ tbaM.'-a Aliw aUt a 
4. Exhibiting or eharartariaad by pwea, 
iiim-y, »r Iwnemlniae; merdfttL 

- TlM<mIl .4 AhrakM* hM » bwlWfc leak. taMa- 

aaela Um frad - at «all JaJrhjUt ta li«aha^6> 

vkkadMM •< U>a wdA*-qMa ■ »m^»m, WL g, 

aar. la. 

'A, InaatateofbnTeiilygraoa; Tlita«>L 

" Klasi aM ■» !•■ aAhaMr. thatf Imm aa« kaais 
ffr-«l.>ML tban lb«y an la balaaUMW >bw IWr lw« 
appn»«d OMlr Ttwa^.'— Wa>ia» . a laaar'a fMh 

It. 1. 

'A Arcepuble; flsdlog fkrour or pMt; 


*■ !• ba rraMoai In tba paonV* i^ar 

* 7. Proeeedbtg fh>ui, ur i«odaeed by dlvtM 

*& Tending to brfag taCo a state oCpaot ; 
oa, a pmcioM aennoo. 

•Q. Happy, fortunate. pro^wnM^ fc reap 

** eraaiiaa h» tba iHna' 

10. OnkooTbl. attAcUre, elcgan^ 

" Ka fc«a aa frwaHaa b aa laMk^' 

i (OOvdoaalauaedaaeaiUealhflrto- 


" Xarrttd < O. au a«HiMi r laat ihWk ^ *a 

amlDn'aWUaiaboQtlt:*— Jfra.*. <■ Mii.-Jr^ 
ab. kL 

(2) Crabb thua dlacrlminataa hrtw— gr»- 
eiOHi, amilU. and Itiad .- '* Gnn to eiattad 
la dolEC good to an olt^ect that haa ewrtted 
the cnutnry ; awrcir la exerted In williboldiac 
the evil wliich liaa lieeu BH>ritod. Ood le gw*- 
efeea to hta creatiirwaln allbcdlag then eol 
only an opportunity te addraaa him, bul evcif 
eecoaragewHit te ley open Uiair waeto le 
blni ; their nnwortblnaaa aaid ^fulaaea ate 
not made Impodimenta of aeeeea tu bla. Oed 
U awtrVU to tba vlleat <4 alnnen. and landa 
an car to Um aninUest braalh of tv]«alaneej 
in the aOBce t of exemttng reacnanee ha alein 
bla arm at tba Toloe c( aupptwatleBjhe ei- 
uvcCa the aaai« aKrvy Co be eKlaiMlad By warn 
towardafaiaolTtodlngbrDtkar. Cf«c4e«L«hM 
c<.>iDp«nxi with Uad, ^tSen prtn«!l|ailhr aa 
to I>M aUtloB of the penona to w h aw al ta 
appUe^L (/roelnM la altugrtber nanjned te 
auperkva ; Uiid la kniliaehuilnetaly wnplayBi 
fnr intierlocB and eqoala." (OaM: 9a$. 

era «lofu If. 'sra-oloonll^e. 'jpra- 
ayniw-ly, ^ vrB-nyoas-lyab »dv. ^ta^ 

ymciova; -fir.J 

L In a graekna Maaaer ; wUh klnincfl^ 
aSbbiUty, or frianrninaM 


*^ -^ *- "~ jqrfj T^*-Ai 

*Z. Vlrtootuiy, boUly. 

- OrmrfmJm ta hi.— tM»M>b<aaM.* 

a««»aM> J fc M ira J»r ttmwmf*. M. fc 

1. Th« rjuditr or atale nf bring 

Iftta, OU. fiin. fnldet, what, fnll, fibtlkor; wn, wAt, here, eun^ Imt. thftrat ptn*. pit, mmw air. maria*; s^ »i^ 
or. wire. wvlC work, wta*, nte ; ibbU. oAb, «m^ 9Blta, ear. rfil*, MU ; try. SfrtJUU ■»,«•=•: ay^^ «B*kw. 

gTGuikle — Ki*&duate 


tkTounbW, uerdfol, klod, or bciUguuit; 
kiui] ecmilMMnstaa. 

" na w r»t*iimi^ m> J U nfrn t at IM* iii i iir Mad* 
•n luiptMMMi <« Umxb, but il.CT Mn — ibiJ t» Uir 
m«bI ■iiiiwr • — CT*f»»i*BM r Om #ar, t. Mi- 
* 2. Thn qUBliLj' uriUta of bclogaocopUUc ; 

- Than It t» [abM • MnnfT mMlpI that ov bl^nt 
lonl <mU Ui« truiu or hi* bdlT imtik, Um •Mvptati-oi 

iwl'iniaf 111* i«v«i»'-'^ Tartar: Hirmmtt, fA. i, 

'grfta'-kla. t. flat. ^nurHiiu = » jackiUw : 
riuni tli« tuunil iiiaile Iiv Um UriL] A binl of 
Uie g»ntu Oncub (il.v.X 

«r*« -^-1*, #. rL*t. (rrrutiJvf = a japkiUw. 
■c>i»tltii^ to QolnctiUAn, from iU Dot* pro, 

Omiih. : Tb* typlcnl gvntu of tha tot>-Aiinl1y 
(Irnoallam OntetUa ndfiflon, th* Onokia or 
MlMvlwnl, li rounfl In Sull«t^^ Jmru, aod Uw 
*(li9««lil islands. It In hUck. rwldgatwl with 
walt». lb« \f^, bin. and mtin* earunplM b»- 
hUid Um nye )«lt>i«r. It uui (>« domesticate. 
anil eaa l« tatuftit to i<irk ap mnie wnls iir 
paiTfit bablou. VtcUut eaUnd It Kulaba >a- 

Srfttf -q-ti'-aa^ *. p(. pMod. I^t. rnuvJii, lafl 
I^t. fern. pi. a/IJ. atifr. -(mr,] 

Ortiilk. : A fkmllr nf CorvtdiR. harlQit broad, 
•lt|ll<tl)r ewnnl lillls, riMLD-lnl DO^trtlii. lorn; 
wli^, • ibnft tiA, mad t^tat^ffotd tnm. Koond 
In iDdfai uiil UM Blita Iihoda. [Obiocla. ] 

1. KtnlnwnJ with RplritiialgTaiM; ntlgttiu. 
S. Fbll al tfwrhinx ftboot gmee. 
'H«b » frac* ■■ l aw Bka a Pn«byt«rla« *- 

* grad'-^L a. (L>« i*t pmdo/c, IroB) gmdiu 
- aab!i*.r 
Adfaa.; A gridaU (q.v.X 

i'-tlon. f. MFr., from T.«t fndaUomtm, 
ace of ipmlali/1 a %n aweal liv stepii ; vrmiKt 
m a aUp ; Sp. (rn»^<"u^o* ; Ital. ^niiianoiia.] 

L Orttinary Loajpotft ; 

1. A movltig or prugraaalng br dogreea ; a 
ncnlar advanoa « profnaalon fhiin at«p V> 


-TtM CUalaw Ifcwwfcai «• fw a kta4* it ymdrt 

M«« la •4a«nctaa M«b ■Dta MtMrr p^mm «f Miia» 
mr.'-JNcMw(: raiMipM. ti)i.lL. pfcU.. |k.M. 

L A atap or dagraa In mjr order, aerka, or 

~ Itanawwl Ik* mm— aBprrtontf throwh all thm 

»liilffin»i *r«UrL^ *-«iar«r> : Oti »« J^lnn* i' 

I. ^ 11^ I a 

3L Arnuiignn«iU In ord«r acconlinff to iln, 
quality, nok, defrea of advauoenMUl, he. ; 


"U aub *ri*« hi m^mOem Ml 
AMka^MMM I* Ui'anMliw vhob* 

. /^pa.-na«0Bi«u.LBV. 

n. TWkatoiily.' 

I, itrt: Tbejnat ■nanynBuit nr aulwrtJIiia- 
ttM of Iha (tuta nrabf woik, ao aa to protloDe 
lit* iMst eflipvt : M the fwmtatiaH nt colour anJ 
Uffat Id patatlng, to axoreaa depth and rvtirr, 
to dcOna dtftawMat aw to ahuw the tlale of 
Um almoafdwia. 

1 Lngie: A ngmha ailvuea tttaa atftp to 
a(«(^ aa ia an aryiuuviit. 

L tfaaie: A> aaindlnf or ikaeenillDg by 
a ngoLar aoorcaakn at eborda. 

I, RW.,* An aHAndtng or deaMndlBA io 
tama. aa lAWarAa a climax. {IFUmn : AH o/ 

'1.H rti" Hum, t I tQaADATian. a] To forai 
ni)' (rmdaUflU or with (iwdatkma. 

'g |» <fc- H — » l . a. [enftrrodaffaa; -a/.! 
Uf or pmatartnn in gnditum ; wlUi gnwla- 
Uoea ; or nfolar ctapa- 

* fr*d-^ter-f, o. A 

|Ut rnirialKj 
- a atap.J 

1 fifl, f^iM);. .- pTocaeding bj gradatlona or 
al^w ; (nalati^oal. 

M a*M« bbI avlvl aHini 

ba^ ^»-»B ^ . au«U Ik* _ _ — 

«M#ti naill^ ha** Ima UtM IwHIiir Imiw II I noH 
Mf piaja stihaHl • •toiatloa al tJM*» tmmUm aai- 
B^ fcwawL Mt OL. p. Ha 

L JEnL ; Adaplabla fbr prognHtra or for- 
8. ><»MtMD«f«ft: 
JnA. : Stapa froB a eloMar tnio a eliitrcli. 

grtMl'-dfO* '.f. [IjtuDDAM, 4 ] To porvh or 


"jkt h»Mhf— I tltJa mwnJac. mmmtKi a pfDfN«lo«i e< 
_lWr " ■ ..... _^-. .. 

stWr UilMn, UtMK v<m iwt <mku, UukJa lUt «b»t U 
irrn^Ainwl tvaal. thai it. wml Di*al* ed fralu 

■*tnrsi*d tro^ Ui< tiiulo. mid vatUnl ■'rB'*.' 
of balM Uiraahid and klla-drtiJ." — M liwrf ? 
p. in. 


grLd'-d^B, ■. [QaoL ti Ir. jpxiclaii > parcbtd 

ci>rD . j 

1. I^n-faf^ com. 

3. Fin«>lr KTnuDd annir, inada nf haf-totiaeoo, 

h%h-drlod, udL wILhuut feruujitation. 

BrUo. K |Fr.. frc>m Lit. fmdti$=»% tl«p; 
8pi A Ital i;«ia(i9,' Port, graa.} 
L Ordinarti /.anj/mip*: 

1. A d«wr)V. sl«|i, or mnk In osdar of dignity, 
civil, acckwiaNtlcal, military, or olbcrtrlse. 

2. A atep or dagra* lb any aarioa, quality, 
nok, or urd«r, 

3l 'Him Inclination fh>Mi tfaa borbnntol of a 
portloa of a roail or mlnMul. It la exnrfiaard 
in itt'Rrffpa. in htt por mil«. or aa a Yn>A in 
attch a divtanes; aa, a grade of S*; or, a grade 
uf 36 fi-cl {KT inilp. 

n. Pktlol. : Th« two rlawta of eaoaoaunbi 
ealltH] t«nn«i and aiedlc. 

" Initial asMooaato ntaki tkaarad* •! mA Miaa 
bi Uw iianat and tniMt var. mfOial ■oixnwMit* ba*t 
a tmaO^er la ••IImw AbbJ* to bavd**. Br Ik* «■- 
III Mall nil ^i^a* itiaat W aMantoad th* tw« ■!■■■* 
al tanoea B«a m^dim'—tfamm. C^mtp. 0rwM,af M* 
Arvnm t-u^. t/^Hlta. vaL L |imX Aafi IU.. p., Ua 

KrodO) <-.f- [Ghaob, a.] 

1, To airaasB In order, flt«pa. or dagraea, 
armrdutg to aLw, quality, rank, adwioenieut, 

i. To mark tk« gmdca, or aaconta and 
drftMOta nf. 

3. To Tvdaoa tAor ennatmrt with a errtaln 
gnulaiir liK-linaLiiiii : aa, To gmde a. road. 

grmdod-aobool, i. A aclinol tanght in 
dapartinniitd by difft:Tvnl ni&ilcn. Id which 
tha piipila iiaaa frcioi the lonrr tfi Uie higher 
claaaea aa thay advanea lit frdiication. 

- ITaUiIng t* BMM dha«wft>rt*U* of Um BlvawM 
BrtMai IJiu th* Mtalnl aar tn >bMv U U »Fu*rf, 
•a Uwl • bur «Hi MDT* aa 1^ warlt Into ttia aintlt* 
td a OnsUa.'— aa- J. Brmmg: lt*vm Itwilil Qgil. 
Ul IM. 

Br4de-lj^, a. A od*. {OiuiTiitT.I (fVe*.) 

A. At adj. : Decent, proper ; liepomtng. 

B. Ai-adv : t)ecently. pmperiy, heonmingly. 

gni'-df-yat. * A i. [I^t. ^radiMA, pr. par, 
uf frmiinr = lo walk ; gmdH« = a al^] 

A. Am adjoin: 

I Orddttny hmfptofl : 

L Walking, morlOK, oradraaeing by atapa. 

"AiDoont Uioaa ffrarflMf aalomala. that Iroa 
ipkbr U ■inubllT mMwtwUa, m%IA, hXuf b«t al 
aa araimn blfaaaa, dM afaan ap aai dawa aa If H 
aa<t baaaaUia^-irhlMM.- AadeW lA- lU^ t*. 

* 2, UlaiiiB or hlltag by r«galar dagreaa of 
Inriinatkiii : aa. tbf pwNmt line of a road. 

n. ntr. : A term applied to the tortotae, 
aa anppoaed to be walldag. 

B. j|« nUiraHaa ; 

1. The rata of aMwnt or daaemt In a lafl- 
way or mad ; a grade ; the degrre of aloiie or 
InrlinatitHi of the ground ovar whiirh antllway, 
rood, Ac, paaaea : aa, Thr (pvttieiU li 1 Id 100 ; 
that la. the srwwt rtaaa one foot Id every 

L A part flf a road, Ac, whieh alopoa 
Qpwanl or dnwDwanl ; a tloiw. 

Kiudleat post, >. 

BiiHnad Bnfintrinif: 

L A poat plaoad by iba aid* of th« track, ata 
cliaiise of grada, oarrytng a heard alanlvd ^> 
the slope, and indioating la flgWM tlM grade 
In fMit jwr lQi>, or otberwiaa. 

2. A Btake aet iu th« groond, lod marked 
to lndi«a(e the proivr belgld of an embank- 
■Dt-nt or of road metal at that poiac 

Crm'-dfn, crf-dl'B^ *• E^- rw"**> >t«r. 

fTi^m Lut. ffnuiu*.] 

I. One of a aerial of nata rldng ona abore 

£. A toothed rUael oaed by aeulpton. 

grod -lAC- ''''■ JHr., a.. A (. (OiUbE, «.) 
A. di B. AMpr. par. * ydfilM^ aa|f, : (Bae 

thn Trrl.> 

C. AituhM. : Tbeirct or proeraaof radaeltm 
lo a certain grade ut lorel. 

glUdlng-LDStnUMBft, a. A Irvrt with 
■n alldailr, a traii->it, or othrir alKlilliig iiiAini- 
luiMiL, by whleli the angle of inc1ina1i<i& <if a 
alo|>« luay be uwaaurvil, or a row of atakea 
driven to mark a giT«n gniltanL 

gradlng-plongh, ■. A kinil of plough 
Dned fur bivukitig up aoll ur ]ilotighUig duwn 
tMMka, in order to Qt the earth for l>elng 
ao^v)f>tfd up by the eaith-Kraiiar, and lhertt>y 

grading -■ormper, *. A larKi; two- 

handlrd ahovd, drawn by faoraea, ami uiied 
aj an eiiitli-acoop for nlalns and removing 
Uxwiiied aartb. It la u>M lu ruad-inaktng, 
aoDo|riag oat beda of oanala In o^rtninattiui- 
tiuna, (lc, when the aoil la atJitable, and the 
diatauee where It ta to be depoaited i» not t<xi 
gmtL (Hoaac-aaorau] 

grttdT-f-^l, a. & a. ftjnw LaL gntduaib, from 
gnitliu - II alep; Fr. fraduat; ItaL eradiuxtt ; 
Sp, grvdMaf.) 

A. At adj. : P rogr w alng or admnf^lng by 
ateita or degraea; paaalng from oue step or 
a1ai{« to another by rtunlur gTaJattoni with- 
out bmaka or atarta ; alow. 

" tlawtn and tbair frail 
■an'* aMirtttanmt. tj grm t u m t laal* aobltoad. 
TvtltalipUltaaapUa.* JfUaM.- f.L.t.iM. 

B. At tHbttantift: 

' 1. Oni. Uing. : A aerlea or onler of atepa. 
" Batoaa th* »r*<wn I pnaUW* Umv adarxt 
tb* pa^WMBl klaad, and Uio* U>* aaLut ImpInrviL'' 

L gfWwinaWnnl ; 

0) A aHTle6-biiok,eoBtallling the hrnins or 
prayera to be coag by the ehoir, ao cAlli'd 
mim certain abort phraiea atto- the Krlitla 
aung i« i/riidifraM (upon tfa<* atopa of Ibc utar). 

(J) Tlitit [wrt of the aerrlw of tlte maw In 
the Roman Catholic Chorch which imine- 
dintely f-dlowa the KptoUe, atid La aiing aa tha 
dtaoon reiuma Ui tha alapa of the altar. 

Bccti*. i Ck. TfUt. : Ftfteen paalnu, from 
Ps oxs. to Ps. exxxlv. locluaive ; so called 
Itrrauw they were fnrnierly chanteil from ttif 
atriMi of tiia fbolr, more especially durliig 
Adr«iit. (So!*OB or DBoiucBaJ 

* KrAd-9-«'-l«, fc [Low iML] Tbe aame u 
UiunuAL, D. 8. 

* 4p4M-0-dl'-l-tJF, a. IKng. gntduaf ; -Uy.] 
Til!! riunlily or atile i.f tvlug gndiuJ ; regular 
progreasion or gradation. 

- WliLrh ittilUaiaiM uoriba WiUUn Mlxtam il tb* 
•IkhmiU. sUim ta Ikr 0^■adltaUt^^ at «[*dl} luid 
IIkIiI. tkcT Im*i Mt aor radaaroar* tairopa vbriDcut 

by twiUcbV*— amaw: f^JTrATaun, bL *L.eb. z. 

STmd'-V-9l-lt. adr. [Eng. gradaal ; Jy ] 
I, I n a gradual maimer, by de g ieaa ; at<|i by 
atep, alnwly; la rrgiilar gndationa. 

' Alraadr Um d«alca* ef U>* coart btgan pvaAiaPM 
to anfoU tbBaMil*«a.--itoMM«w .- nS. Ki^-, ck. «[ 
* 2. In degree. 

"Hamaart— coaathaatenlyaiaAiatht hat*Ba«l- 
Aa»ll7. dUhr l»Ma Ih* taUkUa nHaa of hnrtea.'— 

* grU -1^-^-BSaa, i. r^ng. ^niduaf ; -aatf.) 

Tlie quality or atalr of bring gradual ; gradn- 

"Tha yrneiianii al Ihla Bf>«aatnLt mmI Ui* ob. 

•raaltr «Ucb •nvrapfvd IU bmluU(«B.~-jr. ^nwW 

AMrfr */ C«IM« Unr^ltra, p. H. 

* grkd'-a'Aad. t. fAa if from the gemndive 
partu'lplv ut au l[iia;;iuary Low Lai. word 

rtJaar. So In the Boottiab nidver»iti«a there 
I word auglatnwul, fhwi a Um Lat. varb 
atorMrar,] Oa« who had jiaited all the ex- 
aminatlona for a degree, bat haa not yet baes 

gXAd^-9-dtfl^ r.t A 1. [Low IaL ffrwtmotut 
— one who baa taken a dngrca ; l^L gradN« s 
a atep. a dnree ; Ital. grodMtre; Sp. A Port, 
gnidtuir ; ^. grndaar.J 
A. TnuuUivt: 
L Ordimarji Lanffva^r : 
1. To mark wltli dcgraaa ora aeala. 
"Tb*nlaaBw*t«aarfcadah*n Ui* ntrit rtaad at 
Ita* B**afwl add atid fi 'atwt hmA, aad a mu rtlaato 
liHa* utawiaUflca b* gr\tdm^MM Ua thanuMartaiC— 
/Mrama. H-tatio-ntetatf. bk. L, ah. IL liMU 11. 
8. To mark or arranga with degraaa or dtf- 
ft>r<mre« : av. To jpwIaarrpUBiahDaik accord- 
ing t«> the aatare of tb« nflrnee. 

"Tboi It artdaattr Mlvoa tbal. U thai* van My 
muh aAkn In tba aaxt Ula^ tb* t-vn aaol vnold apijj 
llMlt ttaiaaniB awmntltn xa th* propnatMai ot fca« 
J ia towawbL aad *a tMraw j i a d aata*aaa t 

-tiVr ' V Jaa»-*aHlt *b. k 

Mb. b^; pdiilt, JtfiM; o»t, fell, ctaoma, 9hln. bon^h ; go, drem: tltiii, \hlM% alB, af ; eKpsot. Xttnophon. eftst. ph-l, 
- ah^a. -turn, -stoa ^ ah&a ; -|ioa. -ftoa s^ abun. -olaiu. -Udba, -oIoiia — abtLs. -Ida, -dla. An =- bfl. d^L 

SL To oonfn' a degree apon In • tiolrenltjr ; 
to dignify wltii R dcgnw ur tlijilDiiu. 

" Jnhm T iMucf l. w*^t4tM*ftt » durtot uid dntibail • 
kal(lit,iUd|<Md«wtB>.'-t'Wra«.' JwPMt'*/'<ArwMiH. 

• i. To pniwn KivlwillT- 
'5. Tn hrighlcn la rJTect. 

"Tbal th* kIu .tf natwid t«dl«a4a MHTk M>v«rf«l 
■ttok* In lbs tlncMn mmA rnulak cf all U>(b«< W« 

tit* vUtbU art <4 drafK **■" ^dTuta* UM grmUttmtt 
Ibalr paluvn irtU MlU.^— flriMM rn^ar ArMMik 

bk. (L.*li ilL 

* 1. To raise lo • higlier rUn tn tb« toftle 
of lueUla, 

Till IIiiiIb iwiiilihliihi— ii l iiM j iiiiiiiti 

C Tu brloK ■ Auld M ■ MTtaln 4e(R» of 
eoiulitcocjr, u b; cvapomUoo. 
B, /nfmiuiffM.- 
1. To pMi padoallx or 1>7 <lvgrMa ; to 

Sl To |#o«eed to h tlegm tn « onlvenlty : 

to Uk* ft dfigTM. 

" Ha WM bf««|M U tbalr bu. «mI Mkarf vlMn h> 
iHrffrariMaJi^'-ltoMuter * JTM. Viv . «tL sl>. 

■rttd'-V-^ta, a. A ». lliow l^L irratiHiXM-l 
(OnAOt'ATII, v.] 

A. ^« atU- : Amaeod to or pnMeodJng by 
■ie|» or<icfin«iL 

X, Aa anbuL : Om who luu proeewtod to • 
4'HKrM tn ■ uatvonity ; una who bM booft wt- 

" In nnrt wa »IUi k«r«AM«^« *■<**• 
Mtihl •kMta at mB WM4m> 

llM*rf Om m>M<w ■ fc« >■<■»'> itafrw 

■rftd -Q-a-t4d. /^. Mtr. or a. IUeaduatc, p.) 

graduated' bottl«,-i. A bottU luvlng 
honannUl omrlu tiluwn. pmucd, or eat on Ita 
iM« to iDdlcMta qnintltf of aaatonU kI gtron 
hwto. SoewtliOM Um itopptr i« boUow, utd 
ku gndoUloiu for d(«H of certain unooou. 

CrateAlad-Olip. ». a medielne-mp, no 
WDMO aUW «ro OMrlut to lodlcxto qosntiUns 
ftt kIvcd levcU. If of glau, Uivy u« usually 
ttii|>mM>d In till* fii'iuM ; if of nnrorUIn, Uiey 
an* )«lut(4t on tbn w«n Ivfon bitmlog, 

Bradnatod kUmb, ». A tniw wiih a 
foot, auil Willi liurU'.'Mal marki at varying 
twlghta to hidieato ^oaatity of oa&teata. A 

grtd'-^i' tt» alitfc •• JBng, onwluate ; -i*fj>.) 
Tba atato or (loaluon or a gndnat*.] 

"(B« n**] flsMli hi* mtw^t la m Ka^Mi muwd. 

MM* and ■ia|il< lall«^ th* BMbWlnai BUd ■>*!■» ul a 

grftd 9 & tiAf t ;»". ^r, a., ft *. [Qbad- 
I'Ant, r.] 

A. ft B. Aa fr. for. <f partidji. a<V - (8m 

O. J< nrftrt. : Tb* aH of dividing Into da- 
gnoa or paru : graduaUoo. 

tmfln^tllir inglftg, a. An engtm or 
iiuchlt>« fur (llvliling Unaa, ftc.. Inln inlnulv 
ragolar taUrvaU or dagraai ;adlvidlng-tuiglnc. 

gritd-H *' nil. '- (Ix« Ut 9rv*M«o, rron 
mrfiMf aj ; Fr. fntdtiatUm ; Sp. Troiaactoa ; 
Itai fndwuiont.] 

L Ragular progrtaikn by nKSUikn of 

*- Tte rv^MMAfaM of tha parto of tlw tmnn* la Ilk*- 
viMiMaHWTtoUaitarfKUn W Uwvhirik '—»**«. 

S. Tha art of dividing Into dagrwaa or pa/ta, 
aa a aoalt, ideDiifle iMtnunMila, ftc 

Sb A seala or aevlaa of mariu or llnea oa an 
tnitmimnl to IndlaU dtgraaa or paita. 

-RMOlhMshltUM* prvwtAmt with m fr^dmmtt»m 

litlMr*«lwa>«l>U(fw«h«likk It liaa tan lanvad ' 

^ The act or procMa of Im^xuving or 
beigkteatng la alhrt or jHiwir. 

" Of fraatar rvtMVOuejr aaM naMm la tb*t vKkb 
|a 4aUaw« aMMmlaf lU frmttmiMitm, that to^tad In 
An ant tdum axUiifaMad lit utl iif ataat w» ■>««, la* 
immmu Mualna aa aMliij ta aiUana Mall fcal— aJ 
■■ a vatL*— #**«■# . r«(p«p a^nar^ 

S. TIm act nf proeacdiaf to a 4v** to ■ 
uilvMBlly ; Iba UUug of a dapw. 

ft. TIm aapoaara af a llouM In Ufg> aor- 
fa«e« lo IIm Mr, ao M lo acMwrata m|atratk>D. 

grftd'-O-^tor. a. [Eng. gr^mU{t) ; -vr.) 
Um nuo or thnC wbldi gnKluatca ; ajiedf. — 

(t) An iiiatmment for dividing any line, 
right or curvMl, Into equal yuta ; a gradua- 
ting or divtdlng-«ngiD«, 

(£) An ■pparatiiB fnr asr«l«fatlOR apnuta* 
DCDua ara|>onitfna by th« expoauro m lurfacca 
of l[«)nlda to a current of air. Daed In making 

Cra'-dtts, t. [IM. m a at^. frora tha phtsaa 
gradif ad fttmoaniM = a alAp Ut Pamuaua.] 
A dictionary of pnmndyt uaail aa an aid in 
writing Qtr*k <^r Latin poatry. 

" Ua aaCIa wak m maak aa paariMa vJUmmI prarftu 
or nUtar balp.*— r. Bttgikmt Twm UiwmwfB Jrt Mr 4 ua% 
14. tL. ak. I*. 

Htr. : A tam nnt^l to fxpraia itopa or d^ 
giaui. and nna battlciikeiit upon anotJiar ; alao 
callwl balttod eiuljaitlixl ur <unt»ttle<l giady. 

* sraftC ■- [ORAVt, v.] Carvad work. 

* graf (3)t a. fOor.) The Qarman niuiralont 
of an «arl. 

* sraft,*. (nKavE, •] 

* vraf-er, * grmf-m* *• lOaAVKR.) 

■ naff (U (. (A.!4. O'n^: O. 3. Oer. ^rdra; 
Dan. gntw; O. Pria. gr^a ; loeL tri^} A 
atoward, an uvenwor, a grcava 

"rsraUUili^lialaptUMjIaMUdBilRtfa aovaaL 
iVMiMf. ar frwr and mat Um haad, wUdi it a Uiy ba- 
lontfngwlr Uairlia.'~<'<»aa.- t/itt if Oa «tftnM- 

- craff (2). * snA (1). ■. [A.S. gnr/t: o. 
U. G«r. ^mte ; 91. 11. Uor. ^nitic ; Goth. 

1. A ditch, trvucb, fota, or cbaonaL 

"TtM aavmr l»f«aJLIiv «v mrtaa M iaa taawafl. tka 
fpaAKIlaal «ltiitb«ltdaadbad»«B,«aiHllwU««lMMk, 
Iha vorliaa nUaM Im tha 4v-Uhm aa«U Bat ha »■ 

2. A grave. 

* graff (3X * CmfllD (?). t. 10. Fr. rm^, 
grtgt; O. I>nt. ar'^Ml 1^* I't. (frq^lan ] 
(Obaft, I.] A graft. 

■"Hw Ant la. to tat ttif mA or *n brtaaM* tha 
iMrka and tka vaad : for In d2 MiM InOr wan »*• 
alInUatflnrtlaalaa*athaatod«rbB4aoni altar ^tbay 
Ta titMf aa ta biwa a Ma lata Iba vatjr iMact vi tha 
Mod; a«dUMaUM)taBtlaattnloUMpltbliMllatka 
pU4> Uianf. bal ana tian ar#nt^ iMlhf taia kind af 
KnAaB. lapoBlbla II wh i£at tka Mkl »IUi •faaoU 
tacvlr* ur brmr aaj tuun.'— />. thOmmt fUiiim, Ui. 
illi. eb. U'. 

* grao; ' CFfttfB. * graff~«a, * graff yn. 

D.L ft i. (O, Kr. fnftfi O. DuL irnifba.J 
{OiurT, *.] 

A. rniiwiflw; 

1. Til graft. 

' Hmmp lanad ta BlaBt and fr«A (ihatr oinaa.'— 

t. To Ukatco. to attaeh, to flx. 
" Bo Ions hai« I llatanad ta Ikr atMsh. 

3. Tn InijilanL 

■■ Kaluia la a rialit thai fdMUilaria featb art flwnad. 
bnl Ood bMh trtfrd aaid nn*u >aaB !■>«« Utanatbta 

*tMMi( Utaaa on dalUlnl''- WUtim JUa tf aktf. 
r.VMa,p iJ. 
Bi fiUrvtu. : To gntft ; to Lnwrt grmfta. 

graff '-•§• (BgVia Ift), (. lEnff. ffrnr(S>; 
4j|H.] no soarp of ■ liltth ur uuat. 

* graff -^. * graff are. <■ [0. Fr. fr*Sv\r, 
vr*ff^.\ IOa*rr, f.J 

1. A Dotary, a aarlvanor. 

2, Agnft'v. 

" Orrliara. ar yi ^lkwi . jnar W r . *— HwaapC IMm 

graf ft tt «. pL (itaL. pL of rrajuo-i 

orrlbUing. frvni mfttfrv ■ to write ; tat. 
^n»fiiivm — % atyU ri>r writing; Or. ypit^ 
(mrijAii) s to wrIU.] Rnda tnaerlptJoiu an.! 
arawtaa of fignrca, found on tlta walli of 
PompvU, and among tba CaUeooita aad otbrr 
Roman mini. 

graft, *. (OaArr. v.] 

I. /.<!. .' A iniall aetoa «r ibool of a toaa In- 
M-rtnl or graflad In aanth«r t*««, aa tha atoek 
vtileli la to aupport and noorlali it The twii 
anite and bacome «ae, bat tba fruit la deter- 
mln^l by tba graft. 

" Tha itiaiy mbU. tka wdfH. Md Maariag anl 
wkick kanj Vmm aanajr ika m%tt wd tisdw 
plaaL* i V afOaa - f^ illWai^ a la 

S. f^. : Any thing inaertMl nc 1 
IB a tblng to whlcb It did oul ortffiiwllj t» 
toog: an adilltiun. 

- Tt U blaa hmtbtmtrr tahMfl aU laaa*w ^m 
yonaa atocha-— DawaNNl i T ^J W a X . iTmU 

graft; 'grmft 9.l a i. in. Fr. gr^fi. fn^i ~ 

a otgrlalMT writing wiiti, a «>» >>r t>c<i><-il . Ft. 

gftpf a a graff ur graft ; trom tlw ahoM t4 Um 
a a pdnlM pafecil; 
1) a amaU atyla; CO 
|pw|»fei*ai = a atyW ; 
■a»a«'ar<gwipM<a) « 
V«pU>-to wila. 
ord uyrqf.] 

gfxfi' a a graff ur graft : 

cut allp, whieta raaanibla a pointed pabcil; 

Uiw LU. gnapAioltim ^ (I) a amaU atyla; (D 

a graft, or ahoot : laiL frvfJumm — a atyla ; 

Or. tfio^iaf iffniph*''*^- yp*^"' 

a atjk ur peucli ; 7ip«4* (f* 

Tb* ocirrect form of ttM wtm I 

Am TraiMJrisa.- 

L Ordfjury iANftngf.* 

1. LU, : In the oama tenae aa n. 

SL Fif. : To inaert or Inrorpnrvto In ■ W4f 
to whl«i tliat whlob U InarrtMl or hicwvpOKM 
did not origlttally Inlong ; to JuUi or wUmA 
uiit* tbiog ou to Mkotber. 
"TbMe ar« tha ItalUii aanMN, ahlab kin «ni Ha 
WIUitNU^ and f nan niMt IkaTMjau linn* 

JfaVaaa.' •'I'VII; .«aani vt 1.^ 

n. Ttcknicall]): 

1. I'arp. : To attach or Jobt eno ptaea ti 
tiiubci to another by ooartn^ 

2. llmtb. : Tu laaert aa a aeton ar alMOl ta 
anoLlicr traa ; to Ox a graft or graffta apoa; to 
pri.ipagiile by graTUng. 

•• Old oah-ttaw h— at >aMi.itol win aalg 
Ba aryiaJ la >aw ratun.' 

■^ maJb^: ft HI.»i,ai. 

S. ^awL : To unlay iha iwu codi uf a rapa. 

tiUrinff tha itnnda <hm> wiihlk Iba a O iar at 
or apiiaiig and atopptag than at tha >aftiL 
I. Sury. : To traaaplast apavttoa of akto 

to a deandod lurfara. 

B. Intrant : To carry ottt tb« p>i>a«w ar 
operalKin uf grafting. 

" To hava (nit tn eMtarBliMtj. tba vw li to^Mg^ 
na( anlj ouaa nmr fliifci tut aaaa iti*tm» ka«^ ^ 
■n oUTbaa : *» iharvUTWa st«a< HHkwnafbWt I 
«ii0«Mirfa« #r4lib«(.wnaoaMaAtkn tnta« 
faaaf bat law. *— Jaaaw. 

' graft, pa. par. ft a. tOmarv, «.] Gnflad i 

uuj>regiuteil with a acton. 

" U«r taca daCaMd *llk Mua a4 IntaM. 
Bar roral ifeoakfrV «ttb toaWaatafc* 

gntfr-«r, fc iiBg. ff^rt .- -ar.) 

1. Odb *bo grafts: una wbo propaptoa 
plauto or ahntba by grafting. 

"lanlaBwBMakr tha titala ¥ mwt ihanwaal 
tba woat •kllful and aatnwan» d ■*0«*« ft 
~rU tkM • laan al.all wttiam laU at karlnc «k 
G^tfix '•! ku fn^ Um aava taar te ahMb «• In 
t* MMda.'—Mvyfo roraa I HL 
■ ± A Ine fhjui wlilch a aeloo 
ba toaartad lo anoOter. 

- BhaO a kw Mm* « « 

dnr Sm pnt In «1M and wftSaaw^ 
aiiUt op M anOdMly lata iki HkiBil 

graft -Ug, pr. par.. «., ft n (Obaft. v.] 

A. ft &■ .ii pr. pur. «t |«rfJe4|^ «i(. : (Sm 
the viTbJ. 

C. At wbiteiiiln : 

I. CurpL: A acarfiag or eodwiae attoifeaMMt 
of o«a timbar to anotiwr, aa In a i toc b lm aa 
axtn iBBctb or taka pUa lo oM aIi«dy4ft«Ba 

1: Haoft. .• Tba act or procoa of Insaittag* 
abooC or atfa« takoo Iton odb traa «r oknb 
la a vtgarona stock of Ua owb ar a «IhM^ 
alllod BpaelBB, ao aa to caoBt iftaa to aoriBi 
and enanle the graft toderiva a laiiw "VV^ 
of nutritive power than II «iMUd otbarwiat «^ 
tain. TberaarvommeroaamalftodaofgnfUag. 
Una ta gtafttog by approadi. cr liiiiftlt. 
when two gtowtag jilaBta Biw vaHflt MaAv* 
anil after •dbeaioii one ti aavwad bum nB«»a 
•bjck and laA to givw en tkc otftv. 1Mb 
kind of ndbaotoa bombUbbbb takaa nmb Mla- 
rally in traca mwtu doas togliftv. fkt 
iwMl aetbod of gnftiM la by adow «r din 
whkb an i^Uad toUia atoek byBdifiBg 
•urtaoa, or at« Inacftcd toto alJto ta K w 
claft-graltlng, or Into parftmtl^M hf vtahH 
or pag-grBfung. BoaMttmaa obimbI bBm bb« 
placed Tn a drralar aunaBr IB — d tha wMb 
of the bark uf tba Btoefc, by erowB-mfttag; 
or tb« l*rk uf a porttos ■</ the atrtrA li r» 
movml, atkd that of the aclon la boUownd 0«^ 
•o aa to ba appliod ovta It Ilka Iba jariB of ■ 
Btita, beaca Mllad Sato^ntfHu BaMl^ta 
prartlaad t»y tbe ivBoral id a dii4 ttvm «■■ 
plant, along with tba porttoa ttt Iha halt Bad 
new «n>«l. and applying It to Baethf ptaBi^ 
In which a itintlar woand loa baM ttafta. la 

at. Sir*, fmldst, wliat. f&U. Ahtliv: w«, vftt, bare eamvl. hit, thira; ptna. pit. ura. tfr, 
\ tpon, WfU troB*. WbA, ate; bbM. oAb. oiira, vaUa, «sr. rftla. fftll: trf, syrlaa. aiw o» » •; iv* 

g«. Pf^ 

graftlin g— grain 





wblp-enltlnB. ortongue-^nlllnit. t\w rtodc (• 
cmt oblbiurlf m(.-rt«B, nad a alit or vrry iujtvw 
•BgnUr uieisiua b iniMln Iti iu iTntiM dnwii- 
«mrds ateromt tho rut iiurb>-i% ■ kJniiUr Jeep 
loeUoobcltu iiu'lo III tlic •oi^n iij'wurdi kt 
«com«noniUngMi]{l*, UKla)>nt)MUnxt(inguv 
ytl. wbfch, baiog luaerted In tbe liieUiou tu 
Un stfxjk, Uiey are fiLBt«n«d cloaely togetber. 
B|>lleM|nfttas I* ptrfDnned br entttng tiif 
ffb'U of botlt Uit «loek utd tbi Mlno winiw at 
NKb aa ugte UiattiwoblkiaA mutteea exacUy 


L 1 rwi cmninc a Cnnn taMaf 

lit «««h othn-, and are (aatetwd to^Uter. In 
nddle-fnfUnK Um cod of th« itM-k la eul 
into Uk r<inD of a wtnlgp, ami Umi inlililln of 
tlWMinn ?Dt itrAy an ib to rvct mrantly ojNin 
lliaalodc. Ontftfng ia oBunlty |<«rf iniif«t tir- 
Imea Iha koimIj |«ir1« of tti<' iiluiit*^ Imt 
k*rba«KtHM ymtim may abio he umti-^l in tlilx 
war. It i« rMiutslUt tlint tlw irmwlng jiarla 
W'hniO^t Inio apifwf tMi— 1 Tf twit itli>n- 
Divtia awl Uw two lltwrv. Unt'W wilt unly 
takv |ilai» vhetv Uio ai:Uvp iiri>rf!«H-a nf lib- 
ara ftavly uwrdBail. Tbp gmft anil st.>rk «rr< 
aaeorad together by incaii* i>f clay, yr a iiiix- 
tura of UNt'-vaE and talluw, or by UUi «>( 

X JfaKl- ; Tba teparliw nf the eii'l of a m|M>. 
oaaally oonred bjr ««avuig yami around Iu 

4, Any. .* Thfl truupUntiog u( a portion of 
■Ub to a dMiiMtad ■umH. 

gnrfttnK obla«], «. 

/liL«h ' A LittM '<r.')ii>»rl toi-aptlttlngaaiMok 
fbr tlir inMTti'ic. of a M-ltm. 

gi aftlu g-taillh, *. A ksin* hnrlof; ■ 

t>U>l<< f-T «t>Utttitie a limb ami ■ wMgc r>>r 
of^vitg the rlatt (or tbe )tiH(1i<Mii>rtba aciuii. 

for cut- 

CrmfUng-mw. k A t«ntinvu« 
ting off it>->«ii« fur graflhig ; a firuiitng 

gi ai t iB g-tOOi. a. A *«ry ■IrnnR •f>a.)f. 
mti'-li <-i>rvtM BctoM Um Uad« ; tuwil lii titia^uii 

*fraft-llAK. & rn«. 8r^ft : diodn. auff. 
-Umk.j a tiTik or lander grah or aciua. 
* n* »i^Mr • Mte *v« M«a #r«^iiMi cMea" 

Orti'-bMr-ita^ a (NaoMHl afUr QrabniD. a 
fHMul ofWnn&l 

MUi. : 4 aifcMnl. aappoatd to be )n*plMa(«>l 
tni OUfCBatcd patroUon ; hanliia«, 8 : ay, 
v„ 1-lU. Fovad la Wmc VlrgiuU. Alluig a 
Mwre to a m n iatam^ of CarUnlferooi age. 

"■imlC 'SntK r.l. [OKArK. v.] 

■nDd). 'snUaa), 'gnirlon). ■- [O.Pr. 

fr*»l: tifun l»w Lat. ft-aii<*^.] Tli* aaiue as 

Oa*»v*L (B. 1), 

Tk* lU Popith wm>»1«»h« *«• am pfr«r«^ 

' ' — ' ■ ■ "--7 itoari aSkfMd ■ •< alikk 

ITT Mrta, iMwdll^ to Ih* 

—A ««ndlr>n aad tttwfrr Mrt* iMwdli^ tolh* 
r — W . wwMbiaali, ta.*~MrgM. Mwmurtml,; Ibi- 

'■riUlCfX *Brmlto(n ■grasrleaX'. lO.Fr 

grviU; mua Lat. ^rorf^U a aleit*lcr.| 
L StaiU parllolMorany kfrxl : Mini, grmtel. 
& On* of kfae foull featben of a fcawk. 

*g>«llCD,*cralla,c3) -cnvlftiS). «. la Fr. 
^rnaj, fWT truaal - a Aat dlab ; fltmi i»w 
Ml. yrndak, mjoXc ] Pniperly applied lo tti« 
)pV«Klary dlan aa«d at the Lam aapp^r, tajd 
to Iwva been atden by ■ acrrant uf Pilate, 
■Md by blm 10 WMh hit baixla In Irtfor* the 
malUCOd*. tfl«rwanl« givni to 3m^\A% uf Ari- 
aallMa ■• a nwmnrtat <'t Ctirftt. >ii<l niinllv 
«Md I7 Jeatph 10 ct>ll«ct ttift l.I.)^I whirli 
flowad non our Lord whllr lMti^ii|;ou tiK>ct»u. 

"Tbb." aahl b« [Chr1at|, *'U tb« hnly diah 
wbfttiin sate tlio loiub vu SL KertlilD'a day," 
iro&irv.' Jtfi^l''<rU>Mrv,bk.xviI.,L-b.xx.) llic 
word (wlkkb ia cuiiunuuly i|ikaliri«d by Clic 
adJ«-vMv*? Mn, *i(nf, Myn, mmI => b^ly) tna 
aftarward* ai>|>llttt to the cup uk<1 at the Loat 
Bupiicr. Actiirdinit to one Irffoud, tlie Holy 
Onili wai bmu^lit by JtMcph of AriuuiUiea to 
Eni^liind. where he aetUKl at GlAsloubtuy 
ab'iut jlP, ftEl. Finally it waa tntiAlBirtiHl t» 
Inilla, whu« tt still ivnialcn. In a.£>. IIUI 
tliK Cnundrn, at tb« ca)rtJini of CivaaiM, 
fouui what tli»y bellerad lu be the veritaUe 
Holy tinul, a dub made of a •tiiglo Urge 
«iner«ld. It '* iiuw prvawved in thn Qithedral 
ot Sau Lorvnao, iu 0(uii>m. Auutlier leoend 
sayi that tbe boly veaar) waa 'bmuglit from 
bAaven by augela, and •otruatcd to the care 
of a body <tf kiUijhta, who guarded aod walehed 
it on llie top of a high moontaln. It waa in- 
vlilbU to any one not perf^wUT pore. The 
•earcb, or ttueat, for tljo Flitljr Otall afUr Uji 
loan or dlMpi-unnce, fonnrd thi? eiilijfct of 
antnerou* romaiit'M or po«iu», aueL u tboae 
of Arthur and tba Kniijlita of tha Bound 

"And «b« Ktac AtfbaraMde 
BU Ubla tavuA. anJ kII lutn*! liMfl' taMama 
Omn hu a MaaMi. miol) a« bad Umwbl 
Xbmi. oo« Um Hnlr OtmU vvuli ham Main.* 

ThoHVwn. nmOatarM. 

SriUUOt '. tl^n)- doabtful : of. O.Pr, ^ntiU .- 
Fr giilt = •lmid«r.) A slitglr-rut file iirfl<ia(, 
baviit^ one curr*rl nnd one atnil^ht (aee. It iH 
UAcO by coaib-makcr*. 

gram. *cim3ni. 'cr«lii. *groyn.f. [Fr, 
^rwifi ; iroin Lat. frroKMn = a grain, com ; 
onf^Q. wiUi com (q.v.).) 

L Onftnary Xanjraavr: 

1. A aintrle aeed of a plnnt. (Pnrlimilarly 
hmkI of thnaa plnnta the sn,tl< of wliidi ar« 
IM«>0 aa food Ibr naii.) 

TTto iManma aia m lirn yraiil >l wbaathhl ta la- 

* 14. A red or aeorlrt dye, nbtalnfd ttvm tbe 
OL-ciia iiueot ; covbiQCal ; a Marletor puri'la 


' AH tn a rota al dufcaM mft^ 
rkiwtac witk B*l«a(lo traib.' 

I ti Twmim. L L 
2. Deed e»Ueotlrrly, and wHhont a deflrl- 
livc. for rorn In geinaral, or tbe (tuit of oeical 
pbitita, aa wbuat, barley, ryr, hc In Aiuctioa 
reatriclad to the grain of whtat. 

** per vlatar dfoMbl Mvanh Uw Maaat> mIb, 
And bcvMla UMratonl on (li* t<nr1>d fratMT' 

3> Tlioae plaDta tb« t-t^nAs of which vousti- 
titte tlie food \A nun ; oerval plattta, la wheal, 
barley, oaf a, Ac 

"Tba iMM 0«*elMa lavfamd Mora all Mhar 
•ralM ItaoM tkra* iurta. lo wit, I>Tacvn(Ua,to»tiffUa. 
and a»Uitnal«in.-~i>. ATolIaatf.' niitfAliii. a*Ul.. 

4. {JPl): (Orawi). 

S^ Any ■mall, bard partti^lf, aa of nnd, 
aii^r, &«, 

Om»«* - . - 

Um tfrata* of mM fiM«aia."- a a M »> . MtMam V (JW 
trold, UL tL. t£ sin. 1 1. 

& Benoe, uaad fiar a tnhHte pnrtiitn or 
pBftldfli tbe onalket particle or aaiounl. 

"Oa tltfr [wmUIt (oodaj atthtf rMomaMnd hlu 
BH>r« k Dad at wba ums, oc •*« lo I.lnkMU. U b* 
tuis«#nte a( (Mtaa (ft liUn, thad U Im waa wUbinl 
lium t —mnrp Awwai, vot L, aar. t. 

7. One uf tb«' Domtitoeot partklea of a 
boily, a« of a uielal, a atoue, tic 

Bk Tbe body or auVctaara of anything cnn- 
atdeivd wttb napict to tbe fbrto or direction 
of the eonatitoeut partlelea ; tbe form or ap- 
pearaDoe of tbe auraoe of a body wltb respect 
to tbe quality or Brran]pnneat or tbe parUwa. 

- Wt.ra uy <U* i]( U waa ««1 asaotli aod pallia tt 
•ppMuind tu luvt a TMT )i>T«l« fraM. Ilk* that id 
auwn cviiciui « l i— wood.*— jM^ai hnat Trtmt, 
<b !».. I a 

9l Tbe anaiigraMnt or dirvotlm of Uie 
flbrea of wood or oUier fibroui aabataaoe. 
"TkenarksallAapnUof tlw wood . . . ha*abaan 
tenvd imoD ealt^*— CMnt - Jmrtm Srmmm Imp**- 
— i n a.>&.Tl. 

10. TIm lioHy or anbataiioit of woml with 
ree|«ct tu the arraugcineiit. quality, or direc- 
tion of tbe eooatititeot flbrea. 

- Uan an fa««rta«f nat awttat, (all irf tka ativltaal, 
tba dwwaat. and tka laifect Utabar W«m that w« tui 
»nr laaa ; (ImU mUk tlwir ffrxia. and unanot du- 
tsMlIu, tmoAm ikMi at av aaj kiMd <d UUdiu.'- 
Ctai . An* *-«|i^*, falL It., ak. TIL 

* IL A klud of a|<ic« ; osnlaiiiuni ; palna ef 

" Ua cbawMA frnm ami lr«nil&' 

Cfc—rar C. T.. M**- 
" 12. A eeed-pearl. 

- A fvata U> «dda Ihal ladlr ibaa.*' 

lurit ^atmt, p. m. 

* 13L Ab old name appTlad to Mveral Iniecu 
of tbe genu OwKua, fhMu tbelr reoad, eeed- 
like form. 

* 1&. An CMcatial element in anything 
"Tb* OM balac ttactaUa aad auld. tba othrn wUt 
■Ad Impal^l or a tmomior, Ibay a«ad bal la canalnf 
amiMfd. a* teirthan ^eaa l(«MM>. bat aet oaUai In 
grm a. *— irajpMtnl 

n. recAafooUy: 

I, Dfftiug: A Ann dye, or one applied 
thoroughly : Iu the woi^l, not in tbe neb. 

8, PaiMtirt^: A atyli; of painting m imita- 
tion of tbe naturml gralna of wood, luarblo. &c. 

3, VfiffkU : The unit nf watght in the Rug- 
lUh ayitem. Id a pound avoiTtIu|>o{» are 
7,000 mine, In a poumi tmy ttJM gmtoa. A 
grain U ei|uid to M17B0O grainmra. 

" l«]r tiy tha acMlfarr aamaa pf pane* and ifeUIlaiiL 
and wwIJm acd MNak »t IL | oiiMaT I aa fmOn iumI 
anaeaaol Ulrrr, and 'IU «a awra* (alliB( H lainly." 
—LaeMt ■ iMtmr ta Mr. tfttfrum. 

4, SHat : Ttie hair aiite 'jf akiua, Iu eoiitra- 
diatliu'tiiMi tti the Rnih sida. 

^ 0) ^stiiifMl tA#(rn»Jn : Against tbe natural 
bias or iDcllnatluu. 

* Dtlbat, U>uu«b UMi)> a#ata4t U« §ntim. 
Tb* daui ki* «arf ImI iMiTy J*ii« " 

{2} In grain, */n {foyM: 
(•i) Iu ft perraaDotit ooluur, (Oilglnally 
>l>otir[] only uf red.) 

" Uom ttw nd ra«M ffaali ap hi bar ahariwa, 
AimI iba pan «ao*. alUi tndlr vanmill tteyBa. 
Uk* c ei MMOft ditto ta « r* »■*,' 

(b] tniuta, Batoral, rval, not factUlotu ; 

(c) Dnpty aeated ; In natan. 

(!l> Gntin* !•/ aUounnvo : Some little qnaiitlty 
01 i>art allowed or reinitt«d ; a Uttie ailowance 
nut ill!. 

(4) linxin* ttf /Nirvuttw : 

Bat. : Tlie see4a at jlawmHm Onma Para. 
Uti. Tbey an aorid wed*, oaed to ^ve a 
pungent laiite to BpliitUMU liquors. Callad 
also Onlnea-Frraina. 

snUn-bliL ■■ A yujx or comi<«rtnt«it in 

wbtclk grrutt 111 AttTMl Id o gnoary orelerator. 

gnUn btDdor, ■. An alt4<^iii«^t to a 
hartvaior for binding t gavel lulu a itbeaf. 

gndBbrtlSsert <• A machine for mash- 
ing gralo (or feed, tu remter it Boredige«tibl« 
It dow not grind bol nruahw the kernel, rom. 
or oata. It baa two iron roUera of dlifcrunl 
iliameturv, tunvetl liv otiniieotlng ong-wbenla 
of t)i« airae elae, eo ibat a tubbing la addad to 
tbe ermhing eiiliott. 

gndn-olMUMT, e. 

1. A iimohlno in which wheat, oata, rye, 
and lurtey an aepamtad fnHn tticir chjilT, 
duat, and pteoea of atraw, tho mult of ih-- 
thnuihlag opentloo ; a faanlng or winnowing 

2. The ahoo or clraruDg J«'rtl'>') of k Ihrasb- 
fiiirmurhhi^ wliiob acta alicr the tliraabar and 
tho al raw -carrier. 

3. A tnavblne In wblcb gnin li rid of cockle. 
garllu, Ac, which are eo nearly tbe else ana 
weight of the grata that Um atao of laeab and 
■ttength of Uait of Um tuudDg<4Bili at* In- 

4. A nMcliin^ In which grain la robhe^l. 
brvralied, atu] blown to rvmove atout aad duaL 

grain ooDToyor,!, (Euttatoii, II. 2,s.l 

grain oradlo, t. [Cbasu. B. B 0)-] 

gratn-djunpor, r. A derice fbr eppiT* 
Uii; strain tu gniH) to Huhl the brao and latill- 
tato the prookae of dMortlrjtlAn. A Jet of 
■teaiH cutcrtng a tube where tbe grata deaoeoda 
a aerW af faH&nea ia a oaoal method. 

graln-drlar, >- An apparatnaorauu<hlna 
In which liump grain ia dried, or grain tn <>nll- 
nary oundltloa b kilu-drioJ to fit It Cor ocaaa 

gralB-driU, '. A machine fur eowiag 

giala III >JriIla ot mwa. 

grain-lbrk. 1. A light fork wtth Inng 
curved tiaae, oaail for plteUng guvala of cat 
gralD oa to a waggoo, whm Um atraw ia too 
abort for onamtalant Urtding. 

httU b^: p^SiU, )^1; CAt, 9*11. ohoma, fhla, braoh; gOt i«ni; tUn, (lUs: aln. a^ ; ospeot, :)C«Bopboa. a^at. -U«. 
■< * ■ ■ . -ttaB = ata«a. -tlon, -alansshfia: -tloo. -fion = i]ftfla. -Uooa. -elotu. -«ioas = ab^a. -bla. -41«, A'- =t*^, d^L 



grapt oUtea— grass 

W««T<f terapfot) s iMiiitM, lOArkNl Willi 
letiJtn. wrltteb, luU Xitot {tUkot) = itoae.] 

'U {0/ Ou firm graptoUUtiui> : A genui 
tMlcMiging to Dm tnliwnu kiimiltMR, liuiUtnted 
tf UnoBiiB, And i^Artd hf mn tn hli dua 
P^iMllia ind hi* urcUr PetriflcaU. Ho d«- 
dnes It u K pttrifarUou ranmbllng ft pictnre. 
It IB quite ft meillFy. One iiieolM rcMuiblra 
ft map ; ft Mcond U itrtcgfttcd Flor<<ntlnc 
nurblc; a&oUiM- looki Ukt i. fotall ftlgft: • 
fffoitJi u ft neeut Berjtula ob ojriten sihI otaer 
•lMlli;«Dd ft firth dendriUe Rurklon on 
■gfttes. None ct Uiaae am gnptoUtea la the 
tnxdom Miua. 

3. (0/ Om farm mr^alitM) -. Th* tjitltwl 
smiu ot Uw aab^XuM (formerly tbn Eainily) 
OraptollUdn. Oiily oft« klilfi haa a row ut 


grftp t6 lith'-Oa, «. [GKuroLiTca.] 

Sr&p td Ut-iOt (u [Ifod. Lftt. 9rai€<4it[n\ 
lUiil LntiC . &0. luff, -fc.) 

/'(ii.nitU : or, beloogiBjb nlxtlng lo, or 
cimialiiltiB grmpboUlea. 

sraptolltlo^olilstaw '• j^- LCSiun^ 


Sr&p~U Ut l-dn, JL r^ tHo.l. hat gmpta- 
iiH<»f, and Lit. fain. pL a^. autD 'UtA) 

PaUmmL .■ A nab^Uu ((brfturiy ft bmUy) of 
Ujrdrotaft. Thny bava a eotnpaasd hyurn- 
■onift, oeoaftloMJl7 brmnobed. oooslstlDg of 
Ddmerouft pwhrpltM pralActail hy liydtoUteoc, 
ftnd onlted by ■ taaouMn eneloted ia a 
atnntg tnbalar polypftiy. Their neftnat 
living ftl|i«« are tfae SertulftHda. Some liavn a 

L BartrtlM pHafiiaa* iBknwHUL 

ft DU7)Biitra|Hu KoitUIiwI. 

row of c«nul«a only on one, and othraa <m 
hnth aldaa. Tbajr ara chftrsetarifttie BUoriau 
(Uftil*. Tbof oecomd wkora tbt Mft-twil 
««• of mod. Prof. Allnnn imlb th« aab-elftM 
which they conatitut« Rhabdoplemra. 0«nerm 
OtaptollUM and RaitritM. with rtiwi of cell- 
ul/« only on oaa ahla, the fannar ooUad Ilka a 
watch-spring. IH|4<wn(W!i», I>idvnKifra|Wi». 
he, wttA two rowft, UM oallulaa In tM bUer 
tamad to, and In th* fm-mrr awav fhiin each 
othnr. Por Eoftltah, Srotrh.atii) Dth«r ■jmctlf^, 
•M' MurahlMiDftSllaru : kv aUo forth* Inlter 
Quar. Jo4ir. 0««<. 8oc. vil. M. 

*Sritp'-y, o. {Eng. ffrvpit); -f.) Cooaliting 
of or rtMmbllng graiML 

" B« pna* «taitan tpnad ~ 
. tSiUi MM 

OX*. lOnftOtl 
(tKft [OftAift.] 
r.L (OftAZC] 
hop. 'BTOB hop. 1 [ORAniiK-ipFIB.] 

v.t • i. (rrtm ffrtnam, as afttftnattni of graptn 
m to flni|« ; 4^. Oar. trrop**" = to Miftteh ; 
tUL gfftjp ii f a la gna|i ] 

A. IntnnfUtn: 

L tIJ. : To aaua and b(4d Caat la tha hands 
<ff ftras; 10 clutch. 

1, To talM or tr; to wlo or gftln ; to take 
fBiapoilrMi oT. 

AMbcw; OMp«'« MR. aift 

S, To biy hnlJ af tnf nUilly : Ia beeum« 
thoroDRhly .-MNjiudiited or caavcrsaut with ; to 
cotLfTcDviid thoiu(i);l>ly. 

"At nunoiT *iU f^f and niala *ii that 1* •ofl- 
•taU k* tba MtfvnM of valaabla UnnvriHMftk '— 

*S. Til hftVe in om'a power; tn rule. 

"OrMkt klaa g< MM. tftalOTiuMit Ui* •«>■&. b««r*.* 
r. n«Mmr. B«l. ft 

1. To catch or Mlaa. 

2. Tu (uftke grupa : to fdotch. to atntgglo. 

" Bm. 1kl> tKN U tjKk. >»d luU of Uiwd : 

Aud tuwad iM lib-.' 

Oofawv ■ I iTMry r/„ IILft 

3. Tn anlxe rftj^rly or ftvariciiNUtly ; to act 
gr«ad)l)' or ftrftrirJuualy. 

"* a muar mMtt hi* ttara. 
Wl)» vrmapt aad grtupt 'uil In nn hutil na ^«n.* 
iJr»J*«. |(]y«Mr.| 

^ r<i irnup at : To try to Kin or gilD ; to 
catoli at ; to fttru{p|:le after. 

" ITnt vh«t MV luau abn fnttp 4t ptMw MNUoft 
Bui bubbiM OB tbm r*|dd (Uaun nf Utna." 

grasp, f. (Giuap. v.] 

1. Tilt) grip or aeixare of tb< hand. 

2. Tha nmch of tbs hand. 

*- Th*y laok*d vpm It m tftair owD, and had U avaa 
wllftlu tliUr )fra«pt'— CT arw W *^ 
& Tlifl power of aeiiiag or gmaitlog ; buMM, 
piwaeaalmi, powar, hold. 

' I vould M« iw Uw ruikla Iftal tbm thtnkMl. 
Var Um whola apaM that* In Um tynuiL'B/nuvLlI 
SUltnp. Mal*»tk, I*, ft 

i. Thfl jwiwcr of Che iuCellect to graap or 
coniprvhcnil thiogs ; the reftch or rfttign of 
Um intMltmt. 

grasp' -^-bUi, K. [Eng- 9T<up, ftnd nbfc] That 
runy or cftn he gnuin^cl. 

" HU •vary hom kad tntm 
EUMnal lar iImcut* ; tuer hi* hml 

£w* .- SMvaftM. U. <T«. 

grasp -or, «. [Bng. ftup; •«-.] 
1. One wbo grmai* or a ali as. 
• 2. A (.'nipple, or grappUng-book. 
"Tb* bandM and j ra M * " whaiavllft tha lalyM 
van tetaad toMtktfk'— ArtM^.- «hIh«m CWnMi 

fe Ml 

grvkp'-Us. pr. pcrr., «., & a. (GnAir, v.] 
A. vl« pr. par. : (9«e tha nrbX 

1. Seizing, laying hold on. 

2. Armricioua, groedy, corttoui, mlaerly, 

- Xv naltft. OB whkk a Umh Blfh 
JkinmAf nata a yi ■iafr<r aya.* 

C. Am miM. : The ftcfe vS wldng or UTblg 
ttat hold on. 

SrasP'-X^'lf> <"*•- fEng- rnuplnf ; -la.l 
III a gi-uiiliig laftnuer ; ftv*riduualy, greetUly. 

* nav'-IAS-n^SS. *. (Bng. grasptm^ ; -uMa.] 

Tb« (luallty i>f litMDg gnuplog; gncd, ouret- 
ouaneaa, avarice. 

"A *w aM «»Mate tlwt la aain^thj of ttat tadnl- 

- gras^-pls^ * gras'-p^L v.i. (Bng. (rroiji ; 

Irt'i. ailff. -It.] To grupple. 

" W)th«baM thacTtt q ewi ia ig^a tfrf i J ."— tfc'awai 
9m«Mm nartfM. fu. IL 

* gras'-ple. •. [QsAftrLS, •.] A ffnpoel, or 
grappling- book, 

"Tb ttM wftkk tlMT (Mtmad pw a^ w of bm and 
paatbuolualjkaaUMa.'— Jrpnb- QuMtM C^rtda*. 

'gnw'-plir, «. [Bng. ffnuptC*): ■*»■.] A 
grappling houk ; ■ gnjmeL 

~n* r^*t Un tfUca 4(»*fta (mIM Oorrlj look* 
I CiwtlM. b. w. 

* graip'-UteSi a. [Eog. gmq* : -fcaa ] Relaxrd, 

not gruping. 

" Fnas «ir 0\ lay t Ml haud 
Vnp MMdahlp'a pracloaa t«arK ltt« bowylaaa 

-n« rrM»<«w tfUca 4(»*fta (Miti 
Um «blp|Hk.~-SrMMl* ; VafiXM C<w«l 

_ . _ . «wr«, • gsne. 

'crisis 'CTTSe,*. |A.S.|ra!rt, !fra$; r»gn. 
wTth Dut. i/nu ; 8w. A Oul irrW ; loaL gnu ; 
Ooth. frw; G«r. gnu.] 

L Onf. long. : Tba harbngt, or rvnlsot 
conring of tha farth. 

"ffhaebarlti har ratna. ttittm lln iiiliiil fi aM 

I Um ovwinatnaa b« Unha aha Ui**<nL 

>Mt«,' a>-Mii^/Wr«aw,K;ilU. 

the Gil 

iDofala, ft sn^ of 

IL rackaiaoUy: 
1. Aolciny: 

<<i) .'^Intf. : Any plant belonglttg to ibm evdar 
Grftiult>ft(;eK ftni] ni> otbera. 
(ft) /v. ; Tba order Gnmlnaoea, 
(2) Looarip : 

(a) The pottalar luune of nrlOBs 
enmaofthMnsothcloBgliMtor ~ 
Tbtta, the Arrour Go* n Ingli 
JuiuogiDftcne. and th«> C^ttoo Ones 
pburuiD, ft gauuB ot Cy)«rftca«. 

(b) Tba popular nama for Tarlotn _ 
which ftre not erco endoceeft Twft, the 
Gnu* of FBmaaatu (Pftmaaalft) la •■ uiugis 
of the order Saxifiegaoeee; end the Oooae 
Gmtt iOaiiitm il^nrifu), alao ejl«xag«B,«f ttft 
onlcr KobUoew. 

^ Tlie nnmsrone pUiit nsiBee, la ehhfc 
grasi la th« Uat word of • comtooBd. wU be 
fiiand aoattered tltmaghmiL the werk. Thef 
en loo naineroua to be brought tt>g«lbavh«a. 

& Seriptun: 

(1) Lit. : tn the sune eenee na I. 1. 

(8) Fig. : That whkb la fading, or eal^eel le 
de«By anil daath. 

"AIie-Atorrw. . . ■— IfthafipU fc»»^' 
— fM- zt a, T. 

% To giM fnu*.* To jMd. 

gran MadiB, ft a ein^e talsde «r Mbb 

of gnus. (ilyTMi: Om jB8a,TUL 47.) 

gmi nwM. 'garss canM,*. AiUgfct 

cold oc eetftrrh nffecttng banee. 

~Vh»t% la a a»aM^ « Ite MMWa aril It. thai 
MMon doaa laaea haaa,« lesti Imc.'— j^, «w«. 

graaa-eattar, ■. One who. or an laa&r*- 

meiit <rb)eh, euta graea; apedC one at the 
fttSenilatiU on an Indian annj, whoee Im^ 
neaa tt U lo cut and t>r1ng Into the eanpinai 
fodder fur the charger* and tt«iM|ort eetUa. 

graas-IM.n. FHnngnueorgnaafaed; 
rf<l by pualuiuig, aa tliaUtigiilabeil (tOB fltoft- 

" EUllW mtUa r>eef aee aelr fwaMW-'-ar W. 

graaa-ftnolu grass -QtUt, ft 

Ortntk. : Ttu' griiUA S|a;Tnioiihlla, arnriSOv 
of Ameiimn blraa ulaoad by Bwaiiieeai ^iriv 
the biiiUy PriogiUfda toA the SBb-fcwgy rjf 
rhullDv (BuUBnuhei]. 

gl SSS gl uail> o- Orejgrown wttk pmm 
VT wt-nU, 

" A wliUrr amUMl ombA iba grmmtrtmm paa* 
hmoL'— tfuaiyiir ' 1M. -AtlL. ^ «!. 

* grsss hasrth. ft 

Ijtte : An old auhimftrr eerrlea el t— ai H 
who brousbt thdr pluugha and did one dey'a 
woHi fnr thrlr locd. 

grasa-ill, t. A dia a >ae gCtorahe. 

*- wiicn atunt thra* waaka alA, aae b^ta^^ te 
nut* cn*a that* tooft. a atniMltaa Inab m •*• vOI 
•>4u«uaMadU ■( akM la «alM Ifta Jr aa i t '— ^'fti 
Aiaff. irwM. Am db«. UL ML 

grass -11 ■ibi^i.lrf. lABbtoTwhkiklkt 

dama arc niuiilng on paelsre-knd ; heacwthilr 
milk Lb richer, and tli« fleab of the buBhsof a 
anpenor quality than under other ouodiSIa^ 

* grsssmnlo, * garsa-mala. «. Best 

for giaaa, or the prtrilcge ai graxiog. 

" ttmm Wttr^wmm tkrt ha ibmII thaaM lA^a 
InsiaaiafiariiMk^batbaMM Wr. HrftafeaaaS 
kpkU 7W Vw«<Ml>thMlBft--JaftaBaft ttm 
(lAi). ^ II- 

fraaa-mothik ».ft. 

Balme. : The Ikmlly CianliUa, «kkA 
bdnnga to the gronp Pynlhlina. ThMj-Jtaor 
BrtlJsfa epMiea are known. Tb^ an eiDii 
ftlao VftDOeift. C^iftO)?!.) 

grass af Paraaasoa. l 

AX. .- The senaa Pama«lft. It iwitefc Of 
P^rf niilfti herba. with radlcte qollt ealti^ ts^ 
BllpuUt* jMTfa. and a eeape bearti^ at tta 

- Tf u •■ -- - 

tip a anlltArY Iftrga yeUow or wUfei 
with a Qvc-kibed falyx, tn piiiiUMil f^^ 
nn atAweoa, alteinalinc with flae muuaaSm 
artd ft Bfthy-eeeded nperlor eapaater fralL 
Twelve epedea are known, one tf\ 
jnlnttri») In Brttilih bop, and two|P , 
ana and P. taarifiHa') from Uu I'blted i 

grmaa-oU. ■- A ttagmnt roUUIe vO. ili> 

ftta, fftt, dura, ^mldat, what. Call, catber ; wo, wiu bara, tmrn^l. har. thars ; pina. pit, ur«. nr. Bariaa : gsw pH, 
ar» won. Wfll vork, wbA, ate; muta, eftb^ oiira. iialta. our. r&lo. ftll: try, Syrian. «», <s - «; ar = &• vn = kw. 

tUlM from vnrtoiM klD4t of lodtao grww, 
•fpedsUy nl tba gnaui AndrupogOfi, «od tuwd 
ia prrfiiarry. 

gnwm ■nalce. ■- TtM hum m rto{«d- 

ArrA. : Tk« Ulltv u Babtu-taBLE <>l.v.). 

Orf..' Tht lillMttoiu nmos XAatlimrliKs. 
On Um 8wid RtV«r ABd clMwb^ra In AtiitnlU 
thej hmlib nimble fodder for mttle. Be- 
fore th« rMtIv* TkKimanuui became i<xtii)ct, 
tliev w^rc woot In Mt Um tender Imtm kt 
Utf Uipuf Uwitem. TtM unow gnue-tiee U 
uerd iIm of JttdkM rinwdjAyOa bdiI Kingia 

Cnw»vtttoli, (. 

Bat: JUirJtyrM NiMoJia. 

*grm— -waric, * An nM n«m« tn thp 
Inii> of LVKirU r'frilogati'tn-irMik. t>t«ftiiM tbr 
MOiBioM Unh ooutilad ckkOj of regetablM 

A. TVnui/iM.' 

1. To cover with grwn or turf; to now 

t. To MtTi oa th« (ibm or gmirod, m Sax. 

%, Tn hrtng to the groond ; to Uy nr e*uw 
t« lie on Um gnw : as. To ynuv a IWl 

' Al (W alM* of tbi tw«Btr-afU nnad tk« 4o««« 
Mat \U_tv»mt 4m fatUm t «■! «l ttto mw* uumhtt." 

* B> f afraiM. ; To prodiwe gnu ; to !»• 

k 4ri<«a. er mm to tit* vrmi, 
r \»fr* 



■|pte-a&'-tl«l, ■■ (Ut. TniMifH from 
ftaatMMA, pa, par. nf fnuwir, rreq, of gradiar 
s to walk.] A | » ogn — or prDgrvMiun. 

'.tJ !■ «lw tten to • nmvmil 
HMM iw iM *lRa» a |«iiwiiM]l *t(il 

^Mffc to to Upb iri."li«t )l atuA to wMimUL'-' 

, -oUth, t. [Kng, gram, and cW*.) 

Cloth ttutle tram tha graaiy flbrw of the [anrr 
IwA tif the paaBcloth-plant («.r.)i It «qiuU 
the tiMt Pr«n<4i oambne In v<nnem ami tln^- 
naaa. In India U la made Int/i light whitp 
Jaeketa. tnted \>j goeatii at |<«rtif«, when olotb 
Ooata wrmld t>« appnaairely hot. 

I.IB— lillllll IIIbhT. a. 

BoL : tHihwirria aicw. one r>r the TTrtlcaOMi. 
Itgn>wstn8nmalra,rhlnjt, Aiul AMain. Calhwl 
mon fbllj the Chineae pmaKloUt-pLant. 

trmmgnin, *gi»mmt ^ibuiw. *gnm- 

Sren*. i. * f^ [A.a. fr*ra(fr*hf: DiiL gntt- 
gr.<t , IcrL ymtgrmi DaD. yi ifa|f i An ; Oar. 

A. ^«a4M«w: 

1. Onrn with grata; TiMnt. 
"ytttutrnfitm ■erf ^ n y ii ea j i tfce i awM«r bwt ' 

S. or tba ootoor of gnaa ; dark gimn. 

Um mg rnn ■ Immmltl * Otifc«— ». H. 

n. Bo*., rfc .■ Clear, HmIjt irrem, without 
any mlititra. Tba randaring of XmX. tmam^- 
dIaM and proalaiia. 

B* JL» nM. ; The t^onr uf gnua. 

CI— b6p per« 'Bras' -h5p-p«T. 'gra*- 
bop pyr, 'Bras-hop;. 'groB-boppe. 
I hope, 'sreaaboppa, ' 

•aPb *gry»H»pa, •■ |A.S. g<rti\nyfn: \M. 
gnaiapfa: Dut. fnuAwp^wr; 8w. y r w ao j ' >u ; 

1. Ma^lrr; 

(1) AopBrtr Ovnw e<rrdtetaiN«. an nrthnp- 
torooa ImwI, wlta Inns aiilMiniF, enrl Ita hlirl 
laip tnrmmi tor hapm^ It ii ab-ive twD 
InchcB IflBfr Bad Ib comiDon tn Diarahy placM. 

ff) Varluoa othm- rraaBhniipen an tvaUjr 
entail apartaa of Wiuna. 

% PI: Tbt fhmllj AoidUda, Ulnnglng to 
tlw ordtf OrtboptaiB. They aiw aomctlinea 
«Bll«d Oiyllloa. Thvf have long aetBc«oiw 
, ttoa dlBUBntablDK them tnm the 

BBlB<LBBBBtlilBi).tp whirh thej are allied. 
wUeEhBVf abort 

(raaaboppor-baam, <. one rnrni of 
beam aw«<l In elrain-riit;irini-. tlin ftilcrtim la 
at Kim end, ami lti# i-ori-.-tin^ roit beiween 
it and the jiiBUm-rod, uniuilly iniilwAjr. 

Sraaaboppor - eoglne, *. An engine 

haiuiij a ^iiuu<liii(>i->>r->>»:tui. 

graaaboppor-warblar, r. 

Ornitk. : :iaJiciirla (■KuMtiia. one f>f ttw 
SylTide. Its m>us ib like that of a cricket. 
[t Is a -iinimM- rUitnnt t" BrtUitn. arrlflnH In 
tlir nil'idl« or Aprtl and deparliutc lu oep- 

'SruB-all. * STla-aal. * slra-all, v.t. (Pr- 

grtMitrsiia ciai-klc.| T'> ntttlo; to make a 
rostlUiB or crackUntc noise. 
"ftxM«(Ur UiUaCsMa thacl*n»Ai rala, 
TIm UkinU frvtta*t, MMUla au tnU aad fMla." 

graaa -l-nfiaa, *. (Eng. graug: ■*«») The 
qodlity or >Ut« of being graaay or abouiflllig 

gnUHT-Und, >. (Knu. ffrau. and Uirnt.] I.And 
kept alwnyn andergraaa. asrilstliiKtiiMhiHl fh^m 
land which !■ altoruatety undr-r gnuu and 

graaa ltea,*Kraaaa-Ieaaa,a. [Bng. irraae; 

'iMAk. DxAlltlltr >if ^-UL^. 

"MriWw tirir nf ml.lirnwn hu* 
Br •hvUlU(>lniia thm H''»'>i iiMirin«a Iih^hI.* 

■naa'-mAn. garaa-man, : [Rnm. (riuw. 

and awTN | One wiio jiommshs a huiue lu the 
eoantrr withiptit any Imnl. 

"TtM utMBV mttAiv nnA fr^t^tt^^. «!■« Ii<r ttmr of 
Oua tiro li»d Sod iMi* aod U>a(« '—^ffMliUH^. tL IIT. 

graaa-plSt, >■ t^nic jmac, and pw.) a 

plot (It pU-c« of gn>uud cjvcrod with gruM ; a 
aiaru coiMiatln;; af N^Jb of flowcn with gnua 
bfltwtwN tlMini inilpad nf gravfL 

*' Hrr* no UiU tntmpM. In thu vtrr V>a«^.' 

A>>*m ' frKVML It. I. 

graaa -pAl-j^, ■ graaB'-p&l-a, «. (Bijrm. 


iMYPd t*uri>le-loua«ctrilo. It la a small plntit 
witb rv*\ akilUiryllowflra, growing necaaivnally 
In iiiQiiilAUxl pUeee Id Um ea«t nf Bnf^and. 

graaa'-Om, gir'-aAm. gir'-adma, ■. \hM. 

^i-»au :x store, trvaaurx, a prfiiiuiin.] A 
■am of nK««>y p!tM tiy a tenant to a Undlonl 
on entering nivn a fium. (SaXdL.) 

groaa-widtf^r* i. [Fr, ffraea > eoorteay : 

' I. Aa unmarrleU wocnan who hA« bad a 
S. A married w^utinn whcue huHlnml i« tcni- 

firarily anparated tttita her, aa when the wife 
vea Id RaglaiKl and the hiuboDd in India. 
"Bto l*trr«M»Mw; bar bwtoiMl IsMMMtklaa tn 


a«t»tee 'Smtmnktt aiilia. 

graaa'-wriok, a. [Eng. pw. and wradt.] 
hU. : The genua Znatera, bcIonglDg bn thr 
order MaiadiuieM. Two apaelaa an BriUih. 
tbe Broad-leaved Oraaawnok, Zf<tt»m aMrfn^, 
and the l^warf Onnsiwracli, Z. nana. The n^- 
■einl'ltnre lu gra«s te In the leaven, and the 
tftrm "wrarlc' ffa2g<^ta that the planta are 
Mat OB bcBcliea Uke acBwrack of bIkb. k)o- 
phytao. fto. T1)« Cnmraoo Oruawrack ia 
nasd for paolduK boltlea and earthenware. 
Pallaa aajn that in the acwtli of Ruasia It i> 
fi^iiod with prittaqr <ti nid tnmlia. It ia the 
alva (olva or alga) (tf the abopa, ttM to etuff 
boda, B pnrynM fi>r whlcli It la Uigrjy iur<l 
In [ueUiid and In the north of omtlnental 

gnuT-aj^, 'graa-ala, n- [Kti^. ^ram; -y.] 
I. Cover«d or ab>nudini; with graaa. 
S. Uke graaa, green, wnlant. 

"Tba aaarlad a^ 
Bapaaaa |la#7 on m aaaoatk a nkU 

* graata, jn. par., or a. [liBAOCD.] 

graa -tita, *. [Or. i^umc (aroMU) = graaa. 


Win. ; Thfl «»nw »• Ct-moawAiue (q.v.). 
grat, prrt. q/». (GKBrT(S), v.l Cried, wept. 
' Bat to m< vton to apak t( tto OoIomI, f nam 
aaw tto llfca.' fcai . r«aar*«, iB. taUL 

paTAllftl or at angW t« ea«-h uther with in> 
lentfna * a kind uf Iatt>ce>window. anch aa la 
UMid in cl'rtiten, ouitneripa, fto. 

glMa^ «. n/t« lat enta. anuo, tnm LaL 
erolai • a Qurdta ; ItaL frali.] 
L OnKBBfy Ijagvagti 
1. A partltloa or wreea niada at bars (Ixad 

"Ollno)idiicTMilta,«tth Ironj 

Hww unw it ■ nr«*Mt «f ntr W iwwa w . la. 
2. A cnted boi or haaket, »r a box wlUi a 
aeriaa of ban for b flour, in wlt»ch fuel i> 

" Mr d«w ^ of tfkmMM that m aia-hi^lan «*«M 
eaaaaaMaeo^tk but !!*'■• n» toaL' M»*l«: SmaHittmr, 

n. JtfiB.: A tnetallio perfbnted plBla on 
wbleb orea irc atam|>ed. 

grmta-bar, '■ The Ima bar in b ftiniBcw - 

wMcJk aiiiJiHirta the fuel. A part of a grid in 
A ruriiACc. 

grata-amibee, ■■ 

St»atn-*n^n. : The area of iiirfhee of gnta 
by which air has arceaa to the rael. In an 
Average boiler thli la one atjuare foot per 
hnno^liower, and is eX|MMt4>d to evaporate oae 
ooblo f^t of walar pet huur. 

gr&taOX*-'- lanaTB, tt To rtimltdi with a 
uratf; or graUng ; t^ fill In or oorar with ctm* 

"Blia toa tfrwM veH-tolM totw 
BmA VIW ir«pa Mria 

gr&ta (S), V.C A i (O. Ft. ffrator; Pr. ffroltar, 
fmia Low IjtA eroia, ftoBi 8w krotiit — Ut 
acram ; Dan. fcmlU. kmut ; DnL Jtrcuam ^ to 
•oniI<h ; Qtr, kratrnn; Hid. Bug. craeoUa; 
ItaL fraUan.] 
Ju TmntUivf: 

1. Tn mb onii thing agalnal another, an m 
t> ranae a barah auund : aa. To graU one ■ 

X. To rob twn bodlGs together, ao aa Ia re- 
duce ODO or both to Bmall [wrticlDa. 

"OMtr It fb'>iM ra<ll>b1 on • mtor wktob kaa md 
beiloMk a«B aa 11 laajr |hb iLruivk.'- Am/km ^c» 

* 3. Tto olTtend, to vex ; to annoy by any- 
thing hamli or vriatinita. 

"Oroiiivta tuuaklr all Ut(Uraataatal~ 

Jltotoiji. - ff-KaJaf,!!!. t 

* L To eauae tn ereak or make a barah, 
gnting DOlae. 

"5. Tn Pi^^Qfie aa a liarah, dlocordant 
Biitintl by tUc coUUiou or fnotioo of miigb 

"QnaniMvaoHUlT , . , 
T%a InfaRud lioiins and oa Itolr UaMi araf • 
fUn^ IbnAdar.' MIUm7y.L. IL ML 

* 6. To grind down, to redaee. 

" Mlglity »Ufa-« M* gimt t J In JiMtjr Bntbbw " 

«U*a^. IVaaM«CVwtfa.ULA 
B. fntmnaitivt: 

* 1. Tn rub t'lgi-ther : to tnoch. 

"Thalr wpKnm rnii«4 tMt r II Ut«r tod. br ■aert 
l«k»lbn>1 thn hjtti tak*ti hiut.*-B>nMn /^wUmtHi 

S, To ruhagaloet any Ixidy an aa tn prodneB 
a hATKh, rliaoordant noiae ; to git's out a barab 

" Umt a 4ir whae) rwUnr n Um Ml».ti«a.' 

Btotowi. I jrMwv/r.,aLL 

* 3: Tn he oflVniiiT^, to nSVnd. 

"I awrwt toard blai nuk> iiii Hilt mauleliil, la ■ 

laaa ItaAt v^old tote /mini aartij Ml aiMB ^Ml'a 

pattvnoa. ami b»v* AIM UiaU Uvm vWi UMMMnB* 

• I. To be grieved, to ftat 

'■ for Btlif bla toart 4M f*««.- 

'grata,". [L«t. ^vtuspleuBnt.) rieaaant, 

" 1 1 tooooMa #raf ■ aad dalMou aaoaih to MBton." 

~«r r. jr<wWH.- rVtfMU. 

grAto'-rtl, a. [Trom th« i(t«n aiwn tn fJit. 

fii-altti ; O. Ft. gral i Hid. Eiig pnic = plena* 
ug ; But;, auff V^(0-J 

\ L PlNudiig ; pleaaant ; acMptBble ; wet- 
cato» ; gratlTyiDg. 

" O ilntb WW yvwli^a/ I ' 

S. Bavins a dne aense nf Inneflla pirviinl ; 
willing and reaily tn arlcnnwlMlgn obllgntioua 
for klfldneiaca done ; thankfiU. 

gpnerflii ba nteoa OaialAt nr awKa OM 
LonJ tor.' rVwtjiaan ; SaraMr * CW4. U 

8. Exhibiting or expreaaiog gratitude ; in- 
dicative of gratltudi^. 

"AIUiLJU«li UiacMMtoBt aoB 
dii-TaU U.^r MMi oi »IUi ^traitntt atall*.* 

CWi^FPr raA I. NA 

grate'-rtl-lt, e<lf. [Eng. frtO^fiU ; -J|l1 
1 1. In B i^aaalnA. gratifying, or agTBMblB 

bSU. b^: pAt, Jtfirt: eat, fall, aboroa. fbln. banpb: go. iaaa: tbln. fbla; atn, af : expaot, Xenopbon. a^lat. 

laii=abftn:».-alaas.ahfta. -«li»iu.-«la<i&-«taiia = abaa. -bla. -tfla. 4a. = t 

pb = t 



gratefulneBS— gratulate 

L In • gntUfU] nuniter ; wtth gntltude. 

"TliMdvfrwl^rftji raraauoirul 70a SAd ruw w«ll> 
fevat«4 UUivn In ttwtr [nr«n to Ood. -Oapta; 

grito'-fta-BAM, r. (Bng. fnUtM: -mm.) 
1 1. TIm ()niiUty r>f Mug fiftUtuI, pleub)^ 

or ftecet<Uibl« ; (ilMMntoM*. 

2. Tliv <i'iality nf being gntc^U or thuikftal 

tttt Wnetlu r(>c«ived or kfodneMU dtnw; 

gnlitud* : tbtakruUiMD. 

"0*i ot f f m t tniltum. In mn«nboina»at thairsny 
so«f1wl« tew to bin.*— tfalar : Vc«rT //. |>& Ltwj. 

SrAt-ir» *. [&Dg. praii (Q, V. ; -«r ,- Pr. 

irmfoir. I 

1. Ord. Lanf. : Oat wko or th»t vtUali 
sntM : flp«cir„ ft phu roujdmed b]r pancfa- 
Inf b"t«« whl«i ntse pmtubcfaucM tiitmiag 
m rmBpioi laclkoi. Owd for xmtln^ e'i>IP>r. 
BUtnifi^ iMTieradUh, leriKirtN. liwuitK. &(% 
" WhoM tMOr htia. wbtoh Ml >l telb ildH rtlck. 
Mtabt Mm to fiwHn.' 

S. 8aol:Mwf. : Aft Imn 1n*tnunent ii«m1 tij- 
tiio fnnrmrd«r lu rubblug Um bsclu of M'lviid 


cmtlciitoriOM, ftDm fratUubr, enUieiUrr ■ to 
dividi! (iito K|iures, frrira fntfioMrr, ern/(cM/«; 
Ijit. cTtilicvla m « litll« liunlle ; vmtts = 4 
burillal llip ili*iii<»ii nf « dwlgn "r ilnwlDg 
tntn Uttl« ainmrr^ lar Ihp inirp..n* nf [iriKlac- 
Itig a oopjr of It un ft Ifti^i or BmalU-r «cmla. 

'frtV-l-odltt, ■: [Fr-I [OnATirm^Tioir.t A 
tleslon or drftvlng illviUatl into UMt »qiurf« 
fur lti« imrpoM of leproduetloa on ft Ui^ or 
■m«ll«r ftcftls. 

■rAt-l-n-«A'-tt«n, «. [JmX. prof t/trnft^, tK«i 
gntiUoUMa, pa. fnr nf (rruH;l(»r s to gratify 

L The Mt of gr»tlf>-1ng fir plowing, 

r Vm* /nu^lMrtDfl irt lla 

* S. CntignttilftUon ; irell-wUhlng. 

-»MHit«t . rayiVM. IL M. 

S. Tlut whleb irntiflM rir plnuM : ftfiytblng 
vbiHi ftlTocds picwinra ; a pl««tm ; • ntia- 
Iftetlcm ; an uOnjoodtL 

"tV H«hw of llM »«rU, tai Qmrr^tvlfHo^ thq^ 

* i. Bvwtirl ; rveomp«n»o : cntuily. 

H Fur tb« dlAiHvnov between gnUi/lmiQti 
and tnjojfmenl, lee BKrovmuT. 

Srftr-I-ri-ir. * tfcig- fn«*W; •««•.) One 

wli>) ur itiitt nhiph gi-fttiflr* or pleoaes-, nny 
|M>niiD or Uiln; wlilcli ofTotdi gtatlfloilloti, 
plaatare, or utufketioa. 

"It okwuMd b* lull oaAfg hin In on* «f bl* 4a- 
— teltaMT dto-Han M< rAtnL HW* <•"# iMmmrd. 

gK*X-Vtf. ' srat-l-fla. * snt-l-iy*, r.i. 

[Fr. fratijur.frma I At. orol^juur = to pleiM : 
grattit = plMsitig, sQ'l^do •■ to iBftke ; ItmL 
§nH/lcan : Sp gntllfimr.] 

1. To idcftM, toalTonl i>leftmire. Htlafft<^UoB, 
or gntlnouion to ; to meet the wUbH oC 

"TWwMMtevlMd b** (• fnaW^ Ik* |w|M UMI tu 
lai tfrmgmK lo. II 

"tM tatMtt dMirw »alr Um /nu«lMf<M of 

S(>tn'^llmr* ara'.ifj/ « laiilxblc eun()»ily, ■nd 
imfiif^ <jiiTs<-lv<-a by B r«!utary recmitii>n ; 
but irr'li/tiNiij »» ■ lutblt t«i'i>iu«s a vice, iiid 
iiuftiririv u * baUt ifl a woftkucM. Tu A«- 
moiir la to frulu/ire or fkll tii wttfa the Aumovr ; 
tt may be mISsIi or pmdent. A Bood parent 
iiutvlfiei bift clitid in wtuit«\-er ht Knows U nnt 
hurtful : It is ftonictitOM iMccBMrr to hum<ntr 
thti temper In ttoiike ni«aatir«. toe better to 
comot It. TliincH {rnrfOV • puvoua uuly in- tQR*Tia),».i 

L Ordtiuiry ttfnfriMirf: 

I. Tbeaolof (brnlalilngwlthasnle;agr«te. 
S. An oi<«u tnmti of Iron Imfi oovflrliig Hip 

eotmii.'e Uy a wntr or drain iu a etivet. 

3. All o|ipii ln>u f^nw or lattlt^e in ti)« paTfr 
mrnt, lo admit U^L to ft baacuHiot. 

II. yaut. : Opeo wood-work of rroea slata 
to cover batcbwaya, and y«t to admit Ilti;lit 
and air. Dnfora tfae abolluoo of lli«[lng ia 
ttifl Navy, nn'n Mtitenced to b* fli>gg«»d were 
U«d to a gnitiug to receiva tbair piiutKbineiiL 

grit-InK./T. pir..(i. Ai. [Gr4Ti(3),<') 
A. Ai pr. par. : (840 tkt vetb> 

1. Makldg ft hftrah, diicordant aoond, as of 
two rough bodlu mbUng togtUnr. 

"To h«Ti bu nn «mu>ded vltb aoMM lianb aoA 
gratiitg •o«b4 '-Jwrta : 4MMI«n« 4 5M«t., p«. L, I ft 

X. Hareta, TeoHug, Urllatliig, auDoyiug, on- 


C Ai rvbitamtim : 

1 Ordinary LaitfVdi^ : 

U Hie act of oaiulDg a Kanfa, dlitrardaiit 
aound, by ttM rubblog togtthcr '>f tvo i^chIivs 

"ThptftwfliMMj rabUluflt tiiaM WtM M>lat U>i 
MkirU. '- ITUUm r J^alM. •ft. IT. 

S. A hantb. dbcordant toatid. 

'Tb* esatiary to aiUad hMabnaB. aneb aa k vra*- 
inr. and •Ds* otbar Kiuuk. wUeh do ttol ■l*a]n*'toi 
tfta baftjr, bvt oalj MnattioM, aad Ik&t ollb • kmd «l 
bxmrlNfiMiltii at Uw lMUi.~-ir*«aM . (jT «mmn 
jra«w«rc£. «il. 
3. Annoyance, Irritation, veiatloo. 

"Tba banl » r« J i«» kod taiMlikC MiitiwiHr thai 

XL Optia: [DirrHACTioH-oKATiiiua). 
Crat lAg-lt. a^(^ lEiig. tfTflfiiHT ; -/».i In ft 

gratid);. baisb, diaonnlant. or <itT>*n*ire taaii- 
ucr ; bomUlT. dlacordautly, offensively. 

fr4t I 6-h^t «. IIA.U grvtiA = grao*, favnor ; 
niMiiiuig lipre Iho gra>:c of <mkI, ffuu lb« lup- 
poMil mcdidiuU vlrtDP-n of the plant, which 
waa fonnarty called ffratia Oti.) 

BoL : The tynlpol Renui of the fainily Grati' 
oltsK (q-v.). Cfatiiii-i ofiHnaiU, the IIMn 
B>n)ion, j^TOWM In tht Mititb of Rn rope, and,. 
a<^K>rding to Uallcr. ia lo abundant In tlie 
SwiwpaaturM a» U-* r«nd«r tlMm OMlaaa for 
cnttle. It Is very biU«r, and acta both aa a 
purgBt4re and an eirietir. ft In aaid that It 
waa th« hftfta nf thd gout medlrlna, called aau 
nadlelMjla. It haa been iu«>] in liyw>cb'iti- 
dria. G. peruviana ia alao a purgatlra and 

grf^tl-U -«-!•, i. pt [Mod. L«L portoKa). 
and Ial. teni. pL wii. aoff. -«».] 

Bet.: A tube of dcroi>hi>tiilac««, divided 
Into four aab-tHhes, AptJMlinpw, Haaulea!, 
Eugratioleie, and Llndauleae. 

grftt-l-4 lbi^-1-tIii, (■ (OaATioLiHl 

grftt-I^ 1« tin, t. [GnATtuu.t ] 

grAt'-l-^Un, ■. [Kng.. fee., ffrutict(^a): •(h.] 
CVm. : CwlIs^Or, A stncnalile cuntalnod 
la CratuJti i^flciHolig. It dlaxolnMln anliilinrlc 
arid, fnriiiiug a i-unila aolaUon. W)i#n mHled 
Willi dilrit'- nuti'buric add. It ylclda Gnuloietit, 
CirHgeOt. a 'T} *tallln* aubatftiiea lonoluble In 
water and ellier; gntJ(>lrr<>Un, CtjUgg^ " 
nMiii'Hia •ulntAnce Inaxlublo Id wat«r, ont 
aolobia lo ethar ; and glucoaa. 

gn^-ti-o f^ <ulv. (Gbaziom^J 

* BTft-tlons, a. [OnACtocrs.1 

gr4 -tia. adv. A a. [Lat. ] 

A. Aa adv. : For notblog : fraelj : wlthoDt 
ckaifs or raoompcnaa ; gnniitouily. 

-iwtttaBp^wwtanalttvatelakMndfraMi la 
ihtowattlifr-JMlft. WmSk^ymmt. t>i U.. bk. 

B. 4i adj- : Glren or done flnaely or for 
Bcthlng ; gratoltouB. 

Crtr-l-todtt; a (Ft., from Low UL r^lt-S 
tudo, fruta Lat. gna»t» ptoaaln^. tbanlcfid a 
ItaL gmtUmtiM.) 

1. The auftUtjr or atata of bring gralcfol ; • 
rating of ibaukruliiaaa forbaiiallta or k i u Jiwa 
rei^Vfid : grateftil MaUotaaU tuwanU a t 
bctor ; grntefulni^aa : tbaukToluaaft. 

* 2. A grsMuty ; a nwftrd ; a 1 

Brftr-tolr(ola*wa).<. (Fr.l IScsafn.) 

a-U- aulf. -oJ.] Gretultona, tnm. 

* cra-tolte, a. [Fr. fra(iiU41 Afftvov.klBd- 


* Cr&t 9l^9«, ■. [tat. frml^mmM, pr. par. 

olgivfttkir.] laRATULATCl A bTiiOr. ftkluA* 
oaas, a gratatty. 

" loM add dMarMk M(M krU*. ■ 

* grftt 'n-l^at. o. ttAt grolwiaw, pr. 
of grotMiora to congratulate.] Uougrar 

*- At Uwranl *tdi-m« V*^ fnMtfsw.* 
ft Sp. ffulatto.) 

gr^tQ'-f-to&a, a. (Lat. ffraltdlMi. trvaem- 
tM« » l>lauung, thaukfuJi Fr. frmtmtt; llaL 

1. OItcd frrely or for nothiac ; panted wfth> 

oat claim or clurge ; free ; rofuotao' • gntia. 

"Tb« PwttTT BMv fanad to gt^m tfaiftr 1 

kboarau 4^^* la ta« jmu-.'— JfMwadw . 

2. Not rtqoltfd, ealkd dor. or 
thf cirrninauae«ft of tba eaac ; doaa or 
without sulflctcat givonda or rtn 
irru(MiXoiuaa»iim|itiao, a ^oCmUMH 

grataltona-dooda, a pL 

S<M$ Law : Deed* grauted without aayHfcH 
being given for them. 

% •■GnUuittmi la opposed to that wyikll 
oMtgatory ; polaaiary u cppoaed to tbot 9%kA 
im DDinpuiaory or InToltuttary." {0«M .- Saf- 

gr%-ta'-I-tott»-lj^, adv. [Bng. ffrott Uam ; -%.) 

1, Fre«ly ; vulniiurily ; without aaj 1 " 
or mcilt; without ehar){« ot eoiD[i 

" OrMJtkmiMB eamtanwt «pgB hia I9 Ife* a 
•(pauantr'-JMi. ra»aM> f fta M«iBNP. (S 

2. [h>n«, aald, or adopted wtil^it •■ 
grouuila, raaaciD, or oaoM ; vltteot >■ 
naioo or grooMli. 

~TUa aMtqate «f ilffMMw. vUA < 


riar U* wiMT ' fi'r • ^m^mit t^fmfaKtti, laa 

' S. To eovgratukta, to wdIooom. 

«Ta#raf«laMid oalMna kiB Isto Umbs parta"- 

ITaU JVanry ■ /A Ian. U.I 

* 3. Tn liiiiuaitT, to lodillglk 
"11^ Um ntabl am. •b«B an Utat v« dwlf» 

Olapi J i raak. vL «a. 

*4i Ta inaka pleBOtnc agrMable, or gnit«tul. 
'•HMa •■•• tk*l «n«U •likrf^e* br rrvfUW** 

«fH>M*r M-i^r^t-*. It*. 

* ft. To grant or allow fur tba aako of pl«a»- 

**T»aaia«rbwt*«M lk«*MntrTMi4 Uwaoart, 
Kor frwtr# *baU vrika (Ti»l df*lr*' 

Arylnt fs ^akM /IrMa-. Ua 

* & To rawmrd. t» r^olta, to iteooipeoae. 
"1^ rwvk hit n-IJ* >rvw«.- 

MaJ U mf C .rli>a m M. U. ^ 
5 Crabb thas di»cnmlnal«a bftwaco to 
ff^i/lf. to (aJirl^, and t^ kaaMtrr.- "Ti> 
wraUA li a poalUva aoi of tk* cbnlot. To 
Matpi ta a Mt^Uva act of tht will, • yitlding 
of tba mtwl to oiretttnataneaa. Oaa ffniiiJUa 
tba apptUtaa ; out indulat* tha Iramoora. Tn 
fruHn AMI faMoB, aa IndlTldDal acta, tnajr ba 
ItA aSkmaiM : bat Ut traiify ta nuMtrtalad 
hf tmj menl eooihteratMm ; iarfa^ag ahrayi 
tnvolrca tha ncrtflot of aoaw gnoenl rule 
of eaodaet or prlndpla of acUoa. W« may 

tkf, at, Aire, amidat. what. fall. Zatti«r: wi, wit, borB, oaidqI. her. ttaoro; pino. pit, min, air, marin*: g6. p9^ 
or. vara. W9U, wwJu wliA.aAn: mBtawoftb.oiire.iMilt4.ov. r^«, AU;tri', Sjh-lAiL »,« = •; •r = *. q»=k». 

Srsr^ -I'to&a-aSM. ■ lEi« i i wO mj 
-t>«w I The (luahty ur atate of bwas 0«l» 

Cr%-ta -I-tjF, a. [Pr. «ra«itUt. (k««i Low X«L 


1. That which is given or grantad §mi^ 
ti3<isly. or aa a fna gift ; aurtUiMr givaa ar 
duiieft«ely or for nolUng ; a IM« gUt ; « *)oa> 

lion : a ktndixaa. 

Jam* IriMidIr to Ika mfluaa Si mglniT ^-'^ti^mf 
g«nrt rt. (H. n. 

2. BooMihliw glvaa hi ratiam for a fcw r <r 
aorvtoe: an a«uiOwle4gBwnt; a faeow pt— ; 

- rwfonalaf. tww aad Ikaa. avaala ^aa id hO- 
Cl<«torantll#r«n*irta.*-*ra* rMall«M«pMW 

7rUk CWUlMI. 

J" Theap ternu . . . both Imply a ftlti 
a gift by way of rttnra for aoow ■» 
poaed aerrice; but tha pwatrr *• M^ 
pendent of all expM-Ulioo aa wall aa MA; 
tb« rmmpnM ia ibundfd ana aoma aMl^ 
Bible daJiii." (CraM : Sng. ^a<sa.) 

• srftt 9 UlM. M. * L {OaATCLaii. «. ^ 

gratuiixr ; Ital fratuiar:\ 

A. TVoaaUiw: 
1. T0eatigratalata;towtahjarto;to«al8lt 

with eongrmtoLaUnaa. 
- rMBfant kaw ■«« nm ^a^M^ Ikat^aaart^ 
Van grm^mM ma aak ntwa (MM iiwa i wl* 

J. To welcotse. 

-TaamMaiatkaatMataMara^aata." _ 
JWIaa. ^.«.tv dft 

S, To raward ; to raeompenaa 
-I aaold ftM *im-m laa »*■— dia» r^r kMrt 
MidaavMwa IU tkta ii^iMfc ww aa~-0 a— H 

B. fiatrwu. : To enlL (JCUlaa.- /. I.. 
Is. 4TS.) 


*Vr&i>V-l«t«, a. {LsL gnttUatu*, (m. par. 
of irmfirjor = to wish nne Jojr ; fntftit ■> plrw- 
luff. tl»DlErtil.1 Ontifyiug. fntlclLoiu: ta U 
t^oloail at • foittiutv. 

"Hmh^ M«« NAlnd llut to Bon vnatoter*^" 

*Brftt-v-U-tt«B.*crat-n-U-«loa,*. [tau 

(Mttttatio, from (rnUH/diu. j«. )«r. of (rntru' 
>r; Itai. gmlmlarOmt ; Bv. ffralv2acivn. I Tlin 
act of eanfrmtnbtluc or ftlicIUtlnK ; a rou- 
fnttalatloo or •xprsMloD of Joy or pli^utufl. 

'grftr-a-a^-tdr-I-iy.Ad*. [Knff.^rofHJiUwv; 
-ly.1 in ft gntulfttonr or coa|[nita]«torr 

SHU'-9-l»-ter-9, a. ft a. [Ut ^nr/Hlo/orJiu. 
Iron fmfwliiloa, )«. i«r. of irro'iiu''; ItftL It 
Up fntAifalorio.) 

A* i(i a(U«(fM .* 

L OongrntiiUtory ; wpreHtng gratnUUon 
or oongnluUtioiu. 

" ft* vmaI fiiMn4vnrfc of Midi frraulMtnrt «Jm.' 

L BxpmaliiigBT«Utod« rrtlunka : gntfff^l, 
' VWnM ftmawlr IwImwI diM>«*«4 utj pnpiu»- 

awlBw^ MOtMt with f ra tm Ul^rw . . , b* no* 

■■ JcnM. : Ad idtlntt or < xp ie t lon of 
SDngraUtbtinn m- fpliciuiitm to maj perenu 
fhr •ome gntxl wbir.h has bftfkllitn him. 

CntuUlp.l l.ongrBtiiliiti(t7, well wlnMng. 
-WhMttf antor Bl«f«t otUt kla rnir>jM| •t«*<ti 

frftnl'-tt*. «. CTiVdi Onul, anr Bchwarmn- 
twii!. In ?>iiKnnr, wImn it oocon; auff. -t> 

ifu. .- The uaaoTRmrrni(q.T.). {Dana). 
griu'-wlo^Bi, ■. [OaATWAr^K.] 

Sr%-vA'-nte. •■ (IjM, from gniiv ■ to 

w«l^ duwD ; fravU « baavy.) 

1. TbfiaubataatlBlmuM ofan aoUonatlav ; 
th« groand or twnlen of complftlnt ; that part 
of an McontloQ which woLgua moat )i«avlly 
■pJnat Um AMoaaH. 

t. A repncentatl'in ; t motlm : ipedf., ft 
notion pcop u ae d in Coovoeftilnn. 

*gr^ Ttol' III Bill, o. (bit irnmtiiuii, g«n. 
mfo«l»(U); EDg, ad). wa&. -oaa.] Grlovuita, 

piV* (IX '.(■ fOuTM. ) 

J7«)J. .- Ti> clean a ahlp'a ttnttotn by biimliiR 
off Uir WM<U, hsmaeW, Ac, and coaUog It 
vltli pitch aiid tallow. 

9r&iv*(S). cralC 'grar-jni, rt. Al. (a.s. 

■ fr^/k* a to illg, to engrar* ; cogn. wtth I>nr. 

ffpows; Dma.fram; 8w. ^rt^/Ui :^A): 

Ooth. yrafcoM * to dig; G«r fraben; Ur. 

yA^M (frvfW) ■ to writ*, to cngnv43 ; Pr. 

fntmr m tn eognin ; Ir. irn\rtit« = to Mnpe.) 

A. rnnuitt**: 

• I. To dig. 

"TImI. . haJii rrmm aa thajpnwul »anr |«Ka 

MiTK ' jiMHiJS^ * iM>MtHM. a. 

L To Wry. to tnt«r, to eatomU. 

" Tkao ta a gnU Itel <■» hln fniaB." 

*SL To iwtts ; to fhrtn nr ahapo by eottlng 
Vfth ft ellbft), M ft aculiator. 

-TlMS iA«n Bol nak* u tlM« lor f> w »w* tai^L'- 

JkaAif xs. & 

^ To ewe ; to oat aa letters or flrtir*^ on 

iMoiw, wood, nrtal. Ac, with a t-als«l or 

fMvftr ; to •ngtave. 

- (VaJ fwW It « B IMB Mi4 »nra U Bnt hU hMrt. * 

Ommpm . Amtk Tlt^tfltl^irm, 
5. To ImprcM deeply. 

Imtrntu. : To earn ; t<i wrll« nr cut 
nr SgnrM on wood, ttwlftl, kn. ; to eu- 

' TWm (baH »alM • i>*»4a of p«n («44. aad #piim 
■pan It.'— Am(h* KtfJL K 

O. 8. 0*wf O- rrla. iTvV*' Dot. fn^: 
O. H.O«r. tn/: Ie*L f^; Hw. fpr«/, Dan. 

1. A IftV or inoBTfttlrvn In Utt oartb. In 
•Lieh • hutoftn boily I* btirtcd ; a plac« of 
tomuBl; ft tonb, ft aepiilchre. 

SSn> ala'UtB CSkfk nrtihi* 
— ■ — - rWySft Pimm, y.ft 

* 2. Anytliliig gnvan or mrred ; i eamd 
8. A plftM of gnat ilaiightM- or mortality. 
1. Dwtnietloti : nUu ; death. 

" ftlehMd aMrkad htm tm Ik* »*■««." 

ai^Hmit. . > ilTtHry Vl., IL a. 

SraVA-olotliea. «. The tlotliea or dicfta 
111 w)iii:li tiiQ duail are tiunnd; ft wudliig 
all cot. 

" AllM^ In IMT gTW— B l^aJt bMIl4. 

GtiAUlj tmiUnc. point* ft mbl" 

jku/t ri^darif* » Attn. 

sravft-diKgttr, i. 

1. Orrf, J>iB.j, ; One who rtiga gt«»i»a, 
S. £utoM. ; Ttw iianif Riveu in Jam^itca to a 
foMorial in^ri of the or-ler llyiiiuRupura, 
fiunlly H]iht-gl'l(r, which dijca hi'lrx In clay, Id 
which It Uvpi lis i^xm. <lDiH<Ntti»t{ •I'fiiK with 
tli^tn, for the futnre «u»l*iianc# ^f tt9lar\-A, 
catcriiUlara noO ■uUlrn ihghtly etung, lo as 
to laave thrm half (lr«id. Its alliM every- 
whura pttmia eaMntlaUy the aanae oiethod of 

grftve-makttr, * graf mmlun. ■. a 


gnv9-mmkiB$, J. The aat or ooeti|)t- 

ti>>u "f .11)0(1111.' jfrmrea. 

-UMiijblirliowMtailDgofhlsbiMlaMal hatha* 
Id wninn-iUmt/.- -JStMkm^ . iTanM. r L 

' grmTB - nuui, i^ a aexton, ■ gimve- 


gimvft-moimd, * 

Anikroy. : The grtierif lenn tor what ta 
pmlnhlr tha aarlli-st, and (wrtninly the moat 
wnlply-'iutribiitnl fi.riii t<f fiihrr.»l monninent. 
(■ro^owell iffrHimk flarrrtttn (ItitriKl X p. I.Jix-r- 
tiit«i)lly aii]>U(>atoUie gntve-uiuuou tilt wonla 
of Hoiot^. " iitoniuoeuium nre perenolu :" 
how [HSFtinf-ntly oiayba p^rMtved hf a mental 
glante at the Iwriows of the Torkahlrr wulda, 
at tha gi-ave-tnouDda that aprwul like a cover' 
lug ov^r thr »tcii|iea of Weatcm Asia, and at 
Uie mnuuida, tite aepulclires of th« raily 
KcypUan kltiga. The fkciUty with wUlcli th# 
aara^ could baap a niound oj partli nvei.' thv 
rfttnaJna of bla dead ooiuneDded this form nf 
eomtDonoratton to hi* Utile-deTcloped mtnd, 
and to Uita dfty aurh aepultur* La eommou 
ftjnong e«rtftln tribes of Ainerlmn ladlana ; 
on the other band. a> c-iHlJation advancexl. 
It* iliinihility— whether la ttjt form ut na aiti> 
Ontal hill. ■ hiiite calm, or a atOMOdou 

Ciyratiild— was rv^ngiiiAed and aeifted on by 
Ihmo who winhed to raise a mcmutuent bo- 
Biting a bem, nr to perifluate llieir owu 
memory. In Britiiih lAmviVBflinta and bmltan 
potter)' are fouml «i'attar<>d in auch a way aa 
to prflude thv l<lf« <ir aociilr-nt. Orecnwel) 
augseata tliat they symb»IUe>l aome rollglona 
ldea,aod adds tttat the lines lu Hnmltt (v. 1>- 
~ tta cbanubl* iwann, 
niark. ttlatm. m» pebtitas ib«aU te thfwwn oa baT— 

ma) have refervDOft thento. Be acconnta for 
tbfi me being prMtlscd at the grave of a 
■utclUe denied ChDnUin bnrlal, liy the aup- 
poalUnn that, is a »u^^ivBl nf pagmilim, it 
was held to detMtatloti l>y the profcaiors of 
a higher fnnn at rellgiott. (BjkBJKnr, Caiui, 
Ptbamid. TCMttLlV.) 

'- If pw>pl* VMalsi t>r «b* «Mt «lla« oat to bar. 

IwrM* wrd la ipaak rron Uilr graa* maumta.-— 
Jvr Amtknp^ tnmtt.. iL tlT. 


Anshm. : A board flxed at the head of the 
gravM of many tnilian tr1h«a. It uaitaily 
oontalDS the tnletn of tha d^naaod, and 
ahould the totnh be that of ft warrior. d«*loea 
denoting bow often be bad boen tn war pftrtl«« 
and the nuinber of acalpi h« had taken. 

"Oft iMlltaw at hb fp— »■«* « . It Hot* s Hel^MTtkl 
Iftscrtpaiaaanbit kim^—MkHimfl : imUtm rnim. 

sr&V»-roblMr« «. one who alcalx dmd 
bodloa from gravn ; » reaurrecUuDlst in.v.), 

BI«T*-rtfbblnS. t. The ftrt of mbltlng 
a grave ; iKnly-snat^^hing. 

graw-stone, >. A atone or slab Uid 

o^er or en«ted ae&r s grave, on whioh ar« 
written or ent the name. age. &<•., of Uie 
paraon Uiera barfed ; a toni)>«touft. 

"TlnoN. nr«aaUr n«nr> liiyfT«««: 
U* wbv* tlM llckt loan ol l!b* Mi iwr taat 
thjt ffmfttona dBlly.' tB a ^. : Tlmtm. 1», a. 

t gniTS-WaJC. I. Adipoeen (q.T.V 

gm^o-yard, *. An inrJoitei) gnnind In 
whu-li tli<> deail ara buriml : a l>tuial-gtx)uiid ; 
a cemetery. 

■r&ve, a. [Pr„ frotn Lit. gmvU = htary. 

SmM : cogn. with Ootli. AMMrs = heavy ; Or. 
optU (bartu); aaaac. ^m ; Sp. ftllaLirniM.] 
L Ordl nary Lan^vagi ; 
•\. LiL: Heavy ; of weight 

" au akWd rnsM aad gcaM.' Om"***' 
S. FffuroftMiir: 

0) Wdghty; ■onotu; important; mo- 

" t».Fnl<w Im««t« pottUntar rvht**] W Uk« an kin- 
**rfM>|r*«ManapMi*lbiUl]r. -JfMraialflv. BttL Sitg- 

(S) Important ; of weight, ersdihle. 

**T1i« vmaMT •( tkilr own >tlt«T^ maA<iS 
do bMr tbtlH *IUa«,''— «m> fiManWif (a . 

S. Sedate : aolenn ; aotvr ; wrioaa. 

4. Sennufl ; Unavy ; aa, a i;rni's charge. 

* &. Plain : atJid ; aedate ; ant gaudy ; quiet : 
as, a ffmvi drtia. 
K. Not aharp of aottod ; not antite. [Ao 


"Tb* ssvH wdet nWnc U« met . , . aud i)m 
frtm Motmoat It luwtf. sad boUi iwrUif aonu mi- 
pbasl^-L*. nm MroroM faoBUBClaUan.'— JMiM-. 
n. UutU: 

L Deep In [dtoh : aa, mtPM heiachord, the 
lowni hruchnrd In Uie Goldotdan aystem. 

5. Slow in pace ; aulanialy. 

5 OmUb thiu diaerlinlnalaa hetwam gnvt, 
aerJoiu, ami solma.- "Onirt npreaaaa mora 
thnn mriout ; It doa» not merely ba^icak tha 
absrnoe of lairth, hut ibftt heavlaeaa of mind 
which ta dlaphtyad In all the mnvrmrnta of 
tlie body. A man may be gnvt In his walk, 
In hi* tone. In hfa gesture, In hts liioka, anil 
all hia exterior; he !■ jvrtuiu only in hia 
genera] air, his cuuntrnance, and ileincauour. 
SaUm* exiiitwuM'-s more tlisn either ^fnxv* or 
arrfoHj; like wriw. It Is employed not ao 
much to cluraeterin either the person or the 
tbii)g : the Judge {ironouDces the v4tm** len- 
teiice of ronilemuAiioB In a an/tnit manner : a 

Creachcr deliver* many teltmn warnings to hia 
earera." (CmM; Eng.Synon.) 

' grave [2% »j. [Oiuvii, a. ) 

if wfe : To render grave, aa a note or ton«. 

grftir-f 1. * grmT-«l]«. * gm-vyUa^ a. (O. 

i'r. gruKU, gnirtlU ; Fr. irraixtie, gn»vier, 
dimln. of U. Fr. ffmvt, ffrm^roDgh ann 
mixe<l with stonM. proli tnn Uie aaiai root 
as BreL frouus : Corn, grow; Wei. gm = 
gravel; OaeU irrolAkiabogniVeUy j Banac grd- 
nta s a atnae.) 

L Ord. Uutg. : Small pehldu, atooM, or 
fh^wenta of atone, tutennUed with aand. 
loun, day, flinta, An. 

"OraMf aaaabu bT lUnlatrf sU tb* iMBid iUat Mkd 

•dBSf*. •» ihm 9»rmnt mrU id ptbblw: Mutlav* 

witk » F»* rrrltab and eibaf miursl faodl**, eoa. 

Anndljr InUnuXsad. and aenauNi ssad.'— WMtmmrd. 

XL TtcknleaUy: 

1, Gtal. : Oravel la fnrmed by the action of 
watur upon disintegrated portlona of inek. 
which tend to b« nrrt bliKiks or hooldera. 
then petblea, next gravel, and finally aaod, if 
not even nlll. The fra^menta of which It la 
oomtinMd var? flrooi tha aim of a pea to that 
of a ban's egg. 

1 PaiheL : The pteeenee of mlimle mnere- 
tioni in the urine ponstlbttes (he atTrrtlnn 
known as the gnarcl. It Is tisnally nwing (n 
tfaa prasenoe of urtr oeid. orates. nxalaU-a, sud 
phoaphataa. Amongst exef^pltonal urinary 
calcoll are carbonate of liuir, rysiine. xinthlne, 
Ihtty and flbrlnoiu ooiirniLinna The chief 
iyini>tnma tie doll, ichlug jmIds r-ver tbe 
reuAl reglona, extonding to the ihlglia, Tn- 
quont miotuntion, and tna nccAxliinararineaT- 
anoe in the urine of blood, pun, c|>tlhp|lum, 
or unnnranlsed aodlmeata, rhleJly aria *Hd 
and oxaUtes, 

" Mort lAnlelMi* 4m blfhlir BManmHl tbatr rasas 
[••pAnriMl liruad an-l laisa \m aUU «l«k far ta 
Mi|»ll Itt* it4UM SMd trmmtil.''~r. BMm^: fHim. 
Ml a. 

gxmT«tl-v«th. gMTat-wBlk, a. a path 

or alley covered wllh gravel ; a gravetlad path. 

" Vj' niilsa «M Uld virt la #t w h I —tfc, laUniMt. 

lar aadi vUmt Im rlfbl ai>(lM.''-X«M - Aa^r*. ?><• n. 

gzmT«l-pl^ •■ A pit or exoavatlon out 

of which gravel la dng. 

S* i*" Xr a«i:ti-»-n«ia fo thta nnmlBC Si aliM 

D clock t«««rd* 1^ ftmt^l-t'iu.'—SiatU 
Vo. Ua. 

bftL b^j ptf^t, JAI; ««t. f«U, ahoma, fhln, benvh; go, tern; thin, (hia; via. a^; oxpoot, yonophon. e^ist. -Ukg. 
Uw« ••loB B ahfta : -fton, -ftoa = ihftii, -«ioiu, -tlviia, -viou = ah&a. -ble, -dio. Ac .= b^l, dM* 


gravel— gravitation 

gimTsl-root, t. 
ci»val-«toii«. >■ 

C3bMk, itv. : Om of U)« lalnQto oooeretioni 
whhM praMDMI Lb thfl UriDC OOlUUtlltM tb« 
iltMMue t«II«d OrargI (q.v.). 

I. liMniUv: 

L To cover with gravel ; to Ujr grtTel oa. 
"TlwW««|»T MJilii Mmr« 

Dnood tb> Hnnutli mud frtnaUad uia^' 

*S. To run a ship on to the wad or Ixirnh. 

"AM vbMi «• «M« (Ulm t»ta » ptaoa WIvmo t-> 
•iMb liwr trmmUud U* alilp.* |0k fmnMiAor 
(V«MhML ImUi. V«n. MiUMtUpagniauLl-JMi 

*S. To eanH to illck In the sand or grrnvvL 

"Wllltan Um OfwtMTvr, wbv b< IhvmImI tkta 

Wud, «t«aa*4 M U* MrtrM to to rm^tUnt i ^ad uti« 

ofhtilMtMiMk ID bM In Uia iMid, ItethiMI t»U* 

troiM J. " ~Oa ■ <— - ffwmJwa. 

t. Tn hart the frwl ur, m a bone by ■»<! 
orifnivel lodgrd andt-r thf alioo. 

■ n. F^Q- : To perplex ntlerljr, to ftnnfnonrl, 
to worry antl dLBtmaik [Oratki^ a. II. 2.J 

"Tbe ph Mtdm «aa tofTMMlM and aiMuad « I UmI L 
thu^ bad aal k Mrd aan la Mr.'-^*rtk.' iVw 
tank, p. lit. 

gA'V-liaa, a. [Enc. 9ra*r. s. ; -Jew.! WIUi- 
uiit a grave or tiinili ; onbtiried, 

" Mr ^t**» iKrr*'*»* <A 

a tk« tflMMi4ila« ■! (U> pallaUAd •)<»», 

»«tii^ .' JMoMT * Olmpatrm. tlL Ik 

g7&T ^1 li ntea, ■. (Rng. r'^iw/ty; -tew.) 
the qu&tltjp or xUta of Mlug gravellr, or 
■bouDolng vrlt^ (rsveL 

grikt-^iHiAgt pr.paT.,u.,kr. [Outbl, v.) 
A. ft B. jU pr. }xw. it fMirtWji. a<{j.- (Boe 
tbfl wbX 

I. I^lcmOv: 

l.The«etof MT«rlngorooNUngirlth gmrd. 
S. Tl<»ffrav*l withwtiJekinyanMUcoTsnwl. 
IL Fig. : The Mt of worryioR. perplaxtng, 
or eonfomtdtng ott«rl j. 

gr&T'-il'tf, a. JKng. frnnl.- -/(fl Pull of 
MT a1<oniidlng with gnvvl : rDtuutlni or uf 
th« aatara of gravel ; «nvrre<l with gntveL 

'OA padu m lb* Aulnrr hU 4«^ 

I. In a grave, neHotic, or anletnn manrwr; 
i<>iiaaaly : tolamulr ; in bnXtr eMraeat. 

~IlrafnraBtf«U<ltk«tak« b«a «mI Itaffnl Mdk 
«■ thaw BlMB ^M h»l»A.--ltmtmHln- MIm. Mnt~ 

*2. In a aobcT, alald, or qiit«t manner. 
wtthoat gmBdneM or ahow : aa, To be pruH/y 

CTft-vi-mta'-U. adv. (ItAl.l 

.Vuiif : Slowly and la a aole mn atfl*. 

(rikv'-fm. pd. fsr. or a. (Obavc, ».1 

Cr& ▼*-■<■•. ' nSng. graw, a. ; hmm ) The 
qitallly nr iitat« oT being giftva; aariotu; 
•iilemnlty; gravity; aotrmy oT bahtvlocir: 

" Db MblM w4 bla wMii 

aadCv. - ««mM. It. t. 
* (!%-▼•' -^li»9*, ■■ [ grannbMUla, fmni 
graivolefu = nnalUng atmoRly (q.v.) : Ft. 
granaifiMNL] A atroug and offetuilre tiiMil. 

*Sr%-Ti'-^Uat, a. lUt itthmqI'iu, fhim 
grarU ■■ besvy, and o/f m, pr. |iar, of oUo ~ to 
■aielL) SmeUlDg atrougiy aJwl offeoaivcly; 


~T1m bul«v VM 7*l»o«. aad MONtktaf grvrmttrnf 
—9ttia Wori^ !• Ha. 

fr&v'-^. ' sraf ~«r. * gr»f-«re. ' cnkT- 

OWra^ a. fA.8. jfTt^jkn; Ft. fframtr.] 

I. Ooa who cmrvea nr engrmvwt ; on* whose 
Iniidnwa U to oanr* nr iini;rare iipta wriod, 
atAoa, OMlal. Ae. ; aa angnver, a aeolptoc 

"iMt like ■ aavM* *«■• 4M fa* rtasd. 
Oat )T "MM •UirKl/r«N>'i wttvl bead.* 

n«<(* /^■■■»w« 4 rM*k*. rv Jb^fL 

t. The Utol OT rtile aaod In fravlng. Tb^y 
«rt Made of diO«r»Dt thapea, according lo Iba 
jnirpoie InteiHled. and ara of noe etael ; a hnrlc 

8l A« iiulnuiiaat osed frtr tnmlnf; Imn after 
H hM hem raogbed nut h> thr hml-tool. 

* griV'-dr-^, *. (Bog. grsMr: •y.] Tba pro' 
CMS or art of gnvliig ; engravliig, engnvcry- 

" AflTptoM ol plctan, at gt^wrrg aail -— *"— ■'■t "— 

graVOf, *. fL [OAKAVbi (2).] 

* srKv'-la, o. (Eng. grtartUt) ; -i«.l PorUIn- 
Tng to nr Mtuing gravitjtttun ; aa, fravia 
furuos. grttete attraction. 

' RrftV -Id, a [Lat. fmvfdtt*, from gravU c 
lrnvv.1 Big or heavy with child; |>nign*at; 
tmltfoL ILiLdJIff.) 

" Tlw KTadaw kliw 
f» MM ui4 erovB tbUttrrnHd pMar. 
Otkiila tb«ir reqiiMl.* 

B mitmmiit : V*«r<Ar. « a*. 

' CTftV-I-d&M, r.l. tut. yroridolM. [w. pir. 
of oraviilo = to load, to inipragnata ; fravidi* 
'^ waded, pnniant.] To CABM to bteouio 
gravid or big intli cliild. 

"a«r wonb b Mtd to b«w hln (U«eMil U tlw »aab 
t^tfaMstlM*), tokKvabmi frmi^rr^ u% grmt^ttb 
ahOA-'—Mmmm .- J i i matut, roL U-, aM. si. 

* grftv-t-d&'-tloa, •. (Ut. jrvviiiatta. pa. 
|<«r. or trawida.\ The itct di iiiAkiiig I'rtu- 
nuit -, the atjitx of twcxirniiig or bfiou ]■<*)(- 
nuit; pregnaocy. 

" Aa Jr yavrpt J^r(»- inr* < — Ui « prapar graaWa 
«<••«, *B docli fV -yciaTpi ffv^o^tiv K F(«PO MUMP- 
Uoa'-reeraMt - im ilm Oh^ Art. Ul. 

' gr^Tld'-i-tf , «. lL»t. pmi-uliM = loaded, 
pregnant.) The atAte of belrig preguaut; 

" Tb* alftw of tffni^Jtrtr uid abf tni 
h« dUtituDlabaJ tn tbm (avlnnliif. 

gri^-Tlf' -lo^ CL |ljit.|7rarl*=bcavy,And^lo3 
to inai(c.] MAklcg heavy; adding ur giving 

welRht U). 

Srftw-i-ffrm'-df. «. v*- U-«t ffrarU = heavy, 
and fradiM = a atop , fnuii-tr s to uke ateiw, 
to walk.) 

/NitaeiU. .- OmnrHl-Nlothe ; a tribe or (kinily 
of edentate oininmal*, nnw extinct. The 
name ia niMclleil un Tnrdl)frada, nomettniea 
UMd for the BrBdyimdidie. or orrUnary atnthii, 
to which the Qtavigrada wenaklo. Becldaa 
otlier dinbraiieea, tbey were innoh Umr. The 
tribe or fantfly cotapritM the huge MeKnthe. 
riam, ths Hylodon, the Mcgalonyx, Ac. <*|-V.X 
AU ire Anieriuan, and of iSiat-pliooene age. 

gri^-l-grmAm, a. itiBAviottADA.) 

PoUroiU. : Walking benvilv ; of or belonging 
tn the edentate triue or faunily Oravlgrada 

* gr^vQ'^Hinfnfe, i. [TaL grarf* »heavy, 
grave, ami t<jtivffu, pr. par, of loipior ■> to 
apeak.] Grave or weighty speech or language, 

CXtt-Vfrn'-^-tOTi t. (Let. (rmria = heavy ; 
(*r. i^TpMr (malroiil = a meiuiurr ) An liiftrc- 
ment An- detertnlolng the apeclflc gravlUiM of 
Ixiilim. solid or liquid. 

(T&T-l-rait'-liO.a- [Kng. irmHiiu#T<v) : -*<>■) 

of •>r ^icrtalnlng lo KrHvlamtry; detenalned 
or aA<-crtainril )>; a )(]-n\ jtiirter. 

sraTlm«trlo-aiialysls. *■ 

CAm. : The mfthcxl of vnalyrfnn rmnrponnd 
bodM, perrtrnett liy On>rvii.|,..iiihg ihoiii and 
flodlog thntr eivBienUl weight. 

Cr%-Tfm'-A-trj^, «. |lAt. irnrfj - heavy, and 
Gr iUTpov{mttroH) = a uieeaorf.) The art or 
artem*? of drtnmilTiIng Ui« B|<eriltc gravity nf 

grmw'-ifiKt r^ T^**-- «!•• * '• |0rave(2). r.] 
A. * B. J« fTT. pur. * foriUip, adi^. ; (See 
tlie veifh). 
Ut An tuhHantim: 

], The act or Art of engraving or ean-lni; 
wood, Bt^ne, mclala, ie. 

"Ue fn<>ti«ia| lawMi btiUM, rr^Hmf. owiUac 
F^MMtf . v*l L, cA. It 

S. That which taoamd oraagrvved; oarved 

-» , 

Q. fig : Anything ImpreJiaed deeply apon 
the heart or tntnd. 

•■ FW miwmiwitim von Uwtewela.'— «■> t^tHmr 

wen fonmriy bMcbad ffor thU pan^mt, % 
the work wm done dorlas the Uwaflf the CJ 
It la alao aUed beBBdng(g.v,V 

-Al *Mk<>a IAa<MW4««t Ike Alfp^toMai 

■t<lr, WMlilaa, uU ff—« < H j . MMl saMMit^ ae 
Mluuw naa kaen ha> "^ilifW TZSm^ < 

Cr&V' - UC. •• (Obats a\ r-} Cleaalng a 
i>hlii> l»iti<Mn by burning off the lea-wenl, 
■nj lliflD paying the pUnka with pitch. Shipc 

gratrtang-doakt t. A duck into 

veMelit uv Il<.alc<l to have tbatr bntbnne «l^ 
mined and deaned; a dry.dorfc. TiM ««Ml 
U Boated in and the galea al Uu iiillMW 
doaed whea the tide if At ebb. 

bhipbtnld. : A small pteee of wood tBMfM 
t^ eupply the defecte uT A pUnk. 

■rm-Ti-ta. adv. IltaLl 

i/nj. .■ With weight, digtilty, mnd n^H^y. 

gr&T'-I-tftte. F.I. (I>«t grerllMra. MOM 0t 
gravibu =. weij^T., graTliy ; Pr. gi ne Ui f .) 

1. LiL: To be nlTrcted try or tad«r Ifee !•• 
fluenee of gnnuiioo : to vova ^ gi n il t 
tloD ; ia tend to the eentre. 

"All lu parta ainailli » aia> aaat. 
And la well illiii^ niiieai." 

2, Fig. : To teitd towenla eay e— Itw ef 
attnctlon ; to be attracted. 

"A tavlUtada et Iboa* mms wal tj 
wboaatBiatIr arvvAala I*«*r4a Ifae i 
—Mmaaniag: Mm. Jh*,. «k. UU. 

grftT-I>ta'-tloa, a (Bnc. frarUolte),- .<••; 
Ft. rraciloiia)!.) 
L (MlaAry lanfita$t; 
L J^U. .' In tba aaine acnee u n. 1. 
■Whithatow l a iia a rt a Uii te w fa— eeWah, 
Shall froMlaMMMai^ II jvaaalvT- ^^ 

rvt: Aat mt Mtm, tr. im 

(1) AtlTac-tinn prodaeed not try a [ihyaiaal. 
hot by aome oioiml foroa. 
<3) Downward lendenry la the Ubenry 


n. PhMiet : A natOTai forfle acting 
mitterlal Dodte* throogboot the onl 

ttio effect of attractiitg or diAwtfic tbcH t* 
each other, lionoe It ta oft«« oalM IfcA*^ 
tnirUiin of gnvltatjoo. It baa bi 
tliat every molerole of one bad/ 
evi-ry unteciula of the other. The 
between two nialerlal pwtidea le dirWOy f*». 
alto the ptof^oC of their fMBna.aa4 

portlonal t- - .- . -^ —^ 

uivenely prc^Miraoiiel Do the aqDAre <tf iMr 
dlatanoea aetuder— i.c, the lorae of gfmtif 
deetvaaea in exact proportion an the 
ofthedlatAiioelucteeaaa. Dnlvennli 
giAvltntloQ mv be divided Into o 
teneetrlargnvihiUon ; bat whao 
viewed an A |ilaMt the aeooad mlignij dM^ 
pean In the flnt. 

1. Cria«UU grwpllalion ; 

<1) hU. : A glliBfDCstec MKtrpUoB UnI 
the tuMvenly bodies nttmeteireeeh otber «ne 
poRBesaed tqr OeflMcrttaa aad Xoteuao li ^ 
dent times, ud by Bsooa. OalOM, fwtM. 
and Uoofce dnrtns tba dnni td ■laiaw 
arlenoe ; bat Uu decisive d ln epvw i of the 
nnivenAllty of gravtiatloa «Md Ibc 'law' 
regvIatlDg Uit openUooa wm reaai-vid Itar 
Rir laaao VevtaO. Osvendteh Oln 
Kewton's dlawiisiy by aniwhuiait. 

fS) OrmilaMam aw 
Two foroM oosnle 
one A prq)eetfls sod I 
foroe. If the bmer eoly nMod, thn i 

Klaneta would go off lata apnea, mo-rt M ^ ■» 
is DoUMoB with otbv bedlsa oeeanvd. Ii 
airaight Uoea oBward (or ever, vkkan, Indnrd, 
aome eabtJe ether gradoally retAfdnt dM* 
piugi eae and oltliaAtely brougbt tbcai to ■ 
atxte of net. If gnvlly alona ofwiNsd. Its 
planeta would Ihll towwda «b« saaSn oc Ifts 
aim with oontlnually inmnalnB veloci^. Mi 
they Impinged npou hla sanMs «nb de- 
atmotlvc effect. The worh J ag •fstanl OMft 
other of the two antngoolitla ftanan ■sfeH 
tlMoi more aiooad the eofllral teBfaair Ib 
elUpUo orblta. the mi«ioo b«te eo fasMiHWly 
sdjnaled that wtaaa ttw pisoik li 

>H HU lisiih ftadta: 
i£s otfasr ■■ acmacha 

Bun and apparentJT iD dsifir ef hneonlag tM 
powerftiUy andAT Us Altwctkn, Kh* tacwurt 
vrlorlty UiiH antnlied curlM Ike bady^id 
the danger. Kot merely d«ea the snn uMiA 
the plaaeta, but tba pUnela attnct lb* ai^ 
ProiMriy speaking, theydo Dot rrvojve M 
bim, bin M and they BolnaUy tweolra i 
the enmmoo eeottt of gravl^ af 
whinh la ■ point (not the eeau*) i 

AM, at, tin, u&ldat. wluU. OU. tUhtr; wi. wK Imt*. aaib^i. li«r. thAr*; ptao, pit. nra. air. aa^HM; g^ p9*, 
or, «4m. W9lt work. wb4, aAo : bbvU, atttau aiir*. nalta. oor. rilo. fttU: trr. strlan. m »=<£ 4« = *. a«»lnr. 







hodjr of Uw cun. The nm« laws operate In 
Um ou« at tb« pUncU with «ncb otlH«r, thv 
prlnwrr InmUm wIUi their nleUltM. Av.,—i.r.. 
thffjr attnci Meb oUor diceotJy u tbctr n- 
■McUre tnuMK, uid tavaradjr m Um »qu&r« 
of Uwlr diBtatKM. 

L Tfrrafrla/ irr«r(teNoR ; Tli«Uw ofgrmrl- 
tnUon u amntlriK nn tba wrtlt, u, fur iii- 
kUiioe, ou U)« bU uf ft itoira to Uie grouiMl. 

Y LawiiftravUatinn: {QUArrnaitm, tl.). 

grmTltatton-inwtfiirt, «. 

Pkvtia : (Fur def. tM oxunpIoX 
-Pura ta mU la )ii ■!■!■■ I i ll yr— J Mrt «w ■»»■ 
«»«. Bhr* it U anraMal HMmI Id iba wiBhi <..f 
kllvwi it^m.'—m»r1l - f>t C. g. A %««wi # (Tfiiu^ 

■rAr-I-t4-tlV«, ». rEn«. ffravUa^*) ; -i«.l 
CKualngtA gnvitaU, ot Uud towuUa » Miitrc 

grik¥A-t9, *sr«T-<-te«. 'srar-l-tle. ■■ 

IFr. jTWriU; Trniii LaI. (jraihta* jj wr:glit. 
grawi* = IiMvy ; ItaL irravilil ; ti|v 


X. Ordinary Xanipmv- 

1. Tbc c|uallty or nut* of bvlug brary : 
v«i|{bt, bokrlnMB. 

" A tblMf •< that wMl«lit sMl yrvHlMi UuU II <nWU> 
•saH wwIm Awm rats tha darra nrtvl liaU '-Mr F 
jiw« r«t**^ V- i.«aa. 

2, Weight or lioportuusa ; aMriKiuuinaH. 

" LaMtt t tiiiwi Ifft tfclaa whtob Iba rraMi* aud 
v^KStaoab aattaM^tiiMrfiotii nqvlA. '-aa^Ur .- 

9, BariooHMM, ctwmnltjr. flAgnwcj, ttco- 
etouMMM; H. Uieptttfilyortbttollhiioe. 

i. OraWMM. notwriMM, MiiofMnew, or 
dlfDl^ ordeatcUKiar. 

1 haU oU mUUtt .tudMi L ' 

I. if UL .- Lownaai or depth of tose or note. 

S. PhftUt : ToTMtrtal gnvfUtkm, tbn 
epnmUuii of thm law (rf itimnl«Uua an the 
«Brtli, apctfiftlly lu making hcavvbodlM ttll in 
ftU puis of tbf pluwt tn Uifl olivctloa of lu 
aaitlr*. Ntwtoo ftad 9 «mcI have ih.owti UijlI 
tn A vMDiua ft Mtveralipi ftiid a fteftfan- will fall 
with «qiul imkI, tiKini tk« mit will te mry 
dUhnat la um »UMiph«ito air. lbs tttnc- 
ttaa of dM whola Mith, eoiMMerad M a aphem, 
OB ft body wi Its Huflioe, !■ tlie ■*»!« u if ihr 
wiMto iiMttor of th« «ftrth w«re ootl»(rtMl at 
ttaosDtn. The ftttrt<:tlon of Uie eaitli im a 
kady wttbta Ita carfhM U Uw him m If tbo 
nbcrtcia ibaU sitwitod batwwn tba body and 
lu Milh*! aarihos wta nmovad ; or ta the 
aama aa If all th« mattar altitatad Marer to 
iha aarUi'i aaxUee than tlia body w aa colleetMl 
at tba «»tr«, and all Uia mactor ritaatfld at a 
graaur dlataaw wa* ramoTad. Tbo wvlsht 
of a budy la pn-portlooed to (he atttmctum 
which It «x«rt«, bciioe ontity la nuiuy oaaes 
Atana aUaiily walgliL (Ji^ivOltf prnrify.] 

5O)OBU>«4r0n*tty: [CutTaH, nt. {2l)J. 

Fk^Mta^ ann.. d€. : Tba rAtlra danallj of 
a labataiiea ; tba wvjgbl of a body conpuvd 
with that of aaoUwr body havltig tha him 
aMfultuda. To obtain thia. It la Qnt wctelwd 
la air, which ahowa Ita ahaolnta wojght. Next 
It la watgbad lo watar, to abow how much It 
loMi Id thla daiaaat. Tfaart hava sow baen 
HcarlalMd tha abaolata wttyhUof two hodlaa 
flf aqnal balk.— vts.. tha ooa axp«riiDetit«d o«, 
and watar, and tba ntio of thean wnl^ta ta 
Ih^ aUo of thctr ap«elAe araviUM. Let 1 I<q 
Iba ««ieht »f walar, and fliat l«l tba body b^ 
hmrtar llian tliat Uquhl. than tha wviKbt 
which It kw« la water la tu Ut« abw>lul« 
watebt aa 1 10 Uie aprclhe gravity nqnlred. 
U Shblar than water, then aa the weisht of 
On Mdy la air, plaa tha wtlght twatUul to 
Hlba 11 aink la water, la U> lU wat^ht in air. 
M b 1 to tba aiiaeifte gnvity. On thla pHn- 
Mta art emainirtad each liutrunH>iiU a» 
IMtolton** portnbia balaBM. In aoUda and 
MqaMa the ataodaid la grnvrally clutill«><l 
WMV; Ibr tha gaaea. atuinH|ihrrlc air. Hpc- 
etta giBVlly la proportlonata to d^natlv. 
and Um wonla may be oaed almoat uitar- 
ihaiHHhfx (DnatTT.l 

«<.X| i«t 



ty. Id wI: 

fl. A fbno of doablit- 

tha Inlda lange tbetu- 

IB a alnde Jar by 

imln. Tl(#> 

^ yy wa — vaBiHowb a> ■■ hw uvmODI. iOd tbc 

ma or -f tn the appar part of the oeil. 

at iliflertnt balgMB In a alnde . 
of tbetr diffenot ^adfle gramle 
■ or — alanant hi In the bouom. ii 

' gHtW'-atim, a. [LaU fmwi» « baary. giave.) 

1. Oruvv, aerloiu, lage, tltoasbtfal. wd^bty. 

" TW laost pratant «*WMMnawiB* af MMar awiutU*. 

^tia. iMrta. aaJ UvMNk-'-nTirmrv rii. faa. U 

1. Oiara, ImportaDt, aertoua, aMimeatoua. 

* gHkY'-9iia-iit adv. [Rng. fmrvvn ; .ly | Iti 
ft grave, aiaiMW, or Uiiuughlful manser ; 

"Tba aria urlaaa than, ami vlnlj aatnM^ U» 

fteUaaMautfT<awMMt|r Hn ra(Mtk*ii>wtrti»t«aoltlK 
diMi and tovoia. an* twMy and hnlllitriir nsd mod 
tmic«) th**nl|»M|>*upU.'— Aiail.-jrMkry/r.taii. v. 

* gTAT-owrm, I. [GiLAViat.] 

gr» -vjh, ' graavy. ' grea-vlau ■. rEiyin. 

di'Uliinil; pTV)lwUyfi>nnedfWm|;raw<(q.r.>] 
Thejuloe wbicb drapa Ih>tn meat wtiilo roaat 
iug, mailo Into a dreaaiag fur the meat when 
aerred op. 

"t bava iMcn lavlt^ to a mvabrakar^ Ulila. hy 
nwiawiJlM to hata frawf " oSimmith : OUtmt ^ U^ 

gr^ Wft'-tlU^ «. (A Bniillao word.} 

H'd. : A kind of Binturlia oaed in BocUi 
Ainerii-a for the manufactare of ropea. Cklled 
alao Ourra-tow. 

gray. ' era. • Krai, • grays. ' gr«l. ' grey, 

' greyo, >i. i : l.\.u. y*i7 , a^n. wiili 

L)iil. |. ri»juu<: iccL gtiir : flali, gnm ; tin 
ffi ; tnT. yniK ; Lat. niriM ; U. U. (icr. 

A. At ii(^«cfii«.* 
L LiUrallp : 

1. Of ft eoliiur betwr-en white and 14ai:lt ; 
hnary ; of llin ci>lour of b«lr whitened by a^ ; 

-•\\Mffng-iiAAmi eolr.nn maj alao k* MaAMMl 
by uillliit ■blloaMHl LWlu, ' — .Vbw<iH) ; O^Hk. 

S. Hftvlu4{ hair wlUteoed by age ; gray- 

" Llvl^ wlnf cuanttr Jn iImmi tltrlt lul> 
«1U> •«•. tnmlnc la ht grt^: —Um a mt . Jfotmr^ Um. 

3. Wliitrne<i ur made hoary by Bge. 

"Mr lMlrUfr<a|r. fast not •lUi fMni.* 

Mftvn fl Ml i| n ^ CatfJoH. 

4. Dualcy. dark. 

" Onu datru tfptitra, Ih* m^rUnuut u>d kta tnlit 
apMaU Uw hauma> .•! tl.a dliUol i>Uln.' 

(Vwfw . /'rv g rtm qf Mrrvr. M 

* n. f^- • Old, tuaturo ; aa, grug expenance. 

B. Am tNManifM.- 

L OrdlrnvTi Lanfuagt : 
I, A my ookiur; a coloiu* betweeu white 
and black ; a nentml Uot. 

* 3L A gray-beani ; au old, ftny-headed man. 

"TUllnc Ua lai* alnr thU uU 

* a. A kind 'A fUr. 




"OaM o* iDlaar.lTvak uaorarr,' 

a AiirjrnaA. p. m. 

I : 

^H J^KL h^i pdiit, )tf^l; oat, 9«l], obonu. 
^H Tt — -ttan > ahfn. -tloa, -aim ^ ■hflu 


■ 4. A badger. 

5. A kind of aalnioii (Salmfi <rar). 
5 Tht (rray <tf tlu aioi-nlair ; The dawn. 
n. TiekAioaUr: 

L Bot. : A letiui of eolouTa : the apaclea 
are aah-gray, aah>grayUh, pearl {ray, alate 

Gy, iDaoHjolotuad, anuky, inouto-ouluunxl, 
\rj, and ntLar hoary, (/.iadby.) 
%, Kmiowk. : A moUi, IXoalAcrcta Mnrtd. 

t Obviooa oompoiuida : (#ni|i-«|Md, grat- 
kerufad, frajf-Jiairml, ka. 

gray-aatlnoBy, a. 

if i». .- The aatuo m tjTiSMiTB (q-T.), 

gray beard. ■. A a. 

A> Ai tmbtiantiM: 

1. A tiMii witli a gray-heard ; an old man 
(ficqiiently In contempt). 

" Tttpn mM Ui> Liinl : Tbt> (Iam ta |ir«lH 
rUi *tlb n>l iHmr ftr..,, I <.tluM»l T 

Tit* fnw-t«Bn< «)Ui Lmutiiiu band v*<«n-' 

UmafttUm : tmtk itf icAf.A.%a- 

i. The name fiven to a larBe earthm Jsr, 
or bottle, (or holoin^ wtoa or apiltnoaa Uiiuur. 
Oii«ltialty applied lo a kind of atm»ewara 
dniiklnKjusa, with beardeil IMnaon them (o 
rvlipr. tiitrnduMtl In Iba early part of the ala- 
tiwnth (.-entury. 

"TfefMi olmtj a' teaadr la tfca frwa-lMrrf tbat 
LockU ll«»*Mft» Mat a*mu.'—*mtt . WmmtHrt. «b 



gray -bird, a. A >iavle« of Ibruah. 
gray-bread, *■ Oread nuwle of ryo or 


gray-oarpet, f. 

KntQwi. : AUuett pidaria, a Briliah imitb of 
the grvupOedtuelrinA and the (aiiiily C'JiIicrulic. 

gray oast-treB. <- 

UrkiU. : QT%f caat Ip>d oontaina csrbon 
ebrmlcally Cf^mntked. and alao fmphlto In « 
free atatc. When sray f»«t-iroD U treatwl wiUi 
an achl, the grapblto aepaimtea out lu blauk 

gray oobalt. <. 

JU>t>. . Ihr tajiir ajif)ltaLTITK(q.V.). 

gray copper -ore, ». 

Af(»i. ; The aanie aa TKT»AaitowT«(<i.v.). 

gray-eotton, f- 

iXmm. : Unbleaclied and iindyed cotton 

gray-flbrea. >■ N- 

Anal. : Palf (;ray Obrea funnd with or with- 
out whit« "Ilea In the aympaUiPtlc ur other 
nen-ea. TItey wan flmt dtacovered by Beiuak, 
aiiil are atuti okUed aft«r bU aaoie. {Qiiatn.) 

gray Oy. «. iGnAmv ] 

gray * Crtara, grey - CHara, t. I'be 

rniti'.-LtrCdns ('(.v.). 

gray-geese, '. rl. a nauw mlKftrly given 
to urge field atonea, lyitij; on lliu auiface u( 

" Maitn a Arr^bau drko. 1 UOak, wf Uw pm- 
Ma^UMTca'ihaatraailwwMeMa^— AaeiJ Saat 

gray-gooda, $. caRar-oorroii.] 

rny bnarti. r y' BeadRofgray-ooloaTed 
oau, growing ainong otbera Uiat are uot 
itktU: £aevc.) 

gray-ben, «. The female of the blactt- 

* gray boodod, «. Gray : doaky. 

"TImi- Wi in*. Ukrii «t>M tlwym hwd»<«Taa, 
B«K Itmm Uia bludiiMBl wbaila M rknl^a' wtin." 

gray maUdn. a [Gkihalri!!.] 

gray mare, grey more, <■ A eant 
tvriu Iiji a nifc ; ivmt lUt in over b "Tbeemy- 
laorp u tlM betUr bone, thai la the wlfa ie 

"TIM vutear pntMTb. tn»l Iha eng^Mw* U lb* hMlar 
baaN. artjoeala'. I aatpwt. In ina fnl wapaa faiitnU 1 j 
|1«an ta tba fmr-MMrw at Plaadw* war ta» Oiiaal 
coaidi hariw d BmlaaA" Jfaaaala#.- Mtt tf f^.. 
eh. Ul 

gray-owl, grey-«wl, >. 

Ornilh. : Ttivaaiueaa the tawny owl, Sjfntiuta 

gray-poaaa, i. ft. Common peaM lu a 
dried elate. 

' gnv, rl. * U [OoAT, 1;) 

A> Intrtitu : To beoome gray or white. 

** All VMS* Ita p«a, tbat Btaiift Wftla an" 


B. Tron*. : To make gt%y. 

" Thna kMt 9**^* a Utoa Mi ft.* 

SUriar. ffirrflwaVimv. 

gray -fly, t. \%^^. rnty. and jiy.) 

kntfim. : A Hpecifl* of (Eatrua, called aiau 
the trutntwl lly (q-v.). 

" WtKl tlBia Um irrVHAr vtl>d« bar MtUT hnm." 

JftlMM. ittUu.» 

gray-bo&nd. >. t<^Ricrn(3inrD ) 
gray^elL * am Irt, grey-lah. a. (Eng. 

yroy ; -iu. ] BomewMt grey lo oolour. 

■■ A iloWllka WM,*aiUJih« haia^ 
A l»rrhfla<l ■nui'.lli Mwl kla^ 
Oacitb«>td«dM ■hlMBfrauaala.'* 

n^m^r. AttUHu Mi^tm0U.ik. Iv.. aa. « 

gray-Ug, gray--3Agg. '■ [E>« ffray. 

aecotnl cTeuMQl doubtful ; ef. A 8. lufpt - 

wiler, the aea, a lake, or lul. tago = a laka.] 

OnUfA.: Jaair Jtrae, bellavad to be tlie 

orlgUi of tha doneatle gooH. 

grayle.«. (GnAtL.] 

gray^lUg, a. k a. lEng. fray; dlmln. auff. 

A. Ai adj. : Of a doll brown or gtny oeltfur. 

(Hr^ Div fonipoiinil.) 

fbla, benvh: go» gem; thin, \bimi aln, af ; expeet, ^Cenophoo, e^dM. ph = t, 
: (lotk -fton ^ idiftn. -eleni^ -tlena, -atens = abfin. -ble, -die, Ac •■ beL deL 


grayly— great 

1, leMikf. : A BriUi&frHb'WtttffrA^ TkfmaL 
Jm mO^f^ ««M of tb« IWMimUs. U to 
«MRM« to MM* SrttMi ItnMM. 

t. X«tmik. ; {OiiATLin>-iCTmLn.Tl. 

gimyuac- mifj i , c 

Knitm. : A ftrttUb bottnllr, mppartkta or 
Ailyrw flnifh. lb gocrml colour la ctsU 
liKrWB tbafm, AklnMM IwMitli, with dark ipou. 

grtrVt tiff'*tf* w^. (Eofr ir«9, mr; 

-ly 1 In k fnrr covxir ; wttli t gny Uilg». 

Crtr -miU. sny-mQ-Ut, I. [Oaomrsu.) 

grny ntea, crwr'- 

I'M. J Iii« qUKlfly or «UUof iMUnggnjr. 

CrAy -stoa*, i. |OBrr«To»K.] 
(ray wkok A, ■. tCkcrwAcitK.] 
(ray w6|h-«r, i. [aRKnrrrasB.| 

|r4M OX 'frtftt, r (■ * f. (Btna. donU- 

riil. AooKllnf M 8lie«t eolBHt rnm nu* = 
lit •etmim ■ll^JtUr. wltb vjcm conAuiot) with 
fmit, T. ; Mcai'niUtg to others ei>iui»ut«d wlUi 
rnuf (:l> Cf. ^raM (3X A. IL] 

A> /niu;, ; To tourh or mb ftllghtJ/ In 
p«Mlng 1 to bnL«h Uw lurUoe lightly. 

Il intmlt um hi* «M^ tfr«M4 u* ■h<Mjdar. and 

t M*L 

U. II. if ' 

B. /«tKiM. ; To toueb Ughily In pUBlng: 
Id LriMih. 

"Hark Umb • kMMflH *»lMr >■ o«r lutu, 
flMt WlM «W«. ItkfV Um iMillirt* rncSiv, 

'■Maya, r.i. k i. 

>. H, Ukt. guffTf 
ifer. frajmn; V»U urtutn; Qtt, ffnuru.] 

I. m»ntU$: 

1. To «t grui ; to tmA on gnut or growlnit 

~ thm MMtaft «f oir mtim b to ■■» in* •«•• #m*«, 

t. To 11111147 or foralth (tim for gnutiit;. 
"TW inuad aMUaiMU (ba «< whanbr It aUl 

M««r fMM to Bilfy UmI jwr-AMMt, 

* S. To (Md In any way ; to Ijto<tm. 

' «r«MH aC lM|« la Baa4aw« MlNMUlHa.* 

Amumt; ff* A« JfNMry^MaJfWttM. 

* n. fif- • 'I'o mora tlong daroortng, u 
ippMMling Qro, 

" Aa a*MT atoU Ui nail U> Uia otkar tl«» *ai np 

Bi iVniMllliv; 

1, To ani'ttljr willi gnua nr pattare; to Bnd 
patlur* fnr. 

"■IWr iB-d* aad /ran Umv* alUU *MMUrla| 
Um«li ilM JaMTM Mi mtldt fanah'-tfaWrw.- 

* S, To t«nd vhlU grulng. 

-iM*hr^ hU vmU t«lMB-a*aap.' 

* I. To bad on i lo «U« u growim barbago ; 
to htvwaa, 

" lU fan Mf klaa la r<H» Mm Sn*!*? rtaitt." 
i-r^tmi rtrgU, W L II. 

CrftM <!),•■ (OHAH (IX v-l 

1. TIm art orgntUnit nr tmieblng Itghtlj; 
■ llttht iir alight toucb or niti In tiualng. 

t. A plltibt muk Df cut mada liy *u obJ«ct 
tourhtiig In iNUatng. 

grAa* ox t. [Oun (n r.| ru act uf 

gnxing or fMillag npon graaa. 

trA«'-4r, ■. IKng. 9™^ W : -^A 

t. Ori. L»nf.: An animal that graaaa or 
fbnia na gnua. </'kiJlpa.' (.idrr, I.) 

1 m. i/<4. .- Tba raoilvrlng of tiw Orvk 
word Bo««a« iOotkoii a bar^laaian, r^\ra !■]■ 
SnaMHan aa lb* nama of ao onler ii7 munk* 
wklek aiuaa In iKa flflh cailtury In Maa>tj>u- 
tuiila, aa<l •frwart W Maatlat. Tbvy ar« mM 
to liava tft (K) barta, aait ffnaa aUmt almoal 
ta aatala nf nudity. <T>wgaami l .) 

trt'-iUr (M«r aa Anr). *srma-l«r. *■ 

iKnf, fntm (I) ; ■«',] <m« who granw or paa- 

t«r*a natlia j oaa who ralaaa and daab tn catU* 

- Ita m^m)m*t to laitar fcr tta mm jam 

*grk wAm^ [iter a* tfiftn ad*, [b^. 

V*w«wr,* -Jy I Kalatlng to tir Ilka a gnder. 

tGE*xa<l),»I ^ 
A.A& A* iir. yor. 4 portMpu a^..- (See 

& A mtlM. : Tba act of touching or raU 
Uag Uj^tlj in pMaoig ; a gnae. 

- Wtta iba arMMf a( a b^M «p«a tha ha* «C«aa* 
imtlmm : ATwMtn. L IL 

cnulBC-aaCU, & 

/on. : Tb« little, of 10* orlaaiL afagla^ at 
wbii-b a abut wlUac* panafiata, bwt w ui glauor 
ttom ( tic I iirfnce. 

sradnc Ora, I. 

/OTt. : Aflia when the ta}actt«yia low, lad 
tba projacUla atrikea ths ol^t, wbethar var- 
tMaf or buhioDtal. at a giulug aagla. Oaed 
la bowit2«r tattf^Hta in ih» tbfrd panlkl, to 
aadlada tba eoTsrtd way ; ricocbat flic 

Sr&S'-IAc (2), pr. par., a., k t. [GkAXB (S), v.\ 
A. k B^ Atpr, par. 4 partUif. ad^. : (Sac 
the »#rli;. 

1. Tba act or fcodlog on gnua or growing 

2. A j««tare, a gnutng-ground. 

CnMd-4'-ad (x u ts), adv. [ItaLi 

Afut : A Kirn ordlracUon that the noUa or 
T-au&j^e to wblch It la praOzad muat be I'layed 

wkb (^cc aii'l clegunee. 

■ «r6 (1). ' grw (1). *- [O. Fr. ffrrt, (rra; Fr. 
ITrrf, from Lat. ^mluBi, ti«ut. itns. of gratia = 
plaaatng; ItaL frato.) Tbal wbicb U fdaaa- 
[ng i wfll. pteaf ure, aatlafacUoo. 

" tiaaa m» i^r !*»•. Iv to |« at tU fr*.' 

Cr« (% • gni, I. lOfc««(SX «-l 

* Si'B'-Vb'**'^ IMld.l£ag.^; -oM*.] Agree- 
able, williiig. ready. 

"Tlu f^rtlhQfrriM* a eoa*nd<aL' — 4<W •/•ma 
/;/., lut |ad 1U4L II. ira. 

sreaa*, *cr«o*. *sret«, '(roea, 

* Szaaaa, ■ (o. Fr. it'^'***, nfiMt , Fr. 

i;mUw, frtitn O. Fr. ffnu, ent ; Lat. erajnt » 
tLkk, IHbi Up. grata; Purl, ir'nni; Itol. 

I. Oni. Ld))0..- Aoloial fat tn a aoft atata ; 
the cilty nr mictnuiw tmrt of animal toatler of 
auy kind, aa tallow, lani, Ac. ; eapecially t}ii> 
Catty outtor of land anl&aala, aa dJstinguiabed 
ttom tba oUy matter of martna a&liunls. 

- BapMlallr ivtiMB /nMW, whlrfe In old Um* t1»y 
aa*^ *ii)i (rail rarFBHiiil* In ttltflou.'—I'. BotUm^ 

ntmit, bk uvlli.rb-li. 

it. Hin. : A tumi urmI in relation to liwtre ; 
fat nuartJ baa a gr«a<iy luatn* (rhiltlf»-y 

3. t'arrUry: A aw«IUut; and InDammabon 
of tlu) Iriga of a 1il>i»k, atffnOol nllb lUf 
aarretKiii ofolly matter and cracka In tJieaklii. 

graaaa-box, <■ 

liatl. Ka^. : Tbr fMeptacli) OTvr an axlff 
arm. vblch runtAliia tb« luUrieatlng nuterlal. 

graaaa^oook, a 

if'M-A. : A fancta tiy whlnh oil la admlttM 
tfi a Journat-lH'X, or uUiar part n^^ulrlng lubri- 
caliiiK. Il ift M*rii [<n Ibc i^ylintlrr cover fur 
liititlr.iUhfc ll)^ I'l^t'iii wlUioDt |>eiiiiitUng tlifi 
oacajM- <<f Htiuiin ur the cnUmnca uf air. 

craata-oap, «. 

U'lcli : Aui)i< altadwd to a nart rr^tulrliip; 
Inlirlmtlon, a»1 from wbicb It ta ouppUrii 
Willi oIL 

graaaa-pal. <• An Imn pot, tbe tliird In 

tbn ••^rtfji 111 which Iruu ptat«a are tUto«^. 


craafo, * graa-snt, r u {GaaAOK, n] 

L OrJJHory Lanynoff : 
1. tit : Tu amaar or anoint with grnaae nr 
tktty niattvr, 

"TlMr rati mt OTW tha frr*m4 aarta. rtpaetalty 
laalr (Mk wU«a vUa tu la^ RAtaial baaMjr m 
pglatii^ daai ta %m' i y».'— *m ift tr • fm r m tm tarn. 

' S. Ftf. ■ To tvfbe ; lo corrupt or InSnaDc* 
with pmraU. (BUll Id naa tn Aaicrica.) 

WeaM (iMflr #rMM tkt MoA tocXIw.' 

IL ''arr. ; To aflket with tba dlBMua eallfd 
•i TtffrmiM UfJUIbiiuf ar/Ut: To br{b». 
*■ Ba ta«raj«4 fttflbapalta, havtw tow «tf 
aa A JW( lur au pa>Bai.^-P«h«- rj imai* taa. 

greaf'-ar, a. [Bag. ra*^<>> -c-l 
L One who or that wbieh griiaan 
■ maa wtwae hostaen It ta la aaa tlMt (ha 
whiata of looniBoUnw, BirTi«^ wnmea^ 
4c.. aiw t u mtaf l y aapiiUM aritli iBhetaaaaa. 

1. A eoBlMaplBoaa ana* ttr a MiiiiM 
Cnoim. (Awriaaa.) 

Crta^-I^.ada. CBorgnav;^) 
1. iM. : In a graaay auaaar or aUla. 
-BahtthfiPiaaa r>w OMrt . . . aahUfchllyM 
raw ntta aad ttrtfabMLia** Htadaa^ aari mtm^^m 

faa Hfr -'- a aa^a-TTlK. ; W .^a»'Jlar^. i (. 

■1 Fff.: Saatlly, fooUy. Isdaaoasaly, oh- 

"Ton talk frw.«r: r>or llVa «***• to^' 

Wil^ £«-■'• f ■■■■^»tiML«a.t. 

ggga y -l-atea. ■- [Eng. fn>My; -«aM.| 

L UL ■* Tha qoalUy or itate of lwiBg|iiaa| ; 
nilimai, uaetnaoflMaa. 

'VpnlbaiBMlel ttoa Mttaa. aAaa «tov «w aA 
tfaaRa|r«Haaal«a9«, aa it *wn. a hiaA al fvaMtaaa 
ar M.lMallj.--JM» M'arte t. ua 

* 1. Ftg. : Gruaaocat. obaocnlty, Initllnagy. 

sroaf -f . • grlaa-la. a. (Eag. rmm: -9.} 

Z, Ordliuiry XrOntfaofv : 
1. LiUmUy : 

0) Oooipoaad or *~-^-***t of giaaai ; aOiv 
M, onctoooa. 
(S> BmaaT«d or danbad with griiM. 

••m»yr f i d «la«fcaalaat Biw » «» aaJ«a fc iaa * ' 

(S) Lika greaae or oil ; anooth, oily. 

" Br tkia Mwwai a laawj «Ma«f« aaaA 

aaaafrwaar ii aai i aaM- Paaa.- ftaw r«wft Ik. K. 

'1 yi^araffva^; 

1. Fat. ourpttlent. bulky. 

-r iri 1 1 iii i ij II 1 ' n nii j la 

Mmlump.-- Mtrrf I 

* L Oroaa, Indalleate. imUewrt. < 

"tliaaUflea^ oliaa pr 
Vot bla i»ak in^ u a 

IL TacAaiMiUy : 

1. farr. : Affcctod with the 
greaae : aa Tba lage of a horve ar* j 

2. BeL : Harlng a anrboa wbtch IMa aa ff 
tt waa grmay, thoagb out ao In rtaUty. 

craat. 'craats, ' Kret, 'gwvtm, 'Brvt. 

* arlt, i.k t. iA.a. grtiU ; O.tL ffnU ; ragn. 
iruli Dut. ftwf : tier gnui; O. B. OtT.grm.1 

A. AtodjwHw: 

I. Uirga IQ bulk or bim ; hff. 

"Th» Baa la vb-aa lh« fraaC dOB tofenvA*— 
AHNfaa . mgrim't rrafrm^ yi. IL 

Z. LATge tn number ; muaafwaa. 

3. Large In atuoont, extant, or tabM 
" Br HMMa* Mtd tv kavtai ««>M( faai^aaa*— 
CldMAtr r r\ib «^ Mf M i^ttt, 

i. Largt ill extant or •wftea; «IA^ o- 

tetlded, ^xtcualrA. 

" Ba owtld mUa a anaB W«a aaPMl d v.~— aaaa ' 
* m »,<yitom>a f> rai BH M<f J li^Oiita. 
A. Large. exteoelTa, or eonaUafaUa la d^ 

grse ; beyond the eotnaioa. 

*■ BM. adtf alt. a U wiMjrMf paita, m wOajM^ 

rtrtiM I ikar aaiaiaUy Imm «• aowa bMai^a^M. 
-ro^ .' JFaMari /fM. irn^l 

6. Coitildetabl« or ext«adt4 ta laaga ar 
duration ; «f lung dunlloti ; loii|t4aa»uaaA. 

"Til 11I111I ijifcM if ihr Ti— larikii^-i tm t§--M 
vhU« tu aaaa.'-a aaat. «u. la 

7. Mantalloua, WDodcrftil, oatfanrdlaairy. 
Burjinalng. remaHulda. 

** Tba *ii>rk> ol Uia Lanl • 

8. Venerable, ailurable, a«ftiL 

D. High Id rank or poaltion ; dlattegatilnd : 
holding an enintnt poaitton la rae p ae* rf 
rank, poattiim, mental endowawota or raqhiie- 
manta ; anlnent ; BlaatrfaMa. 

-Ha tod l»«* hwf>«B« Uttak tola BUftM 
oat • BtranU."'-Mamalai» ' V<M aw.^k.««t» 

10. In a bad aenae, aotortooa :. a^ a 

11. Importaal ; w«lg1ity : InrolTtng 
aat Intrmct* or conaK|a«noc* ; aertoin 

"Aaa tiMMfli IMa to a araac WeHk « a 
llallr iiilliiH yat U a ak» a jraat p 


U ChK priMipoI 

SI laavnninda *Mia aa 
ivpallv&L' JKB 

jNkpa r t^n.m 

Ala, At» flbr«^ «aU4at. artiAt, ttU, IMhart vi, «4t, hara. oaa«L bar, tliAra; pina. pit. aira, air, mariaa; gii pi^ 
ar, wAra, ««U: wirk, wbAw aAai mAM^ aUi. aira. vatta, oAr. HUa. All: try. &#riaa, iih»>«i av*^ qn*ak«. 

' la Wr wntT Ukima «m iwAt mod iMMlr ■ r*i »s 

li. Wcmd«iftil, luUlnM. 

" na ^tUUoll of kli VBiKn. biy* It (IidvmI 
Lb rnaPMt (tmi UtUtMiw. bowpkHl ka« t^lr, 

IS. Opaleat, tna^ul&ccnt, «uiu)>(uuuk. 


- Sot iw>r>^)>> 

16. BuuiiiUuHw, cxpeasire, ooaUy ^ oa «u 

17. Sweniiis, pmod. baojibcy ; AzhiUtlng 
pniJ« or luuf ntlBw*. 

-■olynMB pw«MV»< tint VUttM wu Mt tf b* «Ab 
vtUi •wxlik nor Uw ilahmlin* In tm dlMManfrd with 
«Mal t0aka.'-i[MDltM.' Jn«L ^Ito 7W4m. 
1& Pl«SD*ot. 

■*rima MlQviBf th* ivw fwmi vllfe rwnf.*— 

^Mln luvUt TL 

* 19. TeeiniDif, swollen, nwvUing 

" Mf bait ta ffnMf, tat ti HiuM bnwk vlLh «ll«ne*.' 

MX ruoiliar, IsUmNU, elMtly tcqiiftlntH. 
^ laiMrflitety. vlU talk im«t« W4]r •? IhaM il>M 
31. Bud. dimcult 

*■ It ta M grmu matUr in tiM lovliudy with pMd 
aatan4 aad tm—k jfmaiw-' — Tmrtar Afn^twi. 

S2. Bttnlnuoaip, Krlcvuna, uufair. 

" II «• bAT* Mvn mlu fiM ifitrltaa] tbliap, la II a 
fPMCUlM If *a akall Nup fiMa Atnal tbU^T - 

S9L DoDoUnft > KAp rf uorodlng or de- 
■fNOdlng eonuingutnliy : u ipvaf-jiimndfttther, 
tk« UttMf (rf a unuidfaLher ; ||r«al>gfWidjMD, 
Um ton at » grukoMni, and lo on. 

" I *ttm Mt r* aflna tmt Om atiUn»itf nl mr Un- 
•aMM ««t at F Mria na Mi iii ; itnwriiii. 

* B* <<f «<». : GretU/. very maeb. 


ii>«i^ t «««vv r; .. UL L 

L Tbt itUM, Uu bulk. Um grov. 

"TvMiMllkrkaiTMt br ffrfial M br dM' 

2. rn.. tH(\ iA< d«jln{{« .rW.W'): Powerful. 
Inflt^iiiUl. TK-'I), itn'l 'liHlliiKiitubd'l 

' >«n— tb iIm fnoJ ko* tet-lxit fw fthav* thrjrmu' 
ttrmt ■ Pr*0rttff Amf . 

3. (/*(.): Tit inMU-gQ, or An*! vxaintoaUoti 
■t Offrml for • degrmi (Ou, ■., 5] 

' Bolk nHJb aad jiaa «« «r* «iifllcl«iillf dbtiwi to 
k* *Hn»thiT tiBond. U aa ata that wbt LncUiiad.'— 
r fli^AM.- rn»«rw>NaiCK%rtf, ch.1. 

5 <l) Ctmbb Uiiu dlMrlnilmtea botvmii 
ffwrf. anft, «nd ftf; : " Largt U proporly k|>- 
pllad lo CTM, azUnt, and quiuUty ; big de- 
oatM ynnl u lo «x|i«n*lon nr aiMClty. A 
heuB, A toon, • heap, « I'iln, ui u^ay, ftc, 
■■ fPMf or Ufyt ; u Anliual or • ummdUIu U 

Col or Mf. (TtmI ii UMd g«Drnilly In tli« 
proper mau ; iarya and biq are uMd ooly 

(S) [t» thai dUflritnloatM b«twMn grwf. 
ft«*d,«tHl nMiav: "Tbow tenniant sytioay 
■ocia only in tjw tnnral a|i|>UcatioD. Orvol 
ilnplf doalKnaU* «xUnt: fnmd fateludas lika- 
Wtoo tlM »«■ oT stcvllenec and auperiorily. 
. . . (iroMd and mttUmM mn bnlh Biiparlor to 
§rtai ; hut Um fbrntar raarlia the ■Mmetulun of 
■rtatneaa, tbfi latter (tealgnatea lluit uf liright." 
(OroM .- K»f. Sfon.) 

5 (I) r>y iA« fnat ■ In thecmw ; by tl)« tralk. 

(3) GrtotM wmmuftt tuann : IXkabukc]. 

Jbol. .- JfyrmnoipjWtfa jMbahL 

frwit-AmadOlo. f ■ 

SraM-lnirDSl^ f. 

fia{. Th« cuitu Siagnliorba. 

* tr— t -bentej, a. Far advanMd In 


-■ a-aa^Ctmof a>«tMB 
TlMl bid MDt bail a wMk ta |u.' 

«a M y. «Mnr r///.. iv. i. 

* KTSat-borv, fc Nobly dMMrMled. 
/viif: All mBTiiHrof atU««xefpt tlHwpaiid 
Gnm* OlutfMr, a (Xaoh* Chabta.] 

graftt-elreltt. «. [Cibcul] 

Aoi«(. ; A ByitUni of nftvigati*™ flnil intm- 
ducnl by Mr. Jotm T»«r«on -t DAvti^lliig n 
•hill apoD the pnoriiilw that IJh' nmrrsl [Lillt 
betwMo any two plaraa npan a gl»h^ Is by 
th« great cima dxawn upon H batWMti then: ; 
Oie noUMt oonne brtweto two pUcM on o 

Sraat-ooat, i. An OTCi«o«t, a top-coat. 
■reat-ooated. a. Uavtiig a grcat-ofat 

or OVtr-.'oat u(l. 

■raat-aaxed. a Having largo cart. 

Onal-mnd ltu/-bat: (UAonoTuaJ. 
Gnat'tartd frlba .' 

Jnlknp. : A ttarai aoaietlmM employed lo 
dwigtinta savaoir rmcM wlio disfigure tbeiu- 
anlvsa by stratchfng tbeir ctm to aii enomioitA 
•Ue wiUi wlul may I* «Il»sl eiaoBiTBtrf ear- 
rlit^ lu thlacaneUM lobesairntreUtwd Into 
iwiiilent tleatiy loaipt; but tlie asvagM by no 
m«ii!i aiinwpr tli* deHcrlptioii of Flioy'a 
Piinottl (A'.H.. tv. y). " vfb««e uifi were Urge 
cnoiigb to be ii*e(t for Mvprlng IhftT bo<IlM," 
Aa a iiuilt«7 of fact (he name Orts^n la only a 
eomiptlou of the SpniiiHli Ot»;^i»i« (Bl^f-eara), 
a nickname JocuUrly cotifnred on tli« uibabl- 
tanta trooi liielr practloo of anlargiog the lobM 
of Uieir ean. (fytor.) 

Univ.: Tlw aamaaa Greats. (Ohkat.C. 8.] 
kt-Kon. I. [Ovx.] 

a. Bigh>«plri(«d, un- 

deje-'twl. bt»v*. 

"Tha «*rl. M imtthm r Ud aa be. dvol^rrd llMt kr- 
Ballbarau>J for UatrtUidiUt^ aar CMnd UU bMiwIL 

graat nfto*w-tr*«, a. 

JM. .* Coeot or Jfrrucoaii'i A'V^^'^i'- 

* groat-BUWtor. a. TbeaameaaOKAKD 


Tto «ttr ffraor-MUfM' and tlila oewdalorr.* 

* gTMlt-BMray. «. Oreat thanka. [Gmi- 

Miuie ; Odo (and the moat Important) of tho 
three nrgana which are nut uanally a>.ir>dal<il 
in Urge omnbliml orgnm. Tlwy nra the great 
organ, thn rhnir-orpin, and thf bw^II ; In 
wlilcJi may be added the pedal-orfpui or fool- 
keya for acting ou the largrr pit>&>. The key- 
board of the great-organ rcmtalDfl the prinfdpal 
keyB, aod haa tbe middle poatUon, the BwHf 
having tbe next btgheat row and the uhoir tlu- 
towrat lOnoAX.] 

grsat-prtiDOPi t> 

iTirii. • A tyjiv four bIbm larger tJban long- 
priinpr (q.v.). For caample — 

Great Primer* 

great-WMLl, i. [Skal.] 

lcrG»t •ympathotSo-neiT*. *. iSra 

sraait tlttio*. *. pi [Titrc] 
■r»&t white-owl, *. 

OrnilA. : The ^euiik Ny<'t«*. 

'STMt, 'sreta, r.l. & I. [Oubat, a.] 

J^ /nfmiu. .' To bccoma great or btg ; la 
grow Urge, to awell. 

" Br* wooiba bifHii to irrri*." 

B> Tram*. : To niake great ; to ajiuiTaDdlaQ. 
"FlaltUif tfi frrat blni>*If.* 

Mfttnlfr TU £a«M, BV. 

* snAt-fa, r.t. * i. [A.a. rr«uia» ,- o. H. 

wr, frdint.) 

A, Jniiu. : To make groat, to enlarge, to 
tnagnlfy. to agi^ronJIz^. 

"That tba Bmm <4 Auatet* . . . (twaM tw 
m m mlmat by Um addiUua lA °-B'-~" ----- 
<r*aaBM laa. iMB). 

Bk /iifmu. 1 TO beeone gmt or greater : 
to (ncreaae. 

* sr*t» - Ijr. ^ cprat ~ llob«. adv. lEug. 

ffTVU i ■Ij.| 

1. Inortoagnat degreeor nanner; tniieh. 

" Maflaa*. I ka<n* nat. nor I rrawla «u* baI.' 

Jtata^K. .- Jbolard 11^ t. %. 

2. Inanobleor IlIutriotiB manner; noUy, 


3. Ill a magnanlniODB or h(|[h-mlDjed fnau- 
aer; ui-My, gsiierounly. 

" Wihar*«T« thfac bokl lQtnr-l<t BMW 0:1 wv, 

rbaric* ejwa Uia l—f 
AMatm: Ca% UL t. 

Tbat^raarlir tan Ifeatrb 

4. In a aobltme or ttobla msonar ; auUiuialy. 

~ SeOttl luirraativ narpoaad ' 

OiMTIvr Talk. vl. W. 

srSttt-DSui, * grete-nease, ' sret-nes, 
'■reetoesM, * erM hmm. ' gret- 

nu* a. (A.$. (rr(fLi>t<;>*.) The i|Uri]lty or Btale 
of being gn-Bl ; w* 
X, IjirgenraiB In bulk or tlae ; bigrkeaa. 
" Oaodly tl van Itbat 1ia*« niada tlMlr jpana^ 

iod banid botta thaU biuaai. and all ibtU aoad. 
'Ithla hia mrmtntt*. to aufffurut hi* onvsa) " 

Auf M . AarvM r«rt. hk. IL 

JL LargetifM in nuiutrr. 

5. I^rgeneaa in amount, extent, or valtte. 
i. Largeoeaa In estent or snrftoa. 

A. lATgeaeaa in degree ; high degnw, extent. 
" niUMf«vao*aM of kla lolly ha abaJl feaatray,'— 
fta*iw*«« ta 

6. HarreUoiu or waadinfid tiatiu* ; marvel* 

T. Awfulneaa. 

8. High rauk or plaoe; elevatioa, dlatlno> 
tlon, dignity, emiaanee, (tower. 

"OatfrMfMM vUl aMMar 
Tbao UMat aa^^lauHH.' JNrao* / TxTlL NT. 

9. 1 iiiporLaoce, wrioiiaD«Ba. 

ID. Womlerfnl nature or cfaaract«t ; aul>- 
liiulty, grandeur. 

1 1 . BvelllQg pride ; affMtsd atata ; twDgbtl- 

W. Nobility of mlod or aeQtlinant ; laegna- 

" BraotMN* «( aniil la HMn Mmmmrj te^naka a 

oaai tnaa, tban tha taraor of a Kaoarch.'— Cnob. 

Ll Poroa, intaoalty, power : aa, the jr^at- 
mm of aouiid. of tone, of paaafoo. kc 

* 14. A ttU* of dieoftjr. Ita eqnlvaleot la 
Btlll uaed In Prance when tpeaklnR at blaliopa. 

" H«y. mlffb^ Soldan, did yaur gt*,%tn**t •*• 

Ih« rimnliv 1»ak* if Msht} TAinSuiUloa . . . 
I Miuht *iaaii IMT rvjM n>>inti ' 

* sn«T«> * craf*. * grayra, a. [A.s. q*- 

rrjii ; l>aji. pr^r* ; *), fr'ta. fritn ; Itel. ffrtl^ ; 
Bw. (r<r/tv,) A sLotrtird, a rvcve, a grievv. 

' gzwva (1). - grlsra, %. iObotc] 

sraa-ra (JX ». fQ«aAvm(i>] 

creaTttfe vx [Grka»ss (S).] [atuvi(tx ».] 

graavM i\\ a. [Fr. gr*vt$. front O. Fr. (rme 
> the ahkn.} Anuour for Die ki^ ntade of 
nieUl, ar)d Unci with wune aoft material. 
Itay wm futeocd with atrape and ankle- 
niiga, and were rlclily ornamented and em- 

"Tfca ffraMa* fe^« U* baa* ttet wonn^ 

Wlh aUvBrr •cataa vna aliaaUMd and taaad.' 

AynM »r<d««^ Jle«(ai.U.a 

gr^ a T Oy (S). «. [QS Seandlsarion origin : ef. 
8w. dial, grtwar m grcavea ; Low Oar. grtmn 
~ grraveB ; Ger. grUbi = the flhroBi ramaliia 
left to th4f prv|)amti»ii of lard. C!Bbnl.)1 The 
•edlment or itwiluble parts of tallow gAhered 
from the melting pota and made up into okes 
f«r dog*' food. 

gralMI^ «. rFl". (prMc, ftrora Piwt or Arm. krth 
f a comb ; krihtl, LtUmh s a creat ; Wi-I. erib 
s a coiub, a treat ; cWIxU - a cock'a comb 
So named beoauat omi of the apectaa la 

Ornitk: Podinps, s asmM of Oalnitaida 
mivei-B), It eonslBU rj Ullleaa (•Irda with 
larna flmbriatlnna <in tlieir Wwe, which act aa 
wetW Pire %tw\*% are Britlah :-(l) T}i« 
Great rrratMl Grel» (/^ulterM triMatMi); (S) 
tl< K RcdrwckM Gfvt^ (/>. mWtetflii) ; m the 
ScUvonlnn Grebe (P. ooniHtHf); (l)UieEtreit 
Gntl>r (K aurituay; and <&) the Little Grebe or 
Daliclilck (P. mirtvir). JJo. ji* till* ooaimoripwt. 
It L* rutuul In lakea and fUb ]>odi!b. There 
are many fbr^in apeck-a. Ttie Xva of tlie 

S«be la OMd tat making mnffa, Udiea' eol- 
ra, £«. 

IAL b^: p<^ JtfM: aat, ^ell, chonim. ^hln. ban^; go, Aem; tliliu Ihla; cMi. a^ : vxpeai. 7«ii9|ibttB. eylse. -fAg. 
-ttan. -aian = abAa : -Uod. -alon = ihtiii. -aloaa. -ttona. -alaiu = «hAa. -bl«. -dla. *o. = t>al. daL 


Ora'-^lAn, a. A •. 

A. At <iJj. .- or or pertaining tu Qnaes. 
B* ^ «iiMis«iii«; 
1. A DMire of GneM. 

1 Om who ipok* QrMk : f>n« «1m adflptoil 
Oivrk raiauom or ludiita. [Ujuxmutr.J 

'* Tb>n a^ai • ■■■fMMstni «tf tlM » «< ■#■ a^liMf 

i. Om wtw U vcntd In or flCaiUw tbcOiwk 
4. On« of Uiv ttnlor bor* at Cbriafa Hm- 

QrvolaB ■Jrch1fctar«» t. TW rt^lM 
of arcfaiLMUir* wltidi prevulwl la On«ce ■nd 
Ibi eotaoka np to Uh oooqaoat of Um coantn 
I7 tbi BomuHL Tb« oUMt «iiaiit>b» «hlcb 
DOW twnsfii tf i i fj to thit ^fp* wUeb fai 
kooirn undflr tha aauM Cytiamau. [Ctcu> 
rtUkX.) Oar earUost InfbnntUoa mpt cM ng 
Um arditttctiirt of Oiwm !■ gttaffd (hna tb» 

Cu of HoBur. ProsQ blm we learn ihfti 
palace vaaaurrooDded bj Crdopean wall*, 
MMllwdaaoolsraad an tuner oourt, the latter 
Mag samaaded hj ixntlam uiA clianibera. 
Thia tod to ■ lam niliimtur haQ for festive 
purpDMC. The diatnben for tbe Ikmlljr and 
wcMMB ««• balilDd. Traaanrv-booata oft«ti 
eilat«t Id oosoaftloa vltli tba pilaoea. for 
th« i>t«acrvatl0a of valnablea. la pba tfaaea 
tru«ir»-boan» wara eircalar, uid tita eowt^ 
liu waa dotnanUMuad. Of all that retualo to 
tbb day, that ofAttwoM^ at Uyea^ !• tha 
UHtt ranarhabta. TbeaarUarteUrtoofrifBlar 
afblMcCnrawaa that known aa tMrlc[DraicL 
which la tfharactcrfJBd bv alnpUdtr asd 
atnaigth. The oldeat axamrae of it U a tnpple 
al Oorlnth. The loulc oidsr of arcLllactun 
•TOM inai:li about tbo tante tlue,— Ia. about 
0Ot a.c. [loKic] Its nharsTloiiJrtic tiatana 
an gpu» mail ilf-licncy. Tn It btlongad th« 
temple of IHuuL, at EpbeauL Abool 1^ ba- 
gttiDlDj[«rih«0ahflaoWf7ft.G;. tba Corinthian 
oidf-r iirticui to ooma IMo oie. IK dlSbra llUla 
fnio tb« lonle azeepi In gfealar UfbtnaM and 
IncRsaed rlchnaa* of deoontloo. In apita vt 
an dlBhsaaeaa of fonn and ebaraetcr of tfa« 
detaila. th* Mitif* atnccor* ts their ordcra 
mtj on tha aanu pdsolplM. Tba oat of the 
eoluBOi la tha pant chaneterliCle of all, and 
the dUteaoeaa D«t«ean tha three ofdata la 
0»oal clearlr patraptible in Ita treatment. Tba 
iroh waa navtr tawd In Onctaa archltrctura. 

OreelAB-flr*, •. (OnBunns.] 

* On'-^dJUt-Ue, P.f. [Eng. (/racwxa; 'bi.) 
Tu tpcftk the l>r««k langoafs. 

* Ore'-flfBi. «. [tALOtweitmM»,ttmaOntt>u; 
Or. [>M«adr (Omtin^ s Oreakj Pr. tfrMiaw.) 
An Idktaiar pKaliarnjraftheOreaklanpute. 

- Lrflr Wwi^to . . . ekitb^ vldi OMlMUt «r» 

' Ori'-ftaa, r.L k i. |L«t. Orwetm». ttom Or. 
xpmm^Wrmikimy, frtMn Tpatmit lOnOkm) k 
Craak; fw.Orkim; 8p. tfrentwr.j 

A. /alraaa. : To apaak the Otaek lanfo^p. 

8. TnmMitiwt: 

1. To rendsr Grecian. 

2, To tnniiUt* luui Greek. 

Srioqo* (qa« a* k), •. [Pr.,» rkvtwnrk.] 

1. An fepparatua plaead to eoSee-pala for 

holding tM coflW-froQDda. Tba boOoa U 

KfutaMd arltb mtniita bolea, and hat watar 
M pourad mpon the eoflbe pUeed la It. 
oarrlM thmogfa wltb It the etraagth aad aronia 
wf the eoffee without tlte grunniu. 

S. A ooffba-pot hnTtng provldad iiufa an 

'srM. 'gridab a (Quoc. v.| a «rr. a 


** Oa MefMB ba ««UiB a yrv^' 

V miltt aii < i n .m>i 

(rM'*#-ai,<L [QkIOIUV.] 

*Crid*aX«- lOucac.) 

' grid* (SX *. [A.S- ffni^i^l A boaon, « Up. 
* TU mpga IM t^cu emdw hl« fridt,' 

■cr»d«.*Kn*-«a.r.(.A(. (A.& r^Ad«a.) • 

A. /ntniiuUlrv: 
1. To (^, to weap. 

" tbMKM knww* llHKf to fMaa aMl tuariL' 

3, To cry out, Lo eboBt. 

/vwaanu. fcttd. 

' bH«a> In «» to rppik * 

<a»*irrVW.M n iiir. ^ Mi 

& To cry or call in iimyer. 
•T^anitm imOi m ofu «r«M« to BeA' Agm^m 

B. Traar : To cry or beg for ; to pny to. 

*Crad'-fl. Ik (GniDDu.) 

*fft«d-tx«.a (A form of mW « fprtddk. by 
ehanieeuf llntor] AgrUit«a(q.*-). 

'■nftUX'P***^ (Fr. r^ = pleoam. froBi 
lAl. yrolam, neat. ring, of frocaa x ptaufng.] 

1, Pleaaoi*, nUeftction. foodwflL 

"My mail . . . (worrratoerw-* 

Ckmmnwr: n ian< ir. la 

2. Satlatbedon for an offeuoe or u^uiy di^oe. 
'- Tu tiMfpt k* aad* I* ffnr.* XMttavr J—*. i.«n 

'0M en. "irwco, 'sreetw. 'ktom. 
^ griOB, * sr«ssfl, * crie. - grlze. *. 

[O. t r, /r* ; L-aL. jrMiim - k »t«p ; yntdvJf = 
tnwelk.i iGMAva.] 
i. A eUp. 

"Tte iHd MffhtiMHf vfM tba inm «( Oe «un. 
w^ » la^ •aaHaa.'— J»M . ««r# 17/^ ». CK 

2. A dogtae or nieaeiiiaiiiMit. 
-TbalMlaaaaatonMIWlBHinBd IUrUk,4«lMn 

thiilaitli« nitlw pato » Mit f»»fc^J JwMaM .- 
iMtr ja.. «h HU. 

3. A degnc or atep in oonaawgulnlty. 

" Pt^ ht nwa ha 
Waa MTallke ta Ibe tattalr f««.* 

I, la. ir. M. 

i. A rtap or gradatioa tn an argonaat or 

-tW jneaHMl la MawliMaa ef Ibaaa raMtfaK 

& n*«inbMacB, anpartortty. 

■ lb JaMaa LmJ of DiMflM ttMy tba ffra M,M^ 
Tin ■■ vUb tae KliWM batit.* J fc id aft . lb IL 

5 To bair or via tkt yrm : To carry off the 
priae ; to have tlM vlotufy- 

" Ab4 alk *ba Imt am tau «mi frn lal a^ 
T« iMf liu tilUk. «r >«rriU. mmI *«r» (4* ^M.' 

CrM,r.i.Af. [Fr. ffrter; UUR(1XM 
A* tmtra%ntitt: 
L To agree, to conaetit. 
2L To live In auiity ; to ngree together. 
"'Aad Uwrra }aal aauhbowllk*.' t*i>U«il tba 
OaMf.' WcMrlfy, di xmL 
B. Tram. : Tu rvL-uocilc (lAitii-a at variooce. 

'Croi'-^Uffl, 1. (Oiwi, r] AgreeuwDi. 


*BrMfe.*sr*M, 'cnrM,!. [r.iiB«(2X«.j 

Cn«d« 'trede, «. (Kr»in tb« mAj. ^rmtf 

a.«.) ; cf. I4:«l. prdiUr; Outh. ||mifii#= hunger; 
. H. Oor, [trit.\ 

1. An mg^T flMli-e or longiaf : grcadlneaa ; 
aaperlally ararlor «>r covaUMwaeH. 

* 2. A greeUy fellow. 

n. Bof. (/*(.}: Apopular tuune forthe genua 

* grOOd, r.t. (Oanco, *.] To rovet. 

sraed'l-l*. 'srad-l-Ufllia, -srad-A-ly. 

*gr*d-ll4HM, aJ«. IA.& 9rA,lii//i.-» . Ic<-1 
ffn4lhifitiga.l In a grvedy nianiuir ; vora- 
dooaly, mvmooely, eagerly ; with sagemeaa 
or gTMdinsta. 

"lWbagfwa i» aaTOMi tM>nyttana>i<rt»«toJ Ky 
aTMT aOiTiiirfal aaimtL'—Smuh : ITaaltt VaMMM. 
bk. L «|L kk 

gfod-t-ni—. * gred-l-aeMO. ■ KTe«d-l- 

BAMM, a. [A.S. frMi^ni^t, fnxn trnaUv = 
gnady (q-v.).] llie qoaiity of being greedy ; 
an eager lunging or deaire ; rarenooineaa, 
aridity, growl. 

' TIm 11 1 iwtfa^i at (lorytk aad Um rtnacUNa dvln 
olUmia. —Mrwrndt tfuafwi nmiaa. la lU 

gVMd -j^, • Ci«d-1, • ,sr*d-l«, • sred-y. 

a. [AH arduif, gmij; : 1*01:^1. villi Dut. 
graUff; loaL griiinagr ; o. Sw. iriidt|7. tf'^di'to.' 
Dto. ffraodff ' Qoth. fndfv* ; O. U. Uer. gm- 
lB§; as. fpidofr: Sante. yHdAaa, yruUAta. 
Cmn rrfdft B to be greedy.] 

1. Have a luMm or (ta^n- dmire for ^md or 
drlitk : very hungry : vuracloiM, nvrninui. 
"ha utA vmmXUlU* la Hay ilMuti thla*. uh( loa 
frt^iU U|at> HMata.*— IrMki. ■.Kirli ». 

X. Having an eager or anient dcBlre for aoy- 
ttUng : eager to obtain. 

~llr mim t''**^ <•* vaaJUi aMi hoaoar^ marapl 
klHM'll. iu>4awnB|>Mf ofvUMn'^jraMiitev ffML 
Mug-rfx IL 

5 VerwarlyilweKraUowad byfe-M« 
lo know, frwrfir Jo kllL 
S. Ootatooa, armrlckouB, graapli^ 
"* ■ 

fi!lTi>w, a gli 

-gut, crMdr-ffats, %. A p«a4y 


(A Waat African w«nL| 
Bat. : The oideal tree of Ootna*- AfA**- 
jApUaoi fatmanM. 

Or ei k . OvMkt. a ft a. (Ijirt. Onon^ »«■ 
Or. r^aia^fCnitaa); W Qw.] 

A. ilt 0*0. ; or or paaialMfav to Otmm : 

M, AsaahilamHm: 

I. I4terailv.' 

1. A aaUn or inbabMnnt oTOraaea. 

" Iwllbw hadab «r«aft. Aifart traa toe: 
iCnli MMW be* (bM.' 

■afp rtoK^ j^at. *• t 
1. Tbe U^aoga apokM by Iha liiliiwn 

of Oneea. 

n. rip. .• A knva, • cb«l» n low AeQow. 

IkaM- ■ II III pM 
aat Kb, tAUai f. SK. 

Oraak Chnrofc, a 

AdcaM d Ck. iriA : Tha 1 . 

that of tbe obi Buten Kwiilra. wUcb, prtv 
to tb« Ttarftieh aoDqaist. rad Ita laetiijillla 
at ConatcnUnopla, aa diathigniabad tnm tha 
WaaCen Chiireh, whieb bad Ma rartlrt at 
Roaie ; tba ebondk of tba paopla anaailog tji 
Oi««k knguafaiBtbw than that vflWdiaah 

1. Ck. 0UL : That th« Baatem aad W«l 
Cbttrehea would flnt diBagrw, ood tbca 1 

nla, wia ooMaiad ban tha Bnrt bgr tbaf 

anca In thair mantal eonaUttttkHi. Thrn Oraeba 

wen notable fiir tatOMe luialtertaal 

neu. which thay oaad to Cnana ball nW 
ting fobtletlea of doetrtneL The T 
the eontmry, who had Iba Iwp*'^ ' 
amployad tba new bKh » a tnoaaa «r biMlbt 
nu again a weetd-ambmctaig itoa/lmkm, wm 
ibe*^elsi)id dty" oaMi eapML TW tM 
vmriaaoe Ivtwoea tha Baal Bad Iha Weal ms 
In the oMwitd esBtttry wg p i <lhg tbv Mb* if 
keeping Butcr. Tba dfapMia whitft aao- 
eeeded wei* chiefly aa lo |i«aaaal dtalto. 
Aa long aa Rmne waa tha ui at r opaMg mm» 
emfire. tb* BUhop ol Rom had 111 Iftflilfc 
tbe moat Imponant aaa In Iha Cboiah ; b« 
wban, on Mar ■!• MN Cboabeattna mBOTol 
the ioat of gorarn m ant to Byaoattaia (Ooft- 
atanUnopleX the bldMHi of tb« avw miliitiiiBi 
Ittrame a fomtiiUble rival to bia MdaalaallBl 
brother at Ron& In tba aoeood OOMnl 
Council, that of OonataatinopU, a jx. H, the 
fitibop of CDUtaatlBOpla wu anow«d to iM 
■ext (0 the Blahop of Rome : by tba mtk 
oanoa of the Synod ct Chalcwka), ajn M^ 
bo waa namlttad to anijor an anal iiak. In 
US. J<»bD. PatrlarA oT OoaMwttMfte. oa- 
■nmed tbe tHIe of oeeawdnal ar 9mtmmi 
bbibop, fur wblcb ba waa dawnmoad by I 
Ongory tbe Ofmt. Uepataa t> ibt «i 
oeotiuy about luiaga auiahlp vMonad 
fareaeh, aa dU tha eoaMaaad r«laeUMi by Ibt 
Oraak Choreh of tha wordo Ffttmfm^ mamiUtf 
the proeaaolaa of Iba Holr Obnet fhMa tba 
Hon aa well oa tnm the Fattier. Introdaa^ W 
theaocond OsnnellarConatantlaopbL a^A. m. 
Tbe U«t Oenenl OiHiaeil ta wblnh Iha 
ClmrrbM oT tbe Eaot and the Waat *m i«m4 
WAS tbe fteventb, m StrrmH ComeB a4 Hlea, 
a.D. 790. Tbe bod oonUauad thnat^ Iha 
ninth and oa to Ibi alflvnith otMory. in tba 
thtrtaanth an aflbrt wu nada by Mteteel 
niUeologitj hi prooonte a rwonVm of the twa 
ftvtt churcfaea at the OfKineO of floxBca, 
bat ill waa In nln. Tbay ha*a atmrntaai. 
W|«rate till now. 

S. ruiririHt d duHpUaer Tb* Bible aa n»w 
intarpretaa by Uadltloa !* tbe rsht of Wth. 
Bcganhng tb* Trioitir, the DtetnUir <4 ChoM. 
the Atonameut, and the work «r the tMj 
Spirit, tb* Grack Cborch hold* Che ordhoBy 
fWU of Cbrialaodoai. BoipudlM wbal lo 
lannad the prneaMlaa of Iba Holy ObaaCt Iha 
Bwt bohla Qui bo frooaa^i tnm Iba rutew 
only, vhllf the efainThea of the Taat toltw 
that be <1I<1 aa rrnni tb« Phther aad thoSaa 
(Fifth of the Thtrtj-ntne Arttdaak Vttb w- 
^rd to the de<-n>ee f€ Oal. (he Oraak Maola 
am what wnuM ni>w he ealled atr eagly Ar- 
Wonhfi' of a eapninr or of an la- 


, flU. flu-a. »nil«1at. what. All, fiuliar: wi, wH, han. o«iii^ her. thAro; pioa, pit, hv«, air, 
wirau volt voctt. wbAk bAb; mitmt «Ab^ flara^ 9Bil% our. rAl«» ttXkt tri, ajhrtOB. a^ «» - «• 

Mi, PR. 
«r*A> «d-k«^ 



tprtor kIM H nndara'l to th< Virgin MuT, to 
•kIdU and ansela. Tbt weaUr GJ«Tin' >n 
MOoined bi Di»rry oace. «n4 witb « virgin. 
luim «« In OM. The CatnniuQloo U kiI- 
mblKtered •vea to the Ulty in boUi kiml*. 
Tlw dnotriliv of paritatorj M nnt ■i-<w|>t'-<l. 
DftpUitn la by ImnMnioo, and is fnUowcd liy 
dirttni or •noiDtlng. Th« gorpmitinDt ut 
aQlaco|«L Bsoaptlu the Cuucli of Roiiiv, 
tb» Or«ak Ckuroh i» the iMmt Chrlctun <ir- 
aiiilxkttaa. thoufli It wooltf m only tb» thlnl 
If Um MVnal Protwtuit ChurohM vvr* united 
Iiit4) nni>. lU |in]|ilrjl tiii|v)rtAnM aHam 
m^nly fruii) ttu* Out ihnt th« KiuiMeror nf 
BuMM l« icfptrdwl ui Its Mirtlily tt««<L It i« 
tb« mmt nuiwroiu ChrUtlJui ImmIv In the 
TorUth «inptr«, and lua a pntrfarrb at Con- 
«taiiUtiAp]«. It baa many Mbervata alao In 
tte balnravBtMoaa AoatrUn atsplra. Tb« 
ROHlin ttDMror Nlolkotaa dHl^tM to call It 
** U« arthodoa UUi.'' {UKraobuJLj 

Or»«lt'flr«b •• An InrcodlarT enmp<wl- 
tlna 'iBcd hi llt« oarly timaa by tti# TarUrv, 
and nnarwnrd* tiv the Qrcaka, but llttU uaMi 
tti nxoTB modttiii timoa. 

Or**k-lKmlaBda, m. pi. [CALunn.) 
Or«ek Data. ' pL AmnOalia enmunla. 
Or«ek TmlttlAB. «. 

tUit. : The itcBna Polemnnlom. 

jiafili. L [Stfm. doubtful.] Tbfl gniD. tii» 
taxtve. or particular qnallty of ona aloitf m 
dkttntglahad Trcm aiwilhor. 

"YlMvrttaatoMvaUTtMtlMBdM^ lkn*4UhM«t 
klMfc -I ttmm, tmtM t fcWWk-tiUdh «alMr. oltb • 
■m ffTMt: la^W of nealf hw ■ vulhih Uka tMrbla*- 

P rWntM) - fV MMiit. ^OB.. 



k) A remal)' 

* OrMk-Iall. n. rEn#. fTrart; -OA ] Of or 

p«Ttatntnji to Qr*fOa , TlrMk. 
~ IV»i iJt'-uiJ'uaot ta«r*rraiMin<«9r««ttiAn«niWr 
Wh«n4ti HI* nnfd kMl wH lu>i-raB>«r>< ut*!'." 

*Or*«k-lfan, *. [Kiig- f;r¥«Ji:,- -(jn-j a 

*€hrMlt-lUj|E, ■GTMka-lUf. *. |1In«:. 
iTrwt. awl dlmin. aalf. -Um/.l A lUUf or uit- 
ImportiBt Onsk. 

UDBMMMkM»r'-JwtyMMa Oti W riM. 

Id aRTva } Agnemwit, cunamt 

" AaaaVtwi bT <r— «wt «C all Maujt miIa wLm mu . ' 
i> M*iii» r iiii V *>^. >■>*«. 

tllJM, 'SriOfli, a. 4 a. [AS. p^M, O. a 
frdai ; eom. with t>«it ip^orw ; lc*l. orymn ; 
Dan. A Sir. vrAi; Oar. crrwa; M. H. Oar. 
fTMiu ; O. H. Ow. iTuml : O. Prla. jr^nr -* 
■rean ; Roaa. ailma s gneoDaaa ; Gr, x^Mpof 
(lAJAraa) : Bajno. Aorf m gntti, yaUow.] 

1. LU. : Having a rolonr rwwmbtlng that of 
growtng bartaoe ; of a mlotir ToniiMl by com 
pomrflBf bloe and yMluvr ; variant. 

-Ob tba » p««w buk I mi taA lUtonad Vm * 

(l> VtavteUw. frMh : ruii of iih ud iVur 

IflU ■ powliig phut : at, a fnt% old afa. 
(V) yttm, tnA, fMWDl : aa, a pwa wound. 
"llBivk wt BiuM-* dMth tb» ■wwwy b* «>«>«-- 
■liilMa.j «MW,L 1 

*(» Pnah. nnbaalixl. 

(4) Xot dry ; oraatalnlng tha «p. 
'Oaa c< ^va *tn pram • thrank tx^A, aad. Hk* 

pi«H UBhw; —»>• 0tM % w ^ . : A» fim tM» tt, Ul. \ 

■ (») Not roMlM. I^r raw. 

'W* wt ilMWMt l*fMM wbM Ilk haU rMrtaA.' 

(>) (Tulpa, taioUiirt ; not urlvad at 
■tfturttf : M, gntm frail. 

(I^ InaMtttra la age or judgnant ; li»ftjtiM>- 
rt tucwd, ytnuc. 

- TW tart la old. Uw tfabv too MWK.* 
(S> 8l(ii|iW, raw ; aaally ImiKHwd upn«. 

(9) or a (naalib. pair mUmr ; pale, atckly, 


r to IdoAm frMM anA aala 

(10) Preab, sot aalted : h, fnm ftML 

B. J<mAitaal<M: 

L Ordliuiry LaHfua^ r 

I. Tbe ooloDr of growing barliaga; Ibr 
coloor ur ibfl aolar apedrain batwaon blue 
and yollow; a atKionuArT e(4uur eomiKMNl 
of tli« iirlmarlaa btoa aoq yallow la dltannt 

" n* tkMc f oout OM kMM In f >M l iir #*«•«.* 
DrHm . /Vmmp a Li^, a. 

S. A graaay [Onl or plain : a piacaof gmnod 
a)vrnHr wttb vanlaat herbage : aa, ■ rUlagr 
'* LonU*. WhoUaili Uua aiiwul |>n«n4«r mH aa Uia 
frrrn*.' Mr /WHat*r<4. Mau 

S. Uied elllpUcally fnrgriMincloUiaa. 
"n*r ••» ciutiitifa All* ta ti h wl'' riTM n rf. m. 
*4. (/T): Proah leavaaorbnwibaaorinw, 
ahrnlia, Ae. ; wrtwtbea. 

"11 VM flMlj w f » M |i t afaovw liMrf. bMatUM aitti 
VTMUf. rnrniabod vtlbbMMbMUd «rtUMt*-flM#dM 

5. (n.): Th« ynoQg leavea and at^ma ui 
pUnu of tha cabbage kind, uaad la oookary 
and draaaad tar food. 

I. Paint. : (Irtfn j-lgmfnta an derivad 
chiefly fpiiu tbe mlnnral wnrld, aod owe tbatr 
oitloiu' t>i tha iir«a«uoti of ODji^wr. Amoag thv 
noat vaJuahie to tb« palnlar are taalachlTc ur 
iDonntain graan. tomi tvrfr, Veruncao green. 
nattva eai-bonata of oopiw, oobalt graan. and 
cbnim« grnen. 

i. Bol. : A gecaa of oo]»un. In Ljitln PiridU. 
In wonla i>f Ore«k eonipoaltltin, tM<trth. Tlie 
tyitloal apedes called ilmi'ly grtvit la a c)r«r 
gmn, laaa bright ttwn graaa grvcn ; viiYR4, 
rtnanriu, airidaiua, and PiHd«aara« am ahadna 
or IL Tbt other mfteiM kfi gnaa-groan, ver 
digrla-graan. Mi-frM«. dMr^raen. yallowlab- 
gtaan, and oUta p im u . (/.fiwty.) 

S. Hir. : (Siiion.B, Vcrt). 

^ Obviooa oompooada : Oren-ooofcd, freen- 
garbtd, fitnt-grwing, frmm-ifrvwM, ffntH-wuxn- 

gTMUl-blrd. r. Tlw graenflnah. 

Broon bUshM, *.r'. 

i/.>it. . Tilt' A|>blilK (Piaitl-llMX 

ere«a bone, a 

1. Tbc vl viiianiUH 1ili*nny (JTotrnwi viripani) 

'"thm Vt<r||<BraiM liJvBoy, rnwu ih« niluur nt Um 
b ii fcb i m . Int twtit (nt Um Iimm u| rf<Mi«4w*«.*— 
Bmrrp Ortmar. p. ML 

S. Tbe giiHLih (Moac nl^wif). 

STMm bii«r, a. 

Arf. : A DaoM glvnn in AnwrlM to tiM ganoa 

grata - ovw, «. a &•« Jutt calved. 
Kr»sn-«r»b. a 

7boJ. - L'arriaui aMTiMJL 

gTMOHirop, a A orop oaed Ibr food 
while in a grtyn or growing iiUt« ; in cnntra- 
dUtlnctioQ to gmlu-erop, root-drop, orgraae- 

■TMo dlaU«c«. L 

Via..- (1) ninlUgi-. a nxMy of PyranDe : 
(i) amara^'liu. 

Si sau-drsCOOa *■ 

Bm. : A n'ainu Pnutmttttwt. A plant grow- 
ing )n tba United autea. 

gr«ea-4«rlh, «. 

1. Mif* <t F<^k. : A variety of Glanmnlt^. 
oRcft fliling cavltiaa In amygdaloid and other 
aroptiva nwka. 

X, hiinttnf/ : A pigment, mMutaln grran. 

Bat.: Two tn«a— II) AnxMarte fJnatlutma. 
(S) Jaearwula onUfbita. 

Cre«n-«7ed, o. 

L /.It. : Ibvlag gmo ayM^ 

"ANM-qMrf XMUta* naaa" 

MNtaN.' CW»a»*aritw. 
ft Ftf.: SMing Uilnga dlatortcd or dis- 
flaloaiwd, graan bafng tBa eulonr ■yintMillcal 


- it^ }■■ 

; Jhna>« if Tmii* ul l 
Sulem. : A brlKht-grron fly-Afiracn r^-.i-n. 

groon greoer, i. |GaaBRaaocK«.| 

grown- gr»gbi>k. t. 

VthUK. : Tbe aaiw aa GnvEimMai (q.v.). 

green luuid. i. An tuaiiiflrteawd per- 

aoti ; a onvlre, 

green-headed, a. Of tmioalur* Jndg- 

** Vltb fftuftk-ktrnti-d Icauf^BOL I vwaU a* m'iw t» 

!»«■ tAt^p>l>*— AlUf«B-i /^rtn>'« J^t^TM^ ^ b. 

green Iron-ore, >■ 

Atin.: Xlio •UIII4MU DL'PaaiTa 

greeo lAver, : 

Bot. ; r'loi IcOfaiiiaa, an al^ 

green lMid-er% <■ 

.Uiii. .' rh« uRia ta PTHoinvKPflm (q.v-X 

groon-Unnet, <. (GaUMFim:!!.! 

green UzoLrd. f. 

Xooi.: tMirm rfrbKt— a tnall llxard oc- 
nnrlng In Jatvey. 

green-BWlnohtte. ■. 

it tf\. .Tlir (yiik-aliainjt) iif MaliwtilU'tii.v.i 

green-man. s. a aavage, a wild nutii. 

Ort^n-man orckit : 

6*4. : A*»nu a%Owopa^koi^ 

green-ninrble, ■. 

A'roiM-ciilJtnv: H«rpentlu. 

green-Blneml, ■. 

i^iinl\'\^: AcarlMjuata of oofipcr. used laa 


greon oeler, a. 

Hilt. : A^JiJ ruf>r\\. 

green-room. <i 

I. A nxjui cIow) Ul Lha atage in a theatre, iu 
wtilt'li tb« arton wait iiiiUl tt ta tlint fi-^t ihriu 
t>i g>i on tn tbe iibigB. or diinng tbA IniarvaU 
ut tli«lr parta. CaU«<l trvnx having been 
orlgtoAlly pilbted In groan. 

S. A r<<oin tna warehuiiai' whfmwworgraan 
i-)iilli is r<^i vivi-d fmin thm wra^ Ing fkctur)'. 

Oreen Salt of Magnna, ■. 

rtuw.: Pt(NH»),rU + PtCl* A doubU 
will t>r hlatinouH '-iil.irlilp with platl&ous telra- 
iiiiii*' clilDnda. UUtAincdbyimurlagt bnllhig 
a^Jiiilon or i-lntinoiia <-h|Arlde In hydrMhlottc; 
aeid int« iii'-*'*^ ot aqnt^Mia aninmtiU. ft la 
grvcn cryataliinii i>uwuer, luaoluhlu lu water. 

green-aand. ■. [Uniusraaxo,] 

green - alekneea, 

Cll'-OKOAta (r|.v.), 

" I waa aiauMt ■■>«■ au b« Um 
artwi* - ^amuwr. Ka. Ul 

Tb« aama lu 

green eloke, ■. The aame aa Obikn- 

green-etaU, *. A atait on which grr^ita 
aula otbfT %egeubloa ana ex|>oa«d for aale. 

grWMft-taa, a. a t«a having « grMitiah 
Oolour, doa to tba mode In wblcli tli« Icaraa 
ara traatad In tba procaai of tlrylog. Tbe 
ebiaf varlatlaa of it are Byaan-aklu, Twaokay, 
ByaoB, Tonng BjnMB. uaparlal, aad Oun- 
pdwdar. [Taa.| 

giiMtt-terlrIx; *. 

Enton. : A moth {Tartris vJridandX i.'oui- 
mi>ri III England. 

green-tartle, •■ 

r.tuA. : CAalcHM Midaa. [Cbuosb, TuKn^K.! 

* green-Tltrlol. t. 

1. i'hrm. : Crj'BtJ^hsad forroiu aulpbata, 

1 ATiM. : T1i« aame aa MKLAXTKBrra, CuP- 
ricRKK, and Si'ijniATX ar lann. 

green-weed, >. (OaBSMwiiD.] 

'green, *.'. a r. [A.8. frtfaiaa; O. B. a*T. 
gr iMia aa ; Dut. graanat.) 
Ju /alrwiA.' To bteome or grow gfrcn. 

wtMM» « ftitrndk ta i&pmayqi ■ 

B. rrniu. : To make gnwa. 
1. Abatilutely. 

" Oraal Ic«1b( 1>ahia 
Onwwrf 111 U»> r<M> fk»mmm : Mprtmf. Bt 

Ml. b^: ptfftt, jtfM; eat. 90!!. ohoraa. fhln. 
-tiea, -elea - iMkn: Uem. 

go, iiem; thin, fhla, ain. af ; expeot. l^enophoa. o^lat. ph « f. 
1. ahftti. 'ttAna. -olooa. -^ooa - ahfta. -bl^ -dla. *e. • heL d«L 


■M« utmtm maJW aMMte ta 


■» to K B* onoH 

ftrndk. f f^rnttimaararHnrit, ftn iwiiwarlal 
Mrrt at Iha hfnlly rrln^Ui'1«> Iq th* Bab 

■ llM pvfmtn 

,-ina are fnvnWi" 
, lBb-tiro«ii, Ur*> 

• , %'^. It tar- 

■ hiu. UnffHl 

■Ii-r (iTri n«v, It. Oac*, wha nnl Imxiitlit II 
Ui RnjiUihI I 

NoH. I A •lallriftiia varlatr of |>lutu, fVwKw 
^•iRMfl'n. |u «ktn Rii'1 Inlffy fnilp »» nf • 
gNM to-txiir : It luM « ilollcloii* A'lvixir. 

gfthi' Cr* fir, t (Trttf fffw*!, ami i;roc«r.) 
A nlalli'T i-r iiiM'ii vi'ifiliililf* 

inte bMurl fhMhrt «■ tuuftK «• I^>- 

frwii, Aiitt lUufl.) 
M. .* TIm nun* |[lv«n In I>«m*r«n k> .Var 
I Iwtilni llial(f»l, • ifMi nf lb* liiiiirl i>nl«r, 
wblrli riiTiiNhM iMtd lliitliar, aiitl »|«kla Ik* 
NWlT«g> mIImI lUMrl. m Itnlwwi*. 

* «r*AM he*4, * kt«b* liMl, * ffwi hvd, 
^ irvn heaD, • il'itc orr«n , -A'—t i 

"Am Hur* fM>l|H« »-4 >d fTi«*>l>' -.»#— MW 

a^/iuM, ^ M 
& l^•llr ronlUhnraa, tfnnniiinn 

' tiMlk, •■llMWilifniii>iilo« hiu- 

n«MM«f , r, r.Mm 

au la' iMm, *. l^i«. rw. bixi v<i-n.| a 

•liii|>WWMt . a *ltli ttM«y$ : a raw, liii>a)«hMH-vl 

■nte' IiAm^ k |ibi« r«"t. *n'(<k<'*«.] 

i ■ . , I ■ , , .UK a„.| 

It I. 

aiig ail 

ti.', «lii| lit* li«"r«a«ry v**- 

>»». W»W» f Ilia i ■<■ iBfc* 

«W*«- hMA HLHa 

t. AMwh ' A hniii* ii»<iiUtat*l)p »«nHaal. 
' '-«N« ttklM to «lM 

ra afi» nrrM in iiir kllR. 

M MfMipA IB 

* Ma Ma KMM • (tah «>«-MM ■ 

Onta:-l9B4-ir, a IZbc- 

■«*.] A Mtiva «( OrMKlkbd. 

Vr*te ->«aA4t«. a. [Tma CnmJhU - the 
fiuutrr ;a«S -Ur (Jri«.)<r*>] 
if tia. : Tk* MOM M Counum (^.t.x 

.J-Urnkf^ rBiw,r«n:-iML] DvUtato 

of soy gneaatm at rerdttro. 

-IM^A [BiiS.fnKM;i)tmlB.*aff.-t<t) 
Orm4A. : VlnnoliMK. • rab-teaifljr nf Mu*- 
ctdftfiite <yifi«t B h w ). TMjr ut m mlM 
frosB Invtai; mneli gnea or oUt« to Um ooluun 
of tfaatr plonufR. nnr an noftll AnHfkan 
Urda, wrirlim In the Dnttod 8I*1m from Soalh 
Autrtea uid Um W«at tadiM alioal tto mnnlli 
«r ILi|', and df parting anin bi AiifoaL Some 
of UiuM alBj cweoUf . [ViBao.| 

' gnta: if, adv. tzitf. rnn ; -fir.] 

1. In a greon nianitcr or atat«. 

" Orar k«t ImTt ■•lb. >hwa Isia fmatf r d>*lU ' 

I. TmMj. 

~ HmwWUm fifvU dM B0« tMt ^i*^ bad.' 

^. /Mra«r T /W^ litaMI. t 

X I.llis a noviee of a btmo |t«noi> : fool 

" W« ha«« daa* tat frrwato 

Id bnanr ataaaar to bAv Un. 

a. (A.8. frtnMM,] 

X. Ml. ; Tha niinlltr or atat" M twuiR ^Tf^ti. 
or uf a pv«D oWir ; a grvii co)'>ur. 

" tlM anmmi vHbuHlfnwwM la thoM Moath* i4 

XL npiftiv^f: 
L rnabDeaa. vlicoar. 
" II to Uito kloM thu tar a «kaaflTatff«*a aM 

#*ii»a«M (tt hto •Mntarta"— JbNft ArmMMt n»L ■■■ 
mr. t 

t. N»tnM>aa. 

J. Tha qnalltr or itata of balng tiiiri|M; 

" h maawi. b» wMidatwd at. «n<aM«rliif lb* f» M w 
■MM «< MM jmn.~~Mmrptw Ufr^ n«r«V' 
i, Intmatjurity of JtulgtMOt ; ■ImpU^ty. 
rawnaaa, limpar^RM. 

■rata' - 4«k - St*. «■ C^ahimI an«T ixtnt 

t)r«4>n4M^, aft«rwarda Barl OiUiMit ; aalf. -Ut 

Min.: An twzagoiMl. nMiHy trBnipannt 
mlnanl, »f I'vUow ooltMir, adaaMUtUn* inatrp. 
•ad alnti^ iMllila nAarUon. OnrnpaL : Cdtt 
or C'liKn « mlpltar W« to tt M. aad ead 
miuni n-MtoTT-Tft. Po«b4 laaMy^aVoMal 
ptalMt|ifown In RanAvmMi^ to nnfcaiiila. 
Jkr. ; alao m a tttraaea (vadacC 

n»ta-4-^<». *" fNasMd br I>nft«iioy aflvr 
Mr. a. D, OiT«aot]cH, • (w(*lwat«4 gvolflCM.) 
ttl^ : Maw^wwilaw TlUnlla, a nd a* nrnt- 
taitvnA wMr or Tttanlta, Um kaa pntfaoad 
to tt* BmaaM of a BttW maagiain (fXaMV 
TW ftril ITm, OtL aaUaa It a vartHy of 
ftp lwoa^, vtodi Dmh nakkaa a aab-mMy of 
OrOlMkry Tttaalte. 


AMalfeal*»«ape !«• bvaa » Ika Dmt 

gwMidrff^^iriti, ite «H ««tvijtm 

vUat Ifta altec wfaiidi tofaaM to to* aaB«r 
««■(£• kaito pv» 

> i— iWaa,t— j i i 

t^ If Mfca of >— % fi. or tta 

■r. fcHaa lai i » n i imm ■!*■■ •gg^ 

■■a W'^t BaMay 

itfcanBmytotop at IMtHa, I 
arGkMtoU«^Badaaa^M•Ih ' 
•ftotaa that to* aa-eaOaC Cvnar 
hMi vMehlkMatiHUaeaBa,ton 
(Qwr. /aw. G»f. ftt, ix«1IL SfT, XzlX. M6b 
oxi. m nsHL 4S>. 437. Mu. ksxJt. TK. tl7, 
zxxv. », sn, ZKzvtt. 970.1 

K. Tto iMRfr Orandaarf: A Mtoa of to«i 
naatiaattaKUM L»««rCnlaeaotHBMfea,M< 
the lowMt BeiDbtf of tha Cratoaaoaa I 
It ii oaUid on tha wTI — i t XMeM^H. a 
aam adefitad by hjtlt to hto ; 

to qr Cto4an, h* eoMtoaftoc tta *■« 
cremiuid i«callariy InvpUeatJa^ aa to tW 
di4tn<.-twbfrwtkc«« atntoa aran ttiatah 
M.ntl r>r a ([rc^^o colour waa tha tWt^pUom to 

atoad of the niir. rNDOomuAii.1 Dr. Finaa 
flaamantai aa foaalla to laftotta hada, I>aa4fla 
alMMla, Ptraa Jf aiJrtl. th* gatMn 8avUUa, 
Amnooltaa, *c (Qaflr. Jlntr. Oiri Aa^. OL, 
Plata IL) 

. ■. {BiC. rraaw, and ifc— 1 | 

OraftA.: rotoaM<f*Mtf«:aau)dplptr, of tha 
fiuully Scolopaofala, ftmiHl In Dnulu. 

(Bog. graamt aad mN | 
ZM>f. : The popular Bano of i 
OiIutMu- Id the UaitMl SUtoa. 

STMB-Miok, ■- (Eac. r*^ «>d ^*^i (Bm 

Uk (-Tifn)<uun<l.) 

sreauBtlck-fraotara, ( 

Surg. : TLii ttina w uacd whaa a 
partially lirrdiva or enukad. TUa 
ncciin In tb« banding of boa* to y 
drvQ, wbcr« tb« fracinia la ttoqaantty 
pWu or partial, Btu|>ly axiwidlag ae 
coBvaxlty of Uie oorra tnada by Iht 
ttutcad of tha fareaktof of Um btMMk 

(reen >tDii«,a ha. (bg. gram, and itaae.] 

A. At ntilntUtm: 

1. I^rvfofy: 

* (1) FvrmtHg: A graaalv rack «M«hitot 
nf hombleiKl* and tmi<«ff^rUy eryalalllaad tv- 
■par, Ibe r«ta|«r boinc mora abundant thaa I* 
bauilt. and th* gnJaa or eryatala of tbt t«e 
miiirmla imire nlatlnet froui *a«h athr. H 
*M rallrd alao Dnl^rlla. Sir ChartH Ly«ll 
aliM incliidM ondv r Um tarn gn*M(aaa ttoaa 
rocka IB wlUeb antfta •«• an I iHtotol Ut 
banitlaikd*, tha *'daloi1l«'*flr i 
and ikoaa In wkkh alUtt rtptoead 
falaiiar. Thla waa •oawtimaa tmaad AadtoMa. 

■ •(J 

la tata Hat at I 

TlM Mataadtetto. vWekliM 

aaaanitolly eryatallto* graavlar adaUMtoia af 
trteUate fclsnar aad horaktoada. Baltoy Jjca- 
poaaa a partial ratnra to tha MfOcr ripilM^ 
Uo*. and waold mm tftmabamt aa aa aaMg*- 
OM aad iiiiwptihMiti tm wfbl to toU 
gaoJucy. tau BMaia<ri of I 
■u4to tto oiK eavpa 
raek^ cHhCT daSMapoaad < 

CMa of anto lllMliiialfiii Ik la Hi mv 
M to to tha a^BWalwt af tiliiWi (».*A 
i. Oml : OnaaalflM* la a Tataaaic i«ak. ••• 
eon^ to dyka*. tabakr ■*•■*, *e. 

, tofcil. AU. BklftATi w< wdt. h«ra auMl. fe«r. «^*r«: piaa^ iMk> An^ air* maria*; m% bH 
tftt »AMbMhb««r^«Bl*^ air. rite. fftU;tt7.fitriM. «.«-•; «r-*- «a-k«. 

greenfiwar d— grenade 


B. At a4}.: ContainlDg man or Ian of 
gnvofttona, or akin to tt lu coiupwlUan or 
•Umt ehumcUn. 

fttnL d iltU. : KnipUve loolu, tmftUr eon- 
ilfltinc of K nora or Vm feliptthle Imm, In 
wtitoli Uri* rmtsU oT pltgrocUM fclaptr, 
wlthodMts of ltnnil>I«n<le lod ralcM, ire iiu- 
bwlclad «> «• |o itive th«in ft more nr !»«■ 
MrlklDSljr pofi'liyntic dianu-ter. Tlivjr tre 
fMmtl fa IlaiigKrir. ((jpwir. /pur, (hoi. Soc, 

Kr»w t oBi tnfl^ ». yJ. 

/WrtiJ. A (;«^ : Tufh mmocIaIwI wILli crwit- 
■tont. RaU«/ pfataM thatn tn Iha iIIbIwm- 
fii-Hip of fT)»ulliM BTiipUvt mckt. 

■rviu-swArd, f. Tarf eovera^) with gnun. 

ir>«Jw*grrf - JbtwnMat, bk. Tit. 
miattUA (Famudon thcanftlofcjrortaariurii, 
Ar.) OrrciiiMM ; Ihf qiuUty o( b*ln| grvrn. 

/M : Two spMlM of GcnlaU, O, ttneioria 

■nia -wSfh«. c tKn$> rmn, <ui<l v(ia«. | 

Hot : An orrlilH, rrni(l/<» c'n rtrulnftt. 

|rMa-WO9d,'gr*«B«-WO0d,>.*<t. |Rng 
rmn, ttKl vond. | 
A. Jt mManritv.' 

L A wood In MimiiWT wbm Ui« t<«M, &c., 

1 Wond wlilek Itti b»wiM gnai ta tint 
maAmr tb* lafliMnM of Ihi floiifni PariJL 
n. M.: ThtnnwMOBnmnK& 
■;, ^a^. .' Pcrlainlng toacnrawuod. 
- la Uw bMwa •ka«« tmd grimmmd fwwl liNt,* 
n«MM ' Cult* »f/nlil«iiiw; IL IT 

*Xr«fin'-y,a. lEnc.«r»n; -f.] OfagrevnUli 
or MinMWkBl gnMt tlot; lnalln«d to 4 gn-cn 

gr»en -y^rtf, i. (Eng. irran. vxl •""'-1 A 

[» tiri'l ; All inclnanra In which mtny rmtUt am 

* STMf . ffrcfo. •■ (Gua(2X«*) 

Sre«-«llO<IIU •- [ORiunorii.I 

greet at. *gr«t«. *cr«t~«B, *gr«t-ya, 

vX * i. [JL&. pruBK * to Bppruacii, tn «<1 
draa; eotca. with I>nl. ffnv<«K ; O. U. Cirr. 
pvAMM ; M. H. 0«r. ^tummi ; O. PrU. j^rito : 

A. FfMiMM.* 

L Tn addnai at owcUtiit wltb ulubitlniii 
nr tfpnMloiw of kind wliheft : to B4tiit« 
fclodly ; to pajr ncpactt to ; to halt 

"n« •!««(« «i> CkMapil Iv B aitiUfaMl* *hl'h 
mnmu* hu« «lib |mM iTTl i ar-l l iiM " r f-i frr 
mm. AM-<k.iT. 

L To iD«»t, to walconc : an, Tha crlra 
■bteb pittaJ bi* Mia. 

* 3, Tb eoligiatnlato, to folieilata. 

Wi>i^ .' CjnMMlN*. V. I. 

* I. To addnw tn aof war. 

aiaiw^ i*M>ry r.. lU. ft. 

* &. Tn look apoa or Tvf^ klmlly. 

**A BMnl«rav4UM««rMr^vr >•"»** 

Mai WW- ' ArtofanM, *. 4. 

* 6. To a»Mi aa oaa who goat lo offer c<>n- 


Aa4iMP ' <«■'. «. I. 
"7> To SMlfa o< beatow with praiaoa or 

- Ana thaOw alM «MB In «PM alfbt 
n>rn (ImumU. late Um (W-OMK. ImII, 
Taara^hla n«>aai«n*o v*«n knuai* 

i»— »w r.e..T. 
■L falroiM. : To ra«et and aaltite. 

~nM« «nMt IN^ MiMM* M Ik* 4Hd u* WMit- 

ff}b 'sratt. *cr«et«, 'gret* m. 
'■iwtaB CfX •gretara (2x 'gnyt, ri. 

l£& fr«iBa. rrttoift : cc«n. wltb loaL rnU<> . 
Dsa. frab: 9w. grita; Ooth. gntrnt^ all- 
tewMpi] tto waap, to cry. 

"pi j ^iMt^fH^ara. 
Tbal paa na VMM larf ffoaa 

* greet, ■ greete, «. & a. (Oiun- (sx v-} 

A. Ai t»hxi. : Wdcping. 

B. AmAi- : MnamfuL 

" Uwekol In A path* of mr I 

Hry, bo 1 gnr l» ff»»*** 
igniter : ItifptaarA t>»fpi rf »r j 4 NfMtf . 

greet" -era).* [Eng. prw* (ly, v, ; -tfr.! Onr 
wfaii trecLi or ulutes atiolbsr. 

greet ~ir li), : (Ens. inwf (fX r. ; -rr.] Une 
who chea or weep*. 

greef-IAg, pr. par., a., k $. [(jxncT(l), P.I 
A. A B« <4' pr par, Jt jiarticip. o^f. : (8w 
tJH) ir«rl>) 

Oi ^' ■"'•f. : Th'ract of Mlattn|or weleoni' 
tns ; a ulatatlon ; x wetoome. 

" Wkat IkMrtil fftt n m f thiM varfaia WMttbaa will 

* greere, i. (Gairvi. t.] 

' greeee, *. pt lOawtdX*.) 

' gXit -ti~6r, r. (».. frmi Ixiw lAt. mfbriw, 
gtvtfaritu. grifantit.ttotn Ijit- ffmpktH* a a 
•tjlc for writing ; Or. ypa^ u'^^'^) = ^ 
write] (ORArrcR, GmAtT.) A trciatrar; • 
clerk ; a notary. 

" TiM t>Hk* «( OttAftt. XanalMr lb* rruia*. imt th» 
eqnnViUwdaBte dHIm Mmi to ta« er^Htr or tteh. ' 

* gve'-nl* A- II'L irninib, rrom gra (irmiL 
l7r(irl>T=a Bock: ItaL ffrffBtt.] Of or prr- 
ulning to a flock ; like a flock or herd. 

'firttiUgnt^ ooalmnttr tban ta a eMMs >od ■■■ 
•tPUML ■ ~ ir. s «ain) .VtfMT 'Vita, ah. tU. 

* grS-gmr'-I-^n. a. [LaL frmrtuM a Iip- 

Tm<aiitg to a floolt ; ^m (grniL ;tt^«) = ii 
Bock.} 0[ or partalDlng to a flock or benl . 
gnsaHnaa ; li«ralng togvtlier : ramtnon. 

v«Ua*sMtaUMt.*-«M«M, if llUtai. L 

* gri-giir'-i-#B-lfm, •. (Eng. gnoarian: 
■Ufa.) Tlia mMi (if fliioklRg ur Mnllng to- 
gpLhar ; gragarii manaai . 

"nu tvadMUn ta mrmmrlmii^m U Pioabva latttw 
vuaitmt,~~TrmCk. Oct. ul, IHL 

grdg*%r-i''Bg. ■. (Lai. grti/arlut > iif nr t)« 
|nr)^iig to a flock, fntm j/rrx « a flock ; ■<> 
namM bncatiM ouiabera of imllvliluaU art 
fbund togdlhvr] 

7'jtW ' Tli^ lyplntl genua of Ui3 cUm Orvg 
ihniiln (q.r). 

grig fX ine. *- IGbkcakika-I 

Zool. : A gftjorioA, or at Icaat oim of th«' 
GiTgarinf'la. filnnta orgaalaiua of lliia clui- 
rmctor wprtf fouml in Uia chl^fnona of Iniport^l 
hair oau ftuliiciiable among LuJiaa. 

grig-fr^i-al-da, grJSg-Ar-^-BA, ■. IMnti. 

lAi. irrrgurtna, uuT LdL Uitut. [it. luti. aug, 

ZnoL .- Th« loweat of tJw cldit olaaaea Into 
which Profeaainr Uuxley dlvldeaCuvkraaub- 
kliigdom Radtata. Ele piMM Uwm In the 
suli-ktpgdotn Pnttona. tIw apectea are all 
tnicroaeoftic, and ootulit of a not vrr) wMI 
cieflard nembrao^ mora or leu without atruc- 
tnre, except that ft cuntaina a aofl Kinl-fluttI 
sahataooa, haTlng In thi* niMdU, or at oae 
end of It, a delicate veaicle, iiiaida of which U 
a uort •olid iairt(cl«. Hach a ttnictnn nealU 
that of an ovnin. tba ouloi mcmbnuio of tha 
OrvgariDida recwUtig the vttdlitie BMnbraoe 
of an onm, the aetnl-Bttld eootrata Ita jrolk, 
the rariiila ita garmlnal Tsatcle, and the mom 
aoUd partloto Ita germinal apol Tbarc U bo 
dlrlalon of the body lolo parta. No uoatb or 
digestive apparattu bu btm trao«d : there 
li, howe^-e^, an expansion and oontraetton or 
the anlmaL Tbe unrjQtrinida are found para- 
altio within the bndka of anlnala. apeciallr 
the larvK of Inaecta, ia anneUda. eruMacaana. 
nioUuaoa, ke.. and even In Tertahntad anlnala. 
They are apacially aLoadant In the allnastarr 
canal of IJm oummoa oockroadi. la aarlh- 
wonna, ke. Varinui gensra an KBown, and 
tbe ijHfidaa are nniiMToua. 

grS • gir' - 1 - Ofta, a. [Ut. fm^Hu^ ft«n 
artx (genlu gnfu) = a floek.) FlocMog or 
bcrdlng together : llriRg or going In Boefca or 
heida ; not living aoliuniy. 

"Of wiM Aivl. Ukmi wkUli an iba mhI aMfHl ty 
aol Mmtfr — aUix bleito, tmt am MMmanlr fr» 
fae t —a grew ' caMMfatft* Jlavra, bk.UL.ak-U. 

grit giil'- l e ft a l y, ade. [Eng, rrMOptota; 
■i^) In a greganooa raanaer; in Oocki or 

grft-giir'-l-otiB BJea, i fBng. trtfarima; 

■lutt,] Tlt«qujitli>'orfttataor being gregarlaoa ; 
tlio tiabit or lltliitt ur (fulng tn docka or herda; 
a diflp-iftitlon to OMocwtet 

'gr6g^-y. 0. ILaL grrtfurfw.] OnUnaiT. 
c^iDKKvp, grvgshoua. 

gr4g'-g6e, gre' go. giie-go. ■. rPorl 

fTfgo: \\»\ ^rti-tT ; 8p, ^f•^r(^l ^ Greek.) A 
■ tiurt Jxi'kvt iir i-1<<ak, oiUi a h"wl atLK-heal, 
mado of thick cmrv •lotli, auA worn by the 
Ureekfl and othen in the tyrant. 

" Tha tlwM 1a4U«, wiih ilMir pfMix, or aUbl mat- 

coat*, with ko«d«.'' - JVntrratf ' Mr. JfMtM^fMa 

&My. eb. xta. 

Or^gdr'-I-^ll, a. (Ltiw Lat. Oftveriaaw, 
frant Or^^ria*; Or. P/nfyip^^ (Onfftnui m 
Otegory, trttm Or. f^irrop«w itfrifortS} = to be 

Ktirt) - to awukf; It«l. ft 611. Oft^tirUmo: 
. Orfporim.) FeiUinIng to. utabliebed or 
nrodudnd by anj one bcArlug the naue of 

QrogorloA OAloadar. a. [Caucxiiai^ 

II. 3-1 

OregorUn ebODt, i. 

Nuti< : (PlJLlM-SOMO). 

OregorUii teleaoepe, jl Tbe flnt and 

most onltnar> furm of rellerUng ttleacupe, In- 
rented by Jamae Gregory, Profeaaor «if Hathe- 

miitloiBtBt. Aiidre»B,ai)d afterwards In Edln- 
biirgli. ait'l dexcrjhisil liv him IM&. The image 
la rifWiNi thmiitilt an eyt' pln-R in the aperture 
(if tlir it)iji-(-|-»|>i-oulnin. (Trt.nwof B.I 

Gr4g'>or-j^. >> (Named after Dr. Gregory, 

who flrat cum pounded iLl 

Oregmr^powOer* ■■ A HUno rlren 
tt> PvlvU RAei t'owipotitiu, oombOiiDd rbtinarh 
powder. It ootiaieta of powdered ritolttfb. 
two oanoea; light earbouta oT megncaia, 
alx euBoaa ; and powdered ginger, one ounew. 

greif'-^B, «. (Q«r. > tognap, tc layholdof, 

tt> teise. I 

PfJnl. 4f (Ittt. : A graDiiUr, cryatalllneroek, 
poQ>iatlng of qiuirli und mica, the former pn. 
donUiiatlng, the latt«r uiuall) of tlte varietf 
contaliilag lithia. If orthoelaae be enuar- 
ad'teil. tbe rock beporoM gnulte, {Ruary: 

gralk, r.C I0nsEr(2Xe.) 
" grAta. >.f. [GutTO. r.} 
grelth, «. (GRAnn. «.] 

* gre -m^t, ■- [OaEioicMT.] 

gre -oU-^ '). * >. lEwlea. L^L frvailair, 
thMu Lat. iirnnli'M = tnn boatim.) 

* A. if! odj. : Of or pe rtainiag tti Iha Up or 

B. Ai tiAatanttrm ! 

* 1. Onl. ioHti. ; A boaoni friend. 
"nmniupt tbaae limlawk tav awa g f rnti W — 


8. Eedm. : An actanpal oraaaienl for tlie 
hnaat, lap. and ■unalden, orlglnaDy a towel 
of fine Uiu-'D. uMd In ordlnatfcw to protect ti>e 
aaored Yutrntata fn>m any drope uf undlou 
that mljibt fall lu lli« aet of aootntlng the ran- 
dldaicalor the nrle«th<vNl. In laUr tiinia it 
waa nade otatlL or damaak to match the eiMa* 
eopal vastmenta. 

* S. Vnir. T One who raaklea In the boaom 
of tbi Unlvenlty. 

"VkkblbafveffaereaiMlttianMaf tba §fm a tah 
iwr vail kaaa.'-Mnrfa •' CVwaMMe, U. 0. » a. 

* gnt Ml-tHi v.(. * i. [A.H. gmatoa ; loaL 
gmOo.] IOramlI 

A. TVaiM. : Tt'nnnoy, to griavei. 
"MaM an ... la at w i iw wal aaara'—* itar- 

Bs IntroMa. ; To grieve. 

** Ike ffaaUat ^ Ofla* yr«a«( UmtmI * 

* gTMltlW. ■ (loel. griaiwU,] [aiu»im.| 
Annoyance, anger, grkf. 

*• Tke frvaaAa ol tba ciiai MkB tfad la bb ban. ' 


gyJ^BA'^ta. * grt^A'-^A, a. [Fr. grmnit. 
fromS&grawvlBB ajwBagneftte, a grenade; 
gnnHulo s: fbU of laada, mm Uu. rnanonu. 
homjrranim s aaaad, agfsln; Ita). ffrawata.J 
A hollow ball or aball of n«fcal or of anoaaled 
glBM, Rllad with powder and ftred by a Itaae. 


Mb. btf^: p^ilt, i^irt: eM. feU. ehoroe, fkla. beaoli; go, tern: this, fhU; alii. «f j expeot. Venephon. e^Ut. -lAg. 
-ties. -sloB-iltBa; -(Ion, -Hob - shfin. -ttona. -trietu. -etou - MAb^ -Vim, •4lgb ^ml > bvt d«L 


grenadier— gridiron 

After lh« fliM b Uithted th« Ull hi thrown 
MBOU tlw uitiiij, wheu II bunU uid aaasw 
IpMtu^wr or loM. 

" Vbul«>tnB«i liari taM Imn*! lUvn by til* nofftM* 

^ (1) Hati-firvnad* : A MnJl fr«f»d«. luu- 
Ally ftbtHit Ik Mchw in (lltMetar, InUDilod tu 
be thrown by hjuul loto tnsvbM ur mpa, or 
npon twaifvu* MaUns • braMb. 

*(1) Jtoyi* $nmuU: A gnaada at rvioua 
wtmm ximA tot nlUag ov« Uw p«t«pet in « 

gr<« t ftif, s. [Fr., firom irrtfio<t< = * 

JVUl/. : Onglnatly a toot t^lditnr utuvd with 
gmwdfa. Tlw KTvrwilU'n wfiv nim of li>n)t 
wriric* KUd Kii|nt>vFil aiiunip% mhI mil) a fuw 
■«re alta>-lMa1 lu «*ch n-i^liiir-nt. XtX^rvrnniM 
trtry ravmietil hwl one nM>(]Nluy uf gnstiB- 
dlcn, Aiid they r*fUliHMl tJi*tr nwitM ari*ii 
aftw Uw disHM if grtiwclM, mmI wer« dbtln- 
■utatMl by » jATtlrobt- dtri*, m in Kogluwl 
by Utm bll bennkln tip. Th« UU« now o4Jly 
nwnitw lu oiir rr^iiiirnt of ibo British nnny- 
TU,, ttaa Oreiuuller UiuniM. 

lbn« tkvU- rnuilM '— JVnnMtav .- MiL A* . ck. kvt. 

grin » *n -to, sr%-all'-U, •. [sp- (TX] 

Am. ; A wirfnrt wood frvmi tlt« WmI Itidiiw. 
Xtreaeoiblvi Um oominvn mixw, lutritiK, bow-. 
•T«r. nl flnt ■ UglttJBr culotir Umu fl. thnugb 
beoomln^ d«rk«r on int|>a*tir«. t^atlMl auu 
OmudA ooeo* or eouiu, aim! Rsd Ebony. 

V4a -^-diB** ■■ IFr] 

FnhrK : A thin, ganiy allk MrwiMiDeD Cibrio, 
used for Id'llea dnwMia, vhawla, Ac 

'grina do, ■. iQiti!t\i>i.i 

*eHbl-^i. IPr.l AgviMt(q.r.). 

"irfj HiMi laJ nf iiihtiiBifriii' 

jHMirfnur*. p na 

|Mf-Bftt'-I-A>nn. «■ (Bug. fnHotHU). and 
/irm.1 D«lag in tbaflDrm oTgraitauu ((i.t.). 

■vte'^^-dta^ grttm'-^^ito, *. lUt. tmiita- 

litw s a pcimoifmialA frtinHM 3 n gnrn.aiid 
■Uf (irtn.) <q.T. > ; Fr trmU. Naniad frou lU 
Mtm. : The auw aa ttrAuaouT* (q r.). 

*sr«Be heda. «■ [OnrrMB^mul 

grdn^-d-nu, traiilr-A-ut*, ■- [Frcnn 
OimoaeatMnt. Lo Dalooanla, Bwetleii : iiifr -Ut 
Mim. : A dark graan varlaty of Pyroclilorib!. 


0). '- [Obawi.1 

(3). a jrf. (Onu m. ■.] 

(II, c A f , [OSRAaa, ■. Jk a.) 

{%. M. ft. (Onu (!a ft) 


bop. 'graft-boppe. *cra« aop, >■ 

srm-soin. *. (GAasi*ii.| 

t p^ift-MT -1-^ a. (Mud. IM. yrwoHtn. 
Trotu Lat. pwna - a alapplDC.) 

OraUA : Adapted for almMM or fcr w«lh- 
tog. Uaad of blrda vUeh oavaTluw bwa U»- 
aritil, two or tht« oaanactMt, and ooa bahXnd. 

* Cr«t, * cr«fee. a. (Obsat.i 

*ffret»-l7t 'Kret-ty. >u/t-. (OBMrt.r.| 

*Cr«Ct«k j>rt4. o^r. [UaccT.J 
gnat; a. lOntT.) 

, r I. A 1. (Om>t« 

, «. laaora.) 

p<. [GKKAVnL) 

Vrtt-Tfl-U-^a. (Nuuwl aftar C. F. OrvTilla, 
a pMnio of botany.) 

Atf. : na ^ploai fMnta of Uh prut^uientui 
taaOy QnTflUda ta.v.) It eooalala of hand- 
team AnattalUn i>iantA. mon titan Aft* of 
whMl h»T« baan IntnKiuoad Ulo BriUah 

LaL Cain.iiL^J.1 

- IHod. Lat. tmUHmiU and 

a>t. : A family of PruteaoMa, aah-otrdar Fbl- 

Crow (flW u h\ prrt. of y. [Unow. ) 

f^row («W <u 6). IeHm. r.i. IDul. gnwwfi*: 
Oi-f-, ^rau^n ; Dull, t^m* = tu abtiddtr ; trutu 
p^iashunvr.] IGafiafiuiK.] TU aUnddir, 
to tMl borntr, toalilrer. 

" I AhivtM l-uk *t Umt-I iM*ar «•■ Umm b«( Uwv 
^i ua vTMK.'— AMfi ' «^ Abf, «k. \x\U. 

graw («W u A), >. llcvL jrvy « a duB.] A 
gntjr bound <(i.v.>. 

" I hftx •!> lanlan ti h^Ni^ turtrjr Ivd nn(i>l« u( 
■tow-boDilh ar* I' I—, and > «lw«> viUwr d«^"— 
SbdU Vmf JltiHM*rfg, ck. Mill. 

'crew, 'sreu. 'sro* a. a «. frna.l 

"TTil* »riH«B In #-*ifc'-JI/M»A» ak , f, H. 

amW'i-i^ (aw u iV >. ISunad an«r Nab*- 
utlibiirnw. M.D., F R.a.aralnbnitedKBgUah 
Itbyaioloitut, who died iu 17L1.J 

Bot. : Tba tyiilcal genua of OrawlAa, aoptla 
6, peLala& ; •lajn«nauuiuorotu;styla.l;aUcnH 
4-labed, dmpo with one tu four uuall oal*, 
oae or two-aevded. Abitia elfbtjr spadaa an 
knuwn. They ooear iu Ibe wanurr ngiona 
vt the Old World. t!mria mtpiOa and 0. mna- 
ttea have plaanaiit acid iMTTiM. uaad lar making 
Hherliet. The wntid of G, ataatUa, fwllad in 
IniliK tllianinoo. iw «ln<iig atxl «lMtlc : It la 
uaed fur bti«rt, liu> aliafu of earnaifM, Ao. 

graw'-I'dia <«waii ft), 1. rM<>d. l^C grvwla; 
and LaU fotii, |4. wlj. aulT, -iilur.) 

Bt^. : A Uuiily of |>lauta, order TUiacMT, 
tribe Tllt^. 

gnw-aAmt (aw 6), a. [OHaw, vj Bor. 

nblr. grui-«)<iiic. 

"AiKl tic arwwM« wWw, IWI atm (bcntM bi 

* crawt, * K>vut, a. lilftiT.] 

•ir«wt«,r.i. [GbkkT.J 

gray, a. A «. (Obay.! 

^ CoRipounda not Inaartad bart will be 

li>und uii'lcT UraT. 

grey-fkdooii, a 

Omitk, : A nainc for tba Percgrirte Faleos 
{Falea ptnifriiMis). (Fauxm, PzkuotiHtiL] 

gray-watbar. *. 

Pftici.: A toiiilOnr or aUtflof aill<:«oua aand- 
atono. Sotu« (if th« ao-oallcd DrokUo atandlng 
atouM ara grey-wctheia. 

" rnM UMlr lM« (OEpann la Hh ateowbw* tfeif 
■n MKiftal vS wloM IMaaa «feMM Um* 

evMlKMn a darUiti fcaa^ aoMiSfdMar << Ibi *«^ 
fal« nutur ; wbaMiL and tiMB IM diWiMilawni w 
Uwlr r>«nl>lLw •! • 4totaM* • Attaa aC tlMM, Omr 
bmr* noalfnl IDs wuna or Bi a t i ia a i - '-J. JHMm 
A«a«rlM ./ (.'■v'anif # trnta. x* TtL 

grey hoiittd. * gral-bond. ' grai hotuniL 
*grny-bnad,'srea hand,' gra-honnd, 
* gro howndo. ' srel bonnd* * gray- 
bovmd, * gTfiw bounda, *- {leeZfrtg- 

Au/otr, {mil yr'y ^ a il'>e'. >I)<1 Auadr *a 

i^DDl., <C«. : A variety of the Tonlj^aUl^aris 
or Commoa J>og, charmctehjed by IU ataiHlar 
aiwt aymioathe ronn, ita ttraagih, lla kaen 
al^it, sad Ita awtf tn aa a . A do^ anparaatly 
orthiB tyoa, ta Agund en tba Bgyiitain muna- 
Toenta. ft ta uafl In tlm pb»f!. and doBMatl- 
atiun baa l«d tu IU »cpartli--u into ranoua 
brwla. M Uie IHiOi, th« lllgliland. and lht> 
Ai^ian Oivyhoauda. An old rbyiuo dt^acrtba* 
tba ctiaractan dacnwd tba beat : 

,__ _M > Mkka. atdLT^ lUu • daka, 

FatUd lik« k on*. i>Fl*<l Ulu M mtu. 
■jjwl Ufca k bniu*. Md «hrMU Ulw a bwM.' 

Tonatt auggcau that tli« greyhound majr be 
klMiUial wttb thaaanliound uf old Ku^IImIi 
«>rit«rm. Againat tbia view uitut b« act tlic 
Ca<4. that TIcJuU diaUnguiAbra tbRio. 

KwBlEaalaMKilMaMakalka 4>AMaaawr 
Btw ••«v Mffv* tba araaaMM*^* alivlik aualAirih 

fb han tMWMUna bSw aliT Ma«.^^ 

/Vt^MMrf 4ra nam •■ git^tll^ 

grar'-lMMrd, <. A a. [OiuYiaAJui.) 

gray lata. a. lOuriaa-l 

Grayf, >. pL IGrct. a.| 

ifii. : A raiment of caralrr In Ibe British 
anav, otiglaally booiiiab. am! *i> raiietl tn>iu 
tba honaa being all of a ipaj oolour. Tbey 
are alao called the Svol* Grays. 

gray rtona, grAy'-at^ma, «. A a. CEntc- 

frop or frtf , and mnu; Oar. grmnahli {■'■r- 


A* jt* mbatenAiv ; 

i^fn>l. : A roK'vnlo laad-gny or gi»— b b 
rock, ouoiixMMd of Sabpar ami Bogtta, Um M- 
apar baini oiore tbau aev«ity.ava fm eaat. 
(Scnpcl llnntaM bnia un Intnnaaitagi m 
conpodlloo D««WMa bualUc an4 tMCtbytir 
braa. [f.^til-i 

Wdc^-lUi,*. t»*r. graaaaalw j 


L I'ttnL: Tba oom gina bf 

iiiiiMn 10 a jwrtj0Dkr uul tt tm 
uaually an aggnffita at aoull ttt^mm^ «« 
ooartt. Biuty uala, or Ljrdian atuoe and r|ai 
uale canientMl by a igfllaoeona mmUm. (/f^B.) 
t. GmiL : Tbe older pateoaute atnln, Aa. 
bowcTer, nx-lu cif the |ietrcilov*mI a^art 
OalM Oranwackr nn-iir in the OM B<d bnd- 
stone, lu Uie mlllatoDa cnt ol Pailiimlfhn— 
ag«. in the Cretaoeoua Roeka. aud la IA» 
Buoaiia, tba lann la net a onod n»t ta db- 
UngiilHb any dncla gmklgical Dtriud ; U bi^ 
thnnnfore. basn ai cban gad far Slinnan <q.*.>. 

gray-wi*(b-4ri a. laaar-aramaa.] 

^A-^a,*. [FtoB Or. TfpAm (gfa<) s to ffwa. 


Alt. : A ganoa of Uairlngtonlacaat (Mm 
mtttijton la tba Anchovy I'mr (q.v.). 

grib -bl«. >. (Ctym. doabtflU ) 

Zijoj .- Limjioria (antraaii, an laopod eraal» 
reiau, McUonCymoCbuada. Itlaahon tw«ibB» 
in li-ntclli ; ti rulla itaelf Dp lite a wiwdloaBt ; 
it inUablla the aeu of SarofM ; It I'Wti tba 
tttiiUr of abi|w, to wtdcb 11 ia moatdMtnMaf*. 

•grijao).!. raBcs(3),<L| 

gri9a(ft, 'grl^ *gTlM, 'giTM* '«»y* 

'gryao,!. tli'd-ffru); Clw.ffru;«ai.l 
I, A yuungor ancking-iiig. 
-iM •■■ kvtha kMiiB a* ■»««•«» art 4 «■ 
ffrint*-«Mf . aa a«, a. ui«. 

i. A young badgar. 

" 1 ■■ * Iwd at <>lb«r fMn r ttil* to* 
■M«0|bboa*Jii>c«E. lb* (iM^frlaa •<•■■«• 
Twa tf at* imaiai. and Ibb tvM jv-' 

am Jamam . n» ^td Ai*a*pC U. t 

grld^Ua. gird -dla^ *gr«a-«], 'nbA-O, 

gndHila, *. [W«I. prtrfyO, gndWL gm- 
(Uii — u guiidle, from grvMio w to Moren: Jr. 
orpldao/, (TfaUcU, fh»i fnadmim = lo |Hava> ^ 
ban (J!Jbaal)i Or from Low IaI grnrta^^ 
erurirafa, dinila . ot l«fc crotw ai a baf4>r. | 

1. f>rTi Umf. : A broad dnmlar plate of lr<M 
uaed for baking caluak 

"Ho*( hit ■Itanuib ufam * r ^* »fc rw 
% Mininfi: A lieve vitL a wire boUo^ 
grlddla-braad. grlddla tmltm, <. A 

ako L>aki>l on a ^riUiJl^. 
*grida.p.t. Ai. CAaiebUbaBteorgt#d<|^«> 

A. rrttaaHivt; 

I. To ptarea. to cat throv^ 

% To jar, to grate. 


Bm tutrrwmaiHm: 
L To cat, to piorva. 
- A* prMfar awMa with dbaMUBMaa waaaA 

t. To wound or cat maotelly. 

.1. (Fr frtiAfWa 
= tbe gray oTdai.) 'a ooloiir nbsd. m ablto 
aadno, orapij rlolaL. (Prygw .• Ftmm 4 

Z^. MS.) 

•grid n, < [GniOD«l 

grid -Iron (Iraa aa i-ai«), * garrd Iraa. 
- grod Irna, 'grad-ayna, ^^xad tra. 
■ grod yxa, • grld-lra. ' grya-ynM. • 

1 A roi-nil'l. ■)( llul. Eng. i^rrdirv m a gnddl* 

(q*'.).J (Gao'iM.l 

1, Onl liiag. : A grmtMl ln» 
Mhleb fUb, Oaab, and fowl att 

S. MydruaJ: Xa«ia. : A grated ftaiBa M ahkb 

f&t, fiua, *mldat. wbat. till, fbtbar: wa, wAt, bara, oanfl. bar. tb4ra; ptna, pit, 
win, wflt work, wb^ ata; auta, ott^ aiiM, vnita, cor, r&ld, AU; try. 4#Ttea> «w m 

^•; gr-A. 



grieoe— grifflnism 




•tains Wf* tiAUlad oul of tb« water for rumi' 
MUon, elMnlJig, and r«|«ln. Or a framlnc 
nf c-ma»'itm><«>ni which r*y7«Jvoa a ablp with 
th« taWng tide. 

grldiroa paidnlwin, >. 

Ili>n)t. : AnnaitntmUoa |wiii!u1iiiii Inwhfeh 
the Imh U iiipportMl by panllrl twtni <if two 
ueUU which nra aovqtwUy cx|NUi(l«d by b«at. 
TliCM are to dtipowd that. White one UtuU lo 
lrDittl)«o It, tiu) eUwr IcDdi to ibortaB It. 
7^« rado uf IfSfctha Is d«t«niilned by tlw nla- 
liTO etpoiuililllty. tE'KKDt'LLK.) 

grUUroB- valve. *■ 

Slmm^tgin. : A valve wL»*e ripening ■• 
dlvlilcd Into a ouulwr of tiiirn>w (utrta by 
whiek tilt ttavH may \m> al>ii<l((<'it, artil the 
mora apM opnUnc «r eloiUig of tbe rain 

iifv : A «t«r or degTM. aa om of the slcpf 
■(HID wbiob rmtmtm are MmetlmHa pUcsd. 

ftUC *cra«C * sroU. * crefe, * Kro«fe. 
'gnfli, "fTttve, *sr««v«. * I" ^'' 

m/, gri^; ft grit/, imm LaL ffntrin = 

I, Mo of iuIihI, aorrow, or Iroatilo fnt 
•nnwthlDg pact, aa tl»« \nm of a ftieiMl or rrla- 
tton, miaeaaduei, or ungmtafulBaM od tbo 
put of otikara, 4o. ; Mdneak 

Al ¥Sm 

nd ■atafal ~ 

L That whl«h eanaea anrrow, aailiiMia. or 
nla Of mlad : a trial, a grlcranr^ a niUfbr- 

A -a fc lL . Two 0«w«l«M— V i ^ t f a. «. i 
' 1. BtxIUy {«in or aaObrini ; diMaae, 
~ Mf LUBki ■Mfcaaad v)lh rH^' 

m t u tr . aaawy ;f..l t 
* I. A hiiilt, an rilFrnM. 

AwffM Rryff. 4la M. 

5 Ti» «MM to friif: Tt> oonie lu nilu ; to 
M\ ottarly : lo ooom to a bad mid. 

Brlof-weni, «. Worn ont hy |[rW. 
' A (nr mbJ «r<«/-wa*ii aaaart ef kM 4«n' 

ffVfwi hMM* B»rM. US. Pi. 

*Crtef -fftl. -«. r^H? ff^/; -M'>.] riui -f 

(TM or anrmw ; vcrj' m<1. 

-WbWk »b-a »h>i^ >lUisbiwUy ^H^WInfM 
Bar tH*rt •!<■■ qnska ' 

JTpf .«r ■ r ». VI Till #1 

* gti^ -tao^d. ' graf'had, a. [Kng. grW: 
-AoadL) That wM.-h •:aii»«« grkf, 

- JymXk «IUm«Ib # »■«»■« ur M*m* 

(«aiwr . C. r. MM. 

* nief -l£aa, a. lEng. ^ri^r; 4aa.J frM 
Intiu i-r Without fcrlef 

grvaf'ly, a. * adv. 

^^ Mawa^Mk«ltt*nyt«rtairf 

t M Msnaaat bmm aiUa 
. aMi M an InaplMd 
kpaa. O* ft* rmmlmm. 

,'*tlM>\ 4a>^ 
oiMd br d» 

^n«. gnV." ^'I 

A. A» «d$. : Oriavooa, lad. 
■L Xi adv. : Ortannaly. 
■pt^-aWM, A nine. fHV. iDd iA(«.| 

Flmtdor atnHtvn w1tlTC'™:i<'Tr<^"-*triekeii. 
■- ar^MM vlik Ua ubiadvMt,* 

(Ttf-sv, a lOawmoa.] 

[G«.) Gmvel. 

•hAoil (fk guttumi), r- 

' grti' rtBnli, 


1. IXt. : Hot «int«r« ; pri>|*rly tlif^ae ."f 
|«ab or taoaa-lMBt. 

'■r Uw «*• UkM UmtCvw a d<i #T»M««aft bam 

t «*. 

A sk>wtDg agiwtloo. 
•. (Orw (S), a] 

A «tstr, a 

•priif ttc 


*Srt«T'-^-U«, 'grw-K-ble, a. [Ei^t 

rr(M<«); -oMa.! Oaasiiig grtid ; UiaBalalil& 

- T^w I* a TUa ftU frmmhy 
T« kra. *hMa la U«n< aalfaM^- 

a fOt fr. #nMMMii^ frma rrV< Ifr^ifi l*^^- 

* 1. i!iirt, larm, aniKiyascA. 

* 2. A atalfl of grUtt, aorrow, or [laln nf 
miixl ; afflitftkiii, UMaalnoaa 

" if r da M r paUt UMBakaa . . . topa* » i ti i i»^ i ' 
Ar ArHB*ar«*. t,MI. 

S. Anything wblrb eaniM grirr, soitdw, or 

pain nf miDil ;es[)aetally aayLhtng which glvaa 

grounila for comnlalnt, niDoiiatninoe. or rt- 

•Utancfl ; a hardatilp, an Ir^ury, an Injiutlaa. 

" It iMftn ua MBiuliaa uaiHW. Bar «*ar tMH ; 

A rtuMiioa yH*«a«M. * 

rarrffvorM : fc«wwha. Mt. la. 

1 Crahb tbii* dlaurtmlnatfla between gnn- 
antx and iaritklp: "The irimaiui* ltn[»1i«a 
thai whidi liM h«vy at beari. JtartUkif Ira- 

Slea that wblcb preaaaa or beu* vlclcntly on 
a ueraorL Tka «riMMHU« la In genend taken 
fiir uat which bt done by anotbor to grint or 
dUtrPM thr har^Aip (« a parliriitar klrtd ^r 
^rfceaner thatpreweaqpnn indlvlduala. Thtrv 
arc national fritvantu, thongb nf>t national 
AanrUkljM. An inftactkia of one's riefats, an 
vl of nolcnoe or oppP Ma hM, are (rrtcmtinH to 
ihnae who are etpoaed to tkean, whether aa 
tndivldaala or bodiea of men ; an aneqnal ilia- 
Ctlbution of labonr, a [«rtlnl tQ<li)lfKn<-« of l)n^ 
to the ilelnmoiit nf an>>lh«T. cniiatitutaa Ihf 
kartfaMj:' ((>o*6; Knu. S^itom.} 

grlavoaoa - meiunr, i. On* who i« 

alwAyB r.iklnic tip "r l«Tk)n){ nbont liia own vr 
hilt iiATty's KrwvAnCMi or su|i]¥Mnl grievaacv*. 
littltlic or private. 

* grt6T'-^D9»-te, a (Kng. frUvat4.t): -er.] 
Out whil causea or commtta a jcrievanue ; oin* 
wh" givra RTonnila for rf>iii)iUlnt. 

'grVT-yn. rt * t. (O. Fr grtrer: Pr- V, 
yrrrar. ffrrruir, fmm l*L frneo = to Imprleii ; 
(rrarto »> beary ; ItaL gnvarri &p. A Fort. 

A. rramjf/Jiv: 

* 1. Ti> annoy, to baraaa. 

" HU n«4d» man reaM rwrtor^m r* lo*>4-* 

iloAvrt vfOUnrrMrr. |> tn. 

C To oanae grief, eurrov, or pain of iiiUmI 
In ; to make eonowfnl ; io wonnd the raclini^ 
of; toatnict. 

" TW V(T"ba al •«•««>•• fmaA tw Mr*' 

^mMmM Malaiiv p. a 

SL To oOted agalnat 

*-«rttaaaallWlulr*tnrit<>fa'^'-AA« KM. 
*i. lb laoMiUt, to mourn, to dei'lorv, to 
•orrow over. 

■- TtM MiHKtM Umt 1 trtmm" 

i».*kmi>. Mu^miH II.. IL 1 

B, fnfmaa. : !>> (rel grinf. aomiw. or twin : 
to awKini, to Uinent, U> aormw. (Oeneratly 
foUirwed by at, far, or awr.) 

"thiPM.aadlbarrrWM." />r*4ka - ^mmmI. hI Ul 
^ Crabb thiia i]|ftcrftiiinat«* twtween t<i 
vriena, tn sMmra. and to Uiw^nt : " To (rrUtw k 
the goneral ttum ; aioani the particular tarat. 
To ^rievt. In ite timited eeoae. U an luwanl 
act ; to nwara li an oatwird act : the gn*/ \\m 
altucotbar in the niod. A oab fWrrea for hU 
■Ina ; he taeyrwa flar the luaa of hia frirnct* 
(rfinw La the act of an ladlvMnal : Moam niaji 
b« the eomaion aet of taany : a nation w^unu. 
tlioogh not fritwn, tot a pnblta calanlty. 
Cricce and mtmm are permaiient aeDtimonta : 
Joawnt ia a traaaltery Itellog ; Ite ftirmer an- 

troduoad by aabattatial eauMs, wUcta oonw 
one to the fc a l ia fft Mottm aad tomnt ar* 
both cxprcaaed by Donie outward algn; bat 
the fornisr la conpoeed and free mm aU 
n(il«« : thr latter dlaplaya ItaoU' eltiiar In erloa 
or aiuipUi wDnla." ((?nifrb: Anf. firnaa.) 

* grler*,* sraerv a [A.8. gmfi; leel. prtjl; 
Hw. grt/n ; Dan. prrrr.] An orereeer, a alvw 
ard. a roex-e, a bailiff. 

"Ana alaUika daiw aa lb gHmm haa gfm ma,'- 
aom Mak Mag. OiTilr. 

' Khlin'-mimt, «. CEoC- 1*^"* ,- •atnU. I An 

TrUury 1 e eanae or aoarea of grief. 
" Woatfb) brmlaaa hauo, and uUm 
■Tartf f AwtemTt ila^nMMMi. (. M 

grliir'-ir. ■. (Kng. gHrrfc),- -cr.] On« who 
or that wbirb gruvca, or rmnaea grtef or {lain 

- eritarr vd qanabar ai tha ^lltL ~— «««aMa4 : 
Wrr^, ir. »l« 

BtUt' Uff. fw. ptr , o,. 4 a [OtttETC, ».I 
A. .k B. <4a pr. par. 4 parlieip. u^f. .- (Sec 

the verb). 
Ot .<(> tutui. : Th« a^t of earning grief or 

patn to ; the atata of being grteved. 

'Bitar-iAs-lj^. adr. (Bng. rrieetnf; -<*•] 
In a grieving tir sorrowful tnanaer; kntov- 
fiilly, aadlr ; with grlof or regraL 
Tha piaai l»(«aM th* Ffaaaa aail m aal •alMa 
Tlw AMI.* matmr , «M** Tilt., t \. 

srfiT'-«tfi^ *gr«T-oui, «. [O. Pr. fnrva, 

ornnu. fmomt, fknia yr^. ffrUf= grfef 1 Sp. A 
Itat frmuv.l 

L Caiulng grii-f, aorrow, or pain of tntnd : 
lamentable, aOlctiw, palnfiil ; hard tn be 

"0»l n »Ma aikd aitr>-4Lii« In l^ niad ol uaa *— 
SatM: Sf-m—i. vol. U.. mt L 

X. CknalDg pbydrjil or bodily iMln ; palufuL 

" lt> luuMa a rrnwBM ««und«-* JVrMMarM, mm 

S. ExprBMlve of grlar, anrrow, or aiigulah; 

lUteouK, pitiable, ftul of grief; aa, a grittmu 


i. Atmctoiia; axeeediug had : hclnoiu, fla- 


*■ O tmum aatoaaa, whMk Im rad 
A fcal|M aad vMOiat V»1hI a Iwlv c«al - 

^«*»r: / (l, U.I H 

srl«T -oOs-lj^, * grvr-cm-Xy. * gniw-^nm- 

ly. ' gMV-tia-ly, ■vlv. IBuk. (rr,>i^«(»; -Jy.l 
* I. WitJt |[ri«r. [Win, or lorrow ; painfully; 

'Thm Mwtniaa anet wa vwit lo nfca itia daatka of 
Mua (Uka maeli anM«4M(»*r tkaa a« «ld~— IMd. 

2. Ho aa to ramie grirf, eorrow, or anaoy- 
aniv ; veuUlnoaly. 

- llnOMi boUl la plattu ax* aa* ta ba iHaMMla an 
IM>7*>1 vltt> mil* aad dirt.*— Jt^ ' Oa (%• Ormt t ^m. 

:t. Witli bodily or idiyahml pain orRUlTortn^; 


* 4. Hmnly ; hardly. 

" tl wm a crf«*«ni Caalt ; 
Aj»d rrtmvw/y httb Cmm aaa*««l tt* 


iL Tn a gnat depaa ; very raoeli ; excfed- 

'-0rtM«Mfy dlalvrbid with odd. HMtawwaMa, but. 
■ud aotoMmm buplam, btaanaanana |>baiibulaib — 

aaorr*- amMm, ««l ul^ m* a 
0. Atmetoualy ; b«lnoualy, 
' JoniMlnit l<aUi frlinaaaff tlnaad '—£«■. I a 

* 7. (Viniinally ; withor oTaaerlocuierline ; 

" Ik vaa aaciaml fraMatMly te tha flapwo«r.*^h<M 


Srt«y-afts-B<a^ * gr»T-ona-MOB>ew*- 

[Kng. grittmia: hum.] The qtallly or ataU 
of bdng grf evo«u. 

"Tbty rt *"*— *— a* UaoltaMih l«bap|MMd.'— 

/aryf>« U4i V0<iMdaj. bk. IL. ah. aL 

SrUr<l).a. imyio. duabtfUL] 

ITrup. .- A aerie* of horlSDOtal panUal^edgad 
taira, aUo known aa knlreaor blailea, arrnneed 
In a rrelprooasiiw fifama to ndie and lower the 
vcrtlokl hooked rode oouneeted to the theildliig 
meclianlem, wliea tha booked enda of Uie nxla 
are brvoght by a patLrm derloe within the 
[•ath of toe knfvee. 

* grUr (2), «. lA variant of Qrif.] R<«rh, 

Srtr-rUKUt. [Uairros.I 

grif '>fIn(S). (. lEtYm. doabtrni, bcit nerhapa 
Ui« aante word aa Urltbn flX (q.v.X toe new- 
comer bi'ine looked apon aa a atranfle animal 
neither Engliah nor Indian, aa a crlBba la 
neither lion tMr ea^a.] An Aaflo-lndlaa 
aportlvc term fOr a neaniDinar who M iirlved 
from Eiimpe. Be makee ladi«roQe nlstakea, 
not bowerar like ibe acMoMbM of the Graeka 
fkom ileScieney ot iiilrilee^ hut from want of 
Indian experience. Taking advantafte of tbia. 
If beboayooncoadeCblaeooipanioua in ana* 
aometlBea wilralty caaa* him to Ul Into 
blmidera, which left to blmaeir he tutght arnld. 

"All U>e fifhu nmhi to biial taathar*— dl. ITfi^^ 
ky ' iMafvv aaikimi. tti ainii 

grir-flB-AC* (ac« u ijn. *. rEn«. p^n ; 

HV*.) The *t*te of a gTHBn— 1./.. of a »ew- 
eom«r Orom Eorope. tt ia generally h«ld to 
eontinne a year. [Aikilo-Im[.iav.) 

* Srif '-ffa-tak. n. [Kag. 9^* : -iA.] like 

a grlfllo : tVerre. 

~ Tbat tfKAiart aacm of aML * 

XMd. ••dam Am WUmi. 

SHV-flB-IfBL t [Eng. grifbi: -itm.] The 
I aanie ai GKtrn>AOS <q.v.>. (Aaffe-fndian.) 

lib. b^; pAt, ItfM: oAt, ptH, Ahttnu, fhla. bau^h; g«, |t«m; this, |]ila; alM. af; Mq>«flt, XaaaiplMa, •^cUt. pb = 1 
-«taa, -ttaB e abvn. -Haa. •*!«» = abfta ; -^911, -«ioa ^ iftlkn. -«l««u* -ttmu, -alms s ahttB. -bto, -dla. Aa « b^ dfL 

OrlT-fltll, >. IPron OrilBth, who flnt com- 
|x>iiu-lril It.) (8m tb« compoatML) 

Orintb'»-«ilJCtnr«, ». 

FKar.: UMitra Ftrri CaupatUa, compoaml 
mixlur* of Irun. It ronaUU of tarUnisU: of 
Iron, ami t* prvpariHl liy niliMtiK aUty grniiu 
of iHiwileml iiij'tTli willt four fluul dnieliitu of 
■iiirit nt nutiniif inil Uilny gmltui of inlu 
■ton nvbcnutc, t^ui adding whJU rebblnu 
•iM ud a balf liUd owiMa of ruw-'WiUr, 
thai itxty gndot et soiar, and UaUr twriitr- 
SvB K^iiu of fenona aulptiala. It nifiit bo 
kaiit In a atripinrwl bottliL It pouniKt the 
Uuod-natoiioc proportMa of Iron and La oi^t 

grir-rtn. crir fin. * grit foon, * grlf- 
tjft^ ' mnrt-fon, • gryf fowa, >■ Ifr 

|ri/OR, ItDiH I>iw IaL prt/iu. from Ut. 
f*^ihu u astanilon »tffypt: 6r. W^ (fnrpt) 
H a friOa, Urocn Or. >p*«iT (aritpoi) = hooked. 
«nrvad; IVoib Um htak Mns hnok«d ; Ital. 
frifiHm; Bp.fiifb; Port. §ripho.} 

I. Mylk. : A AibaloiM anliual, uanallr n- 
IwCMBtad with tha body 
■ad lagi of ft lion, tod 
the b<«d and wtjisi of 
•n Mf)*, alcnlfyins tlw 
anlmi or atrnvth and 
■glUty . rigiira* (*tgrit' 
Ibiia an ftwiuoiitly ummI 
m onuuiKtita In work* 
ofart. Itta«(upli>vv<lu 
a& enMem of tlj^Wicv, 
the animals being vuji- 
MWAl to bt tha gniir- 
(llans of mlBM ami oitimiK, 

h'ddcn treuurea. Fl^;- 
nm of it are nwt with In btmiM an<l Mral- 
ehrmt lunpa, a» goatdlag Uw nmalni of the 


*Ttar qotlM ApkUa «M 

h»«W ltelMw*ri*« la M* IM.- 

1. OrmUk.: Tbo Bnrd«d Tattara, (.'ypoAu 
>arfta<M, • pradatorv bird, ttny lu hlBckiib. 
bmwii alut*, Um ti|ta <J tiv atuvfUi vhit^, lb« 
knrer mrta nmngn yciloir, Uw IimJ ai»0 Deck. 
wliitlili. Lan^ four and a half tt^ the a«- 
THtnAtoQ of the wtan hat » aao nliM awl Ian fc«L 
1 1 u foaod in tba Apa, whtn H flMda oUetjr oa 
|ww ekasMM^ lad la MOW nrta off Sontliani 
•ad OMtnd lorapi^ ■■ wm aa in Aila and 
AMm, U talk ob Urda. aaian maounalt, 
iHta, *«., aol ehOdtw al» hava bMn nuTtad 
«ff hr It Whn f i u Ma J br htti««r ft «iU 
tftMor patnaetal manL It la aald tn nstvoa 
HUiMto 110 K aakM ttan Ml orcr I •radfricML 

_ Bi— mhlii^ a griffon in 

*p» 0* qaalltlea ; nt^aeioiia. 
a amnriiu ^ jil^ton niiiliw Ma« ay- 
Mamr— jwifc* { qrm f m mmmm «■ a«vi«M4 Mli 


Bmt, r A griftw npnNeat«d without wingit. 
nd havtag larKP mtu 

_ Ikm * srU'-ftHU.<2t. ' cryf ton. <- 


V^ *>rtgnL IL (B^raaantlag aa oldrr 
- ««^ «r wEUi oriAM la Mw lUrfiraUtfL 

Il«LtrfdkB*»*fsBe(«Dlt«l.I ICaic 
1. A erlcka* ; a gi a aa h o|q-«r. 

1 A wall llvaly «el : a aaiidf*!. 

1 n* prowfWal aaylag, aa mtm m a frif . 
■ajr alUMr rate to tha tlv»lla«« «r Um gnaa- 
tuf if M ar aa a d aal. or aiay ka aeefrvirtloaMf 
aa Maf* m • Onak. Iha Qiaafci baing ptvmv 
Matty aMkaa arks Iha RMuaa aa Irnd ot good 
iMMaadltaapMlMlQM a. -Ska'aaMwry 

pt^HbA tCLAA#rdfLri^»r«7-] 

A. At a^ .■ BorrthU^ htda»ua. fttfc*. ohmL 
-TvnAtMKVMatfrakk- a. ^ a^^— >. » m, 

B. A*W». : aonMr. AMAMly. 

a Ai ma«. .- cnaftr. fcM>Mrt^ 

~ fkMMM r ••* Ua* «• ana aim 

m^^ntim V*. 

•grBlOl 'grnio, 'grail*, 'grfU», v.t. 

&. i. [A.M. jrULm ffrttlan m to iirovoke ; 
If . U. Gnr i;rl(f«ii; DaL grUIm = to ahivar.] 

A. rronimn: 

l. To [iroroke, to rat, to otlkad agabut. 
" M«v«r man Ilia |imv« m r^.* AmUf FUirc 

t. To t«rrt f]r ; to etoae flight or horror ; to 
eaoM to ahaka or ahlvor. 

" TV* sTotiM ol Schit Oawana 4m laii avl frlO^' 
mr 0*mtm 4 Mr SWmAmA It It 

B. /»(rtiM. : T" caaaa horror nr (righL 

"0*ms kaiWItaMlb 

grin <Z). r.f. * (. |Pr. ffriitrr, froio grt; = a 
Krl'liron ; O. Fr. ffraU, grtit. fW>m IaL em 
tUula. ditiilit. of craif* = a hordlc ] [UaiiXK.} 

A. TmnHtin: 

I. III. : To limll or roaat oa a gridiron or 
■imlUr appantoa. 

" kollfiM «f iBoi In Aldrua^ rrUUnf Uimb mi dM- 

S. Fi^. : To Ifirmrnt, a« If hy fire 
B» /iMntftA ; To eook by tirollltig on • grid- 

grill, t. lOaiLL (n a ] 

1. MmI, fifth, Ac, brotloil nu a gridlroiL 
t. A gtidirnn. 

'* H»k« «riri« <i( II r*w>d) u bran ibitr BMaL*— 
C««MH. j^xtMWM*^ tk. niv. 

grtll-rooa. >. a rooiii wher« u«tt, A<^, 
li oookfd en a grill. 

gril-ln'<«^ *. IPr.. from grmrr - lu grilL) 
1. The aet of grilling. 

1 Meat, flah. Ac, brollad on a grill or grM- 

grill'-«S« (MC« u I^ 1. [FT..tTamtrtlir = 
a gimla, a gralltig.) 

fflidr. Aif. .- A atniotare of ali^pt-r* ai>il 
cr ri aa l>a auia fbrmfng a fooDdatloo in mushy 
•on (br a ider or whart. 

griUa, I. (Fr.) [GRti.L<3), V.) An op«Qgnl* 
vT gnt^Dg; lattloo-work of mdal; t»«d — 

(1) Aa a aereen to ahiit in and pn)t««i any 
paj^olar apul or thing, aa a toub, a nllc, a 
ihrtea, Ac 

n) Tha Bta «r ntranoa to a reUglooa honae 
cr aacrad bofldtag. 

(3) A amall scivpn or span gimilng inserted 
In taa ootvr >lniir .tf ■ nmiaaue or ooaveatoal 

tmildlag, to eaabla the lonalca to eoni-tna 
with Tktiton or Co a&iwer aaqulrlaa vlthom 
Iha n a w aity of opwlag the door. 

* frit'iy, r.t tOvu. (!>, c| To haraaa ; to 
annoy ; to knrt; haooa, ^., to hold op to 
ildlenlc, to raoek. 

grilM^ *■ [Sw, grS = gtvy. and Im = aalrooa 
(f) ( J a»U» » .> In tbo north at Imlaad the 
fnna lagmiol,] 

rtWhy : A yomgaalMMt, vImb It «eka* lu 
tm tmUm to tha fkeah watar, wUah li HoaUy 
ta UM aKwad yw of Ha IMa. (fv^ JIaha 


"■■a* bMbkrtii^ Ml ■t^iiiii*! viMrf 
— * |M^ fwftr* UmM. #ifca. ■!»■ '- Jma ' *• 
^9,«A. 9L 

grfa. * grtMia. 'grna, * grymmm^ »■ 

I A.A. fnm > flcror., enial, fnaa gmB s angry* 
nirtnni ; eogK. with Dai. grtaiarfg » aaiir* 

frimmt^ = to foam with lag*; laaL fr i mm 
plm, atani, fiwar* wialhfial ; Okn. grta 
vgly, gHa. MM K wtalhflil ; •*. rrym m 
enm, grtn ; Oolk. gn^ ■ angry ; 0«r. grtai 

aUf a ftntooa, frimmt* m 
(Ury. jrniia = DoiUlc.l 


1. PieroK, at«ra, fcrocknia, ferbMdlng, 

2. fierce, furiooa, mrfclleaaly cruel. 

** How ll Um Kraf vi«lk ana rrv^* 

riiitrWw B4 

S. Of a Avblddliv aapeet ; glMatly, hocrM, 
borriblr, hidcotu. 

"ItahlnsdMUiaKm^na.* .i<aiiiw. tfba^nL 
4. Crafl. fiinouf. tnrrcllcaa. 

" Wall •*«*«■ atrakM ««4 *«U ^if>^ 
Thw Msr In acka • Md*.* 

^ ObvhntB cntnpmrada : Orfn^ftaoiri^ frtM- 
gKanln^, frlm-Jrittlal, frin rti^ad. Aa. 

' film, * grym. < fM. II. Q«r.r-te; <x b. 

oar. grimiM: Put |i tei rim iiif— ] tmxy. 


" T* kin ha aUrt witli krUmt 

*w<Mia bf Ike «tad9> af tka BM n«.*- 

Cri mn'^a.!. [Fi-., rroa loci, fftima =ai 

ft httol , A. 8. Tfina = a maak.) A dlatueti— 
of IliA fiM*, H|)r«Miv* of aoioa liadla^ m 
I«lii, diiffuat, oontampl, aaUalhatta^ Aa. ; • 

" WIU batlww iDtm. • ma^mbm t^ mutf* 'lit ' 

*grt -md'f*. rL (GantAim, •.! Ta aaha 
Krii»a<-M; to tliMort Iha eeuanaajDw ; ta 

• III irk 

' fri nAf*d', a. (Bag. frim^); -^1 Die- 

t<>rl<-l. baviiigaefmbbedteok. 

Bri-mal'-klB, '■ (For prn t mm tH m^ tmrn pag^ 

awl M«Urln = moO-kin =■ litUt HaJT : <£ Mm- 
cBf.l An old eat ; graivrmlly a fnaale aaL 
-«HNMfH«, » Hoi in *«tww tmm» 


[Dan. grim, grvtt 
E a maak, a owe 
, grfauef * aont, amot ; i 
•oQ. to bagrlne.l Dirt or final «allB>: «M 
dee|ily htuaoatad or iajpalaed ; aaftjlag 
bbutknaaa not eaally claanavil : aaa«L 

"akmtmmtt; * — i— y mt — irt M— te l>a f^aa 

•< If ■■twF CMMa* V • 
CrioMw ■"■<- 


tOaiMX, a] To dirt, to ftnl. ta 

grim-i-iy. adl^ [Eat r«9; -^I !■ • 
griuiy naoaer or eoaiMlloa : mBy. 

griB'-I-aiM. «. lang. r«Mg; -waL] TW 
liullty or atale or beli« ftmfi tetBH^ 


grim -ly, *cryi»-ly,a. Asia. cftig.r«»; 


A. J> «<;. : Ortm. Udaooa. ghe^. el^ 

•mw». «*/** MmiSi 'J'dL aa? Xa 'ftMK. IL I. 

B. Ai adMfb .- 

1. Horridly, hMaoaaly. tewtmuly, owOy. 
•Th> I I I I MOai #■«■«» »«>dMita.' 
t Slamty. eallMly. forbi3dJt«ly. 

QriBnih *■ t^*» eomravad.] 

Ortma'a-lAW. •■ 

fkUol. . A la« LxtDulatad by JaaobOrtaaaa. 
llM cauDHrt Ocnnaa phUolg^M. ntaNw to 
Iha Bhaegai nad atg oiM bv anto « 
hi tbameet touMRaat oCtlM ArmI 
AflBorilag to Ola tow. If the aaaa ra 
mam worle exMt la auaolt, OwtA, ttHtm, 
Oalttfi. Safloole, Uthoaatoa. GeChlc <««» 
whkA an luladad l^tah aM etttar Lev 
Qnmtn dUutoL uA OM BWk Oi inga, 
tbaa.w1ieimw «m llaeiaiH erCwefc haa en 
a^pln*. lAe Oethle haa ifea 
>efMato. trtaaaMBrtuOfadM 
a >af ■■!■, tbaa *e tad a e 
toato In OoClMe, wad a «ei 
InHlgh Oenaaa. If ta I 
waftoda ritory mto. the OnCMe itewe Ike 
a uii e ei ii aid tog a^fcai ^ t CdJ BMfc fl 
the 1 11 anawil liijjto mta^ TkaetlHl 

f&t. An, «HldM. wbau f&a 
«it% w«lt. wm%, wfeAk atej 

waw w4t, harai, aaoivl. Mr, tliAra: piaa. pfl* 
•ttk «»% VBtaik «*!• tiim. Atti ttt. ftft«A&. «. 


/. ft, p n«pectt\-eljr in Gothirs uil b (v\/, p lo 
Old Bliili Owniaji : OtixleHUli t, d, tJk In OnKk, 
LJilJn, vt 8«uacrit becuuifl tk, d, lin OollUc, 
■ivl < f, t la OUl Hub Gcnnui ; ftitd tiw gut- 
tnnU ^ ff, ek In GrMk. LaUh, or Sutfcrfl 
bMOm* k (iMt quiln resuUrljr). It, f In Gutltlo 
«tt4 ff. cA, k In Old lli^ German. Ttiiu : 
BiMlcnt pitri: Qnek wintfi twttir) : ImUii. 
Mter - a>Ah\cfitdTtiMi EajiliahtJathtr i Old 
null Otivuui, foUr. 

KrIm'-B<-i t. pt. tHwt. UL ffrfiiv««o) 
(q.r.X utd L»t VUM3. T<1. aty. mifT. -ciO 

BoL ; A tab-onl»r of ft|>ocir[Maii Mowwi, 
luviog an aiiUBl oflan mmsIIo espaule, & iiilU<a- 
■twpM oalr(>tn, acirl il«rk-gre«o le*t'«a, ter- 
ninated by a white kalr. 

Slim'^Bl-f, '• t^ani«>l aftn- J. F. Qrimm. » 
Oannao ItDtanltit.) 

0ol : Tha t/plral gmna of tbn ■iil>-orlpr 
Oriaimal (q.v-)> Grimmiit j^uMnnhnu i* tb« 
SwKB't Hack Brrutn. It oocun in hoarjr 
coahioii-Ulw toft*. 

grim-nM—, * grlm-nesM.* yrym-na— e. 

a. LA.S. ffrlnnua.] Tli« qiulily r>r utmU "f 
Mnc crttn ; flcroanoM, at«>rDn«a>, feruoJly, 

^MBrtMMMaaa — «aM>V ClMMr, la. sa. 

*nfin'-«ir, *grlm'-ure, «. [Btym. dnobt- 

nil ; [wvbsblT a cMnttnund nf j^Ksi and rf r, nr 
kr* ; bat b^ soma dertrad mm Fr. ^ii«(iir 

« aa an^ry goMbtr of tlM tetUi tCctgravt); 
ftwD7rliMrrstO|[naahth«t«eUi.| AbJaqghly 
or amwant iierMa tn oOce ; a atuii, grim, or 
•»T«r* p«f«oa. 

~ Tibnrtw OMar. aba oUmtwIm ««• kaow tar a 

MMt* aad Um Bait aMMUMa.".^. JTaUoMrf /Yiir. 

trim'-yOX "^ (Eog. trimft): -».l Fall <^f 
yrlDM, foiu, BIthy, grioBad, brgrlnied. 

"(Tharl vHhaMaaffTfawloohao vUUa'lM 

JfoP*. OnlMAiA pt. L,blLllL.».L 

*Sr$m'-f 0), a. (Eog. fWm; -y.) Grim, 

grin. * Kira. * ffr«B, * Kremi, 'gren-nvn, 
■ ffren-nyii, im. & i. Ta.S. p/^Kai^n ; cr-gn. 
Willi DiiL i/r\jiuu = lo w««(i, to cry. to fivl ; 
Icel. gfvtja s lo bowl ; Oaa. jT' la« = to grin ; 
Sw. frina *tOfTlnuMia. togrtn:G«'vtiw>i.| 

A. /nimiufftK: 
L tUaraUy: 

I. T>J anar) or allow tfaa tMith aa a dag -, tn 
gBuh tlW iMlh. 

" ia4 UmI h«4M tbMa thiacto aad wafaa •!> wamll 

1L To show the teeth ■■ in latiglit«r, acorn, 
or pain. 

"(■■Ifvtwi'rfMta (of'i'd on aglr uBll*ttaaIlli>l(1it 
mat ani« ta onart. * — gp, Ti^tr JIgmaiM, iM. L. 

• 3. To be expnaMl. as th« t»ith in lauehtw. 
" Um fe^n tor (■•• aid cnto. uid U*tb did trim. ' 

«)M>«Mr /-. Q, V. la. (T. 

*n. fiff. .-ToabAwiilaaxunoraiiprolaitioii. 

* K>m (h* BMat MlaUika of hi* part; aHnnt,t ai It 
ylU> a Ha— ■■«<■"— I>r>^w .- b4wfal.aML irnrf.l 

B, TVaiuiHar: 

L Tto nt, abow, or gnaah tbv tMth In 
IL T9 sxpniM by grinning, 

-«pfcwa4feafvMraghaatb waHa' 

JTAn r £^ U. M. 
pCa fix a (Ganr, v.] Tba art of <<)o«lng lh« 
l«alh and ahowtatf Uicib by witlidrawiog tbe 
Upa ; a anll«, a amirk. 

- nmm mrra Um ownira ami Ullti'nl (Wn 
0( Inlfc' <?a«p«- ' Ifap*. UT, 

*Xifa(f>, 'cnine,*cr«a.*sreii«,*STTii. 

a. [A.S. iTrlR, rry*-] A limp, a anare or gin. 
** Uka a bird tbu haalaCh U hit mttn. 
Hat kSBVlaa Iha unt «f hU Otm laxfotn * 

rkflMar .- < » wii n qr loaa 

"BIB, * 1 [An abbrmatloo of grtod (q.v).] 
TO rind. 

*SriB-o6iiMf.i. [Et]nn.4oatRfiii.] Bypbllla. 

* lama— i nma ftw ttaarla w w' 

- ■ - -■ ]^ 


A. TVwkftfiiw .- 
L UlanUw: 

1. To brMk and radooi to powder or fine 
irtialat br MetloD or aUrlbon ; to oon- 

n m 

3, To w««r down or smooth by frinlton ; to 
tliari'^Q <^ S^ve to adipi to by ruubiug agliloit 
aoma bard aiiUUncv ; tn wbct. 

** I bav* fraund the au nyttU.' 

S. To rub one tiling aftainat another ; to 
(Trate, aa. To ifrtatf sue t l«etJU. 

1. Tu opprvM by luuili or eras! «xartk>aa ; 
to luroM. (G«D»ralljr wttb dMcn. ) 

"TbartwItlMiatateetarAitaaul lfa« primes'. 

ttrgJUn - m-d» r^tMUm-. UL :«. 
ft. Tn ptapara for eaaiuiaaliou. (I/iUivnUy 

( a To t«ttch, to itutmct In : aa. To ^ad 
IaUi) or Greek. (Vniv. Slun^.) 

I i. To atcily ; In prrpAr* onftelf far exajo- 
Inatlon by itudyintt. ([ niv. .S{uit9.) 

• ft. To whet, to ahari>cu. 

" Mlna a|i|iiUt« I na*« nva "Ul gHLaJ. 

B> IttrantUiM: 
L lUtmllv: 

I. T'l perform tlte act nf gHndlni; ; to oiova 
a mill or athor aiTpamliia for gi1itdltifr> 
" Inio Ut* •Mamua uflaon. tbcn M grimd 
AmmuK Uw kUYot." _ 

MiUam . «aaUM> JfoiiUwt, LUa. 

1. To be morad, rubbed, or gimt«d loeetbar; 

to grata. 

•■ *aaarr fc«a« WBtfc» a'at BV rr*"*^ J* ■•■ *" 

IBM*. l^akntiMLl 

3^ To b« ground or pulvcric-d aa in a ruill, 

&e. : ai. Com irrl?*da well when dry. 

4. To be ivdiiced tna anKiotb or aliarp coo- 
diUon ; aa, 9t«^l will ffH«if akarp. 

61 To gnaafa or grate as with tlic teeth. 
••ia»\frtmi*wiU> auiaMb. oawaalwwrgU).' 

n. Fifuralitttii : 

1. To atildy or work np fbr aa exauitualluii. 
(Unir. Sta*g.i 

2. To driidge ; to parfionn bard or d kt arte- 
^ll work. 

grind, >- (GatKD, v.] 

* I. Lit. : Tlir act or operation of grinding 
or rwluciiig Vi pnwdrr tn a mill. 

" nia . . . Unlmatb totboa bora frind.' - Oi Jn*. 
OomUu*. IL I (I. 
XL Fifaniffivly.- 

1. The act of studying or raadlug up fbr an 
examluatlon ; study. 

~'Ouma aitrnm, bon,' oriM Km! i al«M* nodr to 
tan Uh aHf>3. ■■ b* BolM IL'-r. Kmflm! rwn 
ItrumHi adimet Anm. trt. IL. cb. >. 

2. Uard ur distaaUfiil work. 

'ertn-del, ' grrn daU ^ [A.S. frandK; 
loeL (rmiM^ ^ bnrt.J Cru«l, fentdoBa. 
"Aoldabnrai, on tblibMiLbaniAturnmAf.' 
Mr CowaM*. U «. 

* ■xin-d«l-U, 'giTB^elly. »da. (Eu» 

ynnilrl : -Ip J FiPiit'ly. 

-'Umyii foil frynJrt/f ikjiU' M' ni««ai», I,l»a 

grind -AT. ' grTBd-«r, n [A.8. ^wifr«.l 

L Orriinary Latfwft : 
I. LiUrxUl^: 

(1> Una who or tliat which grlji<U: (»ie who 
worlLa In a mill. 

(S) O1U who or that whlrJi grinds or givt-a 
an adga to anything ; the itiatnimeiit uf 

" llMiln ibaa tha frimd^i natbcr Mcbil" 

A*Mlr«. Para ^ rai* </ Um rtalmt. 

(3) In ilie aaine aanaa aa 11. 

(4) A tooth geneiallV' 
"B«rar**J^n1Jaal«af4i«lb •bwMlaamUl * 

(5) A Rrtndlng-clanip (q.r.). 

5. /'iyiinillprfv: 

(1) Ona wIk) ]in;[An!4 stutlentii for an ex- 
■luinaUoii ; a cihu:Ii, a tutor, a ummiurr. 

" rat UiB lata Uta tsutdi oi ■ el«*<r frtavtrr or 
•taiMmar, at»d Uitr woold »aen «ata tha BiMMa r y 
potUoB M UUa and Onali lata bUa-'-JflM JfaV» 
■wUr ^a«wnaaa. ob. UL 

(3) One who rrwU or fftiuUaa hard, 
n. Anol.; [MoLAB). 

■TiBd'-4r-9» a [Bng. prfnd, t. ; -ay.] 

1. Bhoomakera and other leather-worken' 


1. A ahop or warehnuafi wbere nularlala for 
•boeniakcra and otiMr leatlmr-worknia are 
kefit on •&!«. 

griBd'-IAc * grjrnd-Tngo^ ' grtDt-lng, 

pr. par., n., A i. lQKi?<r". r,] 

A. A B. Xi pr. par. if parliHp. a^j. : (Saa 
Uk- v*rb) 

C. A» «ubf(anlia«: 

L LiUrallf: 

1. Thf act or opcnttion of hrvaklng aiut t»- 
dncJnc to flna partlclea by fHrtion or att/i- 
lloQ ; a cruahlug to powdar. 

S. Tbe set or operation of giving an «dga to 
or Btkarpeulng t^- robbing agaliut another 

* 3. Th« act of mbblng or grating t'>getber ; 
a gnaahlng. 

"But In h«U« Iwr batlu (ilwl b«l hil of •UMStUag 
aail rna«M# «t tMih.*— C%«uMrr f^rwrmm r«d'a. 

* 1. Hooey pwd for tbe grinding of com. 
"fBelbatb ylnadMyrtadMN e( th* wUaL- 

1. Tbe ut of oppniMlng or harauing by 
banb or acrerv vKactioua. 

S. The act or occupation of prejwriftg ita* 
dente U« au exaoilnaUof). (Univ. Stanff.} 

S. Tbe act of reading or sUidying hard. 
iUniv. StuHg,) 

grlndlng-fllmmp, *. A grlnding-clamp 
for cylindrical worknu two aami-cyliBdrleu 
lfudi>ii blocks imc^loaad between the halves 
»r lli« clamp. wliu-tiareadjtiatNd bj Uwllng. 
acrewB. The halvea of the cbunp ora adJuted 
U^ tbe dMlred dittanoo, alipa of wood bring 
jiUoed In the Jnwa wkfla tna melted lead u 
ran In to form the cbeaka. For internal work 
the grlniior oniutata of two Minl-oyllndrhiBl 
rods of Iron, lltted to eacb other by dowol- 
I'lui and art aenwa, ao aa to be etf«iided to 
tli(< iwiulred dittaiioe. Tlie Ivaden uh^ks are 
coat upon the rmU, which are pUcM In a 
mould fitr that pnr^ioae. 

grinding 'Arama, a A cottOD-aplnnlug 


grlndlng-mlU, *- 

1. A mill for i^rindiag con, 

S. A la|>idary'i wIimI of lead, tbl dlac anr 
fbc« of wkirh ta touched with eiocry aud 
wtti«r. It roilowe tlie slitting or roughing 
nitU, and like tlivm U mounted to rotate uu a 
vert itial oxta. 

gxindlng'tUp. i. lUosci 

grtndlng-wat, *. 

JWcatsin ; A cylindrical tank In which cal- 
cUtod and stain(>«<d filitta are ground Into a 
flue pastu with wator. Tbe vat la pavod wltb 

grted'-IAg-iy. adv. [Eng. ffK»d(a«;.YI !» 
a grinding, haraaainfi, or oppmaive manner ; 
opv^nMivBly ; oraelly. 

* crib'-dle-vtMM, * gnm-dM-mtvu, >■ 

[Eng. friud, dimto. or fri>|UrDl.. aiitT. -it, and 
Mona.] A grlndstoae. 

>■ By tb« laadaDM tm tba naaaa 

. twiM abcNit Uki rrl mn t n omm' 

Mam Jwmm: J wiir— bM wtwl t W tt mk. 

* grin'-dla-tall, s. 

Hitli H rnrly lail. 

[ELyiiudoubtfuL] A dug 

'- LU* trtndiMttt* wltb tbalr hMb nawwd.* 

««>•«. a ntt. : l^mmt mmam, *. L 

grind -Btmia. «. lEng. frind; -aleM.) A flat 
eiii'ular stone need ftir grindiag or aharpcBtug 

•' llta «r*WrtM« ta BveOUMd rtMl 
OlTM adca " 

mtr*urm; Tlftm t^' f tt 1» *■<! >■ I <» 

^ TohrtBH.hy^dtor pulAju'amfimlntkt grind' 
tbnu : To oppntM, haraaa, or poalah one \ to 
I inng one to juatiee : to trrnt harahly. 

"ThKV ■debt be artiaaaa. 1m laok ef aaa n Mt ta 
Mdar U»a Uui*ia«Mlaa» to ItoU «a*«p mmm 6 IIW 
friMttpmt.~~Mtnk : tiafnt^ 9. HI. 

grin'-nir. l [Eiig. irria; -er] One who 
gima ; une who distorts bla (boe. 

"OrAMur* la tba paabxutn*. ■ iiKlaNaa la l ia fa rt li. 
wtaa BMjMii|tj tMM oadsr UKfc vl^ '— awribt - (Ma 

griB'-nlAg. " gran-nTng. * gran-nync*. 

pr. par., a,, k. i. 1 ijjiis, r ) 

A. A B. ji< pT. par. (* parturip, mtj. : (S«r 
the verb). 

01 Ai nibff. : The act of cloalng and show- 
ing tha teeth : a smile ; a smirk. 

grln-nl&g-iy, oda (Eng ^InalM^; Jy.] In 
a ijrlnninA manner ; with a grin. 

' grlnt, pru. indie, nf v. [Gnijrn. v.] 

griiirlelh. {Ckanorr: C. T., &,«?1.) 

^tU, b^t pAt, Jd^l; eat, f«U. ohoroa. fhla, ban«b; g«, iam; tbln. (hU: aln, m§; axpavt, Xanopbiin, a^iat. 
, -alaa = ahto ; -^on, -alon = ihftn. -tloiu. -alotu, -oloita = akft^ -bia, -dla, 4o. 


grinte— grisled 

■ Clint*, prtl. t^f V. [GRijm.] 

■ pint Ins. JW-. par., a,,^t. IQniVDnm.] 

Slip (I). Vnpa. *. [AS. fr^rp ISavmrrX] 
IflKorr. f.J A iinJlll (lltrJi ; « ruiTOM or cluin- 
nrl to mrry off w»t<T. 

"OTin«rTif>wiAtbilML'' :■— itifc. tm. 

gTtp(3). *gTtptt.*cryp.*(r3rp«.<. [iwi. 

rripT ; 8"f, frty ; Dan. j^rfli ; l»ut. arijppofri ; 
O. H. Ocr, jrO", pH> ; Uer. yrfV; L»%. rmpt, 
trfUi Or. Ypu^ (irrkfM^j A Itiuil of mltun; • 
griOlii or gritloEL 

- TbAl bim tia hMM Um Mu or mtk.' 

grip (3>. • crixM. *. icf. Dut, ^ft^, y/V. 

m7 U. Oer. yr|7] [Gair. r.J 

1. Tbii act nfs«Uingnr holding In thv huwl : 
ttw nunucr or mod* uf gruplng , sp*clfl«lly, 
A grwp paniilUr to uijr Moni Mvlet)* : M, « 
lOMauic prifl. 

S. A grips, ■ irrwrp. 

JltJ* P" **•** U- r<P *• *M «o4taa,--JN« 

JM iHifi. all. It. 

*3. Tlut by wlitcb KDjrthtDg U gruped or 
k«kl : MA, Um irrtp of * iword. 

(rip, r.t. A t. [FY. gripfitr, trf>m Icel. 71^.] 

A. TranM.: To gHpo, to tote hold of; to 
gr»«I> flmily. 

B. rmuKltv.- 

ynirf. ; To Uke Onn bold : u, Tba anubor 

Sriptt, ' Clip-«n (j«. L • jrreji, • (rnnp, • jti^). 
r.t. A i. iX S. ariTpan := to aeUe ; cawn. witli 
DdL fHifMi ,- If*!, p^n : Dui. yrtW ; Dw. 
ffrfte; Goth, ffrtipan; Oer. rTT</kii ; O. H. 
Oct. friAn ; O. FrU. frifo; Bug. fm*.] 

A. TVvuWn.- 

1. To Kiw And hold Hrmly In Um luad ; tn 
grsMp Until;- ; t'> hxM nttli thr fliigera cloMtl. 
*- ril »<11 bU halnt. «rv- (Ml 111* ortiM thteU ' 

iftKim r. t-.tli IH. 

* f. To olulrh. to rltmHi, U\ itliat tlgbUj. 
' UnJiMkr Watitod I Uiy rafHlInx nuMtar, 

Tka Mm thoB iMUnt, rrtpwfU bud th* •«•«'' 

A(>t.' Immt f4 . IL liik 

XL fV<>ral''«lir : 

* I. rn «diH utd boM bffl ; \n Ukr iioMn*- 

**nM rvt*rnt pilf BO* fH^ttK m* uid wtttHn to 
•tap my bn»Ui.* 

0«aMd#iw 4ta*W 0«aw(fMMM«vria<<HM. 

*1 To ptoAli, U> opforaM ; to grind dowv by 

" A dt^MMlthn I* ararrvlMw nliltiltM) by ium In 
«Mm to pHw Md H MMi All totaUMd bi UialrM' 

3; Tb glir* ft pftlB la tlie bowoli to, 

**n«M)a(MMu>Mluikadaii*lM *wL 

«ripMt«IIUwwar." AryrfM. 

B. r«fraiuU(M; 

1. ^U. : To Uv fMt hoM nf anTtliiug: tn 
mip or daip thing! Hmily In tbe n&nd. 
-KrdarilM Ikajr fr^& tbar imlL Uw]> bwd. lb«T 

O) To Mt OMonr by hard hargilBi or opiirr»- 
rinn ; to M gnapug aAff noiwy ; to extort. 

(2) To mthr grtj4ng piliw. 

n. A'ntl. : Td Uh too chiM lo Uw wfiid, u 
a ililp. 

Wnp^OX*- [OKint,r.| 

1. UUraUg: 

0) A gnap; ■ (bat or flm hold with tha 
IuimU or p«w» ; liold. 

Ck^kt iM ti«/rtp« «< AmP"* 

rur^MMrfa; K aa mnl»m.Vk-ta. 
<S) A pr«aanrc, a tqueeaB. 
" Tk ma, Um bwHMwd towM mMi lh« fHp*-" 

(:i) The i«rt by wliWli uythliv U grippad 
<f gntjml. u tiiv hilt of ft awonl. 

*0) A graap, a teiinf*. i diit<.-h. a grip. 
_"T» m m m irii Ml J<g< m >r»»wt w Mritai^'-J^ 

*<3) OppwaalaB ; «nwl aacUon ; • grinding 

* (B) PlnehlBg ditwaa ; hardablpL 

%Ma» ■ r«H(M frmmrt^. % l 

*(4) A m«aD. niggardly fdlow ; a iniMr. 
" Ut kirn (*• t»*4. • frijw. u DMnt. k tUWb-*- 

(A) In Um mhia Mnac M II. 2. 

n. Tttknieail^: 

I. JVocIt : A hr»ke applied tii lb« irhrel of a 
eran« or ileirtck. U gciinnillT eonaUtx of aa 
Iron boon qrxlrr thr control of « Irver, and 1* 
drawn eloaely an>aiMl tho wheel to check lis 

Z. Med. (fTranuTIir pi.) : A pofxtUr &ain* Tnt 
keen liat nton or lata intarmlttant paiiu la Uw 
aMomeu, jirodiioed t>y eotlc or any aliuUar 

"Thti •tth tb> rr^» M U h> abMli) !• pwlM I* 

3. Sauiical: 

(1) Tbe rore-fbot of a ahip, on to whi^ tlu 
at«ni la pluiled, Tbr forwud end of Uie ked. 
It Ifl ■oufed lo Uie ■t/'raplMv and fklae-keel, 
Mod ta aeeured by a bor»«aboe or ring to the 

(3) A bmail plnlt of mpe or ban of tron, 
with lanyard rings lad cUwa, paaaing over a 
Urg» boatv and hy which tt U MOiired to the 
nng-bolu of Uir deck. 

(3) Onf of a pftlr of banda pMalng lomd a 
boat near tbe aten and utern wb«n auamndad 
fhim tha d&vlta, to prevent tba base from 
Bwiujffritt atxiut. 

* 81^1pO-p«llB3r. •■ A iilg)pu>11y fellow ; a 

crip* (2). «. fOtur f D, «.l A grf flba . iytm* 
* Porr-v, U. I.) 

-giipa'a-effs. a. 

1. Lit. : Tbe ogg of a grllfon nr vuttare. 

2. Fif. : A tMfhnJRal naniA for a vnaael hbmI 
Id alcfacuy, (Arn /ciuvn.- A(eMmii4, ti. 3.} 

'grilM-fAl. n. [Bng. grlpt; -fuHT^.I Dfa- 
po*»>l ■•> grl|«. 

' Srip'-ir, t. IBng. i7Hj<<). V. ; -^r,] One who 
un|>f« : ajierlf., a miMrly MInw, aii extot^ 
toctiooer, an opprwwur. 

"OIken fntmai imL mat fwt an trnil^i! oMun 
mrtmw^ mmmttn of omk. Mid hitpim.' —tMrtmrn . 
tmM. ^ JUmtKAOg. 

A. ft B. ^' pr. par. i parttc^. (h^ ; (See 
tJw varb). 
Oi At nbaCdiUf w : 

L The avt of eoiaing or gnuping ftrmly In 
thf hand ; a graaiiing : a dat«hinit. 
%, A pain In tbo boweU ; Um ip-lpea. 
"Tbamfilmimpt nan tml wbiB tbvy tab lAral^" 
-Mf^t ■ VMim, oh. i»l*. 

* gnp'-Ug-lf', odr. (Kng. irrtpfit^; -ly.] In 
a gnpJng uiauner ; with gnping {Hdna. 

"Ujitan htlp. laK Um andWM aldojn tba jMli^ 

aad »nf* j ii H M>-"-*w— ■ *Mei alJlftim.nt, 

*Crl-ple.a. (QaiP^Lf,! 

' Kri-pl»-B<— , >■ lOR]pri.nrian.| 

* giip'-Al-«fta, * grlp'-n-lotta, «. n^>g. 

irrippiJ, grippk; -out,] Hi'xail}', avariidoua, 


* grlp-pal. a. [OUPPLI:.] 

gripp*. *■ fFr.1 A t«rTQ applied to vaiVnu 
rpi Jouitc fvrtti* of catarrlu 

grip-piir, i. [Eng frijt, V. ; ^.| 

1. Ord. Uinq. : Oim who MlMa : aTMTlflnJJy 
hi Iralaad, a afaertlTa an<wr ; a belltff. 

SL /Mnf. : Tlifl Ang«n on an Imprwti'ii 
which aeixr thr \n\<*T by *»** Mlge ami ^-sit) 
it tn, and noRK'tinir* thmusU, Uip prr«. In 
arimeeaar* latH'ii •-■■ndtict U aTter it baa beni 
fed in by tbe grl{i|i^ri. 

■rip'-plt, Rripp*. a. [Eng. fri/w; -».J 
DfjjKMMl to dBfraud nr extort; mpaeloui^ 

* SrIP'-lrib&C. «. [Eng. frif; .ie^.] Avari- 
cicRiB, gnuping. 

* nlpr^plAC-ntal, a. [Kng. tripfUt ; 4<«.) 
AvMioa, graaplugncaa. 

*nV-pi«. 'art-pto. -gil»-p«l, n. * *. 

A. JtB^^lftMf 

I. Onspiog, taudoqa; boblJiif Araly ar 
fWal ; tight. 

- Ow Ilk AMd IM fr^k Uad «M >«.- 

J^iMHar: ^.iiZ^l M 1 
t. Griping, greedy, avartdnne. 

B. ^ mbtf. : A graap, a bold. 

^^ »a w » / ^ ». r a la. 

* 1 l|>lii» Mtad*J, d. or a 

or gTaapug dlftpualUon; gnpu^ 

Srlp-pto-a«a«, 'grt-pU nw^ 

0nppU ; -H«a(.] The qoAlUy or «t«t« of 
gnp]»l« or ftvnrtelotta; ftTmilM; • 

'Hka fr»pliwMa. leAtMBML liaaaalto. 

* gxim, • gry, *■ (Fr.= gray.] Akl»d«rrH. 

' T- ni- aiMTiiT T'Ttrt-i —iTt\ g~f' 

Art : A itylo of pnlBtIng 
br<dlea in r^ef, auoh «a fHoe^ 
Ac, by Rinuia of a ntlztuiv of 
whtt^ IilgRi«nl«, prodttdog gray tiota. 

■grif-ftm' bMT.a. FBaedaL] Ca»l by MUtM 
lor AliBriujaif>(q.v.X 

■rtwunlwr'ateaaiod. **■ r hnwi d 

wiui tb« atcain of mellnl aiut«rgr1a. 

*Cria«0>.<- IGkk.1 a airj;^ ft etaln. 

-' Wbtcb. aai 


• SRM (S). 'srroa. 

Ib-d. pi*i; ftw. ^rw; 

"TyUifryK Hid 

'friM. '8TTB*> «■ ICT Aa 
t^TTity ; tier. ffraiM * barrtb)*.! 

~ TlM wklMul plea H a* f«l f*aM.- 
(Ntrwv Jiwadl 

* sriaa^ * sxis-en, ' grymn, *.i * L U& 

ITJ'f*)* •■ M tcrnry.I 

▲. /«f nuu. ; To be nfrnM. la tMVitK •• 

- AmUm ktaa fata* Ub Ml ••» 
TfaMMl mZaltetornM.- 

«W»r INaO «.«» 
B. TVwu. : To ftnr 
"Tba akk* IbM rkaiki Iw tataM ■■>» 

*CrlB-6-0&*< a. [tow LftL ffHana; IV. ^4a 
« umy.) Uimv. grlnl«d. grUaly; wWla mttr 
Ued with black or brown. 

gri-fttte, >. (1^.. I^ni vriM = gray.] 

* 1. A aort of gnr wvidhn fiibcto naad te 

drfBBW by Women or th« hiwcr rlaaMn. 
S. A girl or jming wr r te d wai if tba 

ktwar cUwei ; • pel jntrng gIrL 

♦.;-M0.3 Te^^iU^ 


"BK kMfvWWIoata kfta aad (M* Mr flki aaMw 
dMiM.' A Aif. f^iwt. ^ a 

•grtB-ftd-ly, •grtB-fOl-ll, nda. (Bi«. 
^«M; -'»•] Iltirrlbly, foarfiiUy. 
"Thai baa i 
WWtmm XTII. 1. 

'grlAll, 'grs-fl, ft. (GkHS. *.) Borrible; 


"tffwt «arrWM. (wrtkiH*-. 

'grlA^l naM, 'grts 7 ■•■• • IKM Bi*^ 

yr.rf-, V. , -\.*u ) F*-*r, i»mif, "tnied 
•untfTi^HuimMatmi %jvir—mp,ji^ ak«.B« n 

gite'-kln. J. JKog. ^ria = ft pig. aad dtam. 

anff, .i:iik] The apioe uf a htig. 

Srl|r-Ut-«» *. INunad after G, Ortalar.ft Pn««»^ 

gueaa foifeoB and botMlenl wntea | 

ML : A aeooa of LythraeaK. trtba LffthMai, 
now Hmilad In one apedtai, Grtt t m tmmmM<, a 
nallva of Vaoesuala and Nvw Orenkin. Thai 
nard to Iw flftUad 0. Itwmxttm la mam dMa^ 
nated WmtiftnU^ llWMiJMi tUSsmnatead 
wfththoMof MflttDdB wvwad U Intthflaa 

* crif'lad (tod aa fldX A- (0«huhl] 

BU*. OU, flur«. «mld«t, whAt, flUl. fkUhar ; w«, w4t, bar*, oamf l. bar. thftr* ; pina, pit, air*, or. BUurfeM : w^ p4K 
AC; vara, w^4 wfck, whA, aAa; Hofta. o&bb aiira, «niu, aor. rato, fttU; U7t ftfrUn. a, o — •; aars4. VK^few. 

qtuUbr or Mate oT Mii^t griNljr ', liombleotM. 

-nu lU^vfwiM nnk* ^m bMitlfled »IUi U» 

p. Ml. 

grif 1^ (U • grl» U, • grlft-Uo. • grU- 
Uoh, *sri»-Uolu>. *gTyBlyoh. * gry* 

If, a. A adv. (A.h. jrryiiw: el. «t/'S*ft* = Ui 
tenHfy : Oar. ffntut, gruntiff ^ liom)il«.) 

A. Ar adj.: UoiTli>l«, drudfUl, tcrrtbla, 
fcftiful. frtin. 

" AH tk> fHtfp MOM Ifart InMV 

B. 4i afaL.- norriblr. (arriUr. renrftillr, 

- firUJdU tb« 4wilM yatUL'^Jr. frvNAiN. r- it. 

' grif -V t'2) «• (Orixxlt.! 
grt-foA. ■. tFr. ^ (t«y.l 

Zool. ; (/rfMrnla. or iialMlr rUtato, » gvana 
of BruUl*!) tiwuKi'iU, iiLici-il lif f)!!!*! unons 
Uw HiMtolltl* (WfluwU), t>r '<Uv>n uani\^ the 
Malida (akdgcT*). 1 1 U oillwl ftlM th# Uor^m 

griat. 'gTMt, 'gryvt*. «- [A.1).. n«ia the 

Hiue nxit u i;Wiui (q.v.).] 
L OnltNa/y Zajiiftinff* .' 
I. lit : Cora to tto yriPUAd ; oora which hv> 

MwrtMl. Ui 

a TWARfani/y: 



• y Aaoi^ 

L tfta A hati-h of KTsiu lo be gn]aii>1 fit 

• riwtora mill, or Uio timuU of Dm griadlitR 
kw lh« toll. 

1. Mom ■nHiiy: A Klvm iIk"! inpr. C"[ri- 
RMD plat I* • rope umi \nr\ir» lii cimtiii' 
Unnm, wllh iwtLtjr jfuiu In each of tho 
thnw ■tnmU. 

f To h-fM|7 friM to (Ikr inUI; To Itriug |)r«> 
ftt»t4t bukiiMM or «ua; to tic a louim »r 

rrM l»W« i*PI -< Um LDOiliia cWin."— ^ ir>rir>« 
I^MAt. -lair B. W^ 

grUt-mtOi, I. A mill for grlndlag gmlB. 
grlstlA (u ntoU 'gris-tal. 'grytyi. 

• grn-tjIMt «• IA.8- [fnjfl*. a <liiiiMt -t 
pf«7q.Y J; cma. with O. Fri». (^Wd, /rtj*.'/. 

Amti. : Tb« popaUr name of what U calli^l 
Iqr ■dcDtlflc men euiilagvCfi.Tj. 


grb'-llf (I tHwiO, a. \Koe- irrut(f): -ar.i 

CnL /^af, J- AiuU. : Cmnpou'i >«- ooiikUliiif; 
■f gitaCto ; cf the aaian of or Ilka p-iaUK . 

kl«4 «* iMnv* to ilHir ridft buuc.-r WvUvhi 
rffcii* bk. iL, Ok lUTtL 

olK 'grast *gnMik * groot, * greote. 

• Crnir «. [A-S. ffn* - tmt. d.t.l ; O.KMI. 
vnh O, Pria. fnt; lenl. {rr;<w ; Oct. irr^.f . 
0. 8. trial ; O. O. Off. frtoi ; Eug. givnU aiiJ 

L OnfJiMpy £a«fiMf«; 

t. Llhntlly; 

•(0 Su<l. Kmvel. 

- 1»M uMl rvM ■ • ■ ■>«« bn k tandrv&'-JncFWH 

(l> COMW. rough JNUti«lM> 
*aDalM»aKw**OM*lti«to bMvtstIk* I^U^ 

(>) Tlw coftTM put flf ntMl. 

(4) Oats huakad m cnanwly iroiiiid. (Qmw- 
nUylB Uw plmml.) [OaiMTa.] 

(5) Ttw ■traebm or ehuactcr nf a rtnnr am 
ngnttl IkMDCah elnaanmyi, or tfaelr n\>\tmii^ti. 

*<f) AUDdoTenb. 

L ^. ; yinniMM, dKlDrmltiatlnn or raaolu- 
ttoB <4 mind ; ploek. 

-TMrth. Mi frw. Mil MlwUrtiit MJmtn Uiad 
•NV '- Ita* AbMw 4 M«r<a^ ^ uL 

IL /Hrol.; A tenn racnety nsMl for any 
uMn a cmh iad Mudatoaa. eapMlally if thf 
gmtaam ttaraaofaUrorralvanipilar. Rativ) 
wa— K a« a eaaiw^niDed atMl anmawhat 
■t,ar at Un«a a flne-iminwiaail T«r) 

lifird and compact »«ti'l«tmi*, fTMinently eoc- 
tAJnina fravnitiutM «»■! gnuBulm m othu uiia- 
eniU. ucaM«s quarta, (Unt, or diert. 

gFlt-b«n7, <. 

Jfo<. : T)i<! ip*"u* CoinamaUphj-lls. 

grit rock. «. (CRtr. ■.. il.] 

'grit, r.f. &.t. IGitrr. * I 

A. /itfrniiJ. : To ^w (Hit a grating aoaiid, 
aa Mod anilcr the fpct; togmti!. 

B. Tnifu : fn cniti> ; tct grltul or mb togc- 
Va/BS : aa. To grit Lho iMth. 

grit,* lOltBAT.] (.SMidk) 

' gritta, A [Jt-H. t IceL ; O. Sv. triOi, grvtK 


1. Pcac*. gootlwlll. 

** BrUk Ml MnW Mid frM on kthn^ and pUb 

Mtw«ua MVlk gi«Mii» BHOB*. —O. S. KamOtm. 

2. Kt-rry, klndiKSit. 

" All> •efcnkn aUdliti I O-kIm frUK'—Ot Mar%tntK 

p. It. 
* grttb-breaolk. ' grlth-bni^«^ >. a 

breach or hr^akfiig at Im |M<atjj. 

"VrrnilaUirrWk-«ntck*uiitili lobd ~ 

' grittl'-rtJU a. fKng. rttA ; -AlC')] KIihI, 
iinif^ifnl. T'lrKirtug. 

■' ikuuui vM/ru^rW klas.* £(MW"»««h U- U- 

• grith ran. t.*, lA.S. ffrttkian.} 

1, To pmtpct, to kwi» In peaw <«■ BMorily. 

Com flttni,' 

2. Tn nx^Hiclle. (i^t|M">''n. !!• 4M.) 

■ grtih Uoh*. o. A u./i-. I A. N. 1 
A* itfuO. : Kind, i.Tvi^tnut. 

" D« cnW thMH kbM tiil<I r^Mtk** rp««lia.' 

B* Ai (ftp. : Kindly, |tT«HouMly. 

-grittl MT fefftBtfttraaar).*. IEiiK.0riM, 

and xrstnnt \ An offlcx-'r to kt»p tba peaM, 

'OrtfawTVmnu wit l(>nt>*t»nN^* jr«MM;Ma 

grit-Ctone. *. IBng. irrU, uidltoiw] Tim 

soiiic oji Utirr, IL (q.v). 

grit' tlfi, rt. [Eug. !7H( ; (a . .».! 

//t .- .Monnnpplifd tnUi* fl«M whan win- 
jMiMd flciiully (if luoliil and coldiir. 

grit'-tl-nSH, * (Kns, ffW^'y ." •***^ I iT"" 

rpiAlity or atale of Iwiing gritty or aliMiUMlititi 

" In fflllcr^ iMth be eoiiU ln<l ao Mikd ^ tlw mlcn^ 

grtt'tf. o- lErig. ffrd ; ^i^.J 

1. .- CoDolKtlng of or contitiilnn grit ; nf 
the nuttire of grit ; full of harl jiarticlea ; 

"XioanA tkUoDvav. . . asMrahkt «*«« tetVMtt 
tba twth.'-AvM ' ITcrfel 

S, #^I^ ; Plucky, oouragtoua, laaa l uttt. 

griv'-ttt «. IFr., fram AhyalaUn <?%] 

/mf. : C-ncDotfrtM or t>ra)piQh«m« rri«n>- 
vlHdu, an Old Wnrld DHNikey with gmeniHli- 
gray far, torn* wlill' luiln near the hiiidrr 
extrcmltiei, the tail gray. Found In AfHca. 

gH-wte'-llIolE(wa)iTXj<' (R>UM.1 Aiinatl 
■llvnr ^sA\l min^nt in KiuMJa of the valiM) uf 
Xrti kci|o%ka, or alxtnt twri|iriic« aterllns. Il 
wfigliB 2-039 gnunnina, and (a 'S Sua. {BukAU) 

'kHm, »- [fiwwaOM 
'(riX'-^Un, n. [GttiiiKLiiii.l 

*ia1x-ile« *grto-4l, ' grt«-«U. <■ ft a. 

[Ft. (TtU = gray ; Huff. -«I.) (UlUXUJU>.l 
J^ Ai nlataKtlvi : 
1. A gray colour ; a mlxttire of ItUck and 


"TliaakkUi irowHl avt-Jab mi thy lac*.' 

1. A gmy-liaimi nnui. 

"T1ial<itdar'4*WlaiN>fait*.* 0Miirr. UL IM. 

■ a. A kind of wig. 

"OnmUrR in<niltU«tr Umthi9¥d mrHtM.' 

B. A* ihli. : Onj. griui^l. 

" A«BMu tba uuubf tra^ to trUtO «wBa,' 

fSarr: Plryl/I , .Awdoi rill. 

gTl«--«lad(d*«uMili]b'<* (tt«. ffHaib.' 
-f'U Univ : offtpi^diMlem-; taunpuiMd 

witJi gmy. 

" til* liMfd WM #rtB(M(l' 

griislod-aklpper, *■ 

/■;«/<,■«.. ; A aiimll l.utli>rfly— TAywrf* ytlnoo- 
lifj. nflhc [iiiiillv I]<--ii>rH'lii'. TIk' wiiijD ar« 
'•Ucklnb, UtiK^il Willi grriv and with rrT«my 
i»i:><>t*. Toe larva feeda on the nuptierTT'. (^flaiM- 
grtH'-BljF. 1. ft >. [Bag. yr<al(«>r-j».l 

A. 'J* <i'fj. : Of & KTajrinli ri>l>iur ; giaylah. 
" Tbnioib Uur^nu when frtadf iirrtmilwa^l,' 

CtHTfrr To Ckirlii Oeidnti. iTT>1«.| 

B, jt/ «u't«t. .- (<)kIU[LV-IiB«Il}. 

grtuly t>e«r. grtaly-lwor, i grinU- 

I. ZooL : Vmu fmxx. A biig« lienr. >oioc- 
timea ninp fi''<t fmiii lb« uom to tlie end of 
th» very abort laJI. and welgUng BOO Ilia. T1i« 
luir, wiitirh vnHi-H Iwtween gmy and bUoklah 
hniwii. In itiiitr or ItMta griulad, whenc« the 
animal'fl Eii^liab iiaiiic It liduMu North 
America, r*)iP'-laUy tlic ptalos out of lh« 
Rooky MouiiUitu, aitd Uiato iDoiintaliia th()ill< 
aalvfa. It f<-4^Ja |iartly on fruita nlid roola, 
but partly abn on aniiual food, orffrcumlng 
th« hnita blaon. 

S. FatoQit. : Vrw* prUeni, of the Pnat- 
Terllary t-avaa, ia aap|a«ad to batba aana aa 
th" Grtnlj Iw-nr. 

groMU 'gran l-an. * grune. ' grona, 

t-.i. A I. [A.S. ;rrii»lna ;alllinl tn Urik (•t-V.^J 

A. rnlranwittrm : 

L !■<'. • Tt> bmtbc with a hmrj, or datp 
niunni:iii - In |ialu or ajcitny ; to 

utt^r II ' I ; to ittu>r a mournful 

vi ii«* ,1 

" 1 !••*•< tfr-io.-w iiii.iit Umh, baan *oaj for Umol' 
^HunfOM ! Ngrim * nmii— pL L 

II. FigvraH<i4i^ t 

I. T« grii-vf ; til KulTor hanhhtp; to \» 
biirdi-iiMfiui aa Lo i»iu« muriauriug, aa, A 
uollou iTf^^it* under niofiMfvn taxation. 
%. To long or atrlve MroeaUy after anything. 
■* NMhtof but boty. piiT*. aad claar. 
Or UmI wU«1i anMiwca c« tit M.* 

B. TranM.: To allrtin or put down b> 
griNiiiK ; aa, The aiieakor ««a gnantd down, 

grdwi. *grmaa, * grone, i. (Gao&ir. p.1 

I. A ton lutatiiliig •i<inid. aaofoiw in |«fn, 
MUTfow, or ag<iny : a def p, niuuniful aouud or 
VfAoB ; a de«p aigh, a tmaui. 

" Dm** • |dty tiv vraoM,' C^wfMr ; TtMlh, ITT. 
* 2. Any hoane dead aonnd ; a town. 
" Badi avvaat si taarlac aind ami i»la. * 

aa a iin f - Lt*r, UI. 1 

3, A dMip, mnmiarfng aonnd, uttered in 
darlakw or dlaanirvbation : aa, Tm apstkcf'a 
votes waa drowo«d In graiju. 

grdMi'-tf( >■ ISng. groan; -er.] One who 

' grdsB'>fftL "^grtee-MU. a. [Eng. jrtnit: 

■/«l(r)-] Caitolng ur tending to cauM gruana 
or aadnraa ; and, lamontAblu. 

"And sava ^ktoct bla wotbcr mrVb a ivtM^U 
MDWl. ' ap mnmr . r. 9- >■- ti. U 

groan -Ug. ' grmn-iiiigd, ' gnm-tng. 

■ gron yngo, jT. jMir., a.ftfc [Oti-j*:*, «■ | 
A. & B. ^> yr. par. i jairtfcifi. ti4j. : (Hm 

tbe vcrii), 
C Ai nbM. : The act ofgiiing i!tt«nnefl U> 

groana or tuonnlng^ ; a groan. 

groaalng - malt, >. Dnuk pruvided 

rnat a woman's onoflQcnMnt, and (U-ank t>y 
woneo aasetnblod on that ocnalou. 

* groAt. * grot*, f . [O.LowOar. Kgnat,fnim 
Tta biMiig larger than the aiaall Copper c-iiii-> 
rnmirrly in uae; O. Dut. groott; Out groo^l 

* L A naoll aUvw coin, fbrmeriy oamnt In 
Eugland, of the nine of fOor penoa eterllng ; 
lieoea hmr penna, cr a foarpanny plMs. 

" Bat B«w yraatt al loaf u ^Bfc anA hall fnmn U 
iwoMMB, •qw«»lMt hi tkw atadlaa aiMur, an 
i^tSir^Mm -• mmml lit |aa Uict 
S. Dead imracblally fur any auiall or tiHtliiis 

- Bla amartl to bM varfb a fFrnf- nM^tg : Jumr. 
•aa/mnM VarU ■• HW JTatf. oh xli. 

^H, IH^: pent, )^1: oat, 90U. ofaorua, 9biiK. bonQb; ro. koid: thin, ^hls: ala, aa; oacpeot. Vonophon, o^nt. ph ' C 
-«tea, -tUB= ■li#a. -tlon, -aloii = abfia; -(loo, -fion -^ ibtln. -doas. -Uous, -alona - alitU. -ble, -die, Ai>. ^ b«l, dfL 


groata. ■ grotM, «. pL [ImI. gmuU s pof- 

fidit*' : Sw. prW; I)«D. VTxrd ; Dut. jort.] 
Oau or wtiMt without tliP titukii. [OBOtm.] 

" Tka PMl4« of Room ft« Ihna bn&dMd fM** (^ 
■rtliW. immI bd uttar (Md Umb Uw ahuu luad* of 
«onB>in obMl.''— ^. ^aOMrf: /»*i*. bk. >vllL, 
A. vlL 

grAb'-m^ll. <■ [Etrm. doalitfoLl 
/iiikihy. : Ttafl StA Ureain (q.T.), 

crd'-9«r. 'groa'Hrir, «■ (O. Pr. rmtlcrss 

oa« who ■«!> I'j* tlie groas or irhoteaAto ; frot, 
fatn. fnmt =■ ?TetL) A dulcr in Im, mgu-, 
colTso, Bptew, Afl. IOrom.] 

" KoM •( IkM ootnpMita. Bor Mrii of tW vtataMH, 

baUlMix rrrm»ft . . . khoold b* •idAliUd DMlor ol 
Itaa oUa'-ffafiiMk^.- aim. MaMr4 ;y. )UL UM 

groovr'A'lteh. $. 

i'alJh. : EcbthyniA, prodaoed by hiindUniz 
augu'. It is mutt coainion In spring ami 
sammer. Somt^ausa tho emplioQ is local, it 
othan It Almost oov«ri Uia bMy. 

* Kr&-90r-iy. a. [Kng. imwf ; -^O Bdotif; 
big to tba grocery tnd«. 

" torn* trtetrtm UItvk' 

sr6'-^Sr-f, •gr6«'-«ir-j^, i. tO- FV. »«•- 


1. Grooen' wnrw, biicIi w tes, sogar, ootltoc, 
Ao. (IJkUftllr Intiie iilunl.) 

"MoantoilapiH) Utacolt. •rltli idMl box bal^vrvkln 
U «UTr fr«a«^« In.'— (M4an4U .- ria«r «/ »«£•- 

S. A BrDeer*fl tbnp J * V^Moa vhero grooeiiM 
an Boto. {AmMrimn,} 

'groohtt, v.t. it I. (Gbupqe, v.] 

* grda * groflb, * sm^ odr. [Icel. rnfi- 1b 

iho pkriM, f IfOfO oV^A> » to 1m grunMUag : 
(rni;h := to vrovrl ; Sw. dlaL rnrm ^ flat on 
one's boe ; 7f(»a Jt frupt * to lie grorelUuoD 
one's Ikce.) Urovdllng ; flat on oae'a nos. 

Krtfg, ». p^amcd iftar a ntchnams <if Admiiml 
VoTDon, who, rh^ui Ills wotring gro^ram 
1int4«b«B, VMS oallnl "Old Oroa." AtHiiit 
17i& he ordored hla aailun to dilute their nun 
with water.l 

L Bpirita ind water mixM but not iweet- 
CDtd ; iCrong drink gvoeraUf. 
L 1^ def. aee eitnct. 

lud tmi MorualoaMd tn Mak a rlla 

Mlxtme nncimd >l irtrlt ilucw kevwe a« ffnA uid 
Mmi>MiMl«4 of ilrti>iiin^ tTMOi wtM. nliti Hid bMT 


KTOt-bln—om, >■ A mInrH or ptronla 
on lliB iiiuio iir fajw. nrUiiig fmro exctasive 
tadiili^i^m la itniiig drink. 

groc-abop, «. A rUa« wbtn iqHrlta or 

strot It; drinks aro sold ; a dtam-abop. 

■grog, V.I. IGkoo, ■.] To mfx water with; 
to weaken with water. (AttrbA) 

In hat «MU.--Uw^a Mm**. Muck I. iMT 

grdg'-g«r-y, r. [Bng. frfu : -«r,.J A ptaoa 
wh«r« spinta or other sUtmik Uquofs an sold ; 

grtg'-^-Bte^ ■. [Eng. rmtn: -mekj 

* L Orf. £«jif. : Th* slat* of balng usder 
the Influeoea of drink ; tifwIiMaa. 

t. F^rr. : A tandanaai or ittfHiaai In tba 
fbotofihorae, or vmIcsmi la tbsforatagi. 
"thi iMHtflH MvafetlM ft the. MiMlH'Knk, aad 
Dm totitftUM si the wMeertbe iM^lw. kaowe tr 
«kaaHnii7fn«r(-M.M<«hWi l*HO<Ue mu la 
old ud menoHMlSMMi^ It nMan en aOkUm 
i)< MIker Um MkMfe er ikeMtem-iotals ilflit>lT''- 

reMd. 0«iafJta«.ek. 


grtC'-cy* «- iEng- r^: -IF ] 

L OnfiMrrir I^niruot^: 

1. L'bder the Influeooe of drlitk 

i. StaggfHng or stapaflad, as one dasad witli 
Mors ; acting like OM MaptAti with drink. 

IL Parr. : XuTlng UMMUy, ■• with tender 

'•lt ^ »Mle»»lb wiMI— iM anUMlxrf h>t 
p w a w a and l«a« leera gn ai * ntt paM «iU auk* 


grftf -rva, • grtfr-Sr^a. " gr<r-r*». 

«. a a. (o. Fr. jrrwijralii, rri>Bi frv* - groes, 
(faiek, coarse, and (rnua s ^rain.| 


groats— groom 

Am At nihtUtntirt : 

Fab. : A coaraa stulT of allk or tltk sod 

- IIaatullbar«U*i«rwraMatttMn>t«lMldUm- 
—B^ ./a'iMt i>tr|r Itan fn Wt ffWMeMr. IL 1. 

a. At a<ti. : Had* of tbs fabric descrlbwl 
In A. 

'' PUbtflvodr wcnUdeelMisttdewB 
T*«e BMWBt In the fraenam nwn.* 

Sw«l ; itaMct) <mil#MM. 

grfiln OX ' grain, '. llcel. B«iii = a branch, 

anri ; fm'nu — to branch or fork off; l>in. 
arttn = a braneb; Bw, irrm = a branch, a 

I. AnaL .* The hollow In the bomaa body 
whtre the Uil^h and the tnmk unite. 

"TbaUIUadikrtafTi'M, . . 
Faatd ttUVDik *Bd thread hU frWu.* 

t. ArrK : Tbf angle nr sngular carve fumiM! 
by an interaccUon of veiilta; most of the 
vaiiltoil cnlliugti at the miildle agrs wrie 
STiilDcil, and tlifinrors csJlod grotned ecUlnys. 
Uurijtg Llii' early part of tlie Norman atylo tlio 
groins were left porpoarly plain, but altn-- 
wards they w«rs InvartaUly covrml with ril<a, 

3. (Jiril Sag. .- A nmme of wood-wirk, nm- 
MtrurtMl aemaa a tomcti, betweeo hl^h and 
low water, ij«nn«"di»n]iir to Wie itoiirml lino 
or it, {-itbf^r til rvlaiii t)m iihifit;l« iilrea>1y arcu- 
mnlatMl, to rw-ovnr It wh«ii l-ist, or to sccii- 
UiuUle niur^ at any portlcclar )j<ilnt ; eUo to 
break and c-hw^k the action of the wavw. Tb« 
comimnent pnrla of a emla are piles, plank- 
ing,. l«nd-tl<!«, land tie-harm, bloeka, tau-piles, 
and knyi and scrBW-bolta. 

grola-rib, a. 

^rcA. : A nb or pntjeoting member follow- 
ing tJi0 lliifi Mf juhctinri of the two atcJirs 
forcniitg a grulii. 

* grSia <3). ' grolna, ' groyn. ' groyn*. ». 

TO. Fr. ffroinff ; Fr. proiti ; Frov. frvitt^ grtmg ; 
Ital. grvfno; O. Port gmfe.l 
1. The BOaut of a swiue. 

" A rlu itt |r>il>l ttwt U wanu In tiw w " *"* <>' ■ 

S. A hnnglitg lip 

graa(U»-t (Onoix (i>, 1 1 

Arek.: To form into grultui to ontaioeot 
or fUrnUh with groins. 

*grSbk(!)s *grolgiia,*groyBa, r.l. rPr. 

grogntr ; O. rr. srw^€r ; Vmr, ffrvnkir, 
gronir; 8p. ffr^'^t'^; Port, gmmkir; ILU. 
fnffnirt, grvgnart. from IaL oniuiio] To 
groan or gruot ; to bang the lip fudifconlant; 
to pout. 

" WketkMT ■» tbikt ha loBi* or #mHW * 

Mttmn-it Iff UU Asm. T.OII. 

grCfaud, o. (Eng. gnyin (1), s, ; -vr.l 

ArA.: Usving ui angular eurro fDmiCid by 
Che lateruction of two arches. 

grotnad-AToh, >. 

Arrh. : An arrJi InteraecCtd by another cut- 
ting It traiiikVrrMly. 

gftolBad-oellliig. grMnad-root ■- 

AnJi. : A ceilin^t formotl by three or morr 
InteTS-rding Aicbrb, evmy twu of nlilch fi'nii 
a gnnn at tltrt ii)t>-iitr-<-n'->ii, wll the grolna 

FiB Tisiii J TMilUnc, 

niMtlng at a i>o|nt csIInI tbf apn or imnmlt 
Oroioea ardws are (oond both in rUwic and 
medlaval antblleFtarw, but wrfv Umiglit u> 
the greateet perf^ctioa In (he latter. Fan 
triKi-ry vanning le gndDed nwQtig In its moat 
cniiiplrx furm. 

* grfin-ir. * groya-anL a. IBag. f 

('•'). v.; -tr.] une Mhu tells Idaa; a 

" TW fninun with 4f»«< 
— Wtrivk- IVot nvLia 

gr6iA'-SAg 0). •■ (GiuxmO). e.| 

Arch. : Tbt' same aa Gaoiv (IX *-. I- 

*gr€ln'-Ug (?), 'groya 
ynga,!. roaoiRisj, ».i 
1. Grunting 

** OtvmwiiM at •WTM, 

S. A gmmbUAg; tala-bcaitag. fOhiwow; 

gromol, grom -mal, *^ (Oiuwvnj_| 
gr6in'-4t, gr^m-BiiC, • (Fr. gu ■ - w ^ i » 

a curb : govrmer = to tvrb. ] 

1, NmJ. : A ring fnrmud t^a itrawti <€ nye 
lal<i muml uid spUi'«d. UeMl aa a haak. a 
thlniMe, or with lain oars, in ei'>[ift«rtiM 
with a pin, as a suiiatitut« for a n>wI<-:A. 
Metallic gronimets, forming eyelel^ ara siaa 
times BQb«titntjp«). An tmn nsfia la <aat to 
the WTonght-metal thimble : afWr 
the edji^ la apua ont npoa tiio • 
metal nng. 

2. Ord. : A wad made of tvp^ lsMna4 
down Itetwecn the ImII and the cluf|^ Maa* 
i.>r iiakiiiii and b'.miid witJ) apaB-yv^ A ■ 
called ajunfc-wad. 

grovMC-wai^ L 

Onl. : A wad aaed la firing ftam •amrO. 
bore guns, when tha alavaUon la leaa lliaa T. 
i Slud-f r twtM: 
Ord. : The aaine aa Obomkt, 1. 

grif-ai-^: [tat.irri>wasaMirt«}WBpa*i 

or meoauring-rnd. 
ilWif. : The tyjilcal gntus of tka h^^ 


gro'-ml-da. gro-mf-^l*, «. (Mod. Lat 

trn>M'a, anil L«t. oeuL •dj- stiC. -Msl or fMa. 

Zool. : A family of FtasaUnlfraa, wttt aa 
Iniperfonte lest. U la brDWsiak-nlhMb 
membnnona, aoA, and aMMllar, «fia Im^' 
nlifonii pn»pe*iee jT^rwUaif. 

gr6m well, grdm-ll. gro-aul. gras^ 
meU. gray mlUet, <- [Fr. gnrmtt; ««l 


001!. : f.UAespermM q^aalt, aiiiiMllj ad- 
mlBlitered for tb« car* of gravM. 

T Faim Onmtaril: The genoaOacsMudlia 

'graam, vX [Onoiaii, r.] 

Oron-lB-^te'lats, Oraa-fa-tte-rt- 

^jBf (o aa 9), a jiJ. {Prnni Tha trn of 
Orotdnaen Id tba Ketherlanda, at wUeh the 
early auanaita of tba ««t held UaMr flM»f^ 

rA iJiif. .- A dlvisloo of M MiMwtt ^ ata 
Honrlabed In the aanrnlae&tb eeatsy. 

gr&-n«'-Tl-f, a INaaied afitt t. W. Ona^ 
vliu, a ttotaaut of Ijeydea.] 

Bal.: The typkal gaaua cf IW tifb* 

grit-BO-vl-ft-liL atrf. IMod. I 
and Lat fern. pL ad|. sua. -aoi.] 
BoL : A tribe of 


BnL : A tribe of f niaaiaai 

groAm. ' groa. * graoM^ ■: [Btrs. daaka- 
fill . yn-li. from A.8. gitna • a BMa, Ilia r 
Uiiig Inserted aa Ui oartitdgL lainhlp. 
corporal. Ac - Dtlt. «mb (la brmtatftm « 
lifMcgmom); O. H. Qar. gMaa; loeL ftmi: 
Gntta. maiB ; LaL homo ~ a naa ; O. Oar 
grwM; leel. grostr Bsboj.) [BaiDaoaoaa.) 
* L A yooog aiaa, a lad. 

' Ich an DSB »■ fTNM Uh «» wal «wmT 

■ 1. A menial, a tervaat. 
"AhnllUiBaMavMtfedfvvva* aaww.lffa 
K. Spaclflmlty a man or boy who has tha 
charge of bortes or of the alahla 

- OiHnlMl baa hgrUs da»i Ml>r kit g>HL * 

4. A maa aewly-iaanlad ar atonl 

marrfed : a bridegrtxaa. 

- By Utia tka bcUat ua Wtib 

fi. One of MTeia] iJtoa w la Ow royal 
bold : aa, (Jnam of (ha SbaU, Ac 
n Onam ^ As fllalt.* (SfOLtl. 

la to 

Ata, f&t. fiiro, amidat, what, Gall, tiatbor ; wa, wAt, bora, oamfl, bar, tbAra ; pina, pit, aira, nr, nukriB* ; ga. p4C 
or, wora, w^U, wortc, ^rhh, ate ; mnto, ofib» oiiro, nnlto, onr, r&lo, flUl : try, Sfrlaa. i^aa = o;«y=L W^ kv. 

groom— gross 

* 8ro«D-port«r, *. An ntOetr at tbe 
Rn^al hiiiik^ri.ilil. nti/mr duly it waft to ftee 
tbkt tbe'» I'Hl^Uig wu rumUlivrt with 
toUti, obklr*, ftUMiU, uid flrtns. ndiI lUn t) 
prorfa* audt uul dine, kc, and to <lei^l<l« 
uiputaa srtftlng jit cmnla, dl«e, bowling, Im. 
Uf vu ailovM to kMp on ofMm iramlug-Ulile 
ftl Cbnitttijis. Tho CHUott wu ftbuluUied bj 

"T^ ji m ii-joxw k«d » nan MDtvvtaW bi 

. Oom v}io ■ttniila ou 

Uw bridvpDOnt at m wadding ; lti« ln-ai itwn. 

"BaiUiaal tfct ^r^rm* rwnii ■ »iil» 
'"ntba! ft wHI-kanwN ralM baa et1«l.~ 

Ut^fMhm atlnt Olrl ^CmMtUCMOU. til. 

grodw. f.l- IGnooM. >.) Tn tend, cmT« for, ar 
drcu, u a RnHtiii due* « bone. 

; -im.} Wllh- 
— M*vmN 

*Sro6m UM.a. (Eag. preom 

out ft B'^'^iu. 

"A fvwfc M^ llaUN* ana 

' groAn'-lM; 1. r^ng^ irm»s <•■ : dfmin. Boir 

•W.I A mu« or jroug gnxMi. (JioeA.) 

'|i««iUoti or ft 

* crttAm'-ah4^ *cron»-citlp, 

tffVMi: -«A<p.) Tn« ofltro iir |>« 


- Hafmiw TlliMlAMwIlta Iha eosMBtftt hi* MftjMlf 
l««lft> ■la tr v trnf M l*."— Wtmt : jlA<n« Onm. 

groAt, ■ [DnL^gmt.] An old mnnt-y "f 
ftocoont In Brtmen. raluo )| Uh of u KngUftli 

pfJlBf. (GlIOAT.l 

graAva, 'gmn, ■. iDat groii; gram^ft 

gnirft, a groove.) 

L Onffnary Lanfmogt : 

L Mf. : Adiftnniil. flirror, nr long hollow. 
■neb M nuy b« cut with a tool , a rut, fur 
row, or ehftiiDel, lach «« Diav lie f'tnnml liy 
tk« actfam of watei ; ft oliftnncl fonu«i by ftny 

1. rtf . ; Tbft nfttural conno or Oxed roatlne 
of ooc'b lilb or »v«*iita. 

I. <?••». ,• A apirml channel between the 
Undi In rlSitig. 

S. Jn(n. : A dianticl Ui the «dg« of ■ bnanl. 
Za uatcbed-boBiiling it rcL-eJvcft Um tODgiux 

*1 Jftedng: A ahaft or pit. 

4. Ansi. : Tberv aiv oMny gmovea In tbn 
h<iRun fritn", mf, th^ bicipital, tbe laclirymal, 
anil the ■uhcoflal gnwvca. 

■MOV^nUBt a 

WMrfb-ftwO'iKf : A atanp for making Ui« 
groove In wlileli the eyea of aeedlic an rornud. 

^vj. [a»00TK, ft I To cut or fnnii a 
gmora or channel In ; ti> ftirmw. 

"TWftff t w n hfT90mdtt\lmmMnfla.'—fttm n mt: 

JHft MLTfiW VfMM autt. 


, a. IGitoovB, *.] 
L tW. La*^. ; Having a emov*. fUnvw, or 
ehnuil In It ; cbanB«11<><l ; rum>wy<l. 

Ja^Wr aw T -^»n'i iitm r rr pt T lOktrMmm. 

L JSM. .- Fliitnl, diftiiDeled, marked witb 

tagHadllUl IHTTOWI. 

m/mmwrntL-yM, «. A wond-bnrlne tAnl, 
ftdftplM to h« uiod to a bra(«, and liatrliig • 
cyliulricftl ileui with ft ftirlial grouve, 

croorad wboel, i. 

I, A whoci havjnii rlrcutnfftrcntlnl Ind'nt^- 
Unna. m* ft moiln tA lacivaaiitK tl"* tnn^linn ni 
i&TTliTe fHclUiiul lurCftL-e L-utitact ; a fnctiou- 

L A hand-whe^I or fmllpr haTlnn p^riph^rml 
dfpmrtpna for a round baad, bj lu Bonie 
la Am. 

r* a. fZng 9n»«e, t. ; -<r.| 
* 1. Out wlio or tfaal wldcli citla w fonnft a 
1. A miner. (PrortaeMii:) 

tra^-Us. V'- P""-. <•-. * ■- Ifii*w>vi, p.] 

A. A B. A»yr. jmr. * portUip. ac^. .* (firt 

Cb A» nM. : The act or |irnrra« iif cutting 
or femlig a groove ; a groove, or ect of 

gpraOT tO g-plaawa, <■ pL Camnlm' anH 
JouMi*' |i4«D«ak ■ludiara ada|ileu rif ciiUlit^ 
■■ tlM filaagb, fllUftlai, rooter-plan* , 

•KTopa. 'KTOop. 'sroupa, * srowpe. 

^gmpe.). lu.Krift. jmiw; Dot. irro*!.; aw. 
A Dan. gn^l A dusn«l to oiirT]r on urine 
froui a itabltf or italL 

"AFThp*; ■OJUArfHOk.*— CtfidL AafUiMim. 

•gripad). "jprowpa. ' growpTB, r.t 

[lltinpK, M.\ To inake a gruuve ur cUftiiiiel : 
U) furai giixiveo. 

" I ym>rr. iraliiai, at audw ■• «uuia* gtsva, frt^t^ 
or «af ««.'— At^ruHL 

cropa (2X * smiWt *sndp* * gropan. 

* groap, v.i. A f.f A.S. ^;)iaa*lo luuidlo, 
U> ««lae, from gtdf = tb« gnup of the bands, 
the grip of lite Angera, from gnpan •• to grtpe ; 
O- a. Oer. trtiM: leeLgrtlf^] 

A. JnSmiuilivt: 

I. To (eel with ttie hands. 
"Ixke what UhvU put in thin h««4 BBilnvM' 
(Atinr C. r. liWi 
t. To use the handft ; to linmllr. 
" If uur Udar >nin ana M«, by drrda Uat ba wtn* 
nM«UutoUj|llafajrii)'-N-f<r(4/« Araxti nvll. U 

S. To »eartili or >c«k. Ui flud •'jiucI Ultitf lu 
the dark ; m, aa a blind iipnoti, by rMning 
aliotlt lallb tho hamii ; lo Tol-I unes ws) aa 
With the hatida. 

"Wefrf^latlbtwaailkaUM hUuA'~li». 111. |r> 

4. To seek to AihI onc'i way tliruugh doubt 
or perploilty. 

* ' Orweir BO Ungn In nicht ' 
XMWr«W ' raiMrrn qf Iht Ur€* A>pv«r. 

* A. To seek to Bnd anything. 

" Aa WlAdljr oratMl Ui-t fur a (ntiu« atala." 

* & To examine eloaely. 

- B* la tbe«rn«Md# Oad.- 
martf *v. iOtt. J^•#nM ' CtaMMM. M. 

B. TVaa/Uftf : 

I. To foel with tba haada ; to toadt ; to 

" Than frafie^ ba aaatr WMndt." 

air /igf t sr aa , {.an. 

5. To M»k out hr failing wfth tbc handa in 
the dark or aft a blind parauo : sBi To gropt 
one 'ft way. 

* 3. To try to dlacorer or find oat; to aeak 
into ; to try : to souud ; Ut probe. 

" How TifllftDt to yi'afi BMn** tbouliU. aB<l to pick 
out Kwiaabat whanof Ibar ial(fct coiaiJalu.'— 

* 1. To iBqnlre into \ to eiamlne. 

"T« gnpit lodiolr m ■aoaekaw'' 

Chmtmr , c. r. raa 

gr6p'-ir, a TBkig. roK»); -tr. ] One who gn>p« ; 
oiM who trica to Ana hla way by groping. 

'J tptmuio 
gr6p'~[Ag, pT. par., a.. it*. (OKorc. i-.J 

A. 1^ B. Atpr. par. ± partUip. atii- '■ (See 
the verb). 

0. Am nM.: The ifl or iiUta of aeaklng 
onr.'i way by fftellng wlUi the hands In the 
djuk, nr as a liUuil jicrsoii. 

* groptng-lroa. * gmptnga-yraiu *■ 

A tool for fortiting grooves. 

*-T^ fr»p(w4>wi tban ^gftke ba'-ifX la falU- 

fTop'-Ug-iy, adv. [Eng. onpinQ; •t$.\ In 
a groping maDiier : aa one wliv gropoa. 

gr6p^-^ta» t. {fnm Grvpp(,iorv\ In Swfldeo, 
whi;re)tocearft, and auff. •ii«<iif«i.}{(l>v.).] 

Min. : A roafr-red or brownlali-red crystal- 
line mineral of splintery fractare : Ita hard- 

DrM. 3'& ; k|>. gr., STS. CoUMO. : ib'Ol : 
ftlumlna. 2S'&6 ; BasqaloKlde or Iron. 8*04 ; 
magnesia. ITVS: Ume, 4'M>; soda, 0*82; po- 
taMu. &'S3 ; water, 711 =■ lOD. Uci--ura iu 
Umeaton & (iAi »a. ) 

' grttp'-pla^ ■.<. [A fraqDooi. (hm yreft 
tq.v^).] To grope. 

" To rn^pto la tlw hcmh Har nv4ah.~-r. iVi.«4N 
r«at Ai^Mait «r Ot/Wd, ch. ixs. 

grdr-fit'-litai ■■ IFmm Groroi, In Mayrmni!, 
France, wlxTn it oocnni, and Gr. At4oi (^i/Aoi) 
= HtOQD.] 

Min. : A variety (■( Vad (Bog-manganeae). 
Tbo colour la brownish -black, toe atreak red- 
disb-bruwD. (Z^nd.) 

grAa <* sttent), ft. (rr., = thick, atroBg.) 
IbBcsB, at. J 

rnhrir.: A lieary aHk with a dull ftniah. 

groa-em. a. a rilver onln. uaed to Hwlt- 
xarUnd, value 4b. Sd. alarllng. 

grfia'-lMak, * gH(aa'-l>ealE, ». ir.aa.gnn, 

and benk. So iiftmcd Inm the thick bills ol 
the Bevml species.] 

1. Singular: 

(1) Spm. : The genna Coceothranstei (n-V.y 
<2) Ctn. .• Soma other birds having thicJt 
MI la. l^] 

2. I't. : The Engtiab name of Coroothtatta- 
Unm, ft sub-family of Frlugllllila. 

^ Tho Cardinal Groabeak (ConliaaJtc v(r- 
ainianta), an AuiL-rlcan Urd. The Pine Oroa- 
twak la Laita enitrkalor, called abio Pine Dul- 
flnoh I and the Social or Repuhllcan Grosbeak 
la nUaitTUM aodaa It Is from Itanth Africft, 
and lielonsi to the anb-lkmlly of Plooein* 

gra'-aoll^n. *. IGbms.) a robII atlver ooln 
tisrd In tlir North Grrmao Rtates, value i^th 
of a thaler, ot about IJlh of a penny aterhng. 
Banh groadica ii auUdivided into ten pfen- 

gro-aar, gro-aert. gro-^-^, i. [Onoe- 


groaa, ■ groaao, a. a ■. [Fr. grw (fanL 

aruue) » iblck, CDftrar. from Low IM. fTHnu, 
from Lat enufuj ^ thick, coana ; ItAL gnaw; 
Up. frvno.] 

A. XtmifMttM; 

I LiUraUf.- 

1. Thick ; fat ; balky ; great and eoarae. 

''A frav fat BUIi.~-Aaft*OL I Artiry fr, tL 4. 
S. Coarse ; o|lioaed to Una or delicate. 
" niM and datlvte aculi'tura an li<l[ail ••Itli aaar- 
■■■ihaed»*««vlUdblaiic«.'-l*>W(>n JnAMaMn. 

* S. Thick ; dcnae ; not ftlt«uu4tvd ; not 
pore ; coiirar. 

"n*r vauU ahaks lh» «i-nu <i-raAi to tba CnniiML' 
Ar>v<un ««rmw' Wmn, bk. U. 

" 1. Ooarae ; oobeoomlng ; lueleganL 
"Tba^Mwij tiiu. 
And ttatora frwaft" naMaan; SMauiMr, Ma 
U FiguratlBtly : 
L Dull ; atnpld ; eraaa ; heavy, 
*■ U ab* 4Mh llwa Uia aoMlla MfMa auri. 
low fmi SM Ihay that ilion karlBiha blood t- 

S, OoBTM ; vulgar ; not raflned ; tndallcate ; 
aeuauol : obscsue- 

- lia tfmaa thtfrtm^ lay»a< a wn a " 

./^pvn . D»ra«ir, I. % 

3. Enormouft ; gnat ; alutmcful ; dlagraoa- 
ful : llagnnt. 

*- Tli»t fnt Idalotjy. wlitaa eonaUlcd lu Um acrAlp 
nl Uia IBM^M id ilaod Dt«u'— tf^i Uiir^Mf: ftwimii^ 
rol 111., Mr. M. 

4. Whole : entire : total ; api'lied to a atun 
or amoiuit wttlioot any deiluction ; oppoacd 
to na. 

* fiL FUln ; [»l|>ablc ; easily diaeenilUeL 

** Tta froa jxm lota mr age.' 
IHu*tmp. : 41ft H-aM (U Mmtl (faflL L 4. 
B. A$ nt^Mfnallvf ; 

* ]. The main tmdy, part, or moaa ; lhf> 
chiaf part, Uic uibm. 

"tA>n»ta, ■utof aiuatlmn, lunt llkftwlaa pawat and 
aOHt arar tba fnaa and maaa at Lhlo^'— Aaoaa. 
' i. The main force or body. 

* Banm oMoMa an gl aetBlaai that. In a haUJa. 
yoa rfnaM dlacttaifa eMe tba fnm iH Um auaay. 
wittotf t knUiuyew iMa at anj fMrUanlar jf^ttm. 

■ 3. Tlip earn total ; tbe fW or entli-e 

" ] (uuKt laaUuUr niaa op tliew^ai 
U tall tl>n« Uuinaaad Jaartu' 

at uimi . .• Mmikmm t ^ rantat^ L «. 

* 1. A ooUecUve or milled body. 
■- Afur ilMT l>ave la^aialed Ibaaualvaa la naur 
pMtf JiTlUoua, thar fi(«Ui ana by «aw latoafraai'— 

5. 1*be groaa or great hvodred ; the number 
of twelve doeen ; twelve tlmee twelve. 

^ I. A great praa: Twelve groaa or 144 
3, /k (Ac yna; (n grniat: 
p) la the bulk, or undivided wliole ; whole- 

"IMIaklBf to fMwa.'~CB*<ai> .- mmtt im rant- 
BwA p^*a 

(S) On the whole ; ae a whole, without re- 
gard to the eeparate parte. 

"Bona me paa awltUr tram Vkm aMc« thajlaak. 
ttpeo In enai to tk« n»aat abflaea nMalaa aaiMa*— 
ntiif 6f «*d*M. dL uarL 

3. J'ifwKw.'K in tpron : 

2.uie: An advuwton aeparat'd fMa tht 
property of a manor, and anDcxed to the per- 
son of Its owner. 

bftU btf^: p^t, Ji^l: mx. 9«U. obonti^ ^IiIb. btafh; go, ivm; thin, (Ma; aln. of : aspect, Venopbon, •if\at. 
-Uaik, -alan-ahftai -floB. -aton - iti&B. tlotia, -alooa, -otona = ahOa. -blaw -dla, Ac. > bfl. 



grossalea— groiind 

4. CosMMrn in gnmt: 

law : A commoa not Rpporiuuuit to Uml, 
bat antexed la » i»«i/a p«iioD. 

fmd. l/tm : A jtUetn vbn did tint Moag 
to UtB lead, bat tminodlBleLy to the pen>oti 
of bb k>d« uul vbo vac tnuurunble bjr doed, 
u fAbw ehstUto, tfnta oaa pmvod to uoUier. 

^ Crabb tliiM dUcHmliMtas batmen trvaa 
And oooiw: " Tlieiiii temui u« aynoavBUMui In 
tha nonl appUealloD. tinwiMM of babtt v 
oppoMd to dttliciCT : ooaneoflM to sonncM 
■no raftoenuint. A penna beeomw gram by 
Ml annctmlDcd Itiaalfsnoe ot hU miuiuI 
•IvpitttM, pajtlruUrly Id eating nod driokin^ , 
m !■ amm Tryai the want uf polltli eltb«ra« 
to hia mind or nianocn." (fmbb : Bng. 

■roaa IM. a. Fad or lopparfeod <a groaa 

or cMirM r-jod. 

gro— headed, a. Tbli^k -beaded, dull. 
■tu|ild. (JUi/l/jn.) 

Oroai BfuMttnlta^ upL 

Ck. IHM. : A uamo ^ren on the CoDtinant In 
tba aarentMoUi centorj tu the mnrc wild or 
tax MaiiDonibM, aa -llKtiri^ilKlied from t}i">ii> 
who mm ntniicdormnn) «trlcL Tlia forinT 
wera called atfiiD Watorla&dera. lUosSaim: 
Ck. AfaC, wot, xvll.) 

g nam weight. «. 

Ctfwm. ; Tit.- wciKhl Of aOT OMIldltAdfaS OT 
KMumi'lliy. itirlu<UitK tbe umaa, doit, bag, 
caae, cuk, nhcst, (H* oiber rpceptoele In whlcii 
it is contAioM. Tbc net or *tat weight ta 
that of Ibfl L-onuDorlity an«r tha tare and tnt 
hav« been dodocted. [Ncr, a., Tau, a.] 

'lift *• pt- tLat ffnu(ut); tnaac or 
fern, aofll -ala.] (OsoaaAk.) 

Dot. : An alltaDcc of r|>lntHiiu exngftiA, 
bavlJiff .tfa« flowcra dlrhlaniyoeoua and j>oly- 
l«taloaa, Ui« Ke>li tiumeroaa tad BrinotA. 
with tha vmifryi) Binalt, lying Is m luga aaan- 
tlty of albnuucD. Liudlay uioladM UM«r It 
tba ordrn Qigiilirlaw^ B»ailloiitn«.-nr, 
PhUadel^ibaoMi, «Ad BVTta|toiiiaea« (q.T.). 

Cte'-tV't, grts'-««rt^ a. |A oorraiiL of 
Pr. gnmUM.1 A cooaabany (q.r.). 

grtea'-beak. ■. [Gan^nBAiLj 

' groaa -f&l, * croase-talL a. (Eng. mMi; 
-/Ut j Kioaedlug groaa. 

**Tlv.rMi«M luna.' 

griM-IM-aftr-tfoa. il (GMMnrT.] 

1. Ord. Maa. : Tba mot of miUng groaa, 
OMuve, or thick ; Uta atat« of beGoadag ktuw 
or thick. 

1, Boi. : The vwalling of tbo ovvT after fer- 

' grdam' Itft v.t. k L [Eug. fmu; i oui- 
, D«Dtive, aad aaffl -JV-1 

A. TmtA. : To nuika groaa, coane, or thick. 

B. f Mimiu. : To become ktomb, coarae, or 

ITO— -ly, ad>. [Eiig.rra«; -ty.] 

* I. In a oroaa manner ; ia lailky parts ; 
ooaraely; bulklly. 

"LaaAMtHbvjrrMrfp: Iwt Uili bImt pll 
■■■mini MbiNu% alt tbcdapUweTwIL- 

t, Goanely, Tolnriy ; wlihout rafiDeuunit : 

" Bpvak Boi » fm *i*» ' 

ftWiMfi .- MrrttMU If Twmim. r. 

3. HbatDnfally, dtagncafalJy. Dagrantly. 

" HvI tluit »U^ Id M) ■«• ci4 pod KRTw* larai ■• aa 

M-Mw '- jr««Sla Jm. ^ AwTch. L 
" i. BtaiiLdly. 

-L^Amt^wmtB bf tlib mmUIIm prtal.* 

* & Palpably. erideaUy. plainly. 

-Td Monlartclt lba*#na^ with jraw Oata.* 

STMS'-bAm^ l l&ig. rnot; -UBLl 

* 1. The qaalltT or atato of beiag i 
balky; bulk, balklita 

"TlM ataaMl liwIUMy atrt tb« Mwtti ta yn«- 

S. Ooapanma, nirlaiiiai; want of ra(lii«' 
■tant or dellaaey. 

"t vfltpaatatoMavtelMMRMaM,* 

r^ari 0rwM. Ill L 

3. Enonulty; ahocklnit nattuc or quabttas; 
HliBtnffuliitTM : t|l»gru-e(ulttms. 

-UUUuatbs/rMWMH wlUi Ulri«Manl' 

atmUtt^ . itotAiuHar f«i«M^ u. a. 

* A. Stupidity. 

"MiMk InpMalbU pMM*M cf tfrwnMM." 

Jfti«i>«qfc / T^PiVIft jr^fM, Ul a 

'SbCoaracncaa; wuit of eloarnflM or purity ; 

"Illallior pwawww oVVOMd Uia DabI 
Aa It wo^ um tte naoaMwl Inb. blBlit.- * 

Anijfton - JVoM-Aiir. 

I'grSs-v^-Ul'-^S-aB,'.;^. [OHUEdi'LiiiuACBA) 

Srdft-«9-U -96-0&JI (or oftooa aa attHsX a. 

[Mod. LaU franvtao^ie) ; auff. -viu.] 

£of. : or or belonging to Uie Oroaaulaiyiie 
or OroasnIariaCR (q.T.)- 

gr&tf-ra-l#r, a. t ». (Low UU rr^wmla = 

a gntiwbvrry ; Claaa. Lat. ftrmamtu* — a amall 
niiHpn t!g, dlmin. of grriunu = an unrl|Mi llg ; 
aitd £liK. lufT. '«'>•) 

A. vl' n^j. : Of, beloTLgJDg in, or naemblinig 
a pioBc berry. 

B. A* trib^intirt t 

Mill, : The TDlncml, railed by Llia Kreuch 
f/ntulairi. Tile MiiueaitiBoattL'LAaiTa(q.v.}. 

groawiliir-gMTiet, 1. 

Uin. : Tlio aatna aa GiuawirLjtarrx (q.T.). 

grte-S9-litr'-S-^ ». [t»w lAt. irr<wri.%) = 

a guoaoberry ; ai>d C^t. fHti. aing. aiU. «alT. 

Bol.: A aub-gciiua «f Itlbra. luring apluans 
bnneboa, tba l«aru I'laltol Id l-ml. aud one 
to thna dowered wduacloa. {Sir Jomph 

grd»-mt-lJLr-I-4'-f£-a, t srfia - Bif - 1b' - 

^-a, f. pi. {UmL Lai. ffrosnlaTia (q.V.X 
and fam. pL odj. attfl. -ooeca.] 

Bot. : Camatworti ; tba typical order of 
UitdJey'a alUanoo Oroaaalca. It eooaiata cif 
dtiwr anamied or xplny abruba, vltb alter- 
BalB kibed leavea having a pUlted vernation, 
ftowwB In axillary tmcenMa, a caperior calyx 
fooT or fiTt-parted, Bva mlBUta peUb, Ave 
ataouDa : a two, three, or tbar-«le>a atyle ; a 
oa»<elled ovary, with taro appoail« pariotnl 
pLac«Qt«: and the fmit a brrry, rncloiln); 
notnefvua acedn NUBiwndwl auiuuu the pulp 
by tona fandatn«iitat oonla. Llnctiuy «niiiii«> 
ratad two genera, aitd caUmat«d tlui known 
ipcclea at nlnety-flve. They are from the 
tamparata aad inountainoaa |)arta of Knmpa, 
Aala, and Amrrlca. The tyidcal gmm li 
BlbM, containing tlie gooaeberry, enrrant, Ac. 
tHr Joaaph Hooker calla the or<l«r Bilxtaiea*, 
and reilucMB It lu a tribe of AaxlthignioeA. 

srAV-m-lmr-it*. t. [Mod. lat froMu- 

i(ir*a =- Uto guoacbcrry g«oua ; auff. -iU (JIf ia.) 

if (a. : A varii^y of gamut, raUcI by Dana 
ftam tta compoaitlnn MmTralnTnlnajamrT 
The moat t)i>ii-al aiitvvailaty la tha Wilaite, 
of Hlberla, which la jiola gran. Otben are 
CtnoauioD^atotw or uaotiit«, Sacclnitej and 

'mmf-it 'groi r -a, «- IBng. ^ma; .y.| 
xapMdaa UMtr #rwia* hanova.'— /Wiar. Ifor- 

• tend <U *■ lOaoat.I 

Srdi(3>.«- |Fr.jrrr>a«, from Low Lat. cnfpCo = 
a crypt: Lat. cry;^.| A tT'^tin, ICdviT.] 
- T^ «lt>rltliu frM b«iaib Um AmA 

Srit-tittf qn* (40* aa kX * sro-toao, ■ (ro- 

f ■ 00, a. ft «. IFr., frvm ItaL ffrntUim. fmni 
fnifb s a potto. baeiuBe auck tMLiutiuga were 
fooad ia om erypta aod grottooa.] 


L atiBngely or wildly b-nDnl ; of imgnlar 
or aatnvuant fnrm or i-r<iiinrtj<aia ; antic, 
ludltmaa, bogluilile, ridkulnua. 

S. Applied to artificial gmtto>wurk, drt.'u- 
mt«l with rock-work, abelli, Acl 

B. Atwubatmtive: 

L Tliia tarm, which ki now Ihmlliar aniong 
all the loveia of tba art of paiothiB, waa by 
tha Italian! approtirlatad to that Mcnllar 
BuBiwr of eorapoaltloa and InTtntloa obaen-ed 
auioug tha ajitlqae mooumenlal |«luUiiga 
which ware dlaomnd In tha anbterranenua 

cbambcnthat bad been 4cn]C«|ed iBiht I 
of tba andtnt Ronasa ; and aa tha Ua 
apply the word Onitto to « »|w—a mrtfj hhd 
of cave or grot, all patntlaaa whMi wwi la 
Imiutloo of tha aatteoa dijgaa JiMMi wa aw l fci 
Ukm» ehambera, wUeb h» 
(■■ivtTvd with nitni, are grr 
tMiqne, whirh la nnw applkil t4 \ 
jccLa of a quaint and aaomaluua 1 

t A nama glvni to tba tight muA 1 
omaiDODta aa«a fbrowrtgr to 1 
■laia and tblngai 

3. Whlaaical Bpnca or 1 

4. Artifldal grotto-work. 

5. In pnnling. a aqaat-aliaiwd typ«^ 


gr^tte'aiie-» (que a* kX «^ !>>•■ r*> 

tamu ; -7y,) In a grciteaqaa, ~rtrrni^i1. at 
luilicruua manuer. 



hwdwMOidtlwMvff Makai«iMia«% 
MfMb lt*wi«< iriiiiB 3««wHa.'-4to 
I V Aia«M-i Omm V AmML Sk «l 

gr6-t<B'qu»-BlflB toiM aa kX 

i^r^tlrmptt : 'Htm.] The quality « 
Ifing ^jUMque ; extravagau««. 

gri!~t4aq'-a«r-T {q aa k). a (Bn^ f^ 
laqutj -ry.] TIm art<ir iiractioeofluJulgtag 
in gratcaqoa wUnu or aatica ; ■Uraaa^al m 
luowroaa oooduet; tba an"*«" *fl«' ^ P»- 
taaqoa Idaaa. 

" Tha BtMt dMtna f>-aa«faOT«w ^ taHMiE.*— Ca^ 

gro'-thite, ■. [Kanied afW P. OmCk, i^m 

tnt dauitibad It : auff. -U> (Jf <K.)<q,*J] 
Jfia.; AmlnefaJakintoTttaBlteor 

but dllfenog fmin it to deange. II to ilfvt^ 
coloured r>r dark bmwn In w". MtA nifl^ 
bntwn and traaalucent la Oda 
Hanlneaa, 8'& : ap. gr.. t-6 In 9-%, 
Silica, 90^1 : Utanicaad. 31-16; 
of irn, »83: llna. $l»t, ke. 
ayeolta near Dnaden. 

•grtV-t^M. lOnona.1 

BTJlt-tteaiu (qne as k), '■ tOunnanJ 

grdt-to. *BTdt t«,4. (ItaL ffnCk; ft 

ffrvtu.] [Gatrr(t).J 

1. A cava or aatonl cavity In tba aaKh ; a 
natoral oovared opaning In tba aniith. 

aalim bad ttimad IL*- 

i. An artifldal or anw aiaa tal c 
like apartiaaat, daovatod with rook-waft. *c 
and raaottcd to for coolniai ta hot 1 

grotto -WOHU ■■ Artificial and ana. 
iiiniUi ruck-work, kfceU-work, Ac. ta a^fdoa. 

trOUHUl, », r'''iww*!r.l 

od. 'cronda, ^ grtmadt,, 

. vnad^a. [AJS.ff>^K*d,- TOga. 

O. H.Oar.amai; Oar. arwaif ; Oo«h.i 
S«. frwJ: O. PHa. ft O. & ; 
frunmt : Ir. grwa t. 
arladaa •■ b> gnnd. the orlgtaal ■ 
doat or aartk.) 

1. LUenUf: 

0) The anrflwa of tba earth ; the cola 
cruat of the gkibe. {MitUm : P.L.wiL BBl) 

(t) Tha aaiftea of a Aoor 
auppoaed to be lealing apoa ttm i 

1 iihwiiiiv, a 

*(» The pit of a theatre. |0»W7WWW I 
(4) Tba aarth, aa dlatingnlahaJ fraaa airar 

"nm . . , aia t i M Ifca lit ■aaMwn 

S. A lagioa, a larritorr, a eouatrr. 

(«) btnd ; eatate ; pmprriy. 

atoMt^i Jtevy wmm^mm^f, ST * 

(7) PL : Tba onaaiantal intd iMi liillaa 

hotiae ; aa a lawn, a park, fite. 
(9) Tbe poaitlna or |ilae« whof* a hatf flf 

men la aet ; tbe poaltloa oecaptedkf-aBaraij. 
m Bottom ; aolld Mrtb. (Aokan. .- 1 »aw| 

IK. I. r ■ 


" (10) Tbe faiwoat depUia ; the 
Kng. Bimitia, p. la) 


fiU*. ai. tkrt, uBldat. wh&t, iUl, Sfctliar; wa, wAt, h«r«, eanfl. bar. fb^ra; pin*, pit. nra, ur, mmtiam: gm, ^tt, 
or. wim, WflC work, wbA^ otat mnto, ottK oiiro. qnllo. our, rftlo^ fUl; toy. BfrlAa. a ea - 6; 07 = *; qa = k«. 


2, Hfuralitttji : 

(1) (PI-): Tb« fouEuUtlon or t«jilji on whli^h 
auyUiltag 1> IjuUt up ih- «up|M»tod. 

" Hoi thai Ibt vmnaib of liop* want Bud." 

n)iPl)r TbtOTStorhuKUtiieutklfirincil'lM 

-ThiU UoMbta wlU b* bMl takmt sp ta Um oMr 
friMMirf* «< Mtatim Mbl tJM ■ton «l aolututa.' ~ 

* (3) A hmdunctiUl (>Hficlpl«. 

"Ontnn U thU ■«• frM*rf «< Itklo.'— AuM«* - 

(4) Tb« tnnAMmmtai eBina ; tba Una rau<>n, 
cauie, or motiva. 

- Altalliba OTWMb u4 Snt urlctul miw hrau 
■fcim tiMv M*« aannt t* iiuumwil'— jVimUt : 

(ft) A A>i) or bukgroiiiKl to nt «i)jrt^log kR'. 

(A) ri. .- ScdEiQcDt : drc«s ; loefl fmoB*, «t Um 
Kkt-iniof Llijuon : u, UiPfrnmntuof eoin!is,ftc. 

* (T> Ttw tp>tU)tti : lowr»t or dv«i>«it |«rt. 


1. ODTwnlry: 

(U PL ; Ptaora of wood Bftflod oa u galdH 
IW tb* plMterlus, whleh come* Oii«ti wUb tlm 
Sms of tb* froaniu. To Uiviti the mouUlingi* 
•Bd otiwr Hafc riila yt an ualieil. 

(5) Prmutlntt or yiKie* forming a boats for 
Otacr ■trntAuni, u grtnuitl-fllla. 

(S) ShcAthlng ninn ^iiwrtnra or ritvlillng U> 
fttrm « bull Dtr curniiY wtirit or motil'linKit. 

t, Kngrav. : An acid-rrklsllug u>ni[KiM)tloii 
at Mipultiioi, finir [«rt« ; H'lrgtiiuly i>lti'h. 
two larto; wUU wut, otw iMtl. Tuia U 
BMltm aod alxfd, and Uad ap Id a ■Ilk n« ^ 
tbo plalo to bMtod and tho comuoaltlou 
aoiMired on. It la then aprcad bjr m silk diil>- 
ttar, and Uaekeoed by tb* Mnok9 of a candle 
or ao oil-lautp. Vlica euol It !■ ready fur Utc 

3. >^iiArif : TIta prevailttig oolimr. 

I. Japan. : Tli« iiiKDuat nUad with banl 
TaitiUh wtil<-b fonni IbabailtSttr tlia jajAU ur 
palUbcxl vamUb attrUot. 

ft. JfinfRff.- Btctta eonMnlM tba aiUunl 
loda, or ecml mmb ; iln otlkdm toutij. 
«. JfMle.- 

O) A ooanovitlan In wbleh tha baae. eoa- 
iMng of a nw bars of ltul»p»Bd«nt ■H>t«l, it 
e«iUnQ»U)r npealed Co a ountinuaUf varyii^ 

(3) Tlic plain aong ; tfca Ituw oa nlilch dea^ 
SBtom raiaed. 

T-T -r •"— I ■■™ ■-"' - «■ -'J ■■ — ^-i - 

Aafeav. .' aUUr^ i//.. UL T. 


O) lltf flrak layw of paint plaoad npon <'- 
na prtvbm to the cumia«iiceui«Dl or i 
■rtM'a work oa a picture -. tba aobatntuui i: 

(f) n. : Tbe aafaalaDce with whtcb the can> 
Ma and Mtict an eovatnt to nadar tbtiu lit 
fcr flntfiig OP. flroondaaradtbarabaorbaiit 
or iwft-«b»orb«nt. AtwirbMit gnKiDda aro 
pnparad by talslAg cbalk or plaatrr toto it 
put* wltb antaial j^ue ur fluur ptuto. Bt 

Alan ^Jlad priulng. 

8, Se»lpL : Tbp (bt surface fntm wfaich tbe 
IgufM rlaM; aaid of worka Id rirlief. 

•, Jpartt.* Tba plaoB. or ploea of gnund 
•■ipid to ft playtr. 

lOi Tikgn^if: 

O) An aocidnilal oonnectlon betweea tba 
thia wira and tbc flaitb. 

(Y) Tba MTtb In lU capacity ma thv retqm- 
flircult cairylSK body. Tb« win- i% carried to 
earth and cx>aii«ct<ni to a ^<>iinil-TilAt'-, or In 
«Hi« l>»a walar or gaa-malu, witlrii furmn an 
•dnattabla aad tUnMln eandDcUir. 

^ For tbo dUftTBDOO between ifrvvnd and 
Jbwaditfffm, aee TouniuTioii. 

^ L nbrmkrnmmd: 

0} tJU. : To penetrata or eat tbroogb tlit* 
•aH tar !)■ Ant lime. 

(Q JV •' Totake the ftrat atrprnrnuke tlic 
flT«1 move tn any dlnetton or (UKl«^taktI^t ; to 

* 2. r» mm tt a» fnund : To fall to th« 
Cnnad. (HL^tU) 

9. 7bJb<Itolb«f>««rf:T0ocnMlDooiiglit: 
to tdL 


L To gain ifrovnd : 

S) To advance ; to make way agalnit oppo- 
>o ; to iUL-«t wllb aucceaa. 
(S) To i<r«vaU; to beoumo luore vinatml or 
widely aprvad. 

"1 wotdar li laa grntimd nu man arwMd ta Mur 

* &. To galAtr gnuwt : To (prin ground. 
" Aail »■»**<■ grtm u d bat M li» Ikbeww^ bMti^ 

H«aw«rart rMuBliio.* MMm. F.l^uL ml. 

* 6. To «el ITtminI ; To gain ground. 

" Tb*T fif fraoirf and iwita(»nt U>« Uait' 

* 7. To ^iv irrovad : Tu give way ; to yield : 
to roeede ; to rrtire. 

-OMM tȤnmtd taia Ite bMM el TMfc.* 

■fciilli -a A«inr >/.. U.«. 

8. To low frnnind .* 

II) To )>e l1 riven l«ck ; to retreat : to give waj'. 

" At laiiflli Um l«tl «li« t4 ttm AnadbCM b^RO Ih 

^*J) To lose advantage. 

- H* ha« btf rrmiU a Um tMtar Md at Um ilv. It 
pomuic U* |j^i lut Car.'— AryrtHi IUMm |PnU 

(:j) To loae credit ; to becoine leaa gBDHntl 
or mtenaira 

0, To MaHii oat't ffrmtnil: To atand flrni ; 
not to yield or pw* wny. 

*- lU WlU MmmI hu rrv««4 kfaltwt ftU Ul« atUcka 

tbaC so ba Bade upua tiM i«v4iiilj.'''-iltf«r*aw> 

10. To hifca tiu ifntu lui ; 
A'ani. : To touch Um bottom ; to become 

* tl. To wt na gwund : To dlacomflt, to 
jpiKvel ; Lo nui ajfmuiid. 

"TntmUnmift^mmd.mmitKfM* kin to Um«o«- 

taa|lt«<lb*paopM.'— JM(r«MM.' *)>a»inu,r. W. 

STOimd-AllKUllS. «• Angling without 
a nuat. mill Uk' woigLt plaveil u few lucbca 
riuiii thx hook. 

gnunA-mannal, l 

Siou hi«': A *<iUlr crwitod In land by ■ 
vanaal, i»liu, liittMul ut aelUtig bla land for a 
ItruM aum, riMerv-cJi an annual gnund-rcnt 
Irotu the voiidre, ttiia ground-rent bolng a 
jierpctual cliarge ajtoii tbe laud. 

■nmndHwh. t. 

I. A young aah-)ilant ; an aah i 


Um 0wumI. >hla1t eaiiata Umr Iu naka Tary laqn 
wnU^t •%«•»*». «htdi Uiajr caU tnumi aafc.^— Jtor. 

8. ^fopodtmm /^odojniria. 

Croond-lMdUft a. 

JVin. .- A mao wbu baa tha MperrbSoa of a 

mine or iiiloea ; an ov a we a r. 

SrotUkd-bail, >. Bait made of barley or 

null liilc^il and ilropiied into tbe l>DltAiiu nf 

M •■ ■ "':■-■■ u person iatenda to llak for 

I laetlng tbt Dab tblthor. 

sroiind-baao, sroud-tMM, a 

Mitic : A ban* paaaage ol tO*it or eight bare 
in length, oooatantly repaatad, aaeb anociM- 
aive itme aouonpaiuM wltb avatled melody 

and liATinony. 

t (ronnd-beitr, «. 

Zool.: VrnuareUM, 

grotuid-beetlaa, a. pL 

KntiTn. : Thi; prvdnUtrv fkrally of Oi^BblI\a^ 
(<l.v.>. Thejr puratM ttMir p»y opou tbe 

* groQBd - ohA^bor, a A room nr 
apartment on tbe ground lloor. 

-Mitt: XIA. p.Ta. 

BTound-oliUTy, a. 

B->4 : (1) («rax«a Chawuaannttu ; (2) in 
Atii<:rt<.ik, IHtj/miU viaogao. 

ground- uWiii, a 

/('.•(. .- A Aodedaadroa C%aai>V)la(M. 

grotmd-crlsta, il 

Hot. : C'aaata CAaaanaprUfo. 

gronad-cniikoo^ t. p(. 

UthUA. : Cockona of the ci-Diul Centropua. 
T)u>y have a long hind claw Ilka that of a Urk. 

smmd>47P'^"'^ '• 

JM. : SttnUtlifia CAaaHtrypnriania. 


proand iloTOs, a. jif. [OBOCHD-Piouau.] 

sroiind-«ldor, >. 

Btrf. ; IA>g»' Mcfrury, VareariaUapfrraab. 

/kV : Saittiis f.*cUn. 

sronnd-flten, a. 

£a(.: SaphrodUm. TMfpUrU (AHOaa 4 

groimd-flnoliea. a. p/. 

(h-jti^A. : Till' tLiuiie ]{irnn by Swjuuaon is 
Fringllliiiir, ilii: t}'L4£aJ BUb-Iainily of Uu 
rarairy FniiK-lllldie. 

cronnd flax. ». 

IM. : I ht /vnua LItuiieliiiit (q.r.). 

sroand Oom*, t. Ttw lower atory of a 
hotiao ; tUe Aoar on a lavel, or nearly •», with 
the aiterlor grviuuL 

* SWIilld-flta^BBt a. 

flniM. ; Tba abna or bojita of a word to 
which tlw luBexlona an added In deel eu a l on 
or ooQjOi^ution. 

grmnd-nirao, a. 

Bot. : OtutKia amnxU. 

frnoad-glW, a. Gbui whoae anrikos 
ia itrnuiid, ao aa to break ap tba penolla of 
light paaaliig tbroogb It. pra r«ottU| tlu pMK 
aag« of a dlsUntit liuain. LAOip gloliu ara 
groaud In onlar to uallDW ud dlaparaa Um 
light paoalng throagh tbau. Tba proo aa a la 
etrM<ti>d by Ui« wheal, amd-blaat, m rotatlnc 
with iMrbbles laalde, ur by lliKiri« acid. 

gTottnd-gra, a. Ttie name given Id 

Lliiu<>luUui« Ui gTi>und-Icc(q.T.}. 

erronnd-balti, t. 
groitnd b«mlo«k, a. 

Ji-A. : Tuxiu Uuxaia, a rn«|ilng variatgr of 
the i;atiitaoii Vow. {Antrican,} 

sromut hoc a, 

Zooleyy .■ 

LThe auM gfrw br Um b^Uh it Oa 
Okiw of Oood Hope tu OryafaraipM tar t iuU. a 
maraoud like a abortlenfed hog; oiled by 
the Dutch ourrfniHt (^.v.j 

S, The Ainerlean nauie (or vtrcfimaa mmam, 
tbe woodcbuck of New Knglaud. tOoedrkk t 

* snHiad hold, a. 

Haul. : Vm k]^ r>r holding on to tb* grooDd. 

"UkaMAiLliiatlliaraadruUBlwiMlMit !■■«. 
Uav.tiS (idiviitiJ Uor luaMm aail liar jmaw J fca t A' 
^••uar F. «„ VL Iv. L 

sroiuid-lioB«ysaekl«i a, 

/Int.: /^ii^Mmraicviutaa. ( Arlltea # HaUawf). 

gronnd-lo*, a. 

HflicL, iltuL.itt!.: loewbleb forma at tha 
battuui oT a river or other body of water, be- 
fore tbe auilnae appear* to fTMSo. Aa water 
at td' ¥. la beaTler thaa that at ST. the tor- 
UK-r iitnda to (dnk and tbe latter to rwe. it la 
tbetvfun ditDcDlt to exolaln why, m aouo 
caaea, the fonner alioulo freoae flrmt. fitiolt, 
however, la tJio fact. Oruund-loa ca* tuiug up 
gtavel and I'vcit lK>nMer« n^m tba botlotii of 
a river, and float tbcm away. It baa baeu ot>- 
•erved to do k> In the fUbeiianrirnnf, In tbe 
Ebltlc, aud even in tlie ThAiuea</,veU: Prin. 
tff<!oA.). CuUedaUu gruuuil-gru. 

gzmuid-lwy. I. 

fiot, : NtpUa UUcJioim. a labiato plant, wtth 
bln« pnrpla Bowora and deeply ureoate pabea- 
cent leavea. eoniiunn In Britain In bedgerawa 
and oopaee. It la foutid also tn Umj north of 
£uropa^ uu Uie LiiiillDcnt <^ Aaia, and tn 
Japan. It flnwvn IWnn Murvb t<> June. It la 
bitter and animatia. It waa fonuBrly uaed for 
bear and tea. Country people aupluy it aa a 
pectunl BMiUclne. 

ground JIaMnlaa, a. 

Bet. : iJUUrm Chnttirjatm*. 

ground Joint, a. 

Muck. : A joiiii niada by grinding togalhar 
Lifo [ilecta of ntebU with amery anil oil ; or 
pfooaa of gUa* wllb fine aand and water : tba 
glaat atupper U i aporliMD of tba Uttar. 

kfib, b^; pAt, Jtf^; ont, fall, ehom^ fttln, bon^h; go, t«m; tUn, ftato; iln, af ; vxpoat, S^nuphoo, mifiMt, ph s£ 
-ttoa, -olea = uhfln: -tlon, -oloa = ah&n. -olens, -kloaJi. -olous = ahi^a. -bio, -dlo. &c ^ b^ dfL 

gnraad-jolBt, a. 

Carp. : X tu»i of tb« taMiawit or groimd- 
Bnor ; ofleu tcnocd 4 tlMjmt. 

sronad-lAokajr, <. 

JTnlim. : Ciiti^mmjMi etutrtntU, k nuch of 
tlic fAJiiiljr Bonit>)cl<J«, «hJ< h ocean on Um 
banlu of the Thoiaca bclnw Ehlli. 

sroUBid'lMiW, •. FniMlunratAl or iMfn- 

* crooBd-lAyar, «. One who Uj« Uw 
fooiviathni ut naylhiog ; Ibe origlD or eaaie. 

"H* WM tk« tm—UJ^^wr of Um MImt MaiM.*— 
Am »*. !«(. 

prooBd-lavlns. '- 

/■•TMlalK : A oMUng of boiled oil tA the 
mu t tat t4 porcvtaln, in cotirM of muiuffeotare, 
to r«c«iv* th* oolaur; tiaMias. 

Croimd-ltaMw <■ 

Ufcnt. * PmpMt. : Tba Utu of tntertoctlon 
d Um bohJODtol And vertical pUocs of pro- 

iM. : A licltcn, PtUiiita oii»liui. Dog-llchBa. 

CTOond-llBudL a. 

SeeU : JaMita dorwoJU, • null Uiard fruin 
Um Wwt Inillaa, It freqacnn roAdiidM ind 
OfMn jwtturea In Jantaica. 

CIWMl-IIUUl, t- UoDoj' or a f^ i«!<I 
for the rtg]it of LDiexrlug a ctniM) la A chorub- 
jrard. (SwUett.) 

STonBd-msrlnri ■. 

L Au Idiplemettt f'rr laying off nom-rom. 
It i« frvqiumlly attacb«d to a con-pUiiUr, to 
oiaka a nurk for planting oa tfaa ueit boat. 

2. An appantoB for marking out Um ffWUMl 
for erickat or Uwu-launia. 

grouad-motild, >. 

Civ. Kng. : A teiniileC or frama by which the 
■artac« of the ^<^'Un<i 1> Irouglit to the re- 
quitvi fvrm. aa in temclng or am banking. 

Cron&d-Bttodla, <. 

Aof. : Erodium wtoKkatum. 

* srooDdHuat* *. a nest bttilt on Uw 

"And bv« lb* iMikU lark 
Utt Ut trmmU-mm.~ inUwt . ^ A., IL ■*!■ 

STttttiid-Hifltoa, <. 

JrcA. ; A DMhe hivlDg Ita baM or Mat oa a 
level with the gruuiul-fiuor. 

Cronad-nntk a. 

Bu. : Variotta plants ; apeo. (I) ArvAU 
A j iyy ;(»th»Barih -nut. BtmiumjUmotuK; 
(B) Afiaa laAcran ; [i) aa Amarioaa uaiue fur 

grooad-oalc, ■. 

L Onf. Lany. : Aa oak aapllng. 
S. ficL.- rnKTtnm CAdSMrpltyi. 

SZ«iind-p«url, 1. 

AUvM.. : CaocM or lfaivarod(f/>nal«arnin, 
iMMd la uta' imU U tka weal InOiea. 
iflnoAHek € Z'vrftr.) 

srmud-pls. I. 

]. A South Afkieu —iiinnal, jMiaaoiua 

S. A 3. The aame aa OaontD-noa fq v.). 


Oru>f.^. : ri>« Uliilly 0«url4«i (<).¥.). 

(roomd-pliM^ <. 


1. J;i«B Omiapiliia It U oot of Uw pki^ 
bot of the mlat oritur, and la an aanaal tUinu 
plant with tbo MuUoe Ware* Irf-partlt*. 
•ad Iba eolltary azillair Bowers jrdlow. It 
Dowa eei elulky Helda In the eouth of Bng- 
bod ; alao oo Cha oootlMni of Bnrnp*. In Uw 
MDftt or Ainea, ud Um waet of Aala. Said 
!• ba aallsd piM tnm Ita raalaooa email. 

S, F aemamta t T toiwrptfpfc 

I, Tke OtWiinow aub^Naa, Ifcepedlaa* 

I 4 u tinUtwm, a Ifoetli AiDirl* 

srottnd-plui, A 

ArcX. : A rvpreeentatSoo, tn • iMVlaoaUt 
plane, of tb« foaiKlaUon or ot the amiigs 
Bwot of the lowrr tier of rooms of a IflMlng. 

gnmBd-plAB*. a. 

Ptnpact. : Tb« honzonta] plane ol pn^)ea- 
tlon lo pm]«ctiv« (Iniwkitg. 

cromid'plat*, *■ 

1. BhUH. : The lower borlxontal timber of a 
bvildiug va which the flame ti erected ; a alU. 

1. Aolf. Jfiu. : A bed-pUta (br aleapcia or 
Uea In eome unda of gruund. [Ht'tMULUl 

3. Tit$g. : A HMtalltc pUU barM lo the 
earth to eonduct the electHc cnrrvnt tbarvto. 
It ahoiilil boar a certain proportion to the 
■Ur or Dk cootluetor which ia attached to It ; 
it ahiHiM tiav« a eatfkee aa many ttinca larger 
Uiun the aarfiKa of the eoDilactor aa the 
illRhiancv in the eonluotlvity of the eoudaotar 
and the earth. Connaetloa to the pipea of a 
gas or watar-maUi u uoal bk filUMi 

sroond'Plott $. 

L l.itentU): 

I. Tt>e grouad upon wUth an; building ia 
2: Th« iama aa ORorKD.pLAs (q-v.). 
IL fi^. : Any baaie or foiuidattoa 
srowad-pliun. >■ 

Bot. : Attrofalua entyaoarjms, fnund In the 
United Sutaa. It U not a gmalne pluut, bat 
■ papatouoMMH planL 

CnMUldrVttt^ •. The aame ai Gaocufr-rto 

(roand-rent, *■ R'mi r«id for the privl- 
lege v{ ItuihUiig 1)11 the gniiiiiiJ of another. 

hi^JTmU — '-'- - -- " 



1 t » M p i dl M 


* ground - roonia a. A. room on the 
gmuttdHoor of a hooae. 

•■ I hw»chwl hUa hwariWr h* widBati In *Wffm^ 
rwr> . I«r U»t «(JMr*|M U •void bi iMjiiwrilih bx an 
artl*( uf aar othar klMl Id llva ttaat hmt-'—raUtr. 

gronad-nv*, a. The n>pt along IIm 
botUitD of a trawl-net. 

crooBd-ftaitt, >. 

SudtJ. ,- A ply uf eaovaa or linaey drvwn 
orar the etralulng which BUp|iorte the pad- 
ding atMl aeat of a aaddla. 

STOiuMI-«uike. a. 

Z'Hfl. : CliMta vMirma, a aatmoo-eoloitred 
Rukc of iniall alie, and not vcuomoua, ooiur- 
flDc la the United State*. CalluJ also Wona- 

grotud-aqnlzTttl, <. 

ZoJ * Td'nia), aKMiua of burrowing aqalr- 
n?l«, fn^itnl III llie liDlted IMatea. Upe specie* 
M i-«..]fiI Lilt- Lttipmnnk. 

KTonnd-aUU'. ■■ 

liul. : ittattniM (q.V.X 

ground -t&blev ■■ 

Artk. : Tlie roiuidaCinQ oOtUM Of Stonas. 

grouad-taoUe. *. 

Saat. : I'hc ropea and tackle coD&ected 
with the anuhora and nooring apparatua. 

gnmnd-tlar, a. 

L .Vniatoaf : 

* (I) The lowait raago of walci^aaka In the 
hold of a veaael. 

{It l'b» lowMt rtoge of any material* or 
CDuuuodlUea tloicd In Um bold. 

t. Tkeai. : The lowar or pit lauft of boxca 

gromUI-tlmlMra, a. pf. 

Slkipbiti»l. : Ttioie which lie oa the keel and 
are tx>]t«<<i to the kevUiMi ; floor-Uraben. 

gronnd-wasPB, » pL 

^•Atp&Hiid. : TlM laiva Mncka and planka 
which aupport the aradla oa which a ablp la 

ground' wbMJl, a 

Avrit,: T)>«t wheal of a harreater whirh, 
rwUnx on the gruund. u torDed by runtart 
therewllli, when tite uiavlilue ta at work, aud 
which drlvea the cutter. 

ground -wtUow, *■ 

ik<l - /WMn<4t(« omfkUoiw^ tka fbr« 
wtil>:h irr>iwa en laiul. {lirHU* t HnOo^iJL'} 

gr^iind, ' groiind«i* growd-yn.* \ 

I'.L A L lA.S. wryWaN.- O. U. 0*t. r- 

Dot. rrmutfw : ftv. frwada; Daa. prw^b.) 

A. TVnattlaa.- 

L OrtUaMry LdWfwa^; 

1. lUtmUt: 

(1) Td ast or lOaaa upon or to tJat gyniad. 

wt JfiiViiiiTV-'Viiii' 1^ .- «£m» ,***«!.* 

(1) To bring tn the gmnod : ta fanag 4sei& 
"Tim |i iiiiit I 1 I it 1 > I III im" 

(S) To foraid : til la] Hit (imadaUoa tt. 
- It •• t> taa aral ftb a «aU 

(1) Tn (numl, aa Upon a casea, raaeoa. |a1a 
rtple, or taaia : to base. 

"Ona U art. aanthar la »hian ft » f «>ajb »^ t" 
law rf Miawi aaaanw haaa j— i^a<t ■^O— rf nM 

(2) To instruct ttKirot«Uy In tte tal L 
elementary frindplea. 

n. Xmtf. : To mn asbora nr a0««o4 ; 
inaa to take th« gniond . aa^ T^ piwmmi 

B. fwfrnnnfiw; 

Xaal. .- To ran aahon or agr— i al ; la I 

1 For the dHbranoa bctwwen to prav^ eod 
tn/iim^ aaa POmm, 

grtfftad, prA#pa.par. ^a. (Gaini, «.] 
gr<aad'-«g« (■<• B8 1^ K (K>ig.| <; 

tiirt } A tax or iliie i«iU fur the pi^nJ ae 

SI«i<-e ocmpiccl by a ahiii wlitle In \<ur\. 

" It la avdUMrr la uk* tul >mI waalraa »« ■vfc*' 

grAad'-M. pi*- tbt. or «. [Oaotin», «.] 

■ grtflllld -4A-lf, a>U. (Vofr nnnmi^ ; J» ] 
In a grouwled i>r nnnly-aaiabttalied Banoer ; 
o|ioB Orm gruuada or prloeiplM. 

"" f- .'^-'- ■■ ^- ■■ - 1^ 

aad U tka yan— . 'If» Um ■ ■■^■■fc' -^pfc^wn 

* grfi^ad'-vm po. for. [Omica, ■.] 

gi'tf&Bd-ta«il«, a. IOaocy»4maj 

grAad Ug. f par.. a..ftA lOwNm. sj 
A. A n. A± pr. par. d pmrtiei^ mii. : {»» 

the verb). 
G. Ai ntat. : The act or prar— «f Awai- 

lag or nubUahlng ; lastnKtMo in ctaaadHj 


gronadlag-lai *• TbrappDcattfliaraB 

ai'coihUry ai>d aubaeciMatOMMin tonoNlaa 
rloth, after it haa racrfvad lbs cubnr stf Oa 
nm blodi. It la a lam use* to taa«- 
block priatlu. aad the groaadiarlo ar ••> 
entarln^ nay m of a aurdaalw a topnl eataa^ 
nr a reatat. The eamapaaacaca nf poMlm 
of the ooloor In the pattvB l> asaintf Iv 
pulnta uothebk«k;e4ul*alefittiilft*t ' 
IKiint uf the chnuDtfk pcuoeaa of 1 ~" 
printing or Utbograpby. 

grovndlBg-tool, e. 

Kmifr. : The rtivker to vU^ Un 
aU«I plate la nxijfbaiied. 

*gr£ilDd-Ug-l7. odr. (Snc. gr««aA«f: 

■ltt-\ I'll llnii ot aara gtuoada or prtweiplaa 
" Uw iMiii fitwi iIm am at»i«( «Mai«« i 

ingfy anil to Uia|iw i iiw>' f i^ap . Of 

gr^iftad-UM, * groBad-lHk a. UA 

tfniwfJ«d«; O. H. Gir. prwalMe. icaL ^w- 
laai ; Usn. ^nuadleif ; Gmr. frvaafaaj 
" 1. Havfag no bottom i XKIwilraa, 
-I»aMan*an»#*««<iata lai' ga^ . am» 

1. Bavlas M givuad or iMWdidiaa ; onat- 
tag naaoB or aaaae fbr aapfort ; baacAaa^ na- 

- b H lart a fTw««aai owe r 

Ti fii -" rii If 1^ 

grtfikad'-Un-iy. aiisi (■■» mnm^Utm.- 
•/y.] la a gtoaadiMS amaav; mhaBt aay 
gniund, reaMtn, or aaaee. 

eanwi . lMia«MM 

Ate, flu. flhro. «mldJrt, wkit, An. ikth«ri wi. wM, hiro enmfX. bir. ttaAro; piaa, pit. nir*. sir, otnrteo; «fi» pM; 
or. war*. voU, work, wbA, afta; araM, dAli. oiiro. «alMw ear. rAlo, fftni try. IfHaa. «.ci«4tar"A> «■• kmi 


groundleflsnefls— groTe 


grtHtod:- K— -ni— , i. [Bob. vn«'<^^«M'' 

-M^.) The qokUty or ■tatc of vaitm jcroutitl- 
laM or vitlu>ut Jiut rMioa, catiM, or RnuidA- 

Mob M oplMlML-- r. ITiwa : IWy. No. tM. 

fluff. -Jli^.l 

" I. OnrL lan^f. : A Hitfctalnr wlio tUtod on 
tb0Sri»r<>rt1ltr«rn> ; lifii't', mw^ cr Uif> vulgar 

(I) T«rioafl Aabw which tend to keep to th«< 
botlom oTUm <v»t«r tn which tlierlire ; ■p«<c., 
tlM Spinwl LoAOh. Ct>MU tamto. 

(f) OoMiii wf^, uiOTB enmniAnlr caIIoI llic 
Bluk Gob]-. Roek Oobr. or IU)ck n»h. 

* BpCikB4'-V. * cniBd-lloh«. ' cnLDd 

Blnk a. 4 adv. [O. O. Ocr. tfnuUltalo ; Out 

A. jO o^. : Hfluty, itroog. 

MhhcUm* tmfamam, U. m«, 

L Bmrtltr, otroni^r- 

L DoiplT ; floUdlj ; not np*irfii±illy. 

"AWmfrawOlrlMUMd Mlnailr. >a*r t*^* amth 
1R» URMtf to MiM br apltacM to dm* oU>m- 
*•■'■ v«vk% lur U» Bwa w—ntj Mto IMu iiMiUr 

grtfAadf, iL pi. lOnotntit, ■.] 

gr^ftnd-aQld) 'grfiind BwdU, 'grone- 
nral. ' a-oan aoyle. * gnm - sel. 

(nivBd-M-BWAl'lOW, s. [A.^. imtM<ic- 

mniHi*, lit- « Kronna-flWillowH^f.r., occupier 
ef tM pTHUid, al^uodust weed, trom fntna = 
fnratid, mud nmt^n =, to Binllow.] 

Bal. : A eonipo«(it« |tUnt with plnnAtlRil 
iBcra uh) amftll yvllow Auwera, u a rule with 
Boimr*. wlitchtmwsMA wM«dm(Etn1<>iiK. ntxl 
bKlwi to oKg*-binU, which art food of tlm 

~TUa gr— dwril U ^ bautt* nmeb Uk* In ihAPa 
te ^wwJm. •-^. ttiUmmd - m«i( 

grtf^nd •£! i^?), sr^Bd -flOl, * groimd' 
■yll, • ffran Mi. *. IKur. yrowiij; .d//.) 

L A fllHcpar ; thv lower ttraber iriticli lap- 
pnta thv ranwtitder of the tnavb. 

* 1 A Uimbr>[d. 

-nB*l M till d««M dN« « Um r »■■<'»»■"- 

B^ii'n . A-i l — r« , OvnawlA. *el. 1. A. ilxxvl. 

* IL n#. .- A groondwork ; ■ buU ; ■ 

* Whs «k* t'OMMAS «( th»t w«rt dotfc 1^ * 

gr««mda«l-tr*«, t. 

Bat, I ^rtJmrU halimtfiiUa, ■ North Ainul- 
eui MWDpoelte plant. 

"aitfttlld' ■Til. V.I. [OitorviMit.t., •.] To 

mroUh with, Qren with a tlirT«h> >t<t. 

QMr<M MMlUntt, v. It. 

' ftf » • *< ■ cw w.'gmnd- 

_ _ . ^ (4.8. fntmla^pa; D«L gmnd^eij, ; 
0«r. «niwln;)}M.t Dnr^. Ira, ftnBixtfi. 

IPrAsd'-SwAlOD) « rKnK.ffr>Hit(I, and rtrrtl 
, i/t\] A UviA deep awall, iir n,>Uirig I'l Lhp xm, 
eoCMonffd uong Um alior*, nr w Imre water i« 
ihftllow, hf a distant ■torn or gale 
-HMiIb Ifceg. I ift lift ntted-- 

f|rAadr-wAll,*8i«wiid'WaUe 'smnd - 

Mil; 8». ifniaanJ ] A foutirlnlicm. 
"CrW l« itae to Na »rv»*4waB 
OSall kiM h>U(ka Maavte* 

& [Eng. gnmud, laiA work. ) 
L ThtfTDiuil: the nnlrtnliun: that whii-h 
tka fouodaUOD or baaia (•fatiylhlng. 
"Tb« f TniiMii'w > lipt»Uf»* ftf^wi. 

& A fiiidamenLit prtonplt; tba fuibU- 
Menlal i«rt. 

-naMJaAin aMi MiM«Nart «UI tololMnpOT 
Xmrm tmh la«tva» IM eiwmwtl— >. apoa enn «p 
VartvMty --attw* OnMmmMm. 
& The ftnt pctadple ; Um original reaemi. 
~ r lliiw t la aavarUatoM traa Mul 

SrAlUI. *■ [I''r. 0n)><f>'t (hMii ItrnL groppo - a 
knoV bap. or ttruup, Iran 6er. krofif* a bunch, 
a crop, or craw ; cf, Icel. krvpfr m 4 bancb 
or hnnob on the body ; Soutcb erauptn — 

I, Onl. long. : Ao aaMmbtage ; » cluster or 
niimlxTfir p&n^>iu or thluga collected without 
auy mguliu- arrariiieRNnt or orlcr. 

" ThaU ladUkland tiala afrawyalpuHanpaad.* 

n. TtckniMUit: 

1. An : Tho tmloD of aeverat flgtuvfl, or of 
virtoua material objeeta pkcril In ii>citai?l with 
each other, frir the purpMe ot forming a ainglr 
maaa. It la neoeafarr ibat »oui<< ot tiir tlgan*a 
r<iin]Fria«d in • gninp^tft atib^rdlnatv) to the reat, 
that tfaoM which nre rooit liiiportant In tlie 
a^'lion be alao tlio mnat pmintDcnt, and call 
the attention to the place wbleh they oceafv 
in th« Kroap by the attlluiie, light, derelop- 
mAnt, £a. 

2. ifwaie.* 

(1) A serlM <tt notPa. of mall tiraa-Taliifl. 
gr<>u|te<l t«igeUi«r-, a divlaiott or run. 

(3) The ntethod of eelting out taud patta in 

8. StawntSeUM»: 

01 Via- ; A immberor mlneraUnaentiilty 
■greeiiiK in their chemiivil coin)<iMlt)<'in, UaiiA 
hill a t^>U|> caUcHl flii.>ilile>t, another called 
oi>(r<'n-cnn)|knimds, Ac. Uany of tbeaa agalo 
aru sulMjlTi'Ied. 

(iy'lfot.: A teriwiof rorka,or utmta, which, 
niteakiog brnailly, wnre detniaittnj at the aauie 
jMritxl Lyell arraii^ the foMlUreroua 
strata In groupa and parinda, tba former iv- 
ferrlng to the order of aueeeaalon oil the aur- 
(kce of the earth, the tetter to the aerlM ot 
eventa tbrrtoe Inferred. 

(3) 0ot. ; Aparthmlargradtlnclaaslfteatlon 
LIndley liad groufa in nia Ktilnrai St/tt«m oj 
Bnlnajp, though M atHiHxtiml them tn hU 
rcffatoAlc ICiapiioei. The il.-aiKnatt..o " group " 
waa hifHrii>r lu extent tn "■nb'Claaa," and 
Jiupnrl'ir to " ■lliance." Betnade them end In 
.fuu, aa AllmminoMi. 

<4) ZooL : A deaignatjon whirh nay he eon- 
■fdorrd aa eqolvalent to " tnt*e," and Huperlor 
Lo " lamlly.'^ fttslntoo. in hia fMUth Bttttr- 
jfiM, inakea tbetn end hi -inti, aa Bombyctna. 
Noptatna, fte. 

Crdup, t.t. {Group. >. PV. frtnnm: ] To rnrm 
Into or pla(w in a grniip; 10 bring together 
Into A group or cluaUr : to airaiige lu a group 
or gmtipa ; apecif , In art to nunUlia or arTange 
In groopa a number of material otiJeeta or 
flgiuee ao aa to produce • pfatnnaque and 
baTDODloaa whtda. 

■r4l^-UC( F^- f^-t n>t A a. (Gaocv, n.) 
A. * a. A« pr, far. S parttHp. a4}. ; (See 
the verb), 
C Ai nbtlantim : 

1. Onl, Lanff. : The act of forming or placing 
In group* : aa afrangemoit In groupa. 

2. Jrt : The combining or Joining objecta tn 
a picture for the aalleiraction of the eye, and 
alao for Its repoti- , and although a pictnm 
may conalat of dUTeirrot gruu^n. yet tlirae 
groapa nf otrieota, managed by the ohiaro- 
oaeoro, ahoold all t«nd to unity. 

* crAiip'-Ut, 1. |Eng. fTtmp; dlmto. luff. 

wtf.l A little group. 

" Which otfMilr Ktmsa Mala koU MaaUs oavala 
Iv.. ah. IL 

grtf^toe. *p«irae, 'grtmai. *. CRtym. 
donbtfiji. Aeoinling to Hkcal ffrouim la a ulae 
form, evolved aa a aitppoaod atuguUr fmm the 
older word eWe* (cf. ncuu, eUee). Orloa la 
tirtn O. Fr. friudU * gray or p«eUed 
fapeekled). paitl4 grUaeht > a noorh«a, the 
iMn of the grl«e or moorgama. (CoVru**.)] 

1, Sing. : Varloui game-bfrda, apecially the 
Tttmo telrix, «atlMl the Illark-^'roiuv. and 
litifopiu aoittcu*, ttte Red-f^f<ii4e. The mate of 
the fonncr la calloi the Black-co-'k (q.v.), and 
Uie female the Urt^j-heo. The Red, celled 
alsf> tho Cnnimon tirouai^ InliaUta moon. 
feeding on the y^nng ahoota 0^ the heath. It 
la considered to be peculiar to Britain. 

8. PI- : Thr family Tetraonld». 

sroiue-funUjr, >. jJ. 

OmUh. : The la:iiily Tetrannldv (q.v.). Ba- 
sidni Telran it contAiiui the genus liigopua 

(PtaniitganX Ac The RufDed-gronis ta the 
genua boaaaii. Band-grouae are the hmlly 
PteroclidoB, and the Wood - gronae ia the 
CapaKAllxla (q.«.V 

* grtfikaa, v.i. [OaorH, «.] To hunt afttf or 

•hoot grouae. 

Cnra-aonM, o. {Q*Ewaottm.] 

gr^t, *srat; •. [A.a. trut = groala, ooarae 

im^l ; cfiKii. with Ditt. ip^f = groata ; loel. 
^niklr = porridge ; Dan. grad = boiled gioata ; 
fiw, yrM m Uiiw pap; Uer. ghitM » gT<«ta ; 
LAt. rmlks = rubhb, rubbiab. AUJed to grit 
and a donbtat of grootL] 

I OnftMirp Langvagt: 

L CooTM meal ; poUard. 

"Aa tor vnwt. 11 la an old Danlab diah.*— fbv. 
Jrt s^OatttTt. lat. k. 

■£. RnbMab, dirt, filth. 

" Tba tana ayk«a on arny ayA^ 
Tk«y vera 4ep« au4 tell BTda. 
Fall off f*W, iM tatu Mnhte •wrakBi^' 

A.cAeetfOaM' A tMm, KHL 
3. (H.) : hnA, groonda, dregi. 
\. That whitd) porgea oCT. 

"Svwt twotar auanr (vovlnu*. *>■■» tmf IbvyiiaL'* 
Orfitni rttya : anrftt 1*. W^ 

5. A kind of thick ale; liquor with malt 
Infuscfl fnr ale or bo«r Wfore It ia fully boiled. 
8. A epeoiee of wild apple. 

II B«iliUitg: 

1. A thin, eoaiae norlnr uaad to run Into 
crvvlcea between tim abmaa or brlcka of a 

2. A flniihlng or latU&g ooai ot One itoff 
(br ccillnga. 

gr^t, r.t, [OnocT, «.] 

BvUd,: To Oil up the Jolnta nr ipaoea be- 
tween Btonea by pouring In grout. 

* BrtfBf-llfiftd, (■ IA oorrapL of D. Fr. grom- 
MfgnM bead.] A blo.<kbead ; a tlitek- 

"Vet teart net Kab Qovmtkiad. tar •lantag bw 1^' 

^6^-Vig,». (Bng. gnmi; -Ing.] 


1. The act or proreaa of tilling up the Jolnta 
or apacini between atonea by poaring In giout. 

2. Grout. 

*grAt-iidL 'nr^tnold. < [Cf fmut. 

1. A t>I<>ckbead. 

'"nalMrnail'aiuia'iaravttr bir, but tb« •qiilra'a a 
fn)«ni<^d "-ann>n « n*t KnifU of »• M w n t U tg 
9L A kind of flah. 

grdVVt ■- [A deitntlTe fh>m gnvt b to eut. 
Hence ffroTt la a doublet of froom (<l'V,),] 
L Ordtitury LangMogr : 

1. LU. : A cluater or gronp of treaa ahadlttg 
an arenna or walk ; a amall wood. 

** Tkov (boldart MTar oat of Ub yrvaa |»aa.* 
Chm^t^ r. r.i,«e4. 

2. Fig. : A dniter or gronp of ohJecta ra- 
aeiubUng a grove or wood. 

IL CcNHjunilisa StUflen : 
1. EAnic: The Mcrad ehaiMtar of grona la 
eloaely but not Inaepnialdy oonneeud with 
Trtre and Scrpeut-worablp (([.v.). BMrisg in 
miml the dictum of SUtlOfl itki^., UL 061% 
" I'rtmiiB In orbe dena feeit amor, one can 
imagine how tha anlitude and nyilcry of 
primeval fMvita nuat have wrauRht on on- 
cultured meaa, and led them to bold locta 
plaoeain rerereace aa thaahodaof the mighty 
and not alwaya bcDefteant nalnra-tirres. Aa 
Dian progmaed, and the oblBcta of bla wor- 
ablp becuna peraoallled, the iacr«d eharaeter 
of grovna by no meann paaeed awiy. TlM 
■rare at Dodoiia, and Onnt Atlen'i aplrited 
Imn^tloD of OatnUua (Carm. Utlil.1 In which 
we md ot the ftmntic ftiry of Atya, of bla 
rapeotanoe nod flight, aiMi how when the 
tttirat-orownHMl mddeaa beard hia plaint, abe 
Mot one of her llona aA«r the rugltlve, with 
tbe mult that he 

- riirf back 10 tba ffOM aebMl, 
TiMra aU lb« dara o( bl* UMliM aa CybalU-a ibnB be 

will \rroTa the caaa ftir Qrenoe; and then 
ia ararealv a l«tln poet whoae wnrfca dn 
n'H rnmlan Inatanoea In point. Ovid (Af<t. 
nil. Ul. tqti.l telU of the (kie that beftol 
&irichthnu. brcaoM he ravafad Caraa' laend 
gmva — i.e., in wbloh L'eraa Mtnalf wm wot- 


^&L b^: pAt» Jtf^M; oat, fen, olwns. ^hla. b«ii«h; go, t«m: thin, (his; ■!&. »f : •xi>»0t. Xcoophon. oftBt. -Uc 
n wm^ -aton = ahtot -|*on, -atoa « ahlkiu -vtoaa* -tloiUi -aions =< ahfta. -bl«, -41«b *o. » bfl. dfL 


$», 40, 4») ntnilMlm 111* carlktt testiaoinr to 
tlic nUnuHun In wbleh BTOVW w«T« bew by 
TrntJ^itk ■»•! kliMirM wuotw. Otbcr twtWN pt 
tic'ttr in llie >(A«idi and tb« Bittaty, and 
HUllyiiruH Ihua Rii|{IUbM Ortmm'a (i>nit. 
AfyiA., I'h. Iv.) coD^cDMtirKj u( tlieni :— 

*-u»u •t>i>il u u»— frat^t, no liamm u* iMa- 
tlamai br uana ■■ •■<«« ■« «r, M iamvi* »IW ars 
MM*. IMt «>»-<l «M-1* aoi •!*»«» aUMd In Um 

Froa Fllny (ff. H., zrl. ««) we leva tin part 
that croTM pr oak-lnw pteytpd UBoag Uui 
u»ilMit bniliU, umI h* «Mn» to fcvo«r tb« 
ilarlvsUoa nf UmIt omm fkom Um Oretk epvt. 
TlMTt !■ alio ft an* pwM* nu tlM MUMi tnlut'-t 
inhmma(PHar.,l.UJ-^ Id reuoU i>l*'»^> « 
MtaT tn Um mcndtma oTsrona ctlU Ungrrs. 
6lr John Lahbock (fM(F(* qT CivitiMUot 
(MM), p. W7> MM UmI " «veD receBtly an oak 
aojiM u the bu of Skiw wm held to be so 
••end thM DO DM WDold TCDlure to cat the 
muXiml UmaeU tnm tt." Deatils (OttrUd 
CUim itf Struria, I. 57) uva that be nw * 
{diitni* of trma ou Uoiit« HtulDO, ud OOB- 
•M'-n It ■ mile nt m urrad grovB ; and P«r- 
ODHiMifftwk Sfoiu tttmummtM, eb. xilt) •«}* 
SfUwfCbnDdiaeillhtKbiUHlAs, "IiiCutu<-k 
*« ban aaivsd Bn<*«>, bunaa aacriflcas, au'l 
a po«»fftd piiMtbood. an lavoiuius uf 

1 Jtrlik: 

(1) In « wdltarr paaMfle of tbo Otd T«a- 
taMiCtil, "p'lT* ta tbo pmbahly crtrn-rt 
teuilofirm 'if th* Uabnw word Vim <eibO- 
Alaahan "pUabid" ona la Baefabcfaa. and 
"oalli^l (>••*« <tn th« oaiae at the Lord. th« 
tntl-' '■ !■" 'Hfn, Hi. M)u Tbeoriglnal 
■Mill I Kabi*l U« [lartlciiUrlrM; 

Ompii (Jrl<>'iiUlTaiaarlNk<ri)HU- 

Hmantituiiiti, wuicii. howaror, would nearer ly 
ba aba4r WMgll. 1^ (CImX nndenKt Im 
tk» AiltknrlaMt Vflmtnti "pUlB," aeema l« 
"imtvp." tr an, tlien Abraham at n 

a)n fi«rl<xl Uvi'd In "tw, Uiat of Uanim 
(e«ft. xlV. IJl), aitd liollt an ellar In )l Xo 
Jahorab <a«a. Bill. IS); wlnUL In a BM^iitiil 
0«» llwr* wae aa liti|>r>rUiit [lilUr (Jnil|;. tx. 
S), Othar anivea «rn' Di'Mr of Morrh (li'O. 
111. n), <jr Zutitilm (Jtid^ ir. 11), of TatMr 
(1 Ham. t. H ««■ 

(X) III all i>t)iitr cjurttn thetaxtof tJu< A. v., 
'*gniv9 ' b Ui« randcrlng of tb« Hnlmw wunl 
m^ (^almiA), whtth U alinoat oerUluIy an 
Idol, and not e |>l*ntatlaD of tt«ea, ti>r J^mIhIi 
brooght one ont of the houae of Uic [»(il 
a KIntf* sxlll Sk The paojde of .Iwlab al*» 
'* bulll th>>rit " hlKli Jilaoea, Imagea, and gnivtM 
(1 KliiK^ >lv. 93). The oomblnaUon of hmurm 
■ml tjrove* (lecim onaatatitlj- (3 KlngB xvIL Id ; 
i Vlifm. kir. a; lai. DVtL V, he.} The Mul 
aMuu bu have 1<*-Mi uf wimkI, fnr It RDUld botli 
Iw cut iluwii (Kk-1. BXklr, 13; DcuL vIL .'i ; 
JlwMt vt. ib-7t; i King* xyUI. 4, ulU. 14; 
tCbroD. stT. A, sxtl. 1, xxxlv. iM}aDd burnt 
(Daul. KlL I: 1 Kln«a XJUll. It,). It wm \ii^ 
right "1 ti»i Di.ri.fnra pri>hal>ty oftlw hiuiwii 
»i,.t ■: ■ ■ I ri»nii (iM. txvlL »). Tli» 

li«ir. 'Ill tut .if tbr riNcnIrlaii 

Hidili :x-::. i> , tlic fttniirr, aa •Uggrmbul 

by Uinlb»aii. U-ltig pmbaUjr thtf aama ot t>»r 
Idnl, Uw htt« iif barwir. Tlt^r* waa a reU- 
tinn Iwtwaan Haal aad Aahamb, and whll« In 
Kll^h'a tlnu> tbai« aaartuUad at Canbd i£rf) 
wiiplMU of Uaal. lh*ni wmn with Ibom «vu 
■•liroirfwu iif Ihe novM** (1 Klnisxrill IV> 
T»« AalMfub Menu lii bavK bem ooUuedcU 
witii i>tolllo rlim. tA**nuiunii.| 

IU4. ! Altwum VmuHufuAiim. 

grov* aplrtta* i. K \f(twmt-vnmgn.\ 
QrOV*. •- IWUlUn RulMrtOrore, F.ILtl.) 
Or«v« iMittMry, Grove's tettvry. ». 

Kl4ii. JI/x/A ' A <lMiiti1r flii.t KAJraiilc l>nt' 

lary, luycbta<l, lu IHJI', liv Mi. (Jrnvs. ll con- 

' Iglaa* jar vr ct'll, In wlncli ■• plafi^l 

irfml |iuu of iiM, and wtthtn tbta 

■WMtrfafUM jar vr 

a nrUndi 

_alB a porntii <nin. In Um (Um >ar, or e«ll, 
ta |dM») ■iili-biirle arid diluted with twairtjr 
tiiuM lU balk u( walar, and lu the poiuw eap 
■Ifont tillrle acU. ll U a jMiwarful bat Ml a 
•OMlut taattarr 

Art. ; A aril urju. of a^'. bitt«r7. 

"na«M*rai«*» !■•••- -.1 • '■ --..««•- 
A«La <V#w«V r-«.H- 1. .*. ., . |. r4 

Grove— grrowl 
Orws'a g«< tMrtory, «. 

XTacf. Jfa^A. : A battery in wbleh then an 
two fcUaa tubea, ai>d wiUtlo each a platianni 
elcctrudfl. eovaied wlUi ftMtj-dlvfdad ptalt- 
Dom, and funlilMd oo the oDtalde with mad- 
iD|[ acrewB. One of the tabea la partial)* 
aUed with lnrdn«Mi, tha other wtlally with 
onrnn. aad thay an Invertad Awr dUati' 
inu|,4iur1o acid, ao that half Iho platloam !• iii 
tho Uqnid and half In the pMea. Bf Jotnlos 
tha dbulmilar platae a battMT ■■ prodaeed so 
iKiwerf ol that one elenint uf it wBl deeooiiNae 
Iodide of |Kitaa«luni, and toar wiU dmaatptwe 
waliir. (fMiiul) 

CrAV-^ V.J. [Prom thi! adv. ^rutvItftjT («).*.>. 
tha toimlaatton -iiijf brln^ nnataXcu for the 
aigu of the pr. par. uf a verb. ) [Uitiir.] 

L LU. : To oravp on the earth ; tn lie pniH 
or with the %at Urwarda the jptmnd ; to luove 
witli Umi liody proatiatc an the earth. 
" tfrwirflliw ■ai prtatnO* va r«a l>ka of aia. * 

JItUm r. X., t M, 
t. Ftif. .- '^ be mean ; to be without dlgnitjr 
or elevation ; to art meanljr ; to take pleMure 
tti mean or baae thln)C<. 

"■•naKl Ikv^kb Hwr Im Mlant vkUli Mw lo* 
aodyrw— If4wr/— . K if lM n ^i ^t f- 

gro'lW-like, o. [Rng. irroWi*i>d.lUx.T Thick, 
buahy ; naenibllng a gruvo. 

~ O nt *. grm n l Ur, aMb hua* anB at***.* 

* grfiw'-^l I&S. • Krortyace*, • crov-«l- 
jnt, • wras 9i 71^9, ' gruf-Uacaa. 

Oi/r. (loci. •jr\i/'\. ill tlic |>hnkHi (i^nJa d fn4/« 
- Ut U* grovvUlug.) LUaor.l Pfuiw ; Bat on 
«m'a tee or bellj. 

f toUabUUasMlr.' 

M. *w. iUlU. ^u-M*.- Aarf. LUa 

grtfV-at-ltr. «. [Knd- flrowl ; -er.l OfM who 

l{nti-tiU ; a |>cnon of low, nieiai ■(lirit or laatea. 
—nt» iMKldC tM» «< bMrtv ew> ri l<ri. ' Ja kwm u 

grAv-M-lIA|; pr. pu-., a., & a: (Gaona.! 

A. /!« pi. par. : (See tba verb). 

B. .liu-OccfiM.- 

I. I.yliiff prono or flat oo the Ikce : creeptne 
on Uiu liclly ur ill tlK diut. 

C Moan, beae, low ; with low Ustaa or 

~ I wia • fnmBbtf nrMtori «■(*,* 

CiHtyrr : Mnqr JTlMMt. 111. 

C. A* tvbtt.: Tlte ai-t uf lying or crvotilii|{ 
on tbo belly ; aieaii ; baao conduct or deeira. 
" Hluk ■ kl^Mt t rmttUi^ : vlUwut ruJuMw iIm.* 

* gr&r-iU «• |Bui{- irrDt<«); diiulB. eaC -ell 
A IKUegroYo. 

- WUh aiwan bMoiffM aaa #»«»M MDM ia> akHV or 
t»inlaiaTWMrf>l hw iii l . ~ §mmn.*Am.:*M9»§»*t 

*Sr6w'-y, 0. [Kng. p^e)j-y.] Ptrtalalogto 

or abuuiidlUK la (rovca. 

srow, ' crowv, * srow-ya, ».i. A i. [A-B. 

irniiraA ([«. t. irww, pa- |«r. tT'^iPfM): migu. 
wlUi buL oroc^fii; ImL yrdu; Ilaa. grt»; 
Sw. fro ; alQml tu (Trvft (k|.v,).j 
A* /n/roiuiliM : 
L Li/TuiJy: 

]. Tu Itierrsae Of beeocne enlarged; tn In- 
onmaa In V-uIk by the a«KliallaUoa of o»w 
Diatler into thv liviuti orputtan. 

•■ rao- bufi lh« M«to fkaa th* eMfe, 
IMl v**IU ITB It ynnHM.* 

r»i^» T O ; iVfnM rii»h<t»a 
S: To lie produtvd "by vegetaUiui ; ti' iiTlitg 
up and WMtM to matority b/ a uatunl prtwaaa. 
"Vat MiHVfwaa Ifa Ulr «< tkt f*U.* 

/Wo—ir <Mf»w*.L 
9. To Inereaae ta ctatan. 
*■ I Iwva Im !• enah ff««N alBM taal I law Mm.* 

aUif y t ; Mtt**f^ III.. U «. 
4. To tame or ■pring, aa planta oat of a euiL 
IL Pf(riiralli«f|i.' 

1. To iDcreaae tn any way ; to bsooine 
larfsr, greater, atrongvr, or man pravateut; 
U* wax ; to be aufnieoted. 

" TIm aralag lalw* at Um la o rU ii w I way-' 

r»fm ■ Ctegraa OWMm, Ml 

t, Tu e'lvmiMV tn any itata 

" Par* t^ y** V> MHaatkiM Miaaaa' 

fkMivu* ' Im U wmwnmm, Ul IL 
* X, To Incraaae In iiunher. 
-«r»wr*Md b* Mei<i»M>eA--Wyrttfit 9mmt» 

i. To Improve ; loiaika p i o ff tea ; ta advance. 

-Owmm la (Ta>a~-« fww III la 

&. To eome tV^iward, to i 


"II •«* «»■ Uh kctMAlM tf Ortirfaf, «ie wlalu 
bepHtoefvwteM V.*— f<«*a- #M i^M* rw^» 
a Toackxoe; to be lorthcoailiiK. 

-A«dlMHMh,ail>tUMla*kia« latAalttnai 
atMB* MU !■>■»! M^ r«>lMi MBka IMiaA. ■*! 
IhMlrla'InlfMbfvlkliWlaaiB* #PMMa VMbaf 
andte.'-Wrcnii^' tm^ '11 
* 7. To ba due or o« Ing. 

- Bt^ jMt tha t«M Ifeall da •>«••» Fi« 
Ugmwi ng U UM by A e U efc.tM 

Jlll^i - ■ % < »»<WL >» t 

^.TobadMCBBaftomgeeautalo— w^er; 

"l^iaMjTWWMllifr^Miid. Hwf.* 

fwwipiiii .- jaMMTt Ma «h 
Sl Toarlee. toipritiff ; to proeiea aa f»«» a 
oaoN nr rmaMi, aa plaaSa o«t of a atA (Pol- 
lowed by eal.) 

-TWr vUl act (MB ftacA lata kuajaly^ami 
•M W btaa.--J)virfMt nrftti MmwIA tOmmt.l 

lOi T<i adben. to hacoBM ■t^fhmi ; wake 
nrnt, 10 beooiae niolad. iVaUovwd by tew 

- I^rt M tMMM a lut el vImM kae bMi. 

A ad fraw M» Um (pot. eU^MtiW bal aoM*.' 

i^vw. cMiaa jai»iifc M. na 
•IL ToawelL 

- MwtoM mtm ^mk to tlM taMM(M« •■« tMwg w 
■fall* (RM l*d« to iMat *b«« tiM •« to •««« » lUlto 
#r>Mii.-— aWaV* ff*^ V *Jto WiMrf 

B. Teaaa. : To came to crow ; ta caUi- 
nita ; to ralM tiy coltlt-attou , to prodnoe a^ 
To ffrme wheat, Ac. 

5 1. To frwr up : 

0) To arrive at manbnnri, to atltMM* la Ml 
alatim ot uaiturity ; l>i atlAin TUll grvenk. 

(D To ehwe aad adbara ; to higi w ae anlled 
la oae body. 

1. 7» (WMff ta$i0nw2 To hmamm witM ta 
cm* (tody ; lu U eluaely IthlUd ; to h* Mm*- 

Y For tha dilbreuca batwaan to ynv aad I* 
b>, aeeBa. 

groW-flU «■ [Arw>. ynawa s= ia*d.| 
Via. : Deconpaaed srautta. 
^ jtuyt ynwoa .' A nanw e«BMOalf anAfd 
to auy deoompoaad gritty ruck. (RTeel^ 

growoB-lod*, ■■ 

UiutHg : Any tude which aboouda la 
gravel or aaad. 

* afm% «■ tOaoTX.1 

' gnmt «■ IGaow,] 

(r6W-ir. «. [Bn*, 9r«w; -«r.| 
1. One who ar that whkihpowior 
In Iralk or aiae. 

- II . 

rrmvo-al aa; 

win ftua to a timl t«pHak kalai 

S. One Who crow*. eulUvatae, or 
(iruilucer, a caltinttor. 

grdW-Uc; • crvw-nc*. ^. p"»^ ■• 

It; now.] *^ 

A.AB. .i* pr. yar.^ f I f i ^ i H» .• 

Uie verbl. 
G. ^ntMbSMdn.* 

1. TIm a«( or atate of IneraMiag tn 
lintdra) jiruccia; growth. 

- Uak to tM ha Wtk «n«a««t' -«M*w. 1 & 
S. The aet or boiiaeaa of riUalag or 

ing vcgetablee. to. ; evIUvitlua. 

* & That wbkh boi grvwn ; a 

- A MMB lUUt Md n«a toaa e>ww»ai W 


SrvwfBC-podBt. t. 

Dot. : A adnata oaltukr aila la tba • 

of a bod. tnm wbloh growth lawcealfc A to 

in dir«ct oomiaiialoBliaa with Ito wovdy m* 

MlIuLir 1K0UO uf the ataui. 

CTOWlBS-aUdO. «■ A call foanadbaiwafa 
two aUMOi, adautcii la a aM* to a aricw- 
aoope^ and eitDpIM with welar tn tha aai*- 
Ury action of a ftw niamaau af a a W — m- 
tendlug thaoae »• a UttU naarvolr cf «M«. 
It U deatimed ter waaarvtag alfa at It ft ali l l 
In a growug ouadmoa. 

0*-r. «rT.JIra = to be aapTf «• ^^ *D *^ ^ 
ramble; Or. Tpa M itfi (frailleO^to gn»t. 
^^aAAac (tfrmiloi)» a !•!«, fhW ip« <r«) » • 

ttt«, flu, flhra, 
or, wira, w«lC 

wkAt, l&U. tetlMr: wa. w«t» hiuw, oam^ bar, than: pin*, pit, ure. air. H*rUa; g*. pK 

growl — grudgd 


▲. InimuUivt: 

1. To aiiul or laananr Uk« »n KOgty cur. 
"Thi^inil MM lMt ■r i T Mllryl thi ■!■' 

Am- AtU JteMK lU. iMi 
Si To grambfe ; to »p«dt ugrlly or gniffly. 

'■■(TlMt lH*k bl« UwvaT' r*wf«i< U* Klni'- 
JteMirfity - 0tm. jTHf^ •)!. vn. 
3. Ttf Makv a bonrar, ranrmnrfng wrand. 
' tb* g n mHitp «lnJ« ountMul.' 

S* TVaiu. .* To lltUrur cxi^ru** lu a grvwl- 
liijf ur gniff buuiner. 

" ff*««M d>AMM la Mah mrr wt - 

CW»vr null, vL m 

* BptfWl rn, v.C (A eomp. of cmwl (q.v.). ^ 
To emwl, la etwp. 

" Uoi anUsiMllF «m*»iv cat «( Us SmIm.-- 
Vital . Jf«tfA 4^ ftWMM, p. in. 

fr^^H, 1. intutWL, v.l Tbr «iwrt uf ui angr>- 
i-iir ; A gnuubling or grutt uiund made by ui 
•Ui^TT [mnoD ; * gnunua^ a ooojjiUlDi. 

Cr^l'-^, a. [Bi« rrvwl ; -cr.l 

L Z.»t.: Om who grmrl*; a griunblliiK. 
gruff pMioa. 
S. Flf. : A lkmr<whecla(l oab. (Afaaff.) 

' lb ImI avUMUr *aial tba drirn i4 a L»a.l..ii 
wan.-*-Aa«vr«larr4p«.fi«i ia.iMa. *^ 

Snf^l -Ukg, pr. j»(tr.. a., k *. [Obowl, r.l 
▲. A B. jI< pr. par. ^ jurlU-if, (m{i. : ((k« 
the vrrli). 

0. ^* tnUt. : Tb« aet of •nariliig nrgrnnt- 
blluK: kgmwL 

gr^n'-OMlf* °'f'- \T-nfl ar(ui>IUf: -ly ) 
la ft growtiim. ffruir, orgmiuliUng iiiann«r 

* SrA^~«An«. C [Kng. ffrcwr.- -«MM.l hi 
tillMil to (Tuwlliis or yrumbting. 

*-.t inrtiM it'^-jr ^. irsrMM ; JMk "h. »«»- 

grown, pit. pur. it a. (Onow.l 

A. Ji fo. par. : (Hea th« vsrb). 

1. IncraaM<d ur advauoed l» irmirth. 

S. AilTftDoad to fUU ■(«, stature, or laatu- 

"lar* Ulal]rapalrs< CltlMtaboaa, vbUfa I wwtoM 
*■•« lar a yn— mntia, tbat wvoU acnm kav* 
laaa Ma «Mmh fcr QM ■< vat UiUu gUU~' -t<xt^ 

gETOWU - OTCr, a. Orarvrown ; oowfrd 
wlUi growth of aDjrtbing. 

-I wm* I7 tka BaM «f Ika alotWia. and t>r tfa* 
«lMpw4a*lMaMamil«r«nd«Mfta41i«aikd la, It 

••■ all »r m » n «Mr«1tb tk<ini&a«d naOtaibd oonnd 
! UMiM*u«i*o(.--/v««OT«ani7.tL 

■rown-np. a. ft 1; 

A. ilt oV- : JUlvanrad to flill iffa; ftiH- 
M. At MiM. : A gmwn-qp jkoraon. {Collnq ) 
"I alaan UU Uka V«<im«uu»"— Mdtont.' 0«r 
I M«A bk. U., aC. L 

gl<^^y» r.L (Oer. irraiura s to uaka to 
aliaiUcr, toftUvcr.) Toahlver ; t*> hantuliiUa. 

growth, *gr«ai«, «. [lotL frddAr, jpiUKt.) 

(tin-.w I 

1. Ttio let or prooeai nf gmwing : the 
■mliul li>cr«aB« of ftnlmal or vif;«tal)la 
btallcB by tba BStlmilatluu of Dew tnatUir 
iBtn tb« UTtag OTgantam ; deraloittufiBl fmni 
a mttA, (oot, or germ by Uiti ftdtlitiua uf 
nutlar throHKli Aaatm and Mcratory naMlft. 

1. Ibmaa* tn iranb«r, flZtaBtt gRralMioe, 
balk, frvqtwacy, ftc. 

-TW ffraaA ol UaU tnda. riabi^ Md p»«c at 

lii—i '-*r IT. nsv^f. OnOMmwaMtf: 

3, iHtffuuo ta aUiuTfe; adranee towanl* 

~ Tfcirmli aa anlJMd arrliM at Ita roll frwtt at a 
■wtatB m0K wr fca M H m«m (unn tn Ha fall Imlk (III 
lfc> tM»tjarttJa«Ula'— ,«>>M»— <■- 0i>^ff-wa44. 

4, Thai irblcli grawv ur la powD ; anyttalnit 
proteoad lu gmwtb ; a pro>ltiot, 

" Tfca t m m^m u mBrmtk of laia tail wwid~ 

IL TMbalMHyr 

O) JalawU: Orvwtb entitlnoM fta long m 
Kb* MUttlnn of mw matter to tho body ei- 
twdft tbi amouot of waMo. TbU bapiwM Id 
■iriy lUk; affair toaturltir la rwrhail nvm 
BsMar and waala aboat bakaoa Mob otbor. 

(2) VtgttabU: Slraltar prloalplas regqlate 
tbc ginwtb of plaiita. 

2. MMitf : Hip ncctunulation of wttor Id 
tbs Inoli Of a nifhe. 

^ Comlationiiftiroui\: 

Hi-^. : tCoanaunoK). 

* grtfikf 'b^&ad, «. [ORotmrsAtxl 
grSin-tul, I. [(iKotiTNoL.! 
grtf^iM(l). «. {ORoi!i(i).al 
SrOne (2|, *. lanont <n 'l 
grd^ned. a. [GaotMio).] 

* gr6^ Ing, (. (QaoiM (•!), p.] 

1. Tlic KniiiUng of;! T'ft. 
& 01jKH)iit«itt, ijruiublluf;. 

(TMC-Ati a [A eomijitkra ofPr, prMcUItf.] A 
gooMbwry. {Sealek.i 

" As flanii aad fnr aa aala fnat'." 

grox'-Uic 1. (Ktyin. donbtlUl.] 

grodng Iron, *. 

1. All |[u>iniiii''iil with an anfolftf at«d pffiv 
jiirtiitn, uaed tiir cultfug gbuu beftiru tltr 
K<-iirral ai>i<licalJini (■( the illaiuoKil to ttuil 

2. riwRifr. : A tool UM»d tn amooLhlDg Uin 
■i>ldi]r JoluU uf IvuU |>li<v. 

grfito, * grobbe, * gmbbe, * gmb byo. 

r.i. Jfc 1. f I'm!*, a vanaiit of ffn'^e (■i.v.)lJ 
A* /|ilmii«i((i«: 
1. Tn tWit In or iiDdvr tb« grnand. 

_ ibal at lt>* lail.'' 

S. To tnkcuiMi'a food. (Siuuff.) 

5. To drodg« abouty tu iMrfuru low. dirty, 
ur tiitiiilal work. 

a. iwwmn.- 

1. To dig op ; to root up by dlgglag ; to dig 
np by tbii PootiL (Ofnenuly wlchiraf or vp. ) 

"nMfary ■tiuu|iaala«k,«paelAJIr that part whlfh 
U drj and akiva pDOkiL Mine *'t' yniMiHl, U maiit 
tlioM wuitli llirs Mtna bmI ahatn. l-i uuuttj nn hikI 
bant •rmkj>.~-*Ml>«. Om Phrmi |IL. 111. 

2. Til anpniy with bod; to pcvvkbi witli 
viotuaU. (siauy.) 

grftK *. (Orrb. r.l 

I, Tha rhryaalU nf an lojeot ; alao tta larva ; 

a uiajQtut, a atWr)iillar. 

"Tha oU ImUi. Ui«n(M«. w* «rt otf vltb Uit 
tsuvM uf U)> gr^.'~r*lfw. JfmtmrmI Timmttfg. 
cb sU. 

%. A aliort. Uiick-aet man ; a dwurt (Uaod 
in H:^intem(>t.) 

3. A <lirty, ddVfiily {t^nmn. 

i. That which la grulit«<l Ofi, luoU or 
atuiniw of trees, fto. ( A mctioim.) 

6. FtKxl, itJcUmU. (Slutii;.) 

gmb-iix*, «. ((latmaiNo-Azc) 

grab-plMdL «■ OinU i>biiik nanl In 
Put-tiliiK the enba and atriuga uf a lumber 
nft tiigatbiir. (jlin«riaM.) 

gmb-WtW. t. A haad-aaw uaed for aawtng 
up marble alam iiiUi atrliJ*. aiicb aanbelvra, 
nanlalpieeaa, Ac The lierf la itarted by a 
narrow cblaal wlilh) lying tii>oD tbo rubUng- 
bad. It baa an Iron bUda notcbad at Um 
nlge, atid atllTeited by a backliif; of wood, like 
the wcUlllc ^ck (4 a t«D'>D-MW. 

'grab' worm. >. A finib. 

" Awl ciiaLi muA ^lut —ruM crovdad <M Ua *la<a,~ 
jaiMri. TKtHttlmJ. 
grttb-bir, *. [dig. gmt,. r. ; -#r.I 

L Ur1> ftfitp. .' Uiui who or that which 
n. Afiieuittrt: 

1. As agrteultnral Implcmont rmA for atir- 
rfaig and Jonaaning tbo mA\ \n plcnigh ilepth. 
It M a biMvy eottlraCnr drawn by foiir bor*r«i, 
aiid aupporlad on wbeeb, 

1. A machine or ton] to pull up stnmpa and 
roota of biuhoa, uplin^, and auiall lR«a. 

grfib' bl ^ (. (SaiD<<d aft«r Hicha«J Onibb, 
a ttw«dlah patron nf bobiuy.l 

BoL : nta typkal gunua of tb« onlar Omb- 
MaooB (q.v.X 

grQb-bi-A'-^-jB. «. f>i. rHod. UL rtiMi(i). 

and Iau frm. pt. •4}. >uK -ooftr.| 

lk»,: Tbenaaie given In IMI by Endltober 
to an onlar of •iMgyaooa exogau^ liudiaeUd 
by LUtdley la Sraiiiaccw [•).*•). 

grab -blAg. pr. par., o., & «. (ObOB. «.] 

A* A B. ^4 pr. par. d partMf. ali, : (Sm 

tJi« verb}. 
C> At lubtt. : Ttifl act or oiNiniUon of dlgglag 

w fooClog up ilviiiiu, r<.iot>«, Ac 

gnbMBLg-aSQ. 4. Ad implein^^nt having 
acanwd bit prBa«DUMl at n^tit aiiftle* to the 
hdvp. like an u'tre, uii'l uijidtifr bit pt»- 
ai')it«l ill tlM line lit Uie hl■lv<^, Hkfl an am ; 
D inatUwk. 

gmbblns-bo«, t. A heavy boe iDr 

d'liUlt't* i^xiii'l ilumtw ur altmM. 

*nilb'-bte. f.l. A t. |A rhsMioiit. from gruh 
(q.T.) ; cl. OvT, ffriilitln, and £og. irnn<*l.| 

A. /n#Rtaa. ; ^ fed or giopv aa in the dark ; 
to grovel. 

-■■iNtacaowdqwIwdal tba tiMM if <M1, the 

■nl tfintMw han Ulnv.'-jrapUai.- ba ~ 
Wan, aw. tt. 

I Jt y iwra- 

B. TViiiu.;TofiK] with the haitd^; togroi<« 

gr&b'-1^» a. fRng. fruh(h): ^f.| Dirty, 
AlorL'iily. (//ootf : A Biaek Jok) 

Orflb -Btroot, *. ft n. (Soc dvt) 

* A. Ai fKlMtamtitx : 

1. !.H. : Originally Hip nnrtip riT t atnet naar 
MoiirllfMa, in liomlnn, niucb inliabitffJ by 
mioi cnraHgod In tlin pnuliictlon of luw^^laaa 
fui^Uvelltrrattira; whoncn any mean iirodoe- 
UoD U called ^niUrwL Fuu, the maityrolo- 
glat, llv«d In OrtilHitrMt. lt« name wia 
chaiigod in 1S30 to Ullton-alrnrt. 

t. ¥iQ. : Voor, maan, or needy authora. 

B( At a^. : Hean, |»nr, low. 

* gmoebe, * gmoob-ea. * gmoh-«n, vX 

[ORrtiii:, i-.| 

* gnicob-yng, 1. lancociut.] A grumbling or 

i-iiiii[i|<iiiit . 

grttdike. *gro<dietk, 'gmoolie, 'gmo- 
cheu, ' gmobea, r i. k 1 |i>. Ft. irronr, 
tfti.mVrrr. i)r\ujti — Ut nmniiur ; a wont of 
iluubtful origin, but |irol>iibl]r onomatopoetle 
and HojutJlimvUiuJ 

A. Intraiuitivt: 

' 1. To niiiriuur ; openly to BXpmai dbaaU*- 
fiMJtion ; to complain. 

"Mid tlw bvbaaa and mllNa rrwrcftMnt.- •alru* 
tm tbto laaaarvatb afttfal Ma awl atath <lili tbauZ^ 
-£«a*aT. a 
*8i TagrieT*, to repine, to fad eoiDpoortlon. 

"Wa fmjf> tot *au- mucraan atun 

* S. To find fhult ; bi mhu olfleoUon 

••nmtfr^lu aat vlth har bartal thaf«.''-r«Ow<*< 
4mm. tfhumtUf, vd. U elk a 

I. To feel uii Willi ngTHMi or ralucrtance to do 

any act ur f€>r any ivajmii. 

"Cm fcMpttalltjr ua* Utaaothar wlLboatfrMt^,^-* 
— I^Wrr Ir «. 

6. To fMl envy <.ir Ill-will agalnat any one or 
for any rnaaon ; to lie rnvioiia, 

"OrmJf imI uaa aaaluat aiioUiat-."— ^aatai *. II 

B. TVoa^fln : 

1. To aoe with oDvy or ill-will ; to envy ; to 
frd dfaHatntaut or envy at ; tu grnmbU at ; to 
and (aalt with, (ritle: Abtalm i AtkU^kd, 
U. aOd.) 

S. To grant, allow, or parmit wtUi reluo 
tnDfw ; to begrudge Uie aoquialtlon or im»- 
atwakm of. 

" Tbaj tmJg* laa mj batiual rii^l ta W baa' 
Cvwpvr - ivaiM Atm Owlaa. 

* 3. To cberfah nr harbaur with maUoa or 
with ao eovloiu and diaeouiented aplrit. 

grAdte, t. fOitriuR. r.) 

' 1. Ill-will, djaoiotrni, anger. 

' H«a*7 l<»b*. and lamiMt paaa; Uxat pMoa 
iB Uia bawralU trail ir^Ut*. aud aia>talant.' 

tptmttr : r. 9-. ill Iv. (t. 

*2. AniuiwilllugncsaorrirliiotaaMtobendlk 
3. A fmllnii nf malice or malnvolsoM ; 
hatrad ; acvrvt cuiiikly. 

"TlMnlaaanagnidebatwaaa'ant: Utmrtakaat 
Tliar W BlaaA* llla l a» .- .TaNu naaar, I*, a 

* 4 A renorae of eooadence. 

* fi. A ali^t eymptnm of diaoaae. 

"RtruMlU^ iMMMt tb« fnat»<B >d mora diaadfal 

boll, b^; p^&t, jArt: oftt, f«|], chona, ftate. baofta; go, t«m; tbla. ftala: «ln, «f ; oxpoot. yonopbon. oylat. pb » L 
, -ttea = obfn. -Uon. slon - ah&a ; tloa. -ylon - Sbftn. -eiono, -tlotis, oiotis = ohtta. -bU, -41«w ftc- » bfU AOL 


grndgefdll— fiprumpish 

m$ »jstuil)pi, euvy, or ducuiitont ; jfrudKlug. 
■• Bui* « a«a with arudfr/MU dLanuitMl.* 

^ Jt*'*^ '^ «. 1* »"^ » 

* crfid'^O'klll, I. t^g. grvdf/t ; dimtn. inir. 
T]tti. ] .MiitlaocBllglitKrudgi. (TAaotoraii,) 

BrQd|r-«4iit.i.|>(- I Ft. fniffeoii* froK ffrupnr 
= lo pltiil. to onuh.] Cwrw mral. srouU ; 
Um •fftfngi i>f tiwNl mntlntiic ftftcr ue Hub 
|MirU luvt pwed through tbc ileTa. 

Crftd^'Or. *Krooli-*r, * srasoh-ar, 

" gjntoll-*rft, '■ (Eng. (frvf/tf(f). -«■ ] One 
wno gruilipes or gnimlilM ; ft urumUcr. 

a(Ur ilMtow'-Vk^ J»4m IL 

■rfidi'-InR, 'KTOoh loR. *Kraooh-yo8. 
■crndgeyBg. • Kratflh tag. /r j.u-,, 

a., ^s. ttim '"■":, I'J 

A. ft B. ^4 pr. jivr. 4 furftci^ oi^f. : 0m 
Uie verli)^ 

1. OrumldinK, munnurlDfr, compUining. 

"AabromUniwl wiuiuur or fnlrtliy-' 

CAMitemr * C T^ UM. 

t. UnnKlDBM or dittCoaUDt at the pOMM- 
■fon of uirtblaji t>y uiotber ; aovy. 
3. Reluctanoe. uowllltBgtKH. 
-■«<Mk M UMr •o«id UftM tMfcbid* ttan *t.ib^ 

•■»• t«lM. vlUXMt Mir «*»**«.'— WliffMf *i — > ^ 


* t. A Msnt wiih or daatn. 

** Smp Id Ut moM •lusM* nJ irlsa ba ^Ti. 

*6. Aftertiiin ; renwlna uf uiy i«tn or di*- 


" Bo «lvalr *M dM OaUMMW tnut tU nn^ m if a< 
(b. ■ciM.--P«al - Jtactft#« iriiL 

'6. A •ymptom of (Uuaae, u the chill bo- 
tbre a Tiirvr. 

* 7. An knUclrtttloi) or pramonltory fMllag 

ofiinythmg ; a pr»Mntim«iit. 

grfidi lag Ij^ * grooh-lBd«-U^e, 
' gmoob en <M 11« ■Wt. | (fn.(f(nnp. 
4y.) Id • gradglns manner ; wtth reloctanct, 
anvrlUlDgoMs, ur gnidciug. 

•■ TroobU u M-MMvtr Mul btfdir bnofead. 
irklU lll«t MkUaMt loys va orarltiekML* 

OaMTH' . CkorUi'. tit. 
grftd^ lAcf. •■ ]>L (Omdobom.) Coane 

' grOdlr-iBCat. f. tBn« pn«J«»); -^i^-] 

IMoDateal, grudgtug. 

arwMrtiw. mf*iv(b«JhM*Mft 

gr6«, v.(. [Gbkw, r.I 

^fA'-^l, «. [0. Fr. fntti (Fr. ffrtiau\ from Low 
IaL i^mteUitai, dltuln. otffrutum =iu«al, tViXti 
a Low Qer. jr** = arQaU(q.v.>.3 Food made 
by boDlng natrDMU in wat«r; ujr kind oT 
Biztnre mad* by bolUsg logr«dlBOta In mt«r. 
" Mkka tb« pval Uitok and ilab' 

" ' I jraeM*,!*.!- 
^ To 9itt ont ki$ grutl : To aevercly pvnlsh 
Of kOl ■ p«raoa. (Dn»»r«ja tfaatthealliulof) 
U to the pnetloa, ooinnuHi la Pranoa la th« 
alxt««iith <Mitiii7, of |riTlBg poUotked poaaata, 
au art lirouxbt to namctioii by Ottharine da 
M<dlrl and b«r (taliaa adrlaara.) 

" 6a*« Ui» InwBlMt iMMl Mf #nHl* 
pa'Ka— /v*U*^ tf t ikU ; »ahm to fka WiwA 

Srao sdllM. a. IOhbwmohk.) 

'gnU, *gmt^ adv. [QBorr.] 

'grf*. ■. [Fnib. coonectod with fmn (q.v.).] 
A fit. 

-InoMof th*<a>VMl fnt^ iior ■• UwT bU tbair 

fUa|.--«taVl« - rarM, *. Ml 

grU;a.fti. IDiit.ffraj[>eoarae, grmtahMvy; 
Bw. jr»V " ooartc : Dan. jrof ; 0«f. fno ; 
U. H. ocr. gmtb, gnp.\ 

A* Ai odj. : or a roo^ early, or hanh 
IMCC or look ; aoar, roogb, hanih. huartc 
(AppUol totlwrcrim.) 

Stmg; XUakOM. 

Bk At ntbtlaittim : 

Ml*. (/*'.}• Th« <ror«t jikcea r«)oct«d In the 
BianutkctuTv of bUek-leM p^ta. Theae ara 
c*Mne, hanh, gritty, and deOelent In loatre. 

*SrAff' lah. a. [Bti«. gruf; -iik\ 
vt MNuewhal gmlT. 


tprtfT'lf, ftfiv. gr^f: -Jy.l In k gnilt, 
f'ujtli, iT aiifly m&iiiior. 
" Tl># fimn c4 Mmn biaU vu a eterM rtMd. 
All ibMllMJ ID Miaa. Mid fniMw laakad ln« fod. 
£«•«(.' jCmMm; na»0Wm- 

crtUr'-nesK. «. [Eug. (m-r.- -i»«.l The 
qijiility or atate of beiug gniff; rooghneaa ; 


Crft'-Srfi. I- [Ad Amerioui negro word (F).] 
L Enkm. : The Urra of a huge laieet 

ICatamdra |NtlMi»r«n)i eaten In Sooth America. 

C«II«d alao Var Palmiatc. 
3. Bot. : A name giTen la Trinidad to twn 

fialiM— iMRMdryum mltfan and Acroeomia 


Srd'4-4I». ».pL (Lat. ffnu (gaalt. ffruU) = a 

OrnltA.: A biiillyofOraUat'WB.trlbiCaltji- 
rt)Bt«w. It twiislatji nf lanm h«ndJoin« Uida. 
with a eonahhtrable part of the Ubfaa ban ; 
toes four, the two oater onei oonneclad by a 
very amall uiDiiibranc, the hbitl on* ihnrt and 
clFiriit«il. It roiitiiins two lob-fainlllcs ; Oruinur 
(Cmikea projwr), and PHopbllHe (Tmuip«t«") 

gr4-i'-BM, '. pi. CLat ffna (e»nlt. ffruU) = a 
crane, wid r^iii. pi adj, sutf. -ine.} 

OntUh. : Thet^oalaub-famllyorthefluDily 
GruMc (q.T.). The aandlblea aiv of eoaal 
lenztb and Dnint«d at tba Up: the tertiary 
fcatlieni of the winga ar« often long and d*- 
compowil tiiU) iRiaittiriil ppiid«nt plnmca on 
each side of ihf LdL The aat>-ran)Uy contaloa 
tlM ("ranMa pruper. 

<gr{i-XB-«'--l«9.«.pt. riAt-ffTM (genit puti) 

= a ciBUe, and luaac. or trm. |p1. adj. aaff. -alt*.] 
Bot. : The name rLv«u by Liniiii'iiB to an 
order In bia Saturm Syftem, UQd«r which he 
Included Uie CnueabUU. 

grU'-Bht. a. pBtytn. doubtful.] Groaa, 
cuarae, cjuuiay. 

" TlMT bad aiaMlaal^ luni thaa tb* frw/atv hdnu 
a(UMe9tlan.'-ati>' 4«MMto</r*a i'oriM. pt la 

•gr&m, o. [A.S. ffram, gnm * farlona. angiT, 
oir<>»d«d ; O. H. grmn ; IveL granr « wrotli, 
firom = OendK-l 

I. Sour, Burly, aeverc, hanh, moroae, glum. 

8. bow. deep in the throat, imtl, giiUura] ; 
aa, a fruta voice. 

Crft-m&Olk (cA gattnralX a. tOael. fntnmuA 

;; gloomy, Bulky, monwe, lullen. of a fortild- 

ding eountonanoe.] lll-CkTaurwd, grins. (SorfcA.) 


-Awtt .- i4fni4 «r JfMtrM*. eh. xlL 

grttm'-bla. v.t A t. \Tr. gronmfUr ; O. G*t. 
grvmiuif* : a (yetiunuL of grtmmtit, (rnrnam, 
or fronnia*; DuU gnmuun = to gruinblv, 
to growl ; d. I3er. fmm = Tnitlon, (rrtmaum 
a to rase ; Ruaa. fmna ■ Ihuoder ; jLB. i/ntM 

1. TomaniiarwithdlKontent; toghrevant 
to expr««stiinii of diaaaltaOutioti. 
-KowwT>ngUi^Mri»r«i».i toyto^ agtt«baUr 

1. To growl, to snarL 

" Fma ttia olJ TttneUu dag (bay lawMd Iba war 
rut : ra Mr Mptmta. 

3. To malui a howss no4ae or nttle ; to 

** ahalw tlw modi 
Tbat gruwnkUy^ wwrm," ra«-u>M WntTur, M. 

•B. rniw. : Tu€«pri«iMrutler iu agruiii. 
bllog nian&'.T. 
grtm-bltt. >• [OnfMBLB, r.| 

1. The act or state of grumbling; a oom- 

1. iPU) k gntubliDg. dlBoont«ot«d diai>o- 
■ a. Orlme. dirt. 
n* tmmblm and nMl al Ibate anaalnraai* '— 

grttB'-blar, l lEng. irrviabirc) ; -er.] 

L OrA. /.oiM. ; On* who gnuobkt : » db- 
flontootnd or dtaMtiaBod pwoau 

S. /ehay. .- Tsrfooi apeelM of Tirtfa (Oar- 
nardX whU-b utter aoondi Ufca grumbling 
whts, being taught, they are lifted ftoia the 
wator. {Origitkt C«r«cr.) 

artm-«te-«i'-Bl-«Bf. a. UppnmUy mo- 
delled oD aome fiO'-h win) aa XcotaffeMMan* 
= InhabltlDb of Arrrmch*, fiW 
= inbabitauU or UuriDgtoa, Ac] 

Wirt. : The liibalrttanta of i 
or i«riBh &>taUA fM- RrtunbUDg ; • ■>< 
given ta Kngland to the Country, aa dlab»> 
gulabeil fkomtheCotirt |ttrtydimagtbei«^aa 
of the klor Btuarta. The r»*aoa why tWy 
grumbled wna that. U modem t aagMj^ Iter 
ciiiutltatcd the Oppoaltloii, and wttem 
found fault with the mcMOTM aTlhilri *" 
■dvmatlea who were in pow«r. 
■laa*. I 

1. and aMaaUmaab wi iio w d '■■'LP**!'^ 


grttxn -bUAg, pr. pa^.. a.. A «. (Ou-KBUC il] 
A.*^ Atpr. par. d pvticir. Ml- C8" 

the rert>). 
C .Ai m W. .■ The act of naiwiring la 4I»- 

oonlMit ; oim plain log In dli 

WlUtoul or pii4ga as « 

grflm'-blUg-lj^, cufr. [Eng- ffmaahll** ; -iy ) 
I. In a gmml.Iinir, diMatull«d, or diaitm- 

tentod niauurr; with grumbUagB •« «w 

*2. Boanely, rooghly. 

- Tlwr avvak r>sd OavMOl atttaOwMMd m *• 
dir ; Iwl UMMawan «d aaianUT pa^la w^Hid m 

> grftaft'-bM, a. lOavMaLi.] A torn of n- 

pitMi-h ; a surly prrxm. 
■■OMM.fnMiM. tbaaihalta 


•grftma, i. |0. Tr., W. r w i f ■ » » eMl ' 

Troll. l4l.|rrvaiiu=a little bMf^l AAMi<'| 
a Illicit, yaofX cuualatrnor ; a clut, aa ofUaaA 

grttm'-iy, «• lEng. grmmU); -t^.l 
thick, aa witli drvgB or eediiiMnl. 

grttm-lj^, <idr. (EiiK.fnm; 4t.l Ua 

•uily, iiioroae, oraulieo manner- 

grUm'-Bflf. a }>t. (Eng. 
■<L\ Dn-ga, aedliuent. 

grfijB' 'UM, <■ [GBOHKvr.) 

* grttaf ■ ! ■■. •• (Bog. 

uaaa, anUeoncaa. 


crft'-mdaa^ a. (Hod. Lat. _ — 

Liaat. Lat- prwM " » Ut^ >>^U. a MIImAI 
Bot : Clubbed, ktMtted. (Aitfo«.) |Om 
gr& moAa. «- IHnR. frwrnd); -eul 

' 1 Ord. Untf. : Thick, clotted, t^ooenheA 

" Bal. bartaa tat >h>a r " g«** a^a^a ^aw «■;■ _^J^ 

XX. reehntflaXlt.* 

1. AaoX. (^Moed): ClolUd.<_ _ 
S. BoL : Dfrtdedlnto ItttlaauitandffalM 
aa the fncula in the attm oflihe Mffo p^ 
or the root of Nevttta Kida»«v1a. t fUi N l ) 

grn moAsntes. «• (EtMc r — '■■. 

Ttir <)iuil.ty or aUte of being gnyaoM ; 

or cuacn'l4.'d. 

grflmpli, v.i. IAb imitative word.] 1% | 
to make a nulaa like a aow. 

grttmpli, *. [GacMi-H, v.) a gnuit ; a Mfta 

Iiko a aow. 

" B* draw • lanw i-. — 


Crttm' pU*. «• [Bng. ^rwi^; -<«.| A atm. 

"Wfc* »aa n brt fl>ii y>m ~ ^ __ 

Crftmp^-I V. o<fr. IKng. i l aw n ; -V I _ 


quality or atata of betng grumpy 
■urllaMi. grudteaa. 

ww4a thuaaai^MlMd «» aaa Um aC'-rfit Wkaai 
««o«ad ia Pba« Afrtl U MM. 

'griimp'-llllfa. («my<y>; 
- U rue t)lal>biv ar laiak #1 

Jft r aaal At u tM i m>0 . tk. vL 


fic«, ftt, fluro. ^mldat, what, C&U, Cathor: wo. wit, horn, oxun^l, hor. there; pine, pit, sixo. air, mariae: go. pM 
ar» war«. w^U, work, whd* ste: mdtei. oftb» owe, vaiu. eur, rnle, MU; «rr. BJrlaa. n,aa-*. •▼-•.**- kw. 




■m'-B&B-ite (th« tint n M a In OermatiX : 
jFrnoi (iriliuu, in Sa)-ii AIU>nklrclien, wbTP 
It iMVun.] 

tltn.: An Ivnowtric brittle mtnenl nt me- 
UIUp ltUtr», light ■tMl-grnT to slhrr whttr 
ouiiiur, btooat^ v«llovUh or gtujrub whrn 
tarniibed, iikI s uark tp«y stntk : fta Imnl- 
nam 4'fi: sa cr. ft'lS. bomim*.: lolplitir 
M-10toU-«; Uanatii 10-41 U> Ull ; oirkd 
S3T8ta40-<A; troa DIS to 1173; oopiwr I iW 
loll-M; uidltaill-^ttiTII. (Dana.) 

*gnuid, L lOsooro-j Tb« graund : bottom, 

Srttnd'-A ■■ \Kafi. rnifuf » gmuitd ; -ti. j 
Titt lUb 0All«d ■ OrouudlJDgfq.v.). 

*SrlkBd'-«9l, I. (Gbounnsi. (I), >.} 

grtf-air-it« (n u it in nfmatix i. lOrr. 
frwwrtt. KaomkI alUtf Oriluer, wno Brat dv- 
Mrtheil K.1 

iHm.: Imn Amphibola, ui Mbratironu or 
ImmIImt flbrcMU brown and nllky varintr of 
AnpUbolk. (/>Qita.) Tbe DrilitS J/uMum 
OiW/Hrw taMktm It t vmri«ty of I]oro)il«]Mi«. 

*Brtta'-«9]. •• (OiunijiDnLi.] 

grta'-ataaa, <. |Porirrvivf«grtDd; «iiims 

Iten^l A grlnddtono. (.SMrik.) 

" Bm« Ibalc IMW* to lfe« fnMrtMNa.' 

«MnM .• OmUa. (■ 0««i JKuOIAm. Ay. 

Kl. A C. (Ad exteaklOB of A.iL (fmuin^ ti> 

Kmt; rofn. with Dad. jfrync ; sw. j/ryiniii.' 
r. frvNAit : tAt. irm«Hl4 ; Ur. ypi!^ CtT'^w) 
ftom Y^ i]frw) = Ihn gniut uf • pig. | 
^ /nfniiMid'TC: 

1. Ti> make • noise like ft pig ; to tnort ; to 
gnu Uki ft hog. 

" OryU mmU tMl r>*M£* 

* S. To gnwh tbx t<«th. 

"Hiaf «nMfi.f«« aiUi (mU on lirm-'^ HVUh ; 

JiMrti tU »L 

B. TmM. : To ctpren or utler in •gnuit- 
big to&DDflr. 

, ». lOfttnrr. v.] 
L OrA. Ut- ■ A deep rittnnl itrand, like 
tlM nurt or boIm maile liy a htig, 

"IMUaMrafTMUiaf BMbMilaak' 

Tmm B mi : WaU tm tJM MO. Ta 
1. /<AAv. (PL); A popular name glrea Ui 
the llnitnl BtaCiM to a tah, Pofovia* eKrvmU. 

SrftnC-ir, ' cnuttHwa^ <. [Kn^ jrntal ; -cr.} 
L OnHtwry Langwigg: 
I. Ob4 who gniDtiL 

-gnu rt ira > y m U afr— f tan ^ . run. 
& Aboc. 

*- A 4n«al>l WAirklu. 

TtMng mm Primmm. v. m. 

IL rHftafeoUy : 

ft '— jb wiMt. : An Iron rod. with a book on 
Iha Md, bjr whtrh aa aaaUtant al<U in «(ip- 
portlaK the rrucibk, bv catching bold of the 
ikoalcwr of the tmeiMfl-tooga. 

■rftnt Us. * gnuiVtns«, 'gnrnt-yncft^ 

" grynt lag, jn. f-'tr., o,, a l (Gnr.>tr. r, ] 
iL A B. ,4j fir. jNtr. 4 snmc4v. odj. : (Hc« 

Oe verb). 
Oi JanArtoiufw.' 
L The act of naitfaig or making t, boIiw 


■ faltend wdianMl rfan|lit«r. tb«l 


bMd bnt#rMiti^ui4 0«atag •! p«(jl>>£ 

Ml hMJM nadr Id dl«, *«ltartM~lL, 

Mrtr «wa blaad.--tf«itaia^7«IMrt»i)r 

" 1 Th* set of swUbc or p'lD'l^ the 

"nm* mA-4 W nenc aai #n " W*'» >( tnUi.'- 
Wpritfb jr,.naM> TiiCW (^tani^T^ 

pttBt-Uf-lf, adv. [Cnc. rrualjag; ^] 

lo 4 gtuniiug manDcr ; wtt£ a gmnt. 

V^fta-a«,-crcim-tle,*'(. [a fmiQeiit. from 

OaiiTT <'|.*.).J To grutiL 

w«K--jiirftaM . o. 1 riM. p a '^ 

SHkm'-a% X. [O KOwixs, *. ] 
L A gnuUBg nobc. 
t, Aaanttt. 

-A^timm unmt ain iMh bv tncb, 
WW IwlitohtofnMM *f • f loikeK'' 

«BPwt araH* DHmi. 

'STflnf lifts. i- [F.DKtfmM.-iliaULsalt-llaf. 

A yoiing j>iji tr hog. 

grftnts. ». [OBmr, a., IL] 

grlkn -xUS, <. fGKotv(S), l] Th«month; the 

"Mha dVbto h«r «n»ti«« «|' » kubloa.' 

Mmmt. UfA fiftA* WUIUSmd. 

QtHm, grfta, f. (l«t., ^ a crattc-J 

1. f'f.ii/A. ■ lO/ rV /■(-)« unit) : The trploal 

S-iiUH uf the auh-binny (Jrulnnf, and Iba nmllj 
niida'. (Crank.] 

i. J4f >vn. .- (0/ lk« Jbni Onis) : Tbe Cratte, 
a Donat4:llatUin iblxoduonil by Uaycr, and ituw 
arraDmed aa one of LA4Bluc'a twoutyKovm 
Soxiihemoonateliatiotka. UUaltiuUst between 
KridsuuB and SagiUariui. 

grOsh' I«. a. (Etjni. dotiblfuL] Thick ; o(a 
I hrivlrm growth. (A>i|fA.) 

"ThalroriMU* •wuhmi' hlUttn' *!««■.' 

gmnu- rWM/N«a 

* CX^tfll* >'•&'- [Obudok. v. a ».] 

* gry, $. tOr. TpB 6rn*) a ■ ptmti a arUaMe : 
a bit.] 

1, A meaaore, nqual to one-trnth of a line. 

' TliJM Iiubaa uad •!•« frva tons. mhI oti* ImeL 
••««■ Hum t« |lli> -Mo^, IPWti, vl Ml. 

3. Aii>tblug very kuiatl, or of little value. 

Grn'-jrAr*, j. A a. [Fr. Omftr*. Gm^trtt; Gcr. 

A. At mbtt. : A town tn BwltaerlaDd, can- 
ton rrtbsrtt. 

B. Aa adj. : Of or bttoBgtDg t« th« phwe, 
deacribed under A. 

OmyAre-OIWM*, *. A i»b>bra1cil kind 
of 4-h<>ese niadeattimyJiu Itowca lU flavour 
chlcUy lo Mtiilotui vficiiMtU. 

gryde, ".t. (ORtnt, 

* gryf-on, «■ [GiurrtK.] 

trfV ll4m,KjA. [UUfTflliiu); feR].i>tatU- 

Hurf. -idiK.] 

^n/nn. : A brotlr of saltatorial oitbonten, 
made to Indiul* the crickcLa, or aouientDea 
thn ifTsaahopjtcra. [tinvtxua et)'in.] In the 
fonnar eaaa the Bnaaboppera an oallcHl 
AeridUda, tnm tbe geaaa Aortdliun or Acrr- 
dtuOL In tb« latter the Crleketa ai« termed 
Acbetlda (q v ). Tbv Iknilly Oryllldie la now 
alevate<l Into a tribe Qrylliiu (q.v.). 

gr^l C-BA, t. pL [Lai. ffrfUu4 ; ucuL pL adj. 
alLir. ■inti.l 

Kn/<nit. : A tribe of Hiltatorial orthoiiteni. 
Tbe outer winfpi In iv[Mne ana iIoiHril uke a 
rtwT, the antcnoa! an long, aluKler, and 
fai|«riiig. Tlie laral an rnitr-jololect. The 
nialM aare an aiipanitiia at the baae of tlie 
wiiiR-coren for cnlrplng. The fetoalehaaan 
«XM-r1«il ovipotitor. 

gr^-lA^ tAl'-pf, >. [Ut. grgUms - a crioket. 
and Mil =a uiole.] 

£nloM. ; Hole-cr^at; a Mams of erickoti 
CAchetldB or OryiMdc) havhu the laga and 
Isnl of both tbe anterior ftaet broad, flat, and 
liidentAd like handa, an aa to bt well a>tai>ted 
fur digging. It is a BrttUh Inaact. 

grjfl'-Vlm,!. [L«L, 7acrld[nt,agTnsaboj>pcr.| 
i.''i^<Mi. : The typleal genua of the hinlly 
OryllldwaudChctnbeGr}IUua<<).v,). tOiuaa- 

-grypv, f. lGiii«(tX'-J 

fry' phm-m, >. [lAt tnrp*. (g^nit. tn-ypAu) 

= a t^rlBln.] 

/Wiponl. ; A Biilvgenui of Oatrea (oyster), 
baring the left tain* with a prondnent in- 
cnrred tunbn, the right one atiian and cnuRai-r. 
Thirty aitecln are known fr»iu l hp I.Uu to Um> 
Chalk. Orypkaa ifunin-o, from t)io I.iaa of 
England, Fniucp, Oennaaf , Ac, la Cha tyjw. 
(H'Mrivnrtl, Ac.) 

t srfpb'-4t«k *■ [Lnt grnAta s a pUKo, 
and -in (hUamt.y.'i [OnvPuacA.] 
t^Unmt. : An old name for a g/7pluea(q.r.). 

t gryphlte-Umeatotie, •. 

firol.: l.iK«, •» (wll^d frtim the bet that 
Gry pha>«s abounds in it. 

* CKTPb-as. ■■ [Orutom.] 

40d Ijtt. tMU. pi. Adj. Knff. -lIlKK.) 

OmitM.: WedgR-tAil«d Huiniulng-blrda, a 
aob-buiily of Troi^llidie (Uumniiug-blnla), 
type Oryvhua (<).».). 

grf-po-mlm, gry-ptad'-ab. a Tiiod. Lat, 
r«iiii Ur vpirtMu (irropo^ a to beoouie bent. 
(Card i.r Lbf Md»-)J 
fM/Aol : Tb« growing of the naOa Inward. 

gry'-ptts, giy'-plttta, ■. (Lat fty/Jtut = a 

gntSu ; ffTTif»f» = Or. tfivraf (ffrujv*) = oorved, 

irrmiA : The lypkal genua of the eut>-lha)lljr 
ary|>b(n»- <<).v.>. Only mia apeeina la known, 
whtcb la fh>i» httMl 

grj^-b6e. gryf -btfk. a nxit. gr^Aak, 

from frr^fi = gray, and bnk « goat.] 

Zonl. .- A South AfHeaa a&tf lope ((Vafmpvj 
wtrlaKOtiM). It baa stralghl, apngtit, ptdtitMl, 
ahlnlng boma, with two or lhn-<r uniall annnll 
at the roots. On tbe nppnr |«na thf hair ia 
iwd mixed wlUi white, balow Itlaaaiuly-lrowu 
or red, and nn vome there la blai*k about Ibe 
head. Length of th« anlnul, nmriy tbr«a feat. 
It In fuiind in South Africa, goes in |Hilra, not 
Iq flocka, and furaiabea exoeUeDt renUon. 

gii-m-^fluae' -0t *• (Sp. fua^an and gtiarha' 

mm, tti»o tbe ravem and mnuntAln nf Qua- 
cbaro, in the rallpy of Cari|)a, in Venpsuela.] 

Onith. : Sl*attmtU CariptiuiM. a goatiDcker 
ftum South Aiurrlca, wbli^b feeda, howavar, 
not on II>lng iriM-rtft, bat on tiardftiilta,anrT 
rare chancterlatle of a nocturnal t4rd. It la 
valued for Its bl, to ottalo which the Indiana 
alaiighter it tn th» cnvom of liuacbarti ottce a 
)Mr. (i/smtoW.) 

goaiABro bird. •. 

OnUOt. : Thr rtiim a« Gcacbaro (^.v,). 

gwmciharo-oU, i. The tkt of the Oaa- 
rliJirii-liiid. which, on being incited, iwcoroea 
luiir IJitulO, transparent, and inMloroui. It 
will i-w^t f'lr a year without turning nccld. 

gaaobaro •eeda, >. pi. Seeda tuund in 

UiB gtsxHi-d of thfl (i tucharo-Urd. 

(4-a'-o6, *• [Native name in CentnlAtnerloa.] 
Aoenay : 

1. pTofrrly : ArialtJodkia Cunnt, a plant 
celebrated for l(a efflca«ry in curing tnake-blteft. 

2, ifnur : Other planta with the aame pro- 
pettlea^ apec, Uikania Ovaco and Af i i t c lM kia 

^ Afcriflnn puaeo r 

Fkarm. : A polaoo itated by Dr. Ualar to be 
from • apedca cf coavolvuloa. 

gil&-dlil-«^aMr' ite (a aa w). a [Named 
by PetJRMn fVnni Ita orlgiual lo<«llty, Ooadal- 
camr, lo Mexico.] 

Mi». : A mineral eMieuUally a Mleno-aol* 
nbide nf memuy and ilnc. 1l ia renre*entcd 
by tbe ronuula a Ug S -t- Zn & It oocura 
maaalve and aypto-cryttalllne, and la nf a 
deep black oolonr, Thongh rE*enibllng dn- 
natar tn oompoettlon. It la qnlte dltTerent tn 
Ita |)fayalcnl pro]wrlle«, liavliig a bliiUh-blnok 
■treak sad a greeny uietaUjo luatn. (T. 
ftif***, F.O.S.} 

gu'-Ag, I. [Comtah.] 

if in. ; An old. atiniHlon«d working. 

gti«i»0 (^ gwH-yULL IL A 1. [NaUre name 
oniir treeTn l*aru nf tfnutb Aiocrira.) 

A. Ai ntbA : Onolaoan (q.v,), 

B. Ai ^M^l. : Of or helongitig to guaiaoum. 

gvalBola (*■ gwfc-yfta-IoX n. [Gn^i Ac 
owuinrttin); -ir.| I'trUi 
nou, Oualat'um (q.v.). 

gtudaoloHiold, a. 

Chrm. ■ Gualan-'tic add, C«>aaOa. ObfaOlMd 
by bciiliu): iiowdcitl (jiiaiacun rcain with 
milk of lime for half an hour, flibcrlag and 
eilraedng the reatdue with hot alecbcM, dii- 
tllllng (W tbe alenhnl, and dUaoMng the acid 
lu cmoatio aoda, decompoalng the eryatalliicd 
aodliim aalt with faydrochlurlc add, and re* 
cr)-Kta]U«ina Irom glacial aceUe add. Onal* 
acic acid U Uiua oUjuiied lo cob>orla«a necdka, 
which melt at M^. They are aolubla la ■teohol, 
aiwl the Bolutlonglveaaginaa-gtwenoototir with 
ferric uhlorldeu It (brma eryitalUne mlta. 


uinrttin); -jr, | I'cnniiiing to, OT derlT 

kAl. b4^: pAc, Jtfikl; oat, ^mtL, ohoma. fltln, banota; go» t«m: thin, fhla; Bin. Af ; *3cpeot, ^Anoptaoii, «flat. 
-Almi. -BlnBK •>!&&; -flMi, -floa = Alia. -Mmu, -«lo«iiii» -al«B«=shfta. •totop -dla, Ae » bfl 



gu&iaool— guafautee 

gnaUeol (m gwA'-y^-^l), u |Eaj{., he 

thyl rthrr nf jijrrticatwhin. Ul>to>iic<l hjr tho 
drr dlitillatlim uf (runUicuiii nwln. It al*u 
o«n-iirii ill wojNi-ur rrw>»»>lf. It ti ftUo fonni^ 
hy the itry tliHtillxtiini of i-ftlriuni vanJIIaU] 
with )iUk«l liino ; &nit lir luvUii^ In 170* Kiiutl 
mntoriilr* nf im^ticatMhtrL rauatio pot&ih, 
ftnd itiftlijl puUMiuu) Bul|)tuita. OuuACul 
U B pltnunt-Bin^Illnf; BroniATk oil, hoiling At 
S(W. When hotiUxi with liylrlndl.- told, ft 1* 
d«ooaipo«»d tntu oK'thyl I'-ilJc and j'yToc»t<?- 
c^ln. Whtn hnird with zinc ilait. It irieldi 
■Mlaul. CfHs-tX'Ky lu iliMbuUi: loliitltm 
gtT«« SO emont'l-i^Trnn cnltMir, wlUl ftrrlc 
cklorlito. U ijuihta with ftUoUa. 

sn«lAooni«(Mffw»'y9'-o6n'-lel.<i- rBog., 

Ac. irMii(Mtini),aiiil -««ii<v| SeaUwouiDpOIUKL 

KiuUWMnilo-««ld, B. 

Chfm: CuHnOs. L'onulnol In the nothm- 
UQiild oM«mMi In lh« pni)«mit*ti or siiftiftrifl 
•eld. TIm) llqiilil In ev«)>onitcv| tu Jryiinui, 
•ml tbfl rcBidtu treated with bulling •k'oltol, 
•v^untad, mod a»j*ntaA from Uw reslo by 
OMMuoreihtfr. QutluxHilc •chl I* uQOrifhoiu, 
nifltlnit kt lOO*, and la liuolDhte In wntcr. It 
bwulty ftuluble In aleohol, ether, chlorofonu, 
•od in •cetic acid. It i» tumod l>lii« hy t>\i- 
dUlng ogiiDts. The talcium aud iMd a&lU •» 
liiaulnlile laalculi"!. 

gmJaoiiM (m gwfc'-y%-c<kin>, t. Iha^taimA 
ftvin ffvaiae {i{.Y,).'} 

1. Bol. : Agmusof Z}-gr>phyIlAocn. tribftZy- 
pit^jlloe (iLV.^ UUyx of Ave anequl Kg- 
ownts; petau flv»4tslKed ; tUmpiu ten ; fRiit, 
• flv*-uigM,flv«-MQM]e«l»tll».>oinetimM by 
•UulloD two or thnw-oellM. thMiatnim nJ/kt- 
maieinut onuunenU] trw with bliw flowt^m, 
Rrnwiti|{ In iaiuaicK. Ths wnod fkirnlHhM 
Z({raRm vikB (<(.v.>; it« nwtn l» cmlM tinni 
gtwUeiun (q-Tj. Tbc Imvm of C miMftuuiurr 
nanl la the W«at Indies •> • aulMtitatu ti>r 
■oap. Hm bArk uid wood of laith a|>ri;lra are 
■iidorlltG*, dtm|ihnraUcs, or ■lt«ntlv««. 

cnAa'-»-iiuB«i (a m w), •. pt. ibd^, *c 

i/u<in(o), mud uvtinu.] 

CA«)H. : UsMa obtBiDod by hsatlnic the fiittr 
add nlu of gnantdina to from SW* to KKr. 
QtiVMiiiiiw. CjHgN), or pDrmoyuaiiainiiM, ob- 
taiiiM by htudn^ guanldine funnate to SDO*. 
a(UH»N,HC»-0H = CaHjN,+*N*n, + C03 + 
8CiJ4-3U)0. Th0 funcd tiix.'** in tiiiKvd with 
ail ftt^ual vnliiiii*; of i-ald watur fllteiMl, tin.- 
miduo ^iiuulved in a asoall qiuDtitioa tn hot 
wiliT, aiiJ |)m<t|>ltat«d with a coDorntmti.'d 
•ciluUiin ofoxiUlc Aoid. The oxalate la diraoiii- 

Kwed by coLutic aoda, which throwa down 
II* l«M> in whit« cryvtallliM a(^Ml!va, luoltlntt 
abovt) 350', whii^h are «a»[\y aolalilf In boiling 
wakir, and at'sbtly Kolable in alcDhoL Ac«tii- 
jnunaTnitift Ib nbtainMl by hrjiting dry giianl- 
dlDC acvlitc to '.£30*. It iDclU at 3(16 , and U 
aohibli> III alcuhol and In hi>t water. Thia 
aubatannt wu f»rtuer)y oMeA guaaamlnt. 

g1lAB''I~dine(aaiiW), «. [Rag.,Ac.9van(iny, 

K- id" 

or Carbluiftlo-dUmiae, 

Chen.: CBeNj. 

C^NII. An oreanit 

amine, obtained by tta aeUon of potaasiuni 
cbl<init« aiid hTilrochloric arid on gnanln. 
CjHjNaO + HjO + Oj - CHsNi + C0| + 
>^3n]Nt*^, i«mlkanio &<.nd ; by toaiiiig Uorat 
and )irdn>ctlnrir- acid gaa fn a aemlod tube to 

ITo'i by thn »(U jf aloibolir nniinnnia oo 

ehlr.nipicrin at IDO", (XXOaJCIj + TNH, = 
avtiiiD of aiiticoiu aiiimnnia on cchyl otttifl- 
carbonate at l&tf', ClOCiKa}«4-8KB«>CH^a 
-t-4C']I]a'0n : by beating atnmantuBi chlonde 
with cyanamidr In an aIcy>holir atdntinn to 
IW. NHitl+CS-Nll5=LUoNjHCL Giianf. 
dlii'^ ti IH-Kt rihtained by prrparliiK the im). 

8 hate from the carbovstfl, and then removing 
n aiilphario acid by barrta wat«r. Onanf- 
dlnv fnrma oolonrltm delli|urjic«>nt cryataU, 
whirh are rety •nIaUe in alrho] and In wat^-r. 
The unlutioQ abaorb* cartoonie aeid ftoni the 
air. Wben tpiMlditie la boilml witli baryta 
water. It ia converted Into ainmODla and urra, 

Ca<CyQ^ By the action of coDceutnted 

ncUU I'd alkalis,- It ia d)tH;om]KMed into CO} 
ami NHj. 

ynaniatne-CTboiuttft. ». 

Oum. : ^K:HflN|•H|^(>^ ObUlnwl by Iwll- 
fng likt perU of giiaiiidine ftut|ih<>-i-yanat« 
with lUty-otgbt part* of KjCO^ dlaaolvcd )u a 
very BDiall auantlty of wat4>r. Th« carbonate 
is toon pntdttltatcd by alcuhtilf and racrjatal- 
liaod oat of coiling water. 

^putnldine-nltrat*, ■. 

Cfcm. ; CHjN, IINU^ ObUlned by bolUng 

SanLdlUD auli>bu.«.yiiunt« with ammunluin oi- 
ite, and onnrcntmltna the aolntlon. when 
gTiaDMIne nltnt«>, wlikh la only Bllsbtly 
iintul>l« In ooM water, cryatiiiU«« out in large 

f JwT«. , * HsN.iHrNS. Thin uH U eaally 
{•rvjunNl by hQatiriKititimoiiiiiiu aniphocranatc 
to (>etw«« l«r and IW, for twrnly lioura. 
in a Oaak onr a Bfttne, with a l-'ng tiibo to 
catty off tha vapmm. It ia Iheu dluolved In 
iu own wdgbt of cold water. Utend. and 
mncrntimtad br ovapanUoo on a water faatli. 
On in>ollu^ It oemans cfTitala of faaaldlne- 
•atplioGyanate, wnlch melt at 1 18*. 

% SvhttUvliun Crmj^ftmmdd of OwmIHiu 
an obtalnnt by healing ryabamlde with 
tiie hydrooblontM of primary amlaea, 
H«thyl.gaankUM la also obtalDedby Ddlllng 
ffrr-atine with m«rvniie oxtda §aua watar. 
Trli*th>-l.guani<linf,(;KaBfl(C|B|]b laobtaJud 
by tMillng an aI>N>hoUe flblatlan of d1nlLy^ 
tblo.cattM>mi<(>.> *rid ethylamine with tnereurlc 

oxida, C8<!J{J^V,{j4.NH,-C3H6 + HRO=HgS 
+ HaO + C,H*N-C<j:jj:Jj5|; Wphanyl- 

gnuUlnc, CfcNH , ia obUinad by tba 

letlflll of puenas o'aooK*" ddoride on (fr>' 
aniline and alao by tmillns t.7aaanltld« wllb 
anIUne hydrocblorata. It cryU lH aaa Id 
oamUM. wUeb melt at ItV. 

Bit9B'ir-«r-ofis (m ■■ «X 0. rCBf. rwiu, 

awl iMU/ero = Utpfodaee.] PratednggUBaa 

■oap. Tn 
OMd aaaii 

S. I'har. : Ouaiao wooil^ Llxnnm vitat, (/nnt. 
aei Ugnum, the inNMf of (rinuuitn aficinnU, a 
natlra of St Dt>m(n£-) and Jamaira. VFhi'n a 
Ingisbiireil ['mKitiiTiiialiy, and |>lai:ed in thf 
ftn, a dark biviwn anxiiario mtln enidpii, 
Wklek t> eoUrvtod, uid wbi<-h la toloblo in 
Aloabol and etbffr. An almhulic iM^lutiini ^vr» 
a bine eolonr wh«n i^lacMl i>n a alice of a raw 
potato, tli« gUBiadc mdi acUax oo tba glutoo. 
Tht raetn ia iiaed to propara Jtfiafam iptaiaei 
(lllxtuT« of guaiacumX ^"^ Tinehm ffnaiaei 
aeiaioafaifti (Amnion lated Unctnre of gnala- 
eutnX The rcain taken fntemaUyeanaeB irrl. 
tatiOQ of the inlcfttinal oanaL The tincture 
la iiM>l extenwUy In «•••■ of dutols itwnmi 
tiam •• a atiniulanL 

CiiAiAram-realii, «. 

Ck»m. : A rwld lab- brown mrin. nbtaineO 
ttvm the woimI tt CuaUurvm ofiAnaU. Tho 
raein dlaeolvea In potash ; and in ooBoeatr^Ml 
•niphnrto add wlta a nd coloar. A Utmture 
of IIm i«alu ia ttinwd blue by oxfdidng 
■ante : an ckKHiite aeid, ferrii! dikirl4lt>. 
Aikluinn reatn, Aiaed with caaatio potash, 
yialda probMsteeliato add. 

(ft'-^n, a (Tbe Ottfana mrm nf the Unll 

Omltk. : Ttft goBiu Pnwiope, wbidi balonga 
to t he family Cncl Jib (Ciuaaao wax { I^x B(/>ra I 

t snA'-B^ f8 aa w), f. [lotiAira.1 Th4 aame 
a> 1ova;<a (I-V.J^ 

CoA-BA'-oft (a aa wX «■ ISp- Aa»«iauLl 
Zmal : ^«dh«ala Onoaaeo, • Daina. bellcvrd 
bf nujr Id bt tlM orlclaal ttotM from wht' h 
the doaMartkated ealmal of that name wax dn- 
lired. The guanaco Inhabit* tbe daln uf the 
Andtta to their m«iat anutlierly polnL 

ga3km'-^vu/6m (a ■• wX *. [En^. pMii<i>x 

and -amUt.} 

Cftm. .■ C«BUN|0. Aartowatwmida. Ob- 
taltied by bcatuig one part ofaoato-CMaaiaine 
with twn taria nf romwatr^led attlpaKrle aold 
to IU*. The cidd MJotioa ie tnaied with 
alenbol, tbe pndpltata dtMnlnd In water, 
and r»-in«al|rfteteii bv lead acetata. and the 
lead aalt daeompoeed by B^ OoanamMle 
cryvtalltJea nut nf alouliol in nnall rhombto 
tie«>ll«e. eaatly aoliible la valer, adda, uid 
alkalia, allghlJy aoloUa in alt^wA. 

At«, nt, fibr«. iMHidat, whit, All, fkthar: wi, wit. luir*, OABfl, bar. tbAr«: pin*, pit. nn. ^. mmxtmmi g^ p4k. 
•r. wore, woic work, wftli. ate s . BAte. eflh. enia^ naUm. ove. rftte. tiOli trf. B«rla& «. «»•£ av^A. 

gUanlDo (n aa w\ a [Bbs., ke. fMa<^| 

and -int.] 

(;JUM. : CtHa-V^. ItesUtclnUMpM 
Juloe of natnmaUa and in the axcm 
the apidar. It U pn*]«ml by ladllli 
vlan gnaao with uUk of Udm tlU Om I 
D<i I^ogar edcMUvd l>nnra. The reeidna, ce»- 
laining goanlna sod nric add. la faoOed vtth a 
wdutliin nTaodltua earbiaateaml Uto«ai.aBA - 
then andlum acetate toadded, fmA hyJroefchnH J 
a'-td addiN] UU the aulntkn la etntfr acT' 
The cuaalne ia predpitatad. and pMlfcad ' 
diaaoIvjBg in hot nlWcaeld wd 
by ammonia. Gaaiiliia Ie aa 
powder. Inaolabfa tn water, aloolioLiad i 
H'dnble m exoaea of eooceotntaa aaaBaMk. 
It forma erywtalllBe salts with aeMa. 1^ 1km 
actioD of nilnioe arid It ta cowarted We 
xanthln. Ouuninc, wbrn erapotatod arrth 
fninfnft nitrir jirwl ou a iiliH-e of pl atiaiw faL 
Itarna a yellow n-Aldue : thta, whes tualiii 
wllh tauetic eoda, givei a red oolosr vMiA^ 
on being heated, Iweomae a piir|iile iwa. 

ffnB'-nitediaa v\ a. rFtaniyian n—i^ —J 

BUir. -iU{Miw.)<q.v.).] 
if in. ; The same aa flTatmra (<!■▼.)> 

C11«'>b6 (tt aa wX s. [Peravlu Siaaiah > tta 
ilropiilngn of ans-fdwl.) 

1. Ifia. : A ^ylah-wUt«. yalkwMt. «uft 
brown, or rvddiah anhataaoa, ^Mad hf Ilaaa 
a»a miurrel, whlfh b« place* anoBs Ua Aa- 
bydroui Phoephatea utd Bolphatea. It to a , 
bnue i<huephate of Unw or oeteoUte witk ■ 
InpurlUei. Iu bistre on a freah baetH* ^\ 
mnnoQS; tte strartni* ofbee j manlw eri 
oolitic. Found In Islantli off the Ffraetaaaaf il 
otbar South Ameilcan ooaata, also Id Ihaaa «t' 
thecoMtorAfttoaaiideleewh«9«. Ommttm 
different loealttka baa bewi dlihmartlr mmmi. 
It haa been called Pyruelaailtc, hnpHMM^ 
8ombnrit«. and Olaiil«|«litB(q.v.> 

2. <7'^<r. : OiiKiio i* formrd by the drontlfl 
of mullltudlnuits biMn, in aecludad fmmm 
wbvn tbcy have l>n-u uniliatui^cd for t$f*- 
V. in any locality. little rain falla, tlito bnto 
tutbemiiidaccuniQlatit-Qofruex*. Thedllad 
bodlca of the faints are oAeo foaad ta It. 

S. Comm. : ImsMoee qoaMfttae nf ga^ai 
bare been imported Islo Brttata from the 
Islands off the ooaat of Para, it bab^aa ••- 
coedingly niaable nannrB. 

cnK'-no (n aa w\ r.r. IGitaMo, «.) T» iMai 

or drau wiLb giiaiio. 

Cna -r% <a as w), s. rBrastHan.) 

OrxilA. : Ibu mtfrn, the SewM Ml af 

Amerlc-a. [tau.] 

Cttm-ra'-oh^ (a aa w), *. fS|t.i 

.VKtic : A Uvaly H^aitlah daae* la • er | 
time-, oaoally a cc ompanied on the (alar by 
tlte dancer himself. 

Kll&-r4'-li^ (naaw^a (A BraMUaa ladlaa 


I'har, : Tba p o w d ew d saeda of ^wStato 
•or«((l<, tmm BnuiL Aa lafMoa is awd hi- 
slrad of oMBfa In South AmartoB. Qaanaa 
oontalna Hve per oenL of tbatoa 

caaraiiA-braad. *■ Bn*] ■wAe^rtts 

Bra2illsii IimIUhi* fr\iiu (joanuia. It leaaedta 
Ilraill M a atonuchie, a feUlfta|p^ aad •■ 


'CvJir'-^ad. >■ (Gc.AJLksnts.1 A fwlei, 
a wmminty. 

" Tuar uklMtjr havtac baM tte a 
nl tiM tww of AU--n Mil : ■ 
Kat. SO. IflTt. 

Citftr-«B-tafr, * gar-raa-tla, * gtm-m- 
tWt ' g»r-ran-ty, ' fmr ran-^, a. [o. Vt. 

ft-trranlM: Kr. ffrfrtiatK, f^m. of gar^nti. |« 
\mr. of ^nntif - to warrant, frnm garit^tl - 

• warrant, a goanulca] fWAaaAvr, Waa- 


or imdaldktaM oa Chi 
ty ChalOM centt- 

iti[MiUtiooa of aa enw****' *■ 

prnrnla*) rnti-mt into by anypemea iteB bo 
fulflllMl : the act of gnuatttasbig the I ' 
ance "r carrying out of any • 
-1^* rwimo'V <^ (ha Faaae aC 

1 One who Unde Uneelf or I 
for the perfurmaaaeof oaiBla MB hytnlkm; 

• goanuitor. 

-TW Tkealr aC Ww^wia. ^ wM* «» Uae id 

■a^aa<iM»weieeti«.~— — nwa.OwWwir— tean 

I. An flaaoeiinit or audi 
mrt of » thinf iMTami or jart: 
Uims or •ti[Milatiooa of aa 

guaraiitee — guardedness 


S. Tb* panoD or jmnj to whou m guamnbw 
4. Aay veuilly or wftrruitr. 
' T* wlflit la Mmrad by Uia y nuf ty of Uw 
fp*Mal imOB.'— Jrnntfl .- WortJ^ L »M. 

Siiijr-#a-toa'. 'gAar'-fa-tj^, r.t & i. 

(QUAKAirTKB, (.) 

A. Tmiuitiwc : 

t. Tii glra nr ba s giuunnt«u f--r tl»p [-cr- 
tbrrauitn of; m vrkmnt ; t» umli-tiiikc nr 
CB9^fa tta« diM fnlfilni«iit or ftny eiipifTFmoui: 
OT pn-itnlae eDUrd tnUi by any person ; to bw 
manty fnr; to bocoiDP Ixmml fur. 

Si Tn be » mmuit thst any artirl*, stich b« 
B parahiaB, la of tho qiiiUit)' n*)>rMaiitr<L 

3. To b» mmtjr or warruit in ; to biiwl onc- 
Hlf to; to borffBTt ua Ms-urity or gUAimnt«iT. 

"^ t^ n rmt l f Umm •fKlikft MU tklM Ilk* ■ Mcn- 

4. To UDd«rtaka to Moim to uinthir ; t/> 
•BdsrtalM to D|^u>ld or maintain: lo lie 
fWWtM lor tba aeqalittloD or p->»wMlun of. 

** Bv tW tOMty of altlMMw •(>■ fwuwncwd Um PolUb 
— ■lll«ll»n Is ft MOM MtUlft.'— AnpNfhAm. 

A. To liul«miitf]r ; lo bold harmlivM. 

B. Intnnt. : To ba nraty, warnuit, or 
goatBfitce ; to wamnt ; to be rtapoiiaiblc. 

Stunuit«« - •OOlttty, *. a Jniint-fltock 
am-irty it^uMi^hi-il Tur ^ivirtg (^itantiilrn 
the <lu« autl )>n-ii<?r fulD'iiii^iit nf cn^p^^emRnta 
baiwvnitwn paiti««,Drf<irnnikingituo<l loiara 
moMd bf daMgattwH^ Aa, oo Uu payuuit 

of • pCMBlum. 

■■ir-AK-ta^, a. [Bus. mamnl^ea) : ^>r.} 
Om trbct glret a RuaniniM m an'^irlirr fi>r t.lio 
doa fuialPkBit by a tlilnl r«rty of au> MieaK"' 
Mpnl or promlaa antorad uto by Urn ; a war- 
nator ; a aoratr : out who eiuagaa to gqaiaittAe 
fir aacure aaouer Ib any right or poMoaaloii, 

* vAbt -^u-tf, «, A K tOf AnAvrn, a & cj 

Saard (•• alieDtX wX ft i [O. Fr gnnr^tr. 
t m itr, mrdtr; Vt. garirr, Ihfin ('■- II. VWt 
w mrltn ; M EL Orr. Nnrrim = to watch ; <.'ugii 
irtU Ras.«PBra<q.r.}.J 

A. TVwwIMw.- 

L Tb Mears tha MfMy oT a^ttmt InRa, 
4hmm bduryt or ftttadt by watching ; t*i 
vataovtrnr nuTlinaw of daftnee or aacurity ; 

" lU ffiMfiri taw tike k taniW ao<iret.* 

BnM . iM^t Vrh* tAir. It. 17. 

1 1 To watch over, ao aa U> keep in ro*- 
tralnt : a«, To nori om'b toofiia, To gvard 
om'h arttiina. [OD<utnD.| 

* S. T<> proTttfeor aaesni aoiuat oIUkUiiu 
or attack. 


' 4. To protecl or •eciire tha edm or border 
of by trlisnlna or Mndliig ; to edin, to trim, 
todackooi. lUt.AM) 

'X laaf aottatr ■■!. fiM> <lrf vith nQav," 

mmkm- -• '*»>> r/f;.. proL l«. 

* & To gird ; to Ibtea tiy titidlng. 

* S, To protect ; to arm agatnat attack. 

" Ctar bvrTt «iMn<«i *Kk Um tanHrt-plMa of rlfbto- 
•H»««*— a«rr«« *l iiMiM. f«l. IL, M« a 

B. /»(raM. : To vaieb by way or oaut4oti 
(w >\r1rn<^ ; to bo injj, to lip eaatinnit, in 
tai« firncauUnni : to Iw on one'a gtianl, to 
lake h-vd. (Folloved by agaitud) 

•■T; A>«'^ l^lMt Mofc nMakM U b ■iriiiMyU 
Mqorual nuwlrca « UUla «IU wnnW- rMU. 
^ rp faord TM^aaet/agtriMaf.- To be on one '« 
goard; to take praoaimooa ; tuniakeooa'Aseir 
eby imetloa. 

"IkM vwiU WJm nn to r*'"' cm*! mVimm1im( tUa 
^lUiiiii latOTfarttM.'- JiUmm. 

(■■rd ^u adaiilX * farA*, a [O. Pr. ^irnti ; 
Vr. forrfc.) (ODARb, r.) 
L Of4iitfuy Linffuaift : 

L TbaaetorBtalaorcwrilincor wat'hint:: 
m alsta cv Matsnor aution r>r vl};ilai>r>< u.r 
dM prOtoetton, datMce, or trcunty nf xnv 
paaon or lUag a^lnat liiiunr, lioit, nr attai'li'. 

& Ooa who or that whl'-b giiarrla, vxurr>>, 
pTDtcstik or watebca ovar any T<i<nion or th-nj,' 
for pratcctlini ajcaiiiftt Injury, luu. ur attack, 
or to MCtm the aafrty of or preTFot fluajie. 

(I) k man or body ot man ntjjaeH t<r> ilefend 
• paraoD or j^aoe agafnat attwtk ur mary, or 
pianat aacapa ; a •cnthwl, a watub. 

"iMakrlWfra*- Ottdgm g /tutiMta.m. 

(V) A Usui Id chaiga of a nUway tnlD or 
Bull rnaeh. 

(3) A qiiallty or emlowRieiit which MrvKs to 
koop off evil. 

" Hit ■mtnai «a< pwtnri 
Tn bar bMvra'i iImMu* lik,tJmft. . ftHriM. li t. 
U) That which aexim to Kcora agaiuiil 
olyvetion or i^naurr ; caution ofcxprcaalou. 

"Th«r tt>r« iiitrMMd UiMiiHlrM wlthailaopuirrf* 
■Jill mitrlcliuiw MB t.'—Attirtur0. 

i. An attachmtiit ur aiipliann) d«iafgnM t«: 
Mx-uiv uDyllUng afliliuit loaa or Injury of any 

(I) Tlitt K>w nr haakat of a awonl hill Lu 
pmt<!ct tiw' hand. 

(3) A chain or cord fnr attacbln^ a watch to 
one'a pcnoo ur rlr«aa. 

(5) A tMJW itr wtiv nHiiid a lant«m \o protect 
th«i glaaii. 

(4) An upright picM of wood In a narrow 
iia»sa^ii to pnereiil lJi« lor-k of a anat or 
the comer of a street From l«iiij; Injured by 
paMring tioatH or vi-hlol(!a. A fendi-r, guard- 
pile, or prmt, a* the caiM inay \m. 

(6) An uniauivnlal odtjlng, laoo bfin. or 

"TkaffiMFA aratMit iUflitlr tailad oa."-^KaiUi|>. ; 
JTIM* Ai* .ikoMl .VatUnr, I L 

(0) A klad of fentlor n*M to preireDt tlie tou 
oloaaaooeaaof chlMrea lu the hrv. 

a, I*, a 

*1 {1*1-): OmatMBta in geDenO. 

m^km^. : Lmm't Cii, ■ - - 

n. TtAnUnUt: 

L BookHnd. : One of the allna of paprr 
bound In wllh a blank bonk tn lhlrkf<n it at 
Uip back, wbrin the Icarea ara intended to 
coiLtaia mounted allfM or drawlnga. 

5. CrifkH : The TMwItinn of the bat ftor moat 
eO'Dctually protecting the wicket. 

8. Ftneimg A Onnnf : Tlio posllian of the 
anna or weapon In dahuioa; a poatttn of 

4, Firrarmt: 

CI) A 1h>w beneath a gitn-eto«k protecting 
th" trlgjjt-r. 

(a> A safety -lock of a fowUng-nlcce to prc- 
vrnt tbi* acdilt-nlal druti]rlng of the hammrr 

(:i) A [il|i|dr-«liirl(l Ia> ]>rot<rct the little tube 
Which roceiviut t)ie p^rciutaicncap. 

6. Aarie. : r>nH of tlio Itteth imijRCtinc for- 
wanl from the ciltter-bar of th^ harvi'^tT 
Till- kiHfp |-la>-s through the guanla, aii<l llio 
kiikfa aectiona make a abaar cat agaUuiL tbo 
aolea of the goard-alota. 

01 Maek. : A light frame In which the nuu 
of holta At to prevent thi^ir beoiming oii- 
aorowed by the vibntloa of tha engine. 

7. MU,: The UUm of the amy, ao nillM 
fhioi ita bring thefr eapedal daty lo giiard 
the p*T«oa of thn aorcrplgTi. They are 
Kiilierlor in rank to atxl better paiu and 
cli'>tbe<l ihan thr> n-ftt of the army. Thry 
conaiat of seTen luttalfona of tnfkntry, three 
coTiatJtuting the Orerjuher Oiianlt, two Ihr 
Cfgldstirani Gtianln, anil two the HroLs 
Giianlft; and of thrw reglioenta of cavalr>, 
narnM rMpeclively the let and Snd Life 
guards and the ftoyal Horse tiuarda (Blue). 

5. .VnwI. ,- An f(Kt«i)iiion latfally of tbo 
drck of a river et''ai)il*Mt, beyond the llnr^ 
of the hull, making it overhang the watrr. 
tt firqiifntly commit Himh with the outaide of 
the {auMlp-lxit. {Anuricnn.) 

Bl Zwl. : Tlie ryliiidrioal fibmns abeatb 

Cmtertlng the I'hragrnaroae (iotemal cbani 
Eied ahell) of a Bclcmuite. 

^ (I) To bcorrtaitd oa one*! ffuord: To b' 
watchful 4ir cautious. 

"Tl* bart w« iMna ■*•«■ Mir ftHirC 

nrnimf. : T¥mpt^. U. t. 
(SI To l» tf9n^$ ipumf; To be cBrelcaa, 
iMtti'ntlve, or beedleaai 
(:i) To aunint ffvant : 
MU, : To go on dulyaa a guanl or aauUnel. 

ffimrd-^Mtt. «. A bnat ompl'iyM) Ut r-tw 
rutind and about ahlpa of war in a hartxmr tn 
M^flluit a i'rT>per1aok-0Qli!i kriif : alao a brot 
eninloTMl by th«t harboitr antlit Tltica to ae« 
thail the quarantine irguiatiuiu are property 

" A( niatat tb* iMdwb *m apdn H»eor«d *1Ui • tnp 
chaio, and fM«nf .Amu •toUoBwt nvmA lisUt alitiVM 
kalanb'-fWt .• ratm Tfft, M. w^A. It. 

ffiUkrd-o«lla. t-pi. 

Bot. : CVIU of rrranent form, with Ihtnnar 

WJilIs tli:tn thoau of the ordinary o«U«, from 
w|ii(;ti, tuoreovi-r, thev tn diatiuijuiabed \»j 
I'^ntaiiilnH chlnrophylL 

* gnard -cbambr, l A guard-room. 

* glUfd-COaC «. AcoatgUATdadoradged 
with lac«, 4c. 

"i'duilna (tDwn ft hknf»-aUba lo Ui HMaler'a Um 

gUJird OBKor, 1. [Otrasii^ a, IL ft.] 
guard-look, ^ 

//ipfniul. hngin.: A titlo-loirk, fumiliig a 
comniunlcatloa Ixtweec a liaalii ami tldv 

grtUtrd-pUei. s. [OrARD, I., I. 8(4).] 

Kn&rd'Plato, t. The plati? which ctosea 
th" '>i"-iiiiiK 111 front of a cDpola■^)^tacr ; it 
Ifl aluii-hpa to the Iron <*malng Ipy stapriea. 
In the ornlrc of the pliite is the Lapping hole, 
throagh which the mrttM:! nirtal flowa wh**n 
the atoiitiiig 1« vrkUtdraWD. 

gnard-ndl, a 

1. Jtnilrfai: A abort rail plared on the 
Itulde of a main rail, ait aa to kevii a whiM*! on 
tlte track by preseing agaiont the Itutidx of the 
(Irjice of the wheel. It M aaed when ihcrf ta 
a ^b'1rt hn*k in the c^'mUnuity of the other 
rxll, ks iti awitiihiw aiul cmwiogk. A mfvty, 
fti'le, nr wing rail. 

2. Sntticai: 

0) A hand-rail on Ibe bridge of a itaam- 
<I) A braaat-rall on the break of a |)oop. 
(8) A aafcty-iail around a hatcliway. 

gnard-rOOin. ■. a nx>in or aiiartment 

fnr ■ }iTt&r<l ; a room whtrn* inililary tinTcndrm 
are ooollnrd. 

" Tu w«k bit g%m»'d'*vam in tha tmnh* 

SbM: Hotter, t. \K 

snord-alilp. a 

ynt/t. : A VMwel of war trtatintied in a port 
or b^rljour to act an a guard, to lec that tin 
harK'tir Trgnlatu-no ar* ob*ervwl, ami tn n- 
celvfi seancn imlil llieytsn bedrauglitMioff to 
their rt^twctivc nhiii*. 

"Oar •Honf.tWM wen rmoU ftl hb."— Balvr. 
OkarlM ft. An. tmt. 

• giukrd''»-1i|« (% Mmt), a. [Eng. gvard ; 
-iJ'U.] That may or can be gtHtded, da* 
tco<lciI, or protected. 

*giurd<««« (prmi. gmrd'-UO, >■ [*!Dg. 
giuinl : -ttif-i Tltal wnicb gtiania or prulevta 
one ; a guard, wanUhiji. 

" A maid to Uftdv, Mr mat Imp*t> 

Ron txvat btr fit.trtl9f %» titt wmitf hami-mt 

01 nuta ft UtlDC M taoK." ffllfaf .- OWm0<s t 1 

gnard'-fnt (a ailent), a. ft & (0. Fr., pr. 
I«r, nf ffitnnitr = to giiaM.) 
A< vti iT((/rciice: 

* 1. f^*d. tMng. : Ouarrting, watrblng; acting 
aa a guard or watch. 

" Ottmr4mml hrfnn U« faal • Uaa lft)r.~ a n nl^f. 
i, Htr. ; 10aU»ai«t1. 
*Bt Ai auM. : A gnard, a gnardlan. 
" Mr uuvy MarAutf alaad alsna.* 

«a>M>L ; I JFMry ri, Iv. t. 

Cnurd'-<d (N illent), " gard'-M, j«. jmr. ft 

a. [OuAKO, v.] 
A^ Am pa. j»t. : (See the verb). 
& At arijfctira: 

1. Protcctad, watched over, deftwled. 
- Whftt 1 mU br nooibt . . . 

*mtt Ca4|[ VIA' l^^ I*. M. 

* 2. Kd^ied, trlmtncd, boand. 

3. CirmnapecL cniitJona, iaicftil, wiry ; 
aa. To be giamtmUt ona'a language^ 

1. Done, nttarad, or managed with can or 
utrcuntspeclinn ; c-haraet«riard by care. 

" UowavafiMnltiftU hti iiiilnlnM. tfrfwr^w gmmr i * I 
hl« njido>l'—Jf a na whir Mml. rk«., ck t. 

guard' -M-lj^ (<• alient), orf r. I Ens. yiHint/d ; 
■Iji] lu a ifuonlcd, careful, or iTir.uinapci.-t 
manner ; with care or cIrcmnspectloD. 

"Bftfwr^J'a. tkal It «•■ ImiHwItiU to luftka may 

* giiard'-4d'n£Ba<H alient). a IRng. ^varrfaif ; 

■Mfjv. ] The iiiLiIity or atate of being guarded ; 
(•re, eantlcm, etmiaupectiatL 

"Wie lai f iwa i a tB t aa aa>ww l i«ftMiol Uw iMifDap 
— pl^Fftd ^ amilt rwftpnti*. Oirt. at, laaa 

kftU kO: p^t, ]<JWl: oat. pell, obome. flUn. benob; go. tun: tbln. thU, nin, 
-ttaa - ah«a. -tian. -aloa ^ ahftn: ttaa. itoa => UkAa. -ttoiu. Htfona, 

af ; eiqwot. ^enopbon. e:yl«t. pb ^ f. 
ahfta. -bla. -4U. Ac- = b*l. 4fL 


guarden — guazuma 

*ffuar dcn-MC«, p. [Gca&du<caok.1 

Sliard'-«r (h ollobt), i. (Rna^ iptard; -tr.) 

Ont whu guanU ; « guud. 

" n> kokl rMfy«M irf Um bMW dull itelM' 
aal>. IXJ— <tJftirt«W>. 

* gUaxA'-ttl (Ttnt u Iflsnt), a. (Enf. ifwanl ; 

-/n^O-} Ouarunt.wmry, druQnapMt^rauciuiu. 

*- I (MMVUl* 

Wateb with fmar^fitl tf thdW* mwdMsM nvtloiMk* 

gnard'-i-^ (n dlentx * cnArd-«B, a. * a. 

(H. Fr. ponIi«ti».] 

A. J«nbiteiiMn.* 

L Onllwifv /An^ Hiiff .* 

L Ons wbo ha« tlw cl»rg«i ouv, or crutody 
of any iierwin or l.hlnx> 

"lb* Kpmkt ot him. btf- kntliv, famr4lmi, trtm>i.' 

* S. A r«po«]tory or Rtonhnua^. 

n* HATwl (tsrvliaaa* of ku rridMBBun, 
And fiM/M«( «l tbttr boMK ' 

m»lMp. : jranhftft. IL «. 

n. lav : One w]u> bM the cJurnr, castodv, 
■ltd flupervliltni of Kity penoo cot legally 
Mpftlile of nuiuigliig hi* own ftflUre. 

■nttani. till flnt ww 
htbtr «ul [Ip loBia 

, TliU foaMlMMklp Ud 

MM f»Ml rl|til Ui tb* telbtr or titbat AieMor (o 
Ua c^rtodr of tha (imwhi «C Iba UJhBt uaUJ ba or aha 
UtaHM tvcKtj'MM ymuw at im. for tl mi aalAta ba 
kit la Ml in&ai. Um taUMr la by *■■!»»« law tba 
■wHn««a. and moal acNUl to bU ibiM lor Ilia 
iradlK titara m* »lm fywwMnii to ■vHvtv, *hUh 
In Um tatbar. m. If ba b« dwd. Ik* motbcr. till th- 
ISMt aluliM Um ••• of iBBitaw jraHs: • maraUtf 
aUp vbleb. Uka Omt bf nslfln. baa no MmiMa lo 
Um lolaa t* nnxMrtr, b«l ntataa iMCal J In Ui pnMn." 
— Jfaabww .- cWnanlartM I*. L, ib. U 
■l <1« a4J. : GuAnllng, wstrhli^ dufcndltiff ; 
acUng u ft ffunlkB or ptotMlor, vpecUtly 
Id th« phtSM guardian, uifcet 
*■ Ko falhar^ fMTMM bawl bt r«Ui matnUliMd" 

^ fl) ffwirdlaiw <^lfc« jioor ; P«nofu «I«iTt«d 
by tii« nt«|«yeni And ownen of nm[>«rt>' tn 
a psrtib to mpwtM th« rrlief of Ui* poor. 
Um RUiiinaiflnt of th« woriihnaaM, kc, ana 
genermlly li carry ont the poor lawa. 

•(3) Gwinlliin (i^tA* ipiritvnlititM : A pcrtPii 
to whom Uto ■piriloAi Jurisdk-Uoa of any 
dfaXMM la cmiimittvd dari&it tb« vacaney nf 
tb* aM. Ha may ba rilhor cuarriUn In law 
or jurt mtmtHratv*. aa t^ arcluxahop la of any 
dlpoiM vnhlti hia prorinM ; or fnardian t^ 
dale^Uoa, aa ba whom tlw archbWiop or 
Tfcv-ftn«m<1oU)forlbeUm«d«pQt« <OoiMJ.) 

*^3) Ovartiian of the tnmpiyralitiiM : A pw>n 
In whom thn temporal Jiirimllrlion aud Uw 
proflta of a ncant aea ara eommittad. 

cUArdlAn &BsvL a. 

1. Lii. (t Theot. : It li a ploaa bFlief (((.v.) 
1»at aot aa artlolc of lUlh In tli« Latin an>l 
Qraek Cbnrcbca thai to avary IndlWdual i>r 
tbe biiniaa ram then la aaaigard at Inrth an 
angel as enanllan and protector. Tiftm diitU'ii 
are fulfilled liy wardlof off temputluni that 
nay icjurc the peraona aplrttaal condition, 
or by matiUlDa Into the «oul wUe rouuarla 
aad aoly vamlnica Throkit;iaiM drduo* thla 
brller immediately fVYim Matt xrlil. lO, and 
thp F*tbfM i>f thp rhnffh »tr»nKl)' tnculcal*- 
It, and In the Urn •?t Ih? IteinLs In^tancta arc 
plvfn of the actlvf! |ne<>rfi-n>iiM uf gnardiao- 
anfffU. Thn twlief la Bhare<l hy AngUtan 
Utgb Churchmen. TH-hny Dull (»nBunu(ed. 
ITUX II. MM) apeaks of tliA bclleJ' that every 
Cbrtatiaa haaagnardiaii-aaml aa "faighly pro- 
lAUe." aniith (Dia. t^SihU, %.r. Ansel) aaya 
thai tbe w\\\(m ni ap«4<lal guar>llan-an^la 
watching ayvt indivldtiala is cunstAtcnt with 
thr test In Matthnw, Ihonsh not orci^warih' 
to be deduced thercfronu lie adda that the 
•xiataac* of tbe belW In tba early Church m 
■howa (hna Acta nL 5 Tba Roman Chur<-h 
eelehtaloa the Feast oT Ouanllan Angela on 
October). ItlaadooUe. (On*ai>u)r-«rikiT.) 
~ Wbiaw to Wm tba bhm «( #>.a>n M >a ■■»» < « r 
rOM (balaUaviM VM«* a* Btij Bciip««f*: H* •b*l) 
Mva bla Mj^i «Baf» TO Um la faard Iba* U kll 
Vil wa p (ft. a aL ijjT' JMMf. Oaa* if (ka Oraak 4 

%. r\g. : A |<rotee(or, a defeikder. 
COArtflaa-aplrlt, a. 

iomjuT. HtUg. : ProfaAbly tbe Idea of guar- 
dtaa-aptrlta bad Ha orlgta tn a low form of 
AnlBiiam-thaieaebperaiin la double, that when 
be diea hla otber Bel( wbeiber remaining near 
at hand or g<4M fiir away, may rrtoni. and 
eonUBoe ca|«hk of iaJnfiBg hla enemlea and 

aiding his frienda. II find* cxpreasion In 
aome fonn In all primitive reli^ons, and In 
tpauy wlilcb have readied a higher bUkc of 
derelopinc'nt. Tbo Auatralian native believe* 
that wbeit a warrior klUa bla fint (bethe iplrtt 
of the slain enters the body of tbe alayer, and 
beootnea bla guardian ; In llaanianla a nativa 
baa been lieaitl to aacfibo bla dellreraaee from 
danger to the care of hii deoeaaed father'* 
aplrTt; and the niiwt imt^irtjuit rcllgioiii rite 
uf « N'tirth Aniticiciui Inrliati la Xn ot'Uln a 
patrvin w<nI(U, In Aala, in Afiica, and aiuonti 
the lodiana of South America, tim iH-Iief i:i 
guardlan-aiilflta obtaioa, aa It dul ftimirrlv 
amoog tba jLryana of Northrm £iiri>p<-. 
(Orimm: Dear. JfWk. <ed. Btollybraaa), ch. 
xxvtlL) But It la In ohualc pagaiUAm that II 
appeals to ua moat gra«>rtaiy. Menander (ap. 
ClemeaL StrtmaL, v.) tells ua of the g>x>4 
roystagogDe 0ven to every man at hia Urth, 
and lbs Dmnon of Socnles has quite a blldi - 
ngnphy of fala own, be^^nnlog with PlAin and 
ending wlUi Canllnal Hanulntt. In Roman 
times the goardlan-apirit waa r<>|jr«neiile4l m a 
lar among the houwihnld godn, and Hpftrially 
vrncrated f>n theannlvenwry of thr nlrth of 
the guarded one, with faative rit«a. Tliere are 
few more touiTltInK ^Maaagea In Ronao |>oetry 
tlian tlinni^ fit wlii«ti Orid dfaerlbea bin fe^'lin^ji 
la exUe on thereciirrenee of tbadaya urred to 
bis own and to Ins wife's guardian -s|ilht». 
(rn'jf., UI. 13, T. li). [UL-Ani>uti-A»aEi..l 

' KTUwd'-I-aa-aca (« aOeut -. ■(• " It). *• 

lP.n|{. gvoraiaii ; -anta.) Ooardlanihlp, pnitec- 
Uon, care. 

"OnHiurlbatlnaef mr BMwaafwbUaal vaanuUr 

bU #<MM&aMa«ft. ba bara hlnaaU, aot mI* vkllant. 

bat alM Ina and (allbrall aula m*.' — r. SalUnd 

* ^nmat -iU-qak^ (« tilent), $. (Kog. guar- 
tiiiin : .rt,\ Oiiardianahlp, care, protecUoc. 
(ffp. //o/I r On dA* Lbv* afChrUt. \ 8.) 

' ffttar-dl-^n-^aa (■< nilent), «. [Bog. i^uar- 
li^n ; -e4>.) A (fniale .gitantian. 

" I bar* pikcwl ■ Uiirty wstcbfol | , .__ _„ 

0MMIK. 4 Fltt. : WU M waar«l Trin|n ii. L 

*glUV-dI-^-iM <i< Bile&tX e.L [Eng. 
ganidian ; -i.-e.] To act the partof a giianlikD. 

* gnAT'-dE-^a-UH (h allcnt). 1. |6og. ^a?^ 
tlfaui ; 4tm,\ WliboLiL a guardian ; unpro- 
t«et«d, BDdciteBded. 

~Bvt Stat ini tn to Pnd nqt Uii ruartUmUtt 

gneiltm tUIiUo.-- fr^tUrrUw rttin tttotw. iU. 1. 

KOmr'-dl-^n-Bhlp (n Hllent). ». [Eng. 

ifHnrdinn; -tkip.] 'TbA oflloe of a guanllan: 
care, prot«<UeiL 

"A UvtttmaU tad aalntair fwayJUuMto 1 

aa m)nat mmA BosiBa* tyrunjr.'— JTaeaMMf 

Mttf.. «fa. L 

gnard'-Uf (u nii'^t). • gard'iAc p'. rar.. 

a,, tit. (UUABO, f.] 

A. k ^ Am pr. par. ± puHetp. a4f. t (Bee 
the ^-erb). 
C At inhttantiM : 

1, The act of wsu-bfng over or proteeting : 
pnrtactloii, tmm, gi»nliBiuhip> 

-Tfeattbat «al«T««wtbaMMaaanda««rtfM<>l 
tbair haaaanly talbar, bae i^Blr datonM •»&«( 
BaiMi'kaagaM.-— CVal £«a*zL 
* '£. Trimmtng, or edging of a coat, &c 

giwrd'-lroiw <aa gard-i-nnf), «. ;><. |Cng. 
guani, and (roan] 

Nnut. : Carved bars of Iron placed over Ibe 
omain^tital flgnrea oo a ehlp'a head or quarter 
to Kijard theiu from liOory. 

* ciLard'-16*« (u allcntK * gnard-IaaM, «. 

(Fln^. puiirti ; -Um.] WlUiont guard or de- 
fence ; UDguaided, oaJiaoeleaa. 

" ah Inota Ml rmm^^- 

'gnATd' >flhbl (h allentX a, [Eaf. giwrtf; 
•thtp.] Oiiardtanahip, carc^ pioteetlna, de- 

*" Ci^ar vbaaa vita and CM«f al fu»rtUklp 
I HOW imvtm ti^Uftm and hardiblp.' 

Jb^A ' il tttfnir^e «■ thn Aaaa. 

gumr^-va^n (« sllentX '. 1E»r. gmnl. and 


1. One who gnaids, daltoda, or pralecta ; a 

2. An ofllceT or private la tbe guarda. 

gum'-rt-^ (n aa wX *. IPrem rwn. the name 
given to one of tu apeeka by tbe natlvea of 
Serf. .- A gvtina nf Mellaen*. tribe TrlcbHiea. 

Tbe speclaa hava plnnabe laavca and adUBfy 
cluatera of flowtn, with four or etf^t a«a4a. 
Tbe jQloeof the bark of Guana AwMMi aad 
ttat of a. IfidMMdM are pnrvUlva aad 
vloleot eiMtlca. O. oiiivsm aad Q. Wfkifmm 
tend to isodaoa aboruDO. 

gnar'-In-it* (a aa wX «■ ri^aaMd after PkoC 

UuMTJul, of NaphM-l 

Jtfin .- A trtragtiual, rellow, traaawmit m 
tntnaluo^nt mineral with a gray atl lak. bartjg 
a Buoiawluvt adamajittoa luatre, on tbe daavi^ 
farr. llanlniiM, A; sii. gr, S'i. OamoL ; 
aillca, 93-04 ; tJLuile a.iJ, a:lirl ; Uid*. ■«!, 
Ac. Found in ninaJl cai1t|ea in a giljMb 
trachyte on Mount i^imnia. [Dnma,i 

a go^ . lah, a gm^ _ tah, r.i. fO. Tt. 
guarimKiHt, |>r. par. of gurtHr * to Iwal ; fr. 

?Mirir.\ To heal, to cara. iStoaaar: r. 0, 
n. T. «.) 

gH&^tdir'-l-^ (n an «% a. piCanNdaavJoka 
BaptUte Ouaturi, an Itallaa botawM.1 

Bot. • A gvnus or ADaoacee, txni* *aena« 
The flowen of CiuUieria wiirgaM an -wy 
aweet ; the tm*. which oeema la Ji— lea, la 
aald to \x one of tboae fnfttlaUac h aaa 
wnnd. O. feaff^la la plastad far oraaMCM 
ailing ruadaldea In BeogaL 

Cn&'-v^ (B aa 1^ a [The native aama of the 
(tuit laGniana.] 

BoL : The ftult of irarkKia apeeJea of the 
nyrtaeeotw getrna Faidlnin, ^welaUy P pfrt- 
Jfenna, P. |M)«(;lni«,aa., alna tbe Iraea e« 
which they 0PIW. nelr aaUv* ooiiBtry b 


Amerirs. Tlie fralte are pulpy aad losriaaa la 
tbetavto. r. (MwiUrrvwIa ounadd tbsn^. 
yiyrtAnm. BotaaaahevrtUisovvaconUaAhat 
soniewhat aatiincaat piwdiai Tha yoaag 
bark and leavea, Indeed, are oaad aa aetrta- 
genta, and the Iravra In itraafl for laadlralad 

gB*Tfc-dy— t o h er. a. 

Omitk. : T^rdui attati*. 

gnaTa-Jetly. »- An czecOetit >Dy m 
Muvd In tbe Weat and abn la tbe EmI Ujin, 
from the tn^l of the gtUkV*. 

nay'-fr^fa-Ha (n aa «% I. [Named boan 
ila locality Ooayacaaa, Id the Chlhaa t^atdO- 
if in. : Tlie aame aa ExAaam (q.v ). 

gu-«j-vViU'-tt**i "^ |QinraqotujTm.l 

gn^'-i^ (u aa wX *■ [SoiM bat tadfaa ha 
guaRM.) The nareotlo toiaof ladlaa heap 
iCanitabU talim, variety Mka^ 

goM-a^ gtaui-mh (k u w). a. nw.! a 
dlataraper palDiiag naad by Um aadaati : a li 
vetrterdand dniab)a,aBd llNvaUcteMag 

whlta of C0, gun, or ^ut, rualilB ttaaelta 
of damp and p rcaer vea tba eobMoa ea» 
B1ia-sft''m«(CIIAaacw«),a [Tbe Madaa 
name of tbe luaot.} 

a»l. .* A gaana of ^taeriaecM. trfbe Bytv 
neme. It ooaalaU of shniba or anaU Uma, 
with elm-like kavea, aiillanr cyoMa «r|dak ei 

fellow flowefa,and Uil«rcaUr, aeVUhaflntlB. 
hey are hmnd la tropical AxHrtta^ ladla, 
and AfHca. Tba tnU of iTaaaaaa ahat^Bi b 
niled with a eareet aad acrtaaUe mnrikfi 
In Martinique the young baft la onad la «b' 
rlfy stMu-. whUa Um InAHkm of tka oM haik 
la amiMoycd aa a aodofttc, and aa a foasdv to 
outaoeoiia dlieaaaa. C. l> » >a laai la «UM to 
Jamaktt Baslard Cedar, 
made in India from Ita yoinitt 

ttl« fiire. amidst, what, CiU. father; we, wAt, bore, oam^l, bar. thdra; pine, pit. aire, air, marlae: g^C p(l» 
<r, w fc ^ wHX, work, whA, wdm moM, oAb» osr*, «bU«. flar. r^«. f&ll ; trr. Bfilaa. ■,<• = •: cy-** oa^lnr. . 

^asuti— guess 

|,ll« ift' II Csn H gW\ I. [A South Amen. 
oan wnnl.] 

loal. ; CtrvMs mmpt^rtM, n South Amcrlran 
deer. An nm^Dilre Bawll proctmla npom It, 
piretpttble twllAmaeoff. \Darvin.) 

* CB'-^Or-afBOe, •. (Lat. ^frmtaN*, pr. p«r. 
of jnil>mia = to govern.] Gonrnment. 

-WIU OMfiatm^itrt ot all tit* mB^« UnuiUaiid 

j«r. of gutxTno m U) guvoro.] To iovun, to 
nle, to wltnloistcr. 

* n-Mr-ai'-ttoo, ■. [Ut ftAmmMo, from 
mmmaliii. lA. i»r. t4 fptbrnio 9 to gnvmi.) 
TIm ut Of gatrvmin^ ; gnverainBtit ; nilf ; 

-tUf Ml tta hMmi ■< nUnat fwtanMfhHi dj 
Ita «knnfe b« dt^Mladt*-4p«MHMrf ClM<«k i^ 

*Ml«N< fek. rL (Mk. UM). 

*Sn'-bftr-nfc-tIV6, a. [Rnc. ^bmuK«); 
•ivt.) UAviugtha|>o«rrrorgf)Tuiilng; gurvm- 

- BmJ tad fxAwt-tiUlm vlidMB.'~«»L JhtdbC 

"W-Mr-n*-ter'-f'^ a. [Ul tmAniMim- 
*■ ■ gdvimur; Etig. a<IJ. buIT. -loi.] Or ar 
pcrtaJiUig t» » g-iveniiir dr goTerniDeot, 

Si4.SB««^a. [Good.] 

gftC-dteO). t-.L (Btxni.'lniibtftiL JftmleBOD 
lagawta InL guUa = to A^jUte a tiqiil'l ; ^kII 
=stA« acltstfcui of a llnuid.) To «u>h ruh 
• nk tile huids, by groping under the »UiUe« 
er banks ct m atrvun, 

SU'-4to (S>, tut. [A Tnriaiit >if t;iui/« ((l.T.]0 
Tu guulv ; lo drink ataeh or ktvoIU;. 

lEIym. di)ii>»tfiil.l To jifr- 

bnu^iig, twkv 

Work or* 

forai or do tB ft 
lo buagl*. 

gM'-41*h «. (BtTvi. donbtlkiL] 
dM7 or gnaiy Btiure. 

■M'-AttC.fl. (OiTTntLB ox V] Tbeaet«r 
aBleklBgflmh by graiilng. 

gM'-AAk. t. IRoMkl A BiuibB nildli. 
fudei, CUid. a lOooit. 1 
(ttdc-iy. (I A adv. [GooDLV.) 

(Bdv-mAn, ft [OooDiLui.i 

gad* «ir». •■ t8«oteh fiMli ■ gnnd ; Rug. 
nr«.l A KTudJktJuc. (Snll : .JnKg., tOi. Is.) 

* Snd'ft-wiU, •. 

L Agrmtulty. 

t. TIm dttlgiMUnti glTvD to Ihn pmxKJftioa 
of nmK Voimd U a mill, whiob U doe to the 

'SMtf-wDl-y, & [b«.fwftw(ft; y.) 
L UbefkL 

1. AetlBgipoBUDWKnlr: rolaittwring. 
■* Am Mmr twdt •( jiili ilfh ^"■■*-**-' *-«— 

flWawww.. »/'i'iia. <if yoMosA gong^on, from 
Ctt. n#tit (faMK««> = ■ gndgwD or t«nctL] 

A. JcwMnntlvv.- 

I. (Miasrv Lngvagt : 

I. UL: A kiad at wtoalX ttmh-wmUiT n»)i, 
fM*JtiiMattliM, htkmglng to tlM (kmlly C.irt>n- 
mUb. U U MMlly caught, aad ta aUo uaJ &i 

ft ban In f^ko-flahing. 

S. rv«T«ftMf|r: 

fl) A panoo muQj cmagkt, dniied, f>r 
thntwt ; a gnlL 

(St A l«it ; an alliintnMnt; RnritMiiltig t>> 
W eaiight b) a man't own dyailvantagv. 
- M fah B^ •Hh tkto MclMeboly VJL 
Pw Oia litf • fMr«M. uu« •irialNiC* 

*!■*■»■ ■ JMnaM* tf r«HlM. L L 

n. T^MImffj : 


0) Tto >MOine Journal pleca lot Into the 
«ftd ef a wood«D ahafL 

(S) T^ biariiig portion of a ihaft. 

CO Om cf Iha BOtebM In the carrtck-MU 
9m fMilflat the inacal boahia vharela the 
a^tidU tt m nirnllaaa lmnn«B. 

2. .VaicL .- The uicUUic eye boltod lo th* 
■t«m-]HMt to haii)t th<- ruild» u|ioa. 
B. A* atij. : Vonciona, grwdy, lnsatUbI«. 
" la TktB kt Klanr fw^foa BMWalt nup*.* 

INMt - ^Map PUidmr, ^ m. 

* gtiair ntn, v.L lOtTDoaoM, *.} To cheat, 
tu decolrt, to Inpoai apna. 

" To b* ywi^ia ii»ii'< al tb* «(>pwt««IUaa vkM b«4 
twen Klna rM.'— «r IT. *Mf. |0»4Mr,| 

* rad llii«. ' nd lene, * gnd Un^ ■. 

T.\ c'TTupt. ofO. H. G«r. {rvlil/ii = siililen 
(q.v.V] A deDomlnatloD of fgrelgu gold coin. 

"Oiaatad tor nntiMMt nl tlia gtiMUmm, ■U*«r-w«rk. 
and oUMn pafaikk dabci.*- jtfiCArtrtai /. (ad. uuj. 


* su* (IK *• [Ft- 9MM-] A loigQa, ft Tftgft- 
*ffa«(2>.ft [Ktrni. iloat>tniI.I (SMflitract) 

" Bohtra vlalia* vaa* IntmricMBd. Iha aiii*lc was p«r- 
fonaarfoaan laatrainwtl uIIhI • f^, «-bkb an>*>N 
to ha*« kid MBM •balUrltyUia tl«llu, but 1m1 Mily 
t»a(Mwo< botM bair, and VMapiMjrmfi uiKut tn Uia 
a»ia«iwuimarMaTloUaoaHw,*— JBfn»m«rf"w*. JiMfamIL 
U ». «. 

Oao' br«. Ghe' bor. One -bor. Ob* b«r. 

Gh«-br*, «■ ITttra. OhtUu.i 

A. At tahit. : On* of Uw Ffrv-wnnlilppflra 
(q.r.X bM ftlno Piu-swa fttul Ziiraa«tri«ns. 

"nk* mvfca* U* ao Vkodh itnH on U>*lr aaihca or 
llrdU^ a* oat Id >W« bi faa aJi tlwUal wlUnal IL'~ 

B. At ij*0. : Ot or belougtog to Ibo Plre- 


" Tb« nk^cr telt that fnand blm f Iniur.'* 

snil'-der, K^l'-der, (nel-drea. ■. k n. 

[fmin Guelilrva, the Kn-nrli name of Geldcra, 
a town of Ueruuny, ou tbo Nien.] 

Sneldar-roM, solder -row, gnal- 
dros-ro«a, 1. 

Ik^. : rthMmwm OpMlur, a HtiTubl>y plont, 
■Ix nr «ight (ie«t blt;li, Ifilunglnit (<■ thr onlT 
CapriTobacoK, and lIi« Iritx- ^iitl>uci-a-. It 
hftft Hul^latiroiifl Ihm- liilird BlipnUltr Icavca. 
aii«l cymM nt whtt4> flow^tni, and truila of no 
tiBuitluoent druriek. It ia wild in EngUuid, 
aliu) In Europe, nlberla, and Sorib Auienea. 

Onfilpb, t QnSlt (ti 08 wL 1. [A onper name 
= w..iri (K« do?.) 

UUU>ry : 

1. GVa. : Tb« Hftmo s^ven to ■nocMdre 
Dukn of Bavaria. In a.o. IM« Oucliih. tk« 
•on nf ijiielph, Uiike of BavarU, marrlMl that 
HotUtla. .laughter of Uonlfaoe, Dake of Tua- 
oany, who In l«7tf or llffj made the choreb of 
It'iiutf lieir to all har flitatM In and out of 
Italy, and balog dtvoread and rtmanled, 
fonnally conAraad tba gift in 1109. 

8. Specif. : TbM oama of ■ ptdltjrjU party. 
It arcMlu Um tWolfUi oeotnrA-, wlien ■ rootut 
t^»nk pla^^ for tha lini>erUi PT<^wn l)etwe«rt 
Conrad of llohenslaufen, whoite ad^prBnta 
w«re callml Oliihellloea (q.v X and Heiiry 
the Uon, Duke of ttftzoor, aud nrrhew i>( 
Oaeir itr n>ir, Dnke of Bavaria, wlio coiii- 
manded {-tr him In the Afht. Coanul waa 
stteceaafDl in lb« atraotte. Tba nclantaUona 
H)« Ouelf and Hie QilielUi an mid to bav^r 
bt«a naed aa battle criea In a battle befnr* 
Weiaabsig hetweeii the two hvala in a.i>. 
IHO. The naiiM Qvahthawu t(r*iBily extanded 
to all n]<tHintnU d tba Em[>rr>r, and aa the 
Po[i(i baa ft ataadlng feud with the reprcaenta- 
tlvaa of tha teinponl now aa to the Una of 
deraarcfttloti betwcea their raapacttva toriadle- 
Uuita, hfl naliinlly took the part of the dtaaf- 
flected. Beald»BtnU, he had raaaoui fargimtl- 
lode to the Un[iM> of Ondph. (1.) Dnrln^i 
the reaialDder of the Middle AgM, this frud 
dWIdfd Italy and G^nnany Into hoatlI« tuv- 
tian*. The rnjil Ikiaily of Britain an by 
deacent Uuclpha. 

GttAl'ptalo (n n* wX A- jOer. 
(huipk in.v.\»nii nitr.'U.] Of 
or iMlrfiu^ing U} tbf Ourlpliia. 

Onelphlo-order, $. 

Htr. : Au order of knlgUhood 
instttotfd for Huovsr on Aug. 
It. 1815, bv the Sa^kb Prtnc* 

Recent, alterwaTTto OMTge tV. 

Cne -noA. j. (Pr.] 

ifr«V. ; Th« Rftme civna bjr tha 
Fn-nr-h to rerlaln Stanladft (Xook»)~a> of th« 
Old World. Tbry belong to the genBin Ct- 

eopiUieeoa and Oroooaboa ; their type la tho 
Gr«ea Muakey, CVramtfraaufrmM.- 

t Kair-&tin, * vntr-ddna, «. [O. Vr.. from 

Low Ljit. •(-(•fentontm, wwsrfdfl. ft hyl-rld 
coi)i|iMiind, fmniO. H. Ger. Kiilrr(Ovr. tcinUr) 
s agninat. and l^rtv Ijit. Jnaun :=a pfl ; rf. 
A.8> vt/tkcfnt'i, a r\«rLnij>«n*«, from witkrr 
= agHlnat, Ijack ftsain, and hAn = a I<«n. 
(.Silmr.)] A rvivani, a rocompuuae, a return, 
a rtyjoltnl. 

'Tfna ItiM tt>« UurL lu InvarUl tamt, 
tthoubl b* Um •latr^toM of ■ aaUc dM<t ~ 

* guer'-dAll. v.t. [OvraDoM, ■.] To reward, 
to rvorimp^nae, to give a guerdon In. 

" Pi« •] 11 Im w thai Ibar baa jpomt* bwAa, lb«»> 
tora tliull'a y* unt •afno, that tkay mrrm jvt tor 
atioght. aut fa oatbta tba nahat f »<riaiaa ban. 
anil Um«« iMia yoaia Ui y Mii."— O aw w r; flafe w 

* n«r'-ddlft-%-b]*, o. (Eng. gurrdon; -oNt,] 
That mayor Hb^iiM l<e rewarded ; docvrlng 
of a fpMidon or reward. 

" PInillof It M no aiijrJa aal f *. at ■raUfat, la 
pnMuh ttwlr IU«ti.'--^Np 0. «MCil. mm. Ja^Tatift 
111 ;k 

* nar'-d6u'Uaa, * sno'-dom-laMa, <l 

jRaf^ OHirrdon ; -um.] WiUiunt rvward; un- 

" But tiHM ala* qnlto bim aa bU vaaa 
Willi riwO ■UunfM pWitl* » tWUrt 
Tlial with (b( iUbLIi auMw AiM lawg ba |«aiT * 

Ciautwr C-Mptainita. W>. 

cnir-n'-lf* nSr-rD'U. «. * o. (sp. 

f/naritta = aaklralati, a litiie war: dlinln, oT 
guem (Pr. gutrrt) s= war, from O. H. Oer. 
iMmi > dtaoord.] IWar.) 

A. Ai MbttaHtin : 

h An trrtf^ular warfkre urrted on by email 
Independent bandi; an Irregular, petty war. 

2. One who carrica on war in an irregular 
ntanner ; a in«ml>er of an lmt*pendMit band 
angigvd in predatory and irregtilar attacks 
a|ioaao enooiy. 

& At 04. : Ptitainbtg or bdonglBg to a 
land of fuWiaM ; tarrm^ on war Is aa Ir 
regular BMBiier; eonalf ting of guerlllaa. 

"Tba Onn <riii teB< 
OuD« Uba tfffbl'a m na— t. and avaagad tb* laad.' 
UttMi riatoa arcnt a>«irM, » 
% Gvfrilla tnir nr mtrfitr*: Ati liregnlar 
modp of carryinR on war by tneane of eoiall, 
indrponOent tauda of armed men, aelf-conatl- 
tuted and ordere«l, anoonnetrtcd with a rvgti- 
lar ftTiTiy, and etitJtlad to dlamtaa thprnaelrAi 
at any tJine. OvtriUa warfim ia mainly earned 
on ill a oouutry occupied by an eneiay. 

Gnim'-fdy, ■. A a. [Norm. Fr. (T). | 

A. At mftttaaliw .- 

Gtpf. : One of the Ohaimil laianda. 

B. Am tu^. .• (Sea tha socBpouud). 

OaenkM7'Uly. k. 

£[■1 : .Vcriitc Mral^H^U. 

sufir-ra-l« ro (U •» l7*)i '• (^P*! ^ 

^c<>rflU., or gucrllilat. 
(nir-ril -liat, KoAr nUst. : (Eng. 

fhrrilUn) ; -irf.l A nifiid>er of a band of 
gncHllu ; one who cairtea on guerilla wartkre. 

snAaa, * ffaa, * seaae, ' (aan^Tn. r.i.kl. 

[Dan jjtuf , Sw. iTuua > to gtirH ; cf^n. with 
IfuL gitk.3 : UuL gimn; Dan. «/cU( 3=to 
gueM. PMbat'ly 7«u> tneant ortginaUy !• 
irf, to get, being a aecondftry (deajdemuvc) 
Tm> fanned from to gat, (6fr«ii.)J 
A. TranttHm: 

1, To form an opinion coneeming without 
any certain grouoda or ineana of knowledge : 
to Judge of at random. 

- And f«MM wba* -wd» aMlmUT MMHiwtUt- 
ant rrifr-l'Ha t£» aadauW U> know tba bafc. — >r«Mr~ 
kn^: irarfta. UL S». 

5. Tu Awn an opinion or Idra of on prnhablft 
t>r ro«w>aftble grounds ; bo conclude with pro- 

' Atuitwbal tMtt, wham, br tbclr ana* aad dna^ 
To tm TazalUb aucailaa I fm*t ' 

Orj/ittH ■ /ndinm a«i#«rar . L 1 

8. ToeoivfecturoriKbtly : tadlvliH;toeolire 

by a oomet ooi^Jemaiv: In fbnn a emrvct 

oplaloD ooneemlog ; aa, To r*wa rUdle>. 

** B» MOab naa a* la fum vba ba wsaW b» aL'— 

rartwrtaw ; Malna lm»M»l Iflad fc- (a Aa Am 

* i. To hit upon ; to repradnec from memory. 

*" TU] BM tbal* avili. la aarly ai thm «aB»l yaaaa 
tfcan,-* shaMMf , I Bm<y «■/,. it. l 

6. To think, to auppoae, to iioaglDC, to twllisve. 


b6il. b^: p^ilt. JtfM; «t, 9«U. otaortu. fhla. banvb: so. i«n: tbla. (hla; aln. sf ; expaot. Vanophon, aflat. -Uc 
« a.^- ^^ -^ «.jt-. ^-- j^ ^^, -oloiu. -ttaaa, Hdfloa = abiU, -bia. hUo. Ac. .= bfL d«L 


guesa— guide 

1. T» form ft ooitjMtura ; to inkfl a gu«u : 

to raUiiiiilir. 

"TIm <!>*(<< U* Itoa. m Wm^^9 »m ttmtih.-- 

8. Tn bpli«r«, Ut cuTTOML 

** nan l«n »»*tmm*tdtmaba, I mm* 

Amt, ULlM. 
•S. Tt>trn««1ne. 

" ] a^U* Ikai t bv l« a paayiw . . . *i\* ataUB 
UMt Wa (Mwl hi tnfl «t tekM^— ITrcltfb. U«n«*U 

I. To Judge at nmdoia. (FoUam^d b; a/.} 

mkwkm^. : Amtn-w » CU n ■■>«. til a. 
*& Toftim. 

^ Oahb Uins <1ificrlniltiat«« lM>twi>«>n <r> 
fwai aodton»0«4Hn: " W«fnm*UifttftUiin(; 
aOmWy t« : we mOntwn that whteh mky >« : 
«• fBia that It la a eertaia boor ; wt wnite- 
twf* at th« nwaaing of a twnoD'ii actions. 
tlM fiuadMff U oppcMri tA Uia mrtain know- 
lodn of a thiiig : Ui« wn/<o(MrtMtr b oii[hi*>^! 
to Ih* fbll convlfUon of a thtiiK; a rhll<l 
MMMT at tliat |M>rU(>ii nf bL» Itwsou whicti b<; 
Bia oot proi-erly Ifamed ; a (anctOil p*-nKtn 
ani|ilor« mniKtmre when b« canoot ilnw any 
poaillvo cunclualoii." <t.'raiib: At;. Sir^en.) 

cntea. * s»Mflb * KUMM, K [attm, v.] 

1. A eooj«>ctiu« ; ■ judgment at Tmadoia, nr 
wttboat otrtalo groundB or nuotii. 

MnSt- Lord ^ Urn l»Ut,lL U. 

a. A riddW. (SrabA.) 
KiiMS-roXM. sneas-warp, <. 

yn*u. : A rt>)<ii havlDK tute eixl fastened to 
a dlrtank ottjert, lo onler Ui warp ■ Teaael 
tovanl* the otject 

Gitwm tmrp boom : 

JfauL : A tpar ran out ^m lliff «i<lr of a 
twael, with a m|4> atlarhM h<iU' ila oubr 
extremity, Ibr InbIm la rMa by wb«a the 
mad la at her in wirings. 


yu— wroik, a. IChemwom.J 

(]), a. Ta eorrapttoB of fxim <q.T,X] 

mlar, ninnner, nuhlon. a»rt. 

" Hi l»ly iMlMlla U •.( 4MW«b« 0WH BtMU.'— 

ff. N-^JfraU. 

, One who fTtie.'Wca or curOeotum : a coitjpc- 

" A HUM UmI B*r«r kiln on ite rigfat iM*. eMia«l ba 

MUad ft talrf fMMMT.'-ilnrfAry .<ilU^.>Mt, lU. 

OSMr-KAc *BM1-Illf. 'KMB'tnC*. 

geas ynf e. r^ i>>., » . * •. [Ouam, •. ) 

A. Ji B. .Ii pr. for. 4 partMp. ocQ. .' (Hm 

the «i<rl>>. 

Ot wU inM. : Tlu act at ooaiaetMhag or 
Jidglns at eaadon ; a gDcaa, a coi^Mtora. 


guaiB, liy eoqjeelnre ; oon>^tanlly,at raodoOL 

* niW-lT*, «. IFbs- ir"<*»; -*w.I Con- 

'TharwwMtlr fMariM IntrrpNtaUaoaof dliB-er«d 

pUtMr-wfitlE, a. [Bog. ffmm, and «mrl-.] 
Work pcrforaiad by nm goaoa or at tatKloiu ; 
gueavlng. not\j«rtiire. 

pttet, ■ SMt. ■ «WU. * glse, a. IA.8. 
foK, irnli ll'ai'. fM, fto< ; oigo. with Wl. 

Mti : Dan. fimi : 8v. ^i<; Itaii. m^ : Ooth. 

foalt : Otf. goM, all - a gaaat : Ut. Aoatl* ^ 
a rinogor, a Riteat, «o oiwiuy, trout a rr»>t 
(ban - to itrike.] 

I. A person rMvlrn] aad e&tertaliKd to the 
hoatfO or at lh<- table of anoUia*. whether by 
lo*lUti«ii ur •'ihrrwite: ose wao lodoea or 
naldea teoiiKimnly at as IwM or loaginK- 

"li>*m. iuiiimJiI by mmm (baa rtt hwMlt»d 
!«■ Mrt. ««.,•». aUL 

L AayMraoD, tUiig. nr twing temporarily 
riHliili. nying, or plaoMl in another. 

a»^ ir«ttrrlM««a : rw u* 
S. A oaine glvm bv Uw anpantlttoua ralgar 
ta the a»atta of Bootlaad to any ol4iKt whlc-h 
th'y foMlder aa the pmgnoaUc or omen of 
Um appmavh of a •ttanfnr. 

r, I- A rocim apjiropn- 
Tta the eutcrlainaieiit uf gueata. 
"Wkan t»tim0ti'wli**ml-wT,w)un I thallMtlha 
IMiiiai illli II I J illiil^IiiT' Wtih III U 

' snaBt-hAll, * sest-lutlltt, i. A gnui ■ 


' FKlr kUn cr«t In lh« ^Mr-hdU*.' 

* saast-boua. *g««t-tau% •• An inn, 
a plaee of •Burtalniueut. 

' gaest-lttev «■ The otBces due towards 

a gartL 

" Bt vnqld IMt h(M 
lb bli l-tMk BMt* that frMT-Mfn In lb* vu.' 

nNjPMw* .- ffMur ; CMa«Mw axL 

Cnovt-ropc I. [Gtma-aon.} 

' mtmt-tUt-ir, I. {AFomtxAittnotf/iM-lalur, 
Uiat U, uoD who took lu cattie to jawture. | An 

* ntet, * BOTt-Vn. r L A f. rU.H.O. (rotnt,- 

Bw. giuta : Dan. gJtiU.] [OviOfT, ».] 

A. fmiu. : To ontcrtain oa a gnoat; to 
trvat h<>apltal>ty. 

" Hla waa n* •vU fw**^ *lUi Imla. ara* uMl llsM." 

B. /nintiw. : To lodga aa a gfiuat ; to bt a 


" Mr bcqw «•■ DOW 
juwl •(« bta b* * * 

Ai fMMC wltk biBt. uwl •(« bta bu4 bMkow 

■ itf our rrtai>ililit|> ' 

'gnistHpn, * c«at-iten, *giat nen, r.t. k 

T JOlFAT, *.) 

A. Tmru. .- To entertain or lodg" aa a gneat 

'll»M»tm«f Uwai wit him Uiktiilctal-' 

ir.rKuF MmfM. 1.T1L 

B. /"imiu, : To loilge. to Im a guitat. 

*' tin vBlafWiMn HLlil va.'—Aiicrm Mtmtw. p- IM. 

'Kutet-IAs. 'fwt'lBs, 'Kost^lnxe. '. 

*ffii0at-tT«, o. [Eog. rvcaf; -<m.| Fcrtaiu- 
iiig iir Auited to a giieat ; hoapltabla. 

Mj m«ib«r 1b *IUi ton ^oabto oviiium* t 
U ■ta*ilinDftor*ltliM«,»i>dUball«u« 
Foi all locb #«■(>■ ■* tbcn moIu yii^lix hn^" 

• gnSatnMK. * gort^ An-fie. ' Bre«t- 
Blns, *nst-xilnBe. *gest njrng. «. 

[Kng. gwmim ; -1*9.1 A lodging aa a ^Kul ; 
hoatrftaUiy. a feaat. 

'■IiwtehridHbrkbifwiirv' ^ Hw wJw. UTTL 

* gncsfHm-y*. *■ [Eog. ffrrf^.-.y-i A ffaat. 

"Th* lardy* tbat of rUaw wara^ 
Thar aaHa te tbM anMajM.* 

Kntet^-inf«, oife. [EBg. ir«4«(; -wfac] In 
the mannrr of a gucat ; like a guoat. 

ate onk tlsM 

gntt-tA^-da, '■ [Named art«r Ktlennc Uuvt- 
tard, a FrcncL boUntatl 

£01.; Tbe^pk-al gvnnH of the fliinllyOiiet' 
tardldR. Hie bark and n>ot of Cwtloniii 
eoeriJun, O, AntiTrhaa, and fl, jJafpaKoi are 
hlntfugee and aatriogi'iila. 

Kll«t-ter'-dI-dM,*.r'- {Hod.Ut^(ltord((i^ 
and Lit. frai. pi. adj. anfi: -idnt,) 
BoL : A fknlly of Claobonaeev, tribe CoOmp. 

gnavz rmUK nmrly aa u\ 1. (Fr. - a beggar, 

a ngiunulUn, a taacal, a btackgiianl.] 

Ilia. : The olvkname takm liy the jatriota 
of the Low Coantriea who, tn the aiKteertlh 
oentary, oppo«Kl tha religlntw and polltiual 
tynony of rhlUp II., King of Spain. 

guA-vA'-t 1^ lASmth African word.] 

Zooi. : Varloiw ape^'ira of Ophalopna, apec 
C pviTH'*^. a dlinlDOtlre anielnpe alnnt a 
ffwlhuth, ijciiiTlngal the Caiw <'f O0.-11I n'>l>rr, 
Oallfd hy the Dutch tbe KImdb Uoc, kc 
Tbcrn an.- ollirr apc«lea of Qoevcl. 

SbA-tI'-bS-^ <a aa w), i^ lEtjm. doabUtaLl 

JM. : A I0BUB of PmtMMM. Tbe ftrnlt of 

ana apaolai of t)M Biatw la aald to ba eotd in 

the markati of CbUi, nnder tbe name of 


Cttr-fAW. Cttf-f&', >. iOnooaiopoetlfr) A 
load burxt of Uiit{ht«r. 

-Tba ahlrl *t tba ani i< Iha #^k," fciW.- A»t$. 
f—ry. ok HIT. 

gOf'-rw. a. (Etyai. doabtf^l AlooalMM 
for the vlvlparona BJenny, Zcwwtua tirifmna, 

Vttc'-Sl«> *-^ (Iniutlre : cf. 9«rvk.l T» 
iitake a aoand like that of a ll*i>ud f 
thniuxh a unnvw amtturv, or '4 air 
furcKwithnKigh a lli|akl ; tu gufgta, 
"Una . . . tmd yiMt H iy I—bay n iIl * — 

fifC-flto,!. [OunoLs.r.1 AattUBdwofiKhr 
or otfiar liquid paaaing ikprnMh a Baavw ifw^ 
tai«, orof aJrbMng laaMd taraagli » UqcaM; 


tcAlir.*. lOer.. afpfa row ita t hw. wtfcg; 
(It) 6aB def., from tokrtu s to IhnnaaL) 

Jffn. : A tooae earthy depntK la Ike (mvWea 
of rwrka, grnerally white, la wbkh Aaaa II la 
probalilyrnlc»rmna,btitacMiie*l n» a a r w d i lM i « 
midiah-yellow fh>i» a mixture of oxtda of frafc 

fnl-&«, fid' f-ettn (cm aa cwiX ffwi'- 

%-0&m, a. (Gr«i«(uu.l 

Onl-A'-n*, Oti]r-&'-a^ Oumj-k-n^ dGmi, 

Ooy. an<l Onay aa Ow*), 1. A a. iTha 

uatMv uaiur.l 

A. A( what. : An exlcoaive n»mUy ta ttm 
northern part of 8onth Aiueh'-*, beiwt#« the 
Amamn and tlie Ortni<vi rlrrra. dt«fd«d M* 
Brailliati. BHtiah, Dutch, Fnuieh ma4 \m»- 
piclaii GiilanA. 

B. At (tdj. : Of or porlAlalflf to tbm flam 
deacrilK<d luidcr A. 

Onlana-lMrk. a 

Pkanm. : Tlie )«rk of PoriJunMti AmmmIm, 
naad aa a febririigti. CkUed mora (aUy Fnmdk 

1 gnt'-bfA, 1. |Kt>-m. donbtAil.) 

/otl^ ; All niiMeiilinMl '"■"t""' raeaaAlkC 
tlio K»Telle. ((^lUflmUA.) 

SnI -btt-Uas, a. A a. tOiUB>LL»Ll 

OttS-A^mr. f. [lUhratta^MvlMrAl Ita 

uilc Of ihr Mahratta aoTervign of OoasiM. la 
the weat of India. Hia cai4tBl la Bhn4a. 

Snid-t-ble. u iRtig. r»i<i(a): -^iu.] TkA 
luay nr can bo gnldi^, IM or dlrevtMt 

"A Mbmhatic Bid a^rfsHr avtrtV m «*iai wi a 
^ay lo bIL-— a>T«r .- Ai — Mant Aa AM iKK 


* gnid mge (ace aa Ig), a. (Eng. r^O: 

1. Orri. Inng. : The ac< of gaMlBg : giM^ 
an'tt ; diiTcti<m. 

5. Ustt: The rewanl or )wy 8l*«B ta* al^ 
conduct thmogh a atranga «r —fcaiiaa 

__ K «■ tOt^P*. ».l 

_J gmdiug, leadiug, or dtnciuigi 

dlreettoa; fovemmeDL 

Kiuda^ * nrdnD, * gr^B, •.(. rrr. ffiubr; 

lul. ffHidan; 8|>. {r^ln'-; «ltlwat«ly btw 
Goth. Miflaa s to »at«!h : A.& wMna > to 
know wJfan k to ubaerve ; haoaa the ungyaal 
mranitig waa tu cauae or nalee to k*ew. la 

L To direct, lead or oo«kdii«i !■ a wtf, 
onunK, or path. 

2. To direct, to role, lo rvgnlalc, to 1 
- n«« taMiAibla ta ba (nfoanttr *>m4 af cm 

blinaalf wJjhwW- On AtUla ti wirfi^ *■ a 

6. Tn pdat oflllbe eoarae to ha pnraaal hy : 
tn dlreet or lead lowanb tbe ffoptr m oer- 
nct ooorae, 

"To Mdaay^nr I 
■hbL'— Mr W. y-Mi 
cwotfaa, Dw. a, nm. 
4. To InBtmee ; to dlraaft, tam, at lad !■ 
any direction. 

like act'of gmdiug, 

J CbciV* a> ate jyaiff /«*« tf 

" Ib an thU lli« af« MUirf by I 

a««aaM-w4 AMMiMr*. iil. * a 
&. To luatniEt a»d dlirct. 
■ fl. To atland to^ to 





^ For tbe dtfffercBoe bat< 
to aradHCl. ere CoaDoor. 

pnd«^ • bU«^ • Oda. a. fTr. g.^.; IklL 
gatds; Sp fvio.) IGriDK,*.} 

1. One who or that whkb gflMea, iHtll^ 

Efcta. At* Ara, amliUt. what. l&Il. fotber ; w«, w«t» here, oom^ har. ttaftro ; pina. pit, un, air. nuurtBa ; (4. p4^ 
flVp wCra. wtl^ worii. wbib aAa; mnta. ^Ub^ sura, vnlta. eir. rol*. fftU; trr, Strloa. ••wfl>=i;ar=& ««- Inr. 

guidele SB — gull Q 


or Qosducti another lu bla waj or ooond ; k 
ecmductOT ; * Ic»itpr. 

" Mf fM« MI4 Iwad* at k^tk iMHM 
ftlliM bMMV Ibui MOM «y^~ 

5. Om wbn (ir tbat vbJeh ffoide* or dlracU 
• perwio In hla eooduct or flouiw ol lile ; ft 

8 A dlraolor ; ft rcfiatatir ; ft rain*. 
" Who tha «trf^ irf Mtar*. tat Mtr tte Oei «< 

L A caM«-l)Dok (ii.t.). 
n. Tmhnimttg: 

1. CH». X*;. : A pUa driven to muk « ilt*. 
I. Wodh. .' A poll*; todlnet b hfttiit lu ft new 

J. Mil. (PU : A OTTpi nf tlw Pn-nrh nrmv. 
fomi«)J In 1774. Tbaj were mAd« tiy N«|i(v 
I'on 1. Into ■ guftnl. When, In IMO. Samy 
atwl NtM irfn ■iin«x*d by Fiiuico In compcn* 
Mtlon for aid renrivrad to Ilalr In tba wtr 
«ltb AostrU, tt ms ft pftTty of GnidM who 

BIftMd the tnueh due on thi nuDmlt of Mont 
Iwie to ftboata c< " Vira rSmpsvnr." 
i. Jfuie: A dln«tlua ; « mark cf dlivetloa. 

6. Prtta. : A iirliitcr'ft eoi^-Mder, whleh 
nuukft the lioa. 

C JUL Aif. : Aa ftddillooftl imn to kMp a 
iMMDfttln or Mr on th* Irmi^k In curm, ero«- 

tngS, or rtWl> glftdcft. lOUIDtC-KAlt, UllAIUl- 

7. Sawinf-madk. ! AmMntnrdliretlnf dotli 
to tlM cdfB or bc«-pUtc of » sauce. In nuklnR 
ft hem or turk. 

S. g «w m g. ; OiM or tho l«n which krrp 
la Uh tte Mockft on th* eroH-lMftd of tb< 

ptetOQ-rod. (QoiDB-BtACILl 

Q. S¥r$, : A ton] or lastnimeBt dlreetor, fti 
tbc itftfr or dlraetor of ft ■tuyvon'* probe or 

10. Wattr-wSmU : A pUte la tlit mrb of a 
»»t«rwb«l lA direct the water upon the 

S»mm wmfin. : MrUUle piMM wHh pftfallrl 
■tdftft flttM on the cDda of tlie croftt-hrftd, ami 
•UdlBC aa fnidei oo the aid« Cnunea to kmp 
Um niotlOB of the ptoton-rod dln<ct. 

gntM fclWlfc, ft A book cADtalt>io« dl 
tvOTloaa for tiavulen or loohata lu a atntice 
ro«atrr,0nag Information u to pUow pasaed 
throaffn, ■wna of trmnait, Ac 

_ A hftodjuids, a iiw* 

e hu ikal eooW vanea for nwalftUnc tli« potl- 
Uoo at th* wriit In ^aaoforta pkyliig, in- 
tCBlad bjr KalktoaDMr. 

jrv*«al. ffftrlft. ; A pUa drlrao to aiark 
•wt nr Ifmtt Thn add of oiitnMao or a alte. 

ClLM«-p«U«r, a. 

Jfacfe. ; A ruUay for dlraetlag or ehni«tiig 
thfl llM «f nHltaa or a btll. bat not oUMnrlae 
1 Ib tbi tnaaMMott of BwUua. 

JTaffft.; Ad ftddltionat nil. uauaUy 
nidwaf batwm tk« twDordloftry ralU 
', and afBployad la eoDBACtlan wtth 
dtrloM on tba aaolDe, oarrlacM, 
■ . la pranntlag tba rolUafHrtock tnta 

TOMbwoff Um nlU. Tlir crotn nil, pippMt 
hr h oniPBUlly ntuting vhoeU, acta ft* ft 

iptldfr-*erew, «. 

JVmA. ,- A trnw tor dlnetlBc or rtgoUtUig 
fwrtftio nmvmtaata. 


JfodL .- A coatrlfBBCa hf «U«h ■ liorlac- 
litt or drfll Ift pildBd, eoaatotiag comiBflnlj of 
ft Bud tiita to prtrmt cwarrtaf. 

■ fnida -Uaa. «. ttaK.fttidt; -Um.) 0«a>u- 

tuttf of or witbont a gwde, leader, or dlractiir. 

-Hi.^11 liiijwrta." 

r<^: j|«iMr.- M|ww U. •». 

'njtm-Hm uitm,». [BBs.^CdaLM.'Mw.i 

The qttftbty or »Ut« of being wllbuut a satd«. 

r p o «L ft IKng. ffuiiU. an<l |im«.) A 
ftraelM at t^ JuaetUm of two ur tnura 

roada for th« )nir|>o*« of jy>inLiiif out the way 
to tnT«ltrn ; n fliigvriHiat. 

Siiid'-«r, *nrd-«r, *. fCn^. gui^t); •^.\ 
vuo who giiiiln. directa, or cooducU i a guide, 
ft h'ftder, a director. 

■ C^rMMMM, 1. 1. 

' Said''«r'<n, * rid -«r-ia«e. «■ lEnp. 
guidrr; .«■.] A fen. 


Tenialo guiJe or jeadar, m 

OiOaad I. ttott thai *ra /M i d rrtoJ*tryll<ht." — 

■ cid4«'-A&>, * CBld-Mblp, ■ gald«- 

1. Ouidanea, goreromenL 
"B«4wtr«lllullb'rw"aldMMl «a Pn- 
aalli «( AlkMUa. M mm mi4 vaMiv* '^ 

Md««a*dMpoaib« IMlMft'-MMMM* 

t, TnatoMaiL 
■■ Aa' ov •!« U^- 
teV ttaa wwk hwA. M' Uttte MaraaMT IM 
Kal 1 WM •«« at Ihalr ««M«4ip WM.' 

Am* ■ ffitawrr. ^ «. 

Kot-dSA, a. {Pr.1 

L A RWftllow-titllednaniNnyAiglnftraTaIrT 
rcflment, half r»d and half whitA, dlvldlns at 
thefbrk. Thered abova baa" U. 6." lu wlilf. 
Tb« white la Iwlow^aod baa thi> Itttlcr of the 
enmpaay In red. 11h Sy ia 3 feet A inrha* In 
the end of the taO : the head la S7 Incbea. 
The Iftooe ift 9 feet long, tDclodlng apaar and 
frrrute. (AnvWean.) 

■ 1. A itandanl- bearer. 

* 3. One of a rouitnunlty eatabltahed by 
Oiarlenia^tne at Roino to guide pUgrlnui to tbf 
Holy LftuO. 

Q q lg-pgt, <■ [A(IrlMiOulgnet,ftnolAl Frearh 
]Kiiiiii'r i*;i.] 

Onlgnefs-grven, '• 

Ck^ia. : Cbminlo hydroxida, OyXOHV 
Obtained by fiulng tograar oqual maleculrft 
of potaaaiuin bichromate and eryetaUluM 
b<ir1c add, and 1lxl*tattB|( the fued toaaa wtth 
water. Tlia reaidue la groond into a flue 
powder, and ua«d aa a grnra pigment. 

■lli-UB-di''llk. ft [NaiDcd ftfter Melchlor 
tiultaoiliiift. e TruuTfti) lr«retler ani a l*m- 
feucir of Botany at Padtia ; he dl«d in 1A90.] 

Rn. : TliA Nhker-tTM. A genus of leffunU- 
noiu phLnU, eub-onler Cseealiiialpac, triW Ku- 
onalplnles. Tho hark and vt-ry MtttT aii^li 
of GuUawliHa Ih^ruiur, an Iii^IIhi) Iry^, w\¥ti} 
pounded eniftllaQd mixed with caaN^r oil, rnnii 
ft raluable external ftpplicatioa in inolutcnt 
hydrooele, and the leevea fried with a Uttl« 
Caator oil. ftct »a a dtacatlent In beruia faumer- 
all*. The eeeda, called Boudne or Nloker 
enti, are hard aiid amooth ; they ftre nacd in 
the But for roeftriaa, oecklaeva, Ac 

guild, sUd, * ffUdo. * gymUL, * cyylda. 
*syld«, 'ylfde. l 'a.s. ^Ud^ft pay 
meat : jftmiatcip* - a guild ; gtfH<ta - a rnnn- 
bar offtguld; oUidna, nblam=ui pay (Eng. 
yield); eqn. with DuL yiid ^ a Kuifd or mm- 

Kay : leeL gOdi » pa>tnent ; urHh. gild » 
bnta-moiwy ; Qtr, oiuU ^ a gulM.} 
L Ordiitary fanffiui^ .* 
1. A wMrirty nr mrpimlion belonging to the 
ennic rU^Ji, Iroiln, or itumiiltji. coiubiDed for 
unloal aid ftnd proteeiiou of taelr Inteffaata. 

ad pUht- 

_ __, taw »«fcJ 

OonaoMt ; Ifte nuiw 

balni luin, •Iffjijytag k taMarallr. vUali MBltM ana 
Oan Hi i#iela leio a cuwat^ auNk. and U dartvad 
tnw ieM«>s (• vw. A fftM ttaa » vabUe fWM, 1» 
■■MiMMiaii t^tt^ er tbt ImUMUm: aad Um 

eld-aUt Uw fleet In vliMi Uh bmtemitr ibmu^ 
1"— rawieiii ' J9mrmtttfivm Oa^ w ,- Itd^UU. 

•2. Agundhan. 

""TIm rwinw waa lanr* *n4 ^UU 
Aa U aoMa irriiM gr lulMbM Uw^l* ■•r** 

J^pTRMr ; r v.. 11. rlL ti 
S. A compftny or fellowahip of any kind ; 
an ftMOctaUnn. 

' B« va* ao imtn&it 
KM 1»bt aaiua u>t« Uwu v»tta7 

ftMt JotMM . JTMrtMi ; ClkbrWto. 

n. fiat. : The eaaentla] principle of the 
pilld b the handing together foe mutual help, 
enloymeot and enoonrafeownt. 6otM tvennnn 
acrMian And the oslglB of fallda to theaacHn- 
dal aMnbUaa at the Taotante tribce ; Wllda. 
Brrntann, and otheia aea tn the raiully the 
gnrm from which It waa developed : othent 
again tAalotftln that gullda have apruns frvoi 
the Roman colUata. More than X,OW nani 
•go the Ueeeka had tfaetr rroaei tad Awiot, 
■nd Nouia la lald to have eaeoiuagad Um tar* 

"11 «M ariflaaUy fmnad Igr a 
kooft liM tetonUM mMaTttaOMi 

matioo of onA galJda, of whirh rintaroh 
eoamerfttea nine. The prtiicl|«I guilds ol the 
Ukldle Agea wera- 

L Friit or Ftae* GuOdM. widely ^'•ad over 
the north of Europelnearlytlmea. Tber were 
awoni aaaodatlooa for the protection of right 
and the puiauiatlon of liberty, and iu England 
the priaetple of the reapontlMllty of U>« giuM 
for na BcmbBrs waa reoocnliftd. Due of the 
tnofft remarkable of Iheie gunda waa thftl 
founded et Boeiklld by Caatila for tha rap- 
preaaion of the piracy of the Viklnga. 

% On theOoctlaent the clergy forawd ipedftl 
ftocletica called OyitUU <i^ Ikr KnimUn, from 
tbr day of meetlDi; bring on the kale mis of each 
iti.iiitJi. The cn\y Eligliah gnild of th!a cha- 
raoier, m) Tar a^ is known, vree nt BrUttoL It 
'■■ -T I tiia town recurdA, and la later yeara aup- 
'•-d ft achool for the Jewa. 

s. T%f Sociat cr Btlifiimt Ouitdi. nMlrob- 
ten iiieloded nut tmly durotioiM and oriwna, 
bat aviry exorclae of Cbttottan ihurlty. elnvH 
all thinga mutnal aaalataoea of the guilil tro- 
than In every exigency, and borUl of the dead. 

i. The Tndi OuiUs. whleh wen of two 
Ofd a ra ewrrtawi gHUrf* erul er^ft ipiUtU The 
fbrmer, tntn being Donuoeetl of men of aub. 
etaDOM—in manv oaaoa ikndowuera aa well aa 
tr»d«ra— early obtained State ireognltlon W ft 
clftOM In the charter of lti'y<rTM>ratlnn of the 
bomu^ or town In whlclt tlie giittd wu lield. 
la Loodoo and Florenee we tlu unt hcor of nMr> 
chftr>t goildft : tbore the craft gullda early ■•■ 
anrted their aaaoelfttJng power and Indepeo- 
deuee, and gndually tonk a place In the sr> 
gaulution of the town gnvemtoent. The tnea 
of the craft guildi rrovidnl for the nuUntonaniw 
of the raatoou of their crmft, framed fuKher 
orditiftooee for Its regulalloii (inrlnditig oara 
a^lnst fraudulent workiunimhlio, uw thoaa 
urdinanoea pnqwcty eufurred, uul paniabed 
the guild farutlicra who lufringral tfafm Fron 
the crmft gnll<la aroea the twelve grast Com- 

Sniea of London awl the Aite MiO<>ri of 
urence. Few hiiportftnt towns tn Kutend 
wera wltfaont erftft golUU. London. T<^<rk, 
Exeter, Norwich, Briatul, and Coventry were 
busy with their life ; but " all that retualna of 
the ancient gulKIa in thr llvenca of to-day la 
thrJr common eating ami drinking, ** In Italy, 
Frmnce, Germany, arxl even \n Conatantlnaple, 
gullda once formed tho strength of coramerca, 
Thry weru ab»ll«h»d ui Kiauce In 1780. and In 
Gensany 90 jmr» later, though In that ooon* 
try then la a novenwat for their revivaL 
Iloaaia haa no guOda ; the tiada aaaDdaliooa 
were tmpoaad by Catharine and Pater tha 
Qreat. (Miaa L. f. Smitk, In Mtufe. Brit.) 

A bUow-maaibar of 

gnlld-teMfair, a. 

a guild. 

gulld-'rwita, (■ pi. Rente payable to the 
Crown by «ny guild or fraCcmity. 

*ClUld'-%-M«,a. IKng. ^lii; -aAla.] Liable 

"Ow ■Iwli^i ta UiB Blani »iilMairi"-a—aa. 
Ot a M m m ^ fca aieM . f rrL 

ffoIM'-ir. *glXd-«r. *Blld-«ni.i. lA 

enrrapt. of Dut. A Oer. gvtdtm - a florin, aa 
if a coin ef fmiUn or f^clcfrrrt.] A ooln eonant 
In HoUatkd and worth twenty ativera, or afaoot 
la. Bd. ettfltng. 

" Que iwoMm- was fiw flc^Dtna mIM)** j m M m 
to luUiltK (tiiUaia.-— Jfaniilair. lliM. Xny. ok. ftxL 

ffnfld-ball. * nrlds-liBlleh «. [Rag. gvUd, 

and jUhU.J A aku when a giiUd or (x>ri>ora- 
tlon aMeta ; a town hall ; a corpomtion-uU ; 
■peoil, the lowD-hftU of Loudon. 

"Attm tt>l* aka «■«( tato «aUA«n. Mt£ than 
ni« an MKuuiit of t>^ triiti* tA Wwt, aind liU 

folld'-rj^*'. (Bng- gvtU; -py-l A gnlld ; the 

luemlKn ofa guild. (iinfcA.) 

ffoDo {IX ' B*l«, • DTle^ a- Cp. Ft. 

yui/c, v^l*: Pmv. ir»u. fW>ra en O. L. Oar. 
word rcprvaentcd by A.S. trif, Irot. vti, wb( 
« a trick, giiilr. {^kmt )] De«<lt, Oftf^ 
conning, ar^flov, dspllctty. pf ii.k.| 

~ A» toa^te tad«^ Ui •kon thm la ae #«•■.'— 

-ciui»(D.*sn«.*8U-«n. 'gyu. *gyu« 

t.U ((1. Fr. ^iiU<T.| |atiiL.a, a-l 
L To daealva, to delude. 
-■onaadMdethMnliL- jWr iWeJPft fc ftJW. 
L To diigalBe oaftlly. 

**la It T^r ml a Hftt t 
OfflalraMraaa* torB«r>katutoaltMt- 

JaaanMM e /MiAar. 

^621. b^; p^c ItfM: flat.^U, ehoms, fhln. ben«li : go, ftMn:t]iln. (itls; atn, af : flKp«ot, fano^on, aqplat. p&^C 
-«taBW-ttw«ata«a. -Omi. -al4& = ahftB; -flon. -floB = <hfiA. -etoiu, -tloai, •«1mu s ahfta. -bl% -dl*. Ao. * bfl, d*!. 



"suited, a. ISng. y>iiJ(0; •'^.l 
1. D«edv«i. doliuled. 
1. Dcodtful, iTMcberoat. 

" Tkn* inkMDiat ta hot tka #iill»J ■how 

Ata£^ . Mmrdtmmt ^ rMtlm. L L 

ffBila'-ff^ 'SUft-ftU. *Biiyi»-fiil], 'gylft- 
tal, 'i. lE"iS- If"*''; -A'UJJ Wi'y. cmdj, 
d«4;elUul. CniMiberatu ; fuU of i;ull« ur orUU 
"ft wbna tteffHfl<M UMvl«rlhtw mU«l.* 

*«n2i«'-rti-if, *Bito-ftii-i, *cyi« fttx 11. 

adv, lEug. ipiu^l; -If,] lu k ^-ijili'tii), 
fcretfherotiB, enftj, or dieceilful laattmr , 

Mimi r.L, LX.CIL 
*Cml*'-Al-n4M, ■■ [Kng. gtttUfvi; -tuji.) 
lltn fiualiiy ur Bt&lo or Whig guUnut ; trMtcfa- 
•ry, ijupllclty, d*Mlt, cnA. 

guile USaa. a. iBii^ ^uUt ,- -itu.} Ftm htmi 
(niiic, ileiYlt, or daplidtr ; slooere, fimiik, 

" ir t tbr jwa i i— boata te4. 
MlM owa wtMil4 tMl b* dty. 

AyrMi; CMUi JbPtM. I U. 

CaOd'-lAM-l^. tuf r |BDg.f«aibM; -/y] III 
« (rullelesfi, bouest. fJnrerc, or open lunner: 

withuut deceit ur uapUclty. 

gail*'-l>t*s-n&a8. «. fEng. guOAm; -iwu:] 
Tlir qiukJlty tT at»ts or bduig guUcIoM ; &e»- 
dom nrom gtUle or dQpUdtjr. 

gniX'-fir,!. lEag. riiti(tX v.; -n-.j Omwho 
dMBlTCB> dcludeo, ur b«timys b/ Ruile. 
■ow br hctwM, <ira* *rrlii«0 bn*. 

tfa«M Ian mdjri -mUh MklteoMi w««." 


BnU-I-^l'-ma, «. (Namod Rfler Otnlliie 
Wilb«lmtne. EjaMQ of MftximUiaA I., King of 

A>t. .- A fRnta or pAlmi, txibo Coemi, and 
tbe iplny utTlakin ot Uiem. Tta« toKVu an 
pliiaita; the trvilL wblcb li «|{s-KhKped. hM 
Mt one M»d. Inne vpoelet ar« known — 
OwtiMna ^P^om \m ths Pwch-pcln of Vtne- 
mBtauwldiiUiia. II Is fnmi tlztv to riflitjr 
tet high, and !■ ciilUvvte<l string toe Ajoasou 
■Dd the Bk> Negro, llie nitlvca eat Uie Oeiby 
portioai of th« fhilt boiled or roastad. Tbe 
Uit« to llk» that of pototoet. fSometimea 
DolaaMi b added. Vrbea renoestod fo wtttn-. 
they form a bererage, wbile nea] obtalaei 
from IhciD la baked into eakea. 

*|ldl'-l^m6l; «■ [Fr., ttoin the name of tbe 

uiv«titi>r. ] 

Print, : A quotation mark : a mark naad to 
ooclciM a (lU'jtaUoa (' ' " "). 

KbA' U inAt. •. [Fr.] 

Omilh. : t'ria, a geow of natatorial Mrda 
placeid iimltrr the fhinlJr Aldds. The Mil li 
modente ant) ilenHdar, the ftonlal |iUDe« 
adrandag br opoo tbe noitrlU, but divided 
by tbe colmaa; the tall bhort, tbe wtnga 
Bolated, tbe feet abort, ulrMlef, and thrM> 
toed. The proper hablut of IbeBUtlamot te 
amid theroeka and lee-mverDatf t^ Aittie 
Ocean. Tbevdepoalt their aoUtar? aa ana ledn 
of rook, and tbe yoong, wbeit hatehed. toniMe 
htto ttM eea. itud tmia and dire with great 
fteflitjr, fecditig vu siuall Uehand cmttaoouu. 
yottr epeciee are foond in Britain— tbo Com- 
BOO OuUenot, WlUock, or TlDkenbere, eoiue- 
tfaDM kaown aa tbe Foollab OnUleoiot {Uria 
TroUt), Brflnnteb'eaBlUeroot(C/. BrmmnUMU), 
the hinged or BildM OoUlamot JLT. locry 
mam), wbleh doHlv raeanblee U. Treih. and 
UkO Blaok OuilleiDOt {V. frytU}. 

*fitll'-U-vftt, -gjrto-au, *cyl«-vat; <. 

[Tt. pMkr a to fenneDt^and Kng. mi (■)-*'>X} 
A TBt mad la brewing for brmentiag wtirt. 
■Olf AM kufM dMeU. U* ytn mU ^m tk* 

bMtUld. •!»»■ MMh-fettt.MM tvHM.aMbMl«U 

gDll-ldflMV a [Fr., ftvm tbe nana of the 
Inrcnlor or IntitMlucer.) 

Jrdk. .* An omattMot of bitertwlited tianda 
or laterlaood oorUa, whJeh la made eonttBuooe 

Sidl-lA-tlna', a (Pr.l 

1. An api«nitoi for babaadlag erbalnala 
vltb aaUukbtow. A ttem of If waaln um 
tn the Middle Agea. but, tetaf iBiprotwl 
■Dd i*-lntrodnGcd br Dr. Gufll»tlD at the time 
of tka >nt VHMIi BovolQUon, tt received lU 
I tiler MiB. The followtag d»- 

gulled- Guimet 

ecrtpUon wfll explain tbe ajitiaiatuji and Ita 
noda of ttae ^--On n platfomi ab^nt twnlvii 
faet aQtiare, aud acrtrii fret aIiovu Uie grDond, 
are erected tbe two nprlgbt (mmu bctwaeii 
whleb is Biupendod the axe. Tney aomevbat 
reeemble a ntrmw gallows witb not aore 
than a fbot between tbe poata. Tbe axo, 
wblrh b not unlike a Itay-kolfe, though macb 
heavier and broader, U drawn np to the top 
of the poaia, between which It rune la groovee, 
and hi baM euependod )>y « loop tn the bal- 
yarda, paned anr a buttun at tbe Imtlom. 
Tlie edge of tbe aic la dia- 
g<-iM, ao aa to make a 
■Inw cut, glTlng it a tear- 
ful power and certainly io 
Auccriiig a human nerk. 
Od the CfUlrc of tbe plat- 
form etands a frame or 
largo Inverted box, mneh 
chiut, atmut aix feet loag 
anil two and a half feel 
• ami high. One end 
' thla ahuta ui>ud the up- 
at thv 
eod la a 

otMixoTiiti. truok 

h a ring 
a etrap and tju^^klr fay which tha culprit la 
eeenrea. He ia ivlvaniv.| with Ills Itrcaat 
agaloat the truck, to which bU body U 
atraf^ed, and Ulted down track and all, 
upon bla Iboe ; tbe tracJi, moving upon 
email wboela In grooTM ou the top of tbe 
fdieat, ti i«n npmly forwanl until the neck 
ootoM OBder the knife. The rope la nn- 
bookad ftam tbe batton, the axe falta witb a 
tbtid, tbe head dmt>9 into a fcnakel, and the 
body la tmatrappol and rolled liit« a Urge 
basket alonssidi!. It ia « vulgar erT«?T to 
auppoao tbal Dr. Ooillottn penabe<l by the 
machine of hla own Itiventiou, aa be lived till 
IHll, and foa&ded the Academy of lUdieiiiB. 


I AgiiniotlDe-ciitter(q.v.)i. 

ynlUotliw cnttT, i. A nuehine wbich 
cute by a knife deaceoding In gnidra. Cutters 
for paper and atraw are Ibita made, and Ih« 
descent ta uiually obllqaa, so aa to give a 
draw cut. 

Citll-l6 tine', V. t. (OuaxonNB, v.] To 

execuLe by the gailloUne. 

*nD-lA-tina'-mAnt, «. [atnLt/mva.] 
Death by tbe golllotlae, 

BaeUdaftd I17 taof tenvr. partvtatloaa end 

ynlllB, i. (A.a. gmOo = ydtow.] A plant— 

the Cora Marigold. 

cant.- nltt* sUt. ' cUta. ' Knit. 'Bylt, 

a. [A.S. ^fl ^a riime, originally a fine or 
[•ymrat in aetisfootlon of a crime ; mU >= a 
reeomprBBft, iry'dan = to pay, to yiebl ] 

1. A erina or an offteea ; a bnaeh of law or 

" I f lanlaJI tafaada end lad ate lolhB aeL 

smrtww- rufSii Jitmtt. 

2. Criminality ; the state or condltloB of a 
moral axetit wiio hu wilfully or intentionally 
Committed a tircacli of any law, nt duty. In 

Eilt are InrJmled Uith crlmiuallty and Ua- 
Ity to pnniabment. 

* Aa lenrinnlMy act. ■■ it bv do gUUi to laMtt. ■■ 
a«ltaM mtk 11 ladnaa anr ymlt '— OtiMlrtaw« ■■ 0»m- 
mML. Ml I*., ik 1 

* 3. An exposuiaortlablUtyto forfeiture or 
other penalty. 

- A aiiip itu-vn«««(r tf ta« TluliIlM a( a '^li ihaili " 

nllt-bom. a- Sprli^hig ftntn goDt or 
erinw; cxuninaL 

*■ AasajM Ma «f«y 1*11*1. rfrpt 
«M«Mamtoaaai' ibM . Jht«fr«. lU. it. 

nIlt-O0a«eaUas,A HldlBioroloaklng 

-' At Timkt wtabad. 

>H—Ui ia« elatkl ul ^Bn iiii ■■lli^ aAfIti' 

* giUlt-«iek, a Sickened by guilt ur ra- 
ni one. 

tto kaa* ■• wKktae." 

ammm. * rtm.- Ommm tfUm ftsaffn tv. 

ruUt-atftlaad. a. 

rjliue : crtKiluaL 

* KeSXt, • gut, • (BK^ r.L lAA. 

To ullieod ; to be gnlily of any nti— . 

"WlMtilaraatha.«hUefMAaeaia IA 

WpdHfk ■ Jtafaa Jia. U. 

One who aflbaaii or Is goUty of any 

Bkig.f«ai: «J 

ffoDt-l-lt, adv. (Bng. fntf^r; ^| 

Line guUty 

■ ain ihai bMa, ■■« naMMMF' 

1 With a Ud Donaekftdfc 

* MuDdr Mad r>Di 

ABtl U " ' 

is Mtd r«Dt*. mtmow ewehk 
la«bUBt« WltoMktl^^lK 
Lkoelwe&MttMi: «Meitfi;aMMa' 

fuilty; -M«f.] The qonUty «r staM «r ba*M 
guilty; gtiUt; rrtmlaatttf; tomOammimm 


- O. ta ifea kettla tUkk «■ B^AtHkaat, 
aw! aim i» xtfrrm at tkf f^mtf^m.* 

a» eeae>i - jWi*Ti/l7, v. a. 

rant -Ifisa, * gllt«-lM. ' sU»-]M^ * I 

lea, ' gullto Ion, a. I E114 f> ur ,- 
1. >'i iM- Iroul ^uilt or chwt ; 

- ft WW *r>md. ^«ad all seapMHrelJ 
tlilt leaa Ud. Iv Wea ■ '^ ' ' 
■lertoad aarflsi Mtfttaw B 
»«., rit. It. 

2. Wlthoot ezperieoor ; tgnoraaA. 

~Tb« 1— las MTtk, f Pt gMtf ' a^ •• tte 
And uprevokaejilMMMak ' 


a gidltleae maonar ; 
dime, guUt, or offeikee. 
"TlM njitM anMitte aC 
MBM al CtttaU, haaba 

tba fttaea 1 


tBag. gntfrty; -^-| la 

Jag'gtdmmi er bee 


snDt-lCw^nKH, a [Bk fMtm: 

The quality or aUte of bdag gutftlli 
(rmx guilt ; Innooenee. 

'-I viimU aoi b«r» batf was b«rt M Im 

whaaa ytfrtawiiMa I wm t t ier ------ 


collt'-y. * nlt-y. 

*S7it-r. «• (A.8.n*4i tGcux 

1. Having fncomd gollt by the 
of eoow etime or ollmee, or br 
of any law ; eclatftial ; mdend 

- t«tai»tke#rfn»ran 

Wba luM IwUmgal • wt gl^aw* »^t\ m *\ 

1 It U foUowad by tf befon thn 
offeooe oommttted or iniNited. 

3. Llabto to blBBw Ibr, iMtfar 

" H« -ea ha fid* oC^ttw krtto tf IMH* aM # 
tt^Mij^elafttraf bi»f M aiiaawaiafc>— AaA'- 



gtdU. _ ^ 

*S. Cooeeious, oogntaant, cftnrgaabU. 
*& LteUe to; (taservlng of; hnrlag 1ft- 
eurred. (FoUowad by V-) 

■Tbv a^aaaed aia aat^ ■« la m^ f^daaah.*- 
JTaMkaw nvL aa 
* 7. Criminal ; apdnat law and rf^L 

" H«v kin. Itta rUsl^ weeld I waik mn !■«* 
or lUi MMl pleM^ ei«l% »■ 

^ ^r tbe dUftreaoe beta 
erimiiMj, ae« CnmiaaU 

«thaalw«^ V 

!*^ 1 

% of or eharaetmlaad ky fMH : 
or indleatliig g«lh ; 

■niUy-llka. adv. 

{SiuO^^j'. : (HluUv, lU- M.) 



Cvl-BMi T* (ftn as d)» I. (Fr., fkvw U« 

Lai. KaiMifatt, a oormpUoa or AMwat «Hfi«, 
or ai«lMiU6UrN«.) 

Sol : A oame tot the Harab-nMUow. AOAms 

- nin -terd. I. [Fr.pital«n<f(^T.V3 1W 


Oalmst, I. [Jeaa-IkpUate Ooteel, • : 
chemiat, who diaoovered tbe nctlKHt of |«w- 
dodng artUela] nUramanne in lOi, and 
ere<.-tcd worka fur its nienafki-twa al ijeme In 


OnliiMCa ultrmmaxlB*!, k (Or Pnmtk 

«r, won, w«14 ««rk. wkAw ■*■! 

wi, wit» harai, Munfl, bir. thAr*: pia*. pit alrwrrir, nukria^; sow pM. 
oftfe^ •ir*. wtfl*. «Ar. r4l*b AUt try, Vvtea. «b«B-*t«f-k «>• kw. 

(ntnniAritM 1 A fkotlUniu |>l|[mrnt of i One 
■nira bloft colonr— A coiupounil of lamina, 
•oiUt salchar, and ■ tnce uf iron, offeivd w 
■ OMfUl aab«utut« for tltc mnr<> eoatly ultn- 
nurlne. It U i vaJu»t;la ulililion to tba 
piUtto. being tnaapareat BDd dorabl*. 

(lllB'-4a« Qafa'-taa ». ita, [From • native 
WmK Afhoan word (!^] 

A. Am mihitamtin : 

L Om (^TUttj^n* QulnM) : A tearitnrjr on 
the Wmi AfHcan ooiwt betweeD Cape Vf rKB, In 
ULllTMr M..*DdCip(!Ncvra, iDUtlft'U'H. 

IL Onf. ^aiifr. (t^ tJUybrm giiinttt) : 

L A fold roln, formprly cnrMnl fn ()r«at 
Britein. By a praclatnalic-ti ImuoiI Dei-etniRr 
tZ, KIT, lli« gitlSMi vnM ili^rUrad current at 
Ua. «(Milttg. Ib» trua value, m <li*riT««l from 

atnwtA or oeonoc n. 

tha nurkft vaJoet of itold and xllnr at thai 
lltnv waa 30a. 8d. ' At pnwat lh«n U t>» 
Bugliah onin ao called, but the Cuhion stilt 
frtvaUa of i|iu>ting ]iTt4?r« of sotnp thliijpi in 
guiaoa*. and auMrrii>tfrinii an frequcntljr n* 
eonM 1b tfar Mine diraoiniiutlon. 

'ThsMuten*. «o csllwl brm Um OaUini fnl4 ast id 
■kka IE <na iiwl MfiMk. mm miekltnaa In IM^ wul 
«B p krMk.; bvttlMVUVmt InrlwathMifi* In 
taAMi4Ml««akl«inMMl.--^taWr«<wt On J«*ctaJ(. 

S. A aub nf tanney eqol^'atrnt to a golnea : 
M, Tfac fuica waa 1,000 ffvivtoM. 

S. A gold ptoee oolDwl Id Egypt, valiw IDO 

a. -<I4 (Htl. .- or. b^ngltig to, oatJrtt to. or 
dartvad frocii OnlnM. (Sea uw conpauods.) 

Quia— BOf, a. 

Ail : ArgAMi mJgora. OftUad alMi mOlet 

lintn— imrrwt, a 

iff<'ra^ 4 Ootf : A ciunnt running (hini 
lb* Dortk Into the Bight iir Bar of Bnnln, on 
the OalOM Qoaat of Africa. (.LytU.} 

'iWllW Juppr, «. Otw who chaata 
Igr Aopptag eoanwColt gulMaa. 

Tttak-4 b| Ik* tbNvWi &^>r liwlTrMk- 

ft— niwl, a 

OrKttk. : The grona Nninida. of wllch 
anvnl ajwdca an fbund wild In AfMoa. The 
OoauMW Oolfloa-fowl, or b«n. la Sumida fa«- 
iHfrta. llbuilata-imloqradidnntage raviind 
•a«fWwttkroaiulivhiU»p«la. In Iti natire 
haiutll U AMat It UrM In larw flocka. fn- 
nemtlam bv vraffenaea manhv attuAtlina. It 
b eswlbnt catlnic aad haa Urn ititrodaced 
Into faan-jrarla. wbara, boir«ir(tr. it ta iiO' 
HJaaMBtly uMiy, iM>fi«taally ntUHiig a rry 
aka tlw arllatilv* rA-mae, o^oAt, CkUad ata« 
Um Onlora l^ntado. 

Qntn««-Kralna, KpL 

PImrm. : iriB*i!i9 or PAJuoncl. 

JM. ; Acaiflvai jmrntrntomm, nr maJhmum 
It ta a natlr* of WealMii Afrita. wLfniri- It lu* 
tocft iKtroduoad Into tb« wanner i<arlti or 
Vatik Aiaafloi, wbare It la cultivated for 

Q tW h B P , 'gtiiBsr-bia. «. 

1. i,ft. r A intll»eA-r»»l <<).*.). 

"Tw MkiiM »f Uxaa iiluhl* all [tbraal OklbiMk 
PI««i«ft.arUHMta(Mbw: tMtt U iaoMka. wImn I 
ia I « — ■ ■!■» ifa— U>i4* ta tW dn ftowiHa> ud 
*«-4*[M'awtl-**Wnaab»«llaM«h |da«m. iWr 
a»» — UaJ Hit*M *w<a '- Aai^ r nwM(Mi.l«ri 

* t. /V- - A pniatltvta, a Morlecan. 

~ »a I «mU diwn Mndf Iqr Ibt !•*•«« •aMlKM- 
ftM. I wmU ebaaa* aty BaBaalQ' wUk aWma.'- 
■ ii f ^a ' ocMO-a 

Bat. : THltibrfa awfMfrif. 
<1) <MlfMa>4m mad: 

jBi, ; Mkvrte oIUaflBs. lU Ensli^ nime 
gnlnc«-bena an; aaid to br 

guinea— gulf 

wry fuiHl of It. it iTDwa wild tn the ■arannalu 
and wDoda In the west lodiu, and is ao acrid 
aa to blifttvr the tongoe and affect the milk of 
mttleikhlohMt it. 

OollWft-pMUh, r. 

Bol.: Sawvooiphaliu cacuXra/iijt, a natlvs nf 
HiRira Laoue. It baa b««o latixiducad Uito 
Brltlah grtMnbouaea. 

OoliiMi-pepper. a. 

L AiAMv: 

L A 2. AouMian pn%a PamdUt uid ^. 

tmatfOl'"^^ aniinatio tilants growing lu 
reatam Afiioa, and uaad for tfa«auiNpari>oso 
la canlamoma. (f nf . Oyeb^.) 

3. Bobtaia aOUopUa, 

4. Ca^enm nantini. 

n. Food pndveU : The nine ■■ CATunii- 
nprzn {fi.v.}. {Trtas. of Sot.) 

SnlBe»-pl«, *- 

]. Lit. ,f Zooi. : Carta aparaa, A domtstJc 
aalmal, uauiily cot<»ur«<l white, I4ack, and 
onnse. It li wild in llraill, I'aiaguiiy, &c, 
and ill that atate la onngo and black abore, 
and doll yellow bcoeatli. 

a. Fiturativfl^: 

0) A term of renraach. (Smmirtt : Sodrrici: 
SaiuiMii, di. xxJT.) 

(S) A name Jocosely kI^'pii I'^Bft^raon acting 
aa a ButMtitut«, or as a dln-'^lor of h pubUi_- 
c«tn)>any, iwrfonnlng dut^ for whioi the 
rc« l4 a gninea. 

" WbM wa«l4 Im tha ■••. for laitaDM, »i hmriat 
M.P.'a M fH4a***V tl UiBjr v«m dlMiMlUUd bf Iha 
nwTw (ut nt •Ittfu sD • hMfd n«B> ntrtkarliu ia« 

GulBca-pIoin, «■ 

fioL : Parinarium uoaltVBi, a )>latit of tlf* 
order Chryaobalanices. from Sierra Ixone. 
It ia not mocb mUauioa. OilM alao BougL- 

Guineii-alilp, «■ 

Zoot. : i)n« of the rnimei git-vs by bUIoti to 
a floating Hodnaa—i'A^MUia ptlagiia. 

GtUnaft wona, u 

Z<xU : FHaria mcc/tnenna— a whltitb or 
dark-Lrown worm, one of the htuuan En- 
toMa, lumaitlc genevaUjr In tbt ttei, Bam»- 
tlmea In tho acrotom. and raraly banaath tlie 
fanloa ooi^uKotjaii of tlie ejru. Its length la 
from six inchaa to flra. alght, or twalv* fMt : 
Ita lUckmas fhuu half Ui two-thtrda of a 
line. It ia endemic in the tropical raglona of 
Alia and Afrin, tspadaUr lu Upper Vsypt. 
Aio'vinla, and OobiML ipvmf 4o.> 

ffnlB'-I-lM (a ■■ w]^ ». [OwTsiaD.1 

Ciii-p6r«. «■ [Fr.l 

1. A kliidoriace In tnltaUonofthcaoUqos. 
Patterns are cut out of cftubrio to (bnu tbe 
flowen and heavy parta ; tb» opes parta are 

mada of atltcbea. 
S. A kind of gimp. 

Snif'-wd. BTff-^rl; i. [Oinac. r.] A dla- 

gulled person ; a luumuier ; oo« who volnntcera 
vocal mtualr: for nicmr-y abiiut the liiue of 
Cbriatnaa and New Year's IMy. {i^eoleK.) 

|Pr. iruiM, fn^ni O. U. 0«r. wiai (U. U. Ocr. 
wUi ; Ger. *eeis*) = a w«y, a guise, a wl»« ; 
Hp.. IVjrL. ft lUI. Tuixi: ouga With 
irlaf — manner, wiae.J 

* 1. Ifaiinnr, way, wIm, thabinn, <it3'l«. 
" Ua mrrfd hjtB on Ika nawt ft"-' 

i. External app<«ranc«, draaa, babit, garb. 

" In hitmH; f»Mr. M natara bMW 
IIU •liuiita (MH Um BardaMT m\i.' 

S, External show or cxivaTing: cover, clnak ; 
pretence : aa, Thla WH dG«M nnder tbv $*im 
of reUglon. 

*i. Maimar, niaa; out of hehavknu- or 
oooduct. ^^^ 

J w( men ttaa7 WMk' Mbm?T. I^ aL Ha 
■&. Cnatom, ptseMea, Manatr. 

" Bat It It Mrt their fwtM to l«afca on Uw «*aar el 
a&j baik bat aa that fliMl It tu thair dselaun ao 
B^Mln tti*r It. ana ■«'*- rkwdaJI 

W^im. p i<a. 

* ffoife. * KVfe. i>. (. ft f. [O. ft., tncoinpot. 
aa iktyvitr; Fr. d^pirtafr.| 


A. TniM. .-Tudrascnp; IOBfTay;tolltoiit. 

" Tha ksjthMB MMrf tk«B falU wr.* 

Trw^mm r. m. 

B. f*lraa«.r TodreaiaporaetaflagalMrd 
or Dinfnmer. 

* coif '-^i «. IKng. (HttK*); •*r.\ A uaaktr, 

a inumnier, a giilaard. 

Snl-tmr'. i. TFr. uvitan, from LaU eifAora; 
Ur. EL9a|3o ('.iUdrri) = a kind 
of lyrci ItaJ. dtiiumi; Sp. 
gii Uorra.] 

tf lUi .* A vtrlngad InatrtH 
tnent, played by plucking or 
twitclilng the atoinga with the 
right hand, whll« the lefl b 
wigagod in fnntdng the nal«« 
bj "stopping" nr preaalng tba 
atrlng* against Dm fr«u on the 
flngar-board. Tlw modorn, or 
Spaulah guitar aa it b oalled. 
haa six atringa, the threa 
highest of gut. ue three lowoat 
of ailk, covered with a Oua 
wiie^ The gaitar U chiefly 
valuable as n [lortalile means ' 
of Kccomiianiinent, l)Ut in the 
pmeut day It la not much 
cultlvmtod. (5M(it«r * Bar- 
nU,) (lurrAw. 

" Till tbt cRjr laaitaar^ rmUar 
U IimkL aad tMU tba aT«Ataf ttar.* 

Ayrvw. rUMaawr. 

gnlt-cntta, «. vL (From tba aoand of tb«ir 

note. I 

OntiA. : The English nam« given to the 
Cterabine <q.v.), the American rcpmaeDtatlTDi 
of the HnnUrda. 

* (iiix'-^rd, ■■ lOutaaBcl 

goS-SO'-ttl-** a. [Named nflar Onlxot, the 

Freuch stawaiuan.| 

Bot.: A genua of Compoeites, anMrlbe 
HellopildMib (fHlaoTki {formerly KrrfrcriMi) 
otoO^ra la called in India fUni lii Itlaexlau- 
fflvely cultivated UMrr for Ibi bland oO. A 
Held la flower looks pretty. 

gd'-i^ s. [LAt. « a throat.] 

Ard^. : The aaoM aa Oola (q.v.). 

ffal'-4r, CL [Lat fai(a> = the throat ; Cng. 
adj. anff. -or.] Of or pertaining to the throat 
or gullcL 

(ttlfll, a [Cr. Put gaWg tl greedy ; Sw. 
gUlka a to swallow greedily, to gitlp.] 

* L The act of swallowing or gnlplng down. 

• S, A glutton. 

"yoiniaMwUMai rtNi>tll. f«*l(*.rm«1U1* 

Brm Jnm-im ; fm i i u fr , Ui. 4 

3. A deep ravliu, caused by the action of 
water. (il«i«r.) 

* sttl9li, V.L [Ocu», «.! To iwallow gtvedity ; 
t« gulp down, 

* ctUflf-iB, •■ [Eng. tvMt, a, ; dlmin. saS. 
•iti.\ A Uttio glutton. 

' fnto, V.L [OCLBB.] 

ifcr. : Togivtt the coloor of gnlee to. 

ffUla (1), ■■ r^orro. PV. = the beginning nr 
Ural tlay of a ranDtb.] (For del., see etym.) 

*gal« (2), '■ tlAL gyia.) 

1. The throat, the gollet. 

" Ttroau ao w U« aad mtai M itattoaMML 
Tmtr* <4 CR* C*«r«k, |i. Ma 

2. Olntti%ny. 

SnlOf, * soolw* a [Fr. 

onrulrd, pi. Of (TitfMla, the 
Ihruat ] LaI. gate ; pro- 
bably mm tba ookmr of 
tlM opaa month of tha UoB 

J7ar. : The benJdle tenn 
aaed to deeigBato the ro- 
kntr r«d ; on an ecgnved 
Mcntefaonn It Is rrpreeantMl by Unee drawn 

"TtM abowwy anfc 

DiillMBaBrf tnaalaa Iha hafaaUMf-aay^^ 

J, rtMm: CUW-. XL 

CttllL-nlite.*naUi,*fDlpk, *. (O. Pr. 

an^rft> imlA.lrom IaK Or. ■4A4oi(kofj4<w): 
Or. aiAaot {nJ^ca) > 0>the boaow. the lap, 
(2) a bay, a creek ; 8p., Port., h Ital. fo^ti.) 

Mil, b^; p^t, joM: oKt, fttO, ^orvfl, ^Itls, beD^li; go. t«ni: tliln, fhU; alii, af : «3cp««t, ¥*&«Pb4i^ ^^,\m%* -Mt^ 
-tlOB. -«loa = BhAii : -$loa, -flan ^^ alifia. -ctonB, -doaa, -aloiia = ■!!&■. -bla, -dla, Ac = bi^U 4dqf^ 


golf— sullied 

L OrAnary LaMgmogi : 

(I) Id Um ttin* mum u II. 
(3) An alo"** ■ clMciit, tut tminiimnhlr 

WitMa Mmtaft atMl* bn Mnk.' 

_ jniMii ^.x..u.*M. 

(I) A wtilrlpool, an nddy. 

" iNiiMid kM wwradM ra>k« H tew 

* rn TiMt wliidifwrnllowi; Um gaim; the 

" TWt wllh ynr » li wb >f<I^Wg < W»fiiy " 

* (3) AnyUitaff iMMlbU 

(I) A wide liiteml or duhnnra, u In ns- 
tnn, position, A«. 

<4l At Catnhrlrlgfi VitlvmnHy. Uw hoUmn of 
U>« lUt of tMUJMi. witvn uv ontend tti mimh 
of tboM Who only Jiut MMMMd iB vamtog. 

XL TtdiniaiUr: 

1. iltog : An inlM nf Mlt witcr, Urgo* Uum 
ft CfTch. tmt rmire lutdluckM Uua « Imy. 

*' Tb* VimUmi MdnUiU •lUMln* hlinwll lattlMr nC 
taM Um UbM*d ClortL b>k. U. r^ nt UN AdrUUr '- 
MmifBi Mitlmit of tU TWAm 

1 Jftafnf ; A lug» <t«i>fiiH uf ore io a IcmIk. 

K r;t.{^qf (iU /hwl ; (/Wand <T/(Ar /Inuft. 

Colf-lndaatAC a. HMtng tb« 11&« of 
CMil Lrokeii by gnlu or t«ya. 

Ontf atrMm. «. 

irytfMl.» OMf., <!«. .* Ok« of Ui« bftding 
MunatobttM oomd. a* aII Ihae cunwuU 
Ml so WNiUawnB u U> tM n&Uj- but imit 
oomat eo<in«i!t«<l mi Ui« two cmla, bu tiutt 
tbt noTonrnt of (mm purt U the OKivruient at 
All, Um Quir Btr«ain mnnot itTietly b« nhl 
to b«Kln «ti}rwh«re. It Is dtu to the kOux uf 
tbe miufttonol onmnt. Tli* coDdmMtfon and 
■ap«rn«atiiig nf tiM LuirauDcd oiunat takM 

BUce uiftlnljr In tbo Caribbeu Bea and Iho 
oir of Hvsico, wbenoe ailMi tb« naim Ouff 
Stnam. Ita traiMralun tJian it aboot io'. 
It Mnama as a daSiMd hot cntrnit ttirtitieh 
tte (ttfslls of Flortdt. and roanca In a MirUi* 
Mitarlj dinetlon at a little •IUtani<e trwn the 
cOMt uf Nurth Amvrtca, so airntiDg the Bar 
niudaa aa to make their cllinaLc winl-troplaal. 
Bttwau Ihaaa lalawlfl and HaltfU Sir WyvlUe 
nwawaii ftottnl tb* Oulf tKroatu about slity 
mlln hnad. on* hoiMlrad IhtboiiM deep, and 
■DoVliif at Um rat* of tbreo knnU an hotir. It 
was of a d«cp t>lu« colour, lii maricwl coutiast 
la tha duUyTWO of UiB An-'tlo nnat. The Gulf 
Slraam aovaa la a aortk-aaatarljr dlivctioo 
towanla BnrDpe. It la gonarallr DeUeved to 
ba thraagh tii Influcnca ttaat tba weatero 
eoaat of t&U oonUnant la ae mnek aaUdar tiiaii 
tha eomapondlnf laUtadea of Author Dr. 
WllUan Caniaatar, bnwsvar. kaa eooe to the 
eoaclulon tBAt a ipvat part of the lurftof of 
tha AtUiitlc U moving Dorthwants, briugitig 
baat wlLh It, and \a l^ve uieuuro prtiductug 
«h« aliaiatai affiata hltUrto ondllwl Io the 

" Oar iHMUal aMllMMat, Ifea MMnMi.- - Mr 

>nlf-wiifl» a. 

L AM. : All aUal. flarMMt* t—Ofcr^w. 
Soatliic In tha Atlaatio wttUn an ana cf mtn 
thaaSM^OMtqnaraiuUMhatwMBSraod 4ft' 
V. latttoda. aad ir aad tTW. Imitada, or 
ftboul aatan Ucaaa tha aziaal of Franca. 
Miajr pUnta of It ara oeeaelnnally horoa bjr 
tha Gulf Stnaa to tha waattni abona of 
BMtala. It la IhMB bate foood eUefly In 
tlUa enmia Oa It !■ aUlad lalfvcad. 
Colunboa aaeovalcrad the gulf-wenl ahout 
IX tnlUa waat of tha Aanfva, and m aaell^ It 
ftatad that hla ahii« wuold run upon a ahaaL 

Wfim nm Mil, rmf^t ^ m» f^B^». l m. 

%. OML.-PnC UwardrtebMteOtndthal 
tt* paalUoa of tha gnir-waad aMiInd whar* 
n analant vaMt-lbw of tha LaaJtanlan pnv 
VtMoaaxlalad oa whieh II had orlctnally non. 
IhiaaiA apadaa afBaiywai han oMaToiuiII y 
haaft ImiimI raotad «■ partkinUr ahom. tb* 
baw^fbrvw Dtvar haa \»*\\ •ofonntl. 
. , vlMva ha ■■ fthnorvwl nrlery of 
ittmtmmmmmn. Ittwirlahealn Ito fa iae ii * 
yoaElM. jn|«9MV ttMir by hnaki«i^ Iha 
'~^*l««l«h Ik ioSmm Mt M^or^ of 

(HtetiBflaUoa, bat only atr vaatelea. (£. f. 

CfltiS'^omA feaaAa: Tha bank* whan gnlf- 
wm4 (rowa. (QL-Lr-WBCD.) 

* siUt * sttlph, r.L ft C [OtrLT. L] 
A. rrsfuiliM: 

1. To swallow up; to engulf; to onnrhabn 
aa in a wbliiiwol. 

S: At Cambridge L'Dlvaralty. to plaoa li tha 
KOlf or lint of those who Larely anaoiad In 
X. lafranstfiM : 
1, To fl(»w Uk« a gtilf. 

" Aad dMp C^iybdia nMUM la aad *««.' 

ttmumr 1 rtrvtri UnaT. SO. 

8. To swallow op ; tu orerwbelui ; to drown. 

Mr7ArMiJ^ fW w — ta.ftM, 

«<iir-t, •Cttlpb'-y. a. fEDt 9mV: *1 
Full of gollk, whlripoiiU, and sdJIaa. 

"AadiMlMstataMavnilBuc Wlbaaula." 

f<rpr. tfvmnrj nimd (11 tt. 

' fAl'-ilC. a. [Lat gnla. ] A ({lutton, a gor- 

gtn (1). ■ nl (IX <■ tCorn. guUan; Walah 
iTM^li'oa; lint liewaa.] 
I. OnHnary lanfMo^i : 
1. Litianay: 
' (1) An anfledgad Dsatllng. 

** Tbai uBimiUe /hILUm mftart HiC' 

(S) In the same sense as II. L 
" nrfto are tauxl la (nat plmlr la «n«T i>bu«.'— 
glMniNI*-- 'to. ^AmSi. Aw.. pL 111., bfc.«tL. cfa. nrL 

ally gQlted or cheated ; a 

(IJ One who in i 
dmpMoo* a dn|*b 

" At flnt I wlU axEnai at fuO. 
Wbo !• a tru* aaS Defect Md iBAMd" 

* n> One who haa been ehratsd, defnuded. 
or sinppMl. 

" ror I d* tau 
bort Tbaon wlD W Ml « Mknl fi«.' 

• (8) A cheat, a fraud, a trick. 

"lahMilil thiiik thU k (x^r. I<al \tutt ih* vhlla- 

n. Zoobvy: 

L Stmc. : Tbe Engliih name of Ijnu, a 
■enna of Datatnrlal ,urda. Tbay an widely 
olatnbutad along the aborea of the aeTeral 
aaas and ooaans, feadiag vonotoasly on Osb. 
or at orrtate tanas flolac aoaia dWaoes In- 
land to Look aher wonoa In plovghcd talda. 
Tbqr breed on rocky beadluda, nakfay a 
rude neat. Id wiilc}) thry lay from two to four 
eoaa. Yarrrl! di-arribca fifteen apeclaa aa 
either pemuinently rraidnit anMiBd tbe sfaorca 
of Britain, or aa visiting them trom abroad at 
rertaln saaaoDS. Tbey are : Sabinaa Onll 
(Lorw &>Mn*X the Bnoapartean Gull {L. 
AM^rffO.UMC'aucate-taUDrl Goll(/. AmUIl 
tha URla OttU {L mit%t*$), th« Maoked OtiU 
(L. mpUtnU¥M\ the Black-beaded Qoll (L. 
ridihMndvsX tbe LaugUng GulI(L ofrieUhi), 
tbe KIttlwake GuU (L Mdatt^tuX tha Ivory 
Gull {L. AvrfMwX the Cotnntoa Oitll (C 
flBMMlL the loelaad or Leaser Whl>-wingtd 
OoU (L tofauuilcMt), tha Leawr bUck-backcd 
QnU iD. A«M>> u*e Benlnjt GuU (L arprj.- 
tatuM), tha Great Black-backed Gall (L. mtui- 
aitMl, and tbe Glaucotta or Large Whlte-wfaged 
Gnll (t. irhiMCiu). Palnlera of eoast ac«aes 
aia sure to tntrodoce m* or more gidls tn the 
aJr : atwl to iitvvmt tWIr dUa|'T>eAraD(^ th^y, 
das]'lte the naroe they imkt amoBg n«h, are 
aecotdad the beuaSta of tba Vfld Slnla Pro- 
tMJttoa AcU of l«n and U7«. 

L l*l«ral; 

ri) The Bob-lkmilT Lartav. one of three 
into whleh the tnnilj Urld* U dlvt^lM. It 
tMMitffliif the grau* Leatrta (•''^'Ma), In atbUlkM 
hi tha gnlla pmivr. 

f3)Tba ramllf L*rMaB. ItconipreheDda not 
only Um sulla. bat IIk tema, pfttvla, Ao. 

* gttn (B, " nl Ct). * KOU*. 1. (LaL nila 
- the throat.] [Gbllct] A gulf, an nddy, a 
a wbtrlpnaL 
"TkiVt* pa 

or In. 

I' V iU 't tii Alg^g 

(Ul(IV».i. (OrtxaV*-) Tb obaa^ to trtek, 
l« dw-'lrr. |i> daK, tv lake In. 

- ■• ykiraa M hacw. ftir raaV fla« II tna 
nij kaira aa B»an k-Ufkai. falth-t^ui raa.* 

I ««• IMW la ._ 
1% a ifcsafcai >iia 

* fftU.i«a (ao aa 14). a . Cftcy—j -aws.] 

The act of duping ur trkUigi ifcs dbls m 
being golkd. 

TkBaeUfHOaSa.**'.^ " 

* siU-«fttafr4r, «. doc- r^ MsT^A^ I 
una whorilu ur tmlohaaalMida « ^ttr iv't'* : 
a tiiokslar ; a gnller. 

"MMSaa— atfaii*la»M lfc eMi»* 

'Sttn'-fa-.A (El«. gKfl .■ -ar J Ah fcfcnar ;a 

gallcBtehar ; a iA» t 

* fttll'-fr. v.i. [GtHJiXa, a.) Tb 
trick; todeoalTa. 

*gttU'-ir-9.i. [Eiig.»wJI; -«vy.| 

1. A pond or jilaes fbr bwidliig or ' 

"Tappttar lwa*— awalaa^ tal ia * fiJh'i-a* 

2. Cheating ; Crawl ; tri<^kery 

raiiua taMT'-JL «ara. <l <W m a^al 

Bttl -Wt. • fri-rt, • gol-iH^a. r?V-.^^. 

dtniin. of O. Fr. f<-lf, i^>aJ( (Pr. gamJi^ fr^ 
Lat. puLi = the Ihruat.J 

L Ordlaary tnagrnvs; 

L The thnnl; tha |iiMS<s ta Oa 
through which tha food tiiiii lisaa 
•bHnacfa; tha asophigm. 

-OMlattbaharaakuBMkMaahMtthar ' 
Tka nwT. ler thar «MM> aaasM a«M 
Tkt WW aa iaa«b UM fi^M «n mJ aasa-*^ 

S, A ehsaoal Car «al#r 

-riM BnalMMk afid Ua M lliiaWMaa, ^ iJisaS 
Ma ir nnafafad alia^ lA« aeau.*-J^%« ; <iv» 

S. Agora Inaahirt. 

n. TteknltaBi/: 

t a*. Knf.: A 
made In the fumailoa of mi axsMM 
used a> a otMna of laying down a fair id tadh 
to liriiig the dirt-can to the T 

S. Hamtm: Tbe Io wopd qf % howi Malar, 
aroond which paaaea the chuhe atiaai, mmt Ba 
breaat-attmp which aoppocta Um pab «| ft Mr- 

3. Sawa : A boUow mt away Is tiuaH ef «cft 
aaw'toolh. ki eooUmiation of tte ^m^ mt alksr- 
ttaU sldsaof IbsUsda. Soeb sows ars kavwB 
aa guUat-aawa or brisT'toMkoawm. Tha^rfto 
Is adapted In aUov the saw la ba t^mnmtt 
hj a roiiBd or hair-ronwl tla, by wtoeh the 
Uro uf tbe loath becouMa coaeaT* whas vis wad 
edgevaya, and acquiraa a this mtang ad^ 
The Inetaaacd run-iltnear apsi^ ftiae alla^ 
mtn toaai for the sawdost. [On.ul-aa«4 

fllllgt law, s. A «w havfac a 
eoMway tn Croot of «aeh tootk tm «a 
tlonof Um fcoa and aa altMMta aidaa tf Aa 
htoda. Oalladalaoahrlar-teoaaair. 

(BlleC~t4MCb, a A torm at mtrnttk 


tfU-m Wfc s. [Eac- gnlM ; ^ag.) 

Jfatt. ftif. ; In axvavBHog fbr taH i awla, a 
syaten of cairyter the work forward Bsabb^m 
of steps opoa wUoi didcnret gangs of w^ are 
at work anth pleAc. ahoii«l. and 
aislB i i d by t a aipUaij Itam af ■■ t 
tnc-waMsuirBs work h» t 


al^ aha aUM anlrtiht 

Ing ur gollethig aaw-hladaa, gamailnc ^mx 
mvn, or partag doara ar laMatMag aahM 
Mwm. Thapuneh laBeckBl««lilk>aBdafa 
planav whona nppav portiaB Is a i— Me 
thtea<led screw - r-TT ii r irr a If Iw aO i 

■ttr-lflf.a. lOinxT.) 

Cfll-U-M|--t-l#.s. [■i«.f«aMS;^%.1 Tha 
noallty or aa*s of Wa( gdUMt : aMp Bii'»- 


CU'-U-U^ a [Ite ftOt: <«»k.| 
«r can ha Mrty aaUM. ' 

• ■«--»».>. lAif. galb.- -ai.! ma afar 
ooatauuig gvUlaa ; rhamiimd. 

fltt. ttra. 

wkAt, ttll. fcttar: w% v«*» hiira, ouifl, bir, tUra; piM, pll, tfn, air. mmHami g^k 
wbAwates mftta.«Akh ttwa. udta. «nr, rftK fUl; try. BfrtMk «,•««{ «r-L ««»k 

*gUr-iih.a. [Vne-ffMli; -idk.J Ukeagull; 
fcoldh; ttuphl; BlRi^ 

"TWf teiiawNtawlMmpwaMbtiuivrArMttwr. 

•rtU'-bh-llSM, «. (Bng. fvUUk: -Mil 
Tlitt qufthly nr HUtc of lituig guUtAli ; alllw 
■CM, BtapiiUt]', guUibUltr. 

■U'-lfa)>>. (Etpn. doabtfbl.! (Bwextmctl 

tot*w iMlra tool •liMwf i> tWB lodMB Imm. ••»! 
IK* ■■■■■■n handl* en* lack UUek a«d tliKM Itwhw lu 

bafik.*-P»T^**t . MMoii, Uu L. eh. utU 

1. A cbuiiwl or follow worn la Uu earth "by 
«kUT : a ditch, a dlka, a gntbir 

S: Tha tmn-pbtca or mUi laid [vr tbo um 

*Sit-iy, *.L * (. lOcLLCT (SX a.] 

A> Trnac. ; Ta wear avajr or talo a hollAW 
& /aJraiu. : To nm with nolaai 

*KlU'-tf-Sftt, I. (EniC. ffitU (Z), T^ Ud fxM 
^ glaUoa, a gDmaaduer. 

Cfir-H'kAtob *. (Gn«. H'v(n.t.,aDdlh«;«.| 

Tba luila cr openiBg Ibiougb wtileb RUltara 
and dralni aiaittjr timiuelvM toto a Mwer. 

(tt'la^ a [I^t.B ft gomtarxllMr, an «i>IeaTe.I 
ta»i. : A fctiiM of (ilaaUffnwla ramlvorniia 
iWTitn'i, family UvUdai (Badnn). G*Ij 
buem to lbs Klulton {qvA ealted alao thc 
volwlMi. Thart m oImt ■peelM, aniiie 
j i Ki l ua tot a iadnjlag aBMM Ut«n alM the 

*m'4^~^(~4^* ■- (I^- ffwlonf - gltittoDOUS, 
•WH f«io - a (Intton.] Olutlony, roracity, 
gVMdlMM; MTenouaiteaa. 

*««M rVWfM' »' i iwi fc hk. Iv., ck Is. 

gUp^ rt * f. [Dut. e^pn = to fwallAw 
cafEfljr ; O. DaL ffotpm, gitiprn = to quaff, 
from fftdp = a wan : O. Dan. gotpi s a gulf : 
Sbd r'tpa B to dlaROTK*. Thna f»lp la only 
• wlftnloffW/or r«Jpik.) [OtTLr] 
A. TrsMiMM.- 

1. To awaltow eagf rlr or Id lajf* dfaunhta. 
1 To InlwUi eaffsrly. 

• n. nf. : Tto awallow, U) balkvn, to takn 
" BMh >akw •■ llMn lU «M mm b^ oklr tdek In 

*B» /Bimiw. .- To swallow. 

WklU vita 4r7 tM(«> faSmr lb* In rUB.* 
Say; fWrU. U. tn. 

Y To9itJ|itip:Todli(at:gfl; bo <}ect Itwn Uie 

Cttlp, * (OOLP, A] 

1. Tha ael of iwallowine «a^riy or In larg« 

1. A laifc monthftal ; ai mccb at tmn be 
■waitowadat oaea. 

" Aa «n M h* on MtA ft #)<(• a( fttr. 
Aarf l«v kton tfe« HM. b* fMn* Ifea felE.** 
Drwdm Omtti MxU ■ijlMiia. 
3. The act of dl*i;of:glnc, 

* StUpIl, t. [Gctjr.l 

SUrAv'-BS* {■«<> ■> U).i- [Giuuv*nr] 

CA-lfta-yh^, n-lft&' «k^ <. (Soma la- 

narm. : Aa Indian f(■b^l^l8ft prepared, ac- 
Mtdlnc la Or. Wright, from the bnitMd it^nit 
cf TlM^pora iwukw u , and 7. wnlf/Qrfbi, 

'Cfr-iy. tt. rKDff.piIi(a);-v.1 Pertaining to 
or ma^mbtlng giiJM ; rnl lb oojour. 

— rail-- Ait^krw M la«lai>4. Ml U. 

<ll *nw^ '■oniBa (U *gooai, 
[A-8, fpMO * the talatr, ttw jawi ' raan. 
1 Sw. Mn; Du. fua ; leel. ipdei ; O. U. (Mr, 


.Mm; Dan. fu 
Oer. fBv««a > 

tba lalatftl 

gullish— ffum 

1. AmU. : Th« aoll oovailng of tba dmlal 
anhea. Tha gom« eonilit or a d«uaa «aii- 
tiectlvo Uamr. oovand by a wmVt unI stnll- 
flod aplthaUam. 

" t Sad HHtt mtfitrj, tfeftt Iha piwt n vIimi itmh 
k*d bMU i ili w wl In wv MMu, wu bkamrlM iiiiito ■ 
(vwiAlalUin ol UMflltblMt^ iAImwh, Bwriau Mm 
iMta lBMC«i«4«d ttMM ma Ml IM.''— aaM.- WlxHr 

■2. rig.: CbaUer, talk. 

*"n«Ma'* na ototaien lo hawm omt, ao tamA uuMa**- 
mrr #»•."—*«•««*» . ffrr n i'' *— rieU*. th. xl». 

Vnm-lwU. *. A boU or aiuUl tbaeau on 


gnm-nMSh. n. A nuh orpapulareniptioa 
ffn^tiniL ill chililmi ; xvA gums. 

ffttm (% 'goBune (21, punine, •■ FFr. 

0(iaiB«, from liftt. ifHtttiHi; Gr «d|<fu (Junani) 
= gnin : 8p yoma ; Purt. & Ital. foaiaio.] 

1. Boi. : Oiim U a Teg«tftbl« tecrettoD. Boni«- 
tlmflaoocttrrlDK In lotcrcoUuIar itiaoM. ftinnrd 
by the acparation ol tba walls or celU. It la 
vlacid, bnt not oily. 

S. rftcM. : The moat typl^^ kind of gnni l4 
OtUD-ArabIc, which U tlie pxudattoD from tke 
■tema of aevtiral ipectea of Acacia growing Id 
Egypt and Arabia. [Quh-Ahabic.] 

" Crop t*an •■ <Mt «t Ust AnblMB tfMt 
XhAt iMdlaiul tmmT MiwtMj* .' UfJMto, v 1 

8. /'Virm. : Qum b oaadaa a deninloi'tit to 
allay th« Irr^Utlon of tha maoiu m(>inbmiii\ 
abio for BUfiiii-ii'li:i2 lirKvy t>(>wilars, t% nitratr 
of blamnth wbrn thry are glvra In a lliiidd. 

4. The uine as OumitMO (q.v.). 

^ DoFtnr'i gum la laid to be famished by 
RSui M4toplum, a Jamaica plant, to which an 
wfJI aa to tome oth<rr planta. Halt guin baa 
b«'^n aitribtiK^I. Other oompoiindA, in which 
g-uiii la the last woid, will be fouod acatteied 
through the book, 

Sam-iiBliiial. «■ 

ZooL : A namo formod Q-oro " tba animal of 
tba yum," a reod«rlng of tha tern applied by 
the BOOTS to GofoffO arne0afeiMfi, a Umnr aald 
to feed oe gara In three fomta conslatlDg of 
tho trees pn)daclng gun^aoegaJ in th« Sahara. 
(Griffith' M Vuvier.) 

Sun-wUint, a. 

Bot., Ccrmn., etc. : A gam called la India 
copal, which la derived from a tree, Futtria 
Inofoi. It is oblaliird bjcutlitig a uotrh In 
the tree alopfng tnwanli ami downwajtU ; thf 
reain collects at the vroiirid, ftn<l aoi>n hanleiiv 
It ia called In the itniith (•( India Piney I)atti- 
iijfira. It Ib an exn'Uent TamlKfa. Oa the 
Malabar oooat It U niade iuto candlra. 
(Wn^kt. At.) 

xnm-Bvmbld. a. 

L Boi. •£ Coama. : A gum obtainod from the 
Aiyicia ambica, which growa abundantly In 
Iwlla and Arabia. [At^aci*.] It la yielded 
aba by A. »f»eitt»n in Indb, A. Kitotua and 
A. Sryal In AraHa. A. tortUit and A. B)irt%- 
btrffiana in Iroplcal Arrica, A. noUi*Hwia and 
A. afittiM aopply a ilaular gam tn Aoatnlla. 
Gnm irabic can be oblalued also from Ko«AW> 
iin /'iirn/jifliM of India, a aniall tree cloaaly 
allied to the tme acacba ; a gnm akin to b b 
derived from Trmlno/ia fte/n-:j:>i, a Myrobalan. 

t. Chem. : Onm arabio occnn in transparent 
white teara, which ar« nft<n enlourAd yellow 
or brown bylnipuiitlea ; It cracks on ezposurv 
to the nlr oa the sortbce ; it ta brittle, ItHMlar- 
niis. and baa a bbnd, tnuHUglTinna taste, II 
dla»i»lTL-B in water, and tlio aoliittun glv^ia a 
precJi'ilat^ of araliin on thf a<|Llltioii of hydro, 
chlorlo acid. Oum sral>ic eontaiua about 70 
per COTt of arat>ii], 2i:'«HiaO) + H|0, and IT 
par eant. of waiter ; the rast consbta oif potash 
ftndllRie,whl<-b wemcotultlued wltbttMatabia. 
Onm is insolnhle In alcoboL By tba aotloa 
of nitric and, it la coavertfld Into mode; MC- 
cliarlc, and oiallc ftt.ldi. Onin can be db< 
tlngolsbed from deitrln by coDtalniiig no 
dcxtroae, and by giving a milky prrclpitaie 
with oxalle add. Gum girea prMlliltata with 
•cluUfl salta uf Imd. copper, «& Tba ap. sr. 
of gum w I "Si. Ferric ehlorfda pfeol[4tau» 
gum and not ilextrin. 

OwaMirabie trm: 

3e(. ; a> Ataeia omMoa, (S) A. F«nfe. 

XmI fuwkarabie trtt : 

Bet. : Aoaeia Jdanaonli. 


Bat., Ckem., i Otmm, : A RntB etudtng tVnm 
Aifaa /kirndtaa abd B. lufwrbo, two piplliu- 


naoaou pbnta. and hanbalng utton their 
bwiebea lu boautiful nihy.oolnui9d oiasaea. 

Tba imtivaa of ttortli-wcstcru India use It lit 
mdidtatlag their Indti^o and in unnlng. but 
Englisb taniiara otJ«cl tu lur It on aromut 
of the ooluor wbidi It iiuiMtrts lu leather, 

(wn-dstna; a. 

Bat. : CUtw iodsniArws^ a plant Intrndneed 
Into British grvonboitsea in a.d. hViD frntn 
8i«itL itpniduoaa bdanum, bnt uut iu the 
■am* qaantlty that CUtu* mtiieua doea. 

gam-^rmgao, a. 

£o4„ C^n., .tc : A gara derlrad tram PUrO' 
carptu Droco, a paplUouaceoua ^bul. 

Kum ~ eloBtlo, a. Csoutchooe; India- 


vmn-vleant «■ 

Bot, Chen., k 0>mm. : A gtim aald tn ba 
yielded by AmifrU iViMiJflHand A. kuamtrn. 

t Amtrieam aum-titnl: A gitm dorived Id 
|Brt fn»D ielai leioaribQ, 

pun-JiuitpM'. «. 

/U., CArfin.. Comnt., *e. : The reaIn of OUU* 
Irla ^ddrimJelj. a natlTQ of Baxbary. The 
aama aj Gry-aaWDAAACll (q.v.). Oti«« it wa« 
believed to Oume fhnn the Juniper, wbauoa 
its name. 

gom-klBo. <• 

ltc4„ I'ktn., Covtm., Ac : The Bamo glTaa to 
Tarluas rT<aina; that of the East ludles b 
derived from fH^ra,arpvi Jiarwwium; that 
of Aiutrmlia tnun £iicaiKp(ui rertiM^tra. 

CUn-UM, I. 

iW., Ckem.. Coara*., A. ; 

1. The Jiiica of fUmm ftKUea, beuflUJeiMla, 
uid 7''j''.'fi, witea It runs from wounds made 
by panaiticcoocl. 

2. The Juice of AletTitt* latrf/rra, a 0»]^ 
loneae tr«e. belon^ng to tlie EuphMrUacec, 

3. Tha Juire of Krfftbritia maHotptrma, a 
IiaplLoaaceoBs tree. 

gnin-pcwsiisoa, >. pl. 

Hit. : ^p recf'ptaclcs extending to t greater 
length tliroitgh the parenchynm of jtlaiits than 
gbnda do, and deaigned tnt tba paaaage of 
gum. Tbej asbt In Cutaoaa, drcadMeav, 
AmygdaUeea, In. 

CUn-pot, a. A ocwMT bolhr oned by 
vandsh-iiinkrrit for mslUng tha gum and 

niliclug the itiicnrdlauta. 

mni-r«sliiit a. pt. A nam* given to 
roAiriN wtil< )i are i-artly soluble la watar, tha 
remainder being aolubk in alcohol. 

pup-»»ndamoli, *■ 

Bo(., Chrn., 0»Mm.. ^.: A gnm ending 
fnini 6UJllrla muHfrliMrm, tme or ib<! Ctji>n-s- 
■es, growing In iBarbarv, where it is calird 
the Armr tive. It b a whitinh yellow, brittle, 
InOauniiAhle, resinous sohstance. with an acrid, 
an>inaUc taste, ll ia u»ed f>.if making v-amlab, 
and when powdered oonatitutea pouaoe (q.v.). 

tarn ■enac»l. a. 

Bof., Cbrn., Ctmia., £9. : A ntn obtained In 
Ibe west of A(He> i^in the ioiedt Vtnk and 

■iuB--«uooorr. a. 

1. (.\nnni. ; The gum of CAofwfrflla JHMia. 

2. Sot. : Tliat pbnt Iteelf i It b a oorapualte 

gttm-tffbOoanth. a. 

Bot., CUm.. Comm.. tfc .* A gnm prndiiaed 
at ^m Laooe by Strrailla TrngacanUia, 
One aklD to It b yielded by S. trrraa of Coro- 

Kua-tTMa. t.pL 


1. The aereml apadea of the nyriueoaa 
gMoa, EuoalypiiM (q.v.). Bone of then are 
glaat tiaaa, oUi ot of mora nodaiata alae ; 
Ihsb natlva ooanln b Australia. Boom art 
called Strlngy-bart Onm-tiaea. 

3. Xanthorrbaw, a gcnos of Llllaoaas. 

IF The Black, eall«l alao tba Tallow, Ora- 
tree, la yyaaa wUlemt: the Blue, Eiuatfptf 
f(><4>M/«a.- and tba B«d or While Gnm-trea b 
K. rmintfrm. 

fcftl. b^; pAt« i^n; OBt, 90U. ebttnu, fUn, iMnfli; go, ftom: tula* (lti«: Bin. af : expect, ^Maophon, aftart, ph - C, 
-tiBtt - ah^n. -tlon. -aton - ahftn ; (Iob. -ytea - abOn. -doaa. -tlotu, -alou • ab&a. -bl*. -dim, *«• - bfl, 4tl> 


gnm— son 

i;ain-wat«r, ■. A dUU)l»Uoo tnm gum. 

gum w^Md. t. 

tUjt, 4 Ct>Mm. : Ths vood of Tvloiu giim- 
trcM (Biuftlirptj]. 

(ttm (SX '• [Etyin. donbtftiLl 

L Ad lutninunt for ibftplng MW-tMtli. 


2. A hive mmAt of ft MCtlon of • boUow log ; 
ft bM-gum. 

3. A hollow log iDMirtvd ^-crtlcftUy Into tJii« 
groiiod M ft curb for « tiirliig. 

fttm ax «■<■ * <■ (Oni (S), >.i 
A. TniiulIlH: 

1. To corer or bombt wlUi foti ; to itlBho 

" Oi M>ithlM Ibrir bftftii Ki uUnUbi. «w«<mv. 
wd krldllafl tt«b bawd*. <« nu.klac ttialr vbIM 
HkBU."-«fl»^MMM; flMwi»»<ii. 

3. Til flutea or m«1 with or ts with gain. 

vUcMW biimiiv.*— 

t B. /lUrawL : To cxode or (bra gmn. 

Cttm (2), e.f. {OvH (3), 1 1 To dottpra ind 
onlfti:g« ■• Ui« tMtb of won mtn. 

gmn'-bil-ita (a ti 0«r. ikl i. [Xftnwd by 
vuii Kobftll ftftcr TOB Oumbet.] 

itln. : BftuntlftUy k hyilrat/^ ■lUoftte of 
•lamln* tnd Iron, th« coinpfMltioa approichlng 
tint of i<lntta. It occun In gre«aikli-wltit«. 
thort, dliroiu U]r«t« In cLiy-ilftUi, at Nonl- 
ht)b«n. In BftVftrift. (7. Da^Irt, F.G.S.) 

ffim'-bOr •■ [OoBBO.] 

gumbo- ID11Mll4w ■■ Tb* nams giTm In 
the WMt liidlo i> lh« Mads of AbtbiumKia 
uemUntnt. Bednced to fowdor and itMptd 
In raia, Uwy tra aonahlend to be ■ powerful 
runed/ for aoftka hitea. 

Cftm'-lU, n- rCtrnt. doqbtftiL) Moddr. 
- Q J* >tw 1»M lb* qvuw* or (UTta. 
«M#iM.- A ittmaatim f •— » J— l>Mw, ^. 

gttm'-Bif (n). Bfim'-fli^-tf ), i. [lAt. gummi 

= gtiiD, wnieh tb« tutimtir reaaniblea in ita 

eootobU.] iOiTM ^;^ J.J 

fntk»l.: ABiiucalarDodaorbUBonr, on«ii 
eooatilnting ooa of tlw turtiarj aymiitoitu of 
aynhlllUfi polaoDlng, It audi I17 aoftanlitg 
and lUcf niUng. 

gftninMd, /lo. par. or o. [Qmf, r.] 

]. lit. ; ttooatwl, daabKU or tutmiA. wttb 
* S. Pig.: Baa, itaKbed. 

" Wk haXm tW MM ani >Mwf dMOrtttMit td U* 

tIfttlMt.*— tifWdHMN fMIWd p. tdl 

fim'-Bur, ft [Bfif. fi« (U •■ : -^l A toni 
or nwcbine for daaMtdug ftnd eoLiuiflng the 
tolcidcntal tpaceo of worn aaw*. ISaw-ocm- 
HTft, Gvuxrua-Muniiiic.) 

Sttin'-inlci.a. [Eiig„ft«:.,iriiai; -k.] Darind 
Iruiu ur iwrtaliiint; to gum. 

gvinulo aold. a 

CAroi. .- IAraUik). 

'gftm-mir-er-«tta,(L Tft. ^mau - gnm ; 

j€ro = lu War, t" iwuducv, and Eog. adj. auff. 
-ow. ] Bearing or produeioc gam. 

yftm'-ml-lii—, «- tBag.gmm^; -iMn.) 
1. Tba quality or itata of balQg gammy ; 
& Aa a a oum olftttoo of gammy naftrr. 

(ftm-mUg, jff. far., a., « a. lOuM, 9.) 

A. i A At pr. par. i pariieip, ot^. ; (8cc 
Uia varb). 
CL .d«MiManfiM: 

1. Ord-lan^.: The act of aBeartng or fiutan- 
Ing wttb gum. 

2. tforf. : A dUfaw Is tma hMrfng atnna- 
frnll, ehara(^«rli^ by a ron-Md axadatkm of 

Eai, and aflaltiK fnnii Ktpo iir a to wumm of 
ki or oold, or •ml.i^'n altaiMlail of laap«l»- 
tvw. It ta geocnlly btal to tka trea. 

3. tUhoy.'. Tha treatntfDtnfft lltlinirTaphIc 
■liWM with a aolotlon of gum-arat'lc, titer, ur 
•imullaucoaaljr with, tba elohUif pracaaa, 
whanbv Iha elcaii rarto of tka atoaa davohl 
erf work an protanlad fftm raealvbig (Uty 

niattar, and tbua r^|)>ct tha grassy Ink wh«i 
the rvilar paaaea over tJiv ■tone. Tlic clean 
taiUob at the atotut U damped atlar Mch 
irapnaaloo, but, ubIem tba gtunmlng procaaa 
wen prevlonaly partormed, It voald out per* 
maaaotly raeiat tke Ink. 

gflm'-mite, «. [0#r. ^rmm^I, from Lat. 
^uaimi; Gr. >V#u (jamni} * gum. aad raff. 
•tM (.UU.) (q.v.x So called from iu leMca- 
blanee to gum.) 

Ifiatrsliiirv .* 

1. An aoorphooa mineral of gmay liutre, 
reddlah or bniwnlib onloDr, nud y«Uuw atrcak. 
HardDeM. 8*1 to 3 ; an. gr., 3-V to IS. U>ni- 
poa. : aeaqulozlda of uranltos, 72*0 ; Hake, 
; itUea, «» : phoaphoric add, 2-90 ; water, 
14'T£, ka. Ocoora in Banniy, (Aina, Ac) 

1 Halloyvtta (q.T.). <i)r»ittaap<.) 

* gttm-aJi«'-I-tjF, «. (IaL ff*mmtnu= gum- 
my; fftimmi m giiHi.] The natara of gum, 
guramlnaaa ; a rUcooa or gummy quality or 

* SttBl'-aMHi& a. flAt f*nmwtomu, ttom fiim- 

iMlBgum.J Of the oatureorqaality of gam ; 

" fc>»liia.n Of ■■www ^taUm jImbItiJ la nMtW 

gtm'-mf, 'gum-rain. o. [Bag. rw»; -y] 
1. Coti'iifttiiif -if ^-um ; of the nature or 
qonJlty of tiuiu ; viitcous, adhoalve. 

" 01 Uil* fvmimiir •ful ittalland* mIkIiii* tk«]r 
tnuwmlau tbrlidvmauJniUlH >blst< u« widi aAd 

8, Corered with or bearing gnm or rlacoiM 
matter: |>roductiraiif gum. 

** UcltUUiia. itbiM tliwart OMaadrlvaa riawa, 
F*r'"~ lA* ff^v b*ik «t ar aad aUia" 

S, ClOBed or held together by gum or other 
Thouoe mailer. 

" rn*} rab* hi* t^mntf or**, aad Mnila hit lato.* 
Pry**H. rmtM4.mlL OL 

* t. Pusy, atutiy, awoUen, pnflbd out. 


gfimp, (. tEtym. doobtful ; cf. 8w. A Dan. 
spimp; loel. (r«(npr= the liattocka.1 Afoolith 
fallow, ft stupid, a dulL 

gftmp'-tlea, ». [Etym. donbtfUl.J 

1. Bhrewdneaa, elerenwea, iotelllgenreL 
(fioUoquiai) (j[.vlxon:iryJifow(,,cli.KU.) 

2. Atfrro ill painting for the art of prepar- 
ing rolonra. Alao appllMl to ft Dodtrum taueh 
Id miueat by palnteia In atarcJi of th« nuf^ 

ENMd " Inat msdlam" of the oM maatera, and 
which they aaolba thetr iiaappmarbablo 
eiMtlenoe. The fomiula for preparing tbia 
medlam givea a mixture of drying llueed oil 
and maaUe varaiHh which gelatinlaee ; or 
simple LlDsrad oil and sugar of lead. 

gliB, * gOIUU, * gunibe, a. [Aword ofdonbt- 

ful or^io. HktAt rvfert It to WaL 171m = a 
bowl, a gun ; Ir. A Oacl. ptnaa.] A weapon 
having a barret adapted to recelre and dla- 
charge a miuite, which la prqJ«oted by a 
charge of powdar, gun^eottoo, or air, aa the 
eaae nay be. Tbe temi ta applied to ptacaa of 
all alrea, ttfmt the fowUng-|ileee to the krgeat 
cwioon, and In onUniry lanainga moreaape- 
rially to the former. tJiuugh fn alrkt military 
languagn U U applied only to the nrdnanee. 
For deacTlptioiu uf tbe rarioaa kinds, see 
Alr-goD, Biandarbiiae, CWblDe, Cknnon, Vlro- 
arm, Uowltan. MltralUease. Mortar, ilatol. 
Blfle, Ac. A dcacrlfitlon of th« variooa part* 
of a gun or fire-anu wlU be fouod under the 
appr4(<iAte worda. 

% I. Onat {ran : 

0) JUL : A targe ploee of orduaoce ; a can- 


(S) rtg. : A pBiaoctdiatingolabad er nntoaat 
In Buy branch, as In apeaklng, tdaaee^ *«. 

S. roUowffnuXipiM: ToltlowTvryatroe^y; 

t\im IWITrt. ■- The barrel or tuba of a 

So. Oaa-batrela art known ai stub, stub- 
tsl, wii»4wlat, Duoaaeoa-twtit. stat>-Da- 

Oaa^Aorrel Ondm: A oylltMlrtea] drain of 
ansiU diamitar. 

gnn b«ttai7, t. 

1. Forti/la'tia% : The emptaiwoient of t«ro 
or more pteoea uf artlUtry, daatlmil to act on 
tba ogkMlTe or dafhuiva. It may be :— Eu 
•e^arpa ; havlag a Una at flia obUqna with the 

ot^ftwt En refeta ; playing n jaa Ck* 1 
tbe rnemy. Croea-llr* ; Mvwnd ha Marti 
Ing ■ converging ftie upas la iA4»dL Caaa> 
nutU ; when prolactad brntawfe^iMf^kM^ 
bor. and ftrlng tma mubnmum. BHtcw: 
Orlng otw a panpai. 


borea only): when tlie UUa. vllk 
ebaiga, ttavaiae the Innrr face of tiw 
work, aad rebnad and n>u slncu; tba ■ 
Mountain ; llriit plec** adapted to ba 
mooBted abd, with ibelr d___ 
rlagea, oairtad on mnka. 8aaa otf 
beea made in two (deeaat wblek oaaoi 
ease in tnnapott. 

2 FUld-artiUMff : Tbe IsctleaJ oaH <4 
artillery, consUtlBg of aix or elgSit OaU 
under one oonmaM. together with the 1 ~ 
nan, hoaia, waggooa, aad ataewa. [Ba' 

a tow 


iich a <uuiiii>n is mounted nc aanlak ft 
may or ii.a> uut \je a>U^ted for tba ' 
tatton of tJie ptoee. l«ad pm^malagm i 
prlae Odd. ai«n. eaiiWMtfc ud batlNi ■■> 
rtagea, llie two ftaraMT an adB|4ait»Aa 

tmnaportatton aa wrU aa »=-^ f ^V» jde«^ 

while the Utter are InUiii!' inaaw 

poaitloo In a fortiSeatitm. * ' < (e^ 

carriage, tite gun is auppoiu... ..»-.. . M^lag 
rtUorum. which, an the Dnng of um avn, ■ 
eauaed to abifl ncarvr to the gnn aad urthM 
Ihin a eounterweigbt, aprlug, er hy^iaaBa 
buffer, wblls »t the ewaa uaM Iha gn to 
brought Into a lowered rndUoo ftt Ml 
and La then aubMnatleally ralaad Inle j 
for Artng. By the efaiftlng of tba n 
the statical nomantom of tba bahaee w^^ 
is made to prepondeinla no gnallr oear OaA 
of Uu) gun that It win. ««aa Jlowrt kit 
action. aRer tbe Iwuliag af tbe gML tain ttn 
aame into its original ptwttlonL 

pm-coCtoBt a. 

Chm.: I>)raxylin. TTislttD-ceDldeaL CA 
(\Oi]>(VBw>t«- i>n>liaUy a nlula atberaf«m> 
ioaa.X:|sBi4CONO,]«0«. as by |be aoCSaa sf fa- 
dodng aguila aa nydrie p»Uaalaia aalafcHfc 
KUH, and Iron and aeacie add, n la eoaMM 
Into oelluloea. Boiled with femua ealpbaM 

- - 'l ■ 

MTing It tot tweaty-four htmn m a mlxlaN 
of one ToluoM of alme aeU api. gr. 1 «, and 
three roluinaa of anlphoric toA ap. gr. 1 V^ 

tbe mirtiin! being rooM Ut Itr. It ta r 

washed with wsUr, and, If rvqulred a Ml 
again with a mtiture of oite i«rt alrnbol ana 
three parte ether to ronore tlm lower all 

(CoLLaDKiii.I Gutt-eotloa lla<dy dUtdsd ei- 
plodea betwaaa IW—ITV. U kaan hart « 
It ts washed with aoda. Cfnamaad gua 1 
t'>ii buma Ilka Under, but la eaitala* kr 
mercuric IHImlnata. It la aaad for laifagaM. 

gllB rtWifc, I 

Hant. . That deek of a ahlp of 
earrira tbe bulk of her aimatnesL 


Kit : Thfl boor at which tba 
•railing gun i> Hred. 

•gm-ttBt.«- ApleewfflfllBlSMdtatbe 

lock uf a Bioaket t« Ire tiM alHig>t biftn Iba 

IntrodQcUoo of |<scuae1oa mpa, 

«Mptf banal «Uh tft um MfB m W—r ' 



gun-hbrpooa. ■■ a harpaob ftM froa 

a g\ia, uNrd monutad la a eraSe& «■ lb* 91b- 

IftC*. At. fiire, ^mldat. what, All, lktta«r : wi, wit, hara, oMOfl. tair, tbirm ; pin*, pit, amw air, martna : ga^ 9^ 
or. wiira, vgK wark, wbl^ ate} aaUb flOfe* oora^ ^Bttab aar,r&U»f6U; try.SfTtaa. Mhcasg} av^i. 4)g-tafc 




ml* of * whftleboat. H !■ nudv of ■(«:], nml 
hw & chiiti or long ihMJtle iitladir<l to tt, to 
vblch Uir wbale-IlM U tkftteiMd. Soidb xud- 
' lurpooai cany ft (raiude or fluk of poiioii. 

CnB-look *■ T)m lock of B nn ; Umi com- 
UmUon of |arta Itf whlcli the pmpulalvr 
cku^ (■ rtftnit^ to Ipiita. 

OMA-lwJt iummtr : Tbe cook or ■tTik«r of « 

nin MBlal, I Al>roui« frt;>mw)il<^ CAD- 
Ma wen fomMriy o«*t. OrtllnirllynltiPiArta 
«ap|Mraad ooa Un. Other rivtiU lLn>L' l«x-ri 
•DBlUinM aildail to or •utttlUDtol for tin, 
■Dppir tlin r^nuliilDgtbi tNula of tlu alloy. 

I. ttl«u.inic-FcyDCLi.'ii] 

S. [EFmotrrrrnL] 

Snn-poii; «. A port or hoi* In the iM* 
of ■ bhi|> for A gun. 

cm-MftrelMr, >■ ab iaitnrauot «ith 

ODo or mora prqloettaf pnap to ueerulu 
Vh«tb«r the bor« of ■ gan be hooereonbed. 

_ _■ BtnilV •■ The port of a gun to whirli 
Ui7baml aoiilook ani nutriied. It U Qnually 
«f wmlouk ; iu Eun>|w U>« Julian* rtgia, lu 

atrtak the /uft«uu Mt^ra. 

iVixai. .- The rope* aod pollejri ittaebad to 
the udM of tbe porta, ind to the |pui-4«mBfp> 
(for li^ilil or fluooth-bore guiuX t>r which thv 
gaa ti niD oat. It eoulata of two tioslp 
hfr^rki, one movable ftnd the oLher flied, tho 
•Uuwiing uul of tb* fUl being Mcured to tha 
aaotftbto Ueck. 

|ilB,f.i. [OCM, a] Td tboot wtth a gtm ; to 

Sb'-B9« «. ISuHC., - quaUt;.] 

PkOot. : A t«m tued. e^wciaUr in Hanicrll 
mmttMr, to denou Um ehangluf of i and i to 
l v and A to 0, rt and tiU> ooEnpound- 

ntbeu wlthtfae_pnillxA:Uiiu&-t- f,ori = 
+ u, nr -fl = <, Ac. 

* gn -Bfr-otaj^, a. (GwAaonr.] 

nib'. >' To ch«ng« by th« pnioCH known ns 
tfOiMtlOD : to iQlO*^ v> the ehaBge of guna 

■q-B» -Men, a [Ooka.) 

AIM. : Tbe prow of fmiUif ; the lUte 

4 a. rBB& rlH^ and hM.] A icniitl 
I at war, of tl^ draogbt of water, rarry- 
lag Croa ooe to four giua. 

dtta'-^a, ■- IHlnd., = four of inythJng; a 
kftoUed Btring tied ToanA a child'a iie«k u * 
chann-l Foar. Deed br the poarar oatlVM 
Of MHna, Ac, amclulr ttrt ftmr oowrtea. 
Thejr we a<'4iut«aMa. in making their hnmtiU 
porrhaap*. to plMi out their oowiIm Id foam, 
or et least to vtlmalo tb«u In foam. (Jnffto- 

'ff1f«k >tHL or tvntjr^Ba ko»ilw, or aa atMby 

* cftn -d^Ut. i. [GoVDOUtT.I 

KftaJa. ft>J* ■• (Brnftall.l A granary, a 
dr|.)t cnbfljr of grain fur sale ; a eommcTclal 
deprt Id gtoeml ; • wtiolMal* uaiket hild uii 
• MrtlMur day. tAn^a-tuUmL'i (Olaanry 

fcina.- ffM. artt. /mM&) 

^OmJi atari m a eonpound Into ttie 
iMtaa DMDM of plioea. a> RaaMVun/i ^r 

-B«ff« (ac* u U>> >• TEng. ^»; -a^.| 
Kf niameiit uf a ship of war. 


■ta -ate, ' ciiB~iHr«. (. flow LaL fvanA- 
Ww.} [Oo3t, <. ; OomfTcm.] 

L <M. loaf. : A person vhn worki or U 
lAllled In the working of e gun ; a caniranler. 
* TtiaiKm *tmiAiak. ^utm te Uw i>rd OUtNrt Fni. 

1. mi, : An arUUerr Kldler Aotployod la 
the working of a goo. 

3. Saw. : A warnint-^ncer who liaa charfe 
of the onloancv-alom and aininuottion uu 
board ahlp, and actd a* MsUtant to the gun* 
aerjr oBtoer. 

ffwniifir'i nallptra. An ttutmmeut 
niadp of aheet-bnua with etMl pohita, aod 
aha|ifid like a pair of bow4eBg«d conipaaMa. 
'^l^ (^nultintfnnt «Hnw thn dlatnAtir* of xliot 
au<i Khcll, (lie calibnu of gum, linear indica, 
drgrvu uf tbo cinJc, Ate. 

Kuniittr'B larol, i. (Oti]n(EB'a-rcBi>Dt. 


' puuer's peip«Ddloitl«r, «. An in- 

atmntciil lor aM^rlatninK tlw hi^firtl puttild 
at (he brecob and miizilfl uf a i-lftcp of ord- 
nance, when on uneven gr()uiid, lu onW to 
detnnnine thfl true Una of atght (Qcirvu'i- 

* Ktuuier'v-qnihdrant, «. Thrgonner'a 

quadninl « a arra.liuii'd art-- of 90'. or ratbcr 
nirvm, niaile »( uraaa or wood, anct bavlnc an 
arm atuched, which la paiaad liiu> Ihe bore 
or tha gun for tho pttrpoae of aaceruiniiig the 
eleraliou. Th« wooden I«t«1 lia« • leadtn 
Irtillet oDipendod by a atrlntt, which Indicates 
the perpeodleular. tbe deviation fruni whlPh 
U tnoa^nrtd on tbe arc. The meUUio quad- 
rant If of more elabomt« oonatrui-tlon, and 
tuu a apiht-teTel attached. ((IVKMKH'a-PEn- 


blahop of 

[Samoil after ErnMt Gunner. 
. , -- Dronthelm in Norway, and a 

Br4.: A gaojia of Anllamn (Ivyworta). 
Ctniiutm teaim or i'an>'«, which resembles a 
giant rhubarb, wa« found by Mr. Darwin on 
the Hwdstone clifTa tjt Cbllue. Ila rtidta are 
need by tanu*ra, and are aatriiigent ; ita 
fleshy iMf-atalki are eatable, Tbe miit of 0. 
aKtmcipAaia la commonly oMd la Jara ai a 

• c1iB'-Bftr-<M, «. [Eng. gunarr: •*».] A 
reniAl« gnnnvr. 

- BrovB-ledud DwaolaiJI* Untxua vltb pika and 

AmIMIm. pt L. Itk. ttL. oh. *. 

glbl'-aar-f. i. (EnR. {maiur; -tf.] That 
In-onch of actenoo wlilch deoli with the oon 
atnictiim of guns, the mods of OHng them 
under i-ariooB circumstance*, the qoallty of 
the material of which they are made, alw, 
Uvm, and material uf iho pniJMrttle, quality 
and quantity nf th« charge-, cVration to be 
given to tike gun, Ac; tha acienoe of artillery. 
'niNB IbaBial n4»tmmt*U slut* aad eliwwi.ta 
Itia tMMMt ^ertwilM el gimmtrwr-^SmU : Vlmih. 

gttn'-nli. ■■ [Etytn. doQbtAiL] 

ifi'iin^ : 

1. A large, open, eicavated apaoa in amine. 
S. In Comiili, a term aptdlad to breadth or 
widUi ; aingle gunnies are Qaa» feet wide. 

gUn -nlAs, 1. IQcu. r] The ict of abooUnic 

Ki huuriii^ganc with a gun. 

ftn-nf, fftts'-BSf, a. (Bengali ^ani.] 

Frtf'ric : Heavy eoane gooda navd tor wnrp- 
iitiig talea of ootton, tor ootton baga. Ac 
Gunny la made tmtu Hbrea of Ibe oofchorua 
(Jute) ; the bag made thereof ia need to carry 
grain. &c,, on the badu of butlkloea. and for 
enf^loslng articlea for exportation— rlee, aalt> 
petre, i^^pp^r, coffM. 

Cfta-ptfilr-der, «. [Eng. ffun, and powder.] 
1. rfci-ri. : A infchanioal mirttira of abont 
74-9 y*T cent, of potasimra nitrate, IS-3 of 
carbon, and ll'Sofaalpbur: but tbe pomi>o- 
altJon vaitea aoooHIng to the naea for whlrh 
it ia employed. Blaatlngpowtlar generally 
coutalna more aclphor. Tlie amount of luv 
taoKlnm nltiatc can be detrnDlii^l by treatin;; 
the pDwd«rr with hot watFf. and erapontinx 
the eolation ; tbe inlpbitr can bs estnetad by 
blaulpblda of oarboru Th« aubatances [■«• 
dnced by the Mtploabin rannot be npreaantnl 
by a chemical eqoation, as they vary with 
the lirtaeiirc and Ihc also of tho grains of the 
powder. The princl[ial producta are carbonic 
inhydrtda, COs, eari<oole oxide, CO, nitr>gen. 

■utpbateorpotaaelnrot oarhonateofpotaaaium, 
■nd anlphlde of potaasiam. 

2. HiM. : Acconlitjg to Sir Oenrge Stanuton 
gnn|toi»ili-r ha8 1je<in known tn Clklna anil India 
trvm a remote period of autlqulty aa an ag«ut 
for hlailing rooka. Tht atateKnent, howavar, 
is doubtAiL In Europe, Roger Bacon alluded 
to II lu hli work th KuUttaU Mafia, alxrat 
A.D. laUT. A German monit, ftohwartx. about 
1336, Is laid to have diseovcred tbe method of 
ita mannfflctarv. 

gniipowiler-«B8lD«, *■ A f<ina of gaa. 
euKiiif III Hiiich Uin moli'ic of the plainn i» 
otuiM.-'l by tho cvoliiUon of gai raaoltLng tna 
Um! oombuaUoQ of giiinpuwilvr. 

Knnpmrder-hammer. ■. A pile-driver 
oiirtvcl 1)>- tiitr txiilri-vivn fiitceof guu|iowd*r. 

Otinpowder Ptoc. *- 

1. lliM. : A plot. f'>nnM aboot A.D. 1M4. 
by Robert Caleab), «.» of Sir Tlnjiiiaa Cateaby, 
various Konisu Cathoiia of rank, gaaded Into 
•xcitontent by the i>ensl lawi directed against 
their Iklth and 1u profoesoTV, Jolnlna as acoom- 
plloea. Their aim was to blow up toe Housaa 
of ParliameDt by gnnpowdrr on Noromber 6, 
lOOA. attd destroy klug, lof^la, anJ commooa 
by one l)low. An anonymotu letter of mn- 
terious warning, sent to I/^r>i MontaagM, 
having led to tlie discovery of lli« plot, various 
consinrslors were cKeciitcd on January 90 and 
SI, IwM, aud one on May S following. AoKiBg 
those put to deaUi was Oar Faux, who bad 
lieen caught In tha vault balow the House of 
LotAm wltli malchea aud touchwood upon hia 
person mdy to tire the train. In laSStthis 
''cellar" was converted Into olRcea. Uloce 
JOOA all placet ooaneMad with llf Hnua^ of 
Lords and Commona where exploHivu could 
be atowed awav are aonually M«rch«d at the 
opi^ning of Parliament. [Quv.] 

2. CH. HUt if i>iir: A tbankaglvlng serrloa 
for tbo duUvenuc* Dviu Uie Ouupowder Plotj 
though, nroperly apeaklag. It nevor formed 
part of tne Engllsb Utiugy, was aonaxed to 
It at tbe conimrn««mpi)t of each new reign. 
On January 17, 1K9P, dlreotlons wen given for 
tta disoonUnajince. 

ganpOWdAT - pr«M. «■ a preas for 
preaaliig ntUl-cake tutu hard cake preparatory 
to gnnulating. 

Kimpowder-t«m, a. 

CoMM.; A kuxi '^ green tea, tha teavos OMd 
for wiiit'h, generally yoonger than those fbr 
otiier sorts, are the smallest and most elosely 
curled. »o aa to co&atltuta amall balls or palietc 

gfltt'-rodm, >. [Eng- ?im, and reom.) 

S'auL : A room on one of the lowvr dedta 
of a shvp of war. In which tbe Jonior executive 
and nofi-oritntiatant ofBeera lire, exoept the 
warraot offloers and. Id lome oaaaa, the Junior 
sngineera. Thesanlor oiflceraof tbenavyand 
the marlnaa live iu tbe wardroom. 

Clia'-4llM« I. ha. [Eng. fHa, and i^f .] 

A* Am nf'iiniMwm : 

I. Tha art of firing a gun ; a discharge of a 
gnu ; a ahoL 

"OwiuaoM atra vUdly nrid is all dlnelUea.*— 

3. The di«tiincr to which a ahot ean be 
tlurowu with etTeot by n Kun ; tbe range of a 
giiu (jr caUKUi. 

"Thf parlUaant . . . Ad mI Inlaad lo «akark 
ttesa is lb* pwUa «< ng. vbUM thwaMlna aatt 
•Monlv at bona Mt «f |<iim*w.'— <lari» W — . MM, 

B. A> adj. : Hade or caused hy a shot fVom 
a gun. 

"nnatbalblaaatfcaianlMitkmanioMUia laanwd 
alwiii an and maia lit maukat w iiiM wIa. — If*—— ■• 
Om tefywv. bk. vL 

■naahot-wonndB. a ft. 

Sttrg, : Wounds cnuaed by ahots fNin guna, 
also by splinters of vuod, iron, Ac, or any 
other subitvi&ce whirh the (Irtog of guns may 
have made to Sy about aa tu^eetlXea. Tho 
treatment of sncb woonda li an Important 
braneh of autfary which baa made gnat ad- 
vanirvs lu rccrat tlmea. 

cttn'-amltli, ■. (Kng. ipt%, and asiltiL) Ooe 
whowi trade or oocu[^on Is to make or n^ 
pair Bnanna. 

" It twahiatl ia at rtacalar Maooal . . . wtth the 
fimmiMt tat ilnoka*— A<lm . On ArM n^K 
Bh. TtL.. I (. 

^Sn'-mmUik-ir-f, <■ (Bug. gsntaittA ,- -fry,] 
Tb» art, trade, or ocoupatloii of makii^ gona 
or ftreanw ; the tnde or ooeupetion of a gon- 

Mb, b^: pfht, JdM; emM. ^eU, ohoma, ^hln, b«noh; co, dan; thin, (hla; aln, af ; Axpeot, Xenophon. v^imU -Uc> 
-Utn, Hrtflo = tOitn : -floB. -aloa » diAn. -«toa% -ttona. -«loitB « gkfta, -ble, -dl*. Ac ^ fa^ 4N0k. 



gozLster— gusset 

*«ttB'-Ster. & [Bng. fmn: luff. •^$r (^.r.).] 
Tht! (AIM M OtrvtODi (<i r). 

^ Stt«l# u>M KQiiBM' ud snnater to k 
iMWiniiulj flgnnUTe Miiua. 

" TboM vbo raooaii ttanf Mxidaato Mi4 (tfM»- 
fliWMi vhUh liAM na Mwiuer «r bniMkUan la UuU. 
«Mi Umt dHlnl Id da alMftlaf, •» MM|) w lw iil 1 rf 
^ito Um *n*UuUB ■( fuaacra; bat «bM they 
•Mvvoor otifr Vi furpTlM «»d Hitanala. UM} *ta 

* gUn'-stlok. *. [EtiK- ffvN, ADd «rfcifc.j A 

•ticic or rMi for rninriiliii; down Uw dMiyB 
Into A inm ; k rmmnicr, a runrod. 

'CAn-stone, 'soBft-atona. *. [Brat irKn, 
tad •toM.) A Boot for « cttinoD, ronad itotiM 
iMTloff b«MI ntitfiuaUy tued for Uie purjtuM. 
- Till Um plMMBt prteaa ikto KMck d Ua 
H«tk tomad bit Mb ta puiuCinut' 

Aaiw/L ,' BatTf T., 1. 1. 

Ofin'-tor, >■ (&linand Gimtcr, pror»uoT of 
utronomy in Urmluua colle^ from jud. 1610 
to his tlMth In IdlM. 

Gonter'k-iiludB, ■. 

Surr. : A •UTVtyof'i oluUa M fM or 4 roiU 
(of M XKnl* «uh) la Imctk, havtes 1«0 Unkn. 
e«c& Jumed to Um KUuvot one bv uin« Ualu. 
A ntun dudo I* oRf-t^uLh or an acrvu or 
10,000 aqnara linka. It wu liircolad lij Ed- 
nund uuuter to aid in calcnlating maa. 
7-03 inebM =■ 1 link ; 100 UqIu - 1 chain, or 
4oda, or S3 ynri* ; 80 chaiiu — I inUe. 

OmMv^ltaMu *. A Una of natnlien ou 
OuDter'a^CBla am fur porfumilDt; tlie inulti- 
pUealioii or dlrUon or tiuRib«n. It li tht 
ugaiitbmlc Kale of proptutionali^ whicli, 
bHDK gnblitaUxl u|k»i tl)« ralv, aerrfla to 
■olvt probkms la the aasu nunmer a* 
lo^ritboia do aritlitnotlcftUjr. It Is uaoally 
dlirfdcd Into 100 porta, every teeth of wtiicb 
tl nuatNnd, 1>ri;itmiiii; wtth one and ending 
with ten, ao Out if tb« first gmt dhrktoo 
■tand Ibr tka oDe-toolh of an Intiegvr, Um ncit 
mat dUltion will tlaad far two-tointlia, and 
ua IntennaJiato divlaloaa will mprweitt 
hmdradtiia of aa integi^ whfltt the \M^» 
dlrtafons teyond tan wfll rrprtaent uoibt ; 
and U tba lint act of latfe dWialooa reprctent 
nalta, tha anbdlrWona iriU renccaant lentba, 
vhUat tbe «MoDd tat vS Urgt dlvliloas wUl 
roprvaent t«na, and tlw aiiMiiialooa anlta, Ao. 

Oiiiitar*s-aoal«, i A larg« i>lana acak 

lnve(it«^ I)}- Mr Ountar. It ba« rarioiu lines 
of nuDitwnt Align V4ii on it, hy wlilcb (]ii«stiont 
lu cmlcuiAbini, imvigatioii, ^ad aurvcytos an 
•nired ittcdiajiloilly by tlie aid uf the dJviden 
or a slider. On one aids of It are acalaa of 
xiiial parte, obotda, ilaca, tangsntt. tbomba, 
Ac. ; Ob iha other aide are the eorreaponding 
lomiithnilc linea. It aiuslsta of a flat rul«r 
oc boiwood, two fc«t long, baring vartoai 
Unea laid down apon It, by means of which 
TUtooa probiofiM may be perforiued by the 
•stoukm oCUn oompMHa only. 

t. (ebc. 9IIS, and wBte (q-vji] The upper 
pOTkiag flOverlDC the tlaibar-heua romd the 
ahlp; a piece of Umber arovod tbe Utp aide of 
a boat, and having rowlock* fur the nara. 

"Tht Bnl rapa folnf atbvarl tn^ fmmat to fw»> 

*Kart«.(. [1*1. ffytrfts.] a whirlpool, an eddy. 
" TW nljkla. vbwala a black NlnailnnM mrva 
Bolliatit.' JTitfiM. AUslKL 

" Korlro. V.I. [Qdboi, cl To iwaUow np ; to 

"IaeiMvlNrialka(tt«aMefc m^Uwmii^ 
Mr poOTW Mala wbodrvwnad JatkJMlA iiijiif ~ 
Mrnw/tr M^ttttrmm. p. W. 

Ciar'-41-te» *• (Tr> fwfsnw, trom ffufer » 
ia eraah.] (OErooDiaa.| Um ooaratr part of 
■ail, riftadfhMB tiutaau. 

gftl^Hda, rX [Ital. gvrgotlart = to Ipir^, to 
babSU. firffoftta = a pirKlInc, fforfo s a 
whirlpool, a gulf; Let. pin^ai.| 

1. To mo or paaa aUing with a purling 
•oimd, as water over a hrokao or stoay botton. 
or aa a liquid from a bottle. 

■ Iba tmtt a toaatala tanks 

■ 1. Ta sMfca any iilatOar aooud ; to coa 

(V'-Sla, I. [OiraoLR, T.] A parUnft bub- 
bling nidsv, as uf wat«r mnniug over a woken 
or elony bnitooi, or a llqald fVani a berttl« 
ar other nanow ^tettura. (rh s ai y w .■ n* 

giW~^yiU *■ lOvnot^ r.1 A rorooa «arthaa 
jar fitr eooilQg wat«r by evaporation, 

Sur'-KOle. a |0«aonYUC.] 

ffur-hor-ita. rnr^w'-fl-u. i. [fVoni 
Gorhof, lu Lowi-t ^mUia, wlicre It ««ur*.I 

Mih. . Oxiiixt't i»n-«-1I.iiiHtiii liiilitiiiitc. a ffUM, i. IOooas.| 
anow-wlilla Kud translnctfut variety of tliat 

placet, but is cvneraOy WTltfttB phar. wMc* 
would iitrau s bouse, and It aa cmr. Tm 
enuuiile Gawil«kMr ihould be Oawilyar^ 

SirU <- [Aeatmpt of 7c4e(q.T.)-l 
if In. : A channel for wafiac 

Kliir-Jftn. >■ [An East Indian word.] Tbe 
natlvn oatne of " WcmmI-oU." ilerlved fhiiii 
DipttnxarfMt UevU, lu the Bsetem Fetdnaula. 

■gnr'-Un, * [Ohshkih.] 

gor-Ut. «■ (Etym. d^nbtfUL] 

Jfojonry, £c. : A plcluxe with one abarp 
point and one cuttlng-odga. 

ff&r'-mlJi, a. 

iilninii: A level or wodtlng. iQiumiB.] 

ffnr'-ii#rd,nl^^Utt, * gor'-n^rda, s. |o. 

Ft. gimnuu, gtmnaitld, ffuvmmu, gvitmavt. 
ffronfttard = * greater : cf. Uod. Fr. ^ntfidlM. 
from gnputer — to Rtiuit, refkrrlnc to the 
DOiae which eumanls make when dtawn from 
the watar.l 

I. Sfaff.: Tbe ganna Tilgla (q.v.). They 
have a laailed and ansular head, the opereale 
and ahoDld«-r bnnes si>iny, two doraal Ana, 
large pr-cton! fins, tbe dnt three ran belBg 
willimit nioubmiu and Mpontted miai the 
rest, ao as to constitute cirri. Tliry iidutrlt Ar^f 
water. Eighi tpeoiea are fouml In tbe Bntlsit 
eeae, Tiz., 0) ^^ R*<1 ^ Cnrkno Oiirnarvi 
(IWcrla tmevX-at-U KUedt, Rod-Oab, Soldier, or 

Rotebet: the he«l, bach, and aldaa, wlUi 
tbe doraid and oaadal Ana, are hrtght red, 
tho pecbonla, veatrala, Ae^ pale nd t(nge<l 
with yellow. (S) The Streaked rianob or Bock 
Oumar>i(7'. JuMoiaXWtlMStpphkfMO&nianl 
(7. hiruwfnX so wled froia the vIvU green 
and blup hurs of thn nndrr [mrt of Ihc \^f- 
Ktnl Una, (4) tli» Little Ounisnl (7*. \*rAtoy 
(era, (51 tbe Pijer (Z". I|r™>. («) the Cray 
Oaroard {2*. iTiimnrdujX callwl Iji Ireland the 
Knoed or Nowd, and tu Sta>tlaiMl thn Cruoncr : 
It is a silrfry-gny Rsh. clnodnl with bn^wa 
and Hpfrkled with black. (7) BLoch'i Ounsrd 
(T. BiocMiX and (9) tlio Hl.tulng Uurusnl or 
LoDt! flnned Captolo (T. iMvriti). N>4. 6. 1, 
tod 3 are the most tominon, 1 and 3 specially 
frequ canting the w«*t oMst. 

L Pf. ; The fiutuly Seleroaeuida or Triglidc 
(a.T). (yonrU.CowA.Ao.j 

i flylair CumonL [PLTnra.] 

■di'-i-fitai, gyi^-A-lite (gyr aa IrX >. 
tOr ywwc igKTci) - a circle, and Ufet (JuXo«) 
= a siikne. Tbe Briltah Jfuntn <;ailI^ffli/ 
spell* th« word ^TiAiU^ Dan* firro/ttt. u is 
Uft nnaltenJd beoMae of the dtvunflez on w.| 
Jif in. : A wbfts Irmnslocent minenl of pearly 
orvttreoiuiliMtre, u<:curTii))[inlaiiirllBrn'liat«tl 
OonerptlAns. Hanlitesa, ,H to «. Cnnipn*. : 
silica, M-7 (o &!-» ; alumina. 1 3 to 1 & ; llm«, 
90-0 to SB'S; water, U-2 to 11, A«. Frum 
gkys, fRMii Nova Scoba, Lireealsnd, Ac. 

gftr'-r^ s. [Bind. |iorJtd.| 

/a6rie: A kind irf plain, eoarte Indian 

■gftr'-ljF(l). •- tEtym. doabtftil] Ao alvine 
evaeaatiou. iHtMand.) 

ffttr'-lf (S). Sttrh, ■. taind nrk, 0QrA ; 

Mahntta pid, ^ad) A wall Bauked with 

towprs. (^ndlo-fiidiiia ) ((V/tMuary la JfUi; 

ifijt. 0rU. /Mttto.) Ally small fort. 

^ it occim In the names of many lodian 

SiUIl.*giiach-«a,r.i.Al. n«el.a««.tfAae^ 

to giub . rf Dul. trtidwa^loguBh; ow. fOas 
s bt IJaw, t<>|iiirr.} 
A. /slmaeiMae.: 

L Tu flow ur ntah oot with vlulsaeM er is 

a strcuun ; to poor out viutrntly. 
•■ 0«l >l »b«M ato IbM- pidue MSMBM ^ *^p« * 

!L To be poured oat or nUued nfadly aad 

Ui ^ m a m: rSaAaaktMS 
3. To be Ullad with walar, laata. *«l 
■Lia««fc«»ll«»tai-<F>^» j yaafa rty.' 

n. A;. .- To act iu ao extianfaiit m eva- 
sive mann«r : to be eA^uivaly aaattoaalaL 

* B. Tmn*. : To emit or poor aM 
and eoplo«Hly. (Followed by mU.) 


5 rorthadlflknttaabetwaeataff«A«ftd«a 
jtam, tee Plow. 

giUht s. [Gvaii, v.l 

I. LU. : A npid aad aaplota eolarioa or 
Row of a liquid froin aa anrtaaa< pteea; • 
U'latd emitted rapidly sod copinoaly; aiwM 
and ootdooa eoiiseion of anytulng i«asa«BS 

Z. Fiff. .* Extiava^LBt or eOhiiTa alfiffetiM 

of wntlment. 

' gnah-«tk >. lOtraaar.] 

gftah'-Uc pr. par. a.,*a (QOM, f J 

A. Ai pr pnr <S«« tbt *aih> 

B. AMa4}atlim: 
t LittmUp: 

1. Flowlnc or pominf oat lafMlf aMi aa- 
% Emitting eopiooaljr. 

"(■la] slnva Is BtaMh tka eMaUar aeeaA" 

XL Fif. : Extnvaantly effbale* or Ml af 
aeatlment ; ehaiacUnaad by an raewi^ve at* 
ftctattoo of aaatliaeot ; afltaalTelyaBd <~ 
etratlvaly alltationata. 

C. At tmbtL : Tbe net or etata of ] 
oat npidly and ooploualy. 

" TW swAM of tfaa ^w« 
rsr.fewaTair. tinnmi i.^w*aw«lL 

gttah'-tAg-lf , ode. [Eeg. yeiAfaff; -^1 

1. Lit. : In a guaUag ouwaar ; tapM||r aad 

coptooaly ; in fuhea. 

-r I 11 ifili ai^ 111! li-j •' Wb' 

Mg n m- OHHbl^tSlt* It. 

f, no. : With aa eKtratacaat er aitaalvt 
affeclatloD ofaeattMant or a fc etloa. 

gos'-Ug, o. [8c rasf « VDOte.] tOooas.] 0Bsa 

cuui pound.) 

gnalng-lroil, I. A taa iidi aw ' a aiwU fciBr- 

iixiu, a tlat-iri.iD. 

gfti^-aM. '. r^. #o«aa4. dbnia. cf peww > 
tbe hnak nr ood of a btiaa ; IiaL fWaete m a 
aheU nr baak.1 

L Ord. /.s^. .- A aaudl pfeea of cbA t^ 
S4>rt«d in a drrju for tbr |iufpuea of eAkM|^a( 
or strengthentng' aom« |wrL 

-(Bin Boa r«a« aat l^iA* 

n. r«kii(«/iv.- 

1. Doii<rs: AaaosoUrpieeearmataHM 
tn a boiler, tank. An, wh«f« 11 ebaafw Moa a 
cyllndneal to a aqnare fiwn, Ao., aa la the 
Junction of tha wnl and Arw-bax of a faea- 

S. fluild. .- An aagla-tnsa or biaakat atlA»- 
Ing the aof le of a straetoreL 

S. ifer. : An atalaiBsat or awrk of 4kivaae 
aoni«what reeenhUng agaaaet, aodfbnaadH 
a line dnwn IVum tha daatsr «r 9twlUttrmi 
pfint one third acroaa tbe aUcM, aa4 ttcB 

flbia, flU. Iftr*. ^Bldat, vbAt. flU. te«ta«r; w% wK bin euafU h«r, thAr*; piM^ pit, uro, air. maite*: g^ pM, 
•r, wore, w^u; wirk. wbA, aAn; mdta. eHb, oiir«, ^nlte. eftr, r^». fftll: trr> Sjhrtan. ■!.»••: ay-At «■- kifc 

duoendlnc pcrpendlcitUrly in tbA btaa. It 
nuy be OD ilUur Umi (lei.U)r or kiuistor *id« of 





I ; on the former it ta an abatvinPTit 
fcradQltcrr; oa Uw UtUr for dninkvROeM. 
Alw> called • gor*. 

4. OU Armour : A mull plrce of clulii or 
plat* umoai Inaarted at iIm JoDctloB o( Uiv 
anuour boder th» am, for tb« parrmM (kf 
protectUu that part wood axpoaeU uj tlio 
uutTEMKU of t^ amia. 

Stet (Ijt •• tt«l- ff«*<r •■ a (niirt or Uairt ; 
4pMii B ■ put, tmm gj6ia » to gufa ; 8w. dial. 
fw( » • atnam of air. J 

1. X4I. : A ndd«n tquftll or violmt bUat of 
vlnd ; ft Bbofft but TtoUnt nuli '^f wlni. 

"TlWMKfcU W lI w i 'WWlWito «ILb «tf«IBe mUh 
tmtf^Mm g( wla^K*— JTMsUn^ . r«ydfM, ml II.. 

&. 7^..' A taddflo aod vlolsnt oQibntvt of 
pMahA (Drngloit: Pvl^-OlMon, m. IT.) 

^ Por ths dlOsnooe lMtw««n fiul and Irtttt, 
■M Dkxssk. 

* gllst (?). >. [lAt. fv>(tu 3 a Uaiing ; ipMa s 
to tuto. I 

1. Tba acnaa nf taatiDg. 

t, TIm gratlficatloa of tba app«tlt«. 

—Tbmt. tenatr thiBkiM ta kllu 
nair ftMMUU *ltk (lut, iMtaird o( bull 
CkwmttiMt mIm^ jruiM /•. t.. L Ml. 

5. QntlflaatioB of any kind ; picuure, oii- 

4. A plMUtng tuto. 

** n« «buiian( ilfht, Int m^A man ci^rmlat ft-M. 
&'*« III* LadtM? 0ajr. iriM,M. 

6. A r«li*li ; a |>lMwlrg qnallty or tuiture. 
"Tk^rivlOTmnldclTaBhlikviHfBiilAOwtnlD Ik* 

J«4^MtiilpKli»i^<u.'-rJi«r.- fr«nw«; Jmo. 
6, A turn of fancy ; Uit«UH:tuaJ taiiti>. 

riUf UlhayiMlM*! Maw «( Um Motnte,' 

•gtet, V.I. {Lat 9«Jf« - to taat«.l To havtf 
a nlUh for. 

"TW ptM* at ttfa ««■ ^mCi MitUtu kbk.' 

* Cttar-^bla, «. A «. [Bn«.pi>ii(2): -ou*.} 

A. ^ a4(f«H«>.' 

L That laar or oaa ba tadod ; tiuitaM«. 

*aB4(bUL fWMUL adMiMM or taetila qoKltUM.'- 

IL PloMaal to tha taata ; baring an agree- 
■bla taato uT rettih. 

tfclBt MM) cr Ma«lt, natta Uw apn*- 

li»^— fcrfc — -- >*|>^b«>n>iMto»f.'iilL *..' ok' via' 
B, ^ ffvbrt. ; AnjrtUng pleaiant or agiw- 
■bla to the taite. 

- TU tMOb MkB«»ted««lh DoyMiMUM 
Xk« laaw m tngnM tmnXl-' 

jr»« o- n« m-i. pt u, Uu &. «. t 

gtef-^rd,'. i'AMrTii{itloaorMMtonf(4.v.).] 

A I'K&l oaitic for the Gnat BottHd. 

* cftft-tft -Oon, L iLat. pMtttfcv bm (mMo = 

Is taatcj Tbe act of tasting. 

fmttatui — a buting : guMo = to taate.) Of or 
pertaining to gustation or tasting. 

gBSlftla«7-««Uiit ■■ pi- 

JMmt. : Outtia oaUi tn tbs loagoe oonatt- 


Jatf. ; The Ungual nerre, tha one upon 
Whlcli taala dcpanda. It deaoendii nnd«r 
oaw of tba ataraal ptmrnoU muac>, and U 
mtmtUtMA. 011 raariog along tha ilda of tlw 
teofoa, H lamualsa ui (Uapax. 

glb-Mr-vl-^ «. (Named afUr Outonu III., 
King nf Swaden, who praaentad a larg* oolleo- 
■« of Indian |>lanta to tha aider Unnsnia.] 

JM..- A initia of anmh Araflrlaui platita, 
«nbr BuTUgtMilaoM*. Tb<>y are tma or 

gust — gutte 

ahrtitia. with larp ^OWT leana and tmoomea 
or uiiitwis of wlilta, pink-tinged Oowen, five 

or B3X liich«a acroaa. OtuAMM urmdaU bai 
wood, whtch on expoaure to the air become* 
verj fetid : it ta uatd for making boopa. The 
ffutt df <:. necMMo, aeeonllng to Humboldt 

and QoDpland, iui|«rla a yellow colour, lut- 
ing tor aUiat twrnty-four or even furty-vlglil 
houra, to the chlUreii who cat It. The nx*! 
of r;. brtiiliiana U ciuvtic, and liitoxlcatea Hfh ; 
Ita root is nt^rid, aromatic, nod bitt«r, and Ita 
iMfea, which hare a heary un|>lMwnt «tnell, 
mn ctniiloyH: In oa«M •~<f Indiinitad liver, «a 
alao to iirinK alcem to a head. 

*Ktt»t-ffftI. a- [Eng. ffuMt (J): -AH/).] 
HAviiitf a pl«aatnt tute or r«lUh ; [mUtaulo, 

- Tlw hJiI MMM lMluMM*«r«)*DoduHnr o- 
dlSniitr to ken> ItfMPdtJl Ika rot ]m^-—btftg 

Of Iht /^MM*-4^1^fNlAr. 

*CfiSt'-f<a-B5M, ». [Eng. yujtrW; -ae-.l 
The qQAlltf uralAto of tielag giulful, i«laUb|i.'. 
or plenaant. 

■■Tlwu bla (ood deU tart* mvoojI^. Umh htodlMt. 
UaxiMUU ami tmtmtMta tiA** a n**lr f^fiifum. 
llMn hi* atarp b nfj ■■•and aad ptMHUi; imvpUmic 
to thai ot ttM (>f**eli(T, lb» alMp el tb« Ikbotulng OMn 
UsvMt.'— AorrMV.' armen*. "wL Ul., "<r. U. 

•gftst-l«M.x lEng. (TmU (2): -&«-I T"*- 
li!M, inai|kid. 

" MttM^hw w«aMUafjlBCaAl.'-Btwn«.- jriM**- 


ClLB'-4d^ a [ItaL, flrooi l^t. ffutlmi a taetr.} 
[Goer, 1] 

1. ArellahoreiijoxnimiL of atiythlnit: plu- 
tnre derived frvm or exetted by anytluug. 

"naforUnoKltohar ywKDia Uun.'— Morpn An^ 
■Horu. ml. Tl,.»«r a 

2. Iiit«l]eclua] toatft. 

—nmt «• Uw nla irf%Mnb> •&<) kIv« w a r>^ 

Cfti-t6-ftd. nrfi'. [Iial-] 
ATM. : With taste. 

gfisr-f (IX • gurt-Ia. a. CKng. 7«^(l) : fl 

1. LU. : Babject to guiU or anddeo aqnaUi 
of wind ; atocmj, aqiuuly. 

That IvInUa m )£• rMWr bnr«> ' 

r irdiww h -■ Oram tMnK. 

2. i^ir> : SaMaet to uddaa tod violent out- 
bunUof fiauum. 

gbMt f <2), a. (Eng. faff (f); K-J TutefwI. 

(Hwn»j; j>ce<ch fJnjJr.) 
Hit. 'SOtt*. 'CBtte,*. lA.S.jfKl.pI. ffttffcu. 

Tlie original meaning waaafhaunel ; rJ.O.Dati. 

goU=.», tJiannal: Ocr. gorm = * draiu ; Uld. 

Eng. 0or< 3 a dniu, awatM'eourae. (SJiroU.)] 

' If«xt to tb* bM «t the kbioiaclEa: n*n uul ahavia 
iMva tha •Mall^HU.eaUad !*«(«.'-/■. Vv'Uad .' Miai*. 
bk,« «1T. 

a. </'l.); Tbe ktoouieb ; the digeativa ap- 
paimtua gem-rally. {Vulgar.) 

"WImI tbauvH Mr «illai^ mbIT wm U bnina 
Qlf^ir-Snelrr On fVa* TIUnktmf.tM. 

3. Vlacera; i-atnilN ^opralty. 

t »Wd bvofkt roanf : bait 
n. nuic} of th«a irwdUj 

"Thar ■»!» fOttd 
ata. In faiOTal, tnil tt^m. nuic} .._ 

armtnnfUi* ?■• r*'' "< f>i«U.'— Oratafw: Bt^mt' 
at>w, bk. IL. *. ly {iiv\m.) , 

•4. Gluttony. 

'5. A narrow paaiage or chaimd. 
-' Ton maa ■ uamiw nf betwam two etaae \m- 
!>■■■* '"■■j '- - Om Q »r4f-t>i0. 

6. Prrpared inteatiDea ofanlnkala. aa abeep. 
rau, tie. , naad Ibr vartooa ituriMNira, aa fiir 
the ■triiig* of a vkdlo, or the finer llvfti In 
aui(llng; catgat. 

7. Tha aor of iitlk takfo rrom ibe atlk-womi 
and eUatrhvd inUi a hue f>ir a tnoo'l. 

*^ 7a Aatw fMtiintJkcbnttn: Tohaveacnae 

"TbeteOow'i veBatKiaih. If hab««wv#>itto M« 
troUL'-Aitff . fMM CHiiiTirtHaw, L 

* BUt-BW •pM'r *■ A conteiDptnona name 
for a fltidler. 

gttt, r/. (Orr, «-J 

1. If/.; To evUverata; to exaatetatai to 
draw the entraita out of. 

'* Tliair moabata [fUehard>|an inmUbta^ «Hi|ilar> 
\wm*-v>Mtstmm*vm>>» la faHlMttbAt K baAaad- 
u«i. t^ttn^. •VUtuiw. pMNlulac Md dnrlag Ibaa.- 

/WMr. ITarUiatJ CUrMMOtt. 

8. Fif. : To plonder or deprive of tha whole 
OT any pait of tbe cmitenu ; to doitnty the 
tnlarior; to empty utterly. 

** Tba fln tvlgtiwMd ia Uia bUlUrd-mom. . . . Tba 
vhala ■tmetMra ta (b* (awna ot an biiir saa oou 
ptelatr ywMd.*— Pan JMl O^Mti*. a(>t1I ti. um. 


* siltfll-£r, «. [A compt. of fvdfina s good- 

bin-tH.f.).] Agmndnire. 

*Sftr-l««. 'rtt- H « H ,a. [Eng-ffuf.-JMi] 
UiMUtutv or iki-nvad ot guta. 

" 111! yutlUM baaOOMi' 

CTUi>nMM. Honar. AofraebMaieMMrikM. 

*K^t'-lIAC, t. [Eng. fTuI; dimin, auff ■Jlni/.l 
A gintlott. 

" Tt>* tat paouchw cl U>Me laar futU-f^'— S mmi t tr- 
*uit . iri,r<i. lu. it*. 

Kttr-t« (I) (pi Kttt^-t«)k -. [I^t. = a drop.] 

1. Anat., *c. ; A drop, (Uaed chlefiy In 
ooiBpiMition. See the cumpounda.) 

S. Arth. : An ornament rvwmblliig s drop, 
placed Ui the e|>l)it)'liiini of th^ Doric order 
fclow the Irlglyplu. They occur lik«wlae In 
the under face of multUca in the Doric corona. 
They are inppowd to hava urigiualad Ihnu 
tlia intention to repreaent dnipa of watar 
ruimlog off the roof and adhmng to tha 
under anrftoe of the <anurU or raften of early 
build lugiL 

■ntt»-roM«0a» a. 

/Wftol..- The aama aa Acm i%r,\ and 
■peclally Atmt Aoaueo. 

PaVuA. : The aame la Ajuumaii (((.v.). 

gttr-ta(SX«. [Malay = guni.l 

Chm: A whita aubatance olitalued by 
tnAling giitta>p«r«ba with boiling ether and 
allowiDK the nltrata to oool : the guUa i« then 
dt>]K^Mt»l and again botlod with ether tlU tha 
ethoriaJ atdution rvtaloii nothing in aolutlon 
on cooling. By dry distillation it yielda 
hydrourbana. The part o[ Lhp gutla-perdui 
ranitived by ttio ether ooudata of albam and 
floavil, which are oxMlaed gatta. 

sntttt-peralia, jl 

1. Bot : li»ntt%dra gutla of Hi>oker, th* tr«« 
wbicli pro<lwT.(iUifaiibilanoedcactll>ed under 
8((i.v.)i It is of tlie order Bapotaoea. It la 
a large tm, aixty or seventy feet high. Ita 
trunk with a diameter of two or three Feet. It 
growa in Bortteo, Bninatn, BlBgapore, aod 
<ither iilanda of South-Eaatani AbU. It waa 
flrst brought to notice by Dr. Mootgomer)', ot 
Siiwapore. It was then cotnmon, btit tbe 
Uaiay*, lutving wastefully cut duwii the tre^a 
to obtain the Jolce, iTiitua>] of lappinfc them at 
ialarvala, hava now ttudarad the tree extinct 

2. f^nmn. ^ Jfani/. : Tha i«w gutta-ncrrha 
anlTea la thli country lu lumps weighing 
from Ave to sii pounds. These an cut into 
slices, torn to shmbi, and then thrown Into 
cold wstrr, wheu thr liiiparitlea sink and the 
pure giitii riiiM) tn the aurfare. Tlien the 
nhrrdii are tisasTcrred to hot water, and, 
(iiiitlly, they am made Into aoUd maiiea, from 
which lite moisture Is drlwn cwit by knwwitng, 
GiitlA-[)CR-ha Is usmI for making aules of boots 
Impervious to water, for dr>or handha, ear- 
trumpets, 4ta It Ik itiaiti' inl'J iM-tlles to OiD- 
taln hy«lloflQorif sHd, as it is no(.act»d on by 
Uutaeid. Abovcall It 1* employed for owting 
aabnarine telegraph wlrea, partly to protaoC 
theiB tntn the MJL>water, l«rtly to lusulala 
tbsjn, gatCa>pereha beiu a decided nau-eon- 
dooUir of elevtriclty. (]>«•. V Bot,) 

S. Ckrm. : The Insplsaated Joloe of Irnnandra 
fitUa, tha gntta-percha trre, |l.| It rwure 
in tough, flexible jilecee c-fs ligbt-bronn i-olntir. 
whiL-h are soluble in l*entc-ii<-, cMnniform, atiif 
bhmlphlde of cartHrn, liuwiliilili- In water, and 
only slightly solubli* in sU-ohol and ctlier. In 
hot couulrti!$ il in llatilc to \ir (hxidixrd by the 
action of th» sir, and loaat Ita flezlNllty. 

Gyiin-itfirM phita : 7ormi fOr tbe otdloary 

f>rintlug-prefis Uk«n with gutta-parcha. An 
ataglio Intprcssion Is tskcn fr>im the fonn. 
This, whan oM, forms a niatrii fur oljtainlng 
a cameo gulta-percha IniptMuion which is 
lined In tbe prtaa. 

gntta-trap^ »• llie Insplssatad Jolre of 
A ftocatjmM iacbo, aod Artoeatpna grDcraUy. 
It la Daed la Uie maniifhcttire oa btnTUoM. 

gttt-t&t% a. [Lat. fmUatvt, from gvtta - a 

Bot, : Rpottad or bcajirinkled with apot^ 

* B:tttr>tit-id. <i. [OrTTATC] BcaprlBkM 

with drv-ps or s^wts ; bedropped. 

gtSU, «. [I-at. gvOn.] 
tltr. : A drop. 

h&L b^ : poiit. J^%1 : oatt fell, obonu, 9htii. ben^ : so, ^em ; thin. fhU; atn, nf ; e3cp«et» Xenophon, aflat, pb ^ 1 
-tlM^ -«l«a** abttat -flo^ -fioa « lUa. -ctouiu -Uo&gb -atoaa ^-gdbtta. -bio, -dto, *& » bfl. 4fL 



gutted— gybe 


SftV-tM, •. (Eii» r«f ; -td.] 
1. RavlmAgvL 
7. Drprivodof tbcgnU:<1niwt>,evlM«mted. 

gftt -Ma, t6.V-0, a. [Ul guUa -= a drop.) 
Utr.: A tona »|it)Uoi] to ■ kfawM, kc. 
•priuklad with drafM awl of WTlnc oowon : 
u r«l(^ df rMv, w p wM tecl br wbltc drops ; 
ffuUia iTor, Tf^^nmoxmi Iqr Teflotr ; gtitUt da 
mng, by nd ; friia^ rf'JUitlf, bjr fmDu 

Sftf-Or. * cot-«r> ' cH-tra,* S>^^. 

«. lO. Pr. ^Hov, 0MMtfn; >r. ^swwSn, 
fron O. Vt. tot*» ffi ff- toyO»»^ drop, 
Ikon iMt. faun ; Bp. foAtn .■ Fact ftMra; 
Low 1«L fHtloHiMi, piaartwn.] 

I, Ordiiiarj LamfttaQt : 

1. lUtraUy: 

<l> A tuMge or chuuMl tar wMct or liquid 

'^ll«^»d«at»ftinr«'t«n««la>llM*lM»lMai U 

(S) A etMOBel worn by tb« RCCtoo of wktor. 
' Imfci rte* MM ftbava ■■otbor. aad hsn 4«*v «•■(- 
Mrt •««» la lb* tUM at Umm bjr Uktmiu d i^n.*- 
dmtmm : Om ftrntf. 

J I) A cb»niieJ. ptTC<d or otkervlae, at tb« 
* o( ft ro*d or pslh lo land off Mixfluc- 

(4> A trourii or cbanMl ooUwUag Iht water 
wbteb miu mm a roof; and kadtof It to pipes 
In whicb II dMcoDdi to Uw aartii. 

"MaltUoteirf UlmtB of pMOkta UMtrtMrtM. 
bovMa, «Ln4ttir», U*d^ aad mJ tt tn.' M »w: flMam 

S. Plfttraiitit^ : 

(1J Muif, dtrt, mire. 

(2) A rsceplacla for iIItI or flitb : a af nlc. 
*nM Bob* ilnll W Ui* (U>1l* cod ywup aT tlw 
inililiiMi if A>l>.'-<)aM«n AOx, M. 1 

n, TMakoZ/y : 

1, lt]fdr. Knginttrtng: 

(1) "nie tnmch made to hold poddUnfC on 
the aide of a canal. 

(S> A (l«vie« for raJalnff water by the vvr- 
Ucal vacillation of a trvujpi. It la t>rli]r4paUy 
n»«d Tuf amall liru, htit by a soocwaloa of 
una It may Im oaeful fnr nl^bar dtn^kaa. 
T>tB Jantu of tlu Setigalae la » ODuatn^ 
mlgbbcd guitar. 

(t) PHnt. : On* of tb« ttlcks placed ho- 
twitn ttaa pMaa io a form to aMNUiit* tbfju 
to Mdl a d&taDea thai whan Um iliMt ia 
prioted and ftUad the mMrftn aball bo rcguUr 
and mlftmn. 

* ffntter-bloo^ •. A parton of low tank ; 

oatt lit Uie rabljlr. 

"1W m,tlfrMcod>> Md Ml a ^iUmrm aoMnf 
ttw^' fciH ; Bmrt 4^ J/MMUm, ck irllL 

SBM«r-l*4C«, a. 

NauL : A bar laid aetoH a hatchway t'r 
lupport tb« oovara. 

glltt«r-«liapedf <l Shaped or chaniuU«(l 
like a juttf^r. 

■ntfear-«Blp% a. 

L PrImL z A alnftlr^p poatar for attaching 
to eorViataiMa. (^auriom.) 

1. rtf.: A atfMt Anb ; a daatttoU boy 
living in the atraata. 

Knttar-spoat, <■ A gutter. 

BUtt«r stick, k 

PrtaX. : Ooo of tb« pfffrra of ftmiltun) 
wlilclt aaparala th* pa^ai of a funu. 

■ftr-tte, »XAL IQumM. ».] 
At Tmiuaim: 

L To rat, wear, or form gutlen or chasnela 
hi; tofttrn>w, 


2. To prarfcla with fatten or channali tnr 
eatrylag off water. 

A aaov* CcrU^ f<M,rmd, nU«l. bmI tlU.' 

B. fulmfaffe ; 

1. To baeoma chan Ballad or worn with hoi- 
lowa^ by ibi oMlUng laUaw or wax nmnlng 
down, aa a InmliiB eaadla^ 

S. To (kU or ran down tn dropft. 

CttS'-tir-tAc ■• [■•*■' r****'; -^H-) 

U Tba art or ■tato of tonaiof Into gntteri 
or dnuinela. 

i. A gutter or anancemetit of fottan tor 
carrylBg off the water trom a roof^ 
3, The act or atale of Calling In dropa. 

fttr-tl-fiir, & [Ut. ptOa > a drop, aad>ro 

> tobMT.) 

1. Sitf. : One of the ClaaiaoM> (q.v.X 

8. Pt. : Llndlay'a name for that order ttaelf. 

ffU-tl-rir-A'-lM, 1. K [Mod. Latn tram 
ituttijtr <u.T.) ; Cat. oiaac. or fein. pL adj. 
anff. ii^.] 

BM. : Ad alllaiice of kypogynona axogana, 
with raonodichlaioydeoua Oowwa, axil* pla- 
eaotw, imbriratetl cal^l. Unbrlnuit or twiated 
eomlla, and an embryo with lltUe ur do albu- 
ntn. Unilltj Inriodea under tt the nnlrn 
Dipianeaa, Temsbarmlaaac, Itbizobabio«ML 
ClnaiaeBa), HaKgravlaeia, UypartoaeoM, and 
RcamaailaoaK (q.v.)^ 

Sttt-tf-ir-ottl. a. rut juOa » a drop, 
/m « to bear ; Bug. a^J. raff, •itrnt.] Bearing 
or yielding gum or reainoua apbatanoea. 

* tfiV-Um, r.t. * t [Kng. gvl: tmma^L kOL 

A. IntmnM. : To twallow greedily, to gorgtt, 
to gnrmandbe. 

"■laUlrliTDUMr. . . . l*italia(«xp(iM. 
Qai^ ■■■■I. and muMm ta hli »v« datiaea' 
H j diii - nmta^ ML *t 
B; TVinu. .- To awalluw grsedily ; io deroor. 

lh»Sr aoTun, aai ■» ha ffMtUirf utm ofh and 
■MiUd Ha ^■^--^•aaiM^a. 

-Sttr-tlor, <. ]Jbtt. f*ta(!t): ^.] A greedy 
eaUr ; a glulU>a ; a gormaninlaer. 

*gttt-ta-]otta, o. Hal gtutvla • a Unia 
drop;^lmin. of frvtto > a drno ; Bw *d]- 
ttift. -oiu.] In the form of a little drop or 

" lea b plala man Um mu^m* of Um ntfr, bat 
nmnd ta Iwai «rhl«h la aim a alactaUoa, and OfvrMl 
lBin«MtiJ«Mil«M«>ntfRM Ihaafa.' *f— ; rtrf. 
r««- Jtrmtfi. bk.lL.ctLL 

gftt-tur, <- lUt] The throat 

Sttt'-tor-fl. a. A (. [7r., fh>iD Ut rvmini/ia, 
from fjHtmr ^ tb« throat] 

A. Jt flit!. : Of or perUlnlog to the throat ; 

forineil Id tlic throat 

"In ■lUfnuUuf Ui n t anaaBei tlw waiK and bom* 
of Uic vwtl* itlfitanr. tW tfcnat ta brngbt to la. 
bvttr, aad nwUiia (hat >blrii *• aaUafMiiavwl |in>- 
BonctatlMt.*'— //oMrr 0» Uprmtk. 

B, .<(j fit&K. : A lrtt«r, or comblnaUon of 
lettein, the nouml of whiub la formed In the 
tfartnt; a gattuml sound or Artioiilatlon. Id 
lh<* Ensllali ali<liabet tli" cutturala are cOunlX 
g (banix <A (hanlX Ir, rimI q. 

"■mr wtada which an wM and aiwleal In lb« 
BWtth ef a fniiaa. mar *t nw vnr hanli ta imr 
tnt, wltli annnhar of oMuooaato and tfMMwwla*— 
mrW. Jmm : Om Jaw«n« rimni. IhHjr L 

catttind-fiona, «. 

.dniif. : The reutial jtortioa of the mlddla 
dlviaiOD in the aitcnial bate of the akull. 

■Cftt-tor-U'-I-tf. <. lEng. ffuUami; .«».) 

Tliequallty or stale of being guttural; gnttural- 

* cftr-tar-^-iM, wX (Ca^ nttmnU: (k.] 
To iii>nek ur pmnounoa gultunliy. 

^iX-tar-ml~l$,cap. (Bti8.^aftttral;-Jy.] Id 
a guttural ituooer ; Id tba throat 

gAt^-tar-«l-nKMb « [Eng. Tcffaml : ii«s«.| 
Tbaqoaltiyor slataofbetug guttural, 

■rtf-tor-UM, a. (Lat |ratl«tr= tba throat ; 
ICng. wlj. lufT. Hn^] Of at pertaining to tbo 
ttirtiat; (uUnral. 

* tftt-tor-tn. 9. t. njkt. ffvttur - the throat : 
Eug. suA -tM.l To fonn or pronoanM in Uw 
throat; gnttnmlly. 

" Wf ahkk Ua Oarwei gntttrif a aMind.'— 
tV^rid^ lOftlrUi. 

ttt tf. a. iQtmtm.] 

gflt -wort, f. [Eng. i^if. and mrt So calM 
tram ilte violent actl<iii rrf the plant, wLloh li 
a paiyBtire, OD Ux* iiitratloei.l 
Sot. : aioHlariti Alypvm. 

foy (U '«J. '- I8r- p*"> " ■ g«w», « ffoy ; 

ffiihr = to guide ; Fr. |p«l*r ] 
L Ord. taaff. ; A ropa to ataady a body In 


XL r«A«iatiif .■ 

1. JfaeA. : A ttay-rope paadBff froKi tba I 
of a apiar to a )ioat or anchor Io the mm 
and tMOd toatHdy tt: aa, the pifi of a dar- 
riek or •bear*. 

r But. - The atey-rod which oanaaila the 
Hoar of a napanihiR-toMgB vUh iho laad •■ 
each aide, bi m4m to pnTWil avvyia^ 

1 NmMeal: 

0> AfPpewMi5htrtwaaa4rtwiilii*l— 
studdlng-mll bootrn. Tba ftw a f iij ladi (tmm 
the boom-ood to the apvttaail^idi; Ihim to 
tha heal of tha bow«prit, atul theaos tabaaid; 
the allar-gny laada fh>m the boD«-«ii4 to a 
aheavalathe ahlpa aide, and Ihaaa ItaMC 

(P A rope from tha «Dd «r « jib biia ar 
flymg )lb-boam to the and of a ^MtmO-fmd 
or apritaail-faff, and thaooa In tba shlf*a sew. 
to dUy the apar latatally. 

tpaw <SX a- fProm th* babutlml Atwm eT tha 
eUgira nf Gug Pawkea, burnt OB Vovanfaar 4.) 
A fright a dowdy ; a hntaatlaal or ladiooaa 
Ogurc (OuirTowiiui-rLoT.] 

tar, Kt (Oct (U f.1 To galda, Ainet. or 
Heady by means of a gny. 

fflV-%^|BlI'-IXt«, I. {Trom OuyaquO, ia 
Kcuadur, wbera It occnr«L.] 

Miiu: A pals yellow amarpknoa yjifni. 
easUj cot by Uie knife, aud aolobi* In aledML 
Compoi. : carbon Te-7 ; hydrOMO 9^ ; aD> 
gen lil, 

' Cnyd«h v.L [GotziB, r.l 

* COyl*. v.L [Otrux.] 

(nso, I IBtym. doabtfOL) 

Her. : A roondjei of a ■"yrillt tlMlh ttpf^ 
abating aa ayabaU. 

Oftior-a'-ti;Oo^air-s '«•!,«. lAaulvt 


1. A Dative of Goserst or Oonanat ta lodb. 

S. The laasoag* *p<d[sn in that nctoo. It 
waa probably at first a Tuianiaa larij"'*' * 
dialect bat b now eooiolelety ttanafaeaed to 
Iba Introdoctton into ft of a graat BnUBaM 
uf words dorived ftooi SaaaeilL 

gb'-iteb e.C ft t [O. Pr. fOttfObr, b eooi- 
pound «tMMui7I#r = to gnlp or owlU dowa ; dC 
also Fr. * ^ewiUfr = to otaka ooa'a thraal aara 
with ahoutiug ; foaUr = the ihtoat CSaa'^)] 
A. fafroM. : ToiwlU or dttoh Uqunrgroad- 
ily ; to drlok much or f^aeotly ; to ba eo*- 
stantly drinking or rtrlllin|{. 

"Thar |«n to larvlad aud fi l lip, tm ta^ kna 
UMnMM*a».'— /.'AfMAfti. 

M, TVaar. .- To drliih or awlll i 

J ttlaaU iUbI ttwa UMa 


* gUM-H*, 1. [Oitxui, *.) 

L One who guxiles ; a gimla' ; a awilkr ; 
an iosaUaUe *at«r ordrinkar. 

Z. A debaueb. 
a Drink. 
- 0«>r MaUd WlnehailaB at 1toi««nr #«rta --e 

Btvwm; W«r««IL IM 

Ctts'Hair. I. [EBf. fua^t) : «■] Om aba 
guadaa ; as laaatlaUe aaiar or drlakir. 

*Bdaa aa otaari fi^f << vlaa.'-r *««ar 

gwHtnA~9A, swta'-l-^d. cvIm-MA * 

iWel. fKyniaa; trom ffwira = whit*.) 

IcXtXf. : Cortfonvi Pt»nAmtU ar^H^abA 
of th" family Balmunldc. aboadaal !■ CUa- 

w«u>r and other large wl«a hi 
It «xiata aUo In some Tabh lakaa. 

• tSTt ' jy^i "-^ lociDt] 

^, i. [Oct OX] 
ffy*-^ *. fOarai-l 

ia^ o\ r.t iJtB.1 

2taHt. : To shift oT«r tha booMaf a I 


■*J»»(U». [Ot«E,»l 

A7«« fix «. [Grai, a.1 

iah*{i),^ [OTWCIX*.) 

tiauL : The ahimng o*ar of tba bdda «r • 
fcire^nd-att sail. 


nt*. OLt. Hire. fmldM, what, f&U. btber; we. wdt, here, eampl, her. there; pine. pit. aSre, ftir. mariae; c«. »**- 
or. wora. w^U, wor^ w^A, aAa; miKU, otb, oar*, vdtm, oar* role. ALU; trji l^ttima. n,fli^*. ■y-A.qn- few. 

. VbO*, *. (Ft. gnilltr 

L, Ftfomrtad wnrt (br tutUnfC vlneRU'. 
S. & lirgt rat or cUtern. Tbi) Uauor g}'lf 
til « 1in»fa7 ts Uw WBtcr-elttern ot \*t. A 


■Tto-ttm, >. The mim a* OruL (n^v.). 

Kftta,*. IGuuT.l 

-l-f, t. n»ret ffV««(»-X »nd Gr. 
r^ttii}sa i^m4.] 

Ail : nw typlokl g«nna of th« bmily 
07win>rtMiM»<q.T.). About twrnty-fl««Bi«rH!« 
■n kaowv. ^naucknto anMiwra !• Ui« Fm- 
maxt OrehiB, a pUot with roM-red or part-It 
i0Wtn;UtewUuloBrttaiD, aodooeun la dry 
nrihovL uewHUDg to S,0(W ftwt h\^ In llio 
BMlMHS. It orcttTB alu In th« uvUc partj 
«f ^wopv, tn Slberte. th« W«M of A»U. At', 
0. oriimifUn'nn hu alao bMD oaUed BrltUta. 
bat OD dnohtful auLti»ril]r. 

^ Tha ptnoBnciaUoD of tb« InItU onnfo- 
OMit In vms oaBWbd&K with g knrl r1«>rlvdl 
tnm tbe Onak li anaatUed. Ths nu^onty uf 
■tihaUfci iranlB and aonie tew n<lntiiig to 
alaaale aotfnatty, which havi not paawd, and 
fiiitiitilj' wul Doi MM, tnto fmanl wa, are 
■■rkad litb g bam (■). Tbara ta atao a tan- 
4aM3r, wWdi vtelaatad in Oamuinv aad wm 
fliat adopted la tUa cmmtrj hf mttonl. to 
ay i au a eh man eloMily lM>t)i in ortliagrapby 
aod prowuieUtloD Lu the yriut^ry tuna. 

iMJM<Ia] ; Ut Sam. pi. a^J. waff, -ida.] 
BtL : A. ftmUjr of Orcbida, trltw Ophnw. 

afai ■iy'-I-«>ch.<. (Or. ¥«fu«'^x«f (ir>>»- 

voHtendtot), ftmn yv/kt^im' {tumnatiftn) - a 
Mbool (or atblatica : >vfi»4f (^mhoiX— naked ; 
4mv (otvM) > to rule or govern.] 

Or. JaH(. .* A maclttratc or pMtAi<' nfficU) 
ta QrvMS who tapMititeDdrd th« icrmnulA or 
lil«atra. cald llie atbklm who wsiv trelninc 
fartba pomie camM, and pravldad thmn witli 
oU and other uMaaaarlm at hta own sK|>«ue. 

Afn-nif'-I-ftm, *. IlaL. from Or. yvn- 
•wukr (fumiuatan), from ywiud^ {ffvmfuuir)= 
tq tfata oakad, to axarcUB, from r^xk (puiw- 
•m) - nakad.] 

t. A tnlldlng or plaoa whera athlotlo exer- 
elMi «ra (MaOttaMi or p^rfoniwd ; a place 
vban alblwaa turdae and train. 

ilnsMiV ■trt|>L' - 


I. W. I*.. «h. Tilt. 
% A acbool w plaoa of Inatniction for the 
biflbir hnadna oi Ut«tatam ukI iidiinfM!. 

^j^Wti-Wlklltm '• r^r. yttftfornn IffitniuutfM) = 
m tntatar af athlaioi ; iwfu^t, -yviu^ (yuaiiHw, 
jnwai^a aatad.1 

* L. Om wbo taanhat grmsastlo extitilUB ; a 

&. Ona wbo praetiMta or petforma gjnnnaaUc 
*T#r^iaM ; an athlata. 

g^iD-iiA« -tie, * gym-BAA-tlanaw * sym- 

BA*-Clak,ii. U». Hal 7ym)tu«firw*, fTv>iiiGr. 
wMpu-Atfiumt (ffiMaaaMUat] « fbmlofor mrUiM- 
fac to athlaUe aurRlata ; 4 V^Kraa-Tunt (rnn) 
a£f«aMMUttU (lldkirf^) - (tia art Of) griutiaa- 

A. ^■itf->P"tiilnbi|toat1il«tic«»rciB««; 
MMAatlig M laafiiiia, vnatliny. runiUng. Inx- 
tay, or aiallar MXfmaaa Ibr tK* body. 

'Oawt rteaMlaa la all tb* fyw— tfl* •xanlni 
mnaa.'-*Mmuu 0> fvafl £«vitimr. ch- *tiL 
a. At niitla>Uim r 

* L A gpnoaat ; a t«aeh«r of Kymnaxtirs. 
S. Pt. : Atbloch) ourc^Mw ; diaeipUnarr 

•tardaa Ibr tfat bodjr or IntallMt 

" M wliwl ■ OaiMtal «fcti<ly to UtU JtodiaiM. Mrf 

— " " ■ 'ra«Mw**f 

*tfB-ai«'~tle-«],a. (Ens, nnMMufi^; ■of] 

Oymoaatlc ; athletle. 

aynM aip i I , m 

mm; ly.) lu • liytiiaoiittG inanuer ; aa a gym- 
lait or athklx . atbleticaUy. 

*•«* M *ni> afltHr and tlniir i 
r^or *MW>. tk. Ir. db. *. 

ar* ant )if mi^<. 
' parta.'— Jf L MWtj 

■jNanfts tioa, l [GYMJtAaric. B. 2.] 

gjhn n&3r 6n J, *. (Or. -fvupit ((rwmn<w) ~ 
Daiicd : ofuw <cudn) = an axle, an axla, aod 
anff. -y,I 

Bot. : An abnornuJ condltinn of the orary. 
in which thtt plaoeBta protndea throDgb it. 
(K. ifrwn, l»T<.J 

g#]n-ll«'-Ill#, «. lOr. 1MU* {(wm»aa) = 
uaki^l, ai»l »^»i« <n?au>) = yam ; r/M (n«^ = 
Ui ipiD ; luuncd from tb« tuKnl atameaa.] 

Bat. ; A Renus of AaclniniuUoeie, tribe 
8tapeU«ae. 0\pn.nfmn latti/rrum lu» \»en rv- 
portad to be thx cow plant, or Klrioghuna 
plaitt. of Ccyloii. Ibv milk t>f wlilch Hip nallvca 
oae aa food, liolling and Mtinic the ItJivea nlau. 
GYmn^ma tingtnt, a irmUve nI Ppkh, ia aaul t<i 
funiiah exoellout lodlgo and giaao dyai. 

gjNii-Ba'-trfi% r [Or. ywtt'^ (ffvinnoi^ = 
DakiCd. and \i^ti(,itfrn%) = vit al)d<iui«ii | 

/cAlAy. : A g*nn» of OpfiUJaCIUbhnn-ftahM)- 
The t>ody \x long and *lnid«r, witli a dorani 
fin running tt» whole Imgtn. nyatAfrriij 
BaitkMii ts o-inietiniM twnlva fe«t Imig, witli a 
thickneaa of only two inches and three quar- 
tera. (t. ITnvkfiiii, Ilawken'a GyiiinotniJt, 'ir 
the Oantl Qyiunctnia, han In>4-ii loiirtl in Uif 
Britlafa aoai. lis If'n^'lti li eitcht and a-hair 
(ntL a louK cyninctriiB iu'iTiii>: UinKUjjh thu 
M« and Uaviiig a trnil U'hind which itil^ht txi 
uUtakct) for a proiongattnn of Urn tnKty, 
might b« taken by a uautlcal obaerver for a 

tj^'-ido, • tym'-Dlok, 0. * «. |Pr. nrw- 

niqui, fntm Gr. yu^f.aoc ([ritatiitimX from 
yw^t^ (yKm«««)= nal«»il,l 

A. -rf' (u^- : Pffrtalnlng to or cotirert'O 
with atlili'lla cJKTctJKw ; prarttalitg ur per- 
forming itJinnaBtica. 

" Ormnifk arilvtii. wrfliun. riitan. mnftwn" 

MUtom . Aaia«Hn AfbittM*, l.ltk. 

Bi. Ai nbat. : DymaaaUas ; lUilvtlc txar 

* Mm'-ato-ml. <L [K-u^ nmtUe ; -oL] Oym- 

mc, gymnaafic. 

~ fljiwutaal awctoM at R*aak~- AMir .• itaHf. a^ 
0«Ma*, bk. U, cfa. x^ 

ffjhn -nita. «. |0r. wfu^ (mmiM*) « atkad. 
Bii-i *urr. -iit (Min.) <q.v.i NaoMl mm Btra 
BilU. wIhvo IC waa found.] 

Afia. ; The aame aa Dicwrrura (q.v.^ The 
Brit. Mn*. C<iM. makea Oyinnlt« the name, 
aud iwluoea I>«weyll> to a ayDunym. 

gj^-BO-| jrrtf. [Or. yuft.f6f iffwmiw)= naked.] 
L AiuU., ZofU., Jtt.: Naked; daatitute of 

haln, a aheU, or other praCaetiYeoov«rlii|{. 
2. Br4. : DeatltatB of a pericup or oth«r 


gjhn-BA-bUU'-tlo, a. [Prcf. Tinaao., and 
Or. $Jiaa^6t (bia-tnt) — a sprout, a aboot, a 
inckar ; and aulT. -to.] 

Zenl. : Not haring the niitrltiVH and repnv 
diictlve hixN ';>nitected by homy reeeptoclea. 
Cami of the UydrojEOa. (AUnan.) 

gjmnohlmatio-bfdnli»t ». pt. 
XnoL : A name glvan by ProtaHr AUnitn 
to the Oorrntda. baeanae Maltbar tbelr poly- 

Klfta nor tmlr irenenitiTe buda an encloaad 
a chitinoui fnTi-stoienL 

1 gjte-nA-oar -iA-#Bf, «. pf. [Prtt. nmno-. 

Or. KopwM (Jt(irp>M)= rrilt, and pi. aatl. -au-l 
B<< : Onr nf twocUaara Into whi..-h MiM»l 
diridea all frulta. It (onalMta aT th<>»f In 
which the fruit ta sot dhigulacd by the ailhv* 
rence nf any other organ than tlw calyx. 
np|<n»Hl to Angiorarplani (q.r.). 

t cfm B^Hiar'-po&a, a. (QnoiocAitnAffB,) 

ifo(. : llnvlna the atrorture of fhdt de- 
acrllied "imliT Uymnofsirjii.Tna (q.V.). 

■ynmooArpotija Uohens, ) pt. 

BoL: Ucbena la whi< b Ihr aii^^tlierta nr 
hmiaolal Inrars are open (Vutu the flnU 

K^m-nA-'fld'-l-AlB. a. fPref. nmno-, and 
Or. oi^iAiar itriiidion). dlinln. »f alloc (oUtm) 
s a himae(F).] 
Bol. : A aweUIng at tba baas of soma am 

gjhn-ni-cU'-dtti^ * fPn-f. nrnuo-, andOr. 
■AoAoc (kiatkm) x a ahnot, a bnuicb.] 

inta, anH- 

; (Hc. The 

NoiiKMni.'o r.'.II"! !)ii< k> iitiii V.y r4>free-tr«R, 
bn'tuae tlic caily antllpr* in Uint ilate used It 
an a Biibfttltutc (or OiirTro. Tlx- 1lrut«r U niit- 
at>le for cnbUtet vrork ; the bark la v«iy Utter, 
aiid oontulua lapouLuo. 

g^^n-^b-M'ii-nm, i. pt. [Mod. ut nna- 

ruxitrius), and Ijt. tera. pi. mlj. aiilf. tiur.) 

OmtU. .* Fruit nrowa : a Milt-fnmlly uf Am- 
pelldv (Ciutten-r^X aome of whkh have tba 
neck baiv u( fmthvra. Tboy are ueariy of the 
elao uf crows, and inbaMt SonUi Amerloa, 
re^dlag on fHiila and ioaacta. illMaasLL*- 


gjhn-aA-Aar'-fiSi ■■ ll*rf f aj/m no-, and Or. 

^^|m (dtri), Attii: for l*tp4 (tUirf) a Uia 

OmilA. : Tbetyplcalgemuof thcflob-binily 

gfrn-'-ni^-Aim, a [Pref. mtae-, aad Or. &Sae« 
(cdova), genii. Udrrw (ix/vabu) = a touth.) 

;<AMy. ; Tbu typical genoa of the bmily 
OyniiMuloDlidMr (q.v.). 

gfrn-nl^-Aint, a [Gtmsodoic.I 


I. Sing. : A fl*h belnnglng to the g<^ntia 
Oymnodon, or, at least, tu the Camily Gymno- 

3. PI. ; That family ttaelf. 

gfm-aA-dte'-ti-dM, ffm-nt-Mn'-i^ 

t, fJ. illtKl. Lat. nniBMoti, genIL nnnao- 
douHad); Lat. fem. pi. adl. aalt -ttfar.] 

frAJAw. ; OlobeHahea : a fiunilr of flabea, 
aab«nferPlert«Knatht. Inataadnf tmtblliere 
Is a alioath of a aubatiinca reaenttltng Itory 
•neloatng the Jawp. Thia eiiablea thcae Oibea 
to bnok the sheila of unutacaaxia and mol- 
loaca, vhirb. with ana-weeds, oooatltnta tbetr 
tbod. Tbt-y bare Uatbery aVlna, iMiulty da- 
flsDded by aplnea. Tbey chiefly Inlinltll tke 
warmer aeoa. Qanera : Dlod«n, QyiunudOQ, 
TteCnodott, ftr. (q.v.^ 

SJte-B6i'-fin-otta, a. (Eng. nrmaoiren ; 


BU. : or or pertaining to tba Gyainogena ; 

uwttM (oraMOd) = to engender, to i>roduoe. 
Bo named from the aoeda Ming qnlte naked.] 

1. Sol. .- The stxth of th« aevan elaaaaa Into 
which Llndleydlvtdca the VegeUhle Klogdcm. 
He plaeai R between tbe TKctyogena and th« 
Exogeiia. It ia not. bowcvnr, tliv Di^lytvi^iiK, 
Init the Higher Acrogeua, like the Lycof-odla- 
emt, whicb approw» tbem fhun below. Id 
tbe Rtber dltvctjon tbay are ckatl* akin to 
Rxogenav agreeing la arniTtUng pertaining to 
their Tfigetalinn. In their concenlrie aonee of 
wimkI, and In having a nuenlar ayttero and 
■pind vpaaela, and a c«ntnl |<lth. The eaaen- 
tlal point In which tliry 'LIITcr is that tbere la 
Lu i-oncarpal coverlnt; in the feinala flower^ 
which reouTea fBrtHUatioa tlmiu^ the fora- 
nioD of tbe ovale wiUtout iutt!r^'eI>tkon of sty In 
or atlgnia. Tben are atao large ]ierroratlana 
or diaca tn the wood, a structure a^^n only 
In n fow Exogvae. Tu Oyanogftu are often 
called Qyranoejierme or gymnoapemotui 
plants. The rhus eontalna foor orders, Cyca- 
dac«M), rinacete, TaeeacMMe, and Guetaoma 

1 PalcKMan^ : The Cryptoeama and Oyra- 
nngens or Gyraiwi«|>erDut aeem to Iiave Men 
brought Into twInK and to have noarlabed long 
pri<trtotheM<m'«'>1)'l«donNatid tHrotjIedaiui; 
all tba avppoaad Palms, Anda, and other MobCK 
ootyleduna of the Cariionireroai period haTlng 
bean explained away. ApparenUy tnia Oym- 
nngen* exiat In tbs DeToolan mcu. I>ardoK>'< 
ion, whleb la from them, aeenu a Conifer, 
and Uiat cvder was well iminHantad In tl>6 
Cuboniferoua parlod. C|«ada also ocmmd, 
and perhapa Tkxaoea. (Pi^ ITUNawoa, 
£ril. Ame. £9. OSW), pp. 4B6, Aa) 

gjrin~nw~xnuB'~iiM. jpno-no-pnun'-Btf^ 

». (Prrt jKBi'^Fi-. anuTTr. yMftm (jrmiepifl ^ 
a line, an outline. Named from the uakeil 


Arf. .' A Rnnua of ferns with one to three 
pliiiiate lenvm ; tori dfiraal oblong or linear, 
nften confluent ; Involnrre none. Known 
species elgfity foTir. (jynnojmmme fff4o>pA|plJa, 

Mb. b^: po&t, Jd^l; oat. 9«U. ohonuB» 9I1I21, bon«h: go, ftom; thin, (hla: sin. m; exp««t, Xenoptaon. aiplst. -Uf* 
-aUii.-tftfta-«taM> -tlOB, -fllaa-ihfiKi -Uoo. -floa=ihftja» -tton^ -doom -«lona=ahfta» -bio, -dl«. J(c-btl.d^ 



gym nogynoua— gy nand ria 

m nmU ftni with ftairilt fNmdt <ni» to thme 
iDdiM loM. la BrttUiu ll U bund mImo Id 
eMtlunuT In- 

tovr. In Aala, 
Afiim, Atnarka. 
Auatrftlla, tua 
Now Zeftland. 
(Mr J. HooktT.) 

B«teb a- [Pnf. 
miflo-, Or v*"^ 
V<>itf)«aawtw]tan, i 
•ail ■uff. -ouM.] 

BoL : Having 
th« OTarj aikkdd. 

Ur. A«Wt (M(- 

t Zvot. : An 
ordar of Polyzo*, 
la wbltih tlia ovxikmirammb. 

■nnuih l« dwU- 

tuto of the ralvilUr sfrai-tare ealM th« apla- 
tovie, aod OonMiiutatJf th* opening Into tti« 
gallat la unvmnA. It l« dfvldMl into fonr 
aab-ordan. Falodloellaa, CheUoatonula. C>- 
ekwtOBiata, and Ctraoitomala. 

&. Alaonf. : Appanntlr tb« order baa eX' 
lated fh>m tha DppcrCanbrlui Umea till now 

gtm-nA iiu''trt-d«,f. pi. (Mod. iMt. mm- 
noiltrtiu'v), an<l Ldt frm. aitj pi. kuff. -mrr.) 
Arf. .- A (kmily of plaota, ■ub-ordar Juug«r» 

SJ^St-aA-Bn'-tri-ttm< *■ [Vrmt. ^ymiw*, and 
Or. (*irpt«f <*i><rLfrii), dimlb. of fiirpa (wifra) 

= abtUorglr01«.l 

Bot. : Th« t)i>1cal ganos of tlta bafly 
Ojrmnomltrlda (q.T.). 

C|m-Btt-ptar-te-#. «. p(. iPr«r nm"«-> m^ 

Or. t^ * *!*"* (iwk<oaoM) = of or beJoncinfC to a 
MTpnC ; H** <«yAU) = a sii«k)*. ) 

ZooL : Tba naiM cItM) byProfeaaar Hitxl«y 
to afi ordar of AtnpbiblK. Tbty lui*a nnindad 
wom-Uke bodies, devoid of llmia and t^a 
Thar bare matlrm Imbadded In tli« lategammt ; 
tbt doraal Tcrt<:l>na an MeoncaTc. and poa- 
aMa douMe traiitreraa pfooaaaai^ with which 
ttaa ca(4tala ar«l tat«reala of th« liba artl<?i»- 
latt. Odkd by Cuvler Kaked ScrpaoU; by 
aaraa aulhora C«cilla: ; and Yij Prof. Owes 

SOphkHDsridia. Knovm genera : Ceoilia, Hi- 
naaopB, lehtbyopala, and Rhlnatrema. 

fSfm-aSgli-tbU'-ms-tA, i. pf. iPkE. 

PfMne-* ur. i^t^fit (oj>ArAoJiiuM) s an eye, 
and IaL oaat pL anlT. -nia.] 

loot. : Tba enepadote )l*da«B of tbe elua 
Bjrdrooaa. (H«s<<y.) [OvM)ioiitTiijtuu.TB lie- 

KJNan^^ti-tli&l -nuta. a. [OvMiioni- 

£wi. : Nakr.i-.'jv.l. 

CTnuwphthAlfluto m«dna«i, i. pi 

ZooL .' TIm nana girao by Prof. Edward 
Forbea to UTlac organ^anu, bow known to be 
of two dMiaoE kinda, O) (^ maduaUbrra 
Ipnoapbana of Tmriooa Covrntda, Campaiiula- 
rida, and the Oceaulc UjrdruMa; (3) ttr<- 
■aataaidain all raspaeta rcaembUn^ Mo. 1 In 
anatonkal ctnulaiv. but vboae ota do aot 
give rtae to a ft«e aotfid, bat to a frea awlni. 
nlnffoviBnliH tflca tha paratrt bydnaoniA— 
vta. .^roehriaeiiMB, OerycnidB, and .fglnldaL 

ll» ■I k i fc -ttM -ari-dlB. f. Pt. [Hod. Lat. 
muiApCAa/a<M), and Lit. fi-ni. pL adj. aiifT. 

- ZOOL : A ItaaOj of niirtani, havios a rrry 
iMg anaka-Uka liodr, with tbe UiiiU nidtmp»- 
tarr or wanting. Tti«y hare wide innatha, 
their eyea wltboat eyellda, eltb«r coTered by a 
tvaneparmt eapeol^, nr i^odkaImI nnder th» 
■kin. Ponnd in Auatntta : raore nrely In 
the ea4t of Etirope aiul the Weat Itntlea. 

CJhD'ndpll-tllU'-Brika, «. [Pref nmrao-, 
and Or. fc»i»A»*i iopUtuUmot} = an eye.] 
laaL .' 11u tjplflalMniu of tha IkmOy Orm- 

ftiu aA ihi'-Bf, a fPref. nmnv. and Or. 
pi4 <r&teXfenlt ^i4t (rAfiwai ^ Um nOM.j 

OraAA. ? A gaans of OunrldM, anb-fiunllT 
8tnpariuKtnpiiM[ Crowa). Gi/mmtrkina tibi. 
am ia the Flute-pUyar of Aoalralla. 

Sfm-nft-M -m^tf, *. pL [Pref. n«i«o-, 

and Gr tf^fuirti (aSmi/a), pi. of n^ (i^eui) 

Zffol. ; On* of two &itnlll<t« Into whioh the 
moUoacoua claw Pter<-|>'4n w lltvhl«^l. Tbe 
anioul is naked, without niitiitle or altell, tbr 
bcad dlatlnet. th^ (^U Indlntlftct, Dm ftoi at- 
tachod to tlifl ■idea nf Ute neck. It cont^tis 
tlieaollUry tkniily CUIda. (S. P. Woodwantf 

Sfm-attB-^plliat, a. {Or. yu^wovo^vr^i 

nalcad, and an^vrit (wplUitfa) = a muter 
of ooe'e eiafl, a akltful man, a wlae man, a 
aopfaM; 9t4*i {iojtlum)= wlaia.] 

PkUim. # HiM. (P/.); Another name fnr tba 
aopbtata, the Bnt of ae^an claaiai ^f Indian 
■uctely iWcriiiad by Arrtnn. a writer of Uie 
aeoond fiantniy, wmm draeriptiocia, however, 
were foonded on tha authority of Alexander 
UiA Oreat'a i<ompantona In arms, and on that 
of MfigaiitbriHw. Act^onJItig to Airian, tlie ao- 
phlata wrnt naked (whence tlw natne Oyinnn- 
aopfaiila). In winter lioskiUK In tbe aun, and In 
aummer alirlU-rin^ th<!ineelvea Qud«r tr«<a ao 
DintanfffOQs that they n>iild abelter 10,000 
men. Tbe allailon la evidently to the Banlaii 
tree {Fiev* iiutifaX According to t^tralm, mie 
of them, CalantiB t>>'namr, brouitbt to Europe, 
aaoended tho fuiverel [iile "aocnnling to th* 
law of hla roiintry." Arrlnn l<lpntin-« Uip 
aophlata wlUi the Brnhniana, aa do AiiibrtMi> 
and othrra. But aa tb« poaltion of aopfatat 
waa opan to all daanea of Int couuoantty. and 
aa tbe aopblata ate wUh otben. It la probaltle 
that they ware Hindoo 8unya«U or other 
■seetlca, or BooddhlrtH tnt from tbe reitrainU 
of CB*(«. (Sykaa .- A neUnt India ; Jonr. AtioL 
&>e^ vi. au, Ao.) 

j^ftn-aSm'-^ptf, i. rOnfKo«oi>F(nFr.1 Tbe 
teaching or doetrlnea of the UyranoBOpblsts. 

BJhB-nft-apSf'ni^ «. [Pref. ^mnn-, and 
Or. oWpfta (ignrrMu) = aeed. So naiii«ij be- 
otuae Iba aaad la daatltute of pappua. f 

Bot : Tba typical ganoa of tbe tribe Qym- 

gfm-xui mpir -mi mt a. vi. (Mod. Lat. 

!7ynino!7>rnn<(iX and Lai. fem. \>L v\^. autl 
Bot : A anbtriba of eompotlla planta, trtbe 


gj^D-nft-sper'-iiii-^ «■ pi. [G TMnoaratKA.] 

Bobrny : 

1. The nana given by Llnnotaa to an order 
of Dldynamia e1»net«-rlied, b« believed, by 
naked c««da. He Inclnded nndnr It nust of 
the Lalfiat*. which at the flnt glance aeeu to 
have four erect aeedaqiiitenneovered. Cateftal 
obaemtlon abowa, bowarer, that they ara 
enclnsed id a thin pnricarp, and the tenn 
symiioap«nnla (nakad aaedB O ) la conaequently 

2. OymDoapenai (q.v.). These have aeeda 
really naked. 

riNfr-n)t-« j i r '-motti, a. [Mod. lilt, nrm- 

iuwpcr«(tat, and Kug., &«. auir. -t^t,] 

BoL : Having the uvul» iw aeeds appsrvntly 
or really nattaiT— < a, not enclosed In an ovary. 

"TIm«m <rf ff m iH i § p *riitaHt yUnta In Ih* italt ol 
nJn0>l cbanaaL'*— 4ii«r. Jamr. ttm. lke„ xt. MO, 

gfm-nb-apirtu^ tfm-aA-Kpir-m^ 

t. pi. [QTiniaarKaiiA.] 

Boi. : A claaa of plants having nsked aeedi. 
CsUmI also Oynmogena (q.v.). 

Cj^n-n^spor-An'-ftl-ttm,*. [Pref. nratw-. 

and Kug. rporanglum (q.v.).] 

BoL .' A naked sponnglun «r apofa-ease. 
Example, the fruit of Junipmu eommtimU. 
(Da CandolU.) 

gj>m'-a6 ■ p org. t IPnt. nr«ao-, and Eng. 

Bnt, : A naked spore. 

SJhn-a^«por'-«5a. & rPn-f. gymMc-, lug. 
ipi/r*, and autT. -otu.l 
Bot.: Havlag naked sporea. 

SJte-Btfir-t4lll-«1kB, a fPref- iry«a»-< Gr 
Tf»n» (ib>iiM>, f[enlt.ffra«Mrec (MMiMlw)= the 
luuuih, and autf. -trus.) 

JM. : Bavtng Ra margin fNe thtm tfBa. 
Used of Iba urn of a maaawbM tbacfsoglaB 
la lluown off. {Tkomd.} 

gjta'-Bftta, «. (Ontjnmra.] 

* L Onl Lsa^ : A naked paaon. 

t S. IdUkf. .- A flah of tba genna Gymootai 


ctm-Bt-tM-r«-«^~B«a^ a. {TnL 

ggmno-, and Bng. te l r— f rmeaa (^.v.).} 

Jhir. : Haring a ftmr-Uibad ovan vtth fom 
immm]*, apptimitly, ImiI aol really, naket. 
Kxatti|>le, tbe IJibULea. (GTMKOsfvmMiA.] 

gfm-Be'-tl-dJa. *■ pL [LaI. fjrwM^aaX and 
tt'iu. |il. «-X|. KuiT. •t«r4e,| 

IddAw.: A fttraily of soft-Anaed Uhm, ank> 
ordvr niy*«((NMla, eection Apeda. TW 
maziUary bonea ahl In inning the aaiiln of 
the npper Jaw ; then la M> doraal Ba. ni tto 
anal fln U very long. 

gfaft-ni'-ttt«, a [Pref. r¥"i*<i-, and Or. wiftm 
(il4to«), or M^er (adUii) = Uta bee*.} 
Zooi : The typloal gaooa of tka hmBf 

Qyinu<)<ldm. Ormmotm afatfr^aa lo itm Bac» 
trie £el (q.v.). 

gfm-nat-^ >. rPnf gyMao-, and tt^ •ipA 

i^ovta) = Lhc tail.] 

Znol. : A cenoa nf mamnaU, probably fco \m 
placed nnder tba OntetklJB (Taaraea;! GUbi- 
tai. BonieoL anrastn, aod the llal«y Ponfci 

Buia. (A'idUaott.) 

■cfnp, J. (OiMP.l 
*gj^ v.thi. (OoT.'r.) 

gyn-, jirt/* (Gvxo-i 

S7n-«'-<96-ttm. syn-M'-fl-ttas, a fOt 

yvwMtw (jTitHiaUviaa) s the wq— n fOfft 
oi m bouae ; >«vi (tmai) = a vonaa.) 
'U Or AiUig. : Tbe poit or ip 
of n hooaa l aee i fod tor the tosalM ■ K ' 

lying behind an latotlor ooort. 

* t. BomiQn4nH9.:AwuanitiirimrT,mamamA 
by femaloa. IVir tiw making ef iiliitliii aad 
tumitoro for the omporov'a mUlr. 

S. Btjt : Tbe name gtvea by ItttperaBdnUwn 
to what If naaally called the [daiO (4. v.). 

*K^-«i'-fl-«B,«. (Gr.vv*«wn«t(ffM>ttala4j 
= pertaluiag to . ww^ (ft^tt — 

woraan.1 Of or penaluing w wuomo; intt- 
nlna, CMBala. 

gym-M'-^-ttm, 1^ [Gnrxcim.] 
' gyn-ai-kAo -rft-^y. «- |0r. ^wmte^ ii*« 

(jnmnfkekiilia), fToni yv>^ (ir««0. gaoM. |Me» 
nK(ganaao*)=awon>an, andi9«vjU(keMBK>s 
to mie.) Feinale mle orgorerMuant; §>» ar a- 
uent tfy a wonaa. 


rHmUH— jrWory. » Ha 

cya-»-oN-4-tf. cya«>«ir-«-|A« 

(Gr. riwif (iraM). genii. yn>SMS< (maeOMt » 
a wiiniai^ and AiTsf (kjvaa} = a waoaaaa m 
treatise. 1 
Utd, : A tnattoa em, tr the doeMai of. llH 

rutnre and dlseaMe of women. 

gyn-«»-«A-mte-t}. a. (Or. 
genlL -MWwMcet igitK^hm) s a 
fwtPT^c (moMe) s a hraad.) 
PAmM. : Tba abaomal eondltlCB of a 

who has brcsatj aa laige aa ItMoe of a *« 
and roaetkinally aetlre. 

Gr. TMd (f«^»a woman, amd i«oHw (Imrf) 
« to mis.] Tbe aaaaaa Onumaucw («.v,> 



* B7n-*l-k6e -rf-f^, a (OtwjKOOUCT.I 

* iyn-al-kA-«r4r-l-Ml. 

Toans/ev), I connective, and 1 


wns<cy), I connective, an^ snfll -imL] 
lalniag to female role or gineiniiiil. 

-TIM rta sad tmm M imt^m rf msatap^*^ 
MSOT m tbe OeiA awe.'— HiAi lai . «i«a m 
>v«MffaM MMy. pi 4Uk 

t gTa-Jte'-^ir, a. IOTSAnua.1 

&1I. : A plaat of the daa OfaaadriaM.*.! 

SynHlB'-dri'V, a pt (Or. iw4 (f«ai^« a 

woman ; w^ (na/r). genlt kw^git ^aJra^ s 
a man. and LaL neut. pi. adj. aof. -M.! 

ffM^ fll^ Are, %aidat, wlwt, (&U. fatbar: we. wit, bare, camoL hor, thdre: piao, pit, aire, air, Bariaa; c*. P^ 
«£. wfcaw w«U. work, vltAtoBAn; aaU.o&to,aan.«BiM,cnr, ral«,C^;&r7. SJhriMi. N^ia^a; V^ «b=Iiw. 



BaC: The name iclveo bjr Lmnvn* t«> Cho 
tVMttlrlii eliM of his anillcla) lystfiin. In 
«4liali hs eo(uid«r«d tlwt Um sLmtenk were 
oottopMU. H«4iTliles the Gyoandrla int^ 
«l(hkordM«: DUodm, Trun<lr«. Tc^tmu'lHft, 
Pati»4rl«, Haauidri*, DeeaodrU, Owle^An- 
diia, unl PolymiulriB. 

t gj M -to'-drl - ya. a. (Mod. UC pyMM- 
drt^); Bng. &e. ftuff. -ait.] 

BbI.: Harliif tJi« stractnra of thi Grniui- 

■n-fta'-drofia, a. plod. L«t fynandriia) ; 

Sat: Having t3M «Unei» »d4 pUta wn 
nala, (jnikadrteo. 

•afbr, aad nir. -out.] 

BX. ; BtTlng Ih* innraaVitu cbamrtoriBtic- 
Utat the aUiiMiUi ur« oonvartad Into idnUU. 

• sya'-«r-«lh#,'. \0r. -yvnt^Nl) = K womtn : 
vul fpmCaraU) ■« mKitoTiirnraeiiL] OoT«m- 
rneat liy a ftuue ; fjnunoencjr. 

" I hM« »1«H« ton* taoMi i< oliiimi uto • »»- 

• gfn-i'-^-tan, ■. [GrTtjEceim.! 

'■jn-fl'-^ Ml. a. lOvxjnrtAV.] 

• Syik-4&-OaO r% 9J, ». lGT»«rOCR4(TY,l 

*SyB-4 e61^^. «. IOthaviumjy.] 

S9>'&r'-I-flm. >. (Or vvH <fiiM) > a female, 

BM. .' A fBinu or BiaMw, trttM Amiidlowi. 
OirMriMR mue^nUm, m BnillkB griM, pro- 
AaoM ngn', Oio«gli It te aot Um fmmnc 
■«^r-euw{q.r.). A ilworlioT] of Um root of 

O. MH ^^i m ii.. another UnulUan IpVClM, li 
MM to rtiwiffttMii the hair. G. erftnUum, 
Uh nmfst-grwa, tsmwinn ■iom<>tlniM M> fiwt 
hfarii, 1m« iMa hitrodae«l fmm Sooth AoMtrir-i 

- e •> gya -. pr^ [Qr. y»vH (ffwtt) B « 

t, Aiuu., EaeL, *e. : AnyililDg dijiUnetJvely 

X Bot.: A ptotfl. 

Cfn'-A-lMaB, I. irnf. innw-. and Or. fiiaiv 

£dI..- a flraby nveptacl* nllh hnt s Hlnfr1« 
rev of evTMbi, obUan^tly InnlliiM t^wardn riio 
uJaof Qm llimvr. it b K«n In the fruit it 
OiiMilam« bi tkac of NdumUum. Ac 

4f ■ i > i«'-to^ a. [CBS. p]P«.ft«i(e); ■*«.) 
Ad. : PtrialBiag to or p u w w liig ■ gyno- 

i) c to rale, from 

■ i ST 



wwail, aod apanm (kraM) 

m^m (kmtm) s iBltfht.1 Um 
Ovsjaooauev (qv.Ji 

C7B'^-«Br'-^a. >- n^r nr"o-, md Gr. 
.^ut Ibutf ia) = the hMrt.) 

JW. : A gBBtu of ItacUeea. TIm wf*A% of 
OjfMmrU» etferolci, after being ft«ed rrorn 
tMr iDtagamapti, an be«teD up with «larlfie>l 
tnuer. and itett ^ipUid by the mUvch of 
ladb io tlw dda os paita atfeeted bjr euu- 

giar-^phinu >■ (Pnf- nnMv. ud Qr. ^^h 

L. Xoal. fn.)r TiM goncntln trnda orgnna- 
f fc flWi of HytbuiDa, whieh (xmUln ooly ova. 

& Ad. : lie kni atalli of tfae orarr tn Anch 
gnan aa Cfamne and ftMlllora. It In rmlly 
• Ifaffcinad fMHpttele faaarlog the lutab. llm 
Maaau. aid U» pbuii, tnii iM Uw caljr^ 

C9»4-pU»-tlo. nu 

CT'*'^ fflPW^t Mid Eng 

OfV'iiina the g»nit«l 
■Ur.K Ulf ennttuted. 

d. diUdr.K 

Bparttnv If 

__ J «. fPrtf. nf«w-. and Or. 

wrigum* MhiAa) a the warp In an opri|Eht Itntn 
al vfalctt Uu weaver itowl ; ben uwd fnr « 

I. : The iiJinie Ktrns by Rtchvil to thr 
of ecTialiliied etamena In the OrrhidA. 

tflK «. [Elym. riuiihtrul.] At OunbridgB Ual* 
vanity thA tsuit t«>nn fur a Mnrmot, aa % aoeut 
le at uxford, and a aklp el Dubho. 

- Wall maA tW jgp torn Ui • mlaota.'— C XtiW» 

tjhP-^A'ti'-BMb •■ /if- {Hod. lAt. pijmuICm), 
aLd LaL retn. p). a4]* auff. -liia.] 

OmJfA.: Bearded Vultorea; aeab-hmnyof 
Vultaii'ln (YalUuve), in which the bead and 
Deck are clothed with frathm, attd tlM andKr 
uiRiiiIilile provided with a batteb of «■!«• 
ornu* briaflrK. divertod ftfrwanta. Then la 
only one knowD speetu. ICvrAeros.] 

ftjFp^'-i-tfla, >. tOr. Y^^ (iTHpi) 3 avaUnra, 
and ^«6c (s«A») = an eagle.) 

OmdA. : Thetyplcalgeaiuof theanb-fbmtly 
OypaottDm (q.v.X (Supattut barbaUtM la tfae 
Beant«d Vulture, OrttKju, or Lasunergeyer of 
the Alpe. [Gairrait.] 

t^p-^-ter-Jbi'-lHla. t. pi. [M0.I. Let gypo- 
f€ran{m»); fjat. TeiD. pL adj. lUtT -idir.J 

OmiiK, : A family of diarnal WnJ* of prey, 
CciDtaininf;rvnly one kiiDwu B;eniu, Gyp»ffera- 
Diia. llie 1*^ are loat. sleitder, eotl with an 
anfeiathered tarfji-inpt.utareiu, so aa to re- 
Mmb]« a wader, whilp in other rrNt>r<:ta (Jiio 
titrtuiLure (a likv Uiat uf a raplonaJl bird. 

ifp-^-kiit'^n^ ■«. {Or. yvf {in<r»). s^nl*- 

Y"6t Qtii*"'*)— a vultore, andT«pa*«c(ji«ra]iQi) 
3 a craue. ] 

OriiJiA. : The typlral and oaly kDOwn gcnns 
of the famUy Oyyojrranfdip (<i.v.>. Ogpttftra- 
nvj arr^imlaritM u Ihe ^cTetory Bird ^Smlh 
Afriok (SeracTARY-BiRix) 

tifprn (1). 1^ [Or. T^ (ffupf) =a Tiiltnre.1 

Ornttk. : A Renm oT Tulturlda>, aub-fiinilty 
Tulturliue. fr^^/meli theTawnyor OrUfln 
Vultore. It li ahoaT four r«-et long, and ta 
fiHind In Wpxtem AhIa. t>altiiatia. the Tyrol, 
the All*, the P>Tviiep8. Sp*ln. tli* North of 
Africa, Itr,, etrajcplioi; ocfofitonally to Britain. 

• iJpa<2>, • gypM, ' dpa, *. (Oti-scM.) 

gi^'-a4-otta, a. (Bng. np^tm); -Mitf ] or 
il)f> iiAtdr*! of Krpadra ; raMntbUog or baring 
the qualttl'-ji of gyj'vain. 

AjriMMioanuurt, «. 

OwJ. : A oilxtara of grpnun and niarl. 

<£paQ.) [GTnaia-anuMn 
cypaaonv-aorlst. <. 

d;«of. ; Tlic Ix>wpr rr»hwat<r llineiit^>DR and 
marl (ymatihKinKttic I' i>t)er li^da nf the Middle 
Enrene tn th^ vlniiily ut Purla. lOyrvtm, St.] 
Thsy am of while and grwn marla with aab- 
nrrltiinte tieda uf gyiMuin. At the Hill of 
HoiitumrtTQ la a quarry of |iypeuin valoahla 
for the maRafcotorv of puatar of Parla. 
Hplnndid foaall ramalnt of Eoefum fBanmtIa 
have tieen roand In It. Tba examl&atlpn of 
thcM by Cuvler, and t^e evldenco thfin afT'inlod 
thai Ibcy were of eztloct ^nera and apeaiaa, 
ooDstltiited enepm'h In ib« history of geology. 
Similar gypeeoiu marla are worked for gypasiD 
at St, RomaiD, on the right bank of the Alllar. 


tfP'-Mf, fttp'-«)^, I. A a. {GiPBT.l 

ft#p-aif' -cr-otta, a. [Lat. ffypmn agypenm ; 
Are = to bear ; Eng. adj. aulf. -ow-I Bearing 
or rirodiirioggypeum. {Q.J.O^. Soa.,i.i76.) 

6fp-wiM%, a. |Eng. nrMxai); -int.] The 
aariif an OmEOUfl (q.^')- 

tf^-vftr-ra-pnj^. •■ 10'- r^f ((*p»«) - 

gyptuiFt, and ypd^urofAo) ■ to wnle, to en- 
gravi!.] Tbe art of engraving on gyiwmn. 

ftfp-«ta'-4-4lst, f. (Eng. np*f sgipay, and 
Gr. Aiiw (loycM) o a dtoeoiUM.) One wbn baa 

■ti(<ll''d the Matorjr, aaaaan, coatooia, and 
lanffuaffe of the glpMa. 

Aj^ aSr^-^, f. (OrpwuifxiisT I The study 
(II the liititor)-, maiiucra, custoiiu. and Lan- 
s;twfp of llie glpelea. 

U^'-«4'PUat, ■ tOr yili*** (7«PK"») = 
gypanni, and icAAO-n* < iwtma) ^ to mould.] A 
cut taken in plaat^r of Parla nr white lime. 

ftjppa-or'-ida, «. (On r'*** (7"^^) — 

gyiKiiiii), and «p*m (onii«) » bli\I.) 

PaJoKntf. : A Urd, bellevw! tn be a glganUe 
Rail, from the Boeow gjrpaam of Parla. 

typ'-aftm* '. riAt. X plaatrr of Parte, gy|t- 

aimi, fh>[ii Or. yil^ot Qptp*") = (1) ehalk, <2) 

1. JKln. .* A monodlule mineral, traDaparecit 
to opaoue; lu ooloon white, gray, Oeeh- 
citioured, yellow, bine, or, when inmore, aumo- 
tinips nuidiitli-browr or evrn blatlt. Htrrak 
white; iustn vuriuua, ttytin dull earthy to 
pearly or gltileulng 00 ejqKwiMl (awe of the 
i-rjataU. Uardnaaa 1-6 to S ; ap. gr. S^ 
CoiiiiMa. : aulptiurtB add 44-2 to iA-9; llaie 
U-4 to »-«: water lB-0 to Sl-fl; allies to 
fl-4l>, *& Varietiea <l) CryaUlliscd G}i«[un, 
In which eaae ItcoRaUtuteaoelenite, ciilI oceura 
InAattlsfa eryaLala whldi are ohllqne parallelo* 
pipede of lamellar Ktrui-tnra, the^TjKlaU ucra- 
Biooally Fontainina: und ; {'i) flbrona Gypaiitii : 
(a) Batln Spar, (!■) a plunime aul'-vanviy. 
h) Kaaatre Oynatim, the atme a« ALAftAerKB 
(q.T,). When taere la no water in ita wmipo- 
altion, li faeallrd AnliydrmutOypiimi. Oc-^iirs 
In CumlforUiid. Ytirkahlre. ClieHhlTe. Derby- 
ahlre, Nottirtgliiimliin), Oxfonlihlre, Devon- 
ahlrt, and other |>arta of Knglatid ; al Hoffat. 
ftc. In Scotland, and In many plaooa abroad. 

1 Gtal. : TeeJiniciilly Gypeam la ngarded 
aa a mlnL-nl dcpoHit, in aooiB f^aoca cooaU- 
tiitiii),; ronk niuiMot, It may be of aar ag^L 
Near FarlR It Is MKldl<< Plorene. PrapoU aayi 
that Bom* Bj-psunw were origlnaUy enrfaon- 
at«a lnnt<;aa of aul|>hatra of lime, and that 
they nnderweiit tnelaiiiorpliUTri by theaeUoa 
nf v>C9lf'ani<? sTilphnrous or nnlphiiro bydmiia 
vapour*. Von Bucli, Harcbison, and taanX 
otlipr p-olfigist*. aprrc wirh tiii» vit-w. Mr. 
Bt«rry Hunt tflif vfs thai uth^r gy|«utiifl may 
have "been produred tiy tlio action <rf bicnrlio- 
aata of lime upon 4 aolutlon of iuli>hat« of 
magneala. (Qnar. Jc^r. Gtat. Sot., v., p. liilU, 
Tl., pL klix., zvl. 1A2.) IGYmniint-AsaiaA.1 

3. Chtn^ t Oomai. : Calclam salphat« cry*- 
taUlied with two molMUlM of water CaSO^-S 

B^. It laoftMi found by th« daoompoalUoD 
or pyrltea when lliue la pmaenL. Ovpauta 
oalclned la i-alled {ilaater of Aila, and u naad 

for taking r^sU or atahua. It haa been IbODd 
that thrt .ndditi'm of potaaalom aalpbate maiiM 
It to harden mora onlckly. Gypanm la need 
oa a raaouTe; it (kcitltatee the d>^<^oRlpo•itioD 
of rocks containing alkaline alUcatea. 

tfP'-*j^* '• * «■ lOlPET,) 

i For the coBpoanda, aee onder Girt. 

gyr-%-ottn'-t]itts (yr aa ifrX <• fT^t. pyrafu, 

i«. i-ar. of gyro, to turn Tounu to a circle ; 
Or. yipa^ (ffMnia) m a ring, a ctrale. aad Lat. 
eaancAu (q.v.).] 

Pnlcennt. : A imiob of flali apinea, tnm the 
earbonlfiMiiia formation. The flali probably 
baloDged to the CMiLraiibori. 

* Ajrr'-^l (yr aa iir). o. IEi»g. pyrr .■.al.J Mot- 
Tiig In a elrcle ; revolving, whirling. 

tyr -4t« (yr aa ix\ a. (Uit. gjpvtua, pa. j«r. 
of gyn = to iDOVe or turn round ; nrtu s a 

* I. Ord. hang. : Uovtng or going nmnd la 
a circle. 

2. fiol. : Bnit like the hnd of a eroalfr. 
Called more nnonlly Ctrdnate (q.v.). Uaed 
a|>cciaJly of Uie rentatloa of feroa. 

' iyr'Hfcte Qrr aa Sr), v.t IOTa*T«, 0.I To 
move ronitd a oaatral point; to revolve ; to 


* iyr-fc'-ttoB (yr u Sr). *. ILow Lat. gyntto, 

from ImU gyntvM, pe. par. of gyn = to turn 
round.] Tbe aot or atate of ttmiing or whirling 

"IIm krUAelK) nmaflnnw. Mid othat ilaaalair CBfl- 
iBllm elwrr*! In IL* latUr." — JMraaw. I%mmim- 

H Ctntn 0/ jym/wa ; (CaifTaB, T WJ. 

• ftyp'-^-tor-JKyr aa br), a. fKng, gymu ; 
."TV.; Movlngor turalBglnaelreleigyTaUDg. 


• tyo <y " SfX*' iXat,(yni4=a eirnle.a 
iTriruiU fmm Gr. yvptt (funw)« ■ ring (t.), 
ntiind (O.I.J A rirrU deaortbad by a moviiig 
b-idy ; a tnm, a revolutkin. 

'.Qnlsk aiMl atate eaUfc be aptaa (a |MAr ff^-' 
Jv y ai H . OMa ; J fHa iar ^u iii tW. 

1.JIII oailllia I. A hag ; a welrd-alater ; 
an ognns. (fiectm.) 

' tyr* (yr aa 'ir), *.t. k l. [Otrs, a.] 

WSa, kO: pAt. J^Mi Mt, 9«I1, abonu, fUa, baa^hi go, ft«n; tUa. tUsi Btn. af ; AKp«ot. Xoitaphon, o^lat. pU = C 

:akfiai -flali, -flab ^ ahttQ. -olans. -tloaa. -Moos ^ shfta. -bla, -^la. *c. :? bfl. dfL 


A. Tmnj. : To lunt found ; to whirl ; to 

twL«t fouimL 

B, /nlraK*. .' Tu turu ur mow In a ulrel« , 
" TW Mr«M uUiMte «ltk UialratarnUMb* 

"Igmr-Cftl, 'nrw-fftu frr a« irx .i. 

P™* ft"; -A'(') I AliouinTing III gyre* or 

yifpit (j/nn<i} - to rocM. to WpQ. UM ^ 


JUi- (*m#fc>^*iiriini) = Uw bmiii.| 

Xmf. : Th6 MAODd of tiM fDnir MiVetoMM, 
Cmutdad oa btmliMDOdUleBtioii*. into whleli 
Oai«a dlTMoi lh« mminallk, tKOtuw, 
"mn la von hw emrpUonU mam of Uw 
■Millnr aa«l Inlltrior tarwu of Qoadnman*. 
lb* mpttfldM Is folded Into uon or 1mi 
BWiaroiH tfti or coavolntkMui,'' tlw Ojrren- 
Oiplwlft u« mtMll'riilMl into DtiRiiioiUta 
(QiudniiiMna, dmlrnrs): UDgnliU (Artto- 
dMlrlA, PeriflsodKtjb, ProlwMklia. ■n<l iht 
■rtlaol onlv ToxudooUk; kod HutiUU 
mmla ud Ortuta). (Ohm : CUm of tU 

S]rr4ai-o6pli'-A-lite<jruxr),a. [Ovacf- 


srr^'0^li'-f-UtaB(7rMitrXA' lEtig., 

^Wl g | rti>«y*nj|a); -ow.) BetoaflDg to or 
havlDs t)i« chanelcrtatJea of Ow«ii'a Qjnu- 
oephw (4- v.). 

*• Uw ffr ™ i^wl»i mi l ill ■ "-Ow>» ■■ eiau. V^ 

IJhr-f&l -ote (1 tll«atX «■ tOt»r*] 

OrmitK. ; Ftdoo fgrjiilai. It li ■ Urgft ■ud 
powrrful Calaod, nwd to piumw cnui«a, mM 
gMM, Ac It tB «Dmmoii in tke colder putt 
of North ABMrica. mmI bM bom IimuhI In 
BriUln. Oiled alM Ibt JatftJooa or JeeUiid 

tyrl (yp M irX •. W- IGt»okI 

iyr-ln -I 4jb (syr u ^J, «. lUt «yHii' 

. : Whlrllgt«i ; t fBtnlljrnf OllMwfeDf*. 
tffba Pntamcn. Two ftoer* ami elivea 
•padMuv Briuih. 

tfr-i'-«fil^ >. [tJiL nrriMu; Gr. y«^»w 
(/vHfMM) * ft tftdpol*.) 

BmtawL. : Tim lji<nra\ gxnuti of thn TnmWy 
OyrlnifUi. Tb» ant«iin» mdi ihori nud ivtnr- 
Ub witfaln • cavity lu truul of tJie cj'M, tlin 
ttoomd joint with hxIMUui jntnoauca ; tl»a i«- 
BMlning mtta elavtta. Sharp MomentM 
ten (pwiu u BrIlUh. Oyrfniw nnUUor, the 
Caanon WhirilRlx, li oftai Men In groaiw 
MfDimins fpniiftoM no the rarflwa of vmtcr. 
Tb* Um UB LhlrtMn Mfcncnta, tndmUog Um 
hmA, uid R*«nibl«» ft centipede. 

■yr-«- Orr unr). pV- (Lcl nm« > • drclB, 
emdftllx ODO p^rfurmed bjr ■ hone; Or. 
yvpm (turmi x ft ting, ft clrelo ; yvpit (gurm) 
m round. J CircoUr. apinl. 

gyr-^-oar '-p*-« (rr m Ii% i. pt [Noti. ut. 

ggnmr}i[ta)l I^t. liun. pL Mj. tulT, -m*.] 

JU. : A tjlb« of CombntuMR (MyrDbaluuX 
Thacomllal* wanting. Ibi eotyladonn uvooo- 
votato, tbf anth'n bant hf nvarrtd nXrtt^ 

gjr^-e«r''pftB (yr u Itri «. (Pn£ nrrD-. 

Bod Or. KopvM (iTrrptm) v frull.| 

Adl : Tbt tjplotl genoB (if Uwi trtiN Ojrm- 
BBipwi (q.v.). Wbm tbe iMtiTto of tba Com- 
nBM«l court oon obt«la It, tlw; tuw II dor 
Wftklug cftLftttunuiB. 

gj^-oHlfta, >. [Pnt flrrv-. asd Or. Uewf 

(flUaut) — ft tooth. 

ffifaoBl. ; A nnuB nf Pyaiodoat ABh«B, 
eblBfly tnm Um &oUI«. 

gf-ffSr ^4«Ito, <. ri*nf<nrro-. udOr.ytfrac 

/Wq»6bL : Tbe Bponngliuti, or BMd-TMarl. 
•r tba iownlBMi puot-goBiis Cbum. II b 
VB7 w gb BBd bard, aoOBMiag of a mam- 
bmnmti nxA, oormA by aa Int^nrat, both 
oT wblf-h »nr ■pifBlly atnahcd or ribbed. Th« 
|iit#(i)nic!rit l« mmpoand of Bn« %\AnX vftlm 
of ft iiuailrmnfatftr form. Tbe atnnber of 
Biitral Finn tbiIbb tn dtBeraot apeelaa of 
Chftift, b«rBi« euofttftnt in aanh. 

gyreftil— hs 

&-rn'-4al, a. (Or. vvpw <#»(ro#) - a circle ; 
■lAot (tulaa} s furiii, Rp|iMiuu!e ; Eotf. a^l- 

«u(t -rti.J 

ftOd dr. Ann't (tr)>u) <* a M^c.) 

FtiXtront, ; A cetma of foaaf) flabai, orler 
LeptdoMcL PronaaorHonteeatinuntoatbrar 
Bperiea ona froat tba Carbottlhroua HbaW, 
ftnd tbe othen donbtfolly tram tba Triaa. 
Pr. RamMjr Traanair e»a«idar« It a doubtful 
flMua, and wodM nini*»l th« nana. (Qitsr. 
Join-, dfol. Soc, xuUl. M7.) 

Byr'-6-lito (yr as ir), i. tOt^iwiUTK.] 

ty-ro'-nif* «. [Or. yvfim(gmniS) = to louod, 

to U-uiJ.J 

L (jOffinuii: Tba aanulua, or ring, in poly- 
podlaoaooa fana. (LindUv.) 

1 (Of KdUu): A ahicld. tba aurfkca of 
whloh la eourwd wflh atanoBa Qouoaotrle 
ftirrowm. Oallad aiao Trica. 

* syx^-^mftn-^ (yr aa xr), <- [Or. v^p<k 

igurm) ^ ft Dnft, a Hrvlc , and fiavviM {ttuinfrin^ 
= iirophcry. <livliiati'iii.| A 
kindof divirtntt'in jHTfrtnowl 
hy wftlkliiR round m a circle 
ur ring. 


ftyr^-fln (yr aa iir). i. (Fr-l 

ffrr. : An (■nliniiry. <vn- 
iditlng tif tw^i strfticlil UiiM. 
drawn fWim any i;lven |iart 
of the Odd, aod aiaatiiu In 
an acute Ugle in tba MM OVBOH. 


lEy'-rda-nJ^, ti'-r6n nt, a lEng.nrrtm.-if.i 

Her. : An r['ithft iij»- 
plied to a field dirtfied 
ito nrmiaor trtangnlar 
of diSiMmt tl&e- 

gyr-j^h'-dr ft (yr aa 

Sri ». j^. IPrer. »*»■. 
anil Or. ^ttpot (i)lkww)= 
beailng. Bo caUed tram 
ibelr oooTolntAd tmit ] 

iW. : A mnoa of LJ. ornoii)«T. 

rbeaa, onrer Fyzlnet. 

Tba apedea grow vn rocka and bnnMcra in 
th*" PolftT Bf^onit, Aiid fiimlnh tlm Trlpf <U 
Hodu on whicli Artlir royaffcr* tinvc a<tmc- 
llmea been obligf»:l to aubam for a tini?. 
(ijfrafkara dcvM and G. jniatulula mm iim<cI in 

cyr-A-pi)rtih'-I-ttaQrr aaltrX>> (Pr*r. 

tryro-, and Gr. writ (pfiur), ganlt. »tvx^ 
(p(K<A<i() - ft fold. Uftf, layer, ct pklo.| 

Pakeofil.: A genu* of foaatl lUbaa, (hmlty 
Olyptodt pterin i (//hzI^v), Cyolodlpt«rld» 
(TVofwiir). They occur in the Old lied 
aandstoiM. (Qtutr. Jmtr. OtaLSoe., xrt 1S6.) 
(AMoiami. 4c) 

iyr-A'-«Odp« Qrr *• ^X ' (Or. vvpet f^are*} 
' ft ring, or tirt-l», and evnVw (tkcpiC) = to 
h>ok at, or behold.) 

JalroB. Jfaoh. : An Inatrataabt eooatnaetad 
by a Pranebmaa, caUad M. PoQcuiltjto make 
tba rotation of tbe eutb viiibla. Tba |irla- 
ciple OB wUcb it proceedft la tbla— that^ un- 
leaa graTlty intervene, a mtatlng body will 
not alter tba direction in which lu permanffut 
axla polnta. la tba gyroacom then! it a rn. 
tatinkniataUic dtae, the aldole point of whiir 
axto la alio tb« centra of gnTlty of Uic 
auwhliiB. By tbta devloa tha Botion of jpftvity 
la allmlnatad Tha laatrtnaaot, moreoirer. la 
ao ooBBtmctad that tba axia of rotation can 
\m mail* to pnlnt tr) wnno ulnr tii tlia Mkv. 
Then, aa il^n hnKvy dUc. irtiirU niunil, Itia 
fnund that tbe axia conUnuea to point to the 
mortng ainr, tbou^ In eonaaqoanee of tbia, 
apparently altarlDK Ita dlraBtton ivlatlTely to 
bodlaa on tba aartb. U, ayabL ibe axia be 
ptdntcd to the e»l««Ual pole, wMofa la flsad. 
no alCsnUcin In Ita poaltion ralaUre to bodlea 
on tba earth takea plaea. The only fhaalbic 
axplaoatloD nf th«>w> appeafBaaaa la that tha 
earth la rvvolvibic on ila axla. (wKry.' Pojmtur 
Ajtrmomv. Ktii cl.. [•p. TS, 80, tiS-W.> 

iyr'-M«(yrftalr), a. [Latnrraaaadrcla.I 

h Harked with wary ItoM. 
f. The aama aa G mATC (But.} (q.T.). 

tyr-'ttB (pi tyr'-iX (yr aa ft. a (Or. ■ 
(jTwrM) ^ a rliig, a cLrv-i*. | (Orao-^| 

1. AniU. : A cuuvolutioo : aa. iha aHcnkr 
pyrna of Um cerebrum, tbe fyH of tbe tirwa. 

2. All. : The ftnnalaa or ring of a pnlypedtap 
eeoua km. CaOad aJao gyrtHaa (^.v^ 

*Kyt«, a tOoAT.] 
•L Agoat. 
1. A child. (Vaed In eoBlaa|d.y 

3. A trat yeai'a pupO in Uw Hl|^ aAoal lb 


g*t^ <L rityn. douUfnl. probably < 
wfUi ftM9 (q.v XJ Cnuy : eoaCatl 
laaaly axtrnvaitftDl : dellriooa. 

'BUa itafMl U« hand. eulalaUH. 'Uea abai 
b»'»aa— ainii" awe»^w>nM»j.^B«fc 

[Wei. Mfwm » a fceiar. a 

;gS!lA ir. 

Rre ; OaeL A Ir. ftimXm}, tmtn Irtah. p«(b- 
M E to get. to Twcdn, to taka.i A Mtar 

a abackte, a chain (geaeralty for tba legaX 
« TM dvMet «akB U tkawM ■( Mw aaa >ML 
n« l«Tft4orB vnUa Maria tnaa unMMueMMK* 

Y Obaolet« except in tba ^aiml. 

• tjW9, p-t- IGrr*. al 

]. LU.: To fetter, to abackla, to 
8, Fif. : To anaaare. 
Ar.wrtlaMaMhwaa IwiUffvM' 


R, The eiehtb letter of tba Bafltaft alpbabaft la 
(KMitnoiuy elaaaad amooal tba ao^aonanl^ 
tbungb not atnetly aadL It la tmnmttr 
call^tba atpirata, altboa^ oUmt laCten «• 
alaoaaplistel ta t(«Uab. Ito diaMnctfva «r 
propar aooad U that which it loa ai tba 
MMuaiag of a word, aa Aale, Aar< bifi^ he. 
Tbb aoond it alio baa wbaa IoUowIbc w, aa I» 
vAifA^r. vhert. In wUcb caaaa H nr^eally 
urrct^lcd tbe w, aa fat Old Knf. bwMIr, bwwr 
lu aotuwl ia prodaoad te feacfc bi tba tbraat 
by aa utebeoked amli^on of tba bnaik, 
tbo mot of tba toocaa balna wy allgbUy a^ 
proxliBBted to tbe back of Uh tbraaa. W baa 
dlaappeared tmm Bany wotda, aapadally 
bcfut« J; a, r : aa, OU bfr AWs lorfrCH 
Knfc hftacoa > nack ; OM Bag. brfaf > itH: 
oil Eac >* - m. It tea ba«i tMnM 
iitf' aoow wocda, aa wAoi/, wAaflk. lAilBk ll 
bos beoona ah In nany oaaaa : §». OU Caft. 
lAaofc- tblgfi: Old Kt« AaaAiTb^: OC 
Ki«. eaOl s ini^t ; hi tbaaa CMaa a«v«4 
only to lanctbco Cba prarodlnc v*»«L In 
aooia wofda \ baa flnt baeonM gk. and alter- 
warda /: aa, Old Ei«. ancA = ewMafh ; OM 
£nc. dreAl * dtansbt, draft SfaaoanMly 
Joinad to otlHt connoiiaala to lona dlVM^ia 
ra p raa an tlng aoonda fbr whkh Ibwa on na 
aymbob In tbe alpbabrt ■m.tkta abOi, dM: 
ah in thin, ikip ; ik is lAb. Ihol. (Ala* : totoai 
with p It formf tbe aoond uf /: vllb $ H 
aotnoliinei fomu tba aoond